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So I just finished Fallout Equestria, finally.

95% of it was distilled awesome. I'm still mad about certain events surrounding SteelHooves in chapter 39. And the ending was absolutely SOUL crushing. But I finally got it finished.

It's one of those things that, when you finally finish it, you just have no idea what to do next. What do I do next?
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>> No. 128863
you could buy it. someone just listed a copy on ebay. it showed up on my ebay feed thing
>> No. 128864
You could do what I did and start writing spinoff fics.

Granted, there's a whole fuckton of those already and I've seen people bitch about that, but if you want to do it, who gives a damn?
>> No. 128866
Who dredged this up?

This is now my favorite post on /fic/.

File 138118883936.png - (53.62KB , 250x223 , 100260_r.png )
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#Author #Shipping

So I'm writing this fic (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/100260/lunas-dawn) and shorty before writing it, I came across the headcannon known as Herd Theory. The way it's presented in the Leroverse and "Fireflies" is really interesting and cool and justifies the stallion-to-mare ratio in a compelling, complex way.

But it's kinda fetishy.

And I don't intend for my fic to be a clopfic.

So, in your opinion, is it -too fetishy- for a non-clopfic? Am I going to turn a lot of people off from the story if I include it?
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>> No. 128849
File 138119282027.jpg - (34.04KB , 500x281 , aj-s1e15-small.jpg )

This does not seem fetishy. It's just like the system wild horses already have with reversed genders.
>> No. 128851

... er, i mean it is the system wild horses have, with the same genders.
>> No. 128853
Yeah, that's not really fetishy; that's just a story about polyamory.

File 132536162293.png - (12.56KB , 111x206 , Title.png )
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>Even though the ideal is high, I never give in. Therefore, I never die with regrets.

The time is right, I feel, to create my own thread in which I will attempt to help writers.

If you wish to be among those that I attempt to help, then post a link to your story in this thread. For your convenience and mine, however, I have several rules and guidelines that you should abide by:

1. Though your story need not be related to this fandom, you should give me some indication what I'm about to read. A title, tags, and short summary are considered polite, but omitting them is not grounds for dismissal (bear in mind that Rule 5 still applies). However, you only have yourself to blame if I suffer from genre confusion. Similarly, you will give me a link to the story on GoogleDocs, FimChan, Fanfiction.net, DeviantArt, or any comparable web-hosting. I will not download any attachments in this thread. For assurance purposes, you should provide me with an email address that I can send my critiques to in case Ponychan goes down.

2. I will try, in this thread, to detach myself from what I am reading in order to give a paradoxically unbiased opinion. However, certain content is unacceptable by Ponychan's standards. This content, to my knowledge, includes graphic sex and excessive gore. For my own preference, I am broadening the former category to include any story that focuses more on sex than romance and the latter to anything that focuses more on the result of violence than the actual violence itself.

3. You have the right to hear honest feedback about your story, and I have the right to give that honesty. I make no promise to pander to your emotions. If I tell you your story needs work, then that is an indication of a fledgling success, not of failure. I will not lie and tell you a mediocre story is great. I will not se
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>> No. 128788
File 138099389000.png - (171.70KB , 483x232 , Fuck Im High.png )
I... my second review thread was literally the top post on this board before you posted a story.

>>128162 is the thread you're looking for
>> No. 128793
Isn't that post like a year old?
>> No. 128823
Oh, god damn spam bots.

File 137401149286.png - (80.23KB , 800x800 , fan-fiction-ad-poster.png )
128053 No. 128053 [View] [Last 50 posts]

Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn't the only such thread, but it's usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds; The sticky, which contains important information)

If you're a reviewer, old or new, and you want feedback on your review, please put a "*" at the front of the subject line of your review post.

For writers:
Submission guide [tinyurl.com] | TL/DR of the submission guide [tinyurl.com] | List of TTG regulars [tinyurl.com] | Submission form [tinyurl.com] | List of recently-finished [tinyurl.com] reviews | Reviews in progress [tinyurl.com]
For reviewers:
How to review [tinyurl.com] | List of unclaimed requests [tinyurl.com]
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>> No. 128809

We have left extensive comments both in thy story and outline documents, so here commenceth Our final comments and closing remarks.

