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#Discussion #Crossover #Tenchi Muyo
Thinking on writing a Tenchi Muyo/MLPFiM fanfic. Need some help.

Which continuity should I put this in, for example? I'm the most familiar with the OVA continuity, and I can probably squeeze it in somewhere before or after the All-New Tenchi manga, but I hear Universe is quite popular and well-liked, so I don't want to discount that. What am I going to do?

Also, how are the ponies and Tenchi going to meet? Maybe Washu tries to create a transdimensional warp or something? I don't know. HELP!!
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File 134577137737.jpg - (392.27KB , 1871x1354 , 130767484361.jpg )
Here on /fic/, generally, authors who need help on a story ask for help in the Story Forge at >>106451. Since you made this thread, you probably haven't read the sticky. You should probably read that, too. You can find it at >>112263, or at the top of /fic/--it's the post with "Posting Rules" in big flashy rainbow letters.

Y'see, /fic/ threads are generally not geared towards any one individual; author threads are aimed at readers, review threads are aimed at all authors who submit to them, and discussion threads/generals are aimed at anypony who might post in them. Request threads like "Help me with my ideas" or "I'm looking for a certain fic" aren't quite like the others.

Welcome to /fic/. Have a muffin.
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File 134578044028.png - (72.03KB , 894x894 , juice_bawx_eris_by_speccysy-d4mu8bc.png )
Read the rules plz. >>112263
> 1. Do not make a thread for the sole purpose of:
> A story idea or asking about how to write a story. Instead, use the Story Forge (story idea general) >>106451

File 134203649504.jpg - (90.86KB , 894x894 , madame_pinkie_by_flutterwonder-d4t9czi_png.jpg )
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#Reviewer #The Training Grounds
Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn’t the only such thread, but it’s usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds: >>106717 The sticky, which contains important information: >>98618)

For writers
Submission guide: http://tinyurl.com/TrainingGroundsHowTo
TL/DR of the submission guide: http://tinyurl.com/TrainingGroundsTLDR
List of TTG regulars: http://tinyurl.com/TGRegulars
Submission form: http://tinyurl.com/TrainingGroundsSubmit
List of recently-finished reviews: http://tinyurl.com/TrainingGrounds-RecentReviews
Reviews in progress: http://tinyurl.com/TrainingGrounds-InProgress

For reviewers
How to review: http://tinyurl.com/TrainingGrounds-ReviewingGuide
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>> No. 114913
All my dibs
>> No. 114915
>>114434 NEW THREAD >>114434 NEW THREAD >>114434 NEW THREAD >>114434 NEW THREAD >>114434 NEW THREAD >>114434 NEW THREAD >>114434 NEW THREAD >>114434 NEW THREAD >>114434 NEW THREAD >>114434 NEW THREAD >>114434 NEW THREAD
>> No. 117538
The review has been acknowledged by AlphaNova

File 134597350468.jpg - (63.62KB , 597x435 , jellyfillies.jpg )
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#Single fic #Discussion #Crossover #Sci-fi
Discord's statue has vanished from where Celestia had put it in the royal dungeons, but it doesn't seem to be because Discord himself has escaped. Rather, somepony has stolen it. Now the Doctor and is loyal companion Derpy will search time and space to find the culprit. Bring on the drums!

>> No. 117483
File 134597824374.jpg - (416.71KB , 1400x1000 , 96886 - artist-rautakoura let's_get_dangerous mare_do_well Mysterious_Mare_Do_Well roof.jpg )
Before anyone jumps on Mr. Shotoman for breaking the rules: this thread is not asking for reviewing or proof-reading, so he's not breaking any rules by making it.

However, based the fates of previous threads of this nature... don't expect to get any interest from this board. People seldom come here to look for fics to read. It's nothing personal.

Consider posting in the Training Grounds or another review thread if you would like to receive constructive criticism.
>> No. 117486
he speaks the truth, shotman. Unless you're a very known author you should avoid doing these threads. Sage because these threads are generally frowned upon.
>> No. 117512
You'll need to do better than that to get me interested, Mr. Shota... err, Shoto.

