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The Nightmare /fic/ Contest

So, Nightmare Night is almost upon us and it's time to bust out those quills and get to work. Trixie has been designated to run this competition so that maybe one of you foals can win. The Manehatten Times is [maybe/probably] offering an award to whoever can craft a thoroughly nightmarish story, so best hop to it. The rules are simple, and if you mess them up you will get a very strongly worded letter to the editor Trixie has received in place of being judged, and trust her, she have a lot of these letters lying around. So, the rules are as follows:

+ Your story must be 3000 words or more, with no upper limit
+ Only single chapter stories will be accepted. Trixie doesn't want to make her judges read through multiple chapters.
+ All stories must have something directly to do with Nightmare Night. They can be happy or scary, shipping or dark, fuzzy or creepy, but must have something to do with Nightmare Night. Trixie will be the judge of this, and her decision is final.
+ Stories must be sent in a Google document to Trixie's email address ([email protected]). You may post the stories to whatever forum you desire, but the submission must be in a Gdoc.
+ Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. If you think you have the stuff to be a judge, send an application to Trixie's email and she might consider you.
+ Results will be posted as soon as they are known to Trixie, and may or may not include analysis of the stories.
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>> No. 123222
File 135125859617.png - (41.16KB , 234x261 , 130664127802.png )
Trixie! What happened to your coat? It's turned pink! It's--huh? Ahhhh.

This sounds interesting! Also, I have a question!

>The contest begins now, and you have until 00:00 EST on November 1st to send your emails.

Is this basically-the-same-thing as 11:59:59 PM EST, November 1 or as 12:00:01 AM EST?

>> No. 123226
Theoretically, Trixie could have asked Roger to hosted on his stuff. I mean, the engine is pretty much independent of Roger or his events (or any event) and it provides a far netter organization.

Just food for thought.
>> No. 123303
File 135145367126.jpg - (73.02KB , 1024x768 , tumblr_lr7yfcDApJ1r1jxuxo1_1280.jpg )
Well, I don't normally enter contests, but since I was planning on writing a fic for nightmare night anyways, I might as well enter this.

File 131585371629.png - (172.55KB , 610x700 , blueshiftpony.png )
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Hi guys! I thought it was worth making a post for all my stories rather than making seperate posts! Any and all feedback is welcomed! They can all be found here: http://blueshift2k5.deviantart.com/gallery/32589231

Twilight's Best Friend - Probably the best thing I've written (in my mind at least, other fics have got higher ratings). Twilight's life is turned upside down with Dewdrop Dazzle comes to visit. And stay. Forever.

School Reunion - Apple Bloom has grown up and her friends have drifted away. Life hasn't turned out how she wanted, but tonight is the school reunion, and it's going to be the best night ever!

The Mane Cast-Offs - Bits fall off ponies. Hilarity ensues
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>> No. 116074
Not really (though I did love that film as a kid!)
>> No. 116784
After way too long, I've updated The Legend of Star Swirl the Bearded with another chapter, chapter 7!

>> No. 123302
File 135144980736.png - (196.79KB , 596x675 , kingsombra.png )
Comedy time!


King Sombra has a problem. A Twilight Sparkle shaped problem. The evil ruler of the Crystal Kingdom is about to be overthrown unless he can hold out until reinforcements arrive.

Seven days of keeping Twilight at bay. What's the worst that can happen?

All he has to lose is his self-respect and dignity...

NOTE: Yes, this is about the season 3 villain. No, there are no spoilers, I'm just making it all up!

File 134432024036.jpg - (91.90KB , 400x300 , Temporty Incoherent Rage.jpg )
115182 No. 115182 [View]
Not quite sure this is the best place for this, but if people want to make a writing request I'd be happy to take them. They're not commissions, i'm not asking for any bits just looking for something to do. Just head over here http://red-rover-fim.deviantart.com/#/d5a8idp and leave me a note or comment or just comment on here and get a hold of me.
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>> No. 122608
Weird o_o
>> No. 123243
File 135131962566.png - (320.88KB , 509x726 )
Autosaged in case of further bot shenanigans.
>> No. 123249
Alright, thank you.

