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File 138471675626.jpg - (101.47KB , 1280x390 , 10522 - applejack artist rileyboi crossover fluttershy human parody Puella_Magi_Madoka_Magica ra.jpg )
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#Discussion #Normal #Sci-fi #Grimdark

Do you guys remember Brave New World by FlameLordPhoenix? I need to know what happened to the guy. He's been gone forever. No comments, no updates, just one last post in '12. If anyone knows where this guy is I'd like to know. I'll finish the story myself if I need to, but I'd like to know the guy isn't dead. Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/05/story-brave-new-world.html

File 133716654682.jpg - (1.29MB , 3264x1952 , IMAG0040.jpg )
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#Collection #Random
My fellow fanfic writers, I have a task for you. I would like you to find a short story you made in elementary or middle school and post it here. I recently dug up a narrative I wrote titled "The BAD-TEMPERED Dragon" which I also illustrated.

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>> No. 102843
File 133724060931.jpg - (93.23KB , 551x678 , applejackomglol.jpg )
Oh, my. Is that pronounced "queasy"?
>> No. 102844
"Uh Oh. Here we go again!"

Absolutely brilliant.
>> No. 102848
File 133725001562.jpg - (38.73KB , 361x500 , Baron.jpg )

Tell ya what: since I do not know where this box is, I can tell you two things in this box that I do remember (kinda).

FIRST: A (really) short story I wrote in the...third grade? Was about how Zeus invented lightening. Like "The BAD-TEMPERED Dragon," it was illustrated, but less well. Essentially, Zeus got mad for no reason and lightening struck something.


SECOND: Be very glad I cannot regurgitate this one. The assignment was to write a descriptive piece, so I did. I did not manage to finish the story, but what happened in it was this:
Orphan boy was alone in winter woods, clutching a thin summer blanket around his shoulders in a vain attempt to keep warm. Suddenly he sees a ray of sunlight breaking through the clouds, and he goes towards it. As he approaches, he notices that there is no snow where the light touches, grass is growing green, and there are animals and a hut in the middle.

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Prompt: That key killed me
>> No. 129114
File 138413554720.png - (96.95KB , 840x840 , Kingdom_Key_KH[1].png )
A key turned red, not from rust, but by the blood of a thousand and one slain enemies.

Last edited at Sun, Nov 10th, 2013 19:11

File 135553453909.png - (50.13KB , 300x196 , Umbra 5.png )
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#Discussion #Advice

Hell, if people are using both this and MLPchan still, I might as well have a thread on both. Have some delicious copypasta from my existing thread:

A while back, after my first submission to Equestria Daily, I was referred to Ponychan for editing. I was very impressed by each reviewer's willingness to volunteer their time to read obituaries fanfiction. After having a number of stories reviewed, I wanted to help out as well. I started my own review thread, and everything exploded and caused me to abandon my thread twice went perfectly.

Except for a few weeks out of the year, my schedule is just too busy for a review thread. So I was faced with a question:

"Alright, what can I do in the fanfiction community that's disgustingly pretentious, but also won't overload my already busting schedule?"

An advice column! And thus...

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>> No. 125563

If it's in first person, thoughts are exactly like narration; they don't require denotation of any kind. If it's in third person, italics are the best way to go.
>> No. 125564
I'm more concerned with 3rd person POV quotes.

Should a new character's thoughts be made into a new paragraph?
May thoughts be attributed to characters in the same way as dialogue? For example:

Writing. Writing never changes, they mused.

or should the comma be a period and they mused. be deleted?

If what I've written is unclear, then please just write down everything you've ever know about the use and syntax of thoughts.
>> No. 125565
>Should a new character's thoughts be made into a new paragraph?

>May thoughts be attributed to characters in the same way as dialogue? For example:
>Writing. Writing never changes, they mused.
>or should the comma be a period and they mused. be deleted?
Both styles are valid. Thoughts are like dialogue without the quotation marks.

