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78340 No. 78340
See title.

Mainly, do people still want to use this board or should it be removed?
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>> No. 78341
Shove it into /chat/ or /oat/, add a tagging system to mark a thread as "discussion" in case no shenanigans are allowed.
>> No. 78342
Was already thinking along those lines.

Do you think the entire tagging system should be ported over, or should only an optional "discussion" / "serious" tag be added?
I'm personally leaning towards the latter.
>> No. 78343
The latter.
And get a Twilight thumbnail for serious threads
>> No. 78344
/dis has always been my board, but it honestly seems dead at this point.

Maybe give it until the next school break and see if things kick up again? That might just be me being hopeful.
>> No. 78353
I'll try to work it in.

If people dont want to use the board during regular hours, i doubt they are going to use it during school break, and even then it would only be a short period of activity.
>> No. 78354
File 141521072311.png - (38.68KB , 291x333 , asstavia.png )
I would like it to stay as is. A whole separate board for serious discussion is somehow much more inviting to actually be serious.
>> No. 78356
That's good, except for when people dont actually see the invitation.

A thread tagged #serious on /chat/ or /oat/, would get enforced as if it were a board on /dis/ now, as in, all silly posts within a #serious thread or abuse of the #serious tag itself would be removed.
>> No. 78357
File 141521323763.png - (30.99KB , 323x292 , This is going to require an explanation.png )
To chime in: The board literally did not have a post for almost two weeks prior to this thread popping up. The majority of threads in the past two or three months would've fit far better on /oat/ or /chat/ to begin with, as they were more about personal advice than an actual discussion of anything. Discussion boards are a cool idea if people want to use them, but when people want to discuss stuff, they just go to /oat/ and get a whole lot of traffic and have a nice discussion. Sad as it is, /dis/ serves no purpose anymore.
>> No. 78359
File 141531271673.png - (20.55KB , 289x276 , SI-Offline.png )
Alright then, /dis/ is going offline while it's decided where it's topics go.
For now, make your topic in /chat/ should you suddenly have the urge, not that i expect anyone to at this point.

Thread link now.


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