File 135026226095.png - (2.01MB , 1366x768 , ITS REVIEW TIME (no dad no).png )
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#Story Reviews


Hello, everyone. This is a thread for reviewing stories. No, not the sort of "reviews" that the Training Grounds and others have been offering to fanfic authors. This is a thread for actual, literal reviews. In this thread, we post thought-out reviews of stories we've read, in order to help other readers decide what to read next.

For many excellent examples of the type of review we want in this thread, see here:

If you think you can do this and you'd like to contribute, here are some guidelines I've created for the thread. These are guidelines and not rules, because there's no way to enforce them (and I'll be happiest if everyone sort of does their own thing anyway), but I think following these guidelines will make for better content.
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>> No. 123186
File 135121189691.jpg - (66.42KB , 256x256 , Sock Avatar.jpg )


No presumptions, a good sense of humor, and an easy-going charm that wraps around you like a comfortable pair of thermal socks—for me, these three points were what originally got me into the show, and they are three points that I find well-represented in this fic.

On the surface, Reading Rainbow has a fairly basic premise: Twilight is hospitalized, and Rainbow Dash steps in to help her through her recovery. The “member of the Mane Six needs to be cared for by another” fic is so common you could throw a metaphorical rock into Fimfiction and hit twenty of them—and that’s not even counting those which focus on Rainbow Dash herself getting hurt. So, what sets this one apart?

Well, for one, it isn’t focused on shipping there’s actually very little focus on the deeds of our favorite equines. Once the fic gets rolling, the action is limited to Rainbow’s reading of a story to Twilight—and that’s it. Apart from the occasional break for some commentary by the two of them, everything that happens is just a part of said story’s rhyming fable. Essentially, the entire plot is nothing more than a framing device for the author’s little fairy tale.

Here’s the thing, though: it works. A lot of times, when a fanfic writer uses a setting simply as something to shoehorn their own drabbles into, the canon quickly becomes overshadowed. In this fic’s case, the parable seems like it really could have been penned by a pony poet. Its moral lesson—to never betray oneself in seeking another’s attention—fits right in with the show’s overall tone and themes. That’s what sells it for me.
>> No. 123202
File 135123160536.jpg - (39.02KB , 600x720 , 56808.jpg )
Language Barriers by Silver Tongue
[Sad] [Slice of Life]

Luna struggles to adapt to the way modern ponies speak and talks to Celestia about that for a quick 2.7k words.

I didn't like it. For one, the story of Luna struggling to adapt to life a thousand years after she last hung around Equestria is one that's been told many, many times before, and I feel like I've read this exact story at least once or twice already. To its credit, it tries to focus on the language differences and Luna's feelings about them in particular, but I feel it would have been a stronger story if it had stuck to those guns still further. Every extra word about Luna needing to recover her magic or about Luna needing to prove to ponies that she's not scary feels like a word wasted on well-trodden ground.

And speaking of wasted words, the writing on display here, while competent, is not compelling or particularly well-crafted. The author attempts to make the narration sound old fashioned by substituting short words for strings of long ones that add neither meaning nor flow, which quite undermines Luna's longing for the artistry and deliberateness of her old language.

This premise might have made for an interesting story, but the execution falls flat. The story is tired and the prose overly wordy. I don't recommend it.
>> No. 123212
Copy/pasta of my latest review for FOB Equestria.

The Youth in the Garden
Tags: Sad
Author: The Descendant
Synopsis: September 17th, 1862 became the single bloodiest day in American history when a battle was fought along the Antietam Creek near Sharpsburg, Maryland.

Yesterday, Fluttershy hummed happily as she watered her garden.

The two events are not unrelated.

File 135109812242.png - (115.78KB , 600x729 , flutteronassis.png )
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#Author #Crossover #Sad #Sci-fi #Shipping #Grimdark

I am Roan. You may know me from my previous endeavors in the FiM fandom, most of which have been contained here on Ponychan or on FiMFiction.net. I have yet to finish any stories, but what I have put out has been described as... interesting.

Status: Cancelled due to creep.
Description: HiE with... twists. Twists like one of the biggest (in ridiculousness, not popularity) Mary Sues in this fandom, alternate identities that are revealed before the plot gets going, a sentient zombie scientist, Twilight being a control freak for all of two chapters. Heavily unedited. I'm sorry.

