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#Author #Collection #Discussion
Greetings Marsupials,

In this thread we shall witness huge repositories of adverbial modifiers that I pretend to call fanfiction. I've been slapping my brain-bone against a word processor since September, mostly working on a huge train wreck entitled "The End of Ponies," and I've previously erected threads in dedication to it.

Namely here: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/58801.html

And Here: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/78823.html

Whelp, here we go again, only this time I'm taking some sagely advice and creating this thread concerning all of my works in general, because you can never run out of excuses on the Internet to ramble on about your miserable self. Also, Lyra.
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File 138891127633.jpg - (93.45KB , 600x670 , Please+_300ab6810f18a136aeb93006d2a1b2e1.jpg )
Seems I've stumbled across something long forgotten. Hmph. How fitting.

It's been a very exhausting week, reading long into the nights by the fireplace. I'm a little late to the party it seems, but I suppose I don't mind. Having just now closed the tab on the last chapter, I am left with a strange sense of tranquility, tempered by a strong desire for catharsis. So here goes, a diatribe of all my emotions and frustrations and connections with Lyra, my little background pony.

The hook... The premise of Lyra's affliction, her curse. I was so completely enraptured with the very concept, mostly it's novelity. Most stories are tried and true conepts. I firmly believe nothing is new under the sun, everything is pieces and shards of that which came before, reassembled to form a differing perspective. But I can say I honestly never heard of any other work using this idea. And so I was hooked.

Lyra is a character I grew very close to. She's a very sensitive, a very vulnerable, a very real character. But she's also resourceful, and determined, and nothing short of heroic. For the entirety of the immense length of her tale, I never once grew bored with her personality and her struggles. If I have to applaud SS&E for one thing, it's Lyra's inherent likability.

The purple prose was flying fast and thick, I have to say. The dialogue at times was unbelievably flowery, and somewhat pretentious depending on the speaker. Certain characters have it in them to wax philosophical, others do not, and it sounds very odd when some of Lyra's wordiness and penchant for language bleeds into the dialogue of her conversation partners. I always gave Lyra herself a blank check for musings, because that's what I was there to read, but when other ponies are giving fortune cookie moments to her off the cuff, it knocked my coffee cup of suspended disbelief, so to speak.

I wonder why Lyra "smiles painfully" so often. Perhaps she needs to set an appointment with Colgate.
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File 138895090296.jpg - (58.63KB , 939x851 , 1425510_668899939801796_1172419095_n.jpg )
>But dammit Lyra, you earned your happy ending. I only wished you'd recieved it.
I thought so too. But I had to applaud that stab to the heart; It's something I long to achieve in my own writing.

It actually reminds me of a question I think about at least once a year. Would you rather save everyone, but no one knows, or would you rather fail completely, and everyone knows? Whovians will understand this concept entirely. I guess Lyra understood that she would rather go on living a happy life, never knowing that she'd saved everyone, than live a life of misery, knowing that she'd failed everyone.

I thought it was a beautifully sad ending, and a beautiful story to boot. As I read, I kept wishing it didn't rely so heavily on the mlp universe, because I kept racking my brain, searching for a way this could be modified into an original fiction, and then published into a hardcover book. I actually wanted to read it to my family, but they aren't mlp fans, so it would never work.

Needless to say this was a work of genius, and it will forever live as one of my top favorite things to come out of this fandom.

I also missed this when it was posted. Nice take on the final chapter. I don't remember that, so I don't know whether or not I caught it--it's been well over a year since I finished the story--but beautifully explained nonetheless.
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File 139908072792.gif - (287.34KB , 480x360 , 00-ClapEpic.gif )
Well, after having read Background Pony, I can say that this is indeed one of the most marvelous works of literature to ever have been concocted... but, there are a few things that erked me, and a few things that I took a giggly pleasure in noting.

This great mammoth of a story in all it's brilliance hooked so much that I gave up an entire nights sleep so that I could give peace to my mind concerning the fate of a fictional character who had become a very wise character indeed. I did notice what CrossBreeze noticed, and that is the strange cross mixture of speaking styles that the characters had, others sometimes being more philosophically wordy than Lyra, but it is a forgivable side effect of the fact that any stories characters are all composed of bits and pieces of it's author, and a wordy author creates wordy pieces of self.

