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102849 No. 102849 Locked [View]
Hey all!
I know I'm a bit late for something like this but I've only just gotten round to finishing FoE and I've got a question about the fate of littlepip.
Okay so I was wondering, it's a well know fact that littlepip was alive at the end of the story, just comatose, but there was a part in the last chapter which leads me to believe that she no longer spends all of her time in the S.P.P pod and in fact leaves it occasionally to do, whatever.

Here's the part of the chapter: “We’ll likely get a few rogue winds, but the Junction Town to Bucklyn Cross is one o’ the safest routes in all Equestria.” Well, now that bloodwing mating season had passed, at least.

“Rogue winds?”

“It’s Homage’s birthday, so sh’e up in the Celestia Hub with Li’lpip,” Calamity informed her. “Ah hear they’re spendin’ the whole day in the Autumn Vestibule.”

So anyway, does anyone else feel the same way? Do you also think she no longer has to spend all her time in the pod thing.
share your opinion. do it.
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>> No. 102887
What's the mods' stance on spoilers for a story like this? I mean, he's giving away the ending here.
>> No. 102890
File 133728221422.png - (284.33KB , 600x506 , 130302418811.png )
I'd have been fucking furious if I'd been halfway through the story and seen this post.

Reported, not out of spite OP, but courtesy to those who have not finished the story.

If this thread gets deleted, which it should, and you then re-post in the FOE general, with proper spoilers used, I'd be happy to answer your question!
>> No. 102894
File 133728362232.png - (103.15KB , 309x265 )
In response to this post: >>102887
It obviously should've been spoilered. As such, I've edited the text and I'll lock this thread as an example.

I've also send the OP a message so hopefully he'll use spoiler and post in a relevant thread next time.

File 133491764027.png - (529.75KB , 800x900 , doodle_rainbowdash___and_more_by_gashi_gashi-d4j9dir.png )
98078 No. 98078 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
Last Event: >>88413
Accolades and current list of participants: http://goo.gl/3XoJd
All anthologies: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/fic+Write+Off

It’s that arbitrarily chosen interval of time again. Yes, the write-off is back and more extreme than ever—extreme writing, extreme competition, extreme prompting, extreme organisation, extre—

Sorry, what were we talking about? Oh yes, for those not aware of what this event is or how it runs, here’s the lowdown:
– Participants write stories over a 72 hour period
– The stories are written from a prompt given at the event’s onset
– Participants submit their work to an anonymous anthology
– Readers and judges then rate the stories
– Finally, everything gets wrapped up with author reveals and winners announced
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>> No. 102759
Yeah I do prefer to type in MS Word, as it allows me to set the background color to black, which makes it easier for me to think. No worries about the name, I have many names and I really don't care who calls me what, it just surprised me that you knew it. Cool write-off by the way, I can't wait for the next one.
>> No. 129049
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>> No. 129829
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No. 76515 Locked [View]
Come one, come all! My name is Acheron, and I'm here to edit your fics, stories, and poems.

Some of you may ask, "What's the difference between an editor, and a reviewer?" It's really quite simple. I'm the step between when you write your piece, and when you submit it to a reviewer.

After reviewers helped me, I decided I should help out by using editing skills that my parents, who were book publishers for a while, taught me.

So go ahead, let me be an editor, and look for the corrections that most programs are liable to miss. I'll post an ERROR LOG for the fic, so that you know what needs to be changed.

Just a rule for you:

1. When I read your fic, I do expect to see good grammar. I will not point out the grammar errors, because that's more for the reviewer. Spelling errors, missing punctuation, that sort of stuff is what I'll be looking for.
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>> No. 102423
I'm sorry, those of you who had, a while ago, expected me to be able to edit.

I can't do it, I'm afraid. Something like this puts too much stress upon me, having to keep track of this. I apologize for never being able to edit.

I hope you can all forgive me for what I didn't do.
>> No. 102498
Hey, if a mod or admin sees this message, could you please either locketh the thread, or remove it?
>> No. 102499
File 133703631170.png - (71.86KB , 304x327 )
Locked by request.

