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I'm kinda new here, but a person recently told me that i should go here for imput, so her i am, and her is my idea.
Its a LOST crossover story and this is how it goes.When the Hydrogen bomb named "Jug-head" went off at the incident site.Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were caught in the explosion.
Many people had speculated what ACTUALLY happened on that episode of LOST, but it was never deemed official what really happened.
My theory goes like this.
The unnatural properties of the island are substantial to my theory.
The Island is essentially sentient, as it chose Jacob to be its protector, and so on and so forth.
It also has the ability to manipulate reality, so it can travel around in random places throughout time.
it also has an EXTREMELY powerful electromagnetic field (Remember this happened Pre-Purge)that could prove to be Apocalyptic when not restrained by the swan station.
The power of "Jug-Head's" explosion had the power to completely level the island.
The explosion, mixed with the instabilities of the islands supernatural phenomena, Split their reality into to parts, sending the Characters caught in the explosion into the land we know to call Equestria.
What do you think?
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File 135801705726.png - (200.97KB , 440x960 , 550633_334213903321328_1988563511_n.png )
Well, I think you've got a good start on a story here. Why not drop it into the Training Grounds, or one of our various review threads. We realize that not everypony has used an imageboard before, so navigating this place can sometimes be difficult. For your convenience, there's a stickied thread up there at the top of the page with helpful links. Give it a read, then check out our list of review threads: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y_ATzvyAAWt0qdKKQ4yvChkbb-JDFpBkpo9b5xrFPgg/edit?pli=1

Welcome to /fic/. We hope you enjoy your stay, or at least get something out of it.
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File 135801729681.png - (262.27KB , 454x497 , 132158115092-Pinkamena_URK.png )
Actually -- forgive my negligence -- You probably just want the Story Forge General: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/119870.html

You can also find us in the canternet irc channels #ttg or #EquestrianStudy client.canternet.org/?nick=Pony_3849&channels=Help,ttg,EquestrianStudy&prompt=1&uio=d4

File 135787169224.jpg - (162.25KB , 617x891 , Caledonian-pict.jpg )
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#Author #Historical #Violent

Imagine...Equistria before Luna's banishment the moon, a probably Medieval/Dark ages setting, sort of what like Saxon era Britain was like during the Viking ages in the 800's all the way to the late to mid 1000's My story Idea is called "Barbarians at the gates" to be general, a little short story about Canterlot knights and warriors going to fight off a brutal tribe of other ponies from neighboring wild lands, inspired by the Vikings or other tribes I suppose.

Any Ideas, moderation's, suggestions?

Now now, before you get hyped up about how my pic isn't pony related, it's a humanized version of what I'm planning on making the Barbarians like.
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>> No. 126050
utilize the other races:
diomond dogs
saddle arabians?

or even some wicked ass mounts:
timber wolves
manticores (imagine a diomond dog an a friggin manticore dude, its so HYPE)
>> No. 126055
Well, you could get something decent by cribbing from Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. An agrarian village is under thread from a band of bad dudes, so the villagers go and rustle up as many fighters as they can to mount a defense. If it can get successfully ported into a western, you can do it with ponies.

If you're willing to shave down the number to six, you could even get a nice elements of harmony parallel going.
>> No. 126056

Sadly, I think he stopped working on it after the blogponies didn't bump the story, or put into the update block.

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I need Ideas for a new fanfic, I want to try and make something like a war type story, any help would be great.
>> No. 125976
File 135767781522.jpg - (73.48KB , 960x640 , 194231__UNOPT__safe_spike_g3_live.jpg )
I'd suggest starting with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3JlBLG7xOI&list=PL811402453B8C863D&index=2

Though you should probably start at the first video of the playlist.
>> No. 126051
I did see your post before.