File 135504727002.png - (208.41KB , 480x320 , MLP FIM pics 092.png )
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You probably know the story of the rainbow factory it was my story I survived the rainbow factory, but that was just half the story. Will be hunted down soon enough so I thought I would tell you the rest before I die.
This story is a short one but a story of truth. As you know Rainbow Dash is the manager of the soldering of foals who could not accomplish their test, but have you ever wondered how Fluttershy never got taken away for not taking her test. Well she runs it.
Fluttershy runs it and here’s another fact Rainbow Dash is an android yep Fluttershy controls Rainbow Dash (I’ll call her RD from now on). Your probably wondering how Fluttershy has kept control of RD ever sense she was a foal well she hasn’t once RD flunked flight school she was ground up into rainbows (this was when they didn’t cover up the murder so and at this time Fluttershy was a low level employ and she had the idea of making an android RD) I found this out because she had a malfunction and they had to repair her. I wish I could continue my story but they have arrived to take me back to the rainbow factory and deal with Fluttershy herself. Beware of Fluttershy. Bewa

Hi reader I found this file on my friend’s pc it looks like it got cut off at the last word. He called me and said he was working on this about four minutes before he left. Your probably wondering my name im Fluttershy and if you read this you know to much and im coming for you.
>> No. 125456
I'm not sure how to respond to this, exactly. If this was supposed to be a serious attempt at horror, it failed, because instead of telling us a story, you gave an abbreviated infodump of headcanon about another none-too-effective horror story.

"I'm coming for you" and its ilk only work in these kinds of stories when they're ostensibly about happenings in the real world. Telling us that Fluttershy is going to turn us into rainbows is a little silly because we are all well aware that she is a cartoon horse.

Welcome to /fic/. If you want to learn to write better we can help you.
>> No. 125464
Oh I know i did pretty bad i was just trying something new. :)
>> No. 129106
First, you insult the board by not bothering to check spelling or grammar. Second, companion cubes are probably the most horrific bit of back story I've ever heard of.
If you do enough research, you might find that the weight for the companion cube is other test subjects.

Last edited at Sun, Nov 10th, 2013 14:46

File 134730615158.png - (195.53KB , 700x451 , le_spain.png )
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I am willing to translate to Spanish a single fic you want me to.
If people suggest multiple fics, I will just choose the most interesting or recommened.
When I have read it in English, I will let you how I will deliver.
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>> No. 119137

I am Mexican, therefore, Spanish speaker.

I see your map of Spain, so I will asume you will translate those fics to *blegh* European Spanish. Urk, sorry, I barfed a little in my mouth.

Honestly, I am not interested in translating my fics in Spanish, since there's not a good site to post them, anyway. I could do it myself, but meh, too lazy.

However, if I ever have a change of heart, I might come to this thread. Not likely, since... European Spanish...
>> No. 119157
I was being sarcastic.
>> No. 128351
S'il vous plaît.

File 133110058832.gif - (546.09KB , 430x520 , d4b94b9ead6e7cb4fc108964228e5a87.gif )
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#Fic Promotion
Personally, and like many other authors I would like a way to promote stories to get attention that they deserve.

It might sound selfish but I know there is an incredible number of authors that share my concern for their fics and I wish to start a thread based on fiction advertising, featuring fictions solely from the fimfiction.net website.

Please if there are any more practical solutions or a similar thread already like this than I will be happy to remove this thread. But otherwise I think this is necessary.

1. Only stories and links from fimfiction.net

2. You should only post your own stories, if you want to share somepony else's then you must have their permission.

3. Use appropriate tags with your story and WARN readers if your story is mature or not, and specify whether or not it contains gore and/or sex.
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>> No. 89403
This thread is silly and you are silly.
>> No. 89405
But now they are all contained within here... maybe... perhaps...
>> No. 89406
File 133110175323.png - (107.26KB , 361x376 , mrCake.png )
Sorry to be off-topic, but just I noticed the OP image's filename was identical to the MD5 hash of it. Some piece of online software somewhere is using the idea I had (>>/meta/98273). Interesting.

File 133133731151.png - (217.40KB , 744x608 , Rainbow crashed.png )
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#Discussion #Normal
We've all been there. You write a story you thought needed to be told, and you go all out to make sure it's as good as it can be. It's not a masterpiece, but you had fun writing it and hope others enjoy reading. You post it, and it gets torn to bits with a vengeance. The flaws are pointed out in the tiniest detail, and you are told in no uncertain terms that you whole-heartedly suck. So what now?

You're SUPPOSED to get back up, dusk yourself off, and improve based on the information you received. What happens when that step isn't as easy as everyone says it's supposed to be? What do you do when "manning up" just doesn't work?

I find myself in this predicament. I sit down to write (or rewrite) something, and I can't concentrate enough to even begin. I can't enjoy or believe in what I'm writing anymore. Confidence is totally shot, and I can't even consider story ideas without that snide little voice in the back of my head saying how much I would fail if I tried to make it happen.

