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#Single fic #Comedy

I saw this while browsing FIMFiction earlier. It's a genuinely funny story, and the ending was totally unexpected (at least, it was for me).


Oh, and before anyone says anything: I am NOT the author. I'm just a fan of his work.
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File 135310048567.png - (88.66KB , 595x358 , 3c3.png )
Read the sticky. This should be in the recommendations general.
>> No. 124738
File 135310456651.png - (595.18KB , 1280x1024 )
I'd recommend taking that fic to the recommendations general, which you can find here:


File 135091656197.png - (289.10KB , 600x686 , 144243 - artist-himanuts Dragon_Ball_Z fluttershy iron_will parody.png )
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In the interest of inter-board relations, http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me is hosting a fanfiction contest between the staff of Ponychan, efchan, and MLPchan.

The site staff will be given one week, starting Mon, 29 Oct 02:00 UTC, to write fanfiction based on a prompt determined in the hours prior. Each site is allowed up to five participants, and participants for each site must be active staff as of 21 Oct 2012.

When the writing is done, the stories will be posted anonymously to be judged by the community.

Which site has the best writers on staff? Who will succumb to creating a GeneralZoi OC abomination? What wacky adventures can our *chan overlords concoct for our pastel-coloured equines? If there are answers to these questions, they're probably somewhere around here.

See the site FAQ (http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/faq) for a quick overview of how these things normally go down. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Good luck, and I hope everyone has a good time. All bets are open.
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File 135272565452.png - (98.58KB , 776x1029 , Celestia Obey - Large.png )
>> No. 124642
File 135274073402.gif - (1.00MB , 400x175 , 0sxrn.gif )
I don't think that would sit well after just finishing this move...
>> No. 124660
File 135276426511.png - (31.74KB , 630x700 , Lyra Princess.png )
Seems I was the only one to use my mod name, oops. I'm !!Lyra, if anyone doesn't know. Have one of my rare Lyra-as-Mithent posts as compensation for this terrible crime.

Third, not bad! I'm fairly pleased with that, given that I knocked it out in on Sunday evening. (Although BB apparently did the same and won, so there's that.) I'm also British, but mine was carefully Americanised for anonymity, heh.

Thanks, both of you, for your comments. A little more time and polish would have helped, I'm sure, and I did have a bit of an issue with inconsistent narrative voice - the narrator is primarily in, well, my voice, but it bleeds through into Dash's thoughts at times.

File 134422217620.jpg - (94.82KB , 640x400 , ponys on the beach.jpg )
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Hello everypony! My name is Khakispony, and this is my new partner, Seidio, and this is our new, Floridian review thread; the only review thread where you can only stay on a beach for fifteen minutes before a hurricane comes to ruin your fun. We may not be the most experienced or the best reviewers, but we want to help you with your fics. When we are not playing vidya games, writing our own fics, or doing something important, we’re going to be reviewing. That being said, we have a couple of ground rules to help make the process as easy as possible.

1) Read the Celestia d#nmed sticky. Seriously, there is no excuse for not having read it.
2) In order for your fic to be placed in the queue, you must fill out the submission form (link below) and post in the thread.
3) No gore, but smut... Ok, I can take some smut. Still, you must send me a private message by fimfiction (http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Khakispony) if you want your smut to be reviewed. It will be added to the queue for my convenience, but shall not be discussed on the thread. On Seidio’s side... well, let’s just say you’d have better luck finding a way to Equestria.
4) No meta. NO!
5) Patience is a virtue, and we expect you to have it. We’re helping you because we want to, not because we’re required to. A week is the minimum waiting period between being added to the queue, and whining to us about how we’re ignoring you.
6) Be polite. Please?
7) Always follow up our reviews. It helps us help you.

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File 135139798873.jpg - (7.47KB , 235x214 , spa time.jpg )
Please tell me to hurry. Its the only thing that's going to keep me from going mweh tomorrow would be better.

