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Hey there, I'm new to /fic/ so if this is something that's already been brought up then tell me so.

What do you guys think of post-modernism/modernism and fan-fiction writing?

Has it been done? Is it a terrible idea? Do you see people trying to rationalize their terrible writing with the excuse of "I was using post-modernism as a device, so you can't blame me for characterization seeming off!"? Would you like to see things done in a post-modern style? Do you even enjoy post-modern style literature?

I ask simply because I am curious, and slightly because the style interests me greatly.

File 137627889476.jpg - (6.85KB , 240x210 , images.jpg )
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#Author #Reviewer #Single fic #Crossover #Sad #Comedy #Grimdark

I've seen many human and pony fanfics and they all sucked in my opinion except for a few,

So I've decided to try to create a better one, one that will not destroy the story we know and love,

My plan for this one is to try and make it better then the ones people hate.

But in order for me to perfect it I'm in need of help.
>> No. 128117
File 137628390122.jpg - (49.65KB , 500x612 , no.jpg )
and no
>> No. 128120
File 137632536767.png - (178.32KB , 500x500 , 132651202333.png )
I have to agree, the story you seem to have in mind sounds terrible, and you haven't even gone into full details about it.

Not like a little bit terrible, like Power Rangers.
Not laughably terrible, like an Uwe Boll film.
Not criminally, enjoyably terrible, like Passions.

Just unreasonably horrible. The only people who could make it past the first chapter of such a work would be invested in the story because they wanted to be your main character.

And they type of story you want to create is a much stronger parody, after you've gotten your feet wet. Start off first by writing something simple and straight forward before starting on your magnum opus.

Get used to the writing process. Learn how you write, what types of things you like writing, and what things you need help with first.

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#Reviewer #Collection #Crossover #Sad #Grimdark

I've been looking at my little pony with humans fics and they have been quite terrible except for a few,

So I've decided to make a Pony and human version myself and try to make it better then ones I've seen before, I plan to make it dark, adventure, and a little comedy if possible.

Could anyone help me perfect it.
>> No. 128116
File 137628388402.jpg - (25.51KB , 500x450 , No Face.jpg )
No. That would only make the problem worse. DON'T!

Last edited at Sun, Aug 11th, 2013 22:06

File 137568728076.png - (292.39KB , 799x470 , applerix.png )
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Alright everypony, I have a weird request. So I'm making it a challenge. But let me give you a tiny bit of a background. Recently I've been roleplaying, and during that time I fell in love with the weirdest pairing. That pairing is ApplejackxTrixie. Here's where the challenge come in. I want you to write a good story for them. Think you're up for it?
>> No. 128081
File 137568886204.png - (477.69KB , 1173x808 , 130522257144.png )
The purpose of this challenge is what exactly?
So that other people will write the pairing you want to see in bulk?

Isn't that more a request than a challenge? A 'commission' so to say. But you really don't have any return on this request for the writer really.

The least you could do is define why you love that particular pairing?
It's far from the weirdest pairing I've ever seen to boot. Those two have actual screen time together. One of my favorite pairings is still Spitfire/Cheerilee. But I have fics for that on my hard drive, they're adorable and dysfunctional!
I had to make them myself, seeing as it is such an odd pairing.

Huh, I think there was a moral in there some where? If you write it, people will see the cuteness, and write it themselves. This sort of 'I dare you to write the thing I want' rarely works out well.
>> No. 128083
File 137570816520.jpg - (84.31KB , 900x617 , electric_pinkie_by_rom_art-d5cqfhx.jpg )
I'm going to reiterate what I've been saying all weekend at Bronycon. The writing panel went amazing, by the way.
I choose to dislike any and all ships (except for Derpy/Doctor) unless the author writing about them can convince me that this is my favorite ship.
I would accept your challenge, but I have other things to write atm, and I want to see why *you* think this is a pair that should be shipped.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 5th, 2013 06:10

File 132944776435.jpg - (118.79KB , 500x750 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-pinkie-wants-you.jpg )
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#Discussion #Comedy
If you are interested have contact whit me at [email protected]
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>> No. 84945
File 132944981033.png - (732.26KB , 1280x1097 , Discord 3.png )
Post here and you'll be put in a pool of stories waiting for review. It may be a bit of a wait, but you'll eventually get that desired review.

