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File 137221476593.png - (257.38KB , 798x1001 , rainbow_dash_likes_writing_letters_by_lordprevious-d4q84f8.png )
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so hi fic, I'm kinda new here (new to Pchan been a brony since 2011) and I want to know what you think of my little work in progress collab fic I'm doing with a friend. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15UXRADqeh0ctxzeyXcnnJT70h8Ti0dwKmrjpZ-webwU/edit?pli=1 It's a work in progress so there are some errors, and a few things maybe wrong with the continuity. But I'm just wondering if I got a good fic so far (Excluding the bad spelling and grammar)

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>> No. 127874
File 137221494619.png - (136.59KB , 900x1077 , 135061709654.png )
We aren't in the business around here of looking up your name to find everything you might have ever written and then trying to decipher from that list (however short it may be) which is your collab project. If you want anypony here to take any interest you're going to have to throw us a bone. Starting with a link to the story, and preferably a google doc with sharing enabled.
>> No. 127875
File 137221510989.png - (111.93KB , 900x618 , sad_pinkie_pie_by_brianc1006-d4hsona.png )
my apologies, I forgot to add the link to the description. hell the disscriptions isn't quite done. let me fix that #feelsbad
>> No. 127878
File 137222128788.png - (99.05KB , 600x581 , Hey there.png )
Oh, another tip. Type your message in a word processor with spellcheck, then copy/paste it over here. Folks around here cringe at poor proofreading.

The next thing I'm going to suggest is heading over to the training grounds ( >>126497) and making your story look all shiny and presentable by following this guide. [docs.google.com]
For the synopsis, don't try to get overly complicated, just put what's in the story. For example, if Rainbow Dash and Applejack explore the Everfree looking for Pinkie's lost bowling ball, write exactly that.

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File 137177881382.png - (127.88KB , 500x500 , 29ux0ux.png )
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Hello, /fic/, this is Azekahh.
So, I heard that this board has some sort of respect... or, hatred even, towards me. Whichever is fine, but I figured I'd come here to see what my followers have to say.
Well, I've never actually done this before. But.
How about... I'm Azekahh, and ask me anything?
Tripcode to prevent phony bologna pony crony.
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>> No. 127834
File 137179726323.png - (1.16MB , 764x916 , crysssssstalssss_by_nastylady-d69mf6j.png )
I don't hate you.
Don't worry, just give it some time and I'm sure we'll be the best of mortal enemies.
>> No. 127835
File 137181240464.jpg - (34.79KB , 900x450 , 26356_418055681622600_700848815_n.jpg )
>When you read too much, eventually you get to the point where everything could be done so much better.
A curse that has befallen me as well. Only those with admirable patience can sit down and watch a movie with me anymore. I always rip it to pieces while I'm watching.

At first I thought that was a dragon hoard, but when I opened up the image, I really liked the artwork.

That all said, hello, Azekahh. Welcome back to /fic/. Tea and cakes are located somewhere in the back, around page 43, but I'd just leave them alone if I were you; the sturm bites. Well, no, he just barks a lot and annoys the crap out of anypony within earshot, but it's not a pleasant outcome for all ponies involved. So, just do us all a favor and don't go there. They've probably gone stale by now anyway. If you'd like to discuss your favorite fan fiction or some of the stories you've read for your videos, however, I'm sure some of us would love to hear it, and the others would enjoy picking it apart, bit by bit. Can I interest you in some fresh perspective?

Last edited at Fri, Jun 21st, 2013 04:08

>> No. 127836
Perhaps next time, I should ask my sources for citation, then. And, don't worry about NSFW content, I don't have any intention of posting such things.

Here's a link to my channel;
Still have to update the new layout, and my last actual reading was 2 months ago, so I haven't done anything like that in a while. Don't mind the other stuff.

Thank you for the warm welcomes.

File 137177106179.png - (171.34KB , 1220x672 , shipsship.png )
127822 No. 127822 [View]
#Discussion #Shipping

hey everypony, i'm looking for some pro tips in writing a NSFW ship, such as how fast should it progress and escalate, how much dialogue and/or monologue it should contain
>> No. 127823
File 137177213241.jpg - (20.28KB , 410x154 , cluebyfour.jpg )
A story should progress as quickly as it needs to, and no faster. The dialogue should promote the story, and not vice versa. Escalation is a matter of scale, and thus, will require an understanding of the characters' surroundings, needs, desires, and motivations.
Good luck.
>> No. 127824
File 137177757913.png - (58.31KB , 436x736 , 132657746902.png )
> such as how fast should it progress and escalate

Fast as the story dictates. It depends on how important the NSFW is. Also if it's pic related.

