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#Reviewer #Comedy #Shipping
Whatup everyone! My name is DJ @n0nym0|_|53, and i'm here to help like a boss!

Here's the deal, you submit your fic like this.

Name of fic:
Short description (15 words or less):
Long description (less then 300 words please.)
Chapters to be reviewed:
Main characters:
Link to fic:
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>> No. 86104
File 132988461887.png - (25.02KB , 293x323 , lp - what.png )
Are we looking at the same version? Most of these things, I've corrected before. Especially goddamn semicolons. This is why I hate Google Docs.

I will take the pacing criticism to heart, though, as well as most of the literary advice. I can't promise a dramatic increase in pacing. I wouldn't be comfortable writing a purely action-oriented scenario.

Perhaps I shall visit upon you the misfortune of my tales in the future. Thank you for your time.
>> No. 86109
File 132988630849.png - (26.57KB , 336x370 , lp - base.png )
Additional thoughts and queries:

The losing of accent was intended to be intentional on AJ's part, but if it's jarring I can take this detail out with ease. I intended some manner of "you're fine the way you are" moment, but I could either discard the gradual change or address it much sooner. Thoughts?

On the broader topic of AJ's behavior, I've been trying to craft an older, more mature mare with a deep rift in her formerly solid life foundation. I originally felt this to be the best way to draw contrast between AJ and the self-assured, gaudy, figurative mask-wearing populace of the town. Lector was originally envisioned to be taught the lessons of "a mare, stronger than [he]." Is there a better way to do so that I'm not seeing?

Lastly, regarding Lector's fears of Intrigue, I see that particular passage as a lapse on my part. For this to end correctly, Lector has to have the spine to stand up to Intrigue, and courage doesn't come overnight. That particular scene with Poe in the plaza is a failing on my part to maintain a proper and believable increase in courage.

Hopefully, this sheds some light on this particular story. I'm building on a base I originally constructed months ago, to wildly varying degrees of success.

Again, thank you for your time.
>> No. 99704
Locking this since the OP seems to have abandoned it but it was necro-bumped. The user in question has been warned.

If the OP would like to resume this thread, please contact a mod (e.g. report this post) to ask for it to be unlocked/unautosaged.

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#Reviewer #Single fic #Shipping #Action
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>> No. 99417
>> No. 99422
File 133550442771.gif - (462.79KB , 500x222 , eCkk5.gif )

The reviewer tag also suggests that he's looking for a review. Reports don't get much easier than this.
>> No. 99423
Please repost following the guidelines outlined in the board sticky.
Thank you.

File 133464448053.gif - (57.12KB , 125x125 , Brock.gif )
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#Author #Collection #Discussion #Participation
So, I've hit a roadblock on submitting my pet project to EQD. I have a couple weeks with a light work schedule, so I thought I'd do something to get me into writing again, before ME3 Multiplayer and League of Legends consume my life.

So I've decided to put myself through a little challenge/game. I will write your idea for one of the following things. Older things get precedence but I reserve the right to shut one down.

--Length from short enough to fit in the comment box for a Youtube video, up to a few hundred words or however long I feel like (feel free to request which length)
--A disjointed scene a la the "Write a Scene" thread.
--A short monologue in a character's voice.
--Either of the above as a caption for a picture.
--Either of the above as a caption(?) for a song.

I would love feedback-- I am constantly seeking to improve. I also invite other people to snipe ideas from the "queue" if there is one, or rewrite things I've already done, to make the thread fun or give it more life.
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>> No. 99282

I don't know what to say about this one.

It is meant to be a "duo interpretation." The actors stand side by side, facing the audience, and are forbidden from physically interacting with each other, i.e. touching each other or making eye contact. Blocking and instructions for how the lines should be read are kept to a minimum. The narrative can change radically based on the actors' interpretation, but I think this one should be pretty clear.

Please tell me what you think. This was a leap of faith for me.