File 131770228184.png - (1.78MB , 1600x1280 , 64279 - The_Great_And_Powerful_Trixie Trixie Twixie artist gunslingerpen twilight_sparkle.png )
55414 No. 55414 Locked [View] [Last 50 posts]
Mmmk, I'm a little tire of being a vagabond and bouncing around threads trying to memorize my queue. So I'm making my own thread. I will still hang out in the Training Grounds but I hope that this will help keep that queue from getting too big.

So, I'm Kurbz. I review pony fan fiction. (I do general fiction and non-fiction as well but you'll have to email me) I especially like shipping stories with my favorites being Twixie, TwiLuna, and TriLuna. Those stories (when done well) get bonus points. Onto the rules!

1) Read the sticky.
2) I know you didn't read the sticky. Go read it.
3) You must have a synopsis. I don't care about tags as much but I wont add you to the queue unless you have at least a synopsis (I may ask for tags if it doesn't cover enough).
4) Other reviewers are welcome to hop in and make their homes here if they want.
5) I have not dropped a fic yet. I do, however, reserve the right to drop a fic if I feel like it.
6) I will be mean. This isn't a place to come if you want me to be tactful. Do realize that everything I say, I say to try and make the story better. Even if I tell you to rewrite it.
7) I encourage you to comment on my reviews. After all, you're the author! I find that discussion fosters great ideas. I love to discuss fics.
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>> No. 102451
You're an idiot. Read my last post, but for the sake of brevity, here it is again.


Please redirect all comments, requests, and questions to >>100799
>> No. 102467
File 133701815816.png - (233.47KB , 635x354 , 131093769661.png )
Locked by request.
>> No. 102468
File 133701858188.jpg - (22.78KB , 320x343 )
Wow, I derped hard. Apologies.

File 133501402657.jpg - (455.12KB , 960x960 , derpy_teenage_angst.jpg )
98250 No. 98250 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Can we make a list of clichés? And, if you can, possibly link sources of other stories that you've read that have (or, indeed, made) these clichés?

This is just so other writers can know that these have been done before, or if you are reviewing a writer who thinks they're doing something original, you can come to this thread and grab all of the stereotypes with citations to prove your point. Also, hopefully such a thread might make the community a bit more original (personally, I am kind of getting sick of reading all of the teenage angst self-insert depression fics, and maybe letting people know just how many "Gilda/Trixie are now homeless" fics there are out there (or aren't) might help this (or at least show how much people might be overestimating the issue)).

For example, the "Celestia is an immortal and is sad at the passing of countless generations before her" meme (see "Eternal" as an example of this). Or "X is now an alicorn" (see "Not My Destiny" or "Princess Applebloom" or "So, You've Grown Wings" or etc.).
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>> No. 101194

Is someone going to post the picture that obviously needs to be posted here? I can't find it but you all know what I mean.
>> No. 101274
Is your story a drama or tragedy? Then label it as such. If it is neither don't bother with a 'sad' tag. Leave it up to the reader to decided if the story is sad or not.
>> No. 101801
My thoughts!

1. This is something I notice a lot -- fics that constantly reference events from the show. Yes, events from the show will be references. This is fanfic. It's based on the show.

But sometimes it gets to the point where the fic reads more like a clipshow than anything else. "Hey remember that thing with the Diamond Dogs?" "Hey remember that time Applejack ran away?" "Man this is just like the time where Fluttershy..."

The issue with this is twofold. First, most people reading MLP fiction are probably familiar with the show, so this doesn't really add a lot.

Second, it creates the impression that absolutely nothing happens OUTSIDE of the show, which is self-defeating -- you're writing fanfic to explore what goes on outside actual canon, while indicating that NOTHING goes on outside actual canon.

Also it's just kind of uncreative. Reference episodes that never happened! I mean, it's fanfic. You can do that!