>also I'm not sure if I need to spoiler things.

I was happy to note when Lyra encountered old Scootaloo skinned as Harmony in her path. Easter eggs give me a strange childish pleasure when I find them, especially crossed world easter eggs.

I admire the ending and the cleverness with which Lyra was made to peacefully and fittingly accept her fate. Though this leads to the things that erked me.

One of the things that I felt was missing for the longest time is the explanation as to why Lyra fell under this curse in the first place? The end explained that only the ponies that had given up the will to continue being were the ponies that ended up cursed. If Lyra was not that kind of pony at the moment, then what happened that cursed her? I never got a good look at the moment she was cursed. NMM shows up and that's it? I feel that more is needed to satisfy my thirst for a clear explanation.

File 137875002736.png - (249.35KB , 640x360 , mlpfim_ep1609.png )
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Do you have any short story (less than 10,000 words) that I could try to review please? (No shipping, comedy, crossover or random, please, for many reasons I can't work on them) I've the feeling that I can't write for my life, but I think I'd be more lucky if I reviewed fanfics instead of writing them.

Warning: I've never done this before, so don't expect me to do something great, or even correct. Actually, see this as an exercise. It'd be even better if an actual prereader reviewed the same story and we could compare our points of view.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 29th, 2013 08:15

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It's indeed in first person view.

I apologize for the numerous "(?)" and "I don't get what it's supposed to mean."-like comments that will appear below, English isn't my mother tongue.

>Clamping ones jaw
"Clamping one's jaw"*

>to keep focus on duty
"to keep focus on their duty"* (?)
>> No. 130297
Wow. Maybe I should re-read my own works a little more harshly than I have.

Did you enjoy it at least?
>> No. 130301
I liked the prose (at least, the parts I could understand), and the end of each chapter was quite good. Maybe a little more interaction with the characters would have been interesting, especially during the battle?

File 138481347043.jpg - (151.06KB , 800x450 , mane6_by_galen177-d4q41lp.jpg )
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Do you guys have the formula for writing show-accurate episodes? Specificaly looking for FIM S1 episodes.
Characters's actions,personality,tendencies. Plots,pacing,action,humour. The dialogue, subtlety, etc.

Also ideas for where to improve the more lacking aspects of the show are welcome.
>> No. 130278
Giving each character a memorable scene in the same episode and making them generally likable despite being 1d stereotypes. That's about the only unique thing about FIM's characters.
>> No. 130294
File 139879073806.jpg - (77.41KB , 551x350 , 132651290497.jpg )
Improve what? Everyone has different flaws, and everyone has different subjects you want to focus on.

'Show Accurate' is a really subjective term. There are people that feel that Party of One isn't show accurate.
Spike at Your Service is on my personal list actually. That said, write what you want to write, keep the themes out that you want to avoid, and have a second party to bounce ideas off of.

Everything else comes with practice and learning to read your audience.

File 139649605471.png - (113.72KB , 1023x577 , mcxhviqhr51rzg30po8_1280.png )
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Needed, suggestions for the new drinking game.

We simply need a fic related situation that makes you want to imbibe, and the number of shots (or sips, whatever) that situation creates in you. Here's a few common ones to get started:

- Celestia's Sun (1)
- Luna's Moon (1)
- Canon Character has access to Author's Knowledge (1)
- Gushnor's Anything (5)
- Author Character has access to the Author's Knowledge (5)
- Main Canon Character falls for OC ( 1 - 5 shots varies on OC Quality )
- Mary Sue OC ( Bottom's Up )
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Surely there aren't that many stories with such a flagrant display, are there? I can't say I've read any.
>> No. 130255
File 139853581113.png - (115.83KB , 858x932 , 132650855459.png )
To be fair. I've kind of stopped questioning that kind of thing. I know it must be out there, and that's okay.

I am sort of surprised that no one has called me on bottoms up, seeing as it probably shouldn't be possessive. But I can blame part of that on the fact it's already a drinking game, and at that point I just need something to burn enough to remind me that I'm still human.
>> No. 130260
No, no... "Bottom's Up" isn't possessive, it's a contraction. See, see: once X occurs, your bottle's bottom is up!

