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This is gonna be a doozy... This is a little hard for me to put into words, so I'll take it nice and slow.

I'll set the stage like this. I've always valued myself as a clean artist... well... somewhat, I have drawn my share of suggestive stuff sometimes. A decade ago, I did a handful of fanarts where Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls (And later Blossom and Buttercup) were diapered and dressed Tommy Pickles style (Just a small shirt and diaper, basically), and at the time I was completely unaware of what I getting myself into. I just thought it was funny at the time. I ended up getting disturbing comments from diaper fetishists asking for wet and messy diapers, and I eventually took the pics down.

Years later a couple of knuckleheads from the ABDL community stalked me to draw diaper art. One of them was dead set on trying to get a picture of blue from Blue's Clues diapered (And usually dressed like Tommy Pickles) from just about anyone he could find. Most people did it for him, but I wasn't interested and I politely told him that I don't draw diaper fetish pics. The problem came when I took requests a year later, and he kept pestering for it long after I told him no. I almost did it out of guilt, but after checking his profile and finding out that he asked everyone almost the exact same thing, I told him off and blocked him.

What was worse was the fact that an adult baby with a diaper fetish tried to watch me after favoriting some of my Rugrats fan art. I checked his profile and he blatantly said he was an adult baby with a diaper fetish. I immediately blocked him and the only reason he tried to watch me again was because I accidentally removed him from the block list and I made the mistake of trying to give him a fair shake and trying to look past his creepy fetish, but I found he was a worse request whore than the previous one I had to deal with. He had almost 700 requests done for him, he was a jackass asking nearly 10-15 pictures a week, and complains about it not being right if you don't draw it the way he likes it. Basically, he was total jackass. I also found some nasty skeletons in his closet (He's into shotacon, for one. He told me it's not for sexual reasons, but given that many of his requests are characters are cartoon and anime characters diapered and dressed at the age of four years or older, well... let's just say I had a right to be suspicious about this guy.).

Members of the ABDL community apologized when they found out what was going on and they agreed that people like me shouldn't be pushed into drawing stuff they don't like. To their credit, they told these people to stop doing that because it's dragging the public's general opinions for their community down. What's worse was one of my PPG Baby pics was uploaded onto diapered anime, and I had to e-mail the people to take it down and that I had no fetish for this. They immediately took it down a minute later and tells me this wasn't the first time this happened and said that if this pic or any one baby pics were uploaded there, they'd remove it since I made myself clear I'm not into the diaper fetish.

Someone on DA told me this:

"Sometimes when one does any kind of work for any reason, they assume the person wants to do this, all the time. Because a good dA friend of mine once did an Adventure Time artwork, she got bombarded with requests for more, although she doesn't care much for it, and others talked as though she were an expert on it. In your case, I think it's because of one picture (that I know of) where you tried drawing a character as a baby, and also you have pics of Lil Sneezer and Tommy Pickles....diapers are normally what those two wear! So they jump to conclusions, and make you feel like it's your obligation to honor their requests."

It happened again with belly dancers. I don't have a problem with them, but the one belly dancing request I did for someone was because I was coincidentally working on a pic of my own accord. Some stranger came out of nowhere and bombarded me for more belly dancing requests, including one for a pink opry harem girl. I pulled the plug on this as well.

Now, that's not to say I have any kinks that turn me on, oh, no. I've had some stuff that turns me on which would be considered normal (For the most part), which are kimonos, bathrobes, long dresses with splits, and bare feet. I've even been dabbling into tickling for some time. I've also mellowed and am thinking about going back to drawing baby cartoon characters in diapers again. But the stuff I draw is pretty mild compared to everyone else. I prefer drawing clean stuff whenever possible, I don't flaunt them, and I certainly don't push it on anyone else that wants no part of it. If I wanted draw something that turns me on, like a barefoot teenage girl in a kimono, or Pinkie Pie wearing a diaper, I'd rather do it of my own accord, not because someone came out of nowhere and asked me to do it.

