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I'm doing something different this week. TWO livestreams.

I know, I'm crazy, but hear me out BEFORE you go running for the hills!


The first livestream I'm doing is going the be the same thing I've been doing the last 8 weeks: reviews. I'll paste the whole deal about rules and instructions below.

The second livestream I'm trying something new. I'm going to review a fic, but it is going to be a CONSTRUCTIVE review.

>"But I_Post_Ponies, what is a constructive review and how is it different?"
It's like you can read my mind! I was just about to tell you!
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Hello! My apologies for appearing at the last minute, but I literally just saw this thread, half an hour before the livestream is set to begin. I'm posting my fic up here now in the (vain) hope that you might be able to fit it in at the end, but if not, I have no problem waiting!

Title: Equestria: The Time Loop Files
Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YXTnfAeBSNZ4T5jXxYyg_9rrwR0Xdkq3mwwdQz4E1WU/edit
Author: Golden Vision
Words: 2,359
Tags: Comedy, Random
Characters: Twilight (primarily)
Synopsis: Traveling back in time once is more than enough. But more than once, and involuntarily? Sheesh. Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six are about to find out just how "crazy" (or bored) ponies can become when exposed to decades of time looping shenanigans.
Reader come in, there's pony within. Prepare yourself for the horror, the wonder, and the insanity of the Equestrian Time Loop Files, preserved here for transdimensional hilarity. And please remember not to feed the Temporasprites.
>> No. 95744
File 133382591796.png - (156.98KB , 1024x901 , surprise__by_mylittlepinkiedash-d4qs94z.png )
I'm putting your fic at the end of the queue. The other 3 are pretty short so I'm sure I'll have time to do at least half of yours.

Just in time. This is the last fic I'll be accepting. Stream starts in 20 min.
>> No. 95798
File 133383696889.jpg - (66.39KB , 900x900 , Thenight.jpg )
Special thanks to you, IPP. I really didn't expect you to take an 11k word story. Especially since your rule is 8k. The review was helpful and may or may not have validated my writing skills. Though, I'm sure there are many more errors in there that you didn't cover for the sake of time.

Take care!

File 130560732680.png - (397.17KB , 2000x1206 , 13469 - parody peanuts Trixie twilight_sparkle.png )
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Hey guys, just another recent convert to the pony hivemind. The characters are just too likeable, and thusly, fic ideas spring up in my mind all the time. Confound these ponies, you know the drill.

And so, I bring you the first chapter of a fic that just popped in my head, so your guess is as good as mine as to where it's headed.

Title: The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle
Description: Twilight Sparkle receives a legal summons, and involves the Great and Powerful Trixie! What in Equestria did she do now?

Rated T so far, because Pinkie knows how to party a bit too well.

Constructive critiques and comments are more than welcome :D
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File 132863177930.jpg - (124.34KB , 900x823 , 0612f9f9a07a7b8b10df1d2a2985815a.jpg )
Bam! Chapter 15!

Bet you thought you'd never see my ugly mug 'round here, huh? And yeah, I kinda haven't had much time to pony. In fact, I'm actually typing this from work! I haven't even gotten around to checking Anon 5's corrections!

Anyways, Enjoy!
>> No. 82425
I laughed, I cried, I sought medical attention for a bruised eye socket.
>> No. 82430
File 132863705370.jpg - (23.49KB , 500x341 , bison2.jpg )
Oh Goddesses, yes! Another stunning chapter.

File 133546436569.png - (416.09KB , 999x684 , 133300206629.png )
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Not sure if This is in the right place
BUUT if any pony happens to have any Poems about ponies I would love to use them In my project. I will give full credits to the writers. I want 20 but however many I can get will be fine. You can post the full poem Or a link to its location Down below.
>> No. 99251
File 133546465103.gif - (1.94MB , 305x190 , 1HlTY.gif )
Read the sticky, then remake this thread properly please.
>Random capitalization is random
Is your shift key stuck or something? Cripes.

please relax!
>> No. 99252
I've hardly ever seen any pony poems. I would like to write one for you on the spot, but I'm in the middle of another project.
>> No. 99269
They exist. There might have been a post on EQD for them or I might be going senile. Try searching that; failing that google "mlp poetry" or something.

File 136852137583.jpg - (431.58KB , 2560x1702 , thoughtful-pen-writing-24581037-2560-1702.jpg )
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Critique an episode of seasons 1,2,3 like a fanfiction. Which it pretty much is, considering S1 is Lauren's fanfic, S2&3 are Jayson&Meghan's fanfics, making all the other fics a fanfic of a fanfiction.

