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101097 No. 101097
Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the tenth installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Disclaimer: Our knowledge of quantum physics is limited, so please try to keep questions on that subject to a minimum. Also magnets are kinda hard.

We’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: A few days. If you don't get any sort of response after a week, you can send us an email asking what's up.

Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
A: Yes. If you feel that we were incorrect in some assessment of your story, feel free to bring it up in a reply email. Just try to be polite about it.
Oh, you can also send a reply to just say “Thank you.” We like that.

Q: What’s the criteria for a 6-star story?
A: Average rating of 4.9+ after 50+ ratings. If your story is at this point, email Seth and he’ll add the 6-star tag.

Q: My story was rejected despite the fact that my FimFiction/DeviantArt/Fanfiction.net audience loves it. What’s the deal with that?
A: Congratulations on having a story that’s well liked! However, Equestria Daily tends to have much higher quality standards than the sites mentioned above. Don’t be upset about being rejected; use it as an opportunity to make your story even better. We’ll be happy to look at it again once edits have been made.

Q: How does the Three Strike policy work?
A: Authors have three chances to submit their work before we stop adding it to the pre-reader queue. Every rejection counts as one “strike”. The idea is to have authors edit their work sufficiently before submitting it. We’re not editors, and there’s been a growing issue with authors thinking we are. Bear in mind that if a story is really close to being approved and is on its third strike, we’ll give it a bit of leeway. This policy is more to cover stories that haven’t had any significant changes made despite multiple submissions.

Q: Can I ask who my pre-reader was?
A: Yes, but they’re not obligated to tell you. Some of us prefer to remain anonymous.

Q: I was told to post my story on FimFiction. Why is that?
A: Generally when we recommend FimFiction it’s because we believe a story will do better there than it would on Equestria Daily. Don’t be offended. EqD and FimFiction just serve different purposes. And yes, you can submit different stories to us for review.

Q: Do you ban/blacklist authors?
A: No. However, in cases where authors have been particularly rude to us or the blogponies, we generally wait for some sort of apology before looking at their work again.

Q: Can I touch the beard?
A: We do not have the authority to handle beard-related matters. Please forward all beard inquiries to Twilight Snarkle.

Q: Who is best actor?
A: Nic Cage
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>> No. 101100
File 133626025040.jpg - (68.41KB , 500x375 , 75L0002.jpg )
>Nic Cage
I disagree.
>> No. 101101
>> No. 101102
File 133626049843.gif - (1.42MB , 320x173 , nicblgif.gif )
Well then you're wrong.
>> No. 101103
The Eleventh one actually.

Twilight Snarkle is not the only one with a beard, I suggest you change your policies to acknowledge this fact.

And I would like to remind you that Nicolas Cage did Ghost Rider, which I believe we can all agree was terrible.

Carry on.
>> No. 101104
File 133626111321.png - (219.52KB , 1280x1209 , vinyl_scratch_vector___vinyl_with_vinyl_by_namelesshero2222-d4sj7ss.png )
I have 3 questions:

First, What's your favorite kind of sub sandwich?

Second, I have a rather suggestive joke at the start of my fic that plays off lack of context and goes like this:

Twilight moaned in ecstasy. “Oh, Rarity. You were right about this being a good idea,” she said, looking into the eyes of the other mare.

“Yes, well, it feels so good that I—ah!” Rarity’s eyes glazed over and her mouth hung open with a blissful expression. “Oh, yes! That’s the spot!” she cried out, temporarily losing herself. “—That I think we should do it more often.”

Twilight couldn’t help but grin at the noises her friend made. “It certainly takes the tension out of all the studying I’ve been doing lately.”

“So you wouldn’t mind coming a second time once we’re done?”

“I already can’t wait to come a second time!” Twilight replied, smiling broadly.

They both closed their eyes and let out a relaxed sigh as the masseuses caressed their backs.

(Just two ponies visiting the spa. Perfectly E rated material right?)

I'm wondering if that sort of thing is acceptable on the blog.

Third question, spiderman or batman?
>> No. 101105
I asked about this some time ago, and they said it was okay. I'm assuming the answer is still the same.
>> No. 101108
I brought this over from the previous thread, didn't know if I should or not. Not trying to bug or anything.

Good evening folks, I sent in a submission last night, but didn't realize until this morning that I forgot a tag. What do I need to do to fix that?
>> No. 101109
1. Roast beef + cheddar with spinach, onion, tomato, and a bit of ranch.
2. That should be fine.
3. Batman. No contest.

Just email [email protected] with "Fanfic:[Title]" as the subject. Tell them (us) whatever corrections need to be made
>> No. 101111
Done and done. Thanks again!
>> No. 101113
Is that former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum in the OP?
>> No. 101115
From the tail end of the last thread:

While I love the new submission form, and I think the separation's been long-overdue, I think the "Link" field is too small. Especially if an author's using GDocs, which usually requires a new link for each chapter, it's difficult to ensure the links have been properly entered.

(I sent in a story yesterday which is hosted on both FiMFiction and GDocs; I only used the FiMFiction link, and mentioned that the GDocs links are in the FiMFiction description. Still not an ideal solution, and I worry that it could lead to confusion in its story post, in the hoped-for event of its acceptance.)
>> No. 101120
Out of 30 or whatever prereaders, how many read clop? Bonus Quetsion: How many have written clop?
>> No. 101121
Based upon unofficial information:
14 and 5.

Correct at will.
>> No. 101124
A good chunk of us read it, though I can't give you an actual number. Only a few have actually written clopfics.
>> No. 101125
>Only a few have actually written clopfics submitted their clopfics without a pen name.
>> No. 101126
Make a Gdoc index. I use them, works great. I'm surprised no one else does.
>> No. 101128
GDocs is not cooperative with Opera Mini, unfortunately.
>> No. 101131
You can also use Fimfic for it. That Brony CYOA used Fimfic as a index.
>> No. 101142
How does the three strike rule work if a story is rejected with no reason given and no edits suggested?
>> No. 101145
Can you be a bit more specific? Maybe paste what you received here?
>> No. 101172
>GDocs is not cooperative with Opera Mini, unfortunately.
Go to the doc's URL and change "edit" to "mobilebasic".
>> No. 101195
"Might want to stick with fimfic on this! sorry dood !"