Those are some high shot numbers up there. I worry that if this game goes much further, no reviewer is going to be able to get past the first page.

File 135209129200.png - (769.51KB , 887x514 , ARTICLE 2 (Resketch).png )
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#Single fic #Discussion #Comedy #Sci-fi #Human

The Official ARTICLE 2 discussion thread is back.

The Princesses find an alien creature barely clinging to life at the scene of a terrifying crash. Can the Combined Power of the Elements of Harmony save it, or more importantly, should they save it?

This thread is for the general discussion of the fanfic - A2. As seen on EqD, FimFic, and Fanfiction.

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File 139203265189.png - (36.94KB , 411x356 , asdf.png )
He's probably fine.
>> No. 129745
File 139261108602.png - (122.35KB , 969x635 , asdf.png )
He's fine.

>> No. 130210

Seriously though, can we get a status update?
What miscellaneous fuckery is Muppetz up to now, instead of posting a new chapter?

I heard there was an April Fool's chapter, but I missed it.
Does anyone have a backup, since it appears to be taken down now?

File 132877217886.png - (66.55KB , 1002x1417 , writaaaaar.png )
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What are some tips for making very realistic characters?
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File 132900466088.png - (43.58KB , 249x315 , My bearded ponysona.png )
Pick something here and there, basing on what you want a character to be. I lost a lot of respect to certain genres (manga/anime and some new TV shows among others) because of the absurdity of certain parts. Mostly with things like being a super genius at age 15 or stuff like that.

One of the things to keep in mind is, at least from my point of view, is giving a character an age adequate to his or her feats and knowledges. I'd use one of my characters from a non-pony story as an example, but I don't know if that's appropriate.

Anyway, the main idea is, the more experience a character has in life, the older it should be (seriously, Gaussian function cries in pain for every boy/girl genius that appears on another episode or sitcom)

Also, either a young character has been doing the thing he's good on since he was born (being playing football, swordfighting, spellcasting you name it) or he or she wouldn't be able to be such a genius. That's the rule of the ten thousand hours, which prays that, in order to be an expert on something, you have to practice ten thousand hours total (that's two hours a day, every day, for fourteen years). Luck has its limits. (Though I shouldn't be the one to talk about this despite molding it slightly in order to not making the character, but the scene believable from a certain perspective)

What I really mean with these things is that I want to see some middle aged ponies/characters being the main character, be it a veteran soldier, an old wizard or anything like that once in a while.
>> No. 130199
File 139803197004.jpg - (69.71KB , 640x467 , 132657041829.jpg )
Up from the depths...

I'm saying this thread is notable, and worthy of living again.
>> No. 130209
File 139811931078.jpg - (6.94KB , 204x204 , 133585174342.jpg )
Minjask approves.

Actually, since I'm here anyway. I may as well add my thoughts on characters (granted I'm not particularly good at voicing what's in my head, I'll make an attempt).

Well, I suppose I should start with what I usually do to create a character, and see if I can expand my thoughts from there.
First, they need a purpose. What is the purpose of this character? Are they the main character, or a support character? Background? Cameo assist?
After determining the purpose of the character, I create a design that best suits this purpose, though usually my imagination does the work. Characters can be story driven, or they can drive the story. Sometimes both. I prefer to let my characters show me themselves as the story develops.

For a main character, obviously they need something to draw the reader in. Pity is a cheap method, and should be avoided unless it's crucial to the story. A minor character flaw which might also drive the story, and provide a beautiful character building moment later on is usually what I look for. Then I need to balance it, of course, with some prominent skill the character posesses, that may or may not be crucial to the plot (these two steps can be done in either order, as long as they are done one after the other).

File 139695598232.jpg - (36.12KB , 649x720 , Luna watermelon.jpg )
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Forgive me if I'm circumventing some kind of queue by posting a thread here (I've never been to this board, and the rules are rather vague, IE how do you tag), but there is something really bothering with my writing style that I feel is making it too repetitive, but I don't know how to get around it.

I'll drop a few paragraphs of the beginning for an example. Beware, it's slightly grimdark.

