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Hello there, I have come with a simple mission: who you believe is the most under-appreciated writer of the fandom and why?

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Only back in the earlier day? Mediocre stories get posted now as well. And that's not all that bad, because I don't think everyone has ten degrees on writing and cares to read stories just to sound edgy and cultured.

EqD isn't all that hard to get into when you look at it, it's just that most people are terrible.
>> No. 105119
Yes, it's relatively easy to get posted on the blog, but I was pointing to an overall increase in standards, not saying that the system is perfectly able to weed out every story that isn't perfect.
>> No. 105123
Overall increase of standards? Have you been to FiMfiction? Or you mean in EqD? Because before it was basically anything that could get Sethisto attention on his blog, so to talk about standards before and standards now it's kind of silly if you ask me, it's like trying to compare a hooker with a gold-digger (I am not great with comparisons, that's the only one that came to mind).

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Hi, friends, I am Professor Hugbox, and I will be your reviewer for today! Or, actually I will be here for the summer! School is out, which gives me time to actually do this, so let's begin with the ground rules.

1. You should probably read the sticky first. That will be pretty important.
2. I cannot accept gore or clopfiction due to the nature of the board. I personally have no issues with it, but I don't make the rules. I'll open up an email specifically for that when I feel like it. Those reviews will be through email and will not be affiliated with this board, therefore no issues.
3. Please format your post with Title, Tags, Synopsis and a link to the document.
4. Google Docs with comments is a must. I realize some of you use FimFiction, but it shouldn't be too hard to just copy and paste it right into a doc!
5. I will not accept stories over 20k words. This is for one shots; chapter stories please see below
6. I don't think this will be a problem, but everyone is on the same level. People who have been here a while, whether author or reviewer will not get special permissions. Everyone is equal here in this thread. Except mods, cause they're mods.
7. Don't give up writing. Yes, this is a rule. I may chew out your fic, but that's not out of malice, it's out of love. If I didn't want to help you I would just say it sucks and don't come back. That's not what I'm here for. So, yes, don't come here unless you plan to keep writing, even if you decide to scrap your current story.
8. Not realyl a rule, but I want to make sure you read this part. My overall score for your story will be in a different form than most: reaction pictures. 'That's silly! Why do that!' Because actions sometimes speak louder than words. You'll be more affected by someone's face going >:C than you will with a few numbers in a line of text.

Want to see where you are in the queue? Check it out: http://tinyurl.com/ProfessorsReviewQueue
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File 133864517157.jpg - (47.35KB , 441x700 , 133793094959.jpg )
Yes, we'll be posting our new thread today, but I see you've already made a request in TTG now. If a reviewer takes your fic then I'd prefer you have them review it first. If we make our thread before then, then I will happily put it in my queue and claim it on TTG.

Your story 'Ms. Rarity' is still being reviewed, but I'm moving threads. Your review will be placed in my new thread, so look out for it. It will be under Minjask's name or mine. Sorry for the delay, IRL stuff matched with the fact that your story is a bit hard to read, which isn't your fault. It's plain to see that you're a foreigner with not a lot of English Fiction experience.

Requesting Lock
>> No. 105063
Oh, Jesus, please, excuse me for that. I tried my best to make it easy to read, but it seems I need more practice. Thanks for your patience!
>> No. 105068
File 133865950420.png - (78.79KB , 351x351 )
Thread locked as requested.

File 133555295749.jpg - (6.82KB , 234x215 , 2475623561034.jpg )
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Welcome to my Review thread. Hi, I'm Minjask, and I love reviewing stories almost as much as I love reading them. Let me give you a basic run-down of how I operate.

I'm no editor; I can't help you fix sentence structure and the like. What my main focus will be on is storyline, plot holes, and OOC moments. I also touch on character and plot development but my specialty is the above. If something seems weird or out of place I'll point it out for you. I'm not too picky with what I'll look at, but here are a few guidelines for you.

1) No horror stories please. I’m okay with a little gore, but if it goes anywhere near the ballpark of Cupcakes or Rainbow Factory, it's getting rejected.
2) I'm okay with a little smut every now and again when I'm in the mood. But most of the time it doesn't suit my palette, so there's a 90% chance it'll get rejected here. If you want to try anyway, send it to me via a private message on Fimfiction so you won’t get banned. My username there is also Minjask6572
3) Try to keep it under ten or fifteen thousand words at once. Any more than that and my brain just says "no" before I even start.