Wrote back and asked 'why', and haven't heard anything back in two weeks.

Going on about having standards and then telling us to go to a site that has (almost) no standards is a rejection. Well, okay, fine. Mildly surprised, but I can live with that.

But even if you completely loath *this* story, how is anyone supposed to know what kind of other story to submit next time, without some kind of feedback on what you didn't like on this occasion?
>> No. 101196

That's what a permanent rejection looks like. I can't tell you why you were permanently rejected without knowing which fic is yours.
>> No. 101205
File 133631651370.png - (24.88KB , 755x359 , wat.png )
Did something change recently?
>> No. 101207
File 133632009884.gif - (1.93MB , 300x200 , 365tf.gif )
It might have been 4.9 when it got the six-star, then dropped by a one-bomber.
In regards to one-bombers, I say that stories should be six-star at 4.8 now, since getting a 4.9 is nigh-impossible with the douchebags floating around EqD these days. I'm totally not just saying this so that In Her Majesty's Royal Service gets a six-star like it deserves.
>> No. 101213

Blogger deletes star ratings from anonymous visitors periodically. It could well have been 50+ ratings with a 4.9 average at one point, then got knocked down by the sweep. I've seen multiple stories lose 2/3s or more of their ratings at a single go.
>> No. 101216
There are two three recent stories, uploaded in the last thirty-odd days, at Star-6--two at 4.9 and the other with a solid 5. None have over 45 ratings, and the one with a solid five has 32.

Are Star Rating tags automated now? I'm noticing a lack of that "star needed" tag. And by that, I mean it no longer seems to exist.
>> No. 101226
No clue. Seth handles that, not us.

That's how Seth permanently rejects stories. Fortunately, he isn't sending the response emails anymore. I'm trying to give a reason with every rejection from now on.
>> No. 101258
File 133633729701.jpg - (117.41KB , 819x862 , 132729268451.jpg )
About a month ago, I submitted my story, Bloodline, for Round One. I got rejected, and I'm glad I did. It made me think about the kind of story I wanted to tell. So thank you, Prereader X.

Fast forward a month, and sometime this week, maybe Thursday depending on how the /fic/ prereaders like it, I'll be resubmitting. Now, in the intervening month, the story has undergone massive changes. A few chapters have been combined, entire scenes have been scrapped, new ones in their places, and while it does deal with the same plot, it hardly resembles the same story.

So, my question is will this count as Round Two? I've heard, I think in one of the many FAQ's y'all have, that a major rewrite gets you a fresh start. I'm not asking for one. I'm mildly confident in my chances this time around as I've been an annoying pest to my editors. I'm just curious.

Pic because Best Pony singing Best Band is Best Thing.
>> No. 101259
This guy (or girl). What has he (or she) approved?
>> No. 101260
It's still a round two. But if the changes are as good as you say, you won't need a round three.

No clue.
>> No. 101263
Very true, and I don't believe I shall need it. However I, like so many authors, suffer from a horrible affliction known as I-Think-Everything-I-Write-Is-Crap-itis.

Also, I'm not saying y'all scare me, but before I go to bed, I check under my bed for EqD Pre-Readers...
>> No. 101270
File 133634258168.gif - (86.63KB , 360x360 , 131767766930.gif )
I was told that 'Flying High, Falling Hard' is sitting at two strikes, but I've only submitted it once since the 3 strike rule started.

Could I get some clarification on this?
>> No. 101272
Just an error with the spreadsheet. It's been fixed.
>> No. 101282
Quick question: I don't know if you know the pre-reader(s) who gave criticism on Johnny Spurs and Asshole Cat, but I got what I felt was mixed signals in my rejection. I went through all three strikes, so I'm not going to worry about appealing it or anything, but I would like to know exactly what happened where, if possible. If you don't know anything about this story, don't worry about reading below the line. Thanks.

It started off normal. I submitted it, got it sent back with a strike, and a list of things to edit for. Went through the list, sent it back.

Got it back again, with a new, more in-depth list (which I'm grateful for, it was a huge help), and another strike.

Wrote a second chapter, edited to all hell, sent it back.

Got it back again, this time with a request for a third chapter, and a note saying "We don't want to count this as a third strike, but please add more material so new readers can get into it easier." Ok, fair enough. Same thing happened with the first fic I submitted. So I sent it back with a third, carefully edited chapter.

Then I didn't hear anything for awhile. Didn't think this was weird, because I'd been having to send my stuff more than once to get a response previously. Then I was told to use the new submission form. I'd seen that you guys did some changes, so I thought "Ok, this makes it easier for them. I can do that."

Then I got my third strike back saying "We sent it to a third prereader who wasn't too fond of it. Sorry."

Now, I don't mind that it got rejected, but I'd like to know more than "not too fond of it." Did I not edit it properly? Was the content wrong? Because the other correspondence I had was very encouraging as far as the actual story goes, mainly commenting on technical errors and narrative issues I was happy to correct.

I would like to know what went wrong, if for no better reason than to make the story better for the people who find it on their own.
>> No. 101283

Recently? What Must Be Done, Days of Wasp and Spider, and And the Temptress Came Unto Her.
>> No. 101284
I'll ask the third pre-reader if he wants to write up a more specific response. If so, I'll email it to you.
>> No. 101285
Much appreciated.
>> No. 101287
File 133635222040.jpg - (41.17KB , 520x379 , donut2.jpg )
This is a question to Dafoddil, in respose to a certain little Q&Neigh someone forwarded to me.

Why do you make me feel so good inside? =D

Also, please have these digital donuts on me.

But seriously, very very honoured. Incredibly so. Really can't express my pride. Thank you. And thank you all for the hard work. THANK YOU. Nick Cage is Best Poni.