We will first say that We understand thy intent is to submit this story to Equestria Daily anon. Well, We would recommend that thou waitest until thou hast at least one more chapter. This is for two reasons. For one, there is no indication of where the story will go (yes, thou hast an outline prepared, which helpeth), but more indicative of true direction and writing ability is to have those chapters in hand. Normally, this would not be so much of a concern, but as thou art also below the word count threshold for Equestria Daily (3.000 words for an installment of a multi-chapter story), thou hast already handicapped thyself. Stories below the minimum word count can be accepted, if their quality standeth out, but 'tis double-edged sword: thou canst be rejected on that basis as well, and as We understand that thou mayest be on thy last strike, 'tis folly to stack the deck against thee, We would think.

So, to the story itself. There is simply not enough here yet to remark on your characters and events, other than to say that what thou hast so far maketh good enough sense, except for the comments We left regarding Willow's reaction to being questioned.

Now for the writing issues. When We look at overall counts, thy use of 'to be' verbs doth not appear excessive, yet thou usest them in clusters. Beware of these. While eliminating them entirely is not necessary, thou shouldst always strive for more interesting word choice. 'Tis a more enticing read without them raising up their little trollish heads. Also beware of repetitive sentence structures. While leading with the subject will certainly be thy (heh!) workhorse, vary it from time to time in order to keep from getting a lumbering feel, especial
>> No. 128818
>3.000 words for an installment of a multi-chapter story
@[email protected] oh... well, time to wrap up this chapter, write another chapter and go through this all over again and still have the rejection looming over me... with even more chances to screw it up.

Still, very informative and helpful review. Thank you and Pascoite very much for helping out.
>> No. 128938
New thread >>128937

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#Author #Normal #Sad #Comedy #Grimdark #Basically anything. NO SHIPS

Ok, so I have a head cannon, can I get some constructive feedback? I believe that Gilda was exiled from wherever she came from, because she was weak flyer, so she went to flight camp and met dashie. She then returns home to her father ready to murder her on the spot for interacting with "pony scum" (as gryphons are not too fond of ponies) he then abuses her to the point of death and exiles her from the tribe. She lives other own for aboutm1 year before decoding to visit dash. Next thing you know we get to see a view of "griffen the brush off" from Gilda's pov.

You think it will have a chance? Feel free to fill in any blank spots you think should be filled....

File 138100693502.png - (208.45KB , 480x480 , 1379443_597207867008381_923263838_n.png )
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lets write a fanfic. ill start.
title: Why the long face brother?

Twilight was working in the library as usual when she heard a loud noise from the other room, she knew it was her brother Shining armour who was sleeping in the library during his visit to ponyville.
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>> No. 128796
File 138101177568.jpg - (25.34KB , 563x434 , 4034_yeahhhhh.jpg )
Nothing wrong with the image, since he is a horse he is likely to have

( ••)
( ••)>⌐■-■

A long face.
>> No. 128799
Twilight sat upstraight, images of the old equestrian wars shifting through her mind. "Nightmare Moon!" was the first thought that she decided to settle on. A thought luckily burrowed fast enough. Surely, Celestia would have let her known if anything were addling the mind of her sister. A second more alarming thought came to her. Assassins! Her brother is the consort of the Crystal Princess and he's on his stay here without the proper entourage of body guards. Twilight decided to rush to his aidas the door flung open and a frenzied Spike rushed into the room.

"IT'S TERRIBLE, TWILIGHT!", he exclaimed as he ran up to the stupefied pony and he pulled Twilight close. "It's your brother! He's..." He allowed for a dramatic pause, "making an omelette."
Twilight frowned. "What?"
>> No. 128806
You made spit out my coke! I hate you :D

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#Author #Normal #Sad #Sci-fi #Grimdark #Anything

Ok, iMms writer, got any head canons you want written down? Got an idea you want in a story? I'll write anything! Although I don't think coop is allowed on here. Gimme a request and I'll see what I can do!

File 138089334756.png - (662.96KB , 999x800 , discord_and_lyra_s_philisophical_battle_by_themightycoolblender-d6bsjr6.png )
128774 No. 128774 [View]


Have you read plenty of adventure stories?
Those who involve the ponies fighting a big bad?

What stories have made for you the best fanmade villain?
What stories did you read/enjoy that gave a new/expanded interpretation to a canon villain?
How do you feel most stories you read brought forth villains?