I'm...not too good with war-type ideas though. Sorry.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 12th, 2013 03:24

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Hello /fic/,

I hope that the turbulence has been settling down for everyone over the past couple of weeks. Obviously there have been frustrations and miscommunications on both sides in the process of moving the community forward in a positive direction and the mod team here would like to apologize for any part that we may have played in that. We have not been proactive in improving /fic/ for the community, but we are using this as an opportunity to foster progress with a few lessons learned and a little wisdom gained. In fact, it is our hope that we can now take the board in new directions not previously possible. Also, we trust that with an alternative available on MLPchan, the members of the /fic/ community can go wherever best suits their needs. Monopolies only breed resentment, and with any luck this addition to the /fic/ network will stimulate development on both sites. Having fun with ponies doesn't need to be a zero sum game.

Now, there are some who have decided to stay on Ponychan, some who have decided to leave, and some who plan on using both sites. For those who are sticking around, we want to help you take charge of your board and build it into your vision of what /fic/ should be. To that end, we are implementing an idea that had widespread support around the time of the move discussion: a /fic/-sclusive mod (yes, I coined that term and will henceforth be using it at every available opportunity). With your own mod, you will have a direct link to the mod team—someone who understands the issues relevant to your group because he is a part of your group. He will serve to maintain the environment that you are looking for on /fic/ by doing everything from mediating issues with users to guiding site policy, and the mod team will turn to him as our primary decision-maker for /fic/ as the community continues to evolve.

Well, I will shut up and let him introduce himself. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Seattle_Lite, our newest initiate of the Hivemind Ponychan mod!
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>> No. 126163
File 135840154829.png - (56.24KB , 270x269 , Rainbow Dash 313.png )
Uh, I'm just wondering. Isn't the phrase "Read the sticky" more confusing when there are two stickies?
>> No. 126164
Maybe someone could change the title of the sticky with all the introductory information to The Sticky or something similar and that might clear up some of the confusion
>> No. 126165
Yeah, I remember back when I used to say "Read before posting" in large red letters. No wonder it keeps getting ignored.

File 135727189804.jpg - (52.79KB , 901x1000 , Phoenix Quill 2.jpg )
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#Author #Collection #Normal #Crossover #Random #Sad #Comedy #Sci-fi

Please someone help me with editing!
I have three stories that I am working on, and all three are being rejected from Equestria Daily for punctuation errors, I have read the editors omnibus, and edited and re edited these stories several times only to be rejected without a strike for the same thing!

Links to stories below


This one had an editor go through already, but was rejected for the same thing still, so It needs help too.

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>> No. 125894
File 135744645416.jpg - (81.73KB , 315x552 , Madotsuki.jpg )
Dammit, I warned you! I warned you about using that Yume Nikki pic; bet you thought I forgot, eh? Don't suppose you remember what I said I'd do if you brought that up again?

Well now it's on, mother-bucker! Yume Nikki all over the place!!
>> No. 125962
File 135762154534.png - (304.09KB , 702x960 , nonenthusiastic pinkamena.png )
Oh, is that what that is? I don't remember at all, sorry.
>> No. 125966
File 135763446424.gif - (934.40KB , 500x414 , dqBR2.gif )

>He's mostly lost his touch anyway; I miss when he spoke with such callous that his words tasted of salt and vinegar.
That's my favourite flavour of chips!
Also, I always thought it was more of a Fire'n'Brimstone thing.

File 134843585931.jpg - (159.37KB , 751x1064 , 133388146497.jpg )
120410 No. 120410 [View]
So, I've been writing seriously for about a year now. I enjoy writing and find it rather fun, but in all the time I've been writing, it feels as if I've barely improved.

Now, I know it's good to do things you enjoy, but the whole thing is getting rather frustrating now. At one point I went through a stage where I was writing fictions which would get good ratings on fimfiction and would get good reviews, even got a fic on EqD. Recently, though, what I've writing has been crap, real crap. I seem to be getting worse again.