If it's pic related then how many fetishes you're catering to. Also if it ends with a bleeding corpse in the rain.

Probably should avoid mentioning the Wonderbolts entirely, that's just side tracking your story.

Who's the main character actually? If it's OC, then you have to build up their character as well. Or not, people might not want to even bother with it in the end.

I think the correct answer is Orange to the fourth.

File 132451930463.jpg - (487.93KB , 1200x900 , 81990 - artist-cenit-v book letter quill studying twilight_sparkle.jpg )
73191 No. 73191 [View]
Feeling stuck in a rut? Can’t come up with any new ideas, or be motivated to write? Wanna get your name out on /fic/, or just practice your writing? Then the [Everything] Prompt is the thing for you!

Every Wednesday at 9:00 EST we’ll be posting a short prompt for anyone and everyone to write about. Once the prompt is posted, everyone will have one week from the time of the post to write something concerning the prompt. Any characters, genre, length, style, anything you can think of, so long as you can tie it back to the prompt. Also, if you have any ideas for a future prompt, please post them.

Also, if you’re interested, I will be compiling a list of works written for the prompt as well as the prompt they were written under. If you would like your submission added to the list, please say so in your post.

This week’s prompt is: The secret in Celestia's closet

Link to previous thread: >>71711
Story compendium: http://tinyurl.com/Everything-Prompt-Compendium

Good luck, and have fun!
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>> No. 83898

Well I had a reason for making new threads each week (back when I still did this), but...should I just delete this thread and the others?
>> No. 83920
File 132916925285.png - (60.47KB , 326x371 , 132657359102.png )
I would say no.
There's a lot of information in here that's useful. No reason to delete something mostly good because of a little annoyance.
>> No. 83921
Marginally relevant: FiMFic group for the stories.

File 137116717903.png - (519.46KB , 2027x1538 , OH COME ON.png )
127775 No. 127775 [View]

Cliches. We see them everywhere, and frankly, I hate some of them.

However, they aren't always bad. So I want to know, what are some cliches/tropes YOU love to see in fanfiction?

Picture is me when I see some of the cliches I hate.
>> No. 127777
File 137117702047.jpg - (69.71KB , 640x467 , 132657041829.jpg )
I'm not 100% sure?

Cliches can be done well. Half the reason I hate the ones I do is because they're not.
People assume the reader agrees with them. Shipping is the worst at it. The raw amount the reader is expected to take at face value is obscene, but it happens in other genres of course.

Of Course Fluttershy's into Big Mac, or Celestia's Evil, or something of the like. It's all tell, no show with some of the cliches.

Show me Fluttershy Into Big Mac, or show me Celestia eating babies, and I'm fine. Assume I agree with you and we're in a different situation.

Last edited at Thu, Jun 13th, 2013 21:41

>> No. 127784
Off to write a story where DroneMac impregnates HiveMotherFluttershy whose egg-scions are consumed by a lurking Celestia in an attempt to keep her youth.
It'll be a best-seller.
>> No. 127793
Ending it on a high note.
A challenge which the character solves in an unpredictable way.
Catering to the viewer's pleasure, rather than trying too hard to make the characters realistic to each other.
Using a bunch of tools/gimmicks if inside a themed episode, like snowball battles and snowboarding, in a snow/christmas episode.
Using a dream/dream sequence or storybook in order to make a believable over the top episode, but also give a hint that it perhaps wasn't a dream(e.g. the protagonist finds a picture in his pocket after he wakes up)

File 137134138849.jpg - (7.87KB , 139x200 , 3658302+_8a9dbcbfc4099bbd2d289bb98a1b3348.jpg )
127792 No. 127792 [View]

guys i need help finding a fanfic written by Satriark.
its called moon diary

File 131463079544.png - (378.29KB , 1200x1500 , 43874 - artist grilledcat beanbag celestia sitting.png )
44228 No. 44228 [View] [Last 50 posts]
This thread will be deleted within 2-3 days

Well, as most some of you know, Past Sins will drop off in my email soon, fully editable by our gracing hands! Also, the last 3 chapters will be released today, if that had escaped you.

Not using the last thread as it was... lackluster in information from the OP (me) and such

I already have Var's and Vimbert's assistance, but, the more the merrier!

Anyone who wishes to partake in the edits of the story (which will mostly be corrections and suggestions. Basic editing, really) are free to do so!

