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I have no idea if this is the right place for this but, screw it, I'm gonna try.

Name your favorite pony fanfic of all time and explain why it's your favorite in 300 words or less.
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Huh. Buggy system. This was my recommendation.
>> No. 130561
Well, I got good news and bad news.

The good news is that you won't have to worry about the story no more.

The bad news is that its gone.
>> No. 130562
He ended his url with a period. Remove it and the page will load just fine.

File 140037374357.png - (958.70KB , 5000x5000 , snowdrop_by_wentox-d621a2w.png )
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Hi, kids. Been a while. Can't even find my old ponychan alias code.
I come to you, hat in hand. I'm looking for help with some dialogue in a fic of mine. Specifically, I need assistance in translating Icelandic characters/alphabet into English phonetics, so my readership will 'hear' the right sounds.
Anyone here have some experience w/ Icelandic?

Thanks for your time!
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>> No. 130456
File 140049343576.jpg - (17.20KB , 296x425 , tick.jpg )
Awesome, Minty. I forgot h2g2 even existed. Thanks bunches.
>> No. 130546
Just following up: I decided to go the straight Icelandic route, figuring anyone who cared enough would do an in-line translation or cut/paste. Results are here:
Larger story arc is, of course, here:

For those who remember, this is a collection of side-stories from the Order from Chaos/Justice/Hope trilogy.

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>> No. 130548
>Twilightsnarkle is alive
I just need one more revival and I'll claim whoever is doing it is jesus.

File 140136003080.gif - (567.68KB , 200x200 , 1387782770042.gif )
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#Author #Single fic

Whelp, i dont usually do this, in fact ive never done this, but I'm going to try it, because reasons, and what better place and time to try it than ponychan at 3:30 am

This is a story about acceptance, and, uh, friendship I guess

You are anonymous, you drank the bleach and found your portal to equestria, you stumble into ponyville and promptly terrify all its inhabitants with your very presence, you are captured by Celestia's guards and taken back to her dungeon in Canterlot for questioning, cursing every curse you can think of as they tied you up and threw you in the back of a flying chariot, the very thought scared you shitless because physics doesnt work like that

It's been, what, maybe an hour now? Your sense of time has obscured with the lack of any proper sun in your damp quarters, granted the cell was well lit by 6 torches, it didn't help calm your nerves from the recent events. You laid back against the farthest wall from the doorway, one leg stretched out, the other bent an an angle to prop your right arm on, watching the golden plated horse guards on the opposite side stare at you with a childlike wonder. You tapped your right foot against the stone floor, every tap echoing in the room, it was all you could do to calm your mind, that and swear, but the guards had made clear their opinions on the overuse of foul language.
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"Earth?" She repeated once more, the gesture now becoming rather annoying for you to listen too. Leaning in closer, she took two more steps towards you, craning her neck downward to be at your level. "I understand you are from this planet, what I meant was, what land, do you hail from?" You gave her a sort of stink eye, as if she was mocking your very limited intelligence, you fire back,

"Listen you, I don't know what you are or where I am, but I think you owe ME an explanation as to whats going on, for starters... am I dead?" Celestia shrunk back as you pointed an accusing finger at her along with a raised voice, it was enough to make the guards in the room twitch, apparently they still saw you as a threat. Celestia gave you the same confused look she had been giving you for most of the conversation, focusing only on the last part of your reply. She started slowly and awkwardly,

"Well, by the looks of it, you appear to be alive and moving, as for where you are, you are currently in the holding cells of the Royal Castle in Canterlot, and as for what I am, I am an Alicorn, I am the Co-Leader of this domain. Does that satisfy all your questions?" She spoke in a very motherly tone, that gave you some comfort, but the frustration of the situation still caused you to curl up into a ball, retracting your arms and legs and burying your head in the middle of it, and you screamed into your cocoon,