Peace out. =)
>> No. 101291
File 133635512381.png - (67.86KB , 354x400 , applejack___y__all_hear_that_by_blindcavesalamander-d4d256t_354x400.png )
Hello, quick question.

Seth seemed to have... put a wrong tag in my story. It was supposed to be the character Soarin', not another author by the name of 'Soaring Travels'. Who do I contact for something like this?
>> No. 101292
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the blogponies are the only ones that can do that. Granted, having a pre-reader bring it to his attention might expediate the process.
I've had more than my fair share of the blogponies flubbing my story posts. My first one was supposed to be a story post, but instead he marked it as a game (which it is, in a sense), and the second was supposed to be held until later but Cereal posted it, and with the wrong picture to boot ಠ_ಠ
>> No. 101293
Ooh, donuts!

And it's my pleasure. You write well, and I'd love to see more people read your work.

[email protected]
Tell them the name of your story, and be very, very specific as to what you want them to change.
>> No. 101299
Hello EqD prereaders. I was working with a friend on a fic he had made to make it (hopefully) more Equestria Daily worthy. He has since abandoned that story, and deleted the original all together, yet I have access to the rework he was doing. My story was a sequel to his. Being that the original is gone he's deactivated his FimFic account, and I can't get a hold of him, I was wondering what should and could I do?

A few things I've thought about is rewriting his a separate story/chapter, and giving credit for the original idea to him. Or just incorporate some ideas into mine? If I completely rewrote his as a separate chapter/story, would I even need to give credit aside from the idea?

I've already pretty much made mine a stand-alone fic, but it doesn't feel the same without the backstory.

So, I'm at a loss. How should I go about this? Any advice and help is truly appreciated as this fic has been in the works for a while now. and since the original author is MIA, I don't know what else to do.>>101097
>> No. 101301

And I would love for more people to have you think that I would um... like to... have my work... read? Um...

>> No. 101331
"That's what a permanent rejection looks like. I can't tell you why you were permanently rejected without knowing which fic is yours."

Which is why it would be helpful (and polite) if the reason could be given at the time. IT woudl take as much time to type 'we don't do X' as to type 'better stick to fimfic'.

And if there is some kind of kill-list EQD won't touch with a bargepole, isn't it a good idea to publish it? Because even their updated one seems incomplete.
>> No. 101337
>And if there is some kind of kill-list EQD won't touch with a bargepole, isn't it a good idea to publish it? Because even their updated one seems incomplete.
It is, kind of. A lot of the things that aren't on the list are ideas that could -potentially- pass, but only if they're executed flawlessly. We're not going to say that, though, because everyone thinks their work is flawless so it wouldn't stop them fro submitting.
>> No. 101339
Nice Q&Neigh, guys. Moar please.
>> No. 101345
The link in the Omnibus is out of date.
>> No. 101348
As was said before, that perma-rejection came from Sethisto (if I've got the thread of this convo right). Seeing as it came from Sethisto, it may have never ever got to us in the first place.

Is there a list of things we generally won't touch? Well yes, we've mentioned most of them often enough. Clop, incest, cupcakes, gorn. That's four of them right off the bat. Others are less instantly sunned forever, but DO generally get the heave-ho before we get them. This second list involves tripfics, crackfics, trollfics, fics involving real people (without consent, also covered under tripfics), unnofficial sequels, human in equestria and in particular brony in equestria. OC/Mane shipping is frowned upon very heavily, alicorn fics are given an extremely potent, withering stare, and anything that manages to screw up the submission email, screw up the synopsis or is otherwise inaccessible will more than likely get the iron hoof of justice into the nearest stellar furnace.
>> No. 101349
Don't forget warfics and NLR/Solar Empire fics.

And foalshipping.
>> No. 101394
I have two questions.

1. Do you actually read through all of the submitted chapters for any one fic, or do you only look at the first one or two to see if it passes?
2. The last time I submitted my fic, the pre-reader yelled at me (not really) because I included tags that didn't yet apply to the chapters he read. I was wondering, if you submit a fic, should you include all tags that will ever be relevant to the fic, or just the ones for the submitted chapters?
>> No. 101400
1. We only read the first chapter or two.
2. Put tags that apply to the story as a whole. You can have funny moments without your story being a comedy. If there is a tag that only applies to one scene/chapter, don't use that tag.
>> No. 101404
You guys should put that tag thing in the OP since it gets asked all of the time.

Also, for the next thread, I vote for:
Q: Who makes the best comedy duo?
A: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost
>> No. 101414
If anything ever holds true, is that no one ever read those things...
>> No. 101419
Question about how you get pre-readers: Do you somehow make it known when you're in need? Do you save the applications that are sent in and look at them when you are in need? Do you just root around, talk about who may or may not make a good pre-reader? What!? I am curious to know.
>> No. 101421

1.) No.

2.) Yes

3.) Yes

4.) Call down, we will call you if we think you fulfill the requirements (and Sethisto says yes).
>> No. 101436
Nic Cage is dumb. :l
>> No. 101441
File 133645236488.gif - (3.26MB , 320x179 , nic_cage_punches_a_woman_in_the_face.gif )
>> No. 101442
File 133645287893.jpg - (51.62KB , 512x512 , 130340741226.jpg )
Hey Daff, who was your favorite character in Face Off?
>> No. 101443
He's like the worst actor ever.
Especially in National Treasure.
>> No. 101445
File 133645333034.gif - (367.81KB , 320x240 , nic_cage_demonstrates_face_forward_slash_off.gif )

You just don't understand his brilliance.
>> No. 101446
evidently not.

You guys probably get this question a lot, but how backed up are you? I submitted a fic an hour ago AND I EXPECT IT DONE NOW.

But seriously, I know it's usually a couple of days at least depending on how backed up you guys are.

Also, another question: My friend submitted a story 'Dude, We're Ponies' and he got a message back saying they would suggest it for the queue, implying he got in. The problem is that other stories that were sent in later than the time he got accepted (Viewing the submitting dates of some on FiMFiction) have come on the site but not his. What's up?
>> No. 101450
I just forwarded your story to the (other) pre-readers. Expect a response within a few days.