An example: Discord in Background Pony

File 133577057150.jpg - (44.70KB , 839x379 , x13x.jpg )
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#Reviewer #Discussion #Advice
Greetings, please enter into this link for complete information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ol5C4f3pACxaXQCsXl3Vf0m4i7SF1dqA23CaboBo39E/edit

Now that is settled, this thread shall be a little different than my previous thread for two reasons: I will be expanding to other sorts of assistance (including planning, answering questions regarding language, and similar activities) rather than just reviewing, something which I have already done in a more or less low-key fashion, so for the sake of fairness I will extend that offer to everyone; additionally, I will also be adding a new mechanic to the review process which involves trading time for your efforts, namely as part of you reviewing a story within this thread in exchange for a shorter review time from me, with the greater details explaining it in the post just after this one.

So, a couple of rules, which we are so fond of:
1.) Keep everything here respectful an in topic. I do not appreciate derails of any kind within this thread and I will ask you kindly to not contribute, regardless of the circumstances.
2.) Please read the document above as it will contain all the rules regarding each of the post and activities, but it can be summarize into this: unless it is a request of a review, a review, a response to said review, a long answer to a question, some commentary as a whole, or some sort of announcement, it has no business here and should be deferred to the document in the link.
3.) Do not take the rules and formalism as some sort of barrier of fun and games, it’s just a manner to keep everything organize and tidy, while making it easier to handle as the thread grows increasingly larger. The rules on their own are relatively lax, more guidelines than anything else, but I do ask you keep them in mind.

I would also like to request:

-Enjoy yourself, here and across the board. There is no point to anything you do here if you do
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>> No. 120248
File 134834727110.png - (1.61MB , 1438x1084 , ___.png )
Greetings Samurai, as per our discussion, I am posting my work on your thread for evaluation. I hope they live up to your standards.

Salty Shores—Chapter One
A story that deals with Light Lovecraftian themes and serves as a prequel to the Equestria Noir story-line. Not much else to say other than it more or less paints the mood that EqN will follow.


1. Story follows a rather purple-prose format. This is due to the fact that the story is about degeneration. The details are meant to demonstrate how the tale goes from somewhat complex, to an almost incoherent mess towards the end of the 4 planned chapters.

2. Glacial pacing-I was told by Mr. Shockwave that my pacing was very glacial, again, having to do with the details presented in the story. While most are intentional, others might prove to be extra.
>> No. 120271
File 134836699546.jpg - (24.56KB , 395x416 , I am sorry_.jpg )
Both have been added, I will get back to you as soon as possible.
>> No. 128772
File 138087425043.jpg - (27.92KB , 320x240 , 3rnunl.jpg )
>image related, let's see what happens here

Title: August Fifteenth

Synopsis: Two years after the end of Summer Days and Evening Flames, ponies—and griffins—are still growing, learning, and loving. By coincidence or design, their lives are still interconnected, such as one fateful day in the middle of August.


As one of the original reviewers of my story, I hope you are around and available to look at these seven stories (a total of under 12k words). I'm not entirely sure what, if anything, these vignettes are lacking or strong at. If you can read these and give feedback, it would be much appreciated. If not, I understand; you won't be the first reviewer who is too busy / unavailable for comment.

Thank you.

File 137840243981.jpg - (28.99KB , 385x390 , Let's go for a march.jpg )
128291 No. 128291 [View]

List your 5 favourite pony fanfictions.

You can list a top 10, but that's primarily reserved for those who've read and remembered lots of fanfics.

1. Friendship is Optimal
2. The Clothes Make the Mare
3. Man Vs. Equestria (Narrated by Bear Grylls)
4. The Third Generation
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>> No. 128688
File 138050188772.png - (197.61KB , 507x454 , you can't be serious.png )
And then I stranded on Life is a Lemon.

This one goes in my, if not as my all time favourite piece of fanfiction so far.
I expected it to be a crazy story with a comical premise and got so much more. A scary story at moments, with a mystical weirdness, not relying on typical horror touches. Nicely written development and oh so very touching.

This is a style of fanfiction that I will want to read more of.
I may be saying this in the throes of just having read this. But dang, I'm really moved.
This is the first fanfiction to really do this to me.
>> No. 128747
File 138058645575.jpg - (737.07KB , 600x6261 , spoiler.jpg )
1) Waking Nightmares - KnightMysterio
2) Mirror's Image - EvilPresident
3) Thirty Moons - MythrilMoth
4) Past Sins - Pen Stroke
5) All American Girl - Shinzakura

All of these are my favorites of favorates but Waking Nightmares is sooooo boss. It's very engaging, has twists and turns, and it's just awesome. It is an amazing read, and I personally think it's one of the best if not the best MLPFIM fics ever. Though I really need a top 7 list instead of a top 5...

