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#Author #Sad
Hi Guys! Please check out this fanfic, its my first one and its about Colgate/Minuette/Romania!

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>> No. 107796
It's also not going to pass FiMFiction screening, since it's under one thousand words.
>> No. 107799
File 134008329834.png - (149.09KB , 650x553 )
Not quite up to the standards of /fic/. Allow me...
>Subject field

Should've been the name of the fic.


Author is specifically for showcasing an entire author's work, rather than one fic. Single Fic would've been a more appropriate choice.


Since you're the author, including that bit could be superfluous, but still. You should also have included the synopsis. I know it's redundant to those who followed the link, but not all links will be to FiMFiction. Google Docs is commonly used.
>> No. 107935
File 134020315778.png - (152.99KB , 394x402 )
Kinda bad form to leave me hanging here, OP.

Locking this thread now. Hopefully you take my advice, though given that you stopped posting entirely like so many other new users who go to /fic/, I have my doubts.

File 132871498772.png - (331.06KB , 1000x1000 , sensfic.png )
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#Author #Collection #Discussion #Shipping #Second Person #Guilty Pleasure
Welcome one and all to the eighteenth edition of one the longest running threads ever to grace /fic/! All are welcome!

The stories within are mostly romance stories written in the second-person perspective, with a couple stray third-person fics. The stories within range from sweet and fluffy to hot and heavy. Posters both new and old always welcome; so sit back, put some power ballads on and enjoy!

Where are all the links and the rating system, you say?

Presenting "The Central Repository of Sensual Knowledge", which contains all of the vital information of the past threads, preserved for threads to come! Want to be added to the list of authors? Email Coffeebean or TheGentlemanCreeper through fimfiction's messaging system.


We have repeatedly had collections posted on EqD, and have had a massive number of views and downloads! The collections themselves are put together by Sandman and Eights, who can both be contacted via Fimfiction.
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>> No. 107769
File 134007321714.jpg - (62.31KB , 528x597 , 089d751bdb08c7eed9ba75a079d2c3be.jpg )
>Implying he knows anything about anyone else posting here.

From a standpoint of a writer who hasn't been here more than 5-6 months, I find it odd that this thread somehow got a porn store rep. I've read through most of the stockpile and not a lot of the SFG stories are sexual. But, I guess one word in the name can make people assume anything.

All these assumptions just rustled my jimmies.

Now, back to writing my 'softcore porn' and listening to wubstep.
>> No. 107859
File 134014994383.jpg - (43.22KB , 460x500 , Oh_look_its_this_thread_again.jpg )

Try this; http://www.fimfiction.net/story/26598/Recipe-for-Romance - It has everything; a convincing protagonist, subtle eroticism, simmering emotion and an appearance by the pinkiest of ponies.

This. A thousand times this. A lot of the writers in our little corner of /fic/ including myself do tend to smudge the lines a little though.
>> No. 110935
Did the next thread get started when I wasn't looking?

File 133989878336.jpg - (198.06KB , 894x894 , princess_celestia__s_to_do_list_by_johnjoseco-d3h20bo.jpg )
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Hello, /fic/. For some reason, I'm always nervous about posting here, because I always think that what I have to say either needs to be addressed in an existing thread, or it's not important enough to be asked anyway. But I think I might have something worth asking this time:

What narrative styles do you prefer, either when reading or writing (or both)? For me, I've always leaned towards third-person singular. This way, it gives a clear sense on who the main character (s) in the story is/are, and who all the action revolves around. The only time I deviate from this is when I'm writing a scene where the main character(s) aren't present, or where they're introduced to the scene later on. Also when I'm using this style, it feels more natural to go inside their thoughts and emotions while casting everyone else's out, to create more suspense for the character and the reader respectively.

What I've noticed on FiMFiction however is that the favorite style of authors is third-person omniscient, in which the narrator explains the thoughts and emotions of multiple characters. I'm not saying this is a bad style at all, but it really is my least favorite. I feel like using this style loses some of the intimacy that the reader might gain from following one or two characters in a story. If you're switching viewpoints in every paragraph, it's very tiring for me to keep up. "I'm reading Twilight's thoughts. Now I'm reading Rainbow's thoughts. Twilight's thoughts. Rainbow. Twi, Rain, Twi, Rain, Rain, Twi, Rairty, wait what!?"