As for your friend's story, I just bumped the email thread. Guess we'll see what's up with that shortly.
>> No. 101451
Thank you very very much. I kept telling him for over a week to send an email, but he doesn't seem to take any action. I edited his story vigorously, I want it where it belongs! >:C I understand that some things can get lost in the mix.
>> No. 101509
Apparently it wasn't lost. The submit address was waiting for a response from him.
>> No. 101525
Get out.
>> No. 101533
I noticed one of the new rules on EQD that says, "foalshipping beyond a schoolyard crush".

I tried to submit a foalshipping fic a while back before that rule existed and have been revising it since. Is my fic now ineligible to be submitted?

It's a light-hearted "child romance" story featuring Sweetie Belle and Spike. I'm not sure what the borders of 'schoolyard crush' are.
>> No. 101535
Huh. Alright, so should I just tell him to reply to the email?
>> No. 101549
We're not going to accept anything with children beyond "I like you" and (maybe) a kiss on the cheek.

>> No. 101566
There's always the option of starting off with the schoolyard crush as kids, and then taking it to the next step when they're older.
>> No. 101578
I have.
>> No. 101583
Alright, so I just got my fic back. Rejected, as I predicted. A lot of the problems the pre-reader seemed to point out were things with just slight OoC and explanations, which I could probably kink out myself. The email says though that I should take it to a review thread first. Is this mandatory? I work with 3 pre-readers who actively try to help me with things like this. Couldn't I just bring these issues to them and we collaborate on what to do and not have to go through a reviewer?
>> No. 101584
Oh. Okay, then. I guess I'll just try putting it on Fimfiction instead.

Hmm. Now that you mention that... I actually like the sound of this idea. I would still like to do my original story, but maybe I can turn out a different story using this idea later down the line.

>> No. 101585
Hello. I submitted a story for consideration 10 days ago by e-mail. Upon inquiring as to its progress, I was told to re-submit using the new form, which I did 4 days ago. I have only received the automated response thus far.

I was just wondering what sort of timespan I should expect between submission and decision.

Thank you.
>> No. 101593
We'd prefer if you had an established reviewer look it over. It's your choice, but why would you go back to the same people that missed the issues in the first place?

We have about 50 stories in the queue right now. It might be a while.
>> No. 101594

On a more sincere note, how many stories are in the queue right now?
>> No. 101595
>> No. 101596
Because Nicolas Cage
>> No. 101598

Did you know that the guy who wrote that also writes gay clop?
>> No. 101599
Yeah? I should check that out sometime.
>> No. 101609
Maybe you can help me with this.

"To make prose more interesting, more enthralling, it needs to play on empathy, and having it be a bit exaggerating probably wouldn't hurt either. Figure out what aspects of these characters would really connect with the reader and amplify them."

This is something that my reviewer said when he looked at my fic. I don't quite understand what he means by this, but when I asked for him to clarify, he never replied back.

Can you please help me understand what this part says?
>> No. 101612
He's saying that it's boring to read, and that you should try to manipulate your characters and your writing style to make it less boring.
>> No. 101629
I got to thinking about my fic, and even if I corrected everything that my pre-reader said was off about it if more issues would arise. Does that happen sometimes? An author will change what you asked for but then that change brings up even more problems? I fear that the most, which is why I'm really apprehensive about changing anything at all. (Though I know I have to in order to get on EqD)
>> No. 101646
Yarhar, here we be goin'. This goes out to any prereader who thinks they can help, though obviously the one what read me has a better understanding of the situation. I'm going to go ahead and leave out story and links and just try to make this as general as possible, throwing in generic(ish) examples that don't necessarily relate to my story. Because paranoia about entirely implausible scenarios and also REASONS, that's why.

Apologies in advance for this sloppy and clear-as-mud post, I'm in a rush and full of tired.

I got a this (snipped, not whole response): "I'm seeing a lot of names and places, but I know next to nothing about them. I don't know what they ate, where they ate it, what the weather was like when they ate it and so on."

While I understand the sentiment (and can certainly do my best to follow general sentiments/advice in a few other places), I'm slightly conflicted on both of these issues. Let's go one at a time.

First, a lot of names and places that aren't known. This, I don't know how to fight. We're in an Equestria that isn't exactly the one you know. There are going to be things you aren't familiar with, and the very LAST thing I'd want to do is spend an entire chapter dumping out exposition. The most natural way of dealing with this would be to just let ponies' words and actions and observations explain the context for you, yeah? Someone mentions a dark forest, someone else asks a question or suggests fear by cowering and not wanting to go. Someone mentions a town with a reputation for horss, the characters who let their libidos lead them get a twinkle in their eyes and nobody actually says the word hors. I don't want to tell you directly that the forest is a scary place or that the town is full of prostitutes. If I need to have more of this context-by-reaction I can try, but if there's some other suggestion hiding in those words that I'm missing (or worse, if an exposition dump IS being suggested) then I'm flummoxed.

Second, describing what they ate, the weather, etc. Why? If something isn't important, why should I spend time on it? Characters go roller skating. Later that night, a romantic tryst in the moonlight goes down. Why should the dinner in between be brought up if nothing of consequence happens during it? Is it being suggested that I MAKE things matter? I suppose I can see my story as it is being "barren" and needing more things that DO matter, but I don't want to try to force anything that's actually unimportant to take on the air of some level of importance it doesn't have. It'd be ludicrous to describe every meal every character has, and that's obviously not what's being suggested. I'm just uncertain what to do about the meal that means nothing. Do I try to MAKE it mean something or do I cut any reference to it at all?