Anyways to start of with characterization. I think the main issue is that actions speak louder than words and to this point no one has done anything of that is undoubtedly of their own volition so we only have words to go off of. I mean sure the guards are pissed off at Reach but they are fucking assholes and that skews things a little. I'd like to point out that these ponies are there because they are dangerous and uncontrollable so showing Reach try to dig into the guards ponies minds is a questionable action at best since I can assume that like origin he has no control over his ability.

You expressed that there was some backlash over gore and that's natural. There are always morality police who demand their entertainment be wholesome but if we listened to them we wouldn't have Macbeth to read now would we. Also soul plains omnipresent overlord=God in my book and you went out of your way to give him human characteristics. If you want to get around this maybe have origin wake up to find a filly he knew fall dead and he begins to see memories of himself in an outta body experience. just a suggestion that may remove the tellish nature of the scene
>> No. 124617
File 135268189535.jpg - (10.09KB , 240x210 , rarity crying.jpg )
I'm tired. As much as it sucks to admit I won't be able to maintain this thread at the moment and Seidio isn't coming back anytime soon. As uncomfortable as this is for me, I'm going to request a thread lock. I'm not going to give up on reviewing entirely and will continue to do so through private request or on TTG if I have the reviewing bug but for the time being I want to focus on being a better writer and having a dead thread on my head hurts that. Sorry for the two of you still in the queue but I wont be able to complete those reviews. Again, I am very sorry to draw this out for so long.
>> No. 124619
File 135268270455.png - (1.06MB , 1920x1080 )

S'okay, mate. If you ever want to come back to your thread, you can always request it be unlocked.

To anyone still in Khakispony's queue, I would recommend taking your stories to the Training Grounds or another active review thread.

Anyhow, thread locked.

File 135256077600.png - (113.64KB , 745x1053 , twilight_sparkle___sheepish_by_spitfireblaze-d4uh4pa.png )
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I'm sorry, I couldn't think of where else to post this. But is anyone else having trouble with FiMfic?

I haven't written anything in a while, so maybe it just works differently now. But it used to be that my stories would be approved in a couple of hours. and the longest it took for it to be posted was around 5.

Well, I submitted my story two days ago..... and it still hasn't been approved. I decided maybe there was a bug, and undid and redid it, but it's still been 12+ hours. Meanwhile, other stories are getting posted constantly.

Is this just me? Is it normal and I just didn't see the update? If it's not, what should I do?

Sorry if this isn't the right place! And thanks.
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>> No. 124595
>animated .jpg
That's a thing? I had no idea.
>> No. 124596
File 135261676528.gif - (925.37KB , 370x208 , puni1.gif )
I... I didn't even notice...
Egads, what could it meaaaaannnnn!?

Decided it was time for kangaroos over otters.
>> No. 124604
File 135264949096.gif - (398.34KB , 300x185 , 133682133708.gif )

File 135222484121.gif - (1.27MB , 640x360 , 58239__safe_twilight-sparkle_animated.gif )
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#Author #Discussion

Not sure if this belongs as a separate post or not (was debating posting it in story forge), so feel free to move it if you need to Mods.

I am hitting a real stumbling in coming up with names for pony characters. I am working on a story where I have a lot of individual ponies and I just can't come up with names for all of them. Does anyone have a technique that they use (looking at random objects around me and seeing what i can work with just isn't doing it enough) or know of a good name generator?
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>> No. 124491
Very cool. Will add it to my now large repitoire of tools for coming up with pony names. Thanks for the new insight.

I ended up gong with the way of the pun for many of the names. For example for a couple pegasi I used names like Hard Deck and Flat Hat which are fighter pilot slang. I supposed I could also explain them as call signs as well. Since this is a first NaNWriMo draft I have plenty of time to change them down the road if I want to.
>> No. 124508
The exception seems to be TWI-light (2 syllables, one name) SPAR-kle (4 syllables, two names).
>> No. 124509
Yeah, I was thinking that myself. There are a few exceptions (Also Celestia and Luna), but they are the exception, not the rule.