I'm okay with FanFiction, FimFiction, and Google Docs. Now I'm not going to sugarcoat it for you, if I don't like something about your story I'll tell you. On the same page, I won't hesitate to tell you how much I love your story either.

Include the title of your story, the proper tags, a summary, and a link to your story of course. If your story is on Google Docs please include a word count.
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>> No. 105018
Thanks Ion, I hadn't thought of that. I'm reporting it now if you haven't already done it for me.
>> No. 105021
File 133862608013.jpg - (53.21KB , 591x549 , Dante & Pinkie.jpg )
I haven't.
Just trying to help ^_^.
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File 133863304594.png - (349.51KB , 1839x2616 )
Thread lock requested? Thread locked.

File 133810670843.png - (236.58KB , 800x878 , bubbles_by_hirurux-d3hbiiu.png )
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Am I allowed to create a discussion thread? *checks sticky* I don’t see nothin’ that says I can’t, and there's a tag for it anyway.

This is a discussion thread for the fan fiction: Bubbles.

A friend of mine suggested I read it, and I like to keep my mind open, so I checked it out. Here’s my thoughts on the “story”:

I forced myself to read that entire thing. It dragged on for so long without anything to give me reason to keep reading, but I managed to stay and pick up at least something. The framework of this story, the basic outline , wasn't terrible, but the sloppy writing style granted it's a child's point of view was so distracting, it took all of my brainpower to even make out what was going on. That was far from enjoyable. There's definitely a good story in there somewhere, but it's nowhere near visible.

That’s my thoughts on the story, but I’d like to hear yours. Maybe there’s something I missed, something that could be explained, or perhaps everypony except me is just crazy, but I can’t figure out why that story is so popular. Any opinions you’d like to share ponies?

Here’s the story link if you’ve never read it.
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>> No. 104170
>Flowers for Algernon with Derpy

>> No. 104856
With regards to the fathers reaction, assuming the mother isn't a complete moron she no doubt covered her tracks. The poisoning could be explained that Derpy simply found some household chemicals and drank them, why Derpy was missing she could come up with an excuse that she was taking Derpy shopping and she turned around and Derpy was gone or something in a similar vein, while shedding crocodile tears. While her father may be very suspiscious of that, it would be enough to most likely get past law enforcement.
>> No. 104961
>I sometimes have to wonder which authors of stories like MLD and Bubbles purposefully try to manipulate their readers, or if they're writing like that because that's honestly how they feel about it.
My latest story Which is still awaiting Mod approval. Long story. is a mix of both. I wrote it with the intent of making the reader feel exactly what I did when I got the inspiration for it.

File 133801269060.png - (815.02KB , 900x1319 , i_just_don__t_know_what_went_wrong__derpy_wp_by_rochambo-d4s9pb9.png )
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I've been writing fanfics for almost two months now, and although I had been writing original fiction VERY on and off for eight years, this is the first time I've written consistently for an extended period of time while receiving feedback. As such, I am somewhat confident in my ability to write a story that isn't complete shit.

However, while I feel I have the ability to write, one area I sorely lack is creativity. While I can occasionally come up with ideas, I have no idea how to execute these ideas by coming up with a chain of scenes that will lead to a climax and conclusion. For example, I have an idea where Twilight invents a healing spell to save Fluttershy from a coma, which is a momentous achievement in Equestrian history and has unforeseen consequences. But when I try to come up with scenes to execute this idea, I draw a blank.

Another problem I have with writing is that I think too hard, and feel that everything has to be right the first time I do it. I'm assuming I should be unafraid to make mistakes when I write? And that there's no perfect way to write a scene out, so don't stress over it so much?

My main question is this: how do you all think of ideas and execute them? What is your thought process? Is it something that can be explained, or not? Is it a talent that can be trained, or is it one of those "either you have it or you don't" type of things? What is your general thought process when you write?

I know there's no specific solution to my problem, but I'm hoping seeing what works for other people will help put me on the right track.

Thanks everyone. Hope this thread is acceptable.
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>> No. 104022
I take a shower. It helps me think of scenes.