Is there any advice someone can give me on how I might be able to appreciate a well written 3PO fic? Do you have any other opinions on narration?
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>> No. 107615


Two kinds of characters interact meaningfully with other characters without ever saying a word: Porn actors whose only function in the whole fucking production is to receive a noisily over-acted blowjob, and Gordon Freeman.

If I'd tried to write that little moment on the cloud without "you" saying a word, it would have been an obviously contrived Gordon Freeman, wouldn't it?

I mean, I want to be the guy who rails against the denouncement of a thing as being categorically bad, but it's beginning to look like there really isn't a way to ever write a full, well-plotted story with a 2nd person main character, huh? Seems to me like it should just be cute little device to be subverted to make a point.
>> No. 107618
Pretty much. Although yours did have more meaning to it at least. I'm willing to admit, mine are pretty much meant for cheap thrills (which is all people really want sometimes).
>> No. 107632
Third person limited, with a HEAVY emphasis on character thoughts.

However, I've found that this narrative style is kinda restrictive. Now, I'm experimenting a little, and perhaps when I'm done with the next chapter of my novel, my reviewer will trash me for it. But I'm finding that I'm slipping into third person omniscient to describe a scene. However, I make sure what I describe is something the main character would know at the time. Otherwise, I find it tough to slow down the flow if I can only look through that character's eyes and describe the scene a bit.

Who knows. Maybe I am completely and massively wrong in trying this. I don't mean to self promote, but this is what I'm talking about:


You seem well versed in this sort of thing. If you can find time, I'd love to hear an analysis of the first page or so, (which is where I describe the setting despite being in third person limited).

File 133977082040.jpg - (6.87KB , 243x208 , ash;asdhg'vlau123561093.jpg )
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Okay so I’m in the middle of writing for the write-off, and I seem to be creating an abundance of various threads on this board but-NO! Okay? NO, we’re doing this!


Basically, when you submit a story for review, you get all excited/impatient waiting for what you hope to be flattery and compliments, but you know is really going to be nothing but harsh criticism. Or is that just me? So how do you react when you read it?

Personally, I have a tendency to laugh or giggle when somepony really drops the hammer on my story, although often times I can’t tell if that was the reviewer’s intent or if they were really just that upset with what I wrote. I don’t know why, but for some reason, when I see a comment that clearly demonstrates extreme dislike for an element in my story, I can’t help but break into a fit of laughter.
Maybe I’m just a heartless wretch, but I digress. What’s your response? Is it hate? Admiration? Embarrassment? Crying perhaps? You don’t have to say that last one.

Leave a comment letting us know how you handle criticism, and maybe even what devices you use to deal with it. This should be interesting.
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>> No. 107504
File 133998361717.jpg - (31.77KB , 288x287 , Xzibit-Not-Laughing.jpg )
Although I secretly hope that my story will come back being received as a revolutionary piece of art, I know that, in reality, the reviewer is going to find some way to make me feel bad about writing something so horrible. I know that all I can do is try to brace myself and look at it in a way so that I can use the criticism to my advantage.

Last time, however, my reviewer caught me off guard and really knocked the wind out of my sails for a few days. Of course, I've managed to bounce back after that.

How do you guys manage to laugh when a reviewer pans your work? I can't do that. Sure, plenty of reviewers are witty in their reviews, but I've never been able to laugh whenever someone was criticizing my work, especially when I asked for the criticism. Maybe I just have a strange sense of humor. Or maybe you do.
>> No. 107556
I'm a firm believer in the be-a-total-douche-and-criticize-everything-that-seems-wrong modus operandi for reviewing, and honestly, I get madder when people gloss over stuff and praise a lot than when they go all out and completely eviscerate something i've just put hard work into. A few compliments here and there are nice, I'll admit, but when there's nothing but praise, it's not fun and I begin to get suspicious, and if there's one thing that's suicide for a writer to ground him or herself on, it's a dishonest review.
>> No. 107608
File 133999931684.jpg - (110.53KB , 1163x686 , Lunascoot.jpg )
Ah good day to thee Minjask, tis been but a fortnight since last we conversed but mine fic has been pause due to writer's block and I have not paid any patronage to /fic/ in some time. I shall give you my thoughts while I recess for a moment and figure out why in the hell I am speaking like this.