File 133795613165.jpg - (86.68KB , 500x353 , tumblr_lz4nzdOUPu1qlurcwo1_500.jpg )
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There are a lot of fanfics out there, with more being written every day. Some of them are good, some are bad. Some are popular, and others are obscure. With the sheer volume that exists, it's unlikely that any one of us is ever going to read all of them, and few would want to. When you look for a pony fanfic to read, you want it to be about ponies and be written with words, but that's only the tip of the ponyficberg.

What guides you to any one story over all others? It could be an eye-catching title or the name of a well-regarded author, or a juicy synopsis, or even just a wordcount that gels with your schedule. But perhaps most often, you'll pick up or leave a fic based on its tags.

[Adventure] – characters go on epic quests to faraway lands.
[Crossover] – ponies plus <insert game/movie/book/TV show here>. Comes in fusion (think Fallout: Equestria) and regular (think Better Living With Science and Ponies) variety.
[Normal/Slice of Life] – characters do normal things and live their normal lives. Most episodes of FiM could be categorised as this.
[Shipping/Romance] – characters fall in love with each other (or are already in love with each other) and the story focuses on their relationship.
[Comedy] – funny stories that keep the reader laughing all the way through.
[Random] – weird stories that may incorporate things like memes and medium awareness.
[Sad] – stories intended to make the reader cry.
[Grimdark] – stories about war, death and violence, with a general air of hopeless about them.
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>> No. 119570
Gah, I see now. They're suffering from the same problem, not from being crossed with one another. A little more detail, my good man.
>> No. 119571
File 134783974626.jpg - (20.79KB , 268x265 , 1340608340283.jpg )
I always thought the Random tag was supposed to appeased some sort of invisible surrealist/Dadaist contingent of the fandom which wanted to explore non-linear concept of writing and warn people that they had to expect nothing making any sense. Of course, I have yet to read any story in the fandom which actually attempts to use it in quite this manner, so that point is moot.
>> No. 124498
File 135245113449.gif - (26.32KB , 150x210 , ezmjpt.gif )
I always thought random's proper use was for short, nonsensical, low-effort "lolwut" stories like this:

File 135216016213.jpg - (77.36KB , 800x536 , Vermin_Supreme_glitterbombs_Randall_Terry.jpg )
124304 No. 124304 [View]
#Single fic #Discussion #Crossover #Comedy #Collaboration


What is this?
There is no good preface for this project. Simply put, we're going to be making fun of Randal Terry (and Vermin).

The premise: Vermin Supreme's attempts to make Randall Terry gay, while played out in jest, go horribly wrong. On camera, Randall is transformed in a small, chubby, earth pony. Surprised, and frankly convinced that he's dreaming, Vermin speaks a series of magic words and accidentally transports Randall Pony to Equestria. There, his ultra-conservative views get him into trouble, as he embarks on a quest to find a boot-mane sorcerer capable of bringing him home.

The objective: Present Randall Terry in a non-polemic satirical crackfic, written by at least three different authors. It should be told from three different perspectives.
>Randall Terry, coming to terms with being turned into a pony and sent to a land of sunshine and rainbows where saying anything he believes in would get him banished and imprisoned in the place where he has been banished.
>Vermin Supreme, being persecuted for... well, nobody's really sure.
>A pony perspective (there can be more, depending on the number of authors involved) of Randall's exploits, the first being Trixie, who fails to send him home, but follows him to learn a thing or two about magic along the way...
>> No. 124365
This sounds hilarious!

File 134160506795.jpg - (354.48KB , 750x1000 , 174431 - artist blockeraser box chaos screwball screw_ball thinking_outside_the_box.jpg )
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#Reviewer #Characters #Open Reviewing
Please note: this is not a standard review thread. It's not for entire fics, and anyone may feel free to contribute a review. Consider it a Training Grounds for characters. Other threads can do reviews of your story as a whole; this thread aims to give more detailed help on only one thing.



Submission Guidelines
Your submission to this thread should include:

Context: If your setting, mood, or some other aspect of your story deviates significantly from canon Equestria, please explain those differences.


Appearance: coat, mane, cutie mark, clothing, accessories, etc.