Or I listen to music and just let my mind wander. Sad music for sad stories, upbeat music for happy ones.

Movie soundtracks are helpful too (Indiana Jones for adventures, stuff like that).
>> No. 104355
File 133826136216.png - (555.84KB , 2519x3998 , aj15.png )
Music. Seriously. It becomes much easier to write a passage about Celestia raising the sun in poetic terms if you're listening to Adagio in D Minor, for example.
>> No. 104362
I write longhand to paper first and retype. Sounds like it shouldn't make a difference, but I find it does.

When writing, I make sure I know where I need my characters to be in the next couple hundred words.

If not, I stop and make notes and go back to outline (I write with an outline now!). If I need to change something, notes again. The big advantage of writing to paper is it's a lot less tempting to go back and mess with stuff.

For revision, I'm now using "punch and patch" for parts that don't work. I mark parts that don't work and rewrite them. Anything bigger than a sentence or two gets this treatment.

The big question I'm asking in revision now is "can I experience it?" That really helps me understand when I need to add proofs of verisimilitude.

File 130609222032.png - (78.42KB , 367x284 , RD.png )
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Some of you may recognize me from the SFG thread. This is a story that I wrote for that thread a few weeks ago, and have since expanded upon with significant edits and the addition of a third chapter.

This story is written in the second-person perspective, but please don't let that scare you off (second-person sensual shipping was the theme of the thread I originally posted this in). Also, while the first two chapters place HEAVY emphasis on the sensual scenes, it is my intent for this story to become more plot-driven as it develops.

I'm seeking honest opinions and constructive criticism of the story thus far. I have a few more chapters planned, but I wanted to post up the first three to sorta get an idea of how I'm doing so far, and to see if there's any interest from the community in reading more before I invest so much more time into it. I'm also planning on doing some more "traditional" type fics in the future, as well as some non-shipping stuff.

Story can be found on Google docs here:


I sincerely hope you enjoy it, and comments/e-mails/any feedback you wish to offer be it positive or negative is greatly welcomed and appreciated.
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>> No. 104335
I just stumbled across this while cleaning out my bookmarks and remembered... "holy shit this was an amaaazing story!"
does anyone know what happened to the author? i know he/she promised that the story would be finished but it's been so long im worried something terrible might have happened to them. anyone know?? i ask more out of concern for the author than wanting the story finished......
>> No. 104337
Hey, check his last post, there is his email there.

If he is not ok, or he simply wants to act dead, he will not answer.

Otherwise, you will know.

Now, let us freeze this thread.
>> No. 104340
File 133825126881.png - (213.29KB , 800x974 )
Necroed, locked.

No. 104250 Locked [View]
I know political discussion can be a bit of a touchy subject, but the fact that political fiction has played important roles in the history for many, many years. Politically based fiction is my favorite genre. George Orwell is my favorite author, and my favorite books include Animal Farm, 1984, Atlas Shrugged and A Brave New World, just to name a few.

I wanted to know if there are any good politically based fanfics out there. Surely there are fic's that deal with Celestia's rule, either dealing with the government type of suspicions or conspiracies or corruption. The actual discussion at hand is your take on Political Fiction. Should it Be allowed to flourish in our community? Surely Comedy, Shipping, and Dark arent tge ONLY genres we like. I don't know, maybe my love for politically based fiction is unmatched here.
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>> No. 104260
I like political fiction too, including all of the books that the professor listed, but I'd really prefer the pony fandom in general, including fan-fiction, to be a neutral zone. I have some fairly radical politics, and when I discuss the issues, it tends to become heated. I like the idea of having a refuge where I can avoid my blood pressure spiking.
>> No. 104276
Please use read the sticky and use the Story Recommendation thread next time.
Administration is Magic is the only story I can recommend, which is sadly unfinished.
>> No. 104277
>use read
This is why you don't post five minutes after waking up, folks.

File 133792040341.png - (50.98KB , 324x478 , surpriseSmile.png )
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Was on vacation last week, I know you all missed me dearly... right? Anyways, it's good to be back.

For those of you who have not seen my threads, I do weekly livestream reviews. Details below.