Really, I have no damn idea why I just spoke like that, it might be fatigue and too much video games.
But I'd say what gives me the red ass is when someone trashes my story or rates it badly with no reason why like they tend to do to a lot of stories on FimFiction.

File 133996626728.png - (77.89KB , 373x490 , 1328705369062.png )
107419 No. 107419 [View]
I have interesting (hopefully) hypothetical to present you all.

You have the choice of only being able to read from one of these two groups which are almost completely mutually exclusive.

Group A: These are the stories you'd like to read. Their plots and characters are your favorites. They are not written all that well. Their plots are predictable, characters somewhat flat and/or dull, grammar so-so, ect. The works present in this group will change to adapt to your changing tastes.

Group B: This group contains only the best. The plots are engaging, surprising, and well thought out. Their characters jump off of the page. They evoke emotional responses (when intended). Grammar, voice, tone, style, ect. all top notch. However, none of these plots, characters, or styles interest you or you flat out dislike them. Like group A, these will change to adapt to your changing tastes and interests but in reverse.
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>> No. 107464
File 133997414529.gif - (2.00MB , 180x197 , lV8Mp.gif )
Truly, country music would be the bane of my existence.
>> No. 107483
File 133997978937.jpg - (35.64KB , 400x386 , mlfw1526_SdyYn[1].jpg )
If I could only choose one extreme or the other, I would probably have to side with Group A, and I don't think I'm ashamed to admit that. The entire reason I became a brony was because I loved the characters and world. So yes, if I'm on FimFiction or EqD, I'll give some stuff a fair shake, but I'll naturally gravitate toward comedies starring T.Sparks. It's like, sure, a war story about OC donkeys might be incredibly masterfully written, but why would I lurk on an FIM site for this? If it's not about characters I already enjoy, and not by a fanfic author I already respect, shouldn't I be out there reading professional literature instead? Or, let's be honest, playing video games or some other tomfoolery.

Disclaimer: The following is my own opinion, and mine alone. I love and tolerate everyone to do as they please.

Another example, for me personally, was Romance Reports. I don't partake in any clop material, so it was never on my radar. But it kept getting exalted for how well SleeplessBrony portrayed the main characters, and handled emotion, and just in general is a damn good writer. I figured that, as an lolwriter myself, I was doing myself a disservice by not reading this and trying to learn from it. Figured I'd just man up, get through it, and then return to my happy little SFW Equestria. And indeed, I was able to glean a bit of insight, and appreciated how well he was able to portray Twilight and the Mane 6. That said, I lost count of the number of times I hit Ctrl-W while trying to survive Chapter 2 alone, and to date I still haven't made it to the end.

So no. Technical and literary excellence enhance my enjoyment of a piece, but I want to read for enjoyment first and foremost.
>> No. 107509
false dichotomy is false

But within that hypothetical, I'd prefer the challenging fics.

Problem is, it would be an awfully tiny universe for me. It's very rare that a plot twist surprises me, for example.

File 132148066170.png - (610.51KB , 988x695 , OP.png )
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Yes, that’s right. I have an orphanage now.

Um... Well, basically, once upon a time, a few reviewers were chatting. Someone used the word ‘verily’ in conversation. Isphone remarked that ‘verily’ sounded to him like Cheerilee’s sister. From there, we just starting saying the first thing that came to mind about Verilee. And so an OC was born.

The problem was, we didn’t want her. Nobody in the chat wanted her. And so, we put Verilee in a cardboard box, scrawled ‘tO A gUd hoMe’ on its side and shoved her onto the cold, grey pavement outside the house. And it was snowing... And all cold and stuff...

What was I supposed to do? Everyone else was just gonna leave her like that...

tl;dr I was bullied into making a thread for this.