"NO THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE, I'M SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD, HOW AM I ALIVE, WHY AM I HERE, HOW IS ANY OF THIS POSSIBLE?!" Sensory overload seemed to be getting the best of you as all the thoughts swirled in your head, driving you mad as they stung your brain like a swarm of angry bees. Celestia ears crimped back, going flat against her head, the very sight of you screaming like that was enough to make her cringe, not just out of sympathy, but the fact that it was a very loud scream...
>> No. 130529
The Solar Princess could only watch as you rocked back and forth, bumping against the cell wall over and over, though she was armed with her magic, you could still deal a quick blow at the distance you stood if provoked, which was the only thing keeper her from coming over to console you. Eventually, screams turned into tears, and tears to sniffles as you slowly calmed down, your face gone red, skin stinging from your own tears, you looked like a mess and you knew it, but it didn't matter to you. You deflated from your fortified ball, allowing your legs to wind outward as you slouched onto the floor, until only your head was pushed upward by the corner of the wall and the floor. You looked at the distraught mare in front of you, also taking note of the guards, the aggression you saw before in their eyes had turned into sympathy. Celestia's comforting smiling had long vanished, and she eyed you once again as you laid on the ground, searching for any clue that could tell her what had happened to make you act in such a way, her search was however, in vain. Her entire purpose shifted with your breakout, she began cautiously,

"I'm so sorry Anonymous... I wish I could help you, but I must know what happened to you first." She was very direct with her intent, and even in your state, you could process her request. You took yet another deep breath from the thick chamber, and began your testimony,

"I was trying to kill myself, so I drank bleach... After that, I woke up here, I thought for sure I was dead, but then I wander into your town, you knock me out, and haul me here, that's all I know." You try to be concise and to the point so she may understand easily. The room went silent, Celestia shooting you an uneasy look, eyes widened, taking a few steps back.

"You, tried to kill yourself?" she asked very bluntly.


"But you ended up here instead?"
>> No. 130534
File 140150312527.png - (107.83KB , 383x364 , 132631859219.png )
Well, we do welcome the creativity around here. Here's a few things you could work on.

>Tense shifting
You rapidly switch between present and past tense throughout the story, so it makes your writing sound funny. You've also got a lot of words that are simply the wrong form.
>they couldve been more [appreciate] for your good graces

>Runon sentences
You string several thoughts together into one massive sentence, with far too many pauses an commas. Break those up and they'll look much cleaner.
>You remember groaning painfully, then as you put a hand to your face to block out the sun, you blinked multiple times, as if to refresh your vision, and turning to the left, you saw an oak tree, not that you knew anything about trees, but it looked, oak-y enough.
This should be about three or four sentences.


File 140056619884.png - (727.73KB , 1280x720 , 20120928230811!Twilight_Sparkle_Frustrated_S1E1.png )
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#Single fic #Discussion #Normal

Oh gosh guys, I can't remember what fic a certain scene came from. It involved Twilight as a foal eating a roasted apple or the like. She tries to get another one that's cooking in a fire pit, but accidentally slips in and gets burned. While she recovers, she reads a book, which is how she gets into books in the first place.

I remember that the scene used really vivid imagery, and I made a mental note to come back and take a closer look at the passage later. Of course, I promptly forget the whole thing until today a friend casually mentions roasting apples, and now enough time's passed that I can't remember the name or the author of the fic. Geeze, now I'm starting to loose sleep, being the neurotic person I am. By any slim chance, does somebody know what fic I'm talking about?
>> No. 130474
Crap, I remember that... let me see if I can figure out what fic it was from.

Dammit, this is going to bug me...
>> No. 130494
That scene is from Cold in Gardez's excellent adventure fic _The First Light Of Dawn_: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1001/the-first-light-of-dawn
The passage you're talking about is the opening of the chapter "The Roof Of The World": http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1001/5/the-first-light-of-dawn/the-roof-of-the-world
>> No. 130515
File 140132619320.gif - (856.02KB , 1228x991 , SEB7j.gif )
Oh my goodness, you're awesome. Thanks so much man!

File 140097118137.png - (27.49KB , 250x255 , 191830_r.png )
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#Author #Crossover #Comedy

Hello! Recently I took another crack at writing a little one-shot, and I'm actually fairly happy with it. I'm considering submitting it to EQD, but before I do that I want to be sure that it's in the best shape it can be. The people that have been reading it so far seem to like it, but I want people to tell me what's wrong with it and what I can fix.
I'm happy to hear whatever feedback you have to offer— I've long since learned that some of the most valuable criticism is the stuff that is unpleasant to hear, so I'm not about to get all angry and defensive because flaws were pointed out.