File 130811162646.png - (655.11KB , 1600x900 , twilightreading.png )
21892 No. 21892 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Random Comedy Shipping
Trey was an average brony living an average life. That is, until Twilight shows up in his back yard. Trey winds up being unintentionally teleported into Ponyville. Not only does this prove problematic for Twilight, but it also brings quite the romantic commotion to the little town.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:

This is my first fanfic. Some of you may have seen it on Equestria Daily. Some of you may not have. Either way, I am having people pre-read it here before I actually post it on my DeviantArt account (http://pookbrony.deviantart.com) or on Equestria Daily.
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>> No. 101822
Why was my post deleted?
>> No. 101847
File 133666189670.jpg - (79.79KB , 499x357 , 6384616061cbee2410b21cf9379e0447.jpg )
For insulting other users is my guess. At least, that's what I put in the message box when I reported it.
>> No. 108828

File 132095470986.jpg - (204.89KB , 797x881 , Lunaughty.jpg )
64874 No. 64874 Locked [View]
Hi Guys! :D
StreakTheFox here again seeking ideas/advice for my new Lunaughty fic!

you can find it here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/2562/Lunaughty
(not, it is not explicit material)

I need some ideas.
Just like in the Molestia thread, I am seeking ideas on what to do next in this fic. As with most of my fics, this one shall be written on the fly, as that just seems to be my writing style.
The Prologue and Part 1 are already up, and it is very highly suggested that Princess Molestia (also not explicit) should be read before reading Lunaughty, as the story is a direct sequel.

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>> No. 65617
Part 3 is up!

Corrections of spelling/grammar alike are appreciated :D
Now, I will be gone for three months starting tomorrow... D:
I am going to army bootcamp. It is so sad that I'm leaving, but I'll be able to start my life.
Though... in my absence, please try to leave me with a wealth of ideas for when I return. Like I said in the start, I'm writing this on the fly, so your ideas/suggestions will help me when I get back.
Thank you all for reading this and my story!
Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

~May you all have Long Days and Pleasant Nights!
>> No. 65935
Id love to see allie in the fanfic, in case ur wondering who she is, shes the pony with the bowling cutiemark.
>> No. 101427
File 133644633373.gif - (748.39KB , 300x230 )

File 130721521111.png - (48.78KB , 178x197 , SBIcon2.png )
18213 No. 18213 [View]

First off, link:

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/31097783/StormStunner.pdf (Dropbox because gdocs is giving me trouble.)

I'm a drawfriend interested in learning more about writing.

As such, I've written a bloody large chunk of text (about 9000 words) introducing a few of those daring ponies that don the golden armor of the Royal Guard.

I'd love any comments and criticisms, and to hear if this type of story has potential. Cheers!
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>> No. 61463
For whatever it may be worth, I second the honorable samurai's endorsement of this work.

This fic is how you do OC right.
>> No. 90722
File 133159857802.gif - (2.71MB , 320x314 , 3bd.gif )
Huh, this thread still exists?
Yeah, good story. The sequel is on his FimFiction page, although it's only one chapter in.
>> No. 101066
File 133624672124.png - (1.41MB , 1533x1275 , RoyalGuards.png )
Second chapter of "From Canterlot with Love" here.

File 132281429388.png - (410.40KB , 800x600 , 57127 - artist leimy fluttershy psychoshy.png )
69385 No. 69385 [View]
Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/08/story-blood-is-thicker-than-friendship.html

>>53656 for the workshop thread review

Image credit to Leimy - http :// leimy . deviantart. com/art/Fluttershy-loves-you-258044967

Title: Blood is Thicker than Friendship
Author: Stonershy
Editor: Pacce of the school of Mustaches

Description: After a strange book is found in the depths of the library's basement, a mysterious entity from a dark and forgotten chapter of Equestria's history is released unto the unsuspecting population of Ponyville.
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>> No. 100189

Trixie is sleazy and a bad person and those are my favorite kinds of characters. This will be really obvious when you take a look at Anywhere.

>Dueling guards.
That's very probable since it seems like your Equestria is already in full gear for war and somewhat darker in general when Celestia decides to drop off the map, or even before. Mine is on the chill side for the most part. They are getting firearms from griffons, however.

>Mahara portfolio
Show no mercy. I intentionally made Mahara an asshole because I expected the audience to hate her, but I guess that backfired?

>> No. 100947
Ch 10-

Few comments on this one, I’m just enjoying the story as much as my truncated time this weekend will allow. I’ll not likely have any internet time over the majority of the weekend.