I think I'm just overreacting and being too literal. The sentiment is that the story doesn't have enough meat as it is, so I need to add more. Throwing on extra limbs won't make the body any fatter, so I've got to do some thickening of existing bits and not just creating new scenes. I just want to be sure that I'm not actually being told to describe things that aren't important or take time explaining things to the reader that are obvious to the ponies present. That if something is truly unimportant, it needs all references cut and if it isn't really able to be thrown away I need to use it as an opportunity to grow the characters, even if the plot doesn't need it. That I need to re-craft my allusions to portions of the world the reader doesn't know in a way that frames them a bit better, but not just jump out and tell them what it is.

So I guess to sum it all up in the form of a question, if you gave a response like that, would you mean more that the story was bony and/or boring or that you wanted to be told about the forest or watch the characters eat that dinner? I'm pretty sure the answer is obvious and I'm just being ridiculous. I should go to bed.

And/or get rewriting, although the "and" option would be really hard...
>> No. 101648
Ooh, while I'm here and being too lazy to check the thread and find out that this was probably already asked,

Story X is sent in via email before the new submission form, is rejected.

Should the second version of Story X be sent on the same email thread or chucked into the new submission system?

I'm guessing the latter AND that this question was already asked, but since I've already made a stupid out of myself once in this thread I might as well take advantage of this golden opportunity.
>> No. 101663

I second this sentiment and I'm glad to see a better writer than I raise it.

I'm now 2-for-2 on rejections asking for more story among other things.

"Fear of Falling"
>Its like I was given three pieces to a puzzle but the puzzle itself consists of thirty. .... I never see the big picture, the background .... There is an immediate reason that we are given but at the same time there is an ulterior one as well that the characters reference but never delve into.

"Watching Paint Dry"
>and see where you can find ways to expand the story a bit

The first time, I almost considered it a compliment that I left the reader wanting more. After consulting with the anonymous samurai I decided that the fault was in how I structured the story: I did some things that promised an explanation of how things happened when I really didn't want or need to provide one. Revision showed that I don't yet have the skills to hold the expanded and re-focused story together, so this one's pretty much a wash-out for the time being.

The second, I'm beginning to think that I'm not supposed to leave the reader hungry, especially since expanding the story was suggested as an afterthought, as if to say, "And of course you should say more, I mean, duh, storytelling." I wrote 4300 words about bloody drying paint (through the theme of "being worth somepony's time and effort"); does the topic really deserve more of the readers' time?

As I see it, a short story should develop one conflict or theme fully to be considered complete. It should leave the heavy world-building to works with ten or a hundred times the text. I can accept that I haven't managed to do that yet - I'm still a developing writer after all - but I can't help wondering if I should give up short stories and try something incomplete, unplanned, and [Normal][Sad] next time.

I'm sorry. That's bitter. I don't want to think I'm entitled to EqD's audience. It's just that "don't leave open questions" is a standard that's specific to one-shots (since you don't judge incomplete stories by their endings) and not one that I'm excited to write to. Should I just stop wasting everypony's time with open endings?
>> No. 101664
Wait, if this is true... The Cough wouldn't have been accepted?
>> No. 101668
"The Cough," like all flash-fiction, is short enough to be autorejected these days, and the anthology loophole is closed.

Awesome story, yes, but not relevant to the conversation since standards change. A year ago, EqD ran "After Care" for crying out loud!

>> No. 101675
Here's a good one. What are the pre readers general consensus on accents and how the are written?

Specifically I have a character who's drunk, and I wrote her speech as such:

"Aw, yer jusht jea-*hic*-jealoush of mah shingin' abilitiesh. Yew know I'd win that karaoke contesht!"

Is that annoying enough to get a negative mark?
>> No. 101681

Heh, yeah... Good times.

Wait, the anthology loophole is closed? If that's true, nobody told me.
>> No. 101683
File 133658149212.png - (114.27KB , 430x320 , Derpy195.png )
Hey, the fic I'm reviewing has the following.

>She was so excited when she got to school that she tripped over her own hooves when she ran through the door to her classroom. As her hooves slid out from under her, she fell in an awkward heap on the floor, her face pressed against it in such a way that she had trouble getting up. The entire class of colts and fillies burst out laughing.

>"Look at that derpy Pegasus, she can't even stand on her own hooves."

>"Uh DERP!"

>"What's wrong Derpy Hooves? So scared you can't even walk straight?"

>"She's so stupid she can't even walk through a door without falling over."

>"What a dope!"

>What a way to start her first day at school. Ditzy’s eyes began welling up with tears.

Is this something that you'd reject just to avoid drama?
>> No. 101687
Ack! Sorry, wrong thread. Disregard. :)
>> No. 101688

Speaking as not-a-prereader, I'm not so fond of that scene. Not because of any drama potential, but because it doesn't work well in prose. Pratfalls and sight gags work because you can see them; lines like

>As her hooves slid out from under her, she fell in an awkward heap on the floor, her face pressed against it in such a way that she had trouble getting up.

just aren't very effective.
>> No. 101690
>anthology loophole

Daffodil said,
>I don't think Seth is posting any more short story compilations. I seem to remember him saying something like that recently.
>> No. 101692
One option is to make a long story, then attach a link to your short on it with a short snippet extolling its virtues.
This is why I used an index when I submitted to EqD. All of my stories were on said index, so while my readers were looking at the accepted one, there was also the chance that curiosity could kill the cat, if you will.
>> No. 101714
This will sometimes happen.

It could be that when you add words, grammar mistakes slip in. It could be that you may introduce an OOC moment.

Anything can happen, and I've done this myself with my own stories, as I frequently have to resubmit once or twice to pass scrutiny.

Do not let fear of failure bar your path.

Although I was not your pre-reader, I sympathize. Writing setting is the toughest part for me, but it sounds like your pre-reader didn't get enough of an idea of the setting. It can't be ponies talking in a void; a little suggestion goes a long way. I can't give any more advice without reading the story in question, and I'm so bogged down with finals I barely have time for any pony activities.

I think both will work, but sending it through the new system and noting it's a resubmit will run smoother.

>> No. 101829

Well fics don't get screened by Seth first with the new submission system. Just saying.
>> No. 101832
File 133664348467.jpg - (27.77KB , 420x280 , article400_nic_cage-420x0.jpg )
Hi there!