Also, the #Discussion tag is superfluous with the #Single Fic one, but whatever.

File 131275719147.png - (66.74KB , 200x188 , Octavia-crop(artist:Moe).png )
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(Grammatical error repost. The deleted/404'd thread still shows up on the front page for no apparent reason.) I'm not using my name/tripcode and would like to encourage others to do the same, so that we can be completely, brutally honest with ourselves in this thread.

I've been distraught between spending a lot of time working on a big 7-part story and other much more important things in my life. I've completed outlining the mythos and backstory of the civilization, agriculture, and the ecology/wildlife of the surrounding land, have come up with a decent conflict/resolution, decided on what each of the characters will represent and what roles they will play, and have finished the story's outline/timeline, managing to keep it all tied together nicely so that there's still a strong underlying theme and plenty of mysteries and plot twists.

Then, last night, I began to wonder why I was spending so much time on it in the first place. I had told myself so many times during the writing of my first fanfiction that I was doing it in order to bring what I thought was a good idea to life, as a labor of love, and that even if few others appreciated it, it would still have been worth it. In hindsight, however, I wasn't able to stick to this; though finishing it was a fine exercise in organized thought and problem solving (i.e. filling plot holes and getting creative), I felt rather empty inside when it received barely any attention, after all the hard work and thought I had put into every sentence. That's why I began to think that I hadn't been honest with myself, and that writing had ulterior motives.

It goes without saying that writing fanfiction (and to an even greater extent, proofreading and reviewing fanfiction) is unpaid and under-appreciated work. However, there is so much fanfiction floating around that it strikes me as rather absurd to think that more than a tiny fraction of it was written primarily for the joy of writing or the world of FiM. Hence, I posit this question: if no one but yourself and the reviewers/beta readers, if any, ever read your work, would writing it still have been worthwhile? If so, then why? What is your
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>> No. 117466
File 134596923648.jpg - (117.55KB , 960x639 , 4CrhR.jpg )
It wouldn't be too hard to organize this sort of exercise. Perhaps a thread should be made to for people to participate in stuff like this since there seems to be passing interest in it.
>> No. 117469
File 134597132541.jpg - (10.66KB , 138x150 , lalalala.jpg )
So, a thread for "signing up", determining times, and a devoted GDoc for the live chat function?
>> No. 117472
File 134597259439.jpg - (78.98KB , 900x706 , pinkie_pie_by_dfer32-d4hx76w.jpg )
It could be fun. We could start with a comedic reenactment, possibly involving beer, of a Michaelangelo art piece.

File 134480936250.png - (354.79KB , 835x563 , meet_the_pinkie_pie_ro_by_cpu_pi-d56eoxx.png )
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Hello again, everyone. After multiple attempts of getting back on the ball and making some mistakes here and there, I've decided to get back in the game with a little more organization in my schedule than before. If you don't mind waiting a little under a week for a review, as long as it's thorough, this is the place for you. And there's a theme not too! Pyro Land!

Why Pyro Land? Here are Pyro Land we specialize in Adventure, Science Fiction and Dark-toned fics, which is pretty much what Pyro Vision is all about! Sort of. We also specialize in TF2 crossovers, hence Pyro Land. But anything is welcome.

How to Submit:
1. Have a story! Pretty obvious
2. Title your post with the name of you fic
3. Put title, link, word count, synopsis and tags in your submission post
4. Wait for your review!
4b. If you wish to be contacted via Email of when your review it completed, you can leave an email address in your post as well (I will not accept 'Er, well it's in my name, just click on that'. Just put it in your post, please)

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>> No. 116929
Eh, I've waited longer for reviews. Thanks at least for finishing what's in your queue
>> No. 117375
Alright, just out of curiosity, when you say you're just going to do the 4 reviews you have queued up, does that include the multiple chapters of mine as 1, or would you just look at the first chapter?
>> No. 118615
Ooookay, gonna just drop out of this queue now after a few weeks' silence.