This little short is about Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat trying to conquer Equestria, and running into far, far more trouble than he had originally anticipated. I was somewhat inspired by a similar story that crossed MLP with XCOM, and I find the idea of ponies just casually being extremely good at defending their home to be quite funny.

Without further ado, allow me to present Shao Kahn VS Equestria!


Last edited at Sat, May 24th, 2014 15:41

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>> No. 130500
File 140102873753.png - (402.13KB , 960x800 , 644479_535474346541489_1182317605_n.png )
>See, this is the kind of stuff I wish people told me on FiMFiction!
That's the whole reason I came here in the first place. Welcome to /fic/, where we aren't afraid to eviscerate your soul if the betterment of your story requires it. Tell your friends.

Seriously though, traffic around here is pretty low. Once upon a time there was a dedicated team of dozens of enthusiastic editors around here that would lie in wait for a wandering author to offer up their work for harsh scrutiny. Sadly most of them moved on when traffic began to slow down, and there's only about four of us left now. I thank you once again for your willingness to listen, and for the opportunity to help you. They are a rare treat, both of them. Good luck, and keep writing.

Last edited at Sun, May 25th, 2014 07:40

>> No. 130501
I remember those days. I had a CMC story I was working on, and the people here were kind enough to completely tear it to shreds for me! Looking at the story now, I think I just want to start it over completely, but that's beside the point.
>> No. 130513
The difference is that this place is explicitly here to be full of reviews and criticism, and it's an imageboard BBS, which lends itself well to a certain kind of post frequency and dialogue.

Often, people just won't leave comments of any kind on fiction sites not because they've got nothing to say, but because they don't think their comments are meaningful, don't want to engage in a discussion about things over that medium, don't want the attention, or just can't express the things they wish to express over the medium given to them by fiction-collecting sites like fimfiction or fanfiction.net or the like. People don't comment on blogs, youtube videos, and other things for the same reasons, too.

File 140112696848.png - (402.61KB , 718x886 , 212.png )
130505 No. 130505 [View]
there once was a ugly pony, she had no friends. she later became at pretty pone

then died from cancer later on her life

RIP ;_;

thats my fic
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>> No. 130508
File 140113209253.png - (250.11KB , 688x629 , 81.png )
hey man. not much, just bored and felt like funposting on different boards :)
>> No. 130509
File 140116341867.jpg - (3.18KB , 299x168 , 132657175847.jpg )
You need more capitalization. Plus:
> she later became at pretty pone
I think you mean a pretty pone

For a four act piece, I can see it working. I think you'll want to add some meat, especially with the second part in which she becomes a pretty pone.

I find it interesting that you've chosen to take the angle that her life is unchanged. Perhaps you can play up the discordance in the fact that becoming pretty does not give her additional friends.

If you want to go the full chekhov, the beautification process is also most likely the origin of the cancer, and the ugly pony could have abandoned the people used to become pretty, and she can realize the emptiness of popularity did not actually make her happy.

I really think you have the basis for the /fic/ Citizen Kane if you put some effort behind it.

Last edited at Mon, May 26th, 2014 21:04

>> No. 130511
File 140121466744.png - (86.15KB , 376x330 , 46.png )
oh wow. thanks

File 140053556781.png - (352.50KB , 1280x720 , Rainbow_Dash_enjoys_reading_S02E16.png )
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#Author #Discussion #Crossover #Sad #Grimdark

Give me some constructive feedback on this fanfic I wrote: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10362048/1/Discrimimigration
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>> No. 130467
File 140055502368.jpg - (18.43KB , 255x318 , 132858055524.jpg )
I'm going to tell you things you probably don't want to hear.

I've attempted to read this story on three occasions today, and while I'm sure my low tolerance can be attributed to being ill, this story grates on me in terrible ways. Which is interesting, as I can't get through the prologue.