But lately, I've been meaning to step out of my comfort zone and draw more suggestive stuff (Which is practically how high I'd rather take it, personally, I hate sexually explicit material). Stuff like drawing Equestria Girls in bras and panties barefoot, for instance. But I don't want to be consumed or stalked by creepy people. How do artists cope with stuff like this?

tl;dr: I draw cartoon characters in diapers as a joke sometimes (like in old cartoons), or baby characters in diapers, but I don't have a fetish for it. I got hassled by freaks and stopped doing it in fear of attracting more unwanted attention. I want to draw clean stuff as well as maybe suggestive stuff now and then, but I'm afraid of attracting unwanted attention, even if I do set limits for myself. I just don't want to get in too deep into uncomfortable stuff.
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>How do artists cope with stuff like this?

I don't know that they have any particular methods. I'm not the type to actually talk to artists most of the time, but I do see the kinds of questions they get, and ultimately they just have to deal with it the way you do. People requesting art incessantly get ignored, people who don't realize that drawing something mildly fetish related once doesn't mean you're actually into it get ignored. Generally, you just have to ignore a lot of people because it's the internet and you're going to run into people that don't deserve the attention.

The sad state of things is that people who follow artists have an incredible problem with entitlement. They're like porn addicts that'll do anything to get their fix, but they're usually so broken as people that they can't just find someone who does commissions and pay them, they have to seek out fresh artists and beg for art. And outside of making yourself completely disconnected from your watchers, there's just no solution for that. A lot of artists have been harassed to the point that they really have cut themselves off, or even stopped producing art altogether. It's not a happy place all the time.
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File 141221830436.jpg - (93.88KB , 853x480 , 34892__safe_pinkie+pie_screencap_diaper_pound+cake_pumpkin+cake_baby+cakes.jpg )
I may as well keep the suggestive stuff to myself, then. To be honest, I've had disillusionment with Deviantart lately...

Last edited at Wed, Oct 1st, 2014 19:53

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File 141278793356.png - (57.91KB , 386x286 , what happened last night.png )
Just put up a notice saying you're not doing lewd commissions for a while. If people complain say it's a personal reason, you have a right to refuse a commission if it makes you uncomfortable. I've read commission info that explicitly states the artists right to refuse a commission if it's a personal boundary for them.
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File 141361695822.png - (166.78KB , 406x486 , 131994839320.png )
It's understandable that you would be bothered by this, but I feel it would also be easy to ignore. Just don't respond to the requests and they will give up. I don't even check the majority of the messages I get on art gallery websites, unless I just uploaded something in which case I'm probably f5ing like crazy. I can relate though. The first private message I ever got on Derpibooru was someone asking me if I draw fart porn. (I don't)

It's the internet. There are some strange people out there. But just because an adult baby followed your art blog, it's nothing for you to be embarrassed about. He expressed interest in you, not the other way around. No sane person would judge you by HIS actions.

Yes, DA is kind of a cesspit. It is too big and too broad and it's definitely full of porn. It also has a reputation for being a horrible place to get actual constructive criticism.

I fear drawing negative attention too. The truth is, someone out there will probably hate what you do, especially if you draw lewd. But someone else will probably love it. It's a big world. You just have to focus on the love and carry on. After all, that's why you share it in the first place, right?
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File 141383808019.png - (188.67KB , 1024x1024 , Pinkie Best Diaper Pony.png )

I don't take commissions sadly, I was thinking of taking real ones, but I dread what people will ask me. I remember back in high school a classmate I knew very well wanted me to draw the Powerpuff Girls naked for $70. I passed and told him I don't do nudity.


I stopped taking requests a long time ago for that reason. Most people in the ABDL community don't even like people like those two and they told me that they make the community look bad. They'll even vouch for the fact that you should'nt force people to drawing something uncomfortable. A babyfur even told me that if someone asked me for art of that nature, they did it without the knowledge or consent of the community.

What sad is that I still find characters like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls or Pinkie Pie in diapers cute. I just can't draw them now thanks to them and others like them.
>> No. 78345
So, whatever happened to love and tolerance?
>> No. 78352
File 141519785502.png - (75.39KB , 374x600 , 136857163614.png )

What are you implying, exactly?
>> No. 78363
>back in high school a classmate I knew very well wanted me to draw the Powerpuff Girls naked
lol, I wish I was comfortable enough with myself to come right out and talk about weird stuff I'm into.

It seems like you could always put up a note that says you only do clean commissions and won't even respond to requests for adult stuff.

But just out of curiosity, if you can't have somebody like your art the way you intended them to like it, which would you prefer, somebody that doesn't like a piece you've done, or somebody who likes a picture of yours because they're a sick twisted freak and something about your art is turning them on?

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