>The shadow lands
Mfw that little diatribe I went off on several chapters back come to glorious fulfillment. This I’m looking forward to.

>a butterfly can still flutter
I’d go with “soar”. Flutter seems to cheapen the sentiment somehow.

>The Dash/AJ scene, convo about FS
Wait, I know Mahara was just sent off that other land, but I fail to see how her absence alone would totally cause C to blow off her prescription of FS and zecora needing to live under Luna’s watch.
>> No. 101041
>The shadow lands
I will not disappoint (I hope).

I was worried about that. Terrified, even, but then, this is far from the actual conclusion of the story. I guess the logic was, like before, she experienced all these new things, let herself live, just to get burned again. She's discouraged. This time, though, her friends are immediately there to catch her, and she has an understanding that it isn't her fault. In a way, she already knows what she realizes, it just doesn't fully click until she sees the garden teeming with roses.

Or am I just rambling?

Anyway! Glad you enjoyed reading, cheers, stay safe, and all that good shit!

File 133550337898.png - (538.31KB , 742x705 , a605adbe4d6ae964a159a5438172d61b.png )
99413 No. 99413 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the tenth installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Disclaimer: Our knowledge of quantum physics is limited, so please try to keep questions on that subject to a minimum. Also magnets are kinda hard.

We’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: A few days to get from Seth to us, a bit more than a week to review depending on how busy we are, then a day or two for the review to get back to the author.

Q: It’s been [Unit of time] and I still haven’t received any response. What’s up?
A: Ensure that you’re sending your story to the correct address ([email protected]). Ensure that you’re using the proper submission format, as detailed on the “Submit” page of Equestria Daily. Read over your description - stories with over five errors in the description tend to be rejected immediately. If you’re sure you’ve done all of the above and still haven’t received a response, send another email in the same thread asking about the status of your story.
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>> No. 127889
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>> No. 128146
Dear EQD; for some time now I've wanted to post my fic on your site; but whenever I go to the 'Fanfiction Submissions Form' there's just a big blank screen where the form should be.

Any help would be appreciated

No. 90457 [View]
#Author #Crossover #Dark-War #Violence
This is my first pony fanfic that I've been writing for over 8 months now. I don't expect it to be great, but I believe some people will enjoy it. It's still in progress.

Current status (as of 8th March, 2012) - 70% complete (14 of 20 chapters)

Synopsis: The Griffin Kingdom prepares an invasion on Equestria and when the Wonderbolts become incapacitated by two griffin aces, a group of pegasus ponies, assembled by Firefly, become the land's main aerial defense force, supporting each other in hardest times. It's a story of revenge, friendship, sadness, struggles and sacrifices, a war which will change the lives of many a pony and griffon...

Chapter 1 (could also count as a prologue) - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R-3Jb34GDEtwy29FX73d9vV5wXBNGvmo_HnMZFucG8s/edit?hl=en_US
Chapter 2 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LCIMnWUpcNey7Ub28sNiyUUBu06Xf1TkbCzheA6vsVM/edit?hl=en_US
Chapter 3 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p7ZcaJe8ohqEZunJ9Kkh9pvMvZ-V2wcClzjJbmgXrAY/edit?hl=en_US
Chapter 4 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PhMMk__dL8awy9N7rNGW_gqa8ZTpNn4MzqmZIZKp37M/edit?hl=en_US
Chapter 5 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YwCCumDZjUOF40Cih-uaZKx-9nfpX70tfbCZ0OVGZgI/edit?hl=en_US
Chapter 6 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MhbQuuPuToaVYoJdFzPfRHFPTh8wfKXdtqpO6jafz_A/edit?hl=en_US
6 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 93176
Chapter 15 is made... don't know about anyone else out there, but I felt a little depressed while writing it.