Let me attempt to address why:

BR is correct, your summary/synopsis is trash. I would say the other word, but I'm saving my f-bomb for when I get really angry.

> AKA, the Pony Holocaust,
Structurally, that should be a period, and or use more colons and semi-colons. I would almost read something with the synopsis of:
> AKA: The Pony Holocaust
>> No. 130469
...yeah. What Misty said, really. I was gonna get cute and clever with the Twain and Vonnegut quotes but, honestly, this seems like you've lost your way between 'story' and 'dry as a sandworm's fart headcanon'.
>> No. 130472
I blame Misty/Minty on my phone's spellcheck and fatigue. That is all.

File 140010242278.jpg - (8.95KB , 300x198 , slenderfamily.jpg )
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#Author #Crossover #Comedy #Shipping

I was running for my life, the Slenderman was right behind me. I looked behind me to see the his terrifying visage, his suit darker than coal and his skin like chalk, his entire being radiating an aura of pure darkness, not evil, just… darkness, like there was absolutely no chance of me ever seeing the sunlight ever again. The most terrifying, however, was that while this abominable creature had no face, its head followed me as I ran for sweet existence. Runes for strength, intelligence, and speed covered the steel bat clutched in my hand. Their message written in the language of the strange book I had found not but a month ago in an old cave in my birthplace of Ireland, in the dead forest by my family farm. The most recent ones had not yet dried and were beginning to streak as I frantically ran through the dark forest, trying to escape the creature that while seemingly never taking a step, always stayed right behind me. The intentions of this terrifying creature was unclear, all I knew was that it tore an armored jeep apart like wet paper to get to me, and I had woken up in this strange place after blacking out as it reached for me. I ran myself into a rocky cliff, trapped between this being and an insurmountable obstacle, I readied myself and swung out at my pursuer, but his hand simply appeared in the way and caught my bat, leaving a pitch black mark upon the surface and darkening the metal as the runes began to glow a crimson red.
Slendy laughed, which looked weird since he had no mouth “Your courage is admirable, but unnecessary. I’ve decided to take you to a world where I need my legend spread, so that no one will harm my trees.”
I nodded, I had met many individuals who theorized that the Slenderman was some sort of a sentient tree, so hearing he just protected his forests was not very big of a stretch. I sensed that I had no option of refusal, for if I did, he would surely kill me. “Why me?”
Slendy laughed again… still weird “Because you are highly familiar with the ways o
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>> No. 130430
File 140010509754.png - (10.76KB , 300x300 , 133816374251.png )
> the posting from word messed up the spacing,

Which has no effect on things like:
> Applebloom walked up to me “Ah’m Applebloom, and that green pony over there is Granny Smith, by the way, what exactly are y’all? Ah’ve never seen anything like y’all before.”
Which needs at least a comma in the transition to dialog, then proceeds into a clumsy character introduction that doesn't need to be there, which ends with a sloppy run on sentence.

> AJ Lassoed Big Mac and hogtied him “Now listen here! This is the stallion I was telling y’all about!”
Lasso is capitalized why?

There's way more problems than you can blame on word changing the spacing.
>> No. 130431
Ok... I suck at writing, but I enjoy people reading my stuff... you really know how to hit a guy where it hurts...

Last edited at Wed, May 14th, 2014 15:27

>> No. 130432
File 140011349852.jpg - (10.17KB , 225x225 , 132657139184.jpg )
I didn't say you suck at writing, I said you have problems.

You know how to get past the point where you have problems? Try to address them.

Here's what I did say:
> You do start In Media,
Starting In Media Res is a great way to grab the readers attention. Things are happening, and they can follow that. This is a good thing.

> but you have two problems out of the gate. I as a reader don't care about Slenderman, and you've done nothing to introduce me to your human character.
There are ways to address this. There's no one way to address this. You can make Slenderman the main character. It becomes a fic about Slenderman + Ponies. I don't think this is what you want to do.

