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File 134402136227.gif - (335.95KB , 720x720 , schoenherr_dune_sandworms-o.gif )
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#Discussion #Normal
i am writing a short fic about twilight sparkle crashing in a desert and having to survive a long trek back to civilization. I used the name from a fallout equestria spin off: Las Pegasus as the name of the city she is travelling for. but i need a pun name for the desert surrounding it. Ideally it would be a play on the Saharan desert but any desert name would work.
so if you guys could help me out of this jam i would appreciate it greatly.

also pic is slightly related as i may or may not include sandworms
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>> No. 114547
I believe there's a country in israel called Samaria,
I would go for the Mojave, rather than the Sahara, because it's much closer to Las Vegas. Fun fact: Sahara is the African word for desert, so we're actually calling it the Desert desert.
You could try Marejave. Forced as it is, everypony will know what you're talking about.
>> No. 114557
File 134402834731.jpg - (8.00KB , 234x215 , images.jpg )
you know that is inspiration gold right there, there might be zebras in the story now.
i thought that a play on mare would be a good way to do it and samarean definitely has a nice ring to it. i'll just have to decide on how to spell it
hmm marejave does come out a little forced doesn't it. for some reason i always thought the Sahara surrounded Las Vegas, strange.
>> No. 114558
File 134402853648.jpg - (24.20KB , 600x338 , mlfw720_131041356466.jpg )
oh god what did i just say. of course the sahara doesnt surround las vegas it is in africa

File 134402447638.png - (84.20KB , 301x301 , be gentle.png )
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got a but of a request guys. Could someone please point me in the direction of a MLP short. Can't remember what it's called but it's a diary of a pony soldier who fights in a revolution against Celestia. In the end the sun goes down and never comes back and everyone dies.
Any idea what it is or where to find it? Thanks
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>> No. 114555
File 134402738129.png - (43.61KB , 188x179 , Rarity 14.png )
Arrg! I was actually reading a fic kinda like this yesterday, but I dropped it halfway through. I can't for the life of me remember the name of it or find it on FimFic or EqD, to see why I added it to my "to read" list.

Well, best of luck to 'ya.
>> No. 114556
It's a picture file, right?
>> No. 114559
This should really be asked in the story request thread.

File 133386246200.png - (419.61KB , 1000x938 , Rainbow laugh.png )
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I'll spare you the story of my original thread's near implosion. Let's do this!


1) Please be courteous to other posters. Being rude is MY job. (Not really, only in Hardcore reviews. Other than that, I don't bite. That hard. More on that in a moment)

2) Please note that on occasion, I'll have to set aside reviews to keep my priorities straight and the thread might reach critical mass and fucking explode Ponychan like it nearly did before.

Cough - Sorry about that.

That joke aside, I've got other responsibilities, so reviews might take quite a while from time to time. However, if you story is posted here, it'll get reviewed (eventually).
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>> No. 114489
File 134398204129.png - (107.01KB , 800x551 , 1336713377089.png )
>mfw most of this thread is missing

where did you go sweet thread?
>> No. 114497
File 134398729637.jpg - (4.44KB , 211x239 , scootaloo facehoof.jpg )
>sage in wrong field
his current thread is here:>>111302
>> No. 114498
File 134398722109.png - (172.68KB , 902x581 )
Thread autosaged per OP request (>>99911), albeit belatedly..! Please report a post in this thread if you are coming back to it and want it to bump again.

File 133849058411.jpg - (86.15KB , 478x382 , 133731414146.jpg )
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#Discussion #Shipping #Contest
Hello Everypony!

Today we bring to you all an Amazing opportunity to show off your show stopping writing abilities.

Over the next month, you're All invited to take part in a bit of High Society Romance.

So, what's the occasion you ask?

Well, with the second season over, we thought it was a good time to encourage all you fanfic authors out there to show what makes this community so fantastic.

The goal of the contest:
1: Write a story focused on Romance. (But don't be afraid to branch out into adventure, comedy, or any other role you feel comfortable in.)
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>> No. 114419

I didn't think I had a chance at placing in the least. I wrote that story in my one hour of free time every weekday, plus weekends (minus the last writeoff, which gave me a real kick in the pants when I was struggling with this contest), and when I finished, I had enough to time either A) add in the scenes that would make the plot flow more smoothly, or B) give it much-needed editing. I went with the second choice, closed my eyes, and hit submit, hoping for an also-ran.