Also someone might wanna lock this, unless/at least until Hugbox comes back.

File 134477449900.png - (1.06MB , 658x876 , steampunk_twilight_by_nastylady-d4v88wp.png )
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#Reviewer #Short Reviews
Ah, you’re here. That means you saw my review thread and decided to click on it. Possibly because of its name, correct? Well, I assure you, you read that title correctly. Welcome to 12step’s pre-reading thread!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. Submit a piece of work with the* title, author’s name, link, description
2. I will queue it.
3. Within a short period of time ranging from a few hours to a day or so, I will read it and critique your story.

HOWEVER! There is a catch. This is a thread for pre-reading. I will pre-read your work as if I were a pre-reader for Equestria Daily**. WE SHALL ONLY LOOK AT THE FIRST TWO PAGES. Three if your story has an amazing hook. I will point out mistakes on those pages like a normal reviewer would, except I will be limiting myself to 3-5 of each type. That’s right, type. I will be grading you on three categories: Grammar, characterization, misc. Then, I will leave you my first impressions of the story along with a recommendation on which review thread to get a proper review from based on where your biggest problems are.

*In regards to submitting a story: Don’t submit four or five chapters to me. I will not look at any other chapters. The errors that are in the first chapter will persist through the other chapters.
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>> No. 117312

Could I get this thread locked. It's not working. My chance to start over was blown courtesy of Filler an Cassius.
>> No. 117313

>My chance to start over was blown courtesy of Filler an Cassius.

Don't blame us for your own problems.
>> No. 117314
File 134584109832.png - (143.79KB , 900x924 )

Locked by request of the OP.

That bit about taking a step back was mostly meant for you, hon. Please do so, okay? Take some time to relax and come back to this with a cool head and a clear mind. I know from experience that it makes a very big difference.

File 134580287277.jpg - (0.99MB , 900x593 , EQUESTRIA.jpg )
117236 No. 117236 [View]
#Discussion #Advice
Story, and I was wondering Can you give him ideas of what to include? Examples of well written fictional histories? First Person or third person omniscient? Other pointers?

Please and thank you.
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>> No. 117241
My friend is writing a History of Equestria, that's how it's supposed to start.
>> No. 117243
File 134580528805.jpg - (141.49KB , 945x945 , 134479578084.jpg )
Ah! Okay, then.

I don't have any examples readily available, but I'll offer what pointers I can.

The choice of narration largely depends on what kind of story you're trying to tell. If it's just a broad historical sweep, he'll want third-person past-tense omniscient.

Obvious key points include the founding of Equestria, the reign of Discord, and Luna's fall/Night Mare Moon's banishment.

Smaller points to expand upon could include the pre-Equestrian pony socities, the founding of cities and towns like Canterlot and Ponyville, the lives of major figures such as Star Swirl the Bearded, etc.

That's all I can think of without a clearer idea of what your friend is looking to write.
>> No. 117247
Oh, my bad. I forgot to shoo you along to the Story Forge (at >>106451). You're not supposed to make free-standing threads like this to get help on a fic.

File 134565681084.png - (1.27MB , 800x800 , HerHeartsStrings.png )
117096 No. 117096 [View]
Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been on /fic/. Time to change that.

“Ditch all notions of perfection on the first draft”. This is no doubt a mantra that many writers have. First drafts are to be flawed, maybe even trash, and it is a tried and true part of many writers’ routine that they should have to go back into their work and edit it. From typos to plot-holes to just rephrasing what you already have, editing is all done to make your work better.

This hasn’t always been my strong suit; more often than not I find myself just staring at the screen, wondering where the problems lie and how to fix them if they should be found. This has led to me needing, rather than simply wanting, my drafts to be perfect on the first run, and this really slows down the writing process.

I am curious as to what others do at this point. How do you go back and do self-edits? When a reviewer tells you the problems your fic is experiencing, but is very vague as to where, what process do you go through to make sure all those problems get corrected? What is your mindset when you go back in to edit?
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>> No. 117152
File 134571304885.jpg - (25.59KB , 400x400 , 0488319fcb.jpg )
Once I've written a scene, I go over it for mechanical errors. Between my decent abilities here and the magic of spellcheck, that's usually pretty quick.