File 139246960020.jpg - (37.47KB , 565x318 , spiderman.jpg )
129735 No. 129735 [View]

Why are there no discussion threads on story fiction? All I ever see here are unfinished user-submitted fics being reviewed, I never see any pre-existing fics being talked about like a normal episode of mlp. Also talk about which stories would be best translated into comics.
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>> No. 130404
File 139982200012.jpg - (97.71KB , 600x773 , mlp___two_sides_of_pinkie_pie_by_tehjadeh-d4ht4gd.jpg )
>I don't think I'm allowed to link the thing directly.
That's fair. Thanks for the tip, that was just as delicious as the first time, and even more so with those last hundred or so words. You're right, it adds sooo much to the story.
>> No. 130405
File 139982405954.png - (64.86KB , 507x424 , 132654908791.png )
> You're right, it adds sooo much to the story.

I know right?
It changes the entire story, from "Why would Pinkie kill Rainbow Dash" to "Something's Wrong in Equestria".

To many people and revisions focus on the acts going on. Murder, torture, insanity. The fact that the common version ends with Pinkie 'making a friend', just makes it seem like Pinkie is insane.

By adding that extra scene, where she's training a student, the whole thing gains a global sense of darkness. Sure Pinkie is insane still, but it's an insanity common enough that other people are helping her.
It could mean that the Cakes are involved too. It could mean that Pinkie was trained by someone else. It means she's good enough that she hasn't been caught, and is training the next one to be good enough to not be caught. It could go all the way up, where it's a well known, but secret practice.

The Murder-Torture combo is worse because there isn't malice in Pinkie's actions. She believes that she's helping.She's teaching Applebloom to help in the same way.
>> No. 130407
File 139987236982.png - (76.09KB , 351x318 , 132631855510.png )
Yeah, I totally get the same feel, especially the way Pinkie mention's Gilda's number never came up, or that she was so excited that it was Dashie, as though she didn't really have a say in the matter. Or How she's okay handing it off to Apple Bloom, saying she forgot. This indicates that while she enjoys doing it, it's being done for a reason, which is supported by the line 'this one'.

The whole thing reminds me of the loom from Wanted.

File 139870198851.jpg - (1.26MB , 1600x3201 , 1397511525192.jpg )
130279 No. 130279 [View]

What do you think? Are these ideas good enough?

Let's talk about characters and which types of chars fit best for which world & scenario.
11 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 130328
Do I really have to go over this?
All right.

There is more to this world than black and white. I am sure you can look out your window and see many, many things that fall outside of the two shades, even if you look through colour-removing lenses. For simplicity's sake, we shall think only in monotone for this example. Look at any older movie, or older photograph, and you will see many shades of gray in the picture, even though it's called just "black and white." There is a whole slew of a pallet that isn't covered. Why, then, are you so stuck on those two?

There isn't a binary selector switch that says 'simple' on one side and 'complex' on the other. There are degrees in the middle. So, yes, the characters in Redwall are kinda simple, especially when compared to works like, say, Song of Ice and Fire. On the other hand, they are complex when compared to other works such as, say, g3 My Little Pony.

Recycling characters shows a simplicity of execution, not a simplicity of character. Please note the difference.

But you wanted examples. Let's talk about the ones you provided, first. Your claim that
>> No. 130333

In the earlier books his main characters were a bit more unique. Martin, Matthias, Luke, and a couple of others. But I did say in my previous post that the heroes of Redwall tended to have some degree of differentiation. In his later books, not so much.

But the more I read over this topic the more off topic it gets. this is a pony thread not a redwall thread.

>Regardless of who first made the motion, you have picked sides. Please do not argue for an idea then opt out of critical analysis by pre-emptively declaring yourself pointless. Furthermore, Minty in no way accused you of writing those statements; (s)he merely re-iterated his/her position that said statements are incorrect. (S)he is re-iterating the statement that got you arguing in the first place, so I hardly think it incongruous to bring those statements back into the fray

Minty was arguing fan speculation as if it were fact. So yeah not taking what she said seriously makes a whole lot of sense to me
>> No. 130402
File 139981937779.jpg - (39.90KB , 1280x720 , Inferance.jpg )
> My only intention was to defend G1. The ponies that had considerable focus were not vapid or pallet swaps. That's all I really wanted to say before we threw this off the rails.
Well that would have saved lots of time.
I said that G1 was prone to hopping through characters, which is true because Hasbro likes making money and wanted to advertise multiple pony models.
You want me to not say they're vapid or character swaps. I can pull back on that, that's debatable till the cows come home. Subjective statements are like that.

