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I recall reading a comedy fic once, where the mane6 suspect Fluttershy of having acted in a porn movie.

Anyone know what this fic is called?
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>> No. 119113
>he thinks fluffershy is a clopfic
>> No. 119132
File 134738524477.gif - (481.04KB , 499x399 , tumblr_m6h21mdkDZ1qdiu4q.gif )
laughinhorse.jpg? I can do you one better and make it a .gif.
>> No. 119148
File 134738860123.png - (224.11KB , 486x545 )
Welcome to fic, hon.

First, please read this thread:


Requests should be directed to the Request and Recommendation General Thread, which is here:


Anyways, since you appear to have gotten your answer, I'll be locking this thread.

File 134593973598.jpg - (151.29KB , 894x894 , Twilight i_like_books_by_axian_art-d52j26v.jpg )
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In an attempt to give lesser known stories more attention, I thought we could start a /fic/ Book Club. Each week, we'll pick a Friendship is Magic fanfiction to read and discuss here.


>The Writing on the Wall
Synopsis: Daring Do can't believe her luck when she is asked to help explore the most ancient tomb known to ponykind. But terrible danger awaits her, for beneath the earth rests something beyond equine understanding.

>Moments Worth Sharing
Synopsis: After a very stressful day visiting her prized student in Ponyville, Princess Celestia is left alone to contemplate and watch the sunset. From an outsider's perspective, she has everything she could ever want. But has she ever really had anything at all?
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>> No. 118893
So how you join this thing?
>> No. 118895
File 134714493531.png - (122.46KB , 400x350 , Applejack131693212345.png )
Go in the #fic IRC and bug Roger to add you on Skype... that is when he wakes up.

I guess this isn't happening today.
>> No. 118904
I'm on now for anyone that wants to join.

File 134702722175.jpg - (111.52KB , 900x672 , back_to_studies_by_shadyhorseman-d4oa8ix.jpg )
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#Author #Discussion #Crossover #Sci-fi
Does anyone here watch community?I am working on some plot and characterization outlines for a big crossover fic for national novel writing month, And need to know what a pony version of Abed would be like I'm having a really hard time with the name especially. the basic plot is all fictional universes have a Abed and every Abed has a dreamatorium, they all sort of serve to keep the struggle between good and evil balanced across the multi-verse In a sort of cold war way i.e there is an infinite number of good and evil Abeds doing an infinite number of good and evil things evil universes tend to have good Abeds good universes tend to have evil Abeds neutral universes have neutral Abeds I am acting under the Assumptions that the Moral alignment of the universe is determined by the strength of the forces of those alignments in that universe rather than the effectiveness of them therefore equestria would be a evil universe despite the overwhelming success of good for example The princesses were helpless against discord and queen chrysalis so equestria would be evil.
>> No. 118766
File 134702918479.png - (42.74KB , 324x252 , sakuya_waiting.png )
Welcome to /fic/! Have you read the sticky >>112263? You really should, for it is your friend and guide to navigating this place.

For the discussion of story ideas, go to this thread: >>106451
>> No. 118767
File 134702965052.png - (242.87KB , 643x643 )
Well hon, if I were you-


I'd follow Casca's advice here.

I'll delete this thread for you once you're over in the Story Forge thread, okay?
>> No. 118819
did that thanks for your moderation with your moderation, if you will excuse the wordplay. the rules are pretty much a block of text for me sorry didn't read them bette.r

File 134412007661.png - (2.32MB , 1333x1600 , 110793+-+artist+ponykillerx+being_awesome+rainbow_dash.png )
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Hello again Everypony!

Ever mused on how much Power Celestia really possess? How about Luna? Or what about Twilight?

Well, here’s an opportunity for you to try and astound us all with the feats one or more of these ponies can conjure.

This is the first of what I intend to keep as monthly writing contests. I previously held a larger contest with a theme of Romance, but these will be a bit smaller in scope, and as such the requirements will be a bit easier. The prizes may vary from month to month, but below you’ll find it all in detail.