>> No. 97931

There's chapter 16 ready. The fic is finished in about 80%, though I still have plans for revision before the final version.
>> No. 100891
Chapter 17 is done. I have plans to make an epilogue after all 20 are done, to wrap things up. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jNbgIatB-lllKSm4Gcy3Hd_20xTWRhDIJxyijjxjdEE/edit?hl=en_US

File 133529381698.jpg - (27.04KB , 500x447 , dfe04cb2-4132-4c5e-b488-e809db77e177.jpg )
98865 No. 98865 [View]
#Reviewer #RP



Hello, [SUBJECT NAME HERE], and welcome to the Aperture Science Review Center. We at Aperture Science pride ourselves in delivering the best technology and the sssssssafest to bbbbbbbooooooot! fjiokdwoidsf2389rj9er032reffffer3344444444


Look, I'm not going to sugarcoat this for you. I'm far too busy testing for that.
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>> No. 100867
You could drag items from TTG over here, then post a link directing the authors to this thread.
>> No. 100869
File 133612430337.png - (328.43KB , 720x540 , Scruffy The Janitor.png )
>> No. 100870

That's a good idea. Never occurred to me.

Ever since the nuclear strike I've been trying to do my part for TTG, so yes. Even if I am one of those selfish people who cherry-picks from the queue when the oldest one is, as is often the case, too long to take at a single sitting...

File 133579572116.jpg - (36.14KB , 290x475 , 67406-L.jpg )
100033 No. 100033 [View]
#Author #Discussion #Otters!
What is the general opinion of using different species in an MLP fanfiction?

All of the main characters are ponies, and we can't really count Zecora and Cranky as different species since they effectively are ponies, just another "race" in Equestrian canon.

There are, though, totally different creatures. Gilda, for example, and the dragons, and the buffalo.

So what if I wanted to include a different species in my story? I'm trying to write a story that could involve a bit of adventure to a new land to enlist the help of a new group of people.
Specifically, I am thinking of otters. They definitely haven't appeared in canon (they would come from a foreign place, and have an accent of some sort, probably). For those of you who know the Redwall series by Brian Jacques - I loved those books when I was small - I'd quite like to treat the otters as they are in that case, although not in the sense of a crossover, more just taking inspiration.

Don't worry, I'm aware of the dangers and potential for it to be rubbish, but if it was done well, do you think it could work? I think we could gloss over the fact that otters are carnivores - after all, they eat mainly fish anyway, which hardly affects the ponies. Imagine Rainbow Dash travelling to the land of the otters, and she brings them back, swimming through the rivers and forests of Equestria.

I'm fairly convinced that it could work, as long as it was treated with a lot of care; I open this up to debate for the regulars of fic. Has such a thing been done before? How would you go about it?
21 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 100253
Maybe we can think of the show as being divided into animals-animals and anthropomorphic-animals.

In animals-animals we have all the things like the badgers, birds, parasprites, fish etc. Some of them can "talk" and Fluttershy can understand, but not all of them.

In anthropomorphic-animals we have ponies, dragons, griffons, donkeys and so on. All of these, with the exception of mules and perhaps dragons, seem to have roughly the same intelligence as people. And that is the group my otters fit into.

No doubt if someone wanted to write otters as part of the animals-animals group in another story, it would be equally as valid.
>> No. 100278
> All of these, with the exception of mules and perhaps dragons, seem to have roughly the same intelligence as people.

Twilight Sparkle: Ugh. That pony is stubborn as a mule.
[mule neighing]
Twilight Sparkle: No offense.
Mule: None taken.


Dragon: But that rainbow one kicked me.
Fluttershy: And I'm very sorry about that. But you're bigger than she is, and you should know better. You should also know better than to take a nap where your snoring can become a health hazard to other creatures.
>> No. 100295
I wasn't really commenting on the intelligence of the mules and dragons. Since it isn't specifically shown in the show they can be whatever you like. I was merely trying to put my otters in some context.

File 133576317171.jpg - (45.69KB , 600x385 , Cool Story Ahaha.jpg )
99953 No. 99953 [View]
#Author #Single fic #Crossover #Comedy #Sci-fi
Hey guys, long time (8 months :B) no see! So, season two is over and boy did that finale give me some ideas! Motivation flowing out the eyes and whatnot!

I'm out of school and currently in the process of writing Doctor Whooves Episode 3 Chapter 1. It's not up yet, nor do I expect it to be up before wednesday, believe me, Ponychan will be the first to get the links this time around.