I awoke, but all I saw was darkness. I felt around with my hooves, yet they could barely move, like something was pushing against them, though I think ‘felt’ isn’t the best word to describe it. I ‘felt’ nothing. No temperature, no bed beneath me, not even my own skin. In a moment of panic, I began to thrash about, getting very claustrophobic. I flailed my hooves as far as they could go, and soon began to notice that I was breaking through whatever I was trapped in. With one final push, one hoof broke free, jolting up into the open space, and a wave of relief washed over me.

I began to uncover more and more of myself, and, eventually, pushed my upper body upright. A dim, blue light became visible, and I could now see the clumps of dirt falling away from my form. I shook off what remained and looked around to get my bearings. It was the middle of the night, Luna’s full moon shining brightly against the speckled night sky. I was lying in an open field, mildly spotted with trees, with stones rising up from the ground in an organized fashion. They were all identical, rectangular slabs stood upright with rounded tops. Beyond them, I could see a single, small building sitting by itself upon a hill, a lantern burning by the door.

I stood up on all four of my hooves, and promptly fell flat on my face. I prodded the ground with my front legs, trying to get a footing, before I got a glance at what kind of condition they were in. Where there should have been a lush coat there was only exposed meat, and, in some places, bone. I jumped back in shock, as if I expected the diseased flesh to lash out and bite me, and landed on my back. Looking down over the rest of my body, I saw the true extent of the damage; I was frig
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>> No. 130183
I'll definitely try that spoiler paragraph thing. The other problem I forgot to mention is this... fear(?) every time I open up my story. It's like I get so nervous, like once I open up this document a clock is ticking for me to be productive, to actually have accomplished something or I'll feel like a lazy piece of shit at the end of the day. I know this is a common problem but I just can't find a good way to relax and get over it.
>> No. 130184
File 139776261741.jpg - (602.72KB , 800x1066 , DJ-+-Happy.jpg )
Somethin' else you could do is try some poetic run-ons, or a simple reordering of your phrases.
Example you wrote:

I awoke, but all I saw was darkness. I felt around with my hooves, yet they could barely move, like something was pushing against them, though I think ‘felt’ isn’t the best word to describe it. I ‘felt’ nothing. No temperature, no bed beneath me, not even my own skin.

How you could write it:
I awoke, opening my eyes to see...

...darkness... nothing. I wasn't even sure I had opened my eyes at all.

Reaching out, I could numbly sense what could best be described as a barrier; it didn't give me any sensation other than the fact that it stopped my hoof from continuing. I couldn't feel it. In fact, I couldn't feel anything.

>> No. 130193
File 139780394493.jpg - (278.09KB , 1371x1417 , 532106__safe_solo_traditional+art_griffon_spoiler-colon-s04e10_rainbow+falls_artist-colon-frosty.jpg )
That's not going to be easy to start with, but should get easier with time. You honestly just need to not worry about wordcount so much. Just write. If you write 50 words in an entire hour, that's 50 more than you had previously. Learn not to think so down on yourself, and be grateful that you made any progress at all.

File 139699654278.jpg - (269.23KB , 804x981 , nostalgia_critic_by_saylem-d3g4ziw.jpg )
130140 No. 130140 [View]

How do I review the proper way? What do I need?
>> No. 130141
File 139700071643.png - (31.21KB , 500x500 , 132650872607.png )
Do you mean in the more general 'How Does One Review', or in the 'How Does One Review Here'?

For reviewing in a more general sense, it's simply a matter of becoming hyper critical of media, yet not giving into the completely human desire of wanting to abandon things that you feel are bad.

Then you have to expose yourself to as many things as possible.

Then you have to look at things that are bad, figure out why you don't like them, find out how to convert that into words, and find out how to convey those words in such a way to at least change the thing that is bad in the first place.

Practice helps.
Find something you really don't like, and figure out exactly why you don't like it, what you do like about it, and what you would change about it to get it closer to what you do like about it.

There's tons of words you can learn to direct those thoughts, and you have to accept that not everyone will agree with your assessments; but that's pretty much the core of critiquing.
>> No. 130173
File 139742214125.png - (753.18KB , 4000x2933 , 530546__safe_solo_vector_griffon_spoiler-colon-s04e10_rainbow+falls_natalya_artist-colon-magiste.png )
I second this. I never thought about it before, but I actually go through those exact steps in my head when I write reviews.
>> No. 130185
File 139778258257.jpg - (10.17KB , 225x225 , 132657139184.jpg )
A fun example came to mind.
Star Wars Episode II.