NIGHTMARE: And a fine morning to you, Sister!
>> No. 99395
File 133549805023.gif - (78.90KB , 770x770 , celestia_clap_by_mihaaaa-d3kipis.gif )
Bravo! I'm pretty impressed with how this turned out. Even though there wasn't any action or emotion text (Luna's heart sank as blah blah blah) I could still get a sense of what both sides were feeling as they spoke.
-I like how Luna uses "I" and "my" instead of the royal we. I like to think she only uses that when she's speaking to her subjects to maintain her authority. When she's speaking to her sister or in this case her own mind, she addresses herself normally.
-Did a good job breaking Luna down. As Nightmare kept interrupting her, Luna seemed to lose confidence in herself as she raised her voice (Princess Celestia loves me!) and things like that.
-It was kind of hard for me to decide which was the breaking point for her, but I decided that "watching over ponies as they sleep is my sworn duty, one that we should be proud of" that we is what indicates that she is actually considering Nightmare to be a part of herself. From then on, their lines are almost interchangeable, which is exactly how I wanted it.

I'm keeping my eye on you. Good luck with your stories.
>> No. 99398

I'm glad you liked it!

I see you've written some stuff of your own that attracted some very positive attention, so to me that lends your commendation more weight, which pleases me greatly. I really was worried about this one, because I tried to do a rather weighty twist in a very short space, and because I went off-the-wall with the format.

File 133389753426.jpg - (111.46KB , 694x711 , 131086078369.jpg )
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Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the seventh ninth installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Disclaimer: Our knowledge of quantum physics is limited, so please try to keep questions on that subject to a minimum. Also magnets are kinda hard.

We’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: A few days to get from Seth to us, a bit more than a week to review depending on how busy we are, then a day or two for the review to get back to the author.

Q: It’s been [Unit of time] and I still haven’t received any response. What’s up?
A: Ensure that you’re sending your story to the correct address ([email protected]). Ensure that you’re using the proper submission format, as detailed on the “Submit” page of Equestria Daily. Read over your description - stories with over five errors in the description tend to be rejected immediately. If you’re sure you’ve done all of the above and still haven’t received a response, send another email in the same thread asking about the status of your story.
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>> No. 113330
Is there a set guidelines that the pre-readers have to follow, or is the acceptance and rejection of a fanfic based on the pre-readers personal taste?
>> No. 113331
Is there a set guidelines that the pre-readers have to follow, or is the acceptance and rejection of a fanfic based on the pre-readers personal taste? >>95945
>> No. 129012
Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very <a href="http://epogqewrdv.com">imtaoprnt.</a>

File 133522906633.jpg - (38.69KB , 431x531 , i can count to books.jpg )
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#Reviewer #Shipping
I am here today to offer my reviews for shipping fics, bad shipping fics, or pretty much any shipping fics. Ill read whatever story that I have time to. Preferably, I would like your story to be short, under 10k words. Awright?

I will rate stories out of whatever categories that I see fits with the story.
For example, some categories:
How good was the story
how much it touched me
How unique the pair was
if I think the pair would actually work out
how strange the fic was

.... Just to name a few.
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>> No. 98883
You can join in on reviewing, if you wish. Help always appreciated!
>> No. 98918
Hmm, shipping review perks my interest. This is an old story of mine, and I'm considering rewriting it. Unfortunately, I keep thinking of this plot line. Anyway, just have at it.

9,765 words
>> No. 99131
Aww... you're gonna dock me for writing a popular ship? That has earned you first dibs on the next one.

So, yes, I did enjoy writing the flight stuff, but I've come to realize that it doesn't really help the story advance plot or develop character. So, further revisions cut back on the flying and show more of the Fluttershy / Rainbow / Rarity interaction. The big change, and this comes from Samurai, is a non-chronological narration which I haven't quite managed to nail yet and might write off as a failed experiment.