Anyway, I'd like to get nip this in the bud, what are your guys' thoughts on the title Atmos-Fear? The basic story is as follows

Tirac, occupying the body of Screw Ball, is taking the sly route and trying to create a climate of fear and paranoia following the Changeling Invasion on which to feed. To do this (s)he has gotten his/her agents into various facets of Canterlot's upper echelons (media, defense, etc). Sensing something is amiss, Twilight, Spike, and The Doctor set out to get to the bottom of this mystery. Adventure ensues.

This is going to be the shortest one so far (I hope!), I'm going to try to churn out ~30k words, six chapter of 5k. This will also hopefully be a somewhat lighter affair after the apocalyptic TL&T and MoDM, setting up an overarching storyline involving Tirac's myriad plans to regain power while dealing with smaller Equestria-centered adventures.
I'm about 1000+ words into the first chapter, and I'm feeling the vibe again!
>> No. 99957
I kindly ask you to read the post with the giant flashing and rainbow-colored letters. It will let you know why this is not the best place for this.
>> No. 100009

If he uses this thread for the story, there isn't much of a problem. It might sound like favoritism, but this isn't a one-off "I have an idea" thread, and the writer can be expected to deliver.

The use of the #Author tag and the unrelated picture do bug me, though. #Author and #Single fic do not go together, unless the single fic is the only thing the author has written.
>> No. 100112
The fact that he doesn't actually link his story, but only has the promise of a story, is the issue at question.
Heph, if I might be so bold, I would suggest you remake this thread when you actually have something to show off. And like Filler said, the #Author tag doesn't fit. You can post all three of your Dr. Who stories and use the #Author tag, or just this one and use the #Single Fic. Your call. Be forewarned that a mod may delete this thread for not having a good OP. Save the behind-the-scenes musing for the second post.
If I were you, I'd make an index that links to all of your stories (or their respective EqD pages) and then linking that in your OP. That way, users can easily find the link to the newest chapter.

File 133549889863.png - (49.26KB , 500x357 , hotblooded_surprise.png )
99397 No. 99397 [View]
I know, last week I was absent from this board. I was helping out the fellows in r/MLPwritingschool, but now I'm back to /fic/ for the foreseeable future.

For those of you who have not seen my threads, I do weekly livestream reviews. Details below.

1) 8000 word limit
1a) If you have a 1-shot or there aren't many stories posted here, I'll be much more lenient with the length.
2) You need to be able to be watching the stream when I review your fic. I want to help you out as much as I can and part of the point of livestreaming is that you and I can interact! You don't need to stick around the entire time, just for your fic. I'll review the fics in the order they are posted and post the queue in chat.
3) I'm willing to review clop/gore fics, but since these are forbidden on Ponychan, you should email me the link at [email protected] You aren't required to post in this thread if you email me your fic, but I would highly recommend it.
4) If you do so wish to watch me review fics, don't put down other authors or their fics! It's okay to not like grimdark or shipping or clop, but you don't need to tease others for enjoying these things. Love and tolerate.
5) I've gotten to the point where I'm usually not able to get to every fic submitted each week, so fics I missed from the previous week (IF you repost it here!) and shorter fics will get preference. Fics may also be dropped at my discretion (mainly if you need a lot of grammar work and it isn't fit for a thorough review yet).
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>> No. 99587
I've been attending your Livestreams for a while and I was wondering if your slot wasn't filled already. I've decided to write a series of shorts so here's my first one.


Synopsis: In a world where ponies roam one man must decide whether or not to change his future, FOREVER. Coming to you this fall, a story of that man and the Map of McGuffin. Red Wine must decide whether it's worth living in a world he knows or in a world he isn't sure he even wants. Mick McConor IS Red Wine - IN - A Silver Lining.

I can't wait to hear you this Saturday.
>> No. 99650
This is an unfinished fic, but my reasons for posting it here are so that I can recieve feedback on its direction, flow, and characterization thus far.

It's not that long, only a few pages. But I'm posting it here nonetheless.

>> No. 99905
Hey, IPP! I finished the addition to my chapter! I don't want to waste your time rereading the whole thing next Saturday, so you think you could take a look?


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