When I first saw it, I did not like it. It caused rage to bubble up, and I would spout gibberish to any one who would listen. I would get so incensed I would eventually lose the capacity for speech, attempting to communicate through gestures and guttural sounds.

That was horrible reviewing. It was all emotional and instinct with little actual content. I could convey that I didn't like it, but people didn't or couldn't understand why. Most people agreed, but would say things like "The Yoda fight was pretty cool". They soon learned to stop doing that around me.

Three years later, and Episode III came out. By this time I was starting to get on my feet logically, even though I didn't know it at the time. I still hated the movie, but now I could understand why. It wasn't the movie as a whole that failed, but parts of the movie had failed me.

I didn't have all the words I needed to convey it (I hopefully never will), but I understood story structure and how it failed. I understood characters, character motivation, and how it failed. I understood story arcs and how it failed. I could understand what I wanted to see from the film, and how it did not give me even that.
I learned to use my words to paint a picture of a similar story, made with the same pieces even, that would have been more interesting. Several times over.

File 139676478361.jpg - (176.79KB , 747x928 , full2.jpg )
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#Collection #Shipping #Grimdark

Not entirely a fanfic per say, it's a collection of entry's.

I found this person kicking around tumblr and they've done a strange thing with their tumblr. Instead of doing the whole pictures in the form of a comic thing like LMR or many many many other pony tumblr's do. This person has made 1 picture for their "entry" and the rest is written in a 1000+ word entry.

It seems interesting to me, the use of stockholm syndrome and all that but I don't know...

What do you guys think?

I think the tumblr will fail, based on the fact that no one has the patience to read a tumblr instead of view pictures like most tumblrs allow you to do.

Here is the tumblr:
>> No. 130143
File 139700223440.png - (30.03KB , 156x164 , 132654929481.png )
Pretty sure sexual gore material sits on the borderline of what is acceptable on Ponychan.

It won't fail structurally. One entry does not a 'collection' make.
People have been writing things on tumblr for years.

It'll fail because there's no build up, limited cross advertisement, and seems to be pretty limited interest. That's not the structure's fault at all.

There's actually a number of fic writers that do fairly well on tumblr, with similar structures. This is just a bland concept done badly though.

Of course, I'm not being fair to it. But I've gotten really good at reading books by the cover. When the first sentence: Coughing, coughing is what woke her. Comes off clumsy with just a hint of stuff up smugness, it makes me long for the simple complexities of Cupcakes.

It'd probably come across more relatable from a first person pov, as the story seems to have skipped all intent of set up, as it assumes I know who Colgate is.

File 133897198759.png - (156.98KB , 400x350 , vinyl scratch crying.png )
105631 No. 105631 [View]
This is more of a rant than a discussion, but it’s one very long and detailed question, so once somepony responds it will be a discussion. This gets kind of psychological so bear with me here.
What is it about fan fiction writing that causes such powerful and realistic emotions to be felt by the reader? It has occurred to me recently that all a writer really does is collect and accumulate a very large number of symbols and arrange them into a specific pattern designed to relate different events to the observer. The reader then views these various symbols and draws up a story from it, but why do we as readers “feel” such strong emotions during some stories. We know they are purely works of fiction, yet somehow we are able to trick our minds into believing that they are actually happening just long enough to trigger an emotional reaction. I use the term “we” loosely for reasons that can be explained later, but I wish to know what aspect about an assortment of words and letters that allows this trick of the mind to occur. Comedy seems the easiest to spark a reaction from; you don’t need to go into much detail to find Twilight’s poofy hair comical, but still, what is it about these things that we find funny. Is it simply the way the hair looks, or rather that it is a harmless unfortunate situation that Twilight finds unpleasant? Why do we find this funny? Sad is more difficult to pull off effectively. I could tell you that Derpy was abused and then abandoned by her mother, and left to die out in the wilderness, but that didn’t make you cry did it? If I were to relate to you the events in a longer and more detailed manner, given it was done skillfully enough I could probably bring you to tears, as did the writer of what I’ve just described. But what allows that to happen? Why is it that we are able to subconsciously convince our tear ducts to overflow when we read about such injustices? Granted I have to do it consciously I am still able to cause it to happen, and I would just like to know why? What is it about the writing that makes us feel so sad? Is it that just a tremendous injustice was done? Certainly not,
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>> No. 130116
This looks like a fitting thread where to post this.
I have written a description of season 1's feel with tons of comparisons and allegories.
My question is how do I write it more beautiful and clear? more speechful and poetic.