Last edited at Tue, May 14th, 2013 12:58

File 136824312995.png - (105.27KB , 560x500 , S2E11_unicorn_banner.png )
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#Author #Shipping

Writing a fic wherein unicorn magic basically works like Pathfinder wizard magic. Picking opposed schools for Luna and Celestia. Has Luna ever used anything that looks like abjuration? Can anyone think of a good opposition school for Celestia?


File 136673588243.png - (97.16KB , 504x504 , eleventh_doctor_by_lissy_strata-d50hf5r.png )
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#Discussion #Sci-fi

A Doctor Who crossover where the Doctor is NOT Time Turner.
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>> No. 127476
File 136743244025.jpg - (1.79MB , 1920x1080 , reunion_beneath_canterlot_by_harwicks_art-d5v11tb.jpg )
Difference in appearance and personality, I would suppose.
>> No. 127496
>reader is all too familiar with.

Earth is a familiar location and lots of episodes take place on that!
>> No. 127497

True, but when the Doctor is on Earth he's always fighting some weirdness that is not familiar to us, thus while the location isn't necessarily fresh, the conflict is. That's setting aside the fact that Earth has a bunch of locations that aren't necessarily familiar to us such as in a Russian submarine or the underground caves of the reptilian race whose name escapes me.

I think the gripe in this thread is that Doctor Who crossover writers take the familiar parts of Equestria and put familiar Doctor Who stories in them in approximately the same way so a lot of what's produced seems entirely derivative after you've read a few fics.

File 136755828759.jpg - (97.50KB , 750x720 , Twist grin.jpg )
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#Single fic #Normal

I wrote a cute story about Twist [www.fimfiction.net] that I'm kind of proud of, and I'm hoping to point a few more readers toward it. I'm not really looking for a critique or even a detailed review (I'm fairly confident in my writing skills), just asking you to check it out.

>> No. 127481
File 136760202414.png - (226.14KB , 1024x248 , n3GSA.png )
>I'm fairly confident in my writing skills
Let me cure you of your delusions.

Oh, AND READ THE STICKY. Your thread lacks several important elements for showcasing.

Skipping the prologue and ignoring the rather dismal tell-exposition of your synopsis, your opening of chapter one is actually well done, which makes it all the more a shame when you open up Twist with a big, fat infodump.

>“Even when I dumb my converthation down, I can thtill run verbal ringth around Thnailth, and Thnipth ithn't much better.” Her lack of attention to her lisp showed just how emphatic she was on the subject.
Let the dialogue show this. You do a good job of having her slip when she's getting emotional, then you up and ruin the effect by stating it, as if the reader needs to be led by the nose to recognize your genius. Of course, the effect would be strengthened if you didn't give her the lisp when she isn't pre-occupied, since doing so would achieve juxtaposition.
>> No. 127482
File 136762507780.png - (331.35KB , 830x960 , Holy Twilight.png )
>Handing out advice instead of brutally and ruthlessly criticizing the work
Dude, you might actually have something. He likes it enough to try to make it better. Which means that if I'd just get off my lazy butt and do something, I might enjoy it too. Twist is somewhat of a rarity in what I've seen of pony fiction. But of what I have seen, her inclusion is usually a good omen that the author has at least some semblance of how to write an entertaining story.
*I say this as a simple act of observation, and not to state that including Twist in your story will automatically make it better.*

Last edited at Fri, May 3rd, 2013 16:55

>> No. 127484
*looks back as he has changed Bella for Twist in all the books*


Edit: actually... this might work...

Last edited at Fri, May 3rd, 2013 18:19

File 136736763271.png - (158.01KB , 900x1118 , babs.png )
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Any good babs seed fics?
>> No. 127470
huh. I guess not.
>> No. 127475
File 136743235815.jpg - (109.60KB , 1024x1365 , tenebrous_by_tarantad0-d5lje0k.jpg )
A) Read the sticky
B) This board is dead. Expecting a reply within an hour is foolish at best.
C) No, there are none that I know of.
>> No. 127478
>This board is dead.

Mm... What we need is a complete restructuring. Unfortunately, I'm not in the position, nor have the clout, to propigate such a revolution. I guess ponychan /fic/'ll just have to limp along just a little longer.

The rule is, "You want it, you write it," as far as I'm concerned.

File 136726995979.jpg - (761.97KB , 1024x1280 , FalloutSnowdropComingSoon.jpg )
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#Author #Crossover

I'm writing a Fallout story (separate from Kkat's universe). The main character is Snowdrop. You may have seen the story on Fimfiction.net lately, but it's has a rocky start and I need someone to help me realize the story.
>> No. 127462
File 136728446718.jpg - (48.59KB , 423x750 , 1362755091724.jpg )
Read it.

>Provide almost no information on story
>Provide no link to story
>Provide no reason why people's time would be better spent on your story as opposed to others' or their own
Not off to a great start in terms of attracting potential pre-readers.

File 136708411570.png - (71.26KB , 501x512 , slippy.png )
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#Author #Single fic #Comedy #Adventure

Good day, /fic/. I am Slippy, an author from FiMFiction. I don't want to take up too much of your time, so I'll make it short and sweet: I need an editor.

My story, A Comedy of Terrors (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/67924/a-comedy-of-terrors) just received its second strike from an EQD prereader, and I've gotten two reviews in response. I won't share them in this post because they'll make it terribly long. However I will post them in the thread in a moment.

My point is that I am looking for an editor. I am doing a complete rewrite, word for word. If you'd like to help me edit the story, post here or PM me on FiMFiction here ( http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Slippy ) and we'll go from there.

If you just want to drop a review, post in this here handy-dandy thread.

Thanks. (I can never figure out how to end these threads...)
>> No. 127437
Oh, forgot to mention, here's a pre-reader message:

take your story down to the fine folks over at PonyChan or MLPChan and hit up the Training Grounds threads on /fic/. Let them know that this pre-reader feels your story has promise but gets so wrapped up in 'clever' that it abandons its own themes within the first chapter, and then tracks dirt over them for the remainder.
>> No. 127438
File 136710855705.jpg - (34.79KB , 900x450 , 26356_418055681622600_700848815_n.jpg )
You've found the town, so let me direct you to the local workshop. Repost everything you have to ( >>126497 ) and then fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=en_US&formkey=dHRrclhMemtIT2txM19xbEtHOUQtMGc6MQ#gid=0

Last edited at Sat, Apr 27th, 2013 17:23

>> No. 127745
This story is being rewritten. Do you still want me to review it?

File 134878139175.png - (264.20KB , 676x350 , Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 2_14 PM.png )
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#Reviewer #IC

Hi! This is the third editiion of the Applejinx IC review thread! In here, we take on a variety of fics that attempt in SOME way to use the mane cast realistically to the show, and we respond AS the mane cast, in character, talking about our depictions in your fics!

Applejinx's writing is at http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Applejinx (please do not discuss works not suitable for ponychan, here. A mature version of this review thread can be found at http://fim.413chan.net/fic/ if you dig for it)

This is a popular thread so let it stay mostly to writers wishin' reviews, and our IC responses. Remember, we cannot predict what will find favor. We've seen weak fics be charming, OC-led fics feel like canon in mood, well-written fics fail to have a heart- the worst that will happen is you get brushed off with a few words, but we can no longer assume ANY genre is truly off limits. (except clop: not on ponychan thanks!) If it's intended to be in-character and canon to the show, it's fair game! For crossover, assume we will neither know or care what the crossover is.

Let the ficcin' commence!
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>> No. 127402
Hello, Applejinx!

I'm hoping you're still open for business. Assuming you haven't sent the staff off on hiatus, might I request a story review. It has been through The Training Grounds once. I'd like to think that it is nearly ready for public consumption, but I'm looking for a second opinion.

Title: Forever Young
Author: Hyperexponential
Tags: [Sad][Slice of Life]
Synopsis: Nopony ever said the friendship between Fluttershy and Discord would be an easy one. The difference in their life expectancies doesn’t help, but that’s a problem Discord can fix with a snap of the talons—that is, until Fluttershy finds out. Discord isn’t one to give up easily, though. He’ll do anything to keep his one and only friend. Anything.

Inspired by the image by C-Puff, here: http://c-puff.deviantart.com/art/Friend-Request-358777066
Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hudfh2-ixVXtFbkGs3Lc5wew7Ll3WqSQ-VgCjBavb34/edit
Word Count: 3,563 word one-shot
>> No. 127408
File 136664561311.png - (52.41KB , 194x208 , Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 2_25 PM 1.png )
Sure, I'm game. *read*

Damn if you don't get into the heart of th' story quick! This is a strength an' a weakness. It's direct and hustles the story along, but what it says is the characters are utterly transparent to each other. They're an open book, like they don't even have separate mental states, so Fluttershy knows instantly that Discord has put a spell on her, and Discord instantly recognizes how upset she is. 'Would it be so bad?' 'What have you done?' 'I did it for you!' in immediate succession. They don't have to be THAT tuned in to every little mood of the other, it feels unrealistic.

I like Rarity, though again it feels like she's racing toward her final conclusion. It's sincere and heartfelt, but again the amount of directness is huge, it's just galloping toward the end goal. Your trouble is you cain't think of annoyin' complications worth a damn—well, that's puttin' it strongly but you get the idea. It's hard for you to keep contradictin' goals in your head, you're pulled to the finish line. The complicating element has to be more real for you, more persuasive, because otherwise it is just the sketch of an idea. That's how you fill stuff out, you let 'em fight and argue and you risk it not comin' out the way you planned.

Discord sayin' take me with you, that's powerful stuff. Again, as soon as you see it comin' there it is, he makes no effort to hide it because at no point does he seriously mean to fool Fluttershy about things. He only wants to make his case.

The whole ending is so sedate and direct. You gotta understand that it's not interestin' to THE STORY whether the town loved Fluttershy and put up a statue of her: of course they did, but she ain't really the statue type. And Discord's capacity for bein' statue-ized is a distraction from what really went on here, which is that he chose to be mortal. You might have
>> No. 127418

AJ, I want to thank you kindly for your well-considered (and exceptionally timely!) review. Who better to get an honest critique from?

I apologize for my delayed acknowledgement. I intend to respond to the various points that you raise, but I find myself dancing between the raindrops at the moment. Please be assured such a response is forthcoming; I hope to post it by Friday. In any event, do know that your efforts on my and my story's behalf are appreciated, and I have not forgotten you.

ADDENDUM (April 26, 2013):

Applejack, many thanks for your critique. It will contribute significantly to the revision of my story. Below is a long-overdue response to some of the points of your review.

I won’t deny getting the story off to a fast start. I agree that Discord is overly transparent to Fluttershy in the first scene; I am taking steps to correct that. As for Fluttershy being transparent to Discord in that scene, I’ll argue that that depends upon how long ago Discord cast his spell. Something I’ve not made explicit, and perhaps need to, is that enough years have passed since his spell that the beauty of youth is starting to fade for all the mane six except Fluttershy and Twilight. In that time, Discord has realized the inevitability of the conversation Fluttershy is trying to have with him. He’s been rehearsing his rationalizations and evasions for a while now. In that first scene, Fluttershy needs more time to recognize Discord’s trickery, but once she’s on to him, I’d expect Discord’s response to be well planned out.

File 136660947879.png - (186.23KB , 614x354 , GAH!!!.png )
127401 No. 127401 [View]

Hello /fic/
I need a bit of help. I'm going through a bad case of writers block, all because of one thing.


The story I'm writing focuses a lot on hot air balloons, and I'm wanting some input and ideas. For example, who invented hot air balloons in Equestria? Do you require a license to fly them? Any other answers/input would greatly be appreciated
>> No. 127405
With zero effort applied to thinking this through:

>who invented hot air balloons in Equestria?
An earth pony stallion named "Jack Flash" along with his life-partner, "Rolling Stone."

>Do you require a license to fly them?
Yes, and Pinkie Pie borrowed Twilight's for joyriding in Party of One.
>> No. 127406
Amusing answers. Thanks for the input now to listen to some Rolling Stones... More distractions thanks
>> No. 127432
File 136695481458.jpg - (58.97KB , 750x600 , Motivation - Writers.jpg )
Why are you asking?

I mean, the grand thing about being a writer is invention. This is not to say that you cannot seek advice, but why borrow someone else's headcanon for your own focus? Make things up as you write, if you want, just keep it consistent and we'll have no issues. Trust me on this. My current story focuses on a group that doesn't even exist in my 'official' headcanon; just makin' things up as I go.

File 132251900497.png - (187.70KB , 846x945 , 132211465784.png )
68552 No. 68552 Locked [View]
So seeing that there are several other threads that are based purely about one's own fic, it won't kill me to make one of my own; this fic is both Grimdark and Shipping, as well as Adventure.

The link to the fic itself is over here, at https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B1zC1Gv0NHeaNWEwYjllNDYtNDQ3OC00Y2VlLWI2ZDAtMWNkNTRjNjFlYTA0&hl=en_US

I have already emailed it to EqD a few edits ago, to receive this response.

>Second paragraph, use of the phrase "she saw" a whole lot. Plus, she saw nothing but blackness, and violet? That makes no sense.

Fixed. The word "themes" somehow left my fic, so it sounded like she saw only blackness, but also saw violet.
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>> No. 114931
File 134419049321.png - (47.76KB , 256x256 , SumPony-Salute.png )
>> No. 114932
File 134419107273.jpg - (69.48KB , 661x658 , Drill Pony.jpg )
Since everybody else is doing it, I must be different. I give you the official US Army Drill Sergeant Salute.
>> No. 114938
So that's what he meant when he told me he was "going to die". I always figured he was being deployed (since his job was in the military or something) or that it was figurative.

Strange to have an inkling of it beforehand.

File 135300410868.png - (245.89KB , 640x480 , i'll-be-there.png )
124723 No. 124723 [View]
#Reviewer #Discussion #His Dudeness #Say Hello

Or wo-man, I guess, if you prefer.

Anyway, I've got some, you know, free time between league practice, so I figure I'd make a place for people to come by, introduce themselves, get their stories read, ask for writing advice, whatever.

I can't promise anyone other than The Dude will read what's posted here, but I'll tell you what I think of it. I, uh, also haven't exactly watched this show, so I might be a bit out of the loop for character names, or whatever, but you know... maybe an outside opinion's better, sometimes.


So, stop in, say hi, ask a question, leave a link, whatever. Or don't, that's your choice.

Just uh... no job offers, please. I'm still reeling from a few years ago, the last time someone tried to give me a job.
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>> No. 127075

So. here are the first 500 words or so of my Fallout: Equestria Fanfiction.

The wasteland can break you. Turn you into a monster. Take away what made you a pony. Many have already fallen. Raiders are a perfect example of those that turn to cruelty because they have nothing else. Some have gotten off much better, such as LilPip and her band of do gooders. This is a tale about one of the unfortunate. And how a friend can help you see the bright side.

Chapter 1: Fall

I love this gun. It really is a great gun.

I watched as the raider fell to the ground, a scorched pocket in his head where the electricity hit him. What remained of her mane stood on end and smoked. It was very funny.
>> No. 127253
File 136529191828.jpg - (17.56KB , 250x250 , 45525__safe_pinkie-pie_crossover_artist-johnjoseco_coloured_the-big-lebowski.jpg )
keep em rolling El Duderino! this is obviously the best review thread out there, if only because it has you in it.(for the record, i am NOT into the whole brevity thing)
>> No. 127332
File 136588315646.jpg - (43.95KB , 491x480 , Cover.jpg )

My story is 'A Spark to Light the Dark' and is the first in a trilogy that I'm working on. I wouldn't blame you for passing over it, just because of the size alone, but I'd like to think that you would actually enjoy it quite a bit if you gave it the old college try. I'll even post an excerpt from one of the later chapters:

"There was a deep rumbling like the sound of a stampede over hard packed dirt. It resonated in Star’s head, forcing itself into the core of her being and when it finally reached its crescendo there was a loud boom accompanied by flashes of light and rain. Star gazed up to the ceiling as she felt the first wet drop splash across her face. She wiped a hoof over the spot and it came back red, but she didn’t remember getting cut on anything. She laughed at the absurdity of her situation. As the lights went out she noticed the red fluid was glowing and there was more falling down from somewhere up above.

The music started up again as the last echoes of the rumbling died off, the pounding of drums increasing in intensity until it was the only sound that Star could hear. It even drowned out most of her thoughts as splatters of various florescent colors coated her body and lights began flashing madly creating a strobe effect that was both disorienting and exciting. As Star tore her gaze from the ceiling, she saw an intense spectacle; Suri, covered in the same glowing fluid and dancing wildly with a look of pure nirvana.

The tall, white mare spun and kicked in time with the frenzied drums, reminding Star of some sort of ceremonial Zebra dancer like she had seen pictured in a book. Suri slid across the floor and pirouetted on one hoof, a move that Star wouldn’t have thought possible for an intoxicated pony, as the rest of the dance floor sprang back to life around her in a thunderous roar of cheers. It seemed that everypony had been waiting for Suri to make her move on the dance floor and Star could see why. She glance

File 131638199331.jpg - (41.32KB , 487x325 , border_inNorth_Korea_Image3.jpg )
50519 No. 50519 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Okay, I got a new pitch for you /fic/. I am currently stalled on "Soldiers in Equestria" (see http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/34082.html) and I got a new story idea.

We have your basic North and South Korea situation, only its between the Humans and Equestria. Humans have cut off all communication, trade, travel with Equestria. And Equestria in turn has banned entrance. It has been this way for years. (needs backstory, ideas welcomed)

Humans are currently dealing with internal problems, and Ponies are actually very curious about humans in general. as very little has been written about them other then what they can see from the human guards at the border. One pony from the university of canterlot has studied humans from afar by telescope for years, and gets tired eventually of just observing border guards, and against the advice of university, braves a illegal border crossing.

So how about it?
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>> No. 126526
File 136027416670.gif - (273.19KB , 1366x768 , frontpage.gif )
Aww yeah...

Front page!
>> No. 126534
File 136030177765.png - (77.05KB , 257x273 , 131083088922.png )
>> No. 127267
Chapter 6 now available.


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