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>> No. 124198
Hmm? Oh, no – I did take it into consideration and fixed those errors and removed much of the German, by all means I did take it. I was simply explaining my reasoning for it and thanking you for lending me your time, but I did fix it, make no mistake. That, and explaining that Pendergast wasn't my name.
The only thing I didn't really follow was the interrobangs, since I have a strange obsession with them. (For all the stories I edit, I always insert the; I'm trying to spread their use, you see... One day... un dia... ein Tag...)

As it were, have a great day!
>> No. 124201
Today, I present the main characters of my fic, Ponypool Changed Everything... an Fo:E story with very heavy themes (outside of, you know, dark dark grim dark). The characters themselves are intended to represent, or at least adequately present, these themes. The problem? I'm really bad at writing the archetypes I have in mind without hitting serious pitfalls and making them all self-inserts. They all mirror at least one aspect of my self, and the decision to go forward with what would normally be a horrendous decision for any piece of fiction authored by a 'newbie' was made under the pretense of making the story something I'd actually be capable of finishing without losing interest.
So... let's take a look at these three...
Well, one. I'll post one now and work on the others later. May put down two of these to tonight.

Context: Fallout Equestria. /100/ years after the war, instead of the standard 200. Lived in a raider settlement named Palisades, a short trot away from the eponymous Ponypool, a town abandoned before the war (or at least before the fighting began). Ponypool is regarded in much the same way "The Zone" from A Roadside Picnic and Stalker is; a place slowly but effectively being reclaimed by nature. Near Ponypool is an irradiated bog, in which a strange military base lies. This pony scavenged for technology/weapons in the base at times, having a large propensity to the 'beauty' of Ponypool and a high tolerance for the radiation throught the facility and bog.
Name: Saccharin Haze (subject to change as are most of my characters' names)
Appearance: Teal coat, white mane, can of raid as a cutie mark.
Role: Narrator, lover of another character, 'hero' by default.
Development: Starts off as a somewhat recently heartbroken young colt, but keeps his absolutely ridiculous romantic ideals despite living in a bleak world (which he, in ways considered perverse
>> No. 124202
>looking for a flower that has the same coloration as the mane of a pony he has an unhealthy attraction to
It didn't take long to find what I was looking for. There was a patch of them, atop what appeared to be a mound of soggy dirt, a chiefly distinctive throwaway that could not have been occupying the bog in the presence of the peat without some intervening factor. I ignored those thoughts, however, as I was more concerned about how to get the flower. The nearest specimen was just out of reach, separated from equine contact by a small gap in the peat where the bog really began. I made to pounce across--
--and found the situation promptly reverse itself as the mound jumped and pinned me to the ground.
In my confusion, well ... allow me to explain. There was a pony I once knew, had known at the time. My first special somepony, you might say. But that pony would have nothing of it. However, right then I found myself believing that maybe ... that pony had changed their mind ... and that they’d gone to great lengths to surprise me with this impersonal revelation.
I was not, and have never been, a very modest pony regarding matters of the heart.
I closed my eyes, pursed my lips, and pressed them against his--
They were colder than I thought they’d be, but that didn’t matter. Slowly, I opened my eyes to see his face.

Needless to say, I had jumped to more than one conclusion. Call me hopeful. Optimistic. Imaginative. Pollyanna. Whatever. I made a mistake, but we all make mistakes and we just have to deal with the problems that arise from them. Now, I was staring into the single functioning eye of my carapacian problem.
The thing was at least as confused as I was if not more. A creature covered in dirt, held together by mottled lengths of chitin. At its sides were flimsy iridescent wings, full of holes where

File 133427014477.jpg - (88.34KB , 625x1067 , 105667 - tagme.jpg )
96676 No. 96676 [View] [Last 50 posts]
So, after the travesty that was "Let's play a game" a new attempt is rising to write a fic as a united /fic/.

Link to the working document: http://goo.gl/TZEWd

This edition includes:
- Better organization.
- Majority decisions on where the fic is going.
- A complete lack of incest.