Lyra Cocta Melum
[GRIMLIGHT... ish]
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>> No. 123120
File 135111680544.jpg - (64.06KB , 874x914 , Surprise Dash.jpg )
...Rather than be pissed that you're replicating that headache-inducing talking style, I'm suddenly curious as to how many people here would get the reference. An impasse, without question...
>> No. 123126
File 135112166475.png - (564.02KB , 900x599 , 5da[1].png )
>> No. 123130
File 135112486688.jpg - (124.17KB , 480x640 , spoiler.jpg )
... why is it that this post is more of a spoiler for the present act in Homestuck than an adequate explanation of... trigger issues?

File 135085135152.jpg - (44.54KB , 612x800 , Daring Do137558 - artist raikoh14 Daring_Do.jpg )
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#Collection #Discussion #Collab

I've been kicking this idea around a few times in #fic and I figure it's time to make a thread about it.

The idea is that we each write a one-shot, then we'll take turns reviewing them. Then each author will go back and edit his/her story. And when we're sure they're all as good as they can be, we'll put them into one collection and ask for donations so everyone who wrote something can go to Bronycon.

I know a lot of you are skeptical, but I want to at least try. Worst case, we all write a bunch of awesome stories that get a lot of attention. Well, more attention then they would if you just dumped them on FimFic.

To do this, we have to decide on a (loose) collective theme. And if anyone here can draw, or knows someone who can draw, we should at least have a cover pic and some illustrations would be nice.
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>> No. 122881
After reading about MoD, I'd say that this idea is similar, except with maybe a... lighter subject matter. I guess if no one wants to try collecting money then we don't have to. But I feel like we could at least collect for a charity or something.
>> No. 123045

I really... this idea just kind of... You know. It's not ambitious, it has an air of romantic wishful thinking to it.

Regardless, I've love to participate and help create what's sure to be a really nice product, regardless of my cynicism as to its goals.
>> No. 123074
If this goes down, I'd want to contribute.

File 135099582757.jpg - (153.09KB , 1600x900 , reading_rainbow_by_equestria_prevails-d4oouc1[1].jpg )
122982 No. 122982 Locked [View]

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but meh whatever.

I'm looking for a story I read on fimfiction a while back. I can't remember what it was called, but it was a one shot about Twilight becoming blind and in a comatose state after performing some eldritch ritual. She more or less learned everything and it put her in a coma after burning out her eyes. Then it had Rainbow reading to her in the hospital. The pic they used is this one.
>> No. 122985
File 135099684775.jpg - (57.10KB , 693x531 , 130759992048.jpg )
Reading Rainbow by Corejo.

For future reference, please use the Recommendations and Requests General. It's the thread we use for questions like these. You can find a link to it in the sticky post at the top of /fic/.
>> No. 123021
File 135101257468.png - (18.42KB , 1400x900 )
Thread lock because: >>122985

File 135100900770.png - (44.28KB , 640x540 , Scared Dash.png )
123006 No. 123006 [View]
#Single-Fic #Sad #Shipping #Grimdark #Psychological

By: Meddi Cayre (Joshua Dooley)

Rainbow Dash is keeping a dark secret that is burdening her greatly. It is affecting her job and her ability to represent her element. Will Applejack be able to help Rainbow Dash before she is driven completely mad? Or will Rainbow Dash spend the rest of her adult life looking through a small glass window in a white padded room.

Update will be within the week because I already have half of the next chapter written

Chapter One: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/58793/The-Organization

I hope this post is better ^-^
>> No. 123019
File 135101253689.jpg - (479.92KB , 1502x1458 )
Sorry about the harsh introduction – he's been given a short time-out. I hope it doesn't leave you with a negative taste of our site – most of us are quite a bit friendlier than that around here. I went ahead and swapped out the #Author tag for you. Good luck with your story!

File 133135638407.jpg - (135.82KB , 635x350 , Dash is God.jpg )
90126 No. 90126 [View]
#Author #Discussion
We may, or may not, have been in this situation before.

We come across a piece of fiction that has *insert massive number of positive comments here* and has a very large number of positive ratings and reviews. You also find out that this story was featured on several discussion and fiction websites and is among the top listed for one (or more) sites (whether it be number of times rated high, number of times tracked/favorited, etc.) You decide to read it to see what all the hubub was about.

Now, let's say that you do/do not like this fic. You later on discover that the idea that inspired the story was agonizingly simple in your eyes. So simple in fact, that you decide to create a story of your own with a simple idea that a large number of the brony populace knows about.