Last edited at Mon, Sep 30th, 2013 17:22

>> No. 128767
File 138076272510.png - (460.12KB , 455x519 , medicshy.png )

idk what's going on here, but I've stolen this for my own use.

File 137038659103.png - (73.58KB , 800x540 , MBFBu.png )
127716 No. 127716 [View]

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve recently set up a group for /fic/ on FimFiction (link = http://www.fimfiction.net/group/198766/fic). The idea originally came up in the IRC as part of a discussion on declining activity on /fic/ (on both MLPChan and Ponychan), especially in terms of “new blood” and its introduction into the community. It’s true that /fic/ is a very insular community, and that we tend to be quite...intimidating to newcomers. It’s also true that even the “EqD rejects” tend to either avoid /fic/ due to reputation, or else out of simple laziness or lack of comprehension of the formatting of a ‘chan board. So, I made the group on FimFiction with the intention of making us more accessible to the fanfiction “public” (or, as Ion would say, the potato-less masses).

This thread is to foster ideas, planning, and general discussion as to the purpose, structure, and activity of a /fic/ group on FimFiction. If you like the idea, then welcome. If you don’t, then you’re welcome too—just make sure to tell us why you think it’s a crap concept. To begin, I’ll list a few facts and questions to start discussion off in here.

1.) The /fic/ community is quite small, isolated, and possibly shrinking.
Again, we can be quite intimidating, and most EqD rejections don’t even come here, let alone stick around after they’ve gotten their TG review. We also tend to lose quite a few reviewers to burnout, hiatus, or simple ascension (EqD).

2.) /fic/ (as a chan board) doesn’t have the best reputation or presence on the Internet.
The logic behind this new group, therefore, is to both increase people’s knowledge of /fic/ as a resource, as well as to raise awareness of our competency. This, hopefully, will also improve our reputations, as well as to attract writers who would otherwise be driven away by MLPChan and Ponychan’s infamy (and difficulty of use, which is evidently a major issue).
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>> No. 128665
>If you have any other questions, I can try and answer them for you.

Why would you organize the threads in the directory by name and not by type :I

Last edited at Sun, Sep 29th, 2013 13:33

>> No. 128667
File 138048722347.png - (389.26KB , 728x651 , 133192580617.png )
No particular reason. I can change it if you'd like. :I
>> No. 128672
File 138049003827.png - (150.35KB , 405x314 , spike132.png )
I just think it'd be more intuitive to arrange it by purpose, then name. All review threads together, all generals together, and any other category of threads together. Kind of like a mall directory, where it'd say clothing, sports, etc.

File 138024301163.jpg - (111.83KB , 1920x1080 , rd aj wallpaper.jpg )
128575 No. 128575 [View]
My favorite fan fics were My Dream Mare and Treating her Right. I love AppleDash Shipping fics. Does ponychan have any good fimfics for me
>> No. 128576
File 138024311532.jpg - (21.28KB , 180x269 , a taste of an apple.jpg )
A taste of an apple is a lengthy one which has a sad happy ending
>> No. 128578
I was about to mention that maybe a link might be better for a recommendation, but then I found it and it's rated M on Fanfiction.net. So, good on you for not linking to what I'm guessing is a romance story with explicit sex.
>> No. 128579

Last edited at Fri, Sep 27th, 2013 01:18

File 134007312632.png - (509.93KB , 899x700 , 108840 - artist whitediamonds rarity wet_hair wet_hairity wet_mane.png )
107767 No. 107767 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Author #Collection #Discussion #Shipping #Second Person
Welcome one and all to the nineteenth edition of one the longest running threads on /fic/! All are welcome!

The stories within are mostly romance stories written in the second-person perspective, with a couple stray third-person fics. The stories within range from sweet and fluffy to hot and heavy.