The big problem, and I hoped you'd have the guts to point it out, is that the story is so terribly locked inside Fluttershy's skull. New revisions have much less angst, and I switched to a side project to practice writing from an outside-the-mind perspective. That's what I'm dealing with now.

I'm glad the sky-painting scene got you in the heart. It was very d'aww-inspiring for me when it bubbled out of my subconscious. Best morning ever.

Thanks for taking the time and best of luck reviewing.

File 133539365561.gif - (122.94KB , 500x300 , pon-3 and pinkie.gif )
99089 No. 99089 Locked [View]
I'm in the making of a Pinkie Pie/Vinyl Scratch fanfic but I need some ponified names for the following:

The Bronx

New York Yankees

I'll post a link to the fic as soon as it's done being typed. Thanks and may Celestia bless your soul
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>> No. 99096
File 133539481128.png - (393.42KB , 2559x2379 , Octavia133251240664.png )
Don't expect it to get a good rating on EqD. Octavia x Scratch is considered OTP by most of the fandom. Though considering that you made a whole thread about this, you probably wouldn't get it on EqD anyway.
>> No. 99101
File 133539559099.jpg - (106.86KB , 590x738 , Pks8a.jpg )
This should be in the Story Forge.
>> No. 99106
You'll probably get a much better response here, OP. >>97121

Thread locked, will delete in a little bit.

File 133527353383.jpg - (11.37KB , 200x200 , 263176_10150278414273899_712388898_8874578_5080884_n.jpg )
98835 No. 98835 [View]
Hihi, I need some advice. I'm starting a fanfic, and I feel I have a solid plot and all... but I'm stuck on a location name. Can anyone help me come up with ideas for a ponified version of 'Atlantis'? Thanks!
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>> No. 98866
File 133529430288.jpg - (102.04KB , 640x960 , LiQsP.jpg )
This should be in the Story Forge. Please delete it and ask in there.
Something tells me this thread was moved.
>> No. 98901
File 133531272299.gif - (1.23MB , 320x320 , Haters Gonna Hate.gif )
The best I could come up with was "Alfalfas." Maybe "Alfalfis." Or maybe "Anestrus" if you're feeling a bored-type city.

Don't use "anestrus." Seriously.

For more inspiration, here's a link to a bunch of horse terminology. They've got descriptions of some mating-related stuff, so I'm not sure how safe-for-work this is, but it's not like this isn't an encyclopedic gathering of information anyway.
>> No. 98903
There's this thread on Fimfiction that's actually quite helpful.


No. 98811 Locked [View]
I am not a very good writer and lack the time to try So this is a challenge thread. I will provide the premise that I thought would make a great fic and any writer who chooses can take it in whatever direction they want.

The premise is a colt seeking the mare he fell in love with(who was really a changling) after she was banished from equestria during the wedding.

Now as I said this Premise can be taken in many directions, from romantic, grimdark, adventure, sad, maybe a bit of comedy. Make your submissions as: A Changling Of Heart (insert author name) Version.

I hope somepony runs with this Idea and turns out something epic.
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>> No. 98824
Ponychan, y u no have upvote option so I can show how awesome this post it?
>> No. 98834
File 133527313474.jpg - (113.28KB , 562x316 , community-senor-chang-562.jpg )
>A Changling Of Heart
>> No. 98839
File 133527903597.png - (2.20MB , 1600x930 )

Ew, filly. Make her a mare, you creep.

Anyways... isn't there a thread that's for similar things to what you're asking? The Story Forge, I believe? You should probably look into that. Please read the fic sticky while you're at it.

File 133523455182.jpg - (185.41KB , 816x980 , all_my_love_by_noponyzone-d4u8uhw.jpg )
98746 No. 98746 [View]
I'm new here, and I wanted to ask...if that's ok with you...where one would submit a story that has a...umm...darker tint...to it? Pic related in that it will express my feelings towards the pony who helps me.
Again, please forgive me for making a new thread just for this...
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>> No. 98758

Yes. When you submit it to two places, tell them that you are doing so.
>> No. 98761
If you're done with this thread, could you please delete it? You can find instructions for doing so in the Facts and Questions on the main page.
>> No. 98809
If you require, my gmail / gchat (preferred) is available for story-related advice.