You start on your story, giving it a clever title, maybe a custom image, intriguing synopsis/description, etc. But as you progress with the story, you remember how beloved the story that you looked at earlier were. You look at that story once more, then you look back at your story and compare the two. You start to develop a fear that your story would not be as good as the story you read, or any other story that received similar honors. Your next thought is whether or not to scrap the idea. A part of your brain is telling you to continue, while another is attempting to make you quit and try to drive you into momentary depression.

My question to you all is this:

Do you strive for fiction greatness? Do you wish to see your own story shown in lights across the pony fiction sites, to be featured and adored by readers everywhere? If so, how would you achieve that goal?
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>> No. 122913

>Or you can just start writing clop, say it is clop with plot and then go on ignoring the latter for the former while still making intelligent sounding metaphors. Or write a shit ton of it, just write more and more. That one works better than I think it has any right to work, but what can you do.

I've never seen this happen, but now I want to: I want to see an author write hardcore clop, lie through his teeth about writing it for the plot (actual plot), then get lost in love for his own story so that it actually becomes something nice. Then it gets continued and becomes Field Notes, then it turns into Romance Reports, and finally the author just kind of cracks and turns it into TMB.
>> No. 122923
I have just recently gotten into writing Fanfics. I'm not really striving for greatness, just putting my ideas out there. If, one day, I do achieve Fiction Greatness, that means i'm doing something right and just improve on it.
>> No. 122937
I would argue that there is a difference between "greatness" and "popularity" and we should clearly define them before we set out to create and then decide which is the more important to us. While neither goal is, in and of itself, necessarily wrong, the methods used to achieve each of them can be wildly different.

Popularity is about knowing how to reach the greatest number of people in the most effective method possible. Some stories achieve great popularity, simply by shock value. (Cupcakes, etc.) Others get it by being the first to explore a great idea (Fallout Equestria, etc.)

Shoot, this whole show became popular because it achieved something none of the other seasons had: it was written by adults and could be appreciated by adults. They said to themselves, "Just because it's for little kids, doesn't mean we should shut out the rest of the audience. Let the parents have some fun, too."

It’s also a matter of timing. Imagine, again, if this show had been released before 3.5. or after 1. The results would have been different, because the times would have had less to reflect on and decide how to place this show.

True greatness, on the other hand, is achieved in a slightly different manner, often through the desire for a single goal. Whether that be the creation of an epic, the discovery of a tremendous truth, or even the betterment of a single soul, it is the definition of true passion. The struggle for greatness is what often separates true artists from the dime-a-dozens, because those who struggle for greatness don’t care about fame. They want to make something of themselves, or find something that will better the world, and they will work hard for that goal and bleed continually for it.

It’s rare that an act of greatness becomes popular with any amount of haste, but those who wish for greatness will hold fast in their dream and strive to make sure that their creation is all it can be. Artists have often died, never popular, but their vision was so great and their willingness to stand by that vision so great, that their fame grew as the years passed and people said, “They put so much of themselves

File 135085198853.jpg - (62.57KB , 788x309 , generosity.jpg )
122849 No. 122849 [View]
#Single fic #Normal

We all have write one at one point. Enjoy my Alicorn fic!

By: Cabal

Synopsis: Red Cent and Breezy Feather have tried hard for years to have a child, and then Generosity came along to brighten their quiet lives. However, the ministry of health have requested that they isolate their child and prepare to have him sent away to canterlot. Fearing that their quiet lives would be disrupted they fled with Generosity away from those who would take him from them.

Years later, Generosity explores the world beyond his basement.

>> No. 122851

It puts the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again.
>> No. 122855
File 135085363900.png - (76.51KB , 400x400 , 126762__UNOPT__applejack_apple-pedreiro.png )
Oh, it's cabal.

>Fearing that their quiet lives would be disrupted
Apparently, having your child claimed by the authority is only on par with loud music and inconvenient inclement weather during picnic days.

Absolutely beautiful.
>> No. 122858
File 135085417315.jpg - (11.76KB , 281x236 , okay-guy-meme.jpg )


File 135065372710.jpg - (217.31KB , 1280x951 , 0b4f40e8764ac8db807bbea50ebda240.jpg )
122653 No. 122653 [View]
#Discussion #Contest #Nightmare Night

I saw this on EqD and figured we ought to have a thread about it. It's a fic contest that overlaps with our own write-off, but some might still be interested.