I'm very impressed that you decided to give everyone a prize. :D You should be congratulated for running a great contest with a unique theme. Pushing to give people enough time to make their writing better and putting up a high word minimum were both excellent ideas.

Congrats to the winners (Shining Armor x Luna? I have GOT to read this), and to everyone else for pulling off 10k or more! I'm planning to read all the entries in time, and I'll leave feedback here for the ones that aren't on fimfic. Looking forward to the next time around! :D
>> No. 114425

Okay, I'm done jumping around like a moron. That doesn't happen often. But, dang! I am so honored for this win. While I did think I put up a winning effort, I still had fears of not quite coming up (especially after reading Lynked's entry)

Congrats to all the winners. I might drop a look at some of them when I get the chance.
>> No. 114429
Hah, well I'm flattered! Congrats on the win, from the looks of things, you deserved it.

I myself am freaking out right now. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to spasm.

>> No. 114321
This is all I know about Ace Combat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBVYVuFmcR8

File 134354635840.jpg - (61.47KB , 600x600 , ba1ae5152e2d1cc29ab4345b2f9369df.jpg )
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Here's a new section on FIMfiction for people who create and share My Little Pony audiobooks. I think this is a very small part of our community that needs to be more pronounced. The more support behind this, the better :)



My personal work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elP5Dy-xBak
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>> No. 113890
File 134359231871.png - (60.34KB , 202x215 , scootaloo thoughtful.png )
Sounds interesting. I was always the favorite to read aloud in High school English class, (though I can't imagine why, all I did was read) I might just try this out.
>> No. 113905

Go for it :) I never really gave it a serious try until now. It's pretty fun once you start getting into it,
>> No. 114166
File 134374276069.jpg - (537.59KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_m6n5rclXGK1rxvqdmo1_1280.jpg )
UPDATE: Moved to PonySquare. Feel free to join the FIMfiction group, but most of our new stuff will be posted on PonySquare.


File 134362459514.png - (223.44KB , 1366x768 , lesson 1.png )
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#Discussion #Lesson
Part 1: Overlying Arc

Pacing is the concept of controlling the intensity of your story and the speed of the actions in it to create a comfortable and entertaining experience. If you’ve ever had a book or movie that you can’t put down, that isn’t a result of fast pacing, that’s a result of perfect pacing. What people don’t realize is that there is more or less one way to pace a story, and all popular/well written movies and stories use that pacing curve.

That pacing curve is the picture on the side of the post, which is set up following the plot of Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope. That was a movie that despite being scifi in an unfavorable era and having mediocre actors, managed to become extremely popular because it had near perfect pacing.

Let’s step back and look at the graph. It goes up and down, ranging between moments of tension, and moments of rest. But it has one particularly sharp spike in the beginning. That sharp spike is the sudden action that you use to grab the viewer’s attention, but after it, you should have a low moment of rest, where you properly establish characters, setting, and the overarcing conflict. Following that, you see a steadily growing curve which goes back and forth from moments of high intensity and rest, before hitting the final climax and falling back down again.

See, despite the notion that constant action in a movie or book can be a good thing, the fact is, that the reader will become acclimated to that level of excitement, and it will no longer be exciting anymore because the reader uses that level of excitement as a baseline. A state of constant excitement is just mentally exhausting to our minds, and therefore should be avoided.

So how do you balance between these moments of rest and moments of tension? Well, below is a list of what rest and tension is in a few different genres:
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>> No. 114009
File 134362522979.jpg - (128.90KB , 800x401 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 114010
I was just about to post that. I didn't realize I'd left it out of the OP.
>> No. 114039
Excellent guide, OP.

File 134254382448.png - (152.80KB , 900x900 )
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#Discussion #EQ DAILY COLLAB
Hello /fic/! i am !!Fluttershy. um, it is nice to meet you!

i'd like to discuss a unique opportunity today, and i do hope all of you will find it interesting! i'm working on a major collaboration with EQDaily to help boost /fic/ and make it into an even more fun place to be!

What would you like to see in a collaboration? We already have the training grounds, but there's just so much more we could do!

Let me know your suggestions and i will do my best to see if we can bring fun things to /fic/!

While i'm here, feel free to e-mail me any board related suggestions as well. i'd love to see if we can improve the /fic/ experience for the growing community here.
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>> No. 113980
FWIW I agree. If teams want to stick together after this event and work on some epic-length graphic novel, they're always welcome to. But the group consensus usually seems to circle back toward not stifling creative freedom.