Have any of you been in this situation before? What do you do to break out of it? Does it take time, or do you "power through" it? Should I just step away for a while? Is there a set of blanket tactics you use to combat this, or is it something that only works from person to person?

Any good advice would be appreciated.
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>> No. 90275
Someone has the "that's the joke" picture?

Will erase once posted.
>> No. 90276
Ah. See, where I come from, jokes are funny. Did you mean "inane silliness?" Because I can see that.
>> No. 90277
File 133142951738.jpg - (46.46KB , 524x452 , 132275744615.jpg )

File 133331086689.png - (1.94MB , 900x1443 , 153724 - artist whitestar1802 oc original_character.png )
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A perfect run up, a jump, a triple back flip and, just as the fics about to enter the water, it bottles it and lands in a belly-flop, killing itself horribly.

For me it was Antipodes. The first few chapters were just magical, but then the real plot came in and the perfect execution collapsed into a mess.

So, what fics started well for you but failed miserably?
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>> No. 95015
*looks for his fic in the list*

*doesn't find it mentioned*

Welp. Not sure if success due to decent storytelling or success through obscurity.

I'll mark this one as a "maybe" and go have a celebratory drink.
>> No. 95039
Man, If a fic I wrote was even mentioned on here that would be a victory.
>> No. 128129
Really? I loved Anthropology the whole way through.

File 136538363187.png - (339.02KB , 520x650 , MarshmallowPone.png )
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#Author #Comedy

Hey ponychan, just came from /mlp/. I guess this would be the place to dump my recent fic idea. I know I probably won't get much out of it, but I need some feedback.

I was thinking about writing a fic about Lyra, in which she's tired of always getting no attention from everypony else despite her odd habits and jumping, so she attempts to cause chaos and disharmony in Ponyville by doing stuff like standing on private property and not returning library books. Eventual escalation with the townsfolk and mane six would occur.

Does it sound okay or am I just trying too hard again?
1 post omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 127263
File 136539154595.png - (349.43KB , 2598x2645 , Hi, guys.png )
>> No. 127264
I like it. But more importantly, you have given me an idea!

...I don't know when or if I'd ever get around to using it, though, so I'll just share it. This sounds like some great Prankstershy-style stuff here, and Discord would probably make a great advisor about how one can misbehave. I'm thinking specifically of him giving terrible advice, here. I like the idea that he could actually tell somepony to not return library books as a way of acting out. It's just so deliciously chaotic, in that it both accomplishes the goal and fails in it spectacularly.
>> No. 129097
File 138401485895.png - (112.52KB , 1167x685 , dundee_invasion__lyra_at_nethergate_by_somerandomminion-d66gk6x[1].png )
Definitely this.

By the end of the story Lyra should be around the size of a small cottage, I think. The town becomes in a state of panic, and Twilight calls Princess Celestia for help fighting the behemoth. But as the Wonderbolts try taking down Mega-Lyra, their attacks only make her grow bigger and stronger. It becomes clear that conventional means won't work.

Mega-Lyra seems unstoppable. Disorder grows. In the end the mane 6 will have to come up with some unconventional plan in order to stop her.

Core aspects to any fic, really.

(Yes I realize the post is old and bot-bumped.)

File 134562030588.png - (356.27KB , 500x566 , Scrunch Edition.png )
117047 No. 117047 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn't the only such thread, but it's usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds; The sticky, which contains important information)

If you're a reviewer, old or new, and you want feedback on your review, please put a "*" at the front of the subject line of your review post. This is something new we're trying out.
For writers:
Submission guide | TL/DR of the submission guide | List of TTG regulars | Submission form | List of recently-finished reviews | Reviews in progress
For reviewers:
How to review | List of unclaimed requests
For Maintainers:
The full, current active queue | Statistics and queue-dump text for thread updates | A guide to how it's all organized
For live communication
IRC (live chat)
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>> No. 120176
Alright this is going to be a long one. This story is now two Stories :P
>> No. 128219
Thanks for writing such an eaasuto--nderstynd article on this topic. http://mxwhzewzd.com aehjmyjava [aehjmyjava.com] [link=http://utwwzyeljc.com]utwwzyeljc[/link]
>> No. 129096
That's the <a href="http://eiaouzsswg.com">peefrct</a> insight in a thread like this.