If you wish to assist with this, drop your email off or send me an email (email is in my name, just hover your mouse over it) and I'll handle it from there.
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>> No. 125785
File 135691102402.jpg - (6.47KB , 225x225 , Owloysius.jpg )
Wow, this thread is so old all the images 404'd.
>> No. 125786
Huh? The op pic was working a moment ago.
>> No. 127776
File 137117678189.jpg - (10.64KB , 250x250 , 132656897668.jpg )
Just checking to see if I can read past sins yet in it's Gold Format, final edition.

File 130103077363.jpg - (33.40KB , 400x400 , Lucibane.jpg )
1375 No. 1375 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Tremble, feeble foals, for it is I, the great Lucibane!

I come before you this day, despite the generally positive sentiments that predominate this peculiar place, to impart upon the world of Equestria a most sinister tome of advice. I speak of my soon to be infamous handiwork, ‘Rotten Apples: Equestria’s Evildoer Guide’, a volume series meant to serve as a fundamental basis for any up and coming campaigners of evil.

I’m a bit new to this whole ‘trans-dimensional communications’ business, so I can only pray to the darker forces that this book reaches its intended audience. On behalf of the Ponyville Charter for Evil, I would like to say welcome to any new recruits that can utilize my guidance in their conquest of Equestria.

Here is a 'hyper link' to a 'digitized' version of Part One of my glorious book:


Your comments and criticism may be monitored/collected without prior consent in order to help improve the quality of this guide.
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>> No. 127746
Did he return?
>> No. 127754
File 137081667892.png - (114.40KB , 307x477 , Don't look at me, I just call the shots.png )
Personally, I'm more suprised that he used the !!Angelbunny trip, rather than !!ShiningArmor, assuming a new mod hasn't been appointed to that trip.
>> No. 127761
File 137100876301.jpg - (38.82KB , 335x241 , Ivan_The_Fool.jpg )
This thread is two years old.

This post is a year old.

Gorram necroing spambots.

The least they could do is bump a thread that's worth its salt.

File 136953284790.png - (134.63KB , 852x852 , doctor_whooves_smeel_by_nyansummer-d4rgzd4.png )
127635 No. 127635 [View]

Hi there! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Golden Vision. I like ponies, time travel, long walks on the beach, and tearing apart the heart and soul of any aspiring author who thinks they can write fanfiction.

Oh, don’t worry. You can come closer. I won’t bite. Much.

So, this is a review thread. In it, I shall glomp, wub, and boop your stories until they fall apart of internal bleeding. The times shall be hard, you and your ego will suffer, but I can promise that you’ll be a better author for it. Golden Vision Reviews™ does not actually make any legal claim to this effect, and is not responsible for the failings of n00b authors who do not know an em-dash from a proper noun.

This is a bit different from some other review threads, however. The preferred submission type is Google Docs; however, I will refrain from commenting on your fic Unless I really like you, or think that your fic so good that only a few minor corrections are needed. Instead, this thread will have a format more similar to that of a prereading one. For each story that I read, I will return a laundry list of problems that I found, as specific as I can make them, accompanied by at least one example for each (if at all possible) to give the author some perspective on what the problem is and how to fix it. Should anyone require a followup meeting with me to go over how, exactly, they can fix the listed problems (assuming that they’re unable to understand the resources I’ve provided them), I’ll be happy to take an hour or two to help you understand how to improve that part of your writing.

Just some quick rules. First, be reasonable and polite. Don’t flame me or anyone else in this thread, and don’t submit anything that’s just plain ridiculous (I usually start to back away around 10k words, or on
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>> No. 127660
Thanks for the review, Golden Vision!

I've got a lot to work on.
>> No. 127664
File 136987814129.jpg - (61.82KB , 519x511 , mustache flutter.jpg )
Title: Her Protector (A FanFic)
Author: Doctor Hipster
Tags: Somber, Serious
Word Count: Unknown (Story unfinished, just chapter 1 for reviewing)

With the recent crowning of the new princess Twilight Sparkle, a Protector for her was chosen from a well-known security company in Manehattan, Iron Security. This protector of the princess must guard and guide her young mind and body against countless deadly, mysterious assassins, jealous common ponies and such seeking to exploit her and her power, and many more villains that seek to do harm to the fair Twilight Sparkle. ‘Her Protector’ is a story that combines the bright, happy world of Equestria with the cold, hard truths of the real world.