I'll admit that my most recent fic, which did awful, I didn't get reviewed nor looked at by anyone, it was sort of a concept idea which I just wanted to try. It just seems, though, that a decent writer can write a decent piece without outside input.

So, simply put, my question is 'When is it sensible to throw in the towe upon writing?'
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>> No. 125759
File 135669658918.jpg - (576.53KB , 675x900 , Ira Glass on Creativity.jpg )
Aa, yes. I must agree; good stuff to keep in mind as the new year turns and we didn't end up a fiery ball of Mayan apocalypse. Good things to remember.

Feel like adding this thing. Just in case someone feels down.
(↓Video for Pic)
>> No. 125849
File 135728127916.jpg - (953.75KB , 980x5215 , 2012-10-30-iraglass.jpg )

You forget the Zen Pencil version!
>> No. 125947
File 135752777982.png - (563.98KB , 600x751 , yume_nikki.png )
No matter what, at least you're way better off than this girl.

File 135729048069.jpg - (52.57KB , 600x524 , 130138098627.jpg )
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#Discussion #Advice requested

Hello /fic/. I come to you seeking advice. I've begun work on a story of mine that builds off of a few stories I've previously written, but I'd like this new story to be accessible to those unfamiliar with the previous works for reasons completely unrelated to my inner view horse and wanting this to get its own EqD story post.

The trouble I'm running into is that while I start with an in medias res approach, I quickly found myself having to establish the setting and characters in the name of not losing hypothetical new readers, and it feels like dull, tell-heavy clutter. If any of you have been in this situation before, how did you handle it without front-loading your stories with thinly veiled exposition?

If you're curious, this story is a sequel to these two shipping/comedy stories of mine:
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>> No. 125876
File 135737273958.png - (105.38KB , 440x599 , 134376697178.png )
Write it as though the other story doesn't exist. It's really as simple as that. If there's a lot going on right off the bat because it involves a lot of other information from the other fic, either try to make it not involve that information, present that information in an organic way later that doesn't feel like an expository pause in the story, or hit the ground running.
>> No. 125881
I'm basically keeping a character from the previous two stories and using him again; I think I've already got his character introduced nicely, but I don't think I'm executing it very well. I keep feeling like I have to stop and explain little things, but then again, I keep hearing from critics that I don't describe things enough anyway.

That's what I'm trying to do... maybe I'm overthinking this.
>> No. 125940
File 135750882120.jpg - (92.83KB , 561x800 , Madotsuki plush.jpg )
Hey, you wrote Distorted Perspective, so it's all and good. You have my confidence. Here: have a Yume Nikki plush to make you feel better. Her lifeless stare should put your mind and heart at ease :3

File 135743019769.jpg - (3.46MB , 1715x2199 , image.jpg )
125892 No. 125892 [View]
#Author #Comedy

Hey guys, we wrote a novelette for my friend for Christmas. We then recorded it! I think you'll like it. It can be found at http://youtu(dot)be/HVDt8uGDHaM. It's calle the John Oates saga let me know what you think!
>> No. 125897
File 135744731749.jpg - (71.16KB , 500x375 , Yume Nikki Vista.jpg )
One disturbing image deserves a(slightly less)nother.

File 134251416904.png - (118.84KB , 1597x710 , 4.png )
111800 No. 111800 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Reviewer #Any
Well, I found myself with some extra time, so I'll start this up again. I am a reviewer, I have been for some time, but I went on a small break. I'm back now, though, so feel free to drop in some requests.

1) Nothing like Cupcakes. If you have to ask, then probably not
2) No PoE or HiE
3) Clopfic is fine. (E-mail it to me at [email protected])
4) If my queue is too full (Two requests or more since my last review) please go find another thread, I'm not looking for this to feel like a full-time job again.
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>> No. 125844
I couldn't help but notice the post dates. It's been about two weeks since the last post (referring to the post before my previous post) and I was wondering if this thread was dead or just on hiatus for the Holidays.
>> No. 125847
Oops, forgot to sage. It's fine though, the thread only bumped by about two places so I should be fine.
>> No. 125889
I notice someone was reading my fic at around 1:10 on January 5th. I just want to inform that reader that I was in the middle of editing and was not expecting visitors. Please excuse the sloppy mess of fanfiction and note that it was in the process of being repaired.