Then I let the scene ferment for a day or so while I work on the next.

After the fermentation, I read the scene aloud to try and spot any awkward turns of phrase or missing words.

I alternate fermenting and re-reading until I'm confident that it's as good as I can get it on my own, and then I start on the next scene.

Given that the sphere of people I know IRL who like ponies and the sphere of people willing to read my dreck do not overlap, self-editing has been vital to me.

I'm still adjusting to this whole "seek out folks online" thing, as is no doubt painfully obvious to anyone who's read my work. My poor EQD pre-reader was like the fifth person to ever read it, the poor brave fool.
>> No. 117178
File 134574828902.png - (93.26KB , 264x302 , 133983215737.png )
Oh, hey, Turtle's back. Eh, I do like the omnibus says(is it the omnibus?) and simultaneously tell myself that what I'm writing is going to be awesome, and that it's going to be riddled with errors. Once I'm finished writing, I tend to read it over, because as most writers know, what took an hour to write can take five minutes to read, so i want to make sure it doesn't feel rushed. As I read I tend to pick up punctuation errors and other stuff I missed earlier. Once that's done I send it to a friend/reviewer to look at it, which creates a waiting period in which I have nothing better to do than to reread what I just wrote about six times. By the time it gets picked up I've usually proofread it enough that it looks halfway decent.

As for my mindset while I'm doing this, honestly, I'm just trying to pass the time until it gets picked up. I'm actually very impatient in that regard, and if I can make my reviewers job that much easier, then I can entertain myself.
I've always been more motivated by helping others than helping myself. Weird
>> No. 117179
File 134574851667.jpg - (140.47KB , 564x326 , 4509 - scootaloo.jpg )
Oh, I forgot to mention what my mindset is when going back to the story after a review. Most of the time I am convinced that the reviewer is wrong, and will argue my case vehemently. However, the longer it's been since the review, the more the mistakes begin to stick out like a sore thumb. I tend to agree with most of them eventually.

File 133243370801.png - (160.76KB , 895x892 , rarity_smiling_by_crisx3-d4sxr6o.png )
92323 No. 92323 [View]
So, writing dialog seems fairly straight forward:

Twilight Sparkle speaks "normally." Maybe toss in a few multi-syllable words for good measure: "I enjoy writing dialog."

Applejack has a southern accent. Replace any "I" sounds with "Ah," maybe drop a few syllables: "Ah enjoy writin' di'log."

Pinkie Pie is overenthusiastic. Use lots of exclamation points, and occasionally use some "Pinkie" words: "I like writing dialog so super-duper much!"

Rainbow Dash is agressive. Use an informal tone and short words. "Yeah, I like writing dialog."

Fluttershy is, well, shy. Use stutters, "ums," and lots of commas and ellipses: "I, um, enjoy writing dialog, um, if that's okay with you..."
24 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 117037
I'd like to point out that someone with a southern accent would almost never drop an 'a' sound in a word. In fact, we're more likely to stretch our 'a's than drop them. Hell, we even turn other vowels into 'a's because we like them so much.
>> No. 117093
File 134565568734.png - (223.51KB , 855x934 , sweet_eyes_rare.png )
I've been waiting
for this moment
all my life
oh lord

Idiolective Phrasemes, anyone?


I'm working on the other four, but I gotta finish this fic I've been working on first.
>> No. 117095
File 134565622088.png - (197.23KB , 390x409 , woop_rare.png )

Three notes on Rarity.

One: Rarity is best pony.

Two: Rarity has class, and that is reflected in her etiquette. She cares about the propriety of things, and attempts to treat everypony with grace and charm. Watch her swallow her feelings and put a polite face on almost every inconvenience throughout the show.

Three: Rarity is a designer, and most all of her conversation is littered with the style and suitability of the things surrounding her. If there is something ugly in the room, she will comment on it. If there is something gorgeous in the room, she will obsess over it.

Three point five: read "The Great Gatsby" - Rarity is a Virginia Princess, and not English.

File 133964755564.png - (174.26KB , 499x356 , Snapshot_18_2.png )
106658 No. 106658 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Some things like everypony and hoofsteps are easy to pick out, but other forms of pony talk can be difficult to discern. This is a discussion thread for determining when and where certain replacements should or should not be used in writing.

I'll start us off with kidnapping : Do we change this to foalnapping or is it fine as is?
Also, is there a resource somewhere that could more easily help resolve most of these?
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>> No. 117063
Strange seeing this, for reasons that should be obvious. I had to double-check that date.

Can't say. Word of Faust says there aren't any humans and we've seen no rumours in the show for them. Maybe you could get away with Lyra saying that due to fanon but otherwise you're going to need something else. I'd say "Hold your buffalo" since they stampede, except that might be a tad racist.
>> No. 117075
File 134564689482.jpg - (5.67KB , 225x225 , 134422237084.jpg )
I'd go with foalnapping. While I could see ponies using "kid" the way humans do casually--Dash talking to Scoots, for instance--I think they'd use what comes most naturally with regards to SRS BSNS like an abduction.

Me gusta.

I go with mom and dad thanks to Pinkie's cutie mark flashback. I'd use sire and dam if I was writing something set before Night Mare Moon's banishment, though.

>> No. 117083
AJ uses "hold your horses" in Best Night Ever during the cold open, while waiting for Twilight. Spike also uses it during the Running of the Leaves when he's announcing with Pinkie. Generally speaking, they don't seem to shy away from horse-based idioms ("Why the long face" used in the Season 2 finale). They might not carry the exact same meaning as they do in our universe, but they still appear to be aptly usable... same kinda point as in >>107174

Oh right. "Hold onto your hooves—I am just about to be brilliant!"

File 134492137904.jpg - (178.69KB , 880x781 , Nick's final Goodbye.jpg )
116040 No. 116040 Locked [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Author #Epitaph
Ladies and gentlemen of /fic/, my name is E.D. Garnot. Some of you may know who I am, but most of you won’t. Tonight, I come to you with solemn news; a great tragedy has befallen all of us here in /fic/.

Some of you knew him, and some didn’t.

Some of you looked up to him, and some of you didn’t.

Some of you hated him, and some of you didn’t.

I’m speaking of course, of NickNack, writer of “Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel”. At precisely 7:36 PM pacific time on the 13th of August of the year 2012, NickNack sent me a message, one that I’ll not soon forget.

This is what he stated in it:
“I don't think there are enough words to say how badly I've screwed things up. I don't think there are enough words to say how sorry I am, both to you, and everyone I've let down by my continued failure. But I have to live with those failures. And now, I'm coming to you because... I need you.
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>> No. 117019
File 134560280753.gif - (931.56KB , 350x291 , 1300721866633.gif )
>inb4 lock...

You did report this, right?
>> No. 117020
File 134560306380.gif - (1.85MB , 356x268 , 1294445323145.gif )
Well, it doesn't seem to have occurred... you need to report this kind of stuff if you want it locked. I don't think there is anyone looking over /fic/ with ever watching eyes.
>> No. 117025
File 134560401373.png - (166.41KB , 400x566 )
Thread locked on request of the OP.

File 134547252895.png - (703.55KB , 900x813 , engineered_alicorn_by_pashapup-d4ew91o.png )
116834 No. 116834 [View]
#Discussion #OCs #Guide
Okay, so here’s an interesting thing, guys: OCs. That’s right, original characters. Eventually, every author will probably find the need to write one, whether it be a minor background role, or the main character. While you could try to write only using established characters for your entire writing career, chances are, you won’t.

So that’s why I’ve made this thread. What makes a good OC? How do you avoid making a Mary Sue right off the bat? What are readers looking for in an OC? I will answer these questions and maybe more if I think of them while writing this.

What makes a good OC?

Knowledge about the OC. The more we know about them, the more emotionally attached to them we can feel.