Alright, an actual question this time. It's been about a week since I submitted "In A Little Town Called Ponyville: Stone Spiral" via e-mail, just before the shutdown. I did indeed get the mail from Seth saying that it had been passed on, but until now I've had no response.

Of course, in no way am I trying to rush anyone. As I also see, there's a pretty huge backlog and that's fine! I just want to know if it has been received and, well, just generally check on its status. =)

Thank you kindly, sirs.
>> No. 101837

I found the email thread for your fic and bumped it, so hopefully you'll get the response soon.
>> No. 101838
File 133665372715.jpg - (6.68KB , 400x224 , nicolas-cage-happy.jpg )

Very much appreciated! And here's hoping for good news, of course.

I hope.

Nick Cage hopes, too.
>> No. 101839
>> No. 101867
Can I ask how long is "a while" for a fic submitted Tuesday night around 11:00 or midnight blog time? Two days? A week? Two weeks? I'm just wondering when the "Sent to the prereaders" email will go out, and when about a decision would be made.
>> No. 101869
I apologize for asking, I know you said in the FAQ, but I'm still curious if it's gonna be even longer than that.
>> No. 101870

Expect to measure the time to get a response in weeks with the queue this big.
>> No. 101872
>>101870 Ouch...

Alright. Thanks for responding. :)
>> No. 101873

I got a reply on my newest story within 36 hours...

They said no. And the only complaint from my pre-reader that made any sense was my failure to keep consistent tense. He/she said something about there being sci-fi scale magitek, when my fic was labeled as sci-fi. He/she sent me all of two complete sentences, directed me towards /fic/, and said "K, bye."

Is that normal? That just looks fishy and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
>> No. 101874
Okay, somehow there are over a hundred posts and not one has included this.


Unfortunately, /fic/ doesn't support embedded videos. Still, you're welcome.
>> No. 101875
You're not going to get a "To the pre-readers" message. We stopped doing that. If you don't get a rejection, it went to the pre-readers.

We don't actually have to give you a reason for why you're being rejected. If you wish for someone to outline what exactly is wrong with your story, you should look into getting it reviewed here on /fic/.
>> No. 101877
Inconsistent tenses are the hallmark of a beginning writer. If it was a problem, then it's no surprise that you were rejected.

What elements made you decide to use the sci-fi tag?
>> No. 101918
Alright, but what Ebon said was true? For a fic submitted Tuesday it'll be a week or more?
>> No. 101919
That depends entirely on how interesting the fic looks. If someone wants to take it tonight, it'll get reviewed tonight. If no one wants to review it for a while, it won't get reviewed for a while.
>> No. 101925
A fic accepted today, will not see eqd for around a week. A fic sent in today, is part of around 50 in the queue.

So things are going to be slow.
>> No. 101926
>>101919 I actually just got feedback. And it was rejected, but it appears to not have been due to poor writing/flow or something, but moreso that I didn't submit the second chapter which concludes the events in the first chapter, which was one of my concerns originally, but I'm polishing chapter 2 as we speak, so. I'm pretty excited.
>> No. 102020
File 133677055642.jpg - (80.05KB , 1024x768 , 62239 - artist thelivingmachine02 humanized rainbow_dash scootaloo.jpg )
Surprising no one, there's a lot of conversation on the front page about everyone's favorite catch-all advice, Show Don't Tell. Here's my question to the prereaders: what fics out there do you feel are the absolute best at showing? For the sake of argument, feel free to disregard any other metrics like plot or grammar; I just wanna read up on some people who are doing SDT "right".
>> No. 102022
I sent my story to EQ and they told me that it was "It also doesn't read very well. It's very flat and it isn't pulling me into it at all" and that I should take it over to ponychan to have it fleshed out. I tried to get in touch with the proofreader but he never replied so I don't know he meant exactly by my story being 'flat'. So, I was wondering if I could get another pre-reader to look over the first chapter and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

>> No. 102023
When I say "best", I guess what I'm really asking is "a story that avoids telling at all; nothing but good showing".
>> No. 102026
This isn't a review thread. Please direct yourself to the sticky and follow its suggestions.

In regards to your story...
It's a crossover. Of an anime. That's an instant knock against it.
Also, semi-colons. Semi-colons everywhere. You're also quite heavy on the descriptions, although that impression is only what I gleaned from the first paragraph and some of the second.
Finally, it might just be me, but I could swear your story image is a recolour of that Chrono Dash pic.

Welcome to /fic/, mind your head.
>> No. 102029

If you want a second pre-reader, you need to e-mail the blog ponies and request one. That takes up a strike, though. This isn't a review thread.
>> No. 102030

>recommending fics instead of books.

Read professional literature if you want to have a better idea of what is correct, as fan-fiction rarely gets to that level, and you'd be better doing that than basing your sense of quality on a largely flawed medium. That being said, if I cannot persuade you to examine professional fiction, I would suggest you check out anything by Cold in Gardez for a decent example.

>When I say "best", I guess what I'm really asking is "a story that avoids telling at all; nothing but good showing".

Showing is not something that should be done all of the time. A writer has decide what to show and what to tell in relation to the story's pacing and flow, particularly when considering information that has already been said previously or emphasis.
>> No. 102031
>Finally, it might just be me, but I could swear your story image is a recolour of that Chrono Dash pic.

No, that's actually a commission. I asked specifically for that character design and pose and background in the commission. I'm not familiar with Chrono Dash. Is that a Fallout Equestria character?
>> No. 102032
File 133677304993.png - (242.56KB , 900x636 , my_little_chrono_trigger_by_inkwell_pony-d3d390r.png )

What Sturm is talking about.
>> No. 102042
File 133677613327.jpg - (26.73KB , 214x235 , 10022_r.jpg )
Would it also be appropriate to say that the amount of 'showing' should be restricted depending on how important the scene is? I mean, I don't think it's necessarily wrong to TELL us something straight out if it doesn't contribute heavily to the story. Saying 'Sprinkle Pop looked around the town, moving one of her green bangs away from her eyes,' is just unnecessary. (Probably not the best way to represent that anyways, just an example) Saying 'Sprinkle Pop has green hair' is short and sweet and doesn't take up a lot of room in the pacing due to it's unimportant. When you would actually want to tell us about her hair is subjective though.
>> No. 102043

>Would it also be appropriate to say that the amount of 'showing' should be restricted depending on how important the scene is?