File 135058124136.png - (203.20KB , 1920x1080 , 134784328911.png )
122578 No. 122578 [View]
#Discussion #Grimdark

This is, by far, the most poorly written piece of GARBAGE i have ever...i don't even know how to express this. i have never seen an assembly of english characters organized in such a way that makes me want to bash my head against a wall. I've read Sweet Apple Massacre, I've read 50 FUCK SHADES OF GRAY, and NONE of them compare to how bad this was.
But the worst part of all - people actually LIKE IT???
Here's my question for everyone - After reading this...thing, i saw comments upon comments from bronies praising it as, and i quote, "the best grimdark fic ever written". Am i going insane, or do i just have a very different taste from the rest of the fandom? this can't be normal, even for bronies.
[pic semi-related]
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>> No. 125813
File 135702289407.png - (135.52KB , 865x483 , spoiler.png )
> Why are you glad to see someone who bumped this fuck-awful thread.
Kill them with kindness.

Plus, it's just caleb.
>> No. 125821
I read this one on FIMfiction.net, called Nopony can hear you scream, and to tell you,

>> No. 125853
I thought Toy Story 2 was OK

No. 125798 [View]
#Collection #Discussion #Sad #Sci-fi #Grimdark #Human

Hey I'm new here and I have this fan fic idea that has been brewing in my head for like a year. Can t get it off the ground tho. Here is the summary. ( anthro ponies)
equestria is infected by a deadly plague. An alien race called the rasians come to equestria in and their leader makes a deal with celestia. Help contain the infection in turn giving the rasians the healthily ponies to work for them in mining for gemstones. Human comes later
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>> No. 125817
File 135706603476.png - (80.08KB , 500x500 , 0009-132639096242.png )
> He loves stories like this one. Just ask him.

It's true, I do!
Just don't write too much. Maybe just the first 2000 words or so.

Work out the idea, figure out what limitations you have. Then I can yell at you for completely ignoring everything that is even tangentially related to MLP!

Ignoring your technical issues, which you seem to have a whole heck of alot, you're too focused on writing humans.
There's almost never a reason to write anthro ponies. If you have to write anthro, you're just better off writing humans, and if you're better off writing humans, you probably shouldn't be writing ponies in the first place. Or you could just be doing furry fetish fics.
The plague isn't defined. Your plan has the clear flaw that the California Raisins ask Celestia if they can enslave their race while they're being hit by a super death plague.
>> No. 125820
File 135709952792.png - (182.27KB , 351x301 , a quick note.png )

I thought you'd reply with mock indignance. It's great that you're so willing to give help where it's needed, but I should think that your attitude towards the very dregs would eventually become one of, at best, resignation.
>> No. 125822
File 135711006097.png - (116.11KB , 348x370 , 0033-132650835930.png )
> I should think that your attitude towards the very dregs would eventually become one of, at best, resignation.

There are times I'll become resigned. I actually keep a list in my head of stories that have pushed me that far. I will admit defeat only once the author shows no intention of addressing complaints. There are people on these internets of ours, who prefer not to learn.
I know, I was once one of them. But they eventually improve. So every story is a chance to improve. Always.

File 133021136278.jpg - (53.62KB , 746x582 , 1326422397768.jpg )
87041 No. 87041 [View]
I'm a novice writer of Fanfics and I've been wondering, what effects does romance have on a storyline and how? Can you include it, but keep it under control? Should it be avoided altogether so it doesn't become a clopfic? I would really like somepony to advise me on this.
6 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 87086
Stories are inherently about conflict and choices. X pony meeting Y pony, falling in love at first sight, and then living together happily ever after makes for an inherently flawed story (unless you're doing porn and/or emotional porn).