Story Rating System:
[Fluffy] - Nothing serious, mostly cute.
[Fuzzy] - A real d'aw scene for the heart.
[Snuggly] - Hugs, peck on the cheek, etc.
[Tender] - Kisses, lying down together.
[Romantic] - Kisses w/ tongue, massages.
[Cheeky] - Moaning, overly massaging wings, hooves, etc.
[Saucy] - Very, VERY suggestive.
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>> No. 128560
I also absentmindedly skipped the sticky thread on this board, and so I didn't read that we should "sage" posts unless we have a story or a review to give. My first post was really a trifle, and I'm not sure if it was proper to bump the thread with it.

I think this is the last time I'll post, Tactical. Thanks for the interesting talk.
>> No. 128561
File 138016257052.gif - (861.60KB , 640x360 , Wet.gif )
The... no-saging rule is stupid, so there's no harm in bumping this thread. Plus, you were "giving a review" by the barest sense anyway, on top of asking people who (might) check this board if they were still writing, thus expressing interest, and all in all doing nothing wrong.

I don't know why you were attacked for expressing your opinion (actually, I do, but I probably won't be able to explain it without being more confrontational than this post will be, anyway), but I am sorry that happened to you.

If you have anything else you want to post or comment on in this thread, please do. I'm sure that, if the authors of these stories are still watching, they appreciate your feedback. And if not, maybe you'll invite someone else to have a positive conversation with.

On that note...

Stop. Shitting. On the Sensual Fic General thread.
>> No. 129222
File 138567209314.jpg - (8.16KB , 267x227 , reading02.jpg )
I love these stories. Thanks for writing, guys! My favorites are Swing, Freudian Slip, and Friendly Games.

File 134274455382.png - (328.27KB , 1600x1412 )
112263 No. 112263 Locked [View] [Last 50 posts]
General Threads: Story Ideas | Recommendation & Request | Ask an EqD Pre-Reader Anything | (for more: see full post)
Hello, and welcome to /fic/! We're a board that would love to help you with your story, but there are a few rules we all need to follow to keep everything running smoothly:
Posting Rules
  1. Do not make a thread for the sole purpose of:
  2. Threads that are poorly written, riddled with errors, one sentence long, or apparently lacking any meaningful contribution to the board may be deleted at a moderator's discretion.
  3. You can create a thread to discuss any fan-fiction, but search first for an already-existing thread that discusses the same fan-fiction.
  4. If you request more than one review, you must make the fact that you have done so known to everyone you have requested a review from.
  5. Any and all discussions and/or general debates concerning /fic/ or its rules go to /meta/.
General Guidelines
  • Spur-of-the-moment fan-fictions are generally not the material that /fic/ is built for, as there is typically very little to comment on. These type of fan-fictions are generally less than 100-200 words long, an
143 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 128393
File 137905286630.gif - (1.49MB , 421x350 , 207.gif )
Timestamps: do you read them?
>> No. 128533
File 138000376175.png - (53.49KB , 650x588 , 136666296555.png )
I see the Sensual Fiction group is still a thing.

I'd get in trouble for saying my actual thoughts, so instead I'll be passive-aggressive and just imply them.
>> No. 128554
>>107767 Sensual Fiction General
>>128414 Ask an Equestria Daily Pre-reader Anything
>>121064 Recommandations/Requests General
>>119870 Story Forge/Ideas General

Review threads:
>>129053 The Training Grounds/Open Reviewing
>>128162 Nicknack
>>128349 PinkieAnon

Edit password: 12345

File 137977019070.jpg - (28.85KB , 466x228 , kflhds 008.jpg )
128490 No. 128490 [View]
#Single fic

inb4 banned for single fic review thread. This clearly isn't one right?


I have been working on this fic for over a year now, I've been putting it off for this long. Quite a few people want me to finish it but I have literally no idea where to take this. It wouldn't be my first story however, it would be my first pony related story so it is a bit daunting.

Any criticism, direction suggestions and advice on writing in a pony situation is more than welcome.

and yes... It has Hitler in it.
any suggestions that he goes on a geoncidal rampage will be laughed at and ignored
>> No. 128492
File 137979169140.gif - (1.19MB , 375x420 , Victory.gif )
Hello, and welcome to /fic/!

I'm a little torn between the "activity" benefit and the "organization" problem that this thread poses (which you yourself mentioned), but I don't necessarily care about the rules enough to narc on this thread. I'll also offer you this: if you don't have any luck finding a reviewer in this thread, feel free to post your story in my thread, located thusly: >>128162.

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