1) 8000 word limit
1a) If you have a 1-shot or there aren't many stories posted here, I'll be much more lenient with the length.
2) You need to be able to be watching the stream when I review your fic. I want to help you out as much as I can and part of the point of livestreaming is that you and I can interact! You don't need to stick around the entire time, just for your fic. I'll review the fics in the order they are posted and post the queue in chat.
3) I'm willing to review clop/gore fics, but since these are forbidden on Ponychan, you should email me the link at [email protected] You aren't required to post in this thread if you email me your fic, but I would highly recommend it.
4) If you do so wish to watch me review fics, don't put down other authors or their fics! It's okay to not like grimdark or shipping or clop, but you don't need to tease others for enjoying these things. Love and tolerate.
5) I've gotten to the point where I'm usually not able to get to every fic submitted each week, so fics I missed from the previous week (IF you repost it here!) and shorter fics will get preference. Fics may also be dropped at my discretion (mainly if you need a lot of grammar work and it isn't fit for a thorough review yet).
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>> No. 104036
File 133805585848.png - (440.65KB , 684x830 , 1333566090446.png )
Actually, I won't be able to come this week. Sorry.
>> No. 104048
File 133806018618.png - (132.68KB , 500x500 , Surprise_by_cptscoot-d4fr19y.png )
Another time, then.

I try (key word: try) to an eye on TTG, so if you want a review from me you can add to the queue there and request me.
>> No. 104070
File 133807166757.jpg - (7.92KB , 225x225 , scootaloo crying.jpg )
Thanks for all the helpful advice. It really means a lot to me. I'll be sure to take it all to heart.

I don't know about you, but I was noticing about a minute of delay near the end there.

File 133811704483.png - (247.41KB , 864x759 , 133773645868.png )
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Hey, /fic/.
What do you think of Sunny Skies All Day Long ?

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>> No. 104133
File 133811857681.png - (22.96KB , 186x236 , 132657469573.png )
> I had that idea 6 months ago, completely unaware that someone had already written it...

Write it anyway. It was published to EqD last April, but I remember working with the author on it, so... I've been here even longer then I remember I guess.

... Huh, go fig.
>> No. 104135
It was good, but the sequel was better and deserves more attention.


When I think of "fics that are like episodes", I think of these two. The author's No Tame Forest also counts, but to a lesser degree (and that deserves more attention too).


I wish he would write more. We could use more original flavour fics in general, really.
>> No. 104143
It's good, rather light but good. I recommend it.

I think it's rather silly that it's so highly rated on FiMFiction; that's more an artifact of positive feedback in the system than it being the greatest fic ever.

File 133113807124.png - (80.08KB , 500x500 , 132639096242.png )
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So this is a review thread.

If you ask me to review your story, you are asking that I become emotionally invested in your work. You are not asking me to pass the salt at a dinner table; you're asking me to go through your hard work with a judgmental eye, and come back to you with helpful things to add.
You will not get a number rating, I do not decide if you pass or fail. If you are trying you pass, if you are not you fail.

Read a guide. Ezn's is good, use his if you can't find one on your own: http://derpy.me/EznGuide
We have writer's guides hidden all over the place, read through them and learn from all the free information we leave lying around. Learn how to format and recognize your own common errors while you're writing.
If your story looks like garbage, people will treat it like garbage.

Rule #1: No repeats. You get one attempt to wow me. I'll tell you what I'm thinking, in detail. I will Answer any questions you might have regarding that. But I will not review the same work twice. You need a fresh set of eyes on your new revision, and I'm already going to be reading your first submission two or three times as it is. Around re-read ten, it gets rather difficult to remember what's actually there and what I might have imagined in it's place.
Rule #2: Do your best work.
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>> No. 104073
I will change the viewing on GDocs when I'm back at my computer tonight. The chapter I have linked is only a beginning so not much explaining goes on. I will delve more into the main story in future additions. Sorry didn't realize it was locked only to Minty, whomever wished to read it.
>> No. 104079
The link is open to everyone.
>> No. 104137
File 133811905517.jpg - (22.96KB , 277x309 , 132597226792.jpg )
New Thread, New Thread:

Also requesting a lock.

File 133779195544.jpg - (219.37KB , 728x1092 , 132773235648.jpg )
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Do you need to be born with a huge amount of imagination or you just need to practice and learn more about being a writer ?
Do you need a list of categories or examples, in order to think dynamically ?