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>> No. 107335
Name: Bob the Cow
Race: Cow
Gender: Celery
Age: He's been alive since the beginning of time itself.
Cutie Mark: A midget beating a dead whale with a sun-burnt ostrich
Special Talent: He can only eat cheese.
Description: Bob is a trans-dimensional-cheese-loving-time-space-continuum-creating-housing-painting-sky-diving omniscient being who simply likes to hang out with his friends. Bob can usually be found at the center of the Milky Way, making sure that the laws of physics are obeyed. He is able to simultaneously exist in multiple points at the same time, and his presence on Earth has been given a unique name: cow. Bob is mad at the Earth for destroying him on a daily basis for food, so he has inflicted many terrors on the Earth, such as: World War II, the Cold War, Jimmy Carter, and Nicki Manaj.
Quote: "The marshmallows ate the supermarket moose" (In reality, this phrase is ancient Glablorkian speak for the secret of the Universe).
>> No. 107344
Thank you for the abundant lols. My day has been made.
>> No. 107345
best fucking CM ever
Srsly, I remember really liking this OC. You know how rare that is for me? Really. bloody. rare.

File 133977061561.png - (145.45KB , 610x672 , 3201_144662 - Artist-B-Neko crying Lyra Sad_Lyra vector.png )
106957 No. 106957 [View]
>write fanfic
>has bittersweet ending
>'too realistic'
>write alternate ending
>'you're a sell-out'

What do?
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>> No. 107130
Bad ending is best ending.

And yes. I secretly hoped the whole story long she would (spoiler) fall in and out of true love, just as the story (and Luna) set her up to. It was something the plot hinted at, and I was very happy to see it happen in the alternate ending, as it was where I felt the story should have gone.
The whole fic is very 'coming of age' themed. I feel the alternate ending brings much more to that than the real ending.
>> No. 107132

I blew through the whole story before the alternate ending was written, and that was practically my initial introduction to fanfics, so I loved and tolerated the feel-good ending and moved on to the far superior [REDACTED] by Applejinx.

Now that you mention it, that ending did show off how well written the Luna character in that fic is. I was mostly sad about Twilight being so depressed that she needed a vacation from Ponyville, and then she felt alone all over again when she got to Canterlot
>> No. 107135
Everyone that has read your story will have his/her own opinion about it. You can't write something that will please everyone. People will find anything to complain about these days, no matter how good the story and it's ending are. Sure, you can listen to your readers' suggestions, but at the end of the day it's up to you to decide what works best for your story. You are the author and not them. And no, I'm not saying to ignore everyone. Constructive criticism about grammar, coherence, etc. is always good.

No. 106741 [View]
#Normal #Statement
I mean really! It's less work! And if you've already made a fanfic just COPY AND PASTE. Some people can have an easier time if lets say, the website in which you posted your fanfic was deleted or down. How would people see it if they were in a hurry? So please do a lot of people a favor and copy and paste your fanfics.
13 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 106989
Except maybe it wasn't?
>> No. 107032
File 133979462843.jpg - (74.22KB , 510x609 , sage_flower_01[1].jpg )
> and your jimmies have been rustled.

You think this is jimmy rustled?
Wow. I'd say be prepared for horror. There are some things that could result in that, but this?
This aint it.
>> No. 107097
File 133982557911.jpg - (6.42KB , 224x224 , shrugponyscoots.jpg )
Hey, any OP with that level of ignorance is either trolling, or actually is that dumb. I thought I'd seen everything when 34k ponies liked a status about some girl whose boyfriend saved her by donating his ovaries, but died in the process. I'm not kidding; they actually bought that.

File 133973531258.png - (54.20KB , 600x537 , 1331384776718.png )
106903 No. 106903 [View]
Not really sure if I should make a new thread for this or not.

Is it somewhat more acceptable to break the "rules" of writing or grammar within dialog? More specifically the use of adverbs. When I write dialog I try to write something that I myself might say in that particular situation or perhaps what a friend or whatever. Doing this, I notice a lot of adverbs find themselves in the dialog.

On the topic of adverbs, is 'only' a somewhat more acceptable -ly adverb?