> Minty was arguing fan speculation as if it were fact. So yeah not taking what she said seriously makes a whole lot of sense to me
Ohmehgawad, speculation on /fic/. THAT CAN'T BE TRUE.
Now I'm pissed about the Rainbow Dash thing. Because you want episode references now:

> You made that part up about Gilda completely.

File 139948897300.png - (919.45KB , 1000x957 , bb.png )
130376 No. 130376 [View]

Is there any MLP FIM ballbusting/cbt fic out there? I remember seeing one about Shining Armour but I can't seem to find it anymore.
3 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 130391
Thanks for trying!
>> No. 130392
File 139962482143.gif - (1.85MB , 256x249 , vOnOEKk.gif )
Rocky Road starts off with the titular character getting his nads pressed from the third dimension to the second. Early fanfic in the fandom, I remember it being decent enough read and a brief skim of it now hasn't changed that opinion.


Have at 'er.

Oh, and after the first page it goes male/male shipping, FYI.

Last edited at Fri, May 9th, 2014 01:41

>> No. 130393
I show up from time to time just to see how things are. I mostly help pitch in with pre-reading for close friends like NickNack every once in a while (though that doesn't necessarily involve coming here). So yeah.

File 139922380443.png - (426.10KB , 800x450 , 800px-Rainbow_Dash_reading_same_book_S3E3.png )
130354 No. 130354 [View]
#Collection #Single fic #Normal

Does anyone know of any good episode-like fanfics that would feel like an episode or something you'd expect from the show staff or bookwriters, not something that relies too heave on fanon (Lyra's human obsession or Doctor Whooves) memes (unless they're referenced subtly and not blown out of proportion like Double Rainboom), shys away from the general feel of the show or is not kid friendly (especially no clop or gore). Preferably one about one of the main characters like the Mane 6, Spike or the CMC. And nothing longer or shorter than you would expect an actual episode. Oh, and some humour and morals would be nice too.

I'm writing my own episode based fanfic and I could use a read of one to get the general idea of how one is written. The premise is that after the CMC have been bullied for too long by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, they get Rainbow Dash to stick up for them. However, Rainbow takes it too far and becomes the bully herself.

Any fanfic will do, just as long as it fits the criteria.

Last edited at Sun, May 4th, 2014 10:17

>> No. 130355
Nothing comes to mind off the top of my head, but I don't really read fanfics extensively.

Instead, I can offer a few guidelines based on the structure of many episodes:

1) It may be obvious, but remember the audience you're writing for. You're not writing for the fandom at this point, but you're writing for 6-9 year old children. This is mostly a content warning; you shouldn't scrimp on plot or character development because "fuck 'em, they're kids." Lauren Faust didn't take that approach, and look how great the show started off because of it.

If you want adult humor, do it subtly. Aim over the kids' heads, but don't dwell too long on the (Spiked) punchline.

2) The episodes work best when they're coherent. Meaning, the lesson needs to be a good one to teach kids, and the rest of the plot needs to organically lead up to it. Look at Call of the Cutie as an example of what not to do. The lesson was this:
>> No. 130370
File 139941885265.png - (107.83KB , 383x364 , 132631859219.png )
This one always felt like a cute little episode to me.

I don't know of many others, though.
>> No. 130385
Here are two that feel like episodes of the show:


File 134914179536.png - (734.67KB , 1024x1024 , Greeny Squeaksies.png )
121202 No. 121202 [View] [Last 50 posts]

Hello! How are you this evening? Or morning. Honestly, this site runs 24/7, so it could be any time of day—or night—for you right now. I’m Bleeding Raindrops, but you can call me Rain, Raindrops, or whatever else you desire.

Anywho, this isn’t a normal review thread. I’m basically a prereader of sorts. No, not for EqD. What I’ll do is look at your story—once—and respond with my opinion, and the impression left by the more prominent scenes in your story, and I will pay special attention to specific scenes upon request. I will not be looking at your story a second time, as this is a first reactions thread, and not an editor's grotto. I will likely not have a sudden epiphany over your writing even after you've corrected it for em-dash usage.