Very few people want to read about Saltine, the light gray stallion bartender with the red mane. I know all of four things about him: He is a bartender, a stallion, he has a light gray coat and a red mane. So? I am unimpressed, especially if this is all I get the entire first chapter.

More people want to read about Saltine, the light gray stallion bartender with a red mane, a family of four, financial troubles, a will to do what it takes to earn the needed money, is scared of blood, and gets lost easily. Yes, this is the type of information that makes me want to know more about the character.
1 post omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 116896

Dangit... I only just realized that this isn't a general discussion thread, where anybody can post their suggestions or opinions. This thread is for 12StepsFromAnEndlessvoid's guide specifically.

Please let me know if you want my post deleted and it shall be done. As much as I'd love to contribute, I didn't mean to muscle in.
>> No. 116915
File 134552093860.png - (87.42KB , 802x996 , steampunk_twilight_by_kraysee-d52jlqj.png )

By all means, go ahead and keep it up here if you feel like it'll do any good.

This thread was intended to discuss OCs and dabble a bit on Mary Sues. Your post clearly does both. You just take a different angle than I do. Both posts are fine and dandy, but if you deleted your post and reposted, making sure that you make it clear that yours is just another angle on the same topic, we should be good to go.

Thanks for the input!
>> No. 116935
Re-posting for clarity's sake! Using my actual screen name, even!

Do note that the following post involves a lot of personal opinions based on how I approach character design. I'm not affiliated with 12Steps, and would love to hear comments or criticisms on what I've said here. A cursory googling reveals that "Mary Sue" includes a wide variety of very different concepts, all of which require very different solutions. When I think of a Mary-Sue I think of self-inserts and wish-fulfillment, so that's the direction I'm coming from when I talk about them. I don't know if they're the most common type of Sue, but I personally find them the most irritating. I'm very curious to know what others think of when they hear the term "Mary Sue," and what sort of solutions/precautions they would suggest.

To me, a Sue's problem isn't something that can easily be patched after the fact. It needs to be caught in the design phase as early as possible. At it's root, I don't think it has anything to do with the story or the character. It's got everything to do with the author's approach to writing. As such, here is DuncanR's Bulletproof* Approach To Designing Interesting Characters Maybe!

*Bulletproof is an interesting concept... it's actually more like "bullet resistant." And silencers are actually "surpressors," and nonlethal bullets are really just "less-lethal". Also, the tooth fairy is your mother. You think you would have caught on earlier, what with her being eight inches tall and having dragonfly wings. Sheesh.

The Long-Winded Version:

Hokay. Let me see if I can type this out in a way that sounds as awesome as it does in my totally amazing (studies are inconclusive) brain:

File 134533484096.jpg - (259.54KB , 640x551 , rainbow_sad_by_kawaiipiepied3jbejq_display.jpg )
116681 No. 116681 [View]
#Author #Single fic #Normal #Slice of life
hello everyone

so today i wrote my first chapter EVER. im sorry if im doing anything wrong here on /fic/

as it is my first story, and english is not my native, i know its full of errors. i need a pre-reader to help me fix it, and it would make me very happy :D

currently the chapter is about 800 words.
pass: yoghurt_is_very_yummy

quick description:
basicly i prejected my own life into rainbow dash's.
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>> No. 116690
File 134534090974.png - (169.12KB , 602x655 )
I'm going to second AzuNyan's recommendation: Please submit your fic to the Training Grounds thread for review, okay?


Here's a link to it, if you need it.
>> No. 116710
File 134536167834.jpg - (54.65KB , 650x1000 , _mlp___fim__oc___derpy_hooves_by_mekamaned-d51i4l5.jpg )
Heh... I meant to sage properly, but I tapped the wrong box.