So, first order of business, we have 20 spots open for the taking. Each spot will have their turn to shine. This time participants have to write somewhere between 300-600 words for their part. Everyone calls a number between 1 and 20 that hasn't already been taken. We start at 1. They have 24 hours, strictly, to finish. They pass it on and 2 picks it up... etc. Once we reach 20, if we still haven't finished, the loop starts again and the process continues until a satisfactory ending is reached. If a writer misses their deadline we simply move on.
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>> No. 103295
File 133750296068.png - (106.75KB , 497x472 , 133127494131 (1).png )
Attention: We are now accepting new authors for the collab. See details below to join in.

All right, since we're getting to a whole load of nowhere right now, I am assuming direct control.

Modus Operandi
1. The first round of writing is considered to be finished.
2. We need to figure out who is still working with the collab and who isn't. A new list of authors must be constructed.
3. We need to figure out how many sections back we are going (how many sections we are deleting).

To deal with these issues, I have devised the following spreadsheet: goo.gl/zMneA
 – Enter your name in the "Author" field
 – Enter your desired new position in the "Pos." field. If you wish to vote on removals but not to participate in Round 2, enter N/A. (Only authors from Round 1 may vote in this manner.)
>> No. 103298
The spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnHXbqCmEN--dHZ2WTktN1NkYnVxLWhMbHNnLWpJN2c

You must fill in your name and choose a new position if you wish to continue working in the collab.
>> No. 103504
File 133765611971.jpg - (90.57KB , 685x960 , 166272 - artist-The_Average_Brony pinkie_pie uncle_sam.jpg )
We want you to be a collaborator for the /fic/ collab.
We need more collaborators, and we need 'em now!

See >>103295 for info. All you need to do is read what we've got so far to know what's up.

File 132096688797.png - (74.40KB , 473x439 , Vanner.png )
64911 No. 64911 Locked [View] [Last 50 posts]
So, I review things and I write things. Pretty much anything really, but I’ve got a couple hard rules:

1.) No clop fics. I don’t want to hear about pony scissoring. Romance is fine, as is shipping, but no clopfics.
2.) Tag your stories. Title, Synopsis, Tags, or you don’t get reviews.
3.) You can either get proofreading or concept reviews. Or both. Concept reviews get first priority because they’re faster to do.
4.) I reserve the right to do what I please with my queue.
5.) Rarity is the best pony. So is Cheerilee.

Things of Note:
1.) I love OCs. I will help you with your OC’s because I believe that characters with personality are the most important part of any story. If no one else wants to read your OC story, pitch it here, and I’ll help you with it. This comes with a big ol’ caveat, though: if you’ve got a Gary Stu, I’m not even going to be polite about ripping it up one side and down the other. Check out the second post of this thread for advice on OC's
2.) I really like adventure stories, comedy, romance, normal, grim, noir, pretty much anything.
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>> No. 80982
Aw shite ._. Now I'll have to wait till you make a new o-- OHOHOH! Seems like I found it!
>> No. 81031
Okay. Working on an OC for a fic that's going to be modelled in the style of an episode. Plot is going to be roughly similar to Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 and Boast Busters, insofar as the one-shot character shows up, earns the ire of a main character or characters, this leads to plot-relevant competition between the main character and the one-shot, yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea.

Specifically, this pony's going to be a pegasus, probably a stallion, who's basically a showy, elaborate one-pony airshow who specialises in fire-related tricks. Unfortunately, I'm still juggling between two conceptions of the character for this role.

Which do you think works best?

Pony 1: Canefire
1.) What does he look like?
Maroon coat, orange-red mane and tail. Mane is cropped short, tail is grown out rather long. Has wings longer, but narrower, than the average pegasus.

2.) What's his cutie mark for? Not how did he get it, but what does it mean?
The cutie mark represents his ability to start and very carefully manage fires (both small and large) for benevolent purposes
>> No. 124507
File 135247623436.png - (154.31KB , 890x1627 )
Thread locked.