I can't give an ultimatum because it's a case-by-case basis that may or may not correct in the context of the story or depends on what the author does specifically. General advice: telling is not something that should be used frequently or as a substitute for actual description or showing. Telling should be used for brevity or emphasis with little exception. If there is a better way to present it through showing, do so.
>> No. 102044
File 133677675071.gif - (581.24KB , 600x360 , epic_brohoof_by_mixermike622-d45m32o.gif )
Seems fair to say. Being able to recognize those instances are the hard part I would assume.

Also, just now got bro-hoofed (Not brofist, since he said "Bro-hoof") by a random guy in the room. That was pretty cool.
>Gif to express how it happened.
>> No. 102057
Hey, y'all. A little birdie just told me that y'all really crank up the scrutiny with dark and HiE fics. Is that true? Like, a comedy has to be "good", but dark has to be "great?"
>> No. 102061
File 133679444562.png - (557.25KB , 720x540 , where\'s_my_vodka-(n1296456029760).png )
> Is that true? Like, a comedy has to be "good", but dark has to be "great?"
Not a prereader BTW.

But you're competing for attention from a limited group of readers. One which is well read and a bit cynical.
HiE is everyone's first fic. It's been done to death, and unless you bring the HiE equivalent of the Mona Lisa to play, the reader base has already seen it five times over.
Dark is the first idea anyone gets looking at brightly colored ponies. Again, unless you bring an angle on Dark that's never been seen before, you're just going to end up compared to the classics of yesteryear, and filed away as a footnote.

Comedy. Comedy is rare. Good comedy is a rare find. That's worth taking note of.
Good dark is expected. Good HiE is an oxymoron.
>> No. 102071
>Good HiE is an oxymoron.

Any genre can be good. It's just that some ideas happen to attract more bad attempts than others - but the execution of any individual story is independent of the others.

I get it, HiE is overplayed and usually bad. But that doesn't mean you have to be biased. Take each story on its own merits, and if it happens to fit the mold, then it unfortunately does.
>> No. 102075
File 133680381692.jpg - (116.43KB , 898x621 , 11059 - Cloud_kicker Linky twilight_sparkle.jpg )

I'd have to agree. There's some pretty good HiE stories out there, and while they're no the best things ever, it's an inappropraite generalization to say that ALL HiE fics are bad. I think that authors can have a glimmer of hope for their work, but of course that doesn't mean that most will make it.

I would personally love a HiE fic that used this picture's context in it. I would be alarmed too if some random creature that was capable of sapience appeared in my world too.
>> No. 102081
File 133680798236.jpg - (23.26KB , 250x144 , 5433_r.jpg )

Good HiE?

Arddun Lleuad, Anthropology, Whip & Wing, ARTICLE 2, Stargate: Equestria, Human, Tinker Tanner Hunter Spy, Order From Chaos, Rorschach in Equestria, The Thessalonica Legacy.

>> No. 102083
File 133680819140.gif - (161.11KB , 387x362 , tumblr_lszb2yyxlf1r05905o1_400.gif )

This is Pony on Earth. I point that out because of its high popularity.
>Gif for funnies
>> No. 102086

Except, it turns out Lyra was a transformed human all along, so I submit it's a fresh take on the concept. It's a stealth-HiE.

Anyway, I want to thank the pre-readers for being harsh on human stories, because it means fans of the genre (both of us) don't have to sift through the sea of garbage to find the good ones. I'm writing one myself, and this inspires me to make it something special.
>> No. 102093
Not necessarily. A few of us (including me) are fans of dark stories, so it's not like we all hate them. We're also pretty harsh on comedy stories; a common sentiment expressed in our IRC is "What's worse than bad grimdark? A comedy that isn't funny."

As for HiE, we are generally pretty harsh on those.
>> No. 102094
Darn, lots of super interesting conversations just while I was away. Oh well. I, for one, am very grateful that the PRs are snorkeling the slushpile for pearls so I don't have to.

Now I'm a bit nervous, because one of the projects I'm kind of-sort of working on when I can carve a chunk of writing time out of my day is a twist on the HiE theme. And apparently that makes me even more of a horrible hack of a writer than previously speculated.

Well, at least it's good to hear there are fans of the genre; maybe if I can see this project to completion in a sufficiently non-godawful manner there will be one or two people somewhere in the world who will be glad to have read it, and y'know, what's more to ask for?
>> No. 102097
File 133683399592.jpg - (34.30KB , 355x397 , dr-evil.jpg )
One... Hundred... BILLION DOLLARS!
>> No. 102120
I recently Submitted a sequel to a story I had written (At Home on the Range) to EqD, and instead of getting its own post, it has been posted on the original story's page. Is this how sequels are posted now? Or has this always been the case?
>> No. 102121

Well, looking at the ones that made it through, I'd say the key is to show the PRs something new. That's not as hard as it sounds. Most are just, "human shifts dimensions for no explained reason; gets shipped with a pony; nothing interesting happens."

"Arddun Lleuad," which got through, at first looks like one of these, but it's actually, "human shifts dimensions for a good reason explained later; has heartfelt romance with a pony; serious shit goes down." Plus, the writing is actually, you know, gripping.

"Something new" can be as simple as writing with quality. Andrew J. Talon's "Hands" got through, probably because it was genuinely funny -- at first, anyway. But don't forget to be original, too.