Thank you for any and all help.
2 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 106914
I'm killing them with impunity in the prose right now, but I don't know if I should do the same to the dialog. Should I? I fear that tightening it in the same way as the prose would make it seem like their lines are rehearsed.
>> No. 106919
You don't even have to search and destroy them in the exposition, depending on how you want your style. If you're going for stream-of-consciousness or a very informal narrator, adverbs are fine since the style is supposed to represent someone reciting the story to an audience.
As long as you're not using them to smear descriptions across your story to make it look more impressive, it's not that big of a deal (I think). 99% of your readers won't know that adverbs are a fickle beast, and half of that 1% won't care.
If you take the time to tweak your story to remove them, then al the more power to you, but it's a pretty small thing in the overall scheme.
>> No. 106937
In short: yes.

File 133608620583.jpg - (365.30KB , 2304x1728 , generic-brands.jpg )
100769 No. 100769 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Reviewer #The Training Grounds

Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn't the only such thread, but it's usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds; the sticky, which contains important information)

For writers:

Submission guide | TL/DR of the submission guide | A List of TTG regulars | Submission form | List of recently-finished reviews | Reviews in progress

For reviewers:

A guide to reviewing in TTG | List of unclaimed requests

For Maintainers:

The full, current active queue | A guide to how it's all organized | Statistics and thread update BBCode

For live communication:

IRC (live chat) howto and rules (or #ttg on irc.canternet.org)

Some Notes:

  • Do jump in and participate if you can. New reviewers, editors and authors are always welcome!
  • No one is infallible. If something doesn't seem right,
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>> No. 105781
>> No. 106908
Hey story thread, I submitted Writing is Hard http://www.fimfiction.net/story/23017/Writing-is-Hard
for consideration to EQD and received the following notes in my rejection notice:
-Dialogue punctuation (This is a big one. Almost every line of dialogue was punctuated incorrectly)
-Missing end punctuation
-Compound word use
-Comma use

As well as "Lavender Unicorn Syndrome" as a warning against filler description text.

I've already read through this a half dozen times, please pick as many nits as you all are capable of and find every single possible error that I can correct. I've got a solid base here and I think I've got a real shot at making it onto EQD, so I want to be sure my next attempt is as polished as it possibly can be
>> No. 131485
Just so you know. At present, the event caandelr doesn't show anything not already shown on the home page to the right side bar. In fact, on the right side bar, it is broken out into upcoming God Rock services and upcoming rehearsals whereas here, it is all-in-one without distinguishing between them. http://qkkrvyqfrwu.com gfjjiggboqu [gfjjiggboqu.com] [link=http://epwjcum.com]epwjcum[/link]

File 133964774757.png - (182.90KB , 328x299 , Tyrion 8.png )
106661 No. 106661 [View]
Gentlemen (and lady(s?)),
I've been out of the community for about nine months, but when I left last august the general opinion of HiE fics was that you simply didn't go there without warrant, for risk of making something atrocious. As someone who's considering making a HiE fic, what's the opinion on the genre today?
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>> No. 106898
Story Forge is thataway--->>106451
>> No. 106899
That's a thing?
>> No. 106902

It needs more a

File 133971140243.png - (2.33MB , 1600x1200 , 188742 - artist Celebi-Yoshi Everfree_Forest poison_joke zecora.png )
106782 No. 106782 [View]
#Writing Exercise
(Idea pilfered from this: http://www.flashfictiononline.com/c20100802-by-the-numbers-prose-sonnet-bruce-holland-rogers.html)

This is a thread about writing in a technically restricted form in a fashion that vaguely resembles poetry but remains prose (i.e. write with sentences in paragraphs). Pieces are restricted to various technical rules invented prior to writing – X sentences long, Y paragraphs long, sentence wordcounts should follow this pattern, paragraph sentencecounts should follow that pattern, etc...

Demonstration is bound to make this clearer, so I'll start with two pieces following the two sets of rules laid out in the above-linked article.

English Sonnet
- 14 sentences, paragraphed in the fashion 4, 4, 4, 2.
- Rhyme scheme ababcdcdefefgg.

The night sky was sprinkled with stars, but dominated by the sun. Even in the era of chaos, this sight was rare. When Discord ruled Equestria, the common was uncommon, as there is order even in repeated chaos, and order's no fun. Discord played in his Equestrian sandbox, crafting new, unique chaos with the utmost care.