File 133080539496.png - (378.90KB , 610x524 , Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 3_01 PM.png )
88548 No. 88548 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Reviewer #Canon #IC
Hi! This is the second editiion of the Applejinx IC review thread! In here, we take on a variety of fics that attempt in SOME way to use the mane cast realistically to the show, and we respond AS the mane cast, in character, talking about our depictions in your fics!

Applejinx has run fics on Equestria Daily before turning to a popular adult fanfic novel, and has repeatedly had new canon not destroy, but reinforce fanon- most recently in "Putting Your Hoof Down" which exactly echoed a recently-written chapter that took Fluttershy past what had been previously seen, un-discorded.

Applejinx's writing is at http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Applejinx (please do not discuss works not suitable for ponychan, here. A mature version of this review thread can be found at http://fim.413chan.net/fic/ if you dig for it)

This is a popular thread so let it stay mostly to writers wishin' reviews, and our IC responses. Remember, we cannot predict what will find favor. We've seen weak fics be charming, OC-led fics feel like canon in mood, well-written fics fail to have a heart- the worst that will happen is you get brushed off with a few words, but we can no longer assume ANY genre is truly off limits. (except clop: not on ponychan thanks!) If it's intended to be in-character and canon to the show, it's fair game! For crossover, assume we will neither know or care what the crossover is.

Let the ficcin' commence!
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>> No. 126073
i want more ponys!!
>> No. 127386
I am look for someone to maybe do a quick read of what I have so far for my fic. I'm still writing it, so if you like it, expect more. It's about a guy who is sucked into Equestria and soon falls into a predicament. The mane pony for this fic is Applejack.

>> No. 128557

Twilight is your best match for this style o' writin', but Applejack is your secret weapon. Twi already thinks an' acts a lot like your style, gettin' caught up in details, but you need to enlist Applejack's aid so that, rather than the unwillin' victim of all th' time shenanigans and baffled by all them confused ponies, SHE has a clear idea of what she must do, she wants to do it, th' reader knows specifically what she wants to do and why, an' then she charges off determined to do it- only to run straight into an Adams/Vonnegut book where everypony is friendly and confused and not quite right.

I just might steal that idea.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 25th, 2013 16:44

File 135178865257.png - (554.20KB , 1800x1600 , 132691525891_png.png )
123632 No. 123632 Locked [View]

Thread has two purposes, first is >pic from a fic? If so, which one? Second are there any other fics about war? I read Sabotage Valkyrie last night, and I'm looking for more.
>> No. 123634
File 135178886800.gif - (86.63KB , 360x360 , 131767766930.gif )
Please direct questions such as these to the request/recommendation general rather than making a new thread.
>> No. 123635
The second question belongs in the req/rec general. The first doesn't really have a home. Ukai, go look up Equestria-Prevails. That's the artist. It's not from a fic, I don't think.
>> No. 123915
File 135189835634.png - (18.42KB , 1400x900 )
Lock because it's been answered / abandoned.
Email [email protected] if you want this to be unlocked OP.

File 135160494787.jpg - (47.41KB , 626x501 , twi.jpg )
123462 No. 123462 Locked [View]
#Discussion #Random

Hey guys. I've been wanting to read an obscure fanfic, but I don't know where to start. Preferably something long. Any suggestions?
>> No. 123465
Mm. Looks like the Rec/Req General is on autosage. Someone should remake it...

Anyway, you might want to check out >>122328.
>> No. 123467
File 135161218603.png - (98.83KB , 812x595 , 78109__UNOPT__safe_artist-briskby_mmdw.png )
>Looks like the Rec/Req General is on autosage.
False. Here's the thread we use to ask for fic recommendations, OP: >>121064 You would be well served to post there instead of cluttering the board with a one-use thread.
>> No. 123468
File 135161313365.png - (18.42KB , 1400x900 )

File 134915445614.jpg - (146.22KB , 700x700 , Spitfire hey__i_know_you____by_johnjoseco-d4kdnxl.jpg )
121215 No. 121215 Locked [View] [Last 50 posts]
Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn't the only such thread, but it's usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds; The sticky, which contains important information)