Doc with a list of reviewers: http://bit.ly/rtOSx7
Each one is unique and has their own personal queue. The wait is generally shorter than ttg. Do some research here: http://derpy.me/S1nFp (Note, this particular list is incomplete, but has a large chunk of the reviewers, just be mindful of closed queues and dead threads.)

I wish you best of luck!
>> No. 84946
File 132945008233.jpg - (11.53KB , 341x324 , fluttershy-confused.jpg )
Derp! I switched the links around. The first one is the link to the incomplete lists, but has a little about each reviewer that is on it.

The second link is a completer list of review threads, but doesn't have any descriptions of the said reviewer.
>> No. 84962
gosh man thanks a lot.

File 137321011719.jpg - (48.93KB , 456x628 , 1364746099757.jpg )
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#Discussion #Shipping #Grimdark

This is about the shipping fanfic Let the music flow which can be found on fimfic.net. It is NSFW so search for it at your own risk.
Out of all fanfics, this one have pushed my limit. I've never wanted to vomit after reading a simple piece of text.
please help me ponychan
>> No. 128002
File 137321108654.png - (293.59KB , 500x600 , 134204282246.png )
Anonymous, We don't allow linking to NSFW things on Ponychan, I'm going to edit the link out of your OP and just leave the title of the fic up so people can go find it themselves if they really want to.
>> No. 128058
File 137419620104.jpg - (22.42KB , 236x310 , you are far too easily disturbed, sir.jpg )
It's my distinguished opinion that you're all a bunch of sissies.

or eight years old.

File 133820700850.jpg - (8.82KB , 194x259 , images.jpg )
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Come on in, one and all, to the second iteration of Golden Vision's review thread! You can find my first such thread here: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/95560.html

So! I'm a reviewer, as you may have guessed, and I'm here to take a look at your story and review it, edit it, and possibly proofread it. I'm also a writer myself (you can find me on fimfiction.net), and so I like to think that I bring a unique viewpoint compared to those reviewers who've never had to submit something to EqD. I tend to be more sympathetic toward the writer, and certainly less scathing—I know what it's like to stare at a screen, willing words to come for hours, finally writing something down, and then realizing (or failing to realize) that it's all crap.

Depending upon circumstance. I get plenty of good fics and bad fics (both of which I'll accept). I myself specialize in [Comedy] and [Adventure] fics, though I'll take most any genre of story. However, there are a few stories that I will not accept:
-Gore or Porn: I hope that everyone can see the obvious reasoning behind this.
-Uncommon Format: This includes poetry, screenplays, and so on. It's not that I don't think there are worth writing—I do, otherwise I could hardly appreciate Faust's work in this kind of area—but I recognize that I have no experience in this area, and as such could not hope to look over it with the kind of critical eye that it would require.
-Trollfics: I realize that these can be well-received on sites such as fimfiction and fanfiction.net (if they're well-done). That said, unless you have a character, plot, well-developed setting, or so on, there's no way I can give your fic a proper review. I may laugh over your story with everyone else once it's posted (again, if it's any good), but I wouldn't be able to edit that kind of randomness.

Additionally, there are some extra rules that I need to get out of the way:
1. Post your story both on this thread, an
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>> No. 123248
File 135135018174.png - (384.14KB , 1280x720 , Fluttershy_preparing_to_pounce_S2E21.png )
*crouches down, ready to pounce as soon as the queue opens*
>> No. 124362
Note that you all can find my new thread at: http://mlpchan.net/fic/res/652.html#652

See you all there! :D
>> No. 128050
The Apprentice


In an epoch of Equestrian history lost to the ages follow the story of Comet as he rises to be the first apprentice of Celestia and, with his new found friends, takes on the forces intent to bring back the Queen of the Night from her banishment and undo the harmony of the kingdom.

File 135110231363.jpg - (106.55KB , 800x760 , 819c59c195d38412248c60c1a45c4f69.jpg )
123103 No. 123103 [View]

Have you ever been kept up at night by annoying questions such as ‘what is the meaning of life?’ ‘what is true happiness?’ or ‘did I leave the stove on?’ Well good news! My stories guarantee you’ll forget your difficult philosophical ponderings as your house burns to the ground around you!