I am able to review and catch tons of technicalities. I am only able to spawn concepts, instead of fully detailed scenes, same when I have a good line in mind, but I don't know how to make the characters smoothly reach it in their conversations.

Like take a Halloween thematic for example, I have a full range of Halloween cliches I could use, ranging from creatures like zombie ponies, the headless horse/man, living pumpkins, all the way to locations, plot devices, characters, such as haunted mansions, castles, the eclipse, rainbow of darkness, Tirek, Luna, the shadowbolts, respectively. But I don't know how to take full advantage of them, without turning it into a mess of activity or a badly executed scene.

How do you write good quality scenes and story structure ? Do you need to get high or you just need to practice a lot ?
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>> No. 103716
open proper-care-analysis.txt

Short stories especially are built on conflict. Conflict is a character wanting or having to do something and either succeding or failing.

(You could, for instance, write a story about a pony needing to find a toilet. Either he does or he doesn't. Fun stuff.)

So the first thing that happens in analyzing a story is spoiling it. For that reason, I'm going to spoiler tag everything.

The part were the conflict and its resolution come fully forward is the climax. So, this first part will analyze the climax.
>> No. 103717
Fortune favors the skilled.

I should write about this, too. Just writing won't help -- fanfiction in general is proof of that. You need to read more, and it helps to have an idea of the difference between description and exposition.

One's about ideas and information. The other is about imagination and sensation.
>> No. 103768
File 133787547621.gif - (853.00KB , 300x167 , 1336988396673.gif )
Every scene, story, plot should have a start and finish.

Don't know about other writers but that's how I do things.

Start the scene, be clear on what the scene is here to do. Any big reveals, character realizations, set up for a bigger scene, etc. Now get it from point A to point B. What you have to remember is that there has to be a purpose for each line of dialogue.

Every scene is a step forward for the plot. If you have enough scenes you will reach the ending with a good amount of material.

I'm not going to spend my entire day typing, so I'll just say, have a beginning, end, and a purpose.

File 133758801332.jpg - (378.62KB , 1600x1011 , legends_of_the_equestria_by_ziom05-d4w9abd.jpg )
103417 No. 103417 [View]
In the same vein as >>97186, but in this case I would like to pose a question with more general application, yet ask for concrete examples, in order to delve into possible general answers through examination of cases/instantiations of this phenomenon wherein a story gets famous.

What can cause a story to become famous? The reasons can be either technical, i.e. how long it sits on the front page of FiMFiciton and what words are in the title/synopsis, or deeper, i.e. pertaining to the actual content of the story and not merely how it is delivered. How do people aim to take advantage of this, whether a technicality or some narrative/plot quirk that earns points with the reader?

Where this question collides with the previous thread I made lies in the question of what bronies think will get their story views. It is because that is what is driving the drivel and running the refuse and pushing the poo that so often shows up on the front page of FiMFiction, and it influences the evolution of the writing community. The moment we can identify what habits influence how we think about writing and more honestly evaluate ourselves is a moment when we can significantly ramp up our striving for greatness.

I'll start with an interesting example:
(tinyurl in case direct link doesn't work)
It's... a story that goes with a song. Strange delivery / style / goal / premise.
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>> No. 103668
Ah, heh, we’ve already talked. I’ve thought about it some more—I realize my last answer was somewhat indecisive—and, well, if you’ve seen me ranty and still want to work with me, I’d be honored to be a part of your team. Email’s in my trip.

Probably not. The point of reviewing is to help people, and it’s a whole lot easier to growl and gnash my teeth than actually help. Still, I’ve posted review-type comments on FIMFiction once or twice, and I suppose that with summer I might start up a review thread over on FIMchan. Maybe.

Well, not knowing what stories you’ve written, I can’t say for sure. If you’re writing about OCs, that’d cut down your views; same if you’ve left out the picture, or have an especially uninformative synopsis. And once you hit a certain threshold of dislike you’re pretty much screwed. Or maybe you just got really unlucky. So, uh... if you want me to give more reasons, you’re gonna have to give me more info.