File 133145143863.jpg - (72.58KB , 500x673 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-the-solar-empire.jpg )
90366 No. 90366 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hello, /fic/. I'm here to review your fan fiction.

You probably don't know me, and I haven't written anything worth mentioning. However, I have been blessed with loads of free time, as well as an unusual amount of patience with bad writing. That's got to count for something, right? I'm also working on fanfiction of my own, and I think that reviewing others' stories is likely to improve my objectivity in critiquing my own work.

Now, I'm not sure it's in me to be as pungent with reviews as the other people here usually are. I don't really have the spine for arguing on the internet. However, I may be even pickier than the other reviewers are, for entirely different reasons: I think that a good MLPFiM fanfiction should either build on the show's artistic accomplishments, or expand the universe into entirely new territory, but NOT bastardize everything the show is about into an unrecognizable chimera. So, in addition to criticizing your story's elements of plot, theme, style, pacing, grammar, and so on, I will also place a high priority on its unity of spirit. Just what I mean by this should become clear through my reviews, but the basics of it is this: if you hand me a "Pony crossover with X universe because ponies make everything 20% cooler" or a "Pony-ie x DaPony shipfic wherein the protagonists start making out FOR NO RAISIN," then I will take issue with that. And, though it will seem to you like I am taking issue with the entire premise of your story, I will actually be taking issue with your horrible execution. /rant

A weakness I have as a reader is that I'm probably too easily pleased. I will try my best to work against this character flaw of mine, for both of our benefits, but be warned: I do tend to like almost everything. I don't always have the sort of cynical eye required for someone who's supposed to dig around and look for things to dislike.

I don't have many rules. Please do not send me clop or gore. However, explicit sex and gratuitous violence are fine. The difference is that while "explic
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>> No. 98699
File 133522735047.png - (1.12MB , 1200x900 , cs.png )
Link: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B17yon8mwl6TMzQ1MWQ3MWUtNGJiOS00ODc3LTg5NzQtYzA1MWE4NzNiMjQw
Synopsis: "The course of true love never did run smooth." Caramel, Braeburn, and the Elements of Harmony had long abandoned any hope of finding love in their lives. Granted, a few had their dreams of a certain somepony, but that's all they were to them: dreams. That is until Winter Wrap-Up, where Caramel's clumsiness sets off a chain of events that could lead either to the betterment of everypony or to a schism between the Elements. Visions, reappearances, secrets, and histories attack ten ponies who begin to feel love's gentle warmth. Before all is told, each will have to battle his or her demons to find love waiting on the other side.
Tags:[b] [Shipping][Slice of Life][Sad][Comedy]
This is mainly a CaramelShy fic with a lot of side-shipping and flashbacks. Please keep comments tasteful.
>> No. 98712
>> No. 98827
Thanks for all your positive comments, everyone!


Sorry, guys, but I'm not reviewing stories anymore. This thread is dead. Maybe I should ask for it to be locked?

File 131423329577.png - (55.04KB , 500x518 , 26434 - big_macintosh template that_is_my_fetish t.png )
43004 No. 43004 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
The Third Coltcuddler Shipping Thread!

Continued from: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/25975.html Yaaay!