* 2.5–10k words
* Must abide by EqD's content standards, i.e. no excessive gore or sexual content
* No horror comedies allowed
* Must be written solely for the contest
* One entry per participant
>> No. 122654
File 135065535180.jpg - (13.43KB , 300x300 , 296642-ethereal_mug_shot_large.jpg )
<This one shall enter.>
>> No. 122693
I already started a Nightmare Night story... but it's more of a comedy, and probably will end up just over 10K words.

It's hard to scare me with regular horror, let alone anything involving our favorite colorful talking ponies. I'll see what people end up doing.
>> No. 122832
File 135083944259.jpg - (7.68KB , 264x172 , Trolololololololololo.jpg )
Pfft, horror. That's just what they'll be expecting.

File 134826939359.png - (143.74KB , 1696x1792 , 1YJPi.png )
120150 No. 120150 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Previous thread >>115976

Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the fifteenth installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Anything that has to do with Equestria Daily, the pre-reading process, fanfiction, alcohol, regrets, or Nicolas Cage. Keep questions on other subjects to a minimum.

I’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: Depends entirely on how many pre-readers have free time and how interesting the story looks. Could be an hour, could be a week.

Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
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>> No. 122965
File 135098312862.jpg - (71.74KB , 600x600 , twilestia drink.jpg )
Previous thread >>120150

Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the sixteenth installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Anything that has to do with Equestria Daily, the pre-reading process, fanfiction, alcohol, regrets, or Nicolas Cage. Keep questions on other subjects to a minimum.

We’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: Depends entirely on how many pre-readers have free time and how interesting the story looks. Could be an hour, could be a week or more.

Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
>> No. 122967
I have a feeling this has gone wrong somehow.
>> No. 122978

Vimbert, clearly you were drunk. Go to bed 3 hours ago.

File 135073221515.jpg - (257.76KB , 950x541 , EX01-NightmareNight.jpg )
122729 No. 122729 [View]

So as you may have known EQD is holding the Nightmare Night horror-fic contest. And I wanted to ask, what makes a good pony horror fic?
>> No. 122730

File 135072677978.png - (381.91KB , 800x800 , Vinyl Scratch Socks Blushing.png )
122721 No. 122721 Locked [View]

I dunno if this is the place to ask, but does anyone know what's up with the clopsort? It hasn't been updated in nine days and it keeps giving me errors when I try to do stuff. What's up?
3 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 122726
http://fim.413chan.net/ -> left bar -> Fanfic? The latest post looks like it's from... twenty minutes ago. They use a YY/MM/DD format there for dating posts. The thread at the top of the page is from two months ago, but the latest post in that thread:
>> No. 122727
okey doke, made a post there

sorry for being a bother
>> No. 122728
File 135072977444.png - (465.12KB , 1191x670 )
Clopfics can't be found on Ponychan: this is a work-safe environment. Thread locked.

File 131243671271.png - (255.99KB , 719x454 , 130540774831.png )
36796 No. 36796 [View]
FYI: Might wanna skip the first few paragraphs if you don't want to read irrelevant rambling.

So, I notice that some writers here have threads. Granted, they're more widely-known, more popular, and very likely better than me.

However, I do write. And I occasionally (I keep misspelling that word) start a thread here to see if anyone's interested in my newest story. They usually aren't, but this isn't supposed to be about me bitching. I'm starting this thread and keeping it here so that my material will be kept in one place. It could also help with feedback as, if you for some reason decide to read my body of work, you might be able to discuss the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of my writing as a whole, rather than as individual stories.

Anyway, here are the stories I will post the name of the story, a link to Equestria Daily, and reasons that you may or may not enjoy the writing:

Bedtime Story (the first one, at least. 5-star)

56 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 93159
Welp, "This Nearly Was Mine" is now complete.

Also, chapter 2 of "The Ballad of the White Rose" is now up on fimfiction.
>> No. 94581
And chapter 21 of The Book of Friendship is now up.

On to stuff, then. This week is gonna be hectic for me, though. Hopefully I can slog through it.
>> No. 96363
Well, this uncompleted chapter has been sitting around in my GDocs since last August, so I decided to post it.


And hoooooly crap all those faves...

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