This is the beginning of the new FanFic I'm writing. I'll continue it once you review it. Tell me what you think, and don't be afraid to be brutal (which I'm sure you will be). Thanks!

(Picture Unrelated) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GgoiIQ1VCkpWB_Dk1wul6kxb-fagtou9Au9FSF8riqA/edit?usp=sharing

Last edited at Wed, May 29th, 2013 18:53

>> No. 127667
File 136990912546.gif - (99.84KB , 450x418 , i_chzbgr.gif )
>submitted to the thread
>not submitted to the queue

>tfw author hasn't shared doc/made public
>tfw comments probably aren't enabled either

Last edited at Thu, May 30th, 2013 05:34

File 136967570035.jpg - (146.84KB , 1280x832 , 1308710191_sssonic2_rd_vs_pp_copy.jpg )
127641 No. 127641 [View]
#Discussion #Sad #Shipping

Well over a year later, I've finally read The Games We Play, and I'm so overcome with good feels that I feel the compulsive need to talk about it.

Spend 10 and a half hours reading the story and a lot of comments at the end of each chapter on fimfiction. I feel so melancholic and just plain desperate to talk about what I just read, I just can't shake this feeling I'm feeling right now. This feely feel.

Pinkie/Pinkamena fan, so most my feels are probably pure bias anyways, but it was such a rollercoaster of sad and happy over and over! Dear Celestia, I am far too late with my hype for this story...
>> No. 127653
I quite liked this story when I read it and it remains among one of my favorite MLP fanfics. I enjoyed how this story dealt with it's themes of identity, and the disconnect between the mask we show the rest of the world and what lies beneath that mask. Rainbow and Pinkie were great choices for characters through whom to explore these themes, and the story fairly plausibly expands upon their cannon portrayals. It's definitely within Rainbow's character to become so obsessed with the "game" aspect of her relationship with Mare Do Well, and Pinkie being burdened by the expectation to always be happy is a very interesting re-interpretation of her character.

My favorite scene from the story was when Rainbow went to Fluttershy's cottage and Fluttershy finally coaxed Rainbow into telling her about MDW. It's a very powerful scene, important to the plot and Rainbow's character development, and it's executed really well. The dialogue in that scene was well written and memorable, and the character interactions were great. In other words, my favorite Flutterdash moment in a fanfic comes from a Pinkie Dash fic.

That said, the story did have some flaws. You could tell that the author changed the focus of the story as she was writing. At first, the author really emphasized the mystery aspect of the plot, but as the story went along, it became much more focused on the characters and the central theme of identity. The mystery aspect somewhat hampers the fic as it prevents the author from delving more deeply into Pinkie's character. Despite it being obvious that Pinkie is MDW less than halfway through the fic, the author stubbornly maintains the "mystery" and even keeps trying to throw the reader off the scent. I feel as if the story could have been improved if the author made the decision to reveal MDW's identity to the reader earlier in the story. The big unmasking at the end would still maintain the same suspense because at that point, the reader doesn't care about who MDW is but how Rainbow will react to the discovery that Pinkie is MDW.

It also seems like the author thought up a few important plot points halfwa

File 136926905518.png - (181.34KB , 640x360 , 640px-Rarity_reading_newspaper_closely_S2E23.png )
127614 No. 127614 [View]

OK. Here's my idea. I'm going to make a story collection of MLPFIM fan fiction and publish it online at smashwords.com.
1.NO ADULT MATERIAL. If it's a love story, fine. If it has explicit material I will not reject it. I'll tell more later.
2. NO OVERTLY VIOLENT MATERIAL. If it has violent hints, ok. If it has actual violence (cupcakes) NO.
3. NO ADVERTISEMENTS. I don't care if Twilight Sparkle was reading such-and-such book series. Make a parody, but don't go over the top.
4. IT IS MY DECISION. I will decide what does and does not go into the collection(s). I'll try to read all.
OK on with rule 1. There'll be 3 collections of stories- normal- violent - clop/ponyporn. Please give me either your real name or a pseudonym. No stories written by iwtcird69 please.
All characters, all genres, all scenarios welcome. Deadline is July 2nd, 2013.
Any questions?

1 post omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 127619
File 136928834895.png - (109.06KB , 362x350 , 0032-132650831520.png )
This man speaks tru fax.

Sorry for the lack of responses though. We're all giggling at you on the inside though.
Subjective compilations of other people's work is a tiny bit tasteless, plus really how can you have two contradictory Rule Number Ones?

