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Now, before anyone bashes me in my discussions here like usual liberal bigots, keep this in mind: I respect ALL cultures, ethnics and races, even admire them for their uniqueness and individuality, and this all comes from a WHITE, CAUCASIAN male. If anything, I discuss this in terms of support to help races keep their existence and individuality.

I feel at least half of the population of the USA has no value or care for their own race or culture anymore. Why? Here is why: interracial marriage, sex and dating. But it is not just America, but many people world wide. Ever since the Columbian Exchange, no one has ever taken into account of how precious other cultures can be, and half of it is because of, well, the whites. The white race was one if the first to explore beyond their continental home, and as soon as they found a new world of an untouched, new race of people... They all but wipe them out. Either by disease or murder or complete cultural makeovers (Mostly disease) the Native American race was all but wiped from the face of the earth like water off the hood of a car, along with their culture, language and ethnics. Nowadays, it's very rare to see a person of Native American decent, which in my personal opinion is quite sad. It is also the fault of Caucasians for enslaving the black race and sending them to sugar plantations in the Central and Southern Americas, while only a small fraction of them came to the Northern American region. Both are topics on how humanity was greatly discarded and ignored just for the sake of money and land, and the enslavement and death it took to get it all going. America, as I have came to learn, is truly the melting pot of the earth, but look at what is happening because of it: the white race is becoming the minority. Only half a century ago, the Civil Rights movement was pushing for Racial Equality and the break down of racial segregation, which was effective after many years. But many years later, I believe the tables have been turned and now it is whites who are being bashed at and insulted. Truly, I believe what Whites have done in the past to other races is wrong, but now that things have improved and racial inequality is lowering in the government and political world, society is now making whites the victims of bigotry.

Why you may ask? Look at what is happening in Ferguson, an event where even though there was legitimately not enough evidence put before the grand jury, WHICH I might add this Jury had white and black men with women as well, showing there is little prejudice or racism or sexism in the jury, hundreds of people still rioted, protested and complained about racial inequality in America. Looting, violence and fire, ALL because of a white cop shooting a black person who never said "Don't shoot!"

Whites are automatically presumed to be racist if they dare ever say they have pride in being white, but top when any other man of a different race says that, not an eye is batted. If you see everyone as equal, and see your race as no better than any other, then it is grand you take pride in your race, because that is a part of WHO YOU ARE. To be called racist for it is wrong.

With all this in mind, to top it all off, the race of Caucasians seem to be decreasing year after year in America, because if what? Interracial sex. It is all rooted in the Columbian Exchange and conquest of the Americas by Europeans, and hasn't stopped since. By interracially mixing, we are slowly fading away outer cultures, ethnics and race, not just for whites, but Hispanics (Which I might add are descendant of the Spanish from Europe), Blacks (Which isn't entirely their fault since the first blacks were brought to the Americas by slave ships), Asians (which many centuries ago, even a bit now, wold have NEVER mixed with whites because they highly value their race's purity, which I personally respect strongly), and what LITTLE Native American descended persons there are in America on the reserves.

Just because we as the Caucasian race have committed our evils in the past, doesn't mean we should be erased either. Besides, every race has committed their own acts of evil at some point, the Caucasians being no exception. Even in Europe, the main roots for the Caucasian race, is becoming too interracially mixed. I believe that a European baby should be just as beautiful as a black or Asian baby. To wipe out any race is wrong, and we clearly learned that from the Native Americans...

Now, for those narrow minded bigots out there that think I'm a Nazi, here is what separates me for a Nazi:

I, in no way, shape or form, believe the religion you practice matters, including Judaism. There is such thing as a white Muslim, or the Hispanic Jew, and I know for a fact there are Christian Blacks. The religion you believe should not reflect what race you are and vise versa.

Next, I would never, ever take on the action of wiping out an entire nation's original culture and race and replace it with my own, as the Nazis had in mind for Europe and possibly the entire planet. I believe all races should be PRESERVED and kept alive and strong, showing us that purity as well as individuality is important.
Here I show I see races:
We should treat other races like our family members; we treat them with respect, look out for them and care for them. But we would never have sex with them, would we?

Do I believe we as whites can still befriend other races? Absolutely!

After all, what obligation do races have to mix? None.
From historical terms, many Asians believe in preserving
Their race as well to keep for going extinct. Why can't Caucasians have the same mentality?

As another thought, I also see racist rednecks, skinheads, Neo-Nazis and KKK members as unprofessional, uncivilized and filled also with bigotry and hatred, and should be punished just as harshly for their poor self image of their own race and their disrespect for other races,such as blacks.

Also, I forgot to mention, yes, Cape Town in South Africa was officially the first European colony outside of Europe established by the Dutch, and was therefore the first mixing between different races. My apologies.

Hope this made a point to all of you.
Thank you.

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>> No. 78367
Please excuse me for the text wall.
I still wish to discuss this topic
>> No. 78368
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Just as a heads up, /dis/ was pseudo deleted. It didn't get a whole lot of traffic as it was, but at this point almost no one is going to see this. Might actually want to post it over on /oat/. I will respond, though.

>I feel at least half of the population of the USA has no value or care for their own race or culture anymore. Why? Here is why: interracial marriage, sex and dating.

I don't think you need to hypothesize on that, I think you can just go ask people and the'll be like "lol no". I know I don't care any. I barely even know my heritage, much less feel I need to preserve it.

> the white race is becoming the minority

Only if you lump all the other races together. If asians, africans, hispanics, and all that stuff is split up, then white's still have a realistically dominant 40% or so majority.


A really messy issue, there's a lot going on down there. Racism is a thing that does still exist, even if it's not nearly as big as it used to be, and I feel like it's probably a bit heavier down in the south. The very subtle racism of a police officer shooting at someone after some profiling is one of those things that probably hasn't entirely gone away, and that's really the fault of everyone in our society rather than just one race.

That said, those protesters in Ferguson are nuts and need to cut that shit out.

>Just because we as the Caucasian race have committed our evils in the past

While I'm here I'd also like to point out that "caucasian" is not really a race. That is pretty much literally just a skin color. We do not have any kind of unified culture or heritage, there's actually still a fair amount of infighting amongst the various white races over in Europe. If you were trying to take pride in your pure Norwegian blood or something that's one thing, but to try to claim racial pride for something that's likely already irrevocably mixed is kinda weird.

But really, my main point is that I don't see a reason to even care. This doesn't seem important to me in the slightest. I think the first step to all this isn't yelling about how our racial purity is doomed, but to try to convince us that racial purity is something that we should care about.

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