Here's the list of male canon characters we've gathered for further reference:

>Members of the Apple Family marked with an *

01 Hoity Toity
02 Snips
03 Snails
04 Caramel
401 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 98575

Whelp, time for a new thread I suppose.
>> No. 98580
File 133515247083.jpg - (16.91KB , 320x166 , 1.jpg )
NEW THREAD! >>98578 NEW THREAD! >>98578 NEW THREAD! >>98578 NEW THREAD! >>98578 NEW THREAD! >>98578 NEW THREAD! >>98578 NEW THREAD! >>98578 NEW THREAD! >>98578
>> No. 128953
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File 132239813487.jpg - (5.90KB , 225x225 , Zango Rainbow Dash.jpg )
68347 No. 68347 Locked [View]
I've read cupcakes, rarity's new dress and sweet apple massacre.
I've also downloaded rainbow factory and rocket to insanity.
I was wondering if anypony had some gory, grimdark or creepy fanfics they would like to share or maybe just give the names of some good ones I missed.
30 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 98541
File 133513765892.png - (152.23KB , 500x662 , Dash x Applejack.png )
Incidentally, I did a quick Google search and apparently, Sweet Apple Massacre is hard to find.

I'm... I'm torn. On the one hand, it was a terrible work with the only main purpose being to harm fans. On the other... eh, it's kind of a milestone. While I'm sort of glad it's gone, it's kind of a shame to have history be "lost."

Then again, I only went 5 Google Pages in because I really don't care, so maybe I'm not searching hard enough.
>> No. 98547
File 133513868977.jpg - (333.62KB , 1080x1920 , bpofA.jpg )
Why the heck did you bump this >_>.

I'm not sure that anon is around anymore.
>December 25th
This thread died on Christmas. Its death was a gift to the board.
>> No. 98587
File 133515525796.png - (542.82KB , 741x691 )
... thread locked. Please don't bump threads from several months ago unless you have a very good reason to.

File 133512653343.doc - (63.50KB , Accelerando_rtf_txt.doc )
98481 No. 98481 Locked [View]
#Single fic #Normal
Octavia and Vinyl are both invited to a major event, Little do they know they will both be there; when they find out they don't like the competition and sharing of the spotlight so problems stir and what unfolds is for you to find out!
>> No. 98486
Are you looking for a review? If so, please delete this thread, then go read the sticky at the top of the page. It has all the information you need if you want to get your story reviewed.

If you're just trying to get it noticed, you should probably delete this thread anyway, then remake it with a link to a google doc or something. People are wary of downloading .doc files, since they can contain viruses.

Even then, this really isn't the place to get your word noticed. Try fimfiction.net.
>> No. 98500
File 133512811836.png - (535.87KB , 900x900 )

What he said.

File 133512619777.png - (736.91KB , 900x656 , pinkie__s_mind_by_bluefluffydinosaur-d4q92me.png )
98476 No. 98476 Locked [View]
#Editor #Wanted
Hey PonyChan, I'm looking for an editor to help edit my fan fic. So, if anypony wants to help, please email me
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>> No. 98484
File 133512668060.gif - (760.97KB , 320x180 , 407.gif )
Go to your system 32 folder, then delete its contents.
Or read the Facts and Questions like a smart little nub.
>> No. 98488
Ion, stop being obnoxious.
>> No. 98491
File 133512707157.png - (144.28KB , 648x607 )

Their other thread hasn't been deleted yet.

In any case OP, please read the sticky.

File 133512567199.png - (736.91KB , 900x656 , pinkie__s_mind_by_bluefluffydinosaur-d4q92me.png )
98468 No. 98468 Locked [View]
#editor #needed
need editor, email me if you want the job
4 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 98475
File 133512601799.png - (247.92KB , 597x451 , Draconequuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.png )
1. Editing can be an arduous task. Do you plan on somehow remunerating / granting recompense to the lucky individual who gets to make your work worthy of presentation?
2. You'll be more likely to get this sort of help if you seek it in a review thread. You may not get editing, but you will get people to point out any categories of errors you repeatedly make so it'll be easier for you to proofread your own work.
>> No. 98479
File 133512646527.gif - (916.22KB , 245x285 , seh6p.gif )
I'm sure you can figure out what she's saying from lip-reading.
>> No. 98492
File 133512714552.png - (583.36KB , 746x452 )
Just posting here to make it easier to lock.

OP, please read the sticky.

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