> OK on with rule 1. There'll be 3 collections of stories- normal- violent - clop/ponyporn.

... even ignoring the ponychan general ban on ponyporn of all formats?
>> No. 127620
You DO realize that saying (All characters (c) Hasbro) is not really enough right?

Hasbro doesn't care about the fandom, but doing a fanfic collection like that on a publishing site might be dangerous.
>> No. 127621
File 136932967487.jpg - (21.36KB , 500x442 , tumblr_lcp1ckeSsG1qegb3no1_500.jpg )

File 136908737381.jpg - (1.09MB , 1200x957 , 14284257327356364.jpg )
127590 No. 127590 [View]


Anyone got a better explanation?
>> No. 127594
Why didn't you just paste that? On /pony/ maybe. Seeing as I can't really see it in relation to /fic/.

Yes, I like to say that season 3 has been simplified down to fanfic outlines we all read during season 1, but that's my opinion on things.
>> No. 127606
OP is asking mostly for an explanation on what makes the chemistry special or good, which in my opinion isn't any of those.
Force opposites together and use common sense, big whoop.
I'd hardly call the ponies charismatic, realistic or groundbreaking, things which any genuinely good character should have.

File 132571516059.png - (38.96KB , 598x428 , loving your creation.png )
76133 No. 76133 [View]
I should be heading home, now, but I felt this was important enough to delay my trip.

Writers, whether new or accomplished, learning or learned, keep making the same mistake. It always leads to heartache.

Is it punctuation? Grammar? Spelling? Scene? Plot? Characterization?


It's failing to write for yourself.

Every time I see "If you don't like it, I'll stop", or "Person X said it sucked and I quit", or "This is too hard, I'm leaving the fandom", I die a little inside.
49 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 89420
>The worst mistake a writer can make
misspelling 'I'. Kid you not, this one girl in my 5th grade class did that, and I didn't even know her and I'm never going to forget about it.

I can't imagine how she feels about it. (actually, she's probably forgotten about it)
>> No. 127600
>> No. 127601
File 136912202663.jpg - (48.59KB , 423x750 , 1362755091724.jpg )
There are worse things to bump, I suppose.

File 132608337578.jpg - (26.28KB , 243x307 , _1.jpg )
76970 No. 76970 [View]
Dear /fic/

What's the silliest fanfic you've ever read?
What's the worst fic you've ever read?
4 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 124405
Test. So it only works in /fic/ right?
>> No. 127597
File 136909962609.png - (105.44KB , 297x200 , 60344 - OPPP berry_punch ruby_pinch.png )
what, sage?

Oh yeah, bump.
>> No. 127598
File 136910282191.jpg - (509.77KB , 1024x1448 , chrysalis_of_the_changelings_by_uzukinokaze-d5wxxrc.jpg )
What a time for that name to show up.

File 131172061402.jpg - (211.60KB , 1000x1000 , derpy writes a fanfic.jpg )
34323 No. 34323 [View] [Last 50 posts]
In response to assorted emails and IMs, I've decided to delete a few older threads that contain my assorted stories and put together a thread where my completed works are listed, and my current projects are described. I find it more efficient if the interested parties have one place to look to find out what I'm doing. Feel free to read through these if you like and critique if you please.


Two Ponies ( http://bit.ly/kmJM67 ) - [sad] A story about a pony who loved dearly, and those he left behind.

Kindness ( http://bit.ly/oJO3qG ) - [sad] An alternate history tale: "How would the other five ponies have fared, if Twilight decided to go back to Canterlot instead of staying in Ponyville?" This one features Fluttershy.

of Moon and Memory ( http://bit.ly/qo8RKq ) - [grimdark] A series of eight single-page vignettes about the lost histories of Luna / Nightmare Moon, told from her perspective.

Limericks & Longjohns ( http://bit.ly/quxDaQ ) - [random] A response to the prompt, "Describe a pony's first week in Canterlot".
62 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 127595
You ate a comic book.
>> No. 127599
File 136910288502.gif - (0.98MB , 260x146 , 136512228500.gif )

Astute as always, Minty.
>> No. 127605
File 136915011450.png - (236.54KB , 370x418 , 132656875941.png )
No, I mean, how much can you really troll a group of people you're willing to do something as extreme as that on an off handed comment?

Many people say things they're not willing to follow through on. It's one of the basic tenants of trolling for responses. So I'm not sure if anyone in this transaction is being successfully trolled.

Maybe the outlier who's looking for a non-weird Sonic the Hedgehog crossover?

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