I do think that love at first sight is way less of a problem then a boring plotline. If you have, say, Big Mac falling in love with Zecora from first sight, and then the rest of the story deals with how their relationship barely works because of their clashing backgrounds and personalities... (as well as that Mac can't stand that blasted Forest) that could be pretty nice.

I think romance in general isn't lame and isn't a story-killer. It's just a matter of making interesting characters put in suspenseful situations. OCs become Mary Sue's if and only if you let them.
>> No. 125767
File 135673171064.png - (613.52KB , 1068x847 , 132597460143.png )
This one seems cute... ish.
>> No. 125768
Romance has to be one of the more complicated genres. You have to be careful since you're effectively putting in the characters based on what you think they're react like. You can't just immediately have them fall in love and have a great little family, you have to actively make them suffer first. Or, at least, have conflict.

I've noticed no one really has talked about the technical side of writing romance yet, so... go rewatch the show, and read some classic romance fics, then you should have a good enough grasp on how to characterize all of this.

I can't really explain it at the moment. Just keep all the techniques you use for writing and apply that to romance. I'd say that you can include it and not have it take over the whole story. I tend to like straight adventure fics, with a romantic subplot.

File 135569245613.jpg - (38.68KB , 600x438 , catoteric.jpg )
125582 No. 125582 [View]

With everypony writing story descriptions that sound the same, one pony stops to ask why they all sound like poorly narrated crime dramas. After pouring over fanfic after fanfic, he finds that every fanfiction description in fimfiction.net sounds exactly the same. In a world full of potential imagination, there remains a strange area in which no progress seems to be made--and now he goes to /fic/ to try to get the answers. But will he figure out why? Or will /fic/ simply reply 'OP is a fgt'?
17 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 125726

>> No. 125728
>eerily similar
Perhaps because people look at other fic descriptions when making their own, and thus the cycle continues?

I'm sorry, but whenever I read this I just think "It was a hot day. The sun beat down on my back like that homeless man whose bourbon I stole the other day. I was think of hanging up my badge when she walked in."
And then her legs go on forever and she's trouble and her brother's missing. I'm not really connecting that to these descriptions.

But still, I kinda get what you're saying. My counter, though, is that most fics don't really fit with more creative descriptions. Sure, if you've got a first person fic with a strong narrative voice, or some other kind of narrative experiment, then descriptions that match that voice are great (Background Pony and Misted Stage are the examples of this that spring immediately to mind), but for a "normal" fic, you usually strive for an invisible narrative voice that just conveys events in the best possible way, so there aren't really that many ways to be creative with the description.

Which isn't to say the average FIMFic description is perfect, or even good. I personally try to avoid making my descriptions run longer than about three sentences (one is best), and rhetorical questions are just tired and can usually be safely removed.
>> No. 125731
>Perhaps because people look at other fic descriptions when making their own, and thus the cycle continues?
.....(I do this.....<_< >_>)
>I'm not really connecting that to these descriptions.
Yeah, I guess 'noir-like' isn't the best way to describe this.

>Maybe we can use this thread to brainstorm about alternative ways to write descriptions.
That would definitely be interesting.

Sometimes it's obvious, e.g., any story with Pinkie Pie having a description that gets narrated by Pinkie Pie--although I suppose that may be a mite cliché.

File 135643261734.jpg - (21.19KB , 302x310 , Cheerilee mlfw1455_pony_please.jpg )
125718 No. 125718 [View]
#Single fic #Discussion #Normal

Synopsis: After a budget cut, Cheerilee is replaced by a younger and stricter teacher. Cheerilee searches for a new job in Ponyville while her students deal with the new teacher. However, everything is not what it seems. Can Cheerilee use her vast knowledge to save her students and Ponyville?

Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/2922/cheer-on

This is easily one of my favorite fanfics. Reading it feels just like watching an episode of the show. This story made Cheerilee one of my favorite characters on the show.

Your thoughts?
>> No. 125720
Just finished reading it. Opinions to follow...

Like the other relatively known Cheerilee-gets-fired story, School Daze, Cheer On has a solid premise and some amusing humour, but is tainted by shoddy prose. The wording is monotonous and has little flow, there are a fair few typos, and too much of the story is made up of needless state-the-obvious sentences that tell what has already been shown, and sometimes just tell. Not to mention most of the attempts made at writing visual gags that completely strip them of humour. It would have worked better as a scriptfic.

Still, there are things to like about it. Characters are mostly in-character (don't know that I agree with the level of Book Dumb ascribed to AB, but eh) and I smiled at a lot of the jokes about Cheerilee lecturing all her coworkers. The thing about Derpy's jobs got a chuckle, and Cheerilee's first scene with Twilight was pretty funny. I definitely know where you're coming from comparing this to an episode -- a lot of the scenes I can totally see happening.

I think the writing got a little better as the story went on, but that coincided with the plot taking some odd directions that I really don't think were foreshadowed enough. The magical earrings bit comes basically out of nowhere, the villain's motivation makes no sense ("I hate my cutie mark" --> "let's take over the world"... I don't follow the logic), and the ending passage tries to sell me a mystery/adventure/conspiracy story when I originally came to this fic for a comedy adventure. Also, given its importance to the plot, I really think we should have seen the bit where Cheerilee tries to get a job at the Natural History Museum instead of just

File 133811888180.png - (510.19KB , 1000x1000 , 130665641552.png )
104134 No. 104134 Locked [View] [Last 50 posts]
If you ask me to review your story, you are asking that I become emotionally invested in your work. You are not asking me to pass the salt at a dinner table; you're asking me to go through your hard work with a judgmental eye, and hopefully come back to you with helpful things to add.
You will not get a number rating, as I do not decide if you pass or fail. Keep trying and you will succeed.
I am no nicer or meaner than any other internet denizen, I am simply loud.

Rule #1: No repeats. You get one attempt to wow me. I'm not going to read the same chapter through fifty different revisions. Once I see a chapter, that's the version that's locked in my head. It's the version I'll remember you by.
Rule #2: Do your best work. You are trying to make an impression on me. I will remember you by the work that you show me. For a good, long while too.
Rule #3:Read the OP. You want me to read your epic, do me a favor and read my couple hundred words of conditional statements.

I hate songfics, music links, and wangst. I can't review poetry, it's too subjective. For example:
This haiku is shit
Anyone prove me wrong please
Artistic License
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>> No. 125736
File 135659435562.png - (67.01KB , 311x185 , 130667645539.png )
Okay, so now I'm sitting down for a reread of this one. Again.

A good portion of the problems I'm having is that, while it is an interesting attempt to address the character of Cadence, it is fundamentally a back-story dump. And a mite forgettable in that regard.

There's no unifying attempt to address the story. The only unifying theme is that Celestia both takes great pleasure in and hates having to sit by her older sister's deathbed every 80 years or so.

You don't really address how Celestia feels about it. Because it's not her story.
You never put Cadence in a situation where she has to deal with it, because it's Celestia's burden.
There are no complications, no dark secrets, no ghosts, residual effects, or story quality events in the progression of the story.

You create the backstory, present it, and that's it.
>> No. 125738
File 135659513476.jpg - (22.96KB , 277x309 , 132597226792.jpg )
Well, the thread is saging pretty nicely. New thread is over at >>125737

The queue is empty, ( http://derpy.me/MintyQueue ) everything is shiny and new. And even with the sudden absence, this thread came off pretty well I like to think.

But I'm delusional sometimes too.
>> No. 125739
File 135659532688.png - (526.16KB , 800x800 )

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