File 131259592327.jpg - (4.24KB , 130x124 , like a boss.jpg )
37285 No. 37285 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Would you say that "Of Mares and Magic" has usurped "Past Sins" and "Cupcakes" as the fandom's most controversial fanfic?
62 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 103033
I thought I smelled foul play when I saw that the last reply was over two months ago. Saging and contributing:

I really don't see the big deal over Cupcakes. Its only controversy was that it was gory AND had ponies in it. I'm willing to bet that everyone who claims to have nightmares over Cupcakes watched Gladiator without losing a minute of sleep. If it was about Jack Bauer going overboard with an interrogation, it would have been declared poorly written and out of character because he would have offered immunity half way through. But no, Cupcakes became a huge deal BECAUSE PONIES.

If Past Sins is like Call of Duty, then Cupcakes is like Soldier of Fortune 2: a poorly designed tedious little game that got hype and controversy simply because it had a dismemberment engine.
>> No. 103038
I like this analogy.
>> No. 103103
>dismemberment engine?
My favorite game with one of those was Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. You could tweak the settings just enough so that bumping into a stormtrooper with a lightsaber practically disintegrated him.

File 133705322064.jpg - (178.76KB , 1191x670 , the_creation_of_lyra_by_stinkehund-d4t5o1e.jpg )
102551 No. 102551 [View]
Hello everyone!

There’s something I wanted to try out. I’m not sure if it has ever been done before, the idea just kinda came to me a few days ago. Lately, I’ve noticed how many authors have certain areas of writing that they aren’t as proficient in. Some may not be very good with dialogue, while others excel in description but stumble when they get to action scenes.

So, now for the point of this thread. This’ll be a thread to help authors improve on the different intricacies of writing, focusing in four main areas: dialogue, description, action, and thought/inner monologue. A writing exercise thread, if you will.

But if you think this’ll be a cut and dry “write something here and stuffs” place, have I got a surprise for you.

This is how it’s going to go. Using the random number generator linked below, you will first change it so that the max is four. You will then click on “generate”. Depending on what you get, you will be tasked with writing one of the following:

1 = Dialogue
2 = Action
16 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 103315
File 133752708573.jpg - (76.11KB , 1139x1600 , 186220+-+artist+maxtaka+like_a_sir+Lyra+Lyra_Heartstrings+moustache+tagme.jpg )
Hmm, ok. Here are my thoughts on this one.

The line "without any thought about it later" doesn't seem like the kind of thing that would go here. It's a tad casual, but that really isn't any sort of major problem.

Other than that, it is really good. Short, and lacking a proper ending, but good. I liked how you transferred the idea of measuring and turned it into that of judging.

I like this one a lot. You took your topic and combined it with your word; it's very creative. As for the letter itself, it is very well written. You get across the

Just a few small things. If he really wished to remain anonymous, why would he give his features? Somepony might be able to recognize him. I mean, is he so unknown that absolutely nopony in the world knows him? Especially with a pair of eyes for a cutie mark.
>> No. 103362
>You get across the
Silly me, forgetting to finish my sentences. What I was trying to say here was that you get across the idea that he is a nopony very well, that and that he wishes to remain a nopony.
>> No. 103382

You know what, I think I will do a fic on that letter. It would be a shame to not put those words to use.

File 133325382237.png - (2.01MB , 1600x889 , Past Sins Cover.png )
94391 No. 94391 [View]
#Discussion #Question
I mean, it is so long, and I don't know if I should put all my time into such a long story. How good is it? Does it keep you interested? Does it have emotional points? Do you ever get excited to read more?
25 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 94651
If you don't mind some TwiLuna shipping, go with Within and Without.
>> No. 94653
And if you want some Twilestia shipping, read Distorted Perspective.
>> No. 94655
And if you want Tialuna shipping, you are out of luck, cause no author is good enough to write one.

File 138316846368.jpg - (82.70KB , 1024x576 , haunting_nightmare__65___overshadow_by_petirep-d545u7z.jpg )
129032 No. 129032 [View]

Well, with now being Nightmare Night, show me some of your favourite horror fanfics.

I know a few gorefics, but so far I haven't seen much suspenseful creepyfics. But I bet they're out there.

The Cough is one that comes to mind. Not a top level fanfic for me (the shipping sort of degrades it, but reasonable.
>> No. 129055
enjoy http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/05/story-slender-mane.html
>> No. 129061
File 138360169412.png - (96.47KB , 347x336 , I get it.png )
I remember that story. it was pretty fun up to the point where they found they could fight back. And then the part with the army demolished its storytelling.

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