It's like sitting in a small girl's room party in which we're reading stories and playing with our dolls. The room is so small and everything is so childish, yet so blindly accepted that we don't even notice how awkward we look. We don't think about the outside world, we just focus on our small comfortable and relaxing little room where everything is already established and there are no new things and no surprises except for the ones we make ourselves. We cause the castles to fall and rainbow dash to win the young flyer's competition, we cause the ursa major and the parasprites to invade, and we let the ponies interact naturally, in smart cutsie ways. We don't even ask ourselves how do our stories and imagination compare to others, we're so narrow minded we don't know about any other worlds but the small comfy Equestria… akin to a farmer taking care of his crops everyday… like the small neighborhood, but one which we find endearing, with a little bit of class from the french butler serving my food as I view the countryside's meadows.

The everfree forest, nightmare's banishemnt and other stuff are the only things left with mystery, and even those things, we know it's border so well that it doesn't worry us if it'll ever be too vast to explore, so small we don't even worry we'll ever get lost, we only worry about the wildlife which will present itself in our faces. It's such a laidback and peaceful life filled with a charm of magic and finesse, and with a little dash of mystery and action. It's like a hospitable version of the dungeons and dragons world, where the wildlife has been tamed enough for a person to find out it's a nice balance between farming and adventuring. Take out that last piece of wildlife even found in opponents such as black snooty the Nightmare horse and there is no more mystery and stuff to do.
>> No. 130118
File 139682506772.jpg - (10.64KB , 250x250 , 132656897668.jpg )
We're all still here. More or less. In a way.

Looks like two lumps of text, and I'm not even in hyper critical mode yet.

I'm thinking you'll have to use shorter paragraphs more. You're trying for a poem, but with the pacing of a report.

>We don't even ask ourselves how do our stories and imagination compare to others, we're so narrow minded we don't know about any other worlds but the small comfy Equestria… akin to a farmer taking care of his crops everyday… like the small neighborhood, but one which we find endearing, with a little bit of class from the french butler serving my food as I view the countryside's meadows.

Like this? This is one sentence that would be better defined if you slowed it down. Spread it out. Slowed down and enjoyed the words rather than the concept. Plus Semi-Colons brah.
>> No. 130167
File 139728808957.png - (416.45KB , 2915x3079 , scootaloo_is_unimpressed_by_draikjack-d4b25v4.png )
you still post creepy and/or disturbing gifs?

No. 130097 [View]
#Author #Single fic #Normal #Crossover #Sad #Grimdark

this is not finnish but i need it reviewed for corrections and edits. THanks

Hotel Equestria
By TrueWGU (CaptainAmericanWhiteGoatUniverse)

In a dark stormy sky. Cool wind in my mane. Warm smell of apples, rising up through the clouds. Up ahead in the city I saw a shimmering light. My wings grew heavy and my sight grew dim. I had to land for the night. There she stood in the doorway. I heard the magic flow; and I was thinking to myself, “This could be heaven or this could be hell.” Then she lit up the lamps, and she me the town. I heard voices down the streets, I thought I heard them say. Welcome to the Hotel Equestria! Such a lovely town, such a lovely town, gotta calm down. Ready a room at the Hotel Equestria. Any time of year. Any time of year. You can find us here.
Her mind was full of friendship. She was an alicorn. She had a lot of really, really great ponies she called friends. How they took out Discord, sweet magic. Some fight to remember, so fight to forget. So I called AJ, “please bring me my cider,” she said, “We haven’t had that friendship here since Nightmare Night.” And still those ponies are calling from far away. I woke up in the middle of the night just to hear them sing, “Welcome to the Hotel Equestria! Such a lovely town, such a lovely town, gotta calm down. They’re living it great at the Hotel Equestria! What a friendly mare. What a friendly mare. With other friends.
Dark building on the cloud tops. A rainbow pegasi; and she said, “We are just prisoners here of the Pegasus device,” and in the great royal hall, they gathered for the feast. They fought it with their magic but they just can't kill the beast. Last thing I remember, I was flying for the door. I had to find the passage back to the land I was before. “Relax,” said the royal guard. “You can fly away all you want, but you can never leave!”
Many ponies are una
>> No. 130099
File 139666754010.gif - (439.96KB , 279x161 , XvJIaFS.gif )
Like watching a car crash, but not nearly as interesting. That first line requesting edits with its horrid Shift key use screams "Troll" but the rest of it isn't bad enough to fit the bill.