I will not be rating your story or pointing out story holes and grammar mistakes. However, the information I provide will still be crucial to your story, as it will analyze:

*Clarity of descriptions
*Confusing scenes or segments
*Portrayal of emotions
136 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 130250
File 139850738263.jpg - (119.76KB , 800x1067 , pinkie_pie_in_the_rain_by_raikoh14-d4t815o.jpg )
Wow, depressing much? I'll just ignore whatever state I must have been in to say that I'm back now, and while I don't have eons of time on my hands like I used to. I do enjoy doing reviews on days when I can't seem to write anything, so, in short. I'm open for business once again.

You're first in line, as you made your bid before I made the lock. You still around?
>> No. 130254

Well, I'm glad I recognize a familiar face. Hope you've been well. May your thread live on and prosper. :)
>> No. 130382
File 139950387477.png - (1.06MB , 3507x2480 , Boyindahaus.png )
Yes, this thread is alive, there's just very little activity.

And no longer anything in the queue.

Sorry, but the writing in this is very poor, and I don't think it's worth me looking at it until you've cleaned it up a lot. Try out one of the other review threads around here (if any are still active) and come back when you've fixed it up.

File 139890108282.png - (167.12KB , 1200x750 , ce0fa702dc591b84012c474756a02796.png )
130307 No. 130307 [View]
I enjoy listening to other people's readings of various fanfics, and I was interested in doing some recordings myself.

I'm not sure what people are interested in hearing, other than fics that have been read many times over by people more talented than I, so I figured I would start a thread where people can post requests, and people looking for ideas can do readings for any that pique their interest.

So tell me /fic/, what story would you like to hear today?

Last edited at Wed, Apr 30th, 2014 16:39

>> No. 130314
File 139894417875.jpg - (34.61KB , 403x287 , Amethyst Crystal Skull__ Quite Awesome.jpg )

I will suggest this one.
It's long, so I'll only ask for first chapter. Of course, this is my story, so this is kind of a shameless self-promotion, but I really am interested in hearing your interpretation on it. However, if you are violently opposed and/or allergic to such self-promotion, you may pass this by without comment, and I shall sit here on the curb with a sparkling smile on my face while eagerly awaiting the illustrious results of a painstakingly prepared and recorded version of pony words for years to come, slowly growing old and heartbroken, living off the passing charity of fieldmice and barley. Conversely, you could tell me 'no,' and then I shan't sit here on the curb with a sparkling smile on my face while {see above}.

Anyway, that's...all I have. Enjoy (or not, as you will)!
>> No. 130330
I second this story. The first arc is awesome spec-ops stuff; I'm not sure yet where I stand on the second arc (since it's not finished yet).
>> No. 130380
File 139950218173.png - (363.80KB , 1280x1024 , 40911 - artist echowolf800 pinkamena_diane_pie pinkie_pie.png )
I used to do this thing, but I lost interest in it eventually.

I don't have any strong preferences, but these two usually have good taste. I'll throw in a third for this

File 139943717169.jpg - (6.13KB , 185x140 , images-80.jpg )
130373 No. 130373 [View]
#Single fic #Shipping

Does anyone know where i can read loosening up by rainbowbob, i can't find it on fimfiction.
>> No. 130375
File 139944777673.png - (372.52KB , 800x871 , Sip.png )

A cursory google search reveals that the fic has been deleted from FIMFiction, and that the story in question is decidedly NSFW (specifically, it's a clopfic).

I'm afraid that, unless the rules of this board and this site have changed since the last time I looked, I can not provide you with a link to the fic even if I could find one.
>> No. 130379
File 139950173353.png - (39.39KB , 240x200 , oh I see.png )
Whoa, hey there, Drags. Didn't realize you still hung out around here.

Dragon here is right. This board tends to be a little lax on the rules because our regulars have pretty thick hides and are very good at discretion, but clopfics (or sex for the sake of sex, to be more clear) are still a no go around here. Sorry, mate. You'll have to ask elsewhere.

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