Anyways, between finishing one of my fics and starting my third, I figured now would be a good time to make an author thread, where I’ll be posting updates and new fics. I have a couple more stories planned, and will soon be able to get back to pumping out 2 chapters a week, with a pretty even balance of shipping and non-shipping for everyone to enjoy. I write almost exclusively about the main characters (and the princesses) but I might do something centered around a background pony someday.
(tl;dr: here’s my user page: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/soundslikeponies)

Equestria from Dust

[Fantasy][Slice of Life]

By: soundslikeponies
18 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 127009
File 136320247156.jpg - (230.36KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_lx7ixm1Ba91qdjnzfo1_1280[1].jpg )
Good lord, has it really been a month since I've updated?
>> No. 127131
File 136409305404.png - (1.55MB , 807x989 , Unstablespell.png )
Chapter 25 of Flying High, Falling Hard is out! The first real new chapter in a while!
Chapter Title: The Train Ride Home

Dash and Twilight head back to Ponyville to slowly heal their relationship. Dash struggles with being patient, and Twilight throws herself into her studies with renewed obsession.

Notes: it almost feels unreal to finally get out a new chapter for this fic. I spent 9 months rewriting it, during which I inserted a brand new chapter, completely changed the first 4 chapters, did an editing pass on all 24 chapters, and finally retyped chapters 11-24.
>> No. 128042
File 137382308415.jpg - (443.60KB , 749x797 , celestia___kiriban_by_sayluh-d64e9mw.jpg )
Equestria from Dust
[Adventure][Alternate Universe]
Word Count: 69,576
By: soundslikeponies

Synopsis: Celestia awakens to see an empty world, white sandstone stretching the horizon. She wanders the world as she builds it from her imagination, filling it with life, but as time passes, the world that she created begins to seem like little more than a lucid dream, conjured from the dust.

Fimfiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/33610/Equestria-from-Dust
Equestria Daily Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/10/story-equestria-from-dust.html

Closing Author's Comments: At its heart, I wanted Equestria from Dust to be about Celestia's soul searching journey. The story uses an epic backdrop while remaining a story about "the heart in conflict with itself" through and through, as it's a struggle through the millenia for Celestia escape her loneliness and find meaning in the world she's created.

File 137377452924.png - (47.60KB , 380x440 , 380px-Help_me_svg.png )
128038 No. 128038 [View]
#Discussion #Normal

So I'm new to this site and am totally confused on how this works, but a friend and great author told me to come here to search for prereaders.

So... anyone want to help a guy out? I know I'm terrible at begging but what can you do?
>> No. 128039
File 137377628850.jpg - (37.00KB , 500x350 , pic unrealated.jpg )

This be what you do:

1) Take a deep breath.

2) Find where it says "Posting Rules" in big, sparkly letters.

3) Read that.

Welcome aboard.
>> No. 128040
Failing that, you can look at any of the threads with the #Reviewer tag. There's a link to a list of them in the sticky post at the top of the board, but it might be a little out of date. Also, each reviewer (or prereader, as you called them--we call them reviewers here) has his/er own rules, so you might want to check them out before posting in one.

And yeah, welcome aboard.
>> No. 128041
File 137380389928.png - (73.20KB , 125x125 , 132631965934.png )
Well, you've come to the right place. We here do love to help, but it's difficult to get anything done around here without links. You can take advice from dolfeus here and read the post with big blinking letters, or take anon's advice and search for any thread with the reviewer tag.

Just remember, you'll need to provide a link to your story or we won't be able to help. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy your stay in /fic/

Oh and, don't worry. We've seen worse forms of begging.

File 137234175289.png - (2.48MB , 2550x3507 , pinkielookingglassscaled.png )
127890 No. 127890 [View]
#Collection #Normal #Contest

What with summer coming on, I figured it was about time that our tired old site actually did something for once...hence, Bronystate is holding a fanfiction contest!

The short form of the rules: you're to write a one-shot story, minimum 2000 words, about how you think Equestria Girls will play out - or, if you've seen it already, how you think it /should/ have played out. Top three entries will have a choice of three prizes: one Steam game under $20, a free commission courtesy of the talented Chobibi, or getting any line they please red in the voice of their favourite pony (fan VAs, details negotiable with one Scoot-Scootaloo). All entries should be mailed to [email protected] as an attachment compatible with Word 2010 or under. You are also allowed to include a link to your Fimfic, Fanfic, or whatever page if you please. Please also note in your e-mail whether you use British, Canadian, or American spellings.

