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Hey guys, I'll be going to an American school starting next week. Is there anything I should know about the education in the states before then?
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First of all, a lot of people will attack the American school system. You need to know that these people are full of shit.

1. We do teach World History. We learn about as much about other countries, relative to their role in historical matters, as they learn about us. We could do better on Eastern and African history, IMO, but that tends to be because that curriculum is saved for the end of the school year and most teachers end up a bit behind.
2. We have a majority of the best Universities in the world. This is in spite of the fact that our average student doesn't perform very well. We have a pretty wide education gap, and it's in no small part due to parental and student expectations of student performance. If you want to learn, American schools are actually a great place to do it. If not, well... you probably wouldn't succeed anywhere else, to be honest. The issue is more cultural than anything else.
3. Social pressures in American schools are pretty common, but outright bullying is actually fairly rare. It's more common for people here to have experienced bullying than the average person simply because people here (myself included) are rather weird.

Aside from that, I don't know what to tell you. It really depends on where you are in your schooling and the country from which you're coming.

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