If you're a reviewer, old or new, and you want feedback on your review, please put a "*" at the front of the subject line of your review post.
For writers:
Submission guide | TL/DR of the submission guide | List of TTG regulars | Submission form | List of recently-finished reviews | Reviews in progress
For reviewers:
How to review | List of unclaimed requests
For Maintainers:
The full, current active queue | Statistics and queue-dump text for thread updates | A guide to how it's all organized
Live communication:
The IRC channel
Some Notes:
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>> No. 124328
File 135217538280.jpg - (173.94KB , 960x640 , image.jpg )
I know that I'm going to have to rewrite most if not all of the scenes I have now to get the characterization to stand out. I'm trying (and failing) to get this guy to sound like a terribly confused... poet? Someone who thinks everything is happening for a purpose, and usually for and idealistic, romantic one. Hence the strange kissing scene. He feels things to be true, and subsequently fails to reasonably put together logical sequences of events, like his former love interest plotting an utterly bizarre coming out scenario in an irradiated swamp. I really don't know how to get this across in prose...
Pic mildly related.
>> No. 124376
Tags: Adventure, Crossover

Synopsis: What will happen when the Mane 6 and a special friend encounter the deadliest bounty hunter in Equestria?


Was essentially told by EqD that it was such an awful fic that it wasn't even worth passing along to the prereaders. Can somebody give it a read and tell me what makes it this bad? The exact comments were as follows:

"issues with tense consistency, hyphen/dash confusion, and capitalization"
>> No. 124421
This is an old version of TTG, as noted here:

So I'll lock it.

File 134307016142.gif - (1.35MB , 975x720 , 133584148007.gif )
112829 No. 112829 [View]
#Discussion #Starting your Story #Thread Game
Every writer knows this feeling: You have a real whopper of a story idea, something that's burning a hole in your very soul as it demands to be unleashed upon hapless paper by cruel pen (or pencil for those of us with sausage fingers). Everything is laid out, from beginning to end. The climax is as stupendous as it is moving, the subtle nuances of character development that makes them seem almost like old friends you've known for your entire life, vivid and captivating descriptions that make the world pop out of the page...

Now if only you could make the first damn sentence!

It's like trying to roll a fifty-ton stone; once it's going nothing will stop you, but reaching that point is a story in and of itself, and not a particularly interesting one at that. Every time you jot down that opening you scrap it, disgusted by the vile mash of letters and broken dreams that stares back. Maybe you'll manage to create something that doesn't make your stomach roil, only to hit the same problem upon finishing the paragraph, the page, the chapter! A never-ending cycle of self-doubt as you question your very existence, or at least the reason why the abomination of prose that stands before you hasn't been removed from it.

But lo! that is the purpose of this thread, to help you power through such trials and tribulations. How, you ask? Why, it's quite simple.

See that backspace button?

Rip it out by its roots! Crush it with a hammer! Incinerate it with a lighter and hairspray bottle! It matters not how you remove its insidious temptations, only that you do not use it once in this entire exercise. Your purpose is singular; to write, to put your words to work, to create. Furthermore, you will not move backwards to add additional words or make use of the Insert function to overwrite your mistakes. There is only one direction to go and that is forward. Set a time limit for yourself, it matters not whether it is mere minute or an hour or a day, nor should
34 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 123296

I hit the o first, tried to backspace over it, realized I did it wrong, tried to finish out the word, but then c got involved and my anxiety was all STOP WASTING TIME ON ONE WORD YOU'RE NUTS WRITE FOR DISTANCE.

My fingers had a mini-seizure trying to figure out how to salvage the word without backspace, though.

I plan to polish what I have there (or to make an outline using it) to make it less basic.
>> No. 123349

This anon here again. I wanted to thank you again for putting this thread up, Ion. I just got a new turn on my story by reviewing what I came up with in the first place.

Sure, the initial idea wasn't quite the same as the thing I'm working on now, but seeing how that first idea worked out really helped me rethink things.
>> No. 123352
File 135153018499.jpg - (117.55KB , 960x639 , 4CrhR.jpg )
My pleasure. That's what it's for ^_^

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