Contest runs until midnight July 6th, 2013. For the long version of the contest description, please visit the following page:

>> No. 127981

File 137293137007.png - (269.33KB , 670x670 , 16.png )
127973 No. 127973 [View]

once upon a time there were two ponies.

and they lived in a house and had a lovely front yard.

the end.
>> No. 127975
File 137294524880.png - (106.01KB , 925x942 , pic-src-1359826304919.png )
Needs capitalization.
That opening line needs work, it doesn't really draw the reader in.
The characters are too flat, they could use a good deal of characterization.
The last line needs more to work with.
The climax isn't that strong.
Show, don't tell.
>> No. 127976
File 137294550480.jpg - (94.92KB , 400x400 , 37248595.jpg )

File 137261606387.png - (280.21KB , 800x600 , 1372489402608.png )
127903 No. 127903 [View]
#Discussion #Normal #Sad #Comedy #Shipping

Nearly finished 'The life and times of a winning pony' and I read 'The incredibly dense mind of rainbow dash' and I'm loving both of them.

Which Winningverse story should I read next?
16 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 127949
Pretty much what >>127948 said. I saw Rarity as the reaction to a statement on Fluttershy's behalf. I have nothing against lesbians or stories with lesbian relationships in them. I'm not sure why you'd believe otherwise.

I just didn't find the stories that engaging, personally. A lot of the humor felt really forced, and Cloudchaser came off one-dimensional, at least in what of it I could stomach.
>> No. 127950
Hmm, that actually makes a lot more sense. And you mean Cloud Kicker, right? Or is Cloudchaser in this, too?
>> No. 127969
Yes. I get background ponies confused. Can't keep track of all their names.

File 137283381291.jpg - (51.84KB , 428x417 , Shining Spirit.jpg )
127958 No. 127958 [View]

I have my quetions about the fanfic formats or the retrictions the thread has. I'd love to see what the comunity says about my story telling abilities. P.S. The pony in the pic is one that I made with a generator (my drawing skills aren't as good as the rest of the comunity).
>> No. 127960
File 137283568437.png - (137.79KB , 609x749 , 132219329643.png )
Hi there! I, um, think you might be a little lost.

If you're asking about what restrictions or formats /fic/ allows, look at Ponychan's global rules (see the page's bottom link). If you're asking about what formats /fic/ allows, /fic/ allows pretty much any kind of story. (Though the community here probably won't like any story that isn't the type you'd find on EQD or Fimfiction, if the community's like what I remember.)

And, um, not to be rude or anything, but pony-generator-OC picture plus typos (we really value grammar and spelling and stuff like that here, you see) are kind of like warning signs for a story to us.

That said, this is (probably) the (or a) place you want to be if you're looking to improve your stories or general writing abilities. The Training Grounds (you can find it near under this post) is a general review thread, where you can find people to give you one-on-one help. The Sticky (you can find it at the top of /fic/ with those glowing rainbow letters) should tell you how to format a thread if you want to show off your work. (But if you want feedback, review threads are a better bet.)

Welcome to /fic/, where the character limit per post is 20k for a reason.
>> No. 127965
I admit. I might be a bit lost, but thanks to you I think I might handle myself better from now on... sorry for any troubles caused. Oh and for the grammar topic... yeah my grammar can be a bit off from time to time. Still thaks for answering a thread which was sort of a mistake from a beggining. TY (thank you) for you supportive comment and attitudes. I shall delete this post soon!

P.S. Is the generated image and (or) the reply ok? or am I breaking any rules?

Thanks a lot for you support
>> No. 127966
File 137286604772.png - (112.10KB , 443x456 , pic-src-1345289814232.png )
No rules have been broken specifically.

Ponychan's rules can be summarized at no porn and be nice more or less.

Fanfic are formatted in a number of ways. Here we tend to work in google docs because of the ease of editing and sharing works in progress.
For publishing, generally we recommend FimFiction.net. But that's because it doubles for both hosting and presenting stories to a set audience.
>>112263 Has lots of informative links about that sort of thing.