(Disclaimer: not a pre-reader. Just making observations.)
>> No. 102125
Not sure. Seth handles the story posts, we just send him things.
>> No. 102126
Don't worry, it's not like that would stop me from trying to build a story out of an idea I think has potential. Mostly that was just me freaking out mildly that I seem to have tackled the End Boss of fic themes right off the bat. (I swear, if I wrote with the same easy I freak out...)
>> No. 102129
It has always worked that way, as far as I know.
>> No. 102131
File 133684514293.png - (149.07KB , 440x425 , mlfw641_131273834931.png )
>MFW so many replies
I think the problem with Human stories - at least, if the "ship-myself-with-character-X" category is as big as >>102121 said - is that they attract a lot of writers whose perception of their writing skills far exceeds the reality. The egotistical ones.

I know that sounds judgemental, and I don't mean it that way, but it makes sense if you think about it. See, us GOING to Equestria is an awesome fantasy, but also incredibly predictable - I challenge you to find a single Brony on this board who hasn't thought about themselves being in Equestria (/fic/ tends to have quite the imagination, by its very nature). At the very least we've imagined ourselves within this episode or that, or just having a chat with our favorite character.

The problem comes when we take that too far. Far fewer of us have bothered to actually pair ourselves with anypony. This is for (many of) the same reason(s) that not everyone enjoys clop or shipping, but it's also because it's kind of selfish - not only is it OOC for the character in question (as all shipping would be), but it relies on the assumption that the author IS "the one" for that pony. They elevate themselves above the hordes of other fans who would do the exact same thing, and it becomes a sort of "I'm better than all of you" declaration (even if it isn't meant that way).

In other words, they can't see their actions from the perspective of other people. The same goes for their writing: they ignore self-evident flaws and awkward word choices and whatnot, because as far as they're concerned their creation is perfect. "How could it not be perfect? It's FlutterMe!" they would say. Meanwhile, the rest of us shake our heads in exasperation - "Not another one," we mutter to ourselves.

Even the non-shipping Human stories rely on that same presumption, that same "putting-yourself-before-every-other-Brony." It was just easier to illustrate my point in the context of shipping. Thus, a Human story that goes out of its way to put that aside would have an inherent advantage over its brethren. Making the human character "just another character", then, would fix this.

Yes, that seems like a contradiction - a story involving a human would HAVE to be about the human, or else what's the point? To that, all I can say is that it's a balancing act. The human character can be significant, both as a plot device and as a character in and of him/herself. But in most cases (flawless comedy being one exception, as always), the human can't be the "be-all, end-all" point of the story. Hell, a person could even write a self-insert, and make it work. They just have to treat themselves as realistically as they treat any other characters in the story - which, I admit, is far easier said than done; you have to either know yourself flawlessly, or be unflinchingly willing to twist your character to be flawed and engaging, instead of your typical Gary Stu.

Hopefully all of that makes sense. In any case, this is all just my opinion on why most HiE is crap, and I'm totally open to disagreement.

tl;dr Most Human stories are selfish, and make it about themselves. Writing a story where the human character is a working plot piece without necessarily being the "focus" would solve the problem.
>> No. 102156

>OOC for the character in question (as all shipping would be)

>> No. 102161
It occurs to me that maybe the same wish fulfillment drive explains both the plethora of self-inserts in Equestria and the curious success of fics like My Little Dashie.

So an HiE story written to maximize identification of the reader to the lucky human protagonist would probably send the success-to-actual-literary-merits ratio through the roof, into the sky and right past the moon. Might even catch up with Twilight on the way to Betelgeuse.


But, back on topic now:

PRs, have you ever written stories whose very theme would make them a tough sell for EqD? How did you go about it?
>> No. 102181
What a wonderfully eloquent and convincing rebuttal.
Wish-fulfillment. Thank you, that's the word I was looking for.
>> No. 102191
I wrote a story where a Discorded, rule 63ed Celestia spends most of a story wanting to rape a guard she thinks is a rule 63ed Twilight.


How did I pull it off? I cranked up the "comedy" knob as high as I could possibly go, skirted the clop border like a closeted, self-hating furry, and ran it past many editors to make sure this thing wouldn't immediately be sent to Tartarus. I'm... still surprised it worked, actually.
>> No. 102200
Okay, so I'm doing a flashback to Celestia's original banishment of Luna to the moon. Would it cause harm to my fic to keep the speech "normal"? I'd rather not try to use archaic English and get it right than to use it and get it dreadfully wrong.
>> No. 102201

I wrote a story with an all-red OC alicorn that cuts himself.


I have no clue how I pulled that off.

It may be because I made him a villain, didn't introduce him till halfway through the fic, made him complex and nuanced, didn't focus the story on him, made his arguments more than pointless whining, and played with my audience's expectations.
>> No. 102202
"Cause harm" in the sense of, if I don't use Archaic english, will it decrease the chance of getting accepted?
>> No. 102204

Why are you flashing back in the first place?
>> No. 102205
Celestia's remembering the events that happened the night of Luna's banishent, how Nightmare Moon killed her personal student that night with a curse. I'm having an argument between the two sisters beforehand, the spell casted to banish Luna, and the aftermath of Celestia's emotions.
>> No. 102209

So what precise information are you relating to the readers in the flashback scene. Is it just the thing you said there, or is there detail that is absolutely essential to the readers' understanding of the rest of the fic?
>> No. 102210

It gives more information. It's a direct reference to something that is just said in the story. And I'm wondering if using normal language instead of Archaic English will harm my chances of getting it approved.
>> No. 102211

You're asking whether or not you need to use bleeding on a gangrenous limb because you're more comfortable sticking with leeches. I suspect you'd be better off with amputation.

But I guess if you really just want the answer to your question, if it doesn't make sense that Luna at least isn't using the Royal Canterlot Voice, then that will probably hurt your chances with at least some of the reviewers.
>> No. 102213

In Canon, Nightmare Moon spoke normally, so what if I skip the part between Celestia and Luna, strictly using the main focus which is NMM and Celesti'as banishment. Would Luna, as NMM, use RCV or regular?
>> No. 102215

Er, