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#Single fic #Sci-fi #Grimdark

Well, this is actually my first thread over here on Ponychan (let alone on any sort of -chan in general), so bear with me.

My story is something I've been working at for about 5-6 months, but I don't know if I'm on the right track or not. It's a little complicated to explain the story itself in a few words without the synopsis, so I'll let it do all the work, but essentially, I'm looking for any help I can get, and whatever I can get would be more than appreciated.

Story so far is at 22,464 words and incomplete. I already have the entire plot in mind, and the narrative structure in at least the first two chapters aren't consistent with how I'll be doing the remaining chapters. None of it went through an editor yet either, so grammatical errors and other hitches are imminent. I'm also working on getting a cover, so for now it's using a placeholder. Please disregard it!

Hope you enjoy it!

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>> No. 126370
File 135964739198.gif - (8.50KB , 500x500 , SpikeSuperDance.gif )
I laughed WAY too hard at that image. You own me a new cup of water.
>> No. 126378
File 135967836743.jpg - (117.13KB , 400x586 , jfQMO.jpg )

What bumped this thread?
>> No. 126395
File 135979259401.jpg - (5.04KB , 242x208 , 1351175944968.jpg )
I don't know. All I know is that it wasn't me, since I don't go digging through an almost dead board to necro.

File 135084294521.png - (346.63KB , 1191x670 , the_unseen_by_equestria_prevails-d5ch3pg.png )
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Let's talk about characters and alternate dimensions. We brainstorm and judge if the ideas would work.

Twilight Sparkle - A combo between a mischievous popular girl and a merciless badass that wouldn't say no to taking over the world. Would this mixture work?
Applejack - Antonio Banderas
Rainbow Dash - Peter Pan
Pinkie Pie - I'd change her color to a darker pink and make her a pegasus, give her more moments, and turn her into Deadpool.
Rarity - 4/10 playful, 6/10 mature, able to kick ass, kind of a James Bond.
Rose Dust - A powerful fairie earth pony that later gets wings. Not sure which personalities to give this one.
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>> No. 125088
That post is one month old...
>> No. 125091
File 135424706759.png - (114.23KB , 319x466 , 181309_336031333139585_1404126637_n.png )
And once again the obscure yet completely visible time and date stamp eludes me. A shame; I miss IPP.
>> No. 125516
I was toying with the concept of mirror universe for quite a while now. Since I was influenced with Star Trek Mirror universe.

>Twilight Sparkle

The apprentice of the Pitiless Sun. Her "friendship" consist of collaboration with other like minded ponies to manipulate the princess' subjects to follow their bidding. Also she secretly trying to find a way to topple her mentor and took her power.She never fully trust anypony and willing to sacrifice her fellow allies to reach her objectives.


Part of the unscrupulous land owner family "The Apples." They own and monopolize most of the farmlands and use slaves. She love to use lies to gain more lands. She and the rest of the Apples are allied with Twilight Sparkle since Twilight need the Apples crime network for her plans and Applejack want a share of power when Twilight came to power.

>Rainbow Dash

File 132384536143.jpg - (290.44KB , 1134x897 , twilight_battle_by_14_bis-d3534pe.jpg )
71561 No. 71561 [View]
Salutations, /fic/. I come to you for aid with my efforts to write some of the best pony fanfiction I can.

I am an aspiring novelist--and I don't mean "I wanna write a book someday," I mean "The 145,000 word novel I just wrote is currently undergoing professional editing." In order to relax and let off some steam from all that, I decided to write a ponyfic. After spending a lot of effort plotting out what I hoped to be the most epic and amazing fanfic of all time (lol humility) I found out about the new alicorn on ED. The very existence of this new alicorn destroys the premise of my fic. However, I do have a second idea for a fic.

I come to you now to ask if I ought to write the original fic, which I personally think is awesome and which I strove to give lots of depth while keeping with the tone of the show but will be entirely invalidated, or if I should write the second idea.

Basic summaries of both fics next post.
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>> No. 81415
Well it turns out the fic is turning into an amazingly bizarre parody of the movie industry. I'm liking it so far, but it's gonna be one of the stranger fics out there. Let's put it this way: In it, "Twilight" fights a polar bear.

According to my alpha reader, the story is epic in the absolute silliest way possible. Also according to my alpha reader, my depiction of Nightmare Moon is apparently absolutely terrifying and one of the scariest takes on the character he's seen. Yay?

Hopefully I'll be ready to put up a beta-read thing to get your takes on it in a week or two.
>> No. 81417
Michael Bay?


... Boogaloo?

Aaaawwww yeeeaaah!
>> No. 81448
File 132823581327.gif - (1.28MB , 250x188 , 132416698349.gif )
Certainly never expected to see this thread pop back up...

As a general note, you may want to consider remaking your thread to properly present your story, in which case you should familiarize yourself with the sticky.
Also, "Status update" bumps are frowned upon here, mostly due to the fact that, in the majority of cases, the story never really gets updated (and the fact that threads have an expiary date measured in months). Feel free to bump when you have fresh material to show off, though.

File 135951551017.png - (220.76KB , 500x375 , work horses image.png )
126347 No. 126347 [View]
#Sad #Dark

I posted this already, but that was when I cared a little bit more about finding an editor and getting this on EQD. Now, it's here solely for self promotion and for your enjoyment...if you so choose.
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>> No. 126361
File 135960087052.gif - (302.33KB , 448x292 , nope.gif )
>> No. 126366
File 135960827671.jpg - (147.93KB , 576x768 , BrOSr.jpg )
>Dat dog
>> No. 126380
File 135968261113.gif - (130.53KB , 361x439 , lips.gif )
>Dat face

File 135508262177.png - (93.92KB , 500x504 , 135347211211.png )
125472 No. 125472 [View]

Hi /fic/,
Thought I'd toss this one up here this time,
because... well, this is /fic/, dammit.


>> No. 125503
File 135513416016.png - (40.72KB , 148x193 , ah.png )
Oh hey, it's this poll. Done 'n done.
>> No. 126346
I'mma bump this in order to ask: has anything been done with this poll? Are there any results? Can we see them? Did I miss the big announcement, or are responses still being collected, or is data being sorted, or is it all dead, or what?

'Cause, you know, I'd kinda like to know.

File 135853695009.png - (495.16KB , 900x860 , adventure_by_malkshake-d5eola7.png )
126200 No. 126200 [View]
#Single fic #Crossover #Random

So Jake starts narrating the story of how he, Finn, and Princess T-Rex ended up in Equestria, and their most excellent and audacious escapades, not just in the Celestial Kingdoms, but in all of planet Equis.


Feel free to comment to your heart's content. And remember to turn off your mind, relax and flow downstream have fun!

Last edited at Fri, Jan 18th, 2013 12:23

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>> No. 126343
File 135947754955.jpg - (124.23KB , 1440x810 , IWasSuchAToolMacro.jpg )
>>126333 Well, tt's an Adventure Time fic, so one should expect a globawful amount of made-up words. And sexual innuendo. And references to drugs. I didn't come up with THAT one, that's from the Viewtiful Joe games, but I love to pimp it whenever I can, aaaand this doesn't seem to be the right time for that... as usual.

Regardless of your intent, the very existence of your message makes it clear to me that some people might infer from that description that I cannot spell.

Of course, to reach that guess, they'd have to believe I'm not even skilled enough to use a spell-checker and make "Rouge Angles Of Satin" mistakes like the AVERAGE newbie. Spell-checkers are such a basic precaution that, when meeting blatant nonstandard spellings, there's a pretty good chance they're intentional. But I suppose there's enough fanfic writers that are worse than the average newbie, that it can be hard to tell.

So, when using my beloved "viewtiful", the loss (some readers thinking "this writer is an EXTREME idiot, let's ditch this story" or worse, "this writer is trying to be clever in a way that will have him mistaken for an extreme idiot, which makes him even MORE of an idiot!") outweighs the gain (some readers thinking "LOL, that was clever and funny, let's see if the whole story's like this!").

TL;DR I'll go and correct that pronto.

*sigh* There's still so much I need to learn that, effectively, I truly AM a fool...
>> No. 126344
File 135949326120.jpg - (766.43KB , 1024x768 , ViewtifulJoe[1].jpg )
What? No, it's fine. I just wanted to post that after seeing "Viewtiful".
>> No. 126345
File 135949447167.jpg - (3.40MB , 2681x3568 , LumpySpace.jpg )
>>126344 Gotta love that chiaroscuro. So stark! So dynamic and dramatic! Compare and contrast with Adventure Time's flat, soft, rounded art (to the point that often people have no joints in their limbs!), and the incredibly cutesy way in which some outright DISTURBING things are depicted. It's like a graphic kid-friendly variation of American Psycho; everything is treated as normal and casual and unremarkable and quite often that everything either makes no sense or is horrifying if you even stop to think of it.

Maybe the ponies wouldn't freak out after all, if they're surrounded by people who act like everything that's going on is perfectly okay and not PTSD-worthy.

File 133143120339.jpg - (132.84KB , 1094x1200 , 132622673591.jpg )
90278 No. 90278 Locked [View]
#Reviewer #Sad #Comedy #Shipping #Grimdark #Proof-reading
We've all been there, where we submit to EQD, get rejected and are told to find a proof-reader. Well hello, you found me. I don't claim I have perfect grammar, or claim to make your story be posted to EQD. However I will try.

1:My choice, I decide what to proofread or not.

2: Only googledocs. Google docs makes my job much easier, and if you don't know what google docs is, look it up, not hard. There's an amazing site to help you, google.com

3: In your docs, my preferred method is if you give me editing rights, that way I can give you a much much more thorough proofreading and will fix any mistakes I see. If not at least let me comment. Add my email "[email protected]"

4: Convince me: Tell me why I should proof-read your story, I don't want your sob story, I want you to make me interested!

5: My thread, my rules.
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>> No. 126289
>> No. 126338
File 135943690767.png - (511.64KB , 1187x772 , princess_celestia_is_awesome_by_enma_darei-d42fsme.png )
I hope you don't exclusively accept pony related stories?

Fic name: Behind the Silk folds

Describe fic in five words: Minor chapter, Buildup, Non-pony, Chinese

Synopsis/ teaser: A buildup chapter in which the main character, Zhi, is pestered by her closest friend, Feng for most of it. The story is about the group of assassins for hire taking various jobs in the late Ming Dynasty China ( Late 16th century )

MAIN characters: A woman assassin by the name of Zhi, as well as her companions in an assassins for hire group.

Type of story: Historical Fiction, based in Ming dynasty China, non pony related.
>> No. 126340
File 135944022621.png - (77.05KB , 257x273 , 131083088922.png )
Due to inactivity I'll be locking this thread. OP, if you come back, feel free to email a mod (don't bother trying to report this post) and request an unlock!

File 135937488707.jpg - (210.81KB , 1600x689 , SR-concept-Alduin's_Wall_Temple.jpg )
126331 No. 126331 [View]

someone should do a fallout:equestria style fic but with the ellderscrolls *hides under a rock*
>> No. 126332
File 135939693043.gif - (3.63MB , 360x196 , 9a0.gif )
Just a thought, but you should READ THE STICKY.
*Revs up rock crusher*
>> No. 126335
A few thoughts.
>There already are a few Elder Scrolls crossovers in this fandom (and on EqD.)
>Judging from your post, I assume that you haven't written that much, if anything at all.
>If you really want to write an epic, then just write one. Even if it's terrible—as it probably will be if it's your first—then at least you learned from it. We all have to start somewhere.

File 135868167963.png - (649.56KB , 800x879 , Zero01.png )
126250 No. 126250 [View]
#Discussion #Normal

An experiment / a fun dance of the fingers / on top of keyboard.

A verbose story / With a restricted word count / Like a short, beige thought.

DIalogue written / in manner identical / To the exposition.

First five syllables / Then seven in this here spot / Then finally five.

Coun-ting Syl-la-bles / Sounds si-mi-lar to stut-ter / You now rea-lize this.

Perhaps I will go / And make this a thing right now / Or maybe I won't.
>> No. 126254

Initial poster
frolicking with his ponies
Probably likes men.

English syllables
are alien to haiku
It just should not be

haiku in long chains
Are even less true to form
>> No. 126256
File 135871489108.jpg - (33.01KB , 598x583 , 129055777178-(n1290755403139).jpg )

Why so cynical? / Why do you ask "Why" should we? / Instead of "Why not?"

Why did you say that? / Was calling me gay needed? / Definitely not.

This is behavior / Wholly unnecessary, / Eat some soap, will you?

Haiku is a poem / Not restricted to japanese / You are short in sight.
>> No. 126258
>haiku in long chains
>Are even less true to form
>why write a meta-poem?


File 135404136658.jpg - (188.81KB , 461x720 , 62773__safe_twilight-sparkle_library_books_science_artist-texasuberalles_apache_mod-perl.jpg )
125012 No. 125012 [View]
#Discussion #General #Not-Pony

/fic/ likes stories. We're pretty intense about reading and writing and literature and all that, and there's much, much more to that than just ponyfics.

So what books are y'all reading right now? What have you recently finished reading? What are your favourites? Heck, what books do you despise? Be they high literature or pulp fantasy, short stories or doorstopping epics, post 'em here, tell us a bit about them, and let's all read some physical books (or non-physical ebooks) about fleshy pink man-things (or other creatures).

If you want to keep it more directly fic-related, tell us about the things you've learnt about writing from X or Y book, or discuss the works of Jonathan Swift, the first and greatest My Little Pony fanfiction author.

Good places to find stuff to read:
- Project Gutenburg – http://www.gutenberg.org/
- Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/
- Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/
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>> No. 126041
They're both Star Wars, but the Revenge of the Sith novelization is one of the best I've read.

On the game side, The Force Unleashed 2's book was actually pretty good, though I found the game a little disappointing.
>> No. 126226
Here is a thing I found that should be of interest to fanfic authors. It's pretty short, quite a clever little idea, give it a read.


Last edited at Sat, Jan 19th, 2013 02:08

>> No. 126240
That was actually really interesting. I think I'll share that with a few more people.

File 133814627587.png - (168.18KB , 1280x720 , 132718011908.png )
104168 No. 104168 [View]
Yo /fic/.

Can you fart some imagination ?

Here's some ideas:
Give them the sixth sense to every one of them. (Pinkie/Spider-man)
Give them signature flowers or plants that they grow by blowing on the soil / or by magic hooves.
Give them a second form: a ghost or an animal.
Make them control animals.(Fluttershy)
Make them able to use the enviroment for magic, such as fog, clouds, moon, fire, etc.
Make them psychics.
Make their hair magical, and shine in the night when they want to.
11 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 104231
Besides Dangerous Business I really like the takes in:

"The Glass Blower" by Cold in Gardez - seriously, read it. The story is of a craftspony who loses his magic. Earth / unicorn magic is a major plot point.

The Old Castle by Applejinx - I'm not entirely sure that Twilight gets her answers about what makes earth ponies special, but it is a celebration of the amazing things AJ is capable of.

"Watching Paint Dry" by myself - A celebration of earth-pony magic and wealth, in which Apple Bloom is confident in her ability to pick up a house. Sweetie's the math and philosophy pony, and Scootaloo is the group's conscience, but I never doubted for a moment that AB should come across as at least equally competent and the group's leader.


You don't have to make earth ponies better. They're already awesome in their special talents and not really anything special outside of them. Like every other pony.
>> No. 126186
Just say Pegasi.
>> No. 126189
File 135848095158.jpg - (29.32KB , 300x428 , threadnecro[1].jpg )
Dude, what the crap. This thread is nearly a year old.

File 135842766781.png - (154.96KB , 1000x612 , mlfw8049-twilight_please.png )
126169 No. 126169 [View]

I mean, seriously, I've searched pretty much all over FIMFiction looking for fics of them, and I gotta say, I've struck gold on a few, but that's not enough for my feels! Even as a side pairing, I WILL TAKE IT. Just pwease. Give me all of the Rarijack y'all can find. I don't care how long, how short, how sad, I DON'T CARE. I just really, really, really like Rarijack and I need more of it, because it's so just perfect /)^3^(

*ahem* Forget I fangirled right there. Just hand me all the Rarijack fics you guys can find. Please?
>> No. 126171
Hey there. Don't mind the locals, they have their uptight way of running things that requires you to post this in the reccomendation/request general instead. I'd just do it if I were you. Second sticky to the right, and straight on through the link.
>> No. 126182
File 135846881060.jpg - (5.36KB , 225x225 , 12.jpg )


lrn 2 google Seriously. I just typed in "rarijack site:fimfiction.net". Why is that so hard?

If you want actual recommendations, see >>121064 and post in there. But! Very important, see >>112263. There's a prize inside!

SPOILER: The prize is knowledge.

File 134943617624.png - (2.68KB , 320x320 , Psi.png )
121510 No. 121510 [View]
#Reviewer #Discussion #General

Ladies and genltemen, I am Conch "The Geek" Shell VII. /fic/ is known for its wide variety of review threads, where you can go to get input on the story you're writing. I've often attempted to throw my metaphorical hat into the ring of fanfic-reviewing, but I've found I lack the literary chops to do so. My strengths do not lie identifying problems with existing works. But, as I discovered in the process of writing my "pet project" crossover, they do lie in world-building and working out small details. Therefore, welcome to a decidedly different kind of review thread.

If you'll forgive a bit of oversimplification, the standard reviewer's thread focuses on stories, making it effectively a more personalized version of the Training Grounds. Following that metaphor, this thread will function as a more personalized version of the Story Forge. Got a story idea you want to develop, but you just don't know how to start? Don't know where you're going with a scene? Hit a brick wall with your story? Well, I'm here to help! Offer me your ideas, and I'll give you my opinion so that we can help them grow and mature. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad idea--only bad execution. I shall be constructive as possible, and I shall never tell you your idea sucks. Or, if I absolutely must do that, I will do my damnedest to explain why.