Generator ponies are eye roll inducing, but you want to at least spell check your posts. Spelling and grammar is all we have to work with, and if you don't look like you care about your works, it makes people assume things about your character.

Not OC, I mean your character as a person. ^^ We're constantly judging people all the time. That's what humans do really. It's in our nature.

File 137213538400.jpg - (135.39KB , 900x563 , mane_6_fighting_is_magic_by_tsitra360-d4s6839.jpg )
127861 No. 127861 [View]
#Author #Sci-fi

Hello, so I decided to join this writing stuff, and I'd like to know people's opinion to get better...

Equestria's chain of conflicts
Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/54374/equestrias-chain-of-conflicts
2 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 127866
File 137218093063.gif - (1.02MB , 400x296 , yau0YFT.gif )
>Opening this thread
>> No. 127871
When Microsoft Word can find more than a dozen errors in your first chapter, there's a problem.
Have you engaged an editor for your work?
Oftentimes, an author is blind to his or her faults. I know I have issues with commas--a problem which drove Filler to madness, even if it may have been a short trip.
A few things to look out for, based on a cursory view: Attributions while speaking, doubling of punctuation inside and outside quotes, and missing punctuation.
Beyond basic grammar, your dialogue is wooden, your characterization is poor, you tend towards telly narration, and your interactions between characters languish beneath the crushing weight of talking head syndrome.
Things to do:
Hire on an editor / proofer.
Read more dialogue. Pay attention to that dialogue you find engaging. Mimic it until you develop an understanding of 'why'.
Oh, and read the sticky.
>> No. 127942
File 137279061233.jpg - (8.38KB , 181x278 , a1.jpg )
A lot of people in the fandom, and especially on this particular board on this particular site, have a rather extreme prejudice against HiE fics (Human in Equestria). I happen to be a big fan of a few of them, though well-written HiE fics are few and far between. If that's really the story you want to write, then by all means do so, but understand that you will be writing for a rather small audience and if you want it to stand out in any meaningful way you'll have to do an extremely good job of it. Even if you manage to accomplish that, you'll likely still get some heat just for having a human in it. You've been warned.

Last edited at Tue, Jul 2nd, 2013 11:44

File 137236873221.png - (310.15KB , 986x867 , whoelse.png )
127892 No. 127892 [View]

Hello there, fanficcers! This is a review thread, but think of it more like an advertisement plastered to a billboard than a local shop.

Let me get straight to the point and say that I do review commissions: private reviews for authors who want an experienced eye looking over their fanfics. My reviews are based on initial reader response—I keep a microphone open and running as I read, and I’ll frequently muse aloud. This allows you to hear my reactions in real time, and since I edit out the silences, it’s all in one compact package filled with my sexy voice.

Who is this guy who wants money for reviews, you might ask? I’ve been reviewing in the fandom for almost two years now, and in that time I’ve looked over some big-name stories, including Past Sins, Ponies Make War/The Immortal Game, The End of Ponies, Composure, Pony Age: Origins, and many more over six review threads on Ponychan’s /fic/ board. (Sadly, only one has not 404’ed by this time.) http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/76172.html

I’ve also been an EqD pre-reader for over a year, and I’ve read staggering amounts of fanfic (over 1200 verdicts given, including pre-screenings) in that position. I also have a BA with a minor in Creative Writing. In short, I’m someone with some name recognition who will pick apart every bit of grammar and story you’ve got to throw at me. If you’d like to see my writing, visit my Fimfiction page here: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Vimbert%20the%20Unimpressive

My rates are as follows:
For a standard review, $2 per every 1,000 words of story read. I’ll review everything from the most innocent slice-of-life to the darkest rape clop. (I don’t post my reviews publicly or take stories for review through public posting, so mods, I don’t believe I’m breaking your rules by saying this.)
>> No. 127893
Vimbert does good work and has helped me a lot in the past. This is a steal, people. He is totally me-approved. :D
>> No. 127896
File 137246442881.jpg - (63.31KB , 912x834 , vindicative.jpg )
In all the digging I've done through /fic/'s past, I never once stumbled upon one of your reviews. I shall enjoy reading some of these; I have heard you are quite good.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 28th, 2013 17:08

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