You'd be better off reading good, published work than writing at this point. You'll learn more and won't have to deal with people like me (assuming you don't choose to read Twilight or its ilk, ugh).

File 131934079319.jpg - (64.48KB , 500x565 , Potato Armor.jpg )
60309 No. 60309 [View]
So, anyway, tonight I've got this idea. I want to write a short story (almost like the speedfic challenge), but I don't know what exactly the subject should be about.

That's where this thread comes in. Long story short, I'm going to go get dinner with a friend. I'll be back in two hours, and when I do, I'll pick the best concept that gets posted in here. Yes, I'm aware of the StoryForge thread, but no, I want this to be a bit more of a live environment.

So, I give three rules, and only three:

1. Make it something that can be wrapped up in five pages or less. If I wanted to write an epic length story, I've got a bigger project I could work on.
2. No porn, gore, or any other questionable content. The first should be evident for anyone who knows me. The second goes against /fic/ rules (I think). The third... I don't want to write about shit that skirts with indecency, either.
3. No foals or cliches. Foals (Cutie Mark Crusaders, Silver Spoon / Diamond Tiara, Pipsqueak) irk me to no end, so none of that. By "cliches," I mean, no "Rainbow Dash breaks a wing" or no "Twilight messes up a spell." Ideally, I'd like something that hasn't been done before.

How this will go down: When I get back from dinner, I'll come here, make a post as to which story I'm doing, and then have a somewhat finished product presented in under three hours. Hence the 'short' rule. I make no promises about quality other than I will do my best given the time available, but I can say that, at the very least, it won't be terrible.
47 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 130048
File 139613218139.gif - (1.20MB , 300x226 , IT-team-deploying-untested-patch-to-critical-system-on-a-Friday-afternoon.gif )
Pony bank tyrants
Homelessness in Ponyville
Rarity's struggle

tl/dr if it's not too hard, please, a story about Rarity knowing where to draw the line between generosity and enabling

Okay, bad Haikus aside, this one hits close to home (literally, at least for me) because homeless druggies are becoming a public health and safety hazard near where I live. They litter their heroin/meth needles and foeces wherever they camp, and surprise, sharps go down the river and wash up on public beaches. Granted, the economy sucks and many people are legitimately homeless/want to be productive members of society and yet can't (because certain powerful people, who haxxor the legal and economic systems that we've all conjured via collective hallucination, have taken that opportunity from them). However, certain others are hopelessly antisocial recidivists who care for naught but themselves and/or their next fix, and will do whatever it takes to satisfy those demands, be it stealing bikes, smashing car windows to trifle who knows what, or begging dollars from naive tourists. There's a cultural war going on in my town between the head-up-the-ass liberals living in safe neighborhoods who couldn't tell such people apart from laid-off factory workers / disabled Vietnam veterans, and the people who spend time cleaning up the needles/trash and drawing attention to it, who want such degenerates gone from all public spaces.

Now I need to take a deep breath and a walk. I've had too much to drink.
>> No. 130051
Twilight Sparkle has 3 hours left to write a good story.
>> No. 130096
File 139659944383.gif - (232.30KB , 500x413 , 64d.gif )
Luna makes peace with Discord through a mixture of mocking of Celestia and bonding over how they were both banished by her.

File 139613326963.png - (80.38KB , 254x307 , Glare.png )
130049 No. 130049 [View]
#Suggestions Are Closed

>TFW people start this early, in the wrong thread.