>And, for the record: Yeah, I'm only person, my thoughts do not reflect those of the entire board. The reason I showed up was to make suggestions based on my perspective and experience as an artist (like why teams large than 1+1 would be unviable). Not as a "representative." I said as much repeatedly.
Precisely. All we wanted was perspective from the /art/ side of things, so that we don't make further silly propositions like the graphic novel idea. Don't undersell yourself, as your input has been very valuable. It's just been difficult to find input from other /art/ists.

Pretty much!
>> No. 113984
File 134362107875.png - (219.31KB , 486x348 , 003.png )

In fact, and I apologize for not showing up, I've became a very busy person in a short amount of time, and I'm mostly out of my home.

>+ EQD will be involved in the recruitment process; +While we understand and respect the concerns raised against this point, we want to do what’s best for the event (that is, making sure there are enough entrants)

I knew this would happen eventually anyway if not much artists showed up, and, while I don't agree completely, I'm sure it was the right choice to even the numbers, and two persons don't really speak for all the artists.


I agree, Artists aren't going to bite arms off any time soon, as long as you ask in a civil manner, and don't give up if you're turned down once.
>> No. 114021
>FWIW I agree. But the group consensus usually seems to circle back toward not stifling creative freedom.
Then I shall elaborate further.

How many people do we expect to even try comics? There are probably three people on /art/ who are capable of doing them at all. I'm one of them, Bluey is another, and I can't actually name a third guy. I just thought I should leave some wiggle room.

Me and bluey aren't stupid or crazy enough to do comics for this thing, so that doesn't leave a lot of people to be stifled: Approximately one hypothetical artist.

Plenty of guys do ask-tumblrs... that kind of work would be well suited for storybook type stuff. Not. Comics. Whole different animal.

What I would worry about most is writers searching /art/ for comic artists, and turning down perfectly good candidates who aren't up it. Talk about making someone feel inadequate. Or pushing an artist into doing it, only to end in tears. For both sides (And there will be tears, I don't think you guys appreciate what kind of a meat-grinder comics truly are).

Failing that, it'll be one more thing that will make /art/isans think "nope, I'm just not good enough for this."

File 134360456342.png - (19.89KB , 1247x542 , Host56pic2.png )
113916 No. 113916 Locked [View]
I have a very dark but possibly interesting idea for a fanfic, here is the synopsis.

Celestia and Luna are not the only alicorns that keep charge of the day and night. There is a third, hidden alicorn prince(Description: Black coat, white mane, and silver horn)that opens the gateway on the plane of existance during dusk and dawn to allow the the passing of the moon and sun. He has lived and died a thousand times, only able to exist in the twilight. But one day, still trapped in his stone prison, Discord manages to gain enough power to pull Crepusc (which will be the alicorn's name) from the sky. This traps Equestria in an eternal dawn, the sun unable to rise and the moon unable to fall. Inevitably, this alicorn crashlands in the everfree forest, losing his memory. The only thing he has retained is an instintcual martyrdom, feeling that he does not deserve a sliver of generosity. Not only that, but Discord's spirit has leaked out and is wreaking havoc across the land. Crepusc is the only one who can stop him. In the end, Crepusc's tale is revealed to be one of an ultimate sacrifice for his sisters.
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>> No. 113931
If you were less cliche, then the changes made to... Crepsuc... would make him a different character.
>> No. 113938
Mods, may we have a lock but not 404? I don't want to lose the critique so far.
>> No. 113982
Locked by request

File 134279014351.png - (131.98KB , 948x1091 , 132868054946.png )
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#Discussion #Openings
A strong opening is arguably the most important part of a story, so in this thread we post opening lines and paragraphs. They can be as long or as short as you want, and they can be from fics you're writing, random openings you think of, cool openings you've found, whatever. You can post to get feedback, show off, discuss writing good openings, and so forth.
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>> No. 113430
Not sure if the very first bit counts with mine, so I'll do my first few lines:

T minus 2 hours. Ponyville, outskirts.

"I don't get it," Sweetie Belle said. "Why are we decommissioning the Celestia?"
>> No. 113562
File 134342066237.png - (195.34KB , 848x943 , vinyl_scratch__choose_your_destiny_by_up1ter-d50ljgh.png )
Complete attention hoarse opening line, but I started Let's Find You a Date!, Flying High, Falling Hard, and Equestria from Dust respectively with:

Twilight moaned in ecstasy.