Now don't be shy, ladies and gentlemen. Let's get the ball rolling!
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>> No. 126157
File 135838370211.gif - (1.53MB , 640x426 , 0zGi5.gif )
>Not sure if putting Sage in subject field because he doesn't know how it works or is trolling
"Sage" goes in the E-Mail field.

Is it? He brings a story in for review, which generally results in a large amount of work afterwards (if he's actually interested in taking advantage of it), and comes to the realization that his time could be spent better elsewhere. He never said it was beacuse of /fic/, just that the thought occurred whilst in /fic/.
>> No. 126158
Just realized the text is "fuck you" instead of "deal with it". Pretend the former is the latter.
>> No. 126168

File 135790648021.gif - (257.04KB , 341x369 , applejackwalksthewalk.gif )
126034 No. 126034 [View]

Can we make a thread about things we're personally sick of seeing in pony fanfiction without fear of reprisal from others? O.k.? Is that cool? Good.

1-An endless barrage of pessimism about the human race.

I don't know if any of you are aliens in the audience, but I'm a goddam human. I've had it up to here reading story after story talking about 'how pathetic' humans are. How humans screwed everything up. How the average human is in general worse than an amalgamation of Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, and Darth Vader. Screw you. Humans are awesome. And--I'll say it because I bet it needs to be said and that there are actually some people here who would disagree with it--humans are more awesome than ponies. And, I bet that humans can weather, pull through, or outright avoid catastrophes a hell of a lot better than the descendants of Secretariat.

2-Stories that are really just Mary Sue lectures from the author.

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick. I really could care less how much Quantum Physics you just learned from Wikipedia. I could also care less about how enamored with empiricist methodology you are. Your thoughts on evolution. Your thoughts on healthcare. Your thoughts on global warming. I probably even agree with you! But I'm reading a goddam story, I don't want or care about your personal philosophy of life, and trust me...it really does not fit and makes your story look really freaking tacky. And, some days, I just don't want to deal with more freaking political banter.

3-Shipping stories that go on a rant about same-sex relationships.
13 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 126127
I wouldn't call it sexist so much as sex-obsessed: fandoms with more male characters do exactly the same thing.
>> No. 126128
Very true. I guess it's not really them being seen as lesbians as much as it is people wanting two characters to hook up. And that's fine, but every single pair has been done to death. Hell, even the PARODIES of every pairing has been done! I honestly think the reason I'm noticing more and more straight shipping is because of that: the lesbian well is running dry.
>> No. 126147
File 135834713702.gif - (592.30KB , 322x182 , ohgodohgodohgod.gif )
>the lesbian well is running dry.


File 133685962127.jpg - (175.02KB , 820x974 , science.jpg )
102154 No. 102154 [View]
Greetings all. I'm coming by to drop off a tool that hopefully you will be able to use.


Using it is straightforward. Copy the story text into the box and it will give you some statistics, check for a few common problems, and give wordcounts. If it flags any common problems, there are links to explanations given with each line.

This is an attempt to automate feedback for stories. It won't replace the feedback of a full-fledged review, but hopefully will help writers get an initial run of feedback on their stories, help them learn to spot and avoid common mistakes and reduce the work involved for reviewers.

The program isn't perfect. If your story comes out clean of errors, this doesn't mean that it is entirely free of any errors. Similarly, it won't flag every error. But it should get a large number of the most commonly occurring ones.

Right now, it checks capitalisation at the beginning of sentences, checks for rarely capitalised words, and checks dialogue punctuation.
49 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 125977
File 135767878126.png - (163.79KB , 484x345 , 194268__UNOPT__safe_lyra_fanfic.png )
Gimme a minute, I'll do it.

Edit: Done! http://mlpchan.net/fic/res/3253.html

Last edited at Tue, Jan 8th, 2013 14:12

>> No. 125984
File 135768894732.jpg - (14.78KB , 317x400 , 12148526_gal.jpg )
I'm really not getting a good first impression of you here.

There's no reason for me to believe you actually care what I think, but how others view you will limit your future opportunities. Just a thought.

Or I could just be over-reacting.

Eh, it's your reputation.
>> No. 126072
File 135803747152.jpg - (337.96KB , 1200x675 , zombiepony.jpg )
Bump for—
Wait, I'm not some anon.
And I can't start some argument about making a thread on mlpchan. Thanks for doing that btw, Azusa.And thanks, Seattle, for resolving that earlier thing.
So, my normal strategy of parroting whatever happens above me won't work.
Ok, so I haven't done this in a while. How hard can it be? Here goes...


Eh, close enough.

Anyway, enough of me making fun of myself for taking so long to do this. I'm sure you all can and want to do it just fine without my help.

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