The "m" thing comes from the Fritz Lang silent film an old error that I opted to run with on a lark.
>> No. 116731

File 133910239399.jpg - (38.83KB , 1680x1050 , YESYESYESYES.jpg )
105776 No. 105776 Locked [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hello, writers, new and old! My name is Ryonne. Due to a sudden influx of free time, and, consequently, boredom, I have decided to revive my old review thread so that I may satiate my vast desires for reviewing and extensively editing different pony fanfics. Therefore, I shall herein be meticulously looking over all of your fanfiction, and giving you different recommendations and critique thereafter. In short, I'm here to review pony fanfiction!

Now, as per a few opening words on myself, I am a very extensive reviewer. I am quite a perfectionist, and have had experience reviewing fanfiction before. Also, I am a regular writer, and while I refrain from publishing a majority of my work, it remains a passion of mine. While I'm not a professional here, I will do my best to provide the best advice for the writer and his work. My reviews here will mainly be about character analysis, plot development, and overall style/general writing ability. I do review grammar, but if your fic is not presented in Google Document format with the comments enabled, you will only get a paragraph on it at the end of my review.

I will review anything that is confined within two chapters or so. I will review longer, multi-part stories, but as for your submission, it should only be two chapters at a time. Also, don't go throwing in your novel-length "first chapter" to cheat the previous rule. I will also accept fics with excessive, unnecessary violence some more violent content, and fics with clop a bit more mature themes in them, but they should be kept to emails only. My email is registered with my name.

Now for the rules and regulations that totally weren't copied and pasted from my old thread!

1. A response to a review is encouraged. And by encouraged I mean required. I want to know how I did. After all, how can these reviews be beneficial if we both don't benefit?
2. Follow the template specified below. I want to know about how you will present your fic to others, not just myself!
3. I will not always be on here. I
84 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 116535
File 134522627237.gif - (143.88KB , 582x400 , d51.gif )
Hopefully that'll do it, thanks for picking it up!
>> No. 116666
File 134531524850.jpg - (88.40KB , 700x906 , OctaviaDarkCello.jpg )
All right. First, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to the authors I will be dropping for this. I assure you you all have fantastic fanfics, which should definitely be given the proper attention that I cannot currently give. As I've said, I've been incredibly busy lately, and I really do not want to keep you waiting with my one review a week at least. I know this will probably be the nail in the coffin for my reputation on this site, and as such I would like to say I will discontinue any and all future review threads after this. I've tried to attend my duties the best I could, but the truth is that it's simply impossible at my current standpoint. Thus, I'll be leaving this site. Writers, there are many other excellent alternatives you can use for your fics. The Training Grounds is a great place, as well as several other review threads around this board. Please, use them, instead.

Dear writers, thank you for staying with me even when it was difficult to review anyway, and farewell.

>> No. 116669
In that case, I'll lock your thread.

File 134509596221.jpg - (96.97KB , 894x894 , Fluttershy155113 - artist kohtek fluttershy glasses hipster_png.jpg )
116352 No. 116352 [View]
I was wondering if we could discuss the possibility of having a /fic/ IRL meet up. Maybe at a library or something.

Is there anyone else who would be interested?
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>> No. 116626
File 134526800857.png - (181.94KB , 376x739 , 133956258842.png )
Oh my goodness, that video is funny. And it's really not so bad, just the cities that give it the bad reputation. that and Jersey Shore. Geez I hate that show, it needs to die, by far, without a doubt Thee absolute worst show on television, bar none. nopony here is that stupid, or that big of a douchebag. The rural areas are nice; I wake up to a nice sunset every morning, and I spend my summer nights out at the local outdoor skatepark, staring up at the stars. There's a spot behind the quarter pipe that gets absolutely no light at all, so I can even spot the milky way on the clearest of nights. The air here is clean, and I can walk around town barefoot without worrying about where I step. I will admit however that people in New Jersey are the craziest drivers around, myself included.

>we have the same laptop O_O
I've never had a problem with Skype, except when the internet's bad. Check your router.
>> No. 116628
I try.
Sounds like a nice enough place, but you may be a little biased in that regard ;p

Try reinstalling it. Your specs seem fine.
We can always use something like Gmail's videochat, I guess. Never used it before so I can't attest to its quality, though.
>> No. 116651
Nevermind, I got it to work.

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