High above Ponyville, Dash dove.

On a desolate plane, on a barren world, Celestia awakes for the first time.

The first transitions into a cheap joke insinuating Twilight and Rarity are having sex, gasp. only for it to turn out their at the spa getting a massage.

Second one starts off with Rainbow Dash trying, and failing, to perform a sonic rainboom, crashing into the library tree's branches.
>> No. 113592
File 134343213400.jpg - (58.65KB , 500x334 , 1339111451447.jpg )
It was a dark and stormy night (the sort which pleased lovers with an excuse to remain at their homes cuddling; gave mother respite of races against hyperactive, drenched foals; and enraged no one but literary critics and librarians, one of whom this story pertains) when the residents and guests of the large, tree library would be embroiled in an adventure far larger than themselves and involving more pink than any of them would desire.

I've had that for a bout five days after a bit of reading of the Hobbit, and I've been too busy to do anything with, or anything other than work and school.... hopefully I can get to it later.

File 133966170916.png - (2.37MB , 1074x1385 , Whoreadsthesetitlesanyways.png )
106717 No. 106717 Locked Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Reviewer #The Training Grounds
What is a sage? A miserable little pile of lacking bumps! When we hit 400 posts, The Training Grounds automatically sages and dies far too young. But enough talk! Have at thee a review!

Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn’t the only such thread, but it’s usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds: >>103159 The sticky, which contains important information: >>98618)

For writers
Submission guide: http://tinyurl.com/TrainingGroundsHowTo
TL/DR of the submission guide: http://tinyurl.com/TrainingGroundsTLDR
List of TTG regulars: http://tinyurl.com/TGRegulars
Submission form: http://tinyurl.com/TrainingGroundsSubmit
List of recently-finished reviews: http://tinyurl.com/TrainingGrounds-RecentReviews
Reviews in progress: http://tinyurl.com/TrainingGrounds-InProgress
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>> No. 111039
Thank you for finally getting me a reply. I do expect there to be quite a bit wrong with the story, so it always helps to have some insight into what can be changed. At the moment, I'm writing two other books and a show, so my full revision of the tale may take some time, but I do appreciate it.

I will apply your critique when I do get around to it though, and would appreciate your continued assistance. If there is anything else, I'll be happy to listen.

>> No. 113267

Will make a pass on this one. My first review, so if someone else wants to jump in as well, that would be great. [For the record, I have a lot of experience reviewing academic papers, so I'm not 100% new to this. :) ]
>> No. 113521

Some general things, now that I’ve read it all (all the nit-picks are below). Just to get this out now, I am totally new to reviewing fiction (much less pony fiction). Also, happy to go over it again post-revision.

Link to review:

File 134336704037.png - (89.90KB , 480x268 , 1297724076694.png )
113457 No. 113457 [View]
#Discussion #Scenes #Quotes
Ever been stuck on one scene that just refuses to be written? Perhaps what is supposed to be an epic and climactic finish to an action story comes out as dull and long-winded, or maybe your attempt at tugging the reader's heartstrings only leaves them with tears of boredom.

Sometimes, the best way to figure out how to do it is to look at how it's done by the greats. The point of this thread is simple; find a scene that really knocks your socks off, then post it here! Through this we can build a collection of templates for how to set your scene.

The rules are simple:
Post a scene from a story that you thought was particularly exemplary. While this is open to to any form of literature, do keep in mind that copy/pasting a passage from My Little Dashie with flavour text along the lines of "Made me cry buckets" is grounds for immediate emasculation, since it's obvious you're not using your pair anyways.

Having trouble with a scene of your own? Post a request! All it takes is "I need to build some suspense in my horror story" and someone will most likely drop a chunk of Stephan King's work into your proverbial lap. While it's technically not necessary, consider yourself obligated by the pay-it-forward effect to offer a scene to the next person that bumbles into here looking for help.

Also, to keep things rolling along, consider this the reboot of the Quotable Quotes thread. If there's a sizzling one-liner or particularly moving quote that you think people should see, feel free to post it here. But please, keep the Mr. Freeze ice-based puns to a minimum.
>> No. 113463
File 134336779986.jpg - (99.72KB , 680x596 , 2de.jpg )
That's more of a Story Forge Question. I can't think of too many scenes from famous novels that were written with "Friend invites other friend to play at their house to do stuff" as the centre basis.
>> No. 113467
“The George George Stark George Starked over the Starky Stark.”
― Stephen King, The Dark Half

Everyone who has ever written under a pen name should read this book.