So, anyway, the idea is the same as last time. Just like last time, I'm going to go get dinner. During that time (roughly 30-50 minutes), this thread will be "open" for suggestions. The best suggestions are ones that are simple enough to be wrapped up in five pages or less; if I wanted to write an epic-length story, I've got a bigger idea I could start on. Once I get back, I'm going to pick a suggestion and spend three hours turning it into a narrative.

So, let me reiterate the three rules from last time:

1. Keep it simple. Make it something that can be wrapped up in five pages or less.
2. No porn, gore, or any other questionable content. Obvious reasons should be obvious.
3. No foals or cliches. Foals (Cutie Mark Crusaders, Silver Spoon / Diamond Tiara, Pipsqueak) irk me to no end, so none of that. By "cliches," I mean, no "Rainbow Dash breaks a wing" or no "Twilight messes up a spell." I've got one of those I'm writing, currently, too

Once I've made my pick, this thread will be "closed". Then, three hours after that (or sooner), I will post a link to the GDocs file I write this in.
22 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 130075
File 139621306379.jpg - (705.57KB , 3000x2115 , tpOZ64K.jpg )
It was beautiful if I do say so. Thank you!
>> No. 130076
Generally speaking, if people care they'll probably come to see the end result. And it's not like they are going to be there for the writing process or cheer you on anyway.
>> No. 130084
File 139635691556.png - (162.31KB , 384x383 , nom 2.png )
I'm eager to see what you can do.

File 139545163681.png - (450.39KB , 850x470 , Discord the protagonist, and Scruffy.png )
129960 No. 129960 [View]

Hello, /fic/, I heard this might be the best place for getting help with written works.

I have written a medium-sized review on Discord's character, but towards the latter parts I don't like how it ends up sounding, the style becomes very disorganized.
I wanted to review Discord's personality, humour, morality, villain traits and archetype as separate subjects, but they ended up intertwining one another.
Plus I think my arguments on why Discord isn't a great malicious villain end up being weak when asked exactly why, either that or just very unclear.

I would have posted this in txt or word format, but this board won't let me.

See the review below;

>> No. 129965
File 139548195800.jpg - (100.14KB , 753x767 , 531830__safe_solo_griffon_spoiler-colon-s04e10_rainbow+falls_natalya_artist-colon-zicaneborgen_g.jpg )
Protip: Gdoc links are gold around here.

That aside, Welcome to /fic/. Standalone threads like this don't tend to get a lot of attention, but the board is pretty slow anyway, so odds are somepony will be bored enough to give this a shot.

Although, your first point rather bothers me.
>He's a very flamboyant old man with an equally gay voice.
>he is not rational to teach morals&virtues
>he never keeps his composure long enough to say something intelligent or to be taken seriously.
I don't think you understand his character at all. He certainly doesn't get taken seriously but that's because he waters down everything he says with a bunch of nonsense for nonsense's sake. He's actually quite intelligent and most of what the points he makes post KKAFO are actually trying to help Twilight and the girls. He can be quite profound when he wants to be. And I'm really not sure what you mean about flamboyant. What? A guy can't act totally insane without being called gay these days?

File 139517731245.png - (271.36KB , 1600x1154 , fluttershy_excited_by_myardius-d57ban2.png )
129925 No. 129925 [View]


What. The Heck. Is This?
>> No. 129931
>> No. 130092
File 139654254106.png - (48.06KB , 191x219 , 1294020213789.png )
Third main character of GTA:V crossover, tagged "Incomplete · Teen · Gore"
Would have been nice if you added some information for other people about it, but not really the weirdest story ever.

Trevor Phillips - The most dangerous man in Blaine County, San Andreas. His mere presence strikes fear within the hearts of everyone around him. A ruthless, violent man who would achieve any extremes just to get his way, Trevor is a man with no conscience, no heart, no soul. Until one day, he was greeted by a timid yellow pegasus, whose kindness could melt the hearts of even the world's most dangerous threats and her assertive rabbit friend. Will Fluttershy show him what the true power of kindness and friendship? Or will she falter and lose her temper and her mind?

Problem I have with this synopsis is again, in the rhetorical questions. Because in skimming chapter one, I already know the answers. Yes and she's already insane.

I don't think I would make that particular call. It's better structured than I would assume from it's basic components however, but I'm not sure if that equates to 'good' yet.

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