The goal of the contest:
1: Write a story focused on Power. It can be any genre you want, but one or more character must show their very best.
2: The story has to focus on Celestia, Luna or any of the Mane 6 doing something spectacular.
3: The story should be approximately 5,000 words in length.
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>> No. 118653
So! Time to announce some winners. I know I am a day late, and I do apologize for that. Got a bit busier than I anticipated.

Since you're interested in seeing how you're ranked, I'll also provide some motivation for the rankings.

First place goes to: Fallowsthorn
Story: The Candle
Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HKS1GRusYoooRAwAV-I9VUsxlCDeJljIRIWA_evk3h4/edit

Out of the three submissions, Fallowsthorn presented us with the best show of Power through his storytelling and adherence to the characters in it. It's not a perfect story, and it lacks the frame of reference needed to truly make the reader appreciate the powers that Luna and Celestia keep at their disposal, but it's a worth winner.

Second place goes to: Invisible Cadance
Story: Water’s Life
>> No. 118658
File 134695666674.png - (115.53KB , 900x843 , the_great_and_powerful_trixie_by_mcawesomebrony-d495o53.png )
> ultimately doesn't succeed with the purpose of the contest
Haha, yeahhhh. I expected as much. My story deviated heavily from the original prompt and went in a totally different direction. I'll pass on the prize though. I don't have Steam I know right? and I don't want to download it just to get a couple of games. I really appreciate you doing this contest though Zanzibar. I entered for fun and I had fun writing, winning a prize wasn't even a tertiary concern. Thanks though and congratulations to Fallowsthorn and Invisible Cadance, you guys deserve it.
>> No. 118799
File 134706406819.jpg - (10.97KB , 240x210 , omgomgomgomg.jpg )
Allow me to send my dorky grin through the internet.

Thank you so much, both for the contest and the critique. (I may rewrite some parts of this; it depends on how happy I am with it the next time I have enough free time to look. Or something.)

Paypal email is in the name thing. Box. Whatever. You know what I mean.

Again, thank you, and I'll definitely keep an eye out for anything else you do; this was a lot of fun!

I totally didn't think I get first place, but I'm not gonna look a gift pony in the mouth here. ;D

File 134484211503.jpg - (260.86KB , 968x1296 , l5dwK.jpg )
115909 No. 115909 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Prelim Thread: >>113502
Accolades and previous event statistics: http://goo.gl/hgnDc
Stories: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/44658/Sweet-Music---Finals
Voting for the finals: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZSZKVQJ

Voting closes Mon, Aug 20 08:00 UTC

With the preliminary round finished, we are down to our thirteen finalists. There's some really good stories in there, so be sure to check 'em out. I hope everyone enjoys the show, and I hope everyone had fun participating.

What's left to say? Go read them stories.

Oh, and, obligatory: Comments and ratings highly appreciated!
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>> No. 117496
Yeah, I know that Ruby isn't exactly standard yet. Common for web development, but not standard in the same way that Perl and Python are.

Still, I can't think of any OSes that ship with Perl but not Python.


Fine. Perl it is. I'll give it a shot.

But I have to admit that the whole sigil thing is proving difficult.
>> No. 117708
Sage for unimportant status update.

So, I have to admit defeat with Perl. New language concepts plus algorithm hacking do not mix well in my brain. I'll try again once I'm happy with the algorithm.

On the other hoof, I think I have a cool new algorithm to show off. Multithreaded stochastic tunneling. I'll tell you how it works once it stops blowing up.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that there is a difference between a clever pony and a smart pony. You see, just because I'm clever enough to think of using a
sui generis object to emulate Ruby 1.9 Random#rand with 1.8's Kernel::rand like so:

rng = Object.new
def rng.rand(max=0)
>> No. 118772
I guess this got necro-bumped and the post deleted?

File 134479495669.png - (58.13KB , 1328x276 , sad derpy fic.png )
115804 No. 115804 Locked [View]
Welcome to my first review thread, enjoy your trip and remember to keep your seatbelts on... Let's cut to the chase, shall we? I'm a writer. I have two stories on my back, both of them well accepted by the community, but I've never tried reviewing before. Summer came, and I found myself with a lot of time in my hands. I adivise you to take my suggestions (when they're not purely grammar-related) with a pinch of salt, but feel free to throw yourself in the pit of despair with me, it's going to be a fun ride.

The rules of this game are simple, my little grasshoppers:
1) I'm going to read through anything that isn't Gore/Clop. Keep it in /fic/'s limits.
2) When you post, write the title of your story, your name, a link to the Fanfic(Gdocs is highly preferred) and a short description .
3) I will read your story and review it following a chronological order.
4) Remember that right now I'm 8 hours away from the Usa, so I'll be doing the work while you're (probably) sleeping. If you lean your ear against the wall in the dead of the night, you can hear my old mechanical keyboard... That means the time has come, little one.

Shower me with your work,/fic/.
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>> No. 118546
Please, lock the thread.
Quitting Mlp for an indefinite time.
Sorry for the requests. I really am.
Have a good day.
>> No. 118547

So sorry to see you go! Oh well, have a fun time doing whatever you're going to be doing.
>> No. 118559
File 134680592697.png - (212.34KB , 800x560 )
Thread locked by OP's request.

File 134633173080.jpg - (9.61KB , 298x169 , images.jpg )
118049 No. 118049 [View] [Last 50 posts]
So, as you may have read in the last thread I made I've had the idea to make a blog dedicated to fanfiction and that alone. Sort of like Equestria Daily with only fanfics, a showcase of some awesome fics and other stuff. Now, I've got quite a few ideas, but I'm asking you lot whether you've got any more I could implement in.

Feel free to also have a discussion on whether this is a good idea or not.

Here are all my ideas so far:
-Fanfics get a bump for every chapter they release. But you have to wait a minimum of five days before you can get another chapter posted
-A weekly/fortnightly author spotlight, where an author is interviewed or just profiled. The author must be good, or have some interesting stories of course. Readers can suggest some.
-A revamped rules system dedicated to making a site where no massive amount of fics are left out. I won't be letting in clop, and that is the only thing.
-If Gumii is ever made I shall be asking the developer for some sort of implementation of some sorts.
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>> No. 118358
Well, if you had bothered to read you would know that I am trying to say this:

If you had told me that /fic/ would have become a place where things are organized, people get helpful advice, and is all things not fanfiction year and half ago, I would have laughed at you because /fic/ clearly sucked [use your imagination, but it involves a donkey] for anything like that. You would have gotten better luck in fanfiction.net.

Well, shit, I can't say that now, can I?

Now look. From where I see it, you are either being actively pessimistic without any reason, or just being stubborn for the sake of thinking you are right. Other places have run similar systems and have made them their own. Why it couldn't work here, when /fic/ kind of did something similar, isn't something I can get.
>> No. 118360
I looked at your previous message, and by all means it looked like you were talking about imposing these changes to fimfiction. Which sounded downright silly.

Starting a new blog or new site to do this kind of thing would be feasible. It wasn't clear from your message, but it looked like you wanted to change fimfiction, which I think would be a mistake, since the site fills its role (more or less) perfectly.

"It's fanfiction" isn't to say that you shouldn't give a fuck about quality, it's to say that most people don't give a fuck about quality when it comes to fanfiction, so imposing those kind of requirements on the mainstream site would have caused uproar, rioting, flipped tables, and a team of angry neckbeards sending equally angry messages to knighty.

I stand firm in my belief that imposing those kind of changes to fimfiction would be stupid as hell, and questionable of how much interest that kind of 'hardcore' rating site would garner from the community
>> No. 118380
File 134657232535.jpg - (37.37KB , 425x589 , tumblr_l4inu2Vcqc1qaaa5bo1_500.jpg )
No, the plan is more to replace EqD as the go-to place for high-quality stories. Perhaps edge out FimFiction, too and leave them the rejects, which wouldn't really be much of a change from the current status quo of them picking up those denied entrance onto EqD. There would also be the bonus of making a sort of mega-/fic/ and encouraging a more constructive writing and reviewing experience.

People don't care about quality because they haven't truly experienced it. If you had someone that ate frozen pizza all their life and they tried some from the local Italian pizzeria, to say they would be dumbstruck by the sheer change in quality that they'd never go back. This is the idea; to give people stories that are so engaging that they simply wouldn't be able to look at the shipping dreck they used to claim was "amazing". Before people know what quality is, they must first be introduced to it.

My only suggestion for FimFiction would be the weighted ratings since that would allow for a scale instead of the binary thumbs up/down that's in place, thereby giving a more accurate depiction of a story's quality. With bombers having their one-votes rendered neglible and high-fivers not being able to peddle their good feels, the way would be left open for more educated readers to give an accurate rating.

Oh, and a dead time between making a profile and being able to vote on stories, but that was something you didn't seem to have any qualms with.

File 134651928553.gif - (162.18KB , 257x424 , tumblr_m1tpl97l0y1r1b6b6o1_400.gif )
118281 No. 118281 [View]

Here is the full plan for the fanfiction blog that I have been preparing for the past few days. I am still working on the initial design and such, those shall be posted in this thread sometime tomorrow.
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>> No. 118324
Well first, awesome having a chance to speak with the guy behind one of my favourite blogs
(it really is, it's right next to google docs in my bookmarks). Secondly, I guess I can start out doing interviews, reviews and then branch out to stuff like getting someone to do a weekly essay series.
>> No. 118329
File 134654061341.jpg - (5.67KB , 225x225 , 134422237084.jpg )
>I guess I can start out doing interviews, reviews and then branch out to stuff like getting someone to do a weekly essay series.
That's the way! I look forward to seeing your blog grow.

Also, my apologies if I came off harshly before. Sometimes I have a hard time balancing Honesty and Kindness when I'm giving unwelcome news.
>> No. 118330
Das cool, Das cool. All is forgiven. Now, I've got some sleep to catch up on and then I shall begin working on this damn blog!

No. 118132 [View]
Dear Ponychan:
I've heard very nice things about you, and I humbly come here asking you a question.
You see, I LOVE fics, and I've been in FIM fiction for quite a time.
But I just see 1 problem. They are written in English.
Don't get me wrong, I love the British language, but I think non-speakers would like to read fics as well.
I am Spanish, and I am translating 2 fics to my mother language.
I have them submitted in FIMfiction, but I don't think they will let me post them.
So here is my question:
Where can I post my translated fics?
Should I keep translating?
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>> No. 118282
>looks at this video:
>Keeps laughing.
>Laughs some more.
>> No. 118284
The intro is good, the dub is godawful.

And don't let me start about the italian fanbase.
>> No. 118285
That's why I am laughing. Especially the comments on that video.

File 134625871155.png - (21.16KB , 185x185 , 134511839767.png )
117832 No. 117832 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Past Sins, Fallout: Equestria and My Little Dashie. Those three are considered the three most popular works of literature in the fandom. All three of them have spawned hundreds of pieces of fanart, fan music and fanfics. But why did they become so popular?

Was it luck, quality of something else that propelled these fics to heights that other fics don't even hope to achieve?
64 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 118180
Whoa, derail.

I'll just say this: work be gettin' stressful and I am having less time for fun things. Also, random anxiety attacks and the onset of ADD(?). I will say this though: I think I shall make my project simpler when I can return to it. Done is better than good, and I just want to have fun with it, so complex stuff that we probably won't need can take a hike.
>> No. 118185

This was amazing.
>> No. 118275
Well, MLD was released at a time that the "Ponies in Real Life" pictures were very popular. Heck, based off them.

Fallout Equestria, well, write a crossover based on a popular video game and someone's guaranteed to look at it.

Past Sins I'm not sure. I suspect it might be because Pen Stroke was a fairly big-name writer in the fandom even before then, so him having a huge project was probably bound to get some hype.

File 134620889978.png - (651.59KB , 1366x768 , Twilight_super_happy_sparkle_eyes_rarity_pout.png )
117791 No. 117791 [View]
Hey there everypony, long time no see. I just finished my first full fic, and before I continue on my path I would like some help. I was wondering if anypony would like to be my prereaders? That way I can make my stories as good as possible. If you want to help, please comment on this thread and/or email me. If you want more info, comment me and ask. Thanks so much.
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>> No. 117939

All right, I'm finished, and you're gonna have some work to do.

Your intro suffers from some pretty serious show-don't-tell issues, so your hook falls badly flat. A good hook makes me wonder what's going to happen next and/or gives me a character or situation to care about; yours does neither with any real weight. My advice would be to use sensory details in place of simple "tagging" adjectives like (just examples) "happy" or similar adverbs like "sadly."

You made at least one careless tense derp. I won't point it out, both because of paradoxes and because I want you to scan and find it for yourself.

The main conflict is a cute idea, but I worry that it's not very pony-appropriate. By pushing canon like this, you run the risk of veering too far away from the tone. I think this fic will be most fun if it keeps your "adventure" aspect while still being, ultimately, about happy ponies living in the magical land of Equestria. Death and intrigue and whatnot should be handled with a light touch if you presume to write within canon Equestria.

I also have serious issues with your character voice. Bad fanfics are too eager to play with speech quirks like AJ's and Rarity's, and while that's not necessarily directly related to your problem, you do need to work on striking a compromise.
>> No. 117947
>> No. 117969

Whoa, there's another Mister Yo. Hello there!

See? Time machine works perfectly. :3

File 134628132327.png - (241.01KB , 500x647 , tumblr_lxlxaweifh1qgjtw5.png )
117924 No. 117924 Locked [View]
#Discussion #Shipping
Does anyone have "Switcheroo" by Biologic Orthodoxy saved?
He deleted it some time ago, and now he's gone completely.
I could care less about RariJack clop, but I wanted to see how Twilight's friends would react to the news... "Don't worrz, my sister just kinda f*cked immortality into her."
Figured it would be funny.

>> No. 117925
Stories with that kind of content aren't allowed on this site.
>> No. 117926
learn to fimchan.
>> No. 117928
File 134628210125.png - (269.01KB , 401x598 )
What this guy said.

Also this: >>117926

File 134585255450.jpg - (38.08KB , 250x155 , 26302_r.jpg )
117323 No. 117323 [View]
#Normal #adventure
So i have this Choose Your Own Adventure collaboration project. As of now, 9 authors have 214 different scenarios, and dozens of different endings in a 49k word document. We've hit a bit of a snag, so i'm hoping for more contributors. =3

If you're interested in the story, either to help contribute or to enjoy a good read, click the link below.


For now, to give you a little taste of this giant project, we'll play a little game. I'll post the opening scene, and give you the choices available, whoever posts next decides on which path will be taken. I'll post the results of that choice and whoever posts after that will choose where the story goes next

So then, shall we start?

You are a resident of Ponyville, a nobody with no real future. Your cutie mark is-… Well, it really doesn’t matter now, does it? You’ve been sitting at home, relaxing, letting the days pass by you as you enjoy your solitude. There has been plenty of exciting thing occurring since you moved in; an Ursa Minor attacked the town, a chaotic creature changed the world to his design, and even a thousand year old Alicorn found her way out of her lunar prison… and yet SOMEHOW you of all ponies managed to sleep through it all.
16 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 117660
In case you missed it, that was a reference to "A Song of Fire and Ice". You'd be hardpressed to not find that book in any self-respecting library at this point. A book does not get an award-winning HBO show without making a few waves, after all.

Also, it's a not-so-subtle hint to me choosing the "I'm looking for a book" option.
>> No. 117834
Ah, sorry, i've been kinda half asleep when i read that... didnt get it... Anyway, book...

Spike chuckles. "Well, if you're looking for a book, no better place to find one than in a Library." Spike ushers you in, closing the door behind you.

"I should warn you, Twilight just did another rearranging of the shelves, so don't expect to find anything where they used to be. If you're looking for something specific, I'd be happy to point you in the right direction."

An Adventure Book sounds grand (TRM004)
I'm feeling a Romance novel right now (TRM005)
Got any good Mystery stories in? (TRM006)
Nah, I think I'll wander for now (TRM007)
>> No. 117857
A romance is probably the best bet for finding some down-low hanky-panky.

File 132899037257.png - (205.60KB , 900x903 , morning_bon_bon_by_johnjoseco-d49efcj.png )
83432 No. 83432 [View]
How do I come up with good pony names?
58 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 117665
My headcanon says that names are almost pre-destined. Only way to really explain some of the ones that wouldn't be obvious when they're born, like Fluttershy. Or perhaps their names are changed when they get their cutiemark, like a coming-of-age thing in some tribes where a boy doesn't earn a name until he has his first successful hunt.
>> No. 117684
Fluttershy wouldn't...
I dunno...
Say when she was as old as Pound Cake, Fly pretty weakly? Maybe a flutter or so? And be prone to hiding behind things? As if she was shy? A Shy Flutterer so to speak?
>> No. 117702
File 134612338492.png - (129.28KB , 646x650 , 3db.png )
Well, that's the thing. Babies are tend to be named when the mother is holding them in the hospital for humans, so unless we apply some sort of alternative, there's no reason for her to be named that. It's not something that would be immediately apparent. Granted, if we ever find out what her parent's names are, that might answer it (since it could be a sort of family tradition thing like the Apple clan).

I prefer my headcanon regardless, because then I can address the whole "fate vs. freewill" subject.

>Pic 'cause I like it

File 134579325731.jpg - (30.18KB , 320x320 , 66838_-_confound_these_ponies_duplicate_hit_the_sauce_twilight_sparkle.jpg )
117229 No. 117229 [View]
In some episodes of the series, ponies can really only grip things with their mouths. Magic too, in the case of unicorns. Hooves and wings are only about as dexterous as a clenched fist in these episodes.

Other episodes have "feather fingers" and "hoof hands" that seem to adhere as-needed to various objects.

So my question is this: how dexterous are hooves and wings in your fics? Are they basically functional-yet-digitless hands as in The Powerpuff Girls, or are they blunt limbs? Also, why do you have hem the way you do?

I prefer my ponies non-dexterous. Partly this is because it keeps unicorns more distinct than they are otherwise, and partly because it helps keep the feel of "world of sentient ponies" rather than "world of humans who happen to look like ponies".
2 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 117578
I figured that consistency was more important than anything else.

Can someone please comment on this?

My fanfiction won't be the best, but I'll be damned if I get lazy.
>> No. 117609
File 134605420337.jpg - (177.25KB , 800x800 , 68778_-_artist_aoshistark_derpy_hooves_pet_science.jpg )
That'd be my gut reaction. While I prefer my ponies non-dexterous, I'd rather read a fic with consistent "feather fingers" than one where the dexterity level jumped around.

Or did you mean consistent across the fandom? 'Cause I don't see that happening.
>> No. 117629

Well, it's less of 'consistent' and more of 'what's the popular opinion that I get the most THIS IS HOW IT IS'.

Now that I know consistency is the most important, I know I'll just be consistent.

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