File 133969387585.jpg - (371.33KB , 900x1126 , 196180 - artist sererena twilight_sparkle.jpg )
106749 No. 106749 [View]
#Discussion #General
While we have some well written guides around, the board lacks someplace to gather helpful writing tips. This is a general discussion in which to post and discuss helpful pieces of advice found around the web that pertain to writing. Lists of writing rules, story telling rules, and style rules are welcome in this thread, as are write ups, essays, or articles with information helpful to the advanced and beginner writer. Each post is to be considered opinion, and each 'rule' is not necessarily concrete advice. You're welcome to debate things posted so long as things remain civil. This general is mainly for referencing outside sources that give advice, but you may also give your own advice if you feel it would contribute.

A few examples to kick things off:

The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar:

This Sentence Has Five Words:

Still one of my favorite lists of rules - /r/writing:
>> No. 106766
Good list. Bookmarked.

File 133959412340.gif - (214.59KB , 588x324 , post_more_twi.gif )
106512 No. 106512 [View]
#Discussion #Research
OK, /fic/ - I have a topic for discussion. Please post your opinions!

First, a few definitions:

Canon: facts that are referenced in the show, or supported by Hasbro.

Apocrypha: details accepted by the pony community that have no basis of fact in the show

Now that "Vinyl Scratch" is canonical, I am left wondering what of the Apocrypha is considered by the /fic/ community to be most important.

I ask this here, because I have noticed a lot of fic that references events or characteristics that are apocryphal and only occur in other fics. For example, Derpy/Ditzy characterization is almost entirely apocryphal - there is so little foundational content for Ditzy, but we have all apparently coalesced upon an affable, muffin-loving pony that is instantly recognizable.
9 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 106668
File 133964828102.jpg - (3.91KB , 126x127 , 535689_3594722039823_1626625739_2878124_1142754651_n.jpg )
>Myself being in the camp that Octavia is Pinkie's sister
Finally, I thought I was the only one.
>> No. 106694
My short take: Anything that your story relies on the reader already knowing that isn't a part of the show, is problematic. However, if you introduce such elements yourself within the bounds of the story, so that even someone not familiar with the fanon can understand it, then you are doing great. At that point, it doesn't matter too much if what you are writing its a rehash of other people's work, or your own original idea, since it's supported and explained by your story.

But I'd argue that original is more interesting, even if playing the same game as everyone else is fun and easy.

I think this whole issue is why I don't read a lot of fanfic myself, particularly non-mane-six stories. I don't want my creativity to be stifled by the chains of other peoples' imaginations. :)
>> No. 106732
File 133967764183.jpg - (32.80KB , 600x336 , cherrilee_learn_on.jpg )

I concur with your assessment.

Apocrypha, in the ecclesiastic sense, simply refers to one of the texts that dates from the same era as the books of the bible, but do not have a place in the bible.

This term has been subverted by academics to mean anything from authors comments outside the text, to works of lesser historic importance.

The closest term used in this thread is "fanon", and I think I am talking more about fanon than apocrypha in my earlier posts.

That said, I like your interpretation, as it does fit with the academic use of the word. Apocrypha should refer to the creator comments about the show, outside the show itself. Fan-generated and widely accepted back-stories are fanon.

File 133947755770.jpg - (4.60KB , 106x120 , ae2dc062_9e16_328e.jpg )
106323 No. 106323 [View]
#Single Fic
I've been working on a fanfic for awhile now called "Discord Rising: The Order of Chaos" link here
The problem is, that while I feel confident that I have a fairly well written story, I have no idea how I might advertise it in any real way, aside from eqd. So for the sake of me, and any other writers in my situation (which I'm sure their must be a lot of) anybody got ideas?
16 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 106507
You forgot the big one:

Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.
>> No. 106526

I like the very first sentence there, though. "In retrospect, the peace before hell breaks out seems ridiculous." I'd reword it a little if it were me, but it's not, so really, it's the other parts that lose me-- many people think war in Equestria doesn't or can't make sense, so the reader should be eased into it.

And the last line of that little intro just feels cheap, like the opening to a game written by amateurs.
>> No. 106657
File 133964744477.jpg - (150.96KB , 577x474 , franksweettmkup.jpg )
>me visarum ubi someone on /fic/ knows and appreciates Tolkein, Orwell, and Doug Adams
If it were physically possible, I would shake your hand through the internet right now.

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