File 134153872423.png - (12.23KB , 500x500 , tumblr_m67w9hymWY1r90ydxo1_500.png )
109878 No. 109878 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
Previous thread >>106665

Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the twelfth installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Disclaimer: Our knowledge of quantum physics is limited, so please try to keep questions on that subject to a minimum.

I’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: Depends entirely on how many pre-readers have free time and how interesting the story looks. Could be an hour, could be a week.

Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
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>> No. 113137
New thread's up:

>> No. 115833
Does a screenplay count as a fanfic when submitting to Equestria Daily? I've looked a bit on the blog, and there doesn't seem to be a precedent for it.
>> No. 129028
Your article perfcetly shows what I needed to know, thanks! http://ypzgmgd.com cyturctkxx [cyturctkxx.com] [link=http://alsnqw.com]alsnqw[/link]

File 134250526271.png - (153.45KB , 300x434 , wL26J - Imgur.png )
111783 No. 111783 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Collection #Contest #HAADO GAY WOOOO
STORIES HERE: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/38855/MINIFIC-MAYHEM

STORIES IN PLAIN TEXT HERE: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BwZA5uM12MBlYWx0dEhBRVZfMU0

VOTING FORM HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHg5UEZwTy0zT2tndzFRUlc1aEZHcUE6MQ

What up my ponies? WE HAVE GONE LIVE, THAT'S WHAT! The minifics in all their restrictive, condensed mininess are now on FimFiction for your perusal. A few entries stealthed in literally at the last minute.

Now is the part where you, the unwashed masses, get to have an impact on who wins the FABULOUS 10 DOLLAR VALUE PRIZES. Go and read these fics. Read the everloving [yay] out of them. Then tell the judges how you felt about them with the handy dandy voting form. Comments and feedback on the fics are strongly encouraged; half the point of this contest is as a way for the entrants to improve their writing. Plus, don't you want the authors to hear what you thought of their work?

As I've said (multiple times, pay attention, geez), The standouts will be considered finalists and a winner and runner-up will be chosen from among them. The top score will be an automatic winner! Even if we elitists on this side disagree with the voters, getting readers to love you does and should matter.
76 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 112924
Wow... the ones that did the best weren't necessarily the ones I had the most confidence in, but it makes the time investment worth it when it pays off.

So, when's the next one? Crap. I already used all my ideas...
>> No. 112961
File 134313145716.gif - (2.79MB , 680x383 , 64a.gif )
Bump for great justice!
>> No. 112972
File 134313844290.jpg - (10.97KB , 134x127 , Psychic.jpg )
Golden Vision’s comments on Into the Sky:
>I like you. But you could have taken more time to expand the setting or characters’ actions more. Cutting the opening bit wouldn’t really have hurt you.

I like you too. Also, this:
>It was rather stupid of me to keep it [the opening paragraph] in the finished product, and I probably could have developed AB making the mechanism with the extra room that would have given me.

Thanks for your thoughts. Now I’m already ready for another one of these contests.

File 134313797772.png - (702.88KB , 625x950 , John Kilburne.png )
112970 No. 112970 [View]
Welcome to the Palace of Translations. I live in a country whose entire population couldn’t even replace the citizens of New York City, yet I know of many from the fandom who lives in Denmark. And so I thought to myself that maybe someone needed their favourite fanfics translated. The reasons could be many. Are you feeling mortified about the Danish dub, yet still want family and/or friends introduced? Are you trying to learn the language? Or do you just generally want to read about ponies in Danish? Then look no further!

It’s very simple, just send me a link to your fic, and after a while (see more below) I’ll throw the translation up on google docs. If you so wish, I can also post it on deviantART, FIMFiction or Pony Fiction Archive. I am not shy and I can translate anything from slice of life to clop, but please... This is a pony board where even foals visit. If you want 18+ translated, send me a note on deviantART (more below.). I can of course also translate from Danish into English.

I will be editing someone else’s story, so I need to personally ask for consent to a) translate it and b) publish it. You will have to forgive me, but I will not accept “Oh, I already asked, no sweat, bra” or any derivatives.

There’s the normal way and the Max Power way, which is just like the normal mode except I’ll be translating EVERYTHING. (Rainbow Dash = Regnbue Spurt). Be forthcoming with other requests from the get-go.

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