Hell, screw what I just said about reviewing, at least this once. Tell me who you are—post, email, or FIMFiction PM— and I’ll see if I can’t scrounge up something to say.
>> No. 103730


Nearly all of fimficiton sucks, so it's deeply depressing to see clopfics written by the same retards who write the rest of what appears on that site.
>> No. 103731

dat feel when you commissioned an eyecatch picture AFTER posting your fic on fimfic

It's okay though, I have so much contempt for fimfic's readership at this point that my ego has accepted its losses and moved on.

File 133731414146.jpg - (86.15KB , 478x382 , Words.jpg )
102962 No. 102962 [View]
As a writer, your vocabulary should extend beyond words used in normal conversation. Even if you don't want to be professionally published someday, having a good vocabulary will help you on tests like the AP Literature Exam, CLEP, ACT, and the notorious SAT.

For the betterment of the /fic/ community as a whole, I have created this thread. Here we will discuss words. The etymology of words, strange words most people don't know, and the difference between commonly confused words are examples of what should be discussed in this thread. Although this thread is meant to help your writing skills, do not post your story here in the hopes that someone will put smart words into it. That is not what this thread is for.

I will provide the first word to "get the ball rolling," so to speak.

Quincunx-(n) A shape of a square formed by four dots at the square's vertices. A dot is in the center of this square.

Etymology: originally the name of a Roman coin.
19 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 103619
lachrymose: suggestive of or tending to cause tears; mournful.

I had used the adverb form, lachrymosely in a fiction I'd written but everypony that read it said I should cut it. Any thoughts?
>> No. 103647
>I had used the adverb form, lachrymosely in a fiction I'd written but everypony that read it said I should cut it. Any thoughts?
If using an uncommon word (or a word like lachrymosely, which I'd probably risk calling out-and-out rare, and my spellchecker agrees) you have to make sure that the reader can figure out what it means from context, without having to crack open Webster's Unabridged.

But of course, if they can tell from context what word should be there, it would probably be more clear if that word was used to begin with.

Now this is for narration. For dialog, if using a big vocabulary is appropriate for your character, then you can be a bit riskier with the five-dollar words. And if there's another character nearby to say "WTF?" then you'd be even more in the clear.

But for narration... Remember that the purpose of the words you are writing is for the reader to read them—and understand them as well.
>> No. 103650
Finally, somepony who wants to help. Thanks for the advice, yeah I suppose that would be a problem. I'll keep that in mind then.

File 133731103383.png - (363.33KB , 1056x1066 , 109569 - artist_veggie55 book hot_chocolate studying twilight_sparkle.png )
102947 No. 102947 [View]
#Discussion #Entry
(Self Righteous Bullshit Alert! Read on only if you can handle that kind of wankery.)
One thing that irks me whenever I read through /fic/ is how every reviewer uses that same stupid catchphrase: ‘Show don’t tell!’


According to Wikipedia a Buzzword is:
“Intentional vagueness. Opaque words of unclear meaning may be used: their positive connotations prevents questioning of intent.”

‘Show don’t tell’ is meaningless and trite,I think people just repeat it because it's been jammed down their throats. It’s story, of course it’s going to tell you what is happening. You can show a pony crying or smiling but that doesn’t mean they are sad or happy, I’ve smiled when I’ve felt sad and cried when I’ve been happy. Telling is important, obviously over the top plot exposition is boring but I like to have an in-depth understanding of what is happening in the story I’m reading.

The dominant literary genre of the past 30 years and the one that consistently wins Pulitzers, NBA and so forth is psychological realism. That involves going inside the pony’s head and telling us what they are thinking. Why is that good enough for David Foster Wallace but not for generic-pony-fanfiction-writer-1?
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>> No. 103205
Telling people my opinion in this thread is pretty silly, so it's time for examples.

Let's hop back in time to my fourth draft of "Fear of Falling."


The nice thing about snuggling into a cloud is, no matter how much a pony need to cry, they're made of water anyway and won't be ruined by tears. The warm sun lay against Fluttershy's belly and outstretched wings. At last, her mind was at peace and her tears, exhausted. She wished she could sink in and disappear for a long, long while.

Fluttershy should have known better from the start, thanks to the animals who had welcomed her as a guest into their lives. Every kind was different, but all were variations on a common theme, one that did not include romantic ideals. Angel was certainly happy, enough without them, and, Fluttershy suspected, the idea that everypony has somepony waiting for her, while appealing, was only a front for deeper forces.

She had trusted those forces to, when the time was right, draw her and some stallion together, and it would be romantic because that was ponies feel. She hadn't expected them to find her another mare. Nature doesn't make all her babies exactly alike, she knew, and while Fluttershy didn't consider herself ‘defective,' she felt, perhaps, a little pranked.
>> No. 103216
>tl;dr Show don’t tell is silly, in my opinion at least.
>I have never even written a fanfic

That right there is a textbook example of an invalid opinion.

You go and write a story that does nothing but telling, then try to look surprised as the negative reviews start flooding in.

"Show, don't tell" is BASIC.
>> No. 103233
File 133747371960.jpg - (27.15KB , 350x401 , mlfw1705-1318168453[1].jpg )
>Telling people my opinion in this thread is pretty silly
>Show, Don't Tell thread

File 132601279149.png - (68.55KB , 249x336 , 2300 - Awesome_Face rainbow_dash.png )
76837 No. 76837 Locked [View]
This is probably a really terrible idea, but I'm just so jealous. Lots of cool and/or talented authors have their own threads, and it's entirely possible that one day I will also be cool and/or talented...

Here comes the worst thread, wherein I dump all the stuff I wrote and then sometimes make words about what I've written. What, you want tags or synopses or something? Nope, those are already in the links and I'm a lazy piece of shit. Feel free to comment or critique or ask questions (yeah right, that implies I have an audience) but please sage any posts unless I suddenly become important. I'm happy enough having a thread, it doesn't need to be on a single digit page.

Let's just get these two out of the way early. Even given my low standards, they're both terrible.

http://www.fimfiction.net/story/909/Monster - This was never sent to EqD and isn't going to be. It's tiny, terrible, and was my first attempt at exploring something sad. Sad, dark, bad end. The less said, the better.

http://www.fimfiction.net/story/4072/Never-Enough-Pie - This was not sent to EqD and never will be. It was for StarmanTheta's weekly writing prompt, and that's all it did. It met the prompt, and failed to deliver anything entertaining. Nothing, really.

http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/09/story-double-rainbow.html - This somehow made it to EqD, but wasn't well received. It's got shipping and time travel. That's a good combo, right? The plot is deliberately convoluted for a stupid reason that doesn't serve the reader until much later, and even then nobody understood or liked the ending.
5 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 89465
Heyo, 'sbeen a month. Monthly thread bumps aren't killing anyone so NYA.

I'll try to be brief here before I say anything too stupid. I should be asleep right now.

Stories - In this last month, there has been ONE publicly visible thing. I've got an abomination that I'm not even going to bother linking here. If you're REALLY curious, go to my FimFiction page and find it there. You'll know it when you see it.

I have two things I'm trying to write, but they're both constantly stalling and just generally moving slowly. It's a trend. I've been getting slower, and now I'm nearly halted. Hopefully I'll turn this around soon. I did get some good progress on one project today.

So there you go. In the last month, I've tried and failed to produce legitimate stories and birthed something that is almost literally horse shit.

WEEEE! I'mma go sleep now.
>> No. 102974
i personally relaly enjoyed this interview because shed speaks his mind. sure, he does come across as slightly arrogant at times, but i think that he's generally a very introverted person and that shouldn't be misread as snobbery. people get the same impression when they see him play live, as he often doesn't look like he's actually enjoying himself much one has to bare in mind that first and foremost, he is an artist who makes music, and not some grand entertainer. in fact, i feel it's very refreshing that his general attitude rejects the whole cult of the DJ' thing. in a way, he's the complete opposite to dettmann, who's relaly good at connecting with the crowd, playing the PR game and being extremely enthusiastic about everything. i've met both, and they couldn't be more different in person, but i respect each one as much as the other because they're both great at what they do.finally, much respect to the interviewer. i can imagine it to be difficult to interview shed, and it's much appreciated that the publication is an honest reflection of the actual encounter, rather than merely being another banal, glorified PR write-up.
>> No. 102980
File 133731752473.jpg - (20.18KB , 341x324 )
this thread is being locked because of its bizarre necro!

If you would like to appeal this lock, let me know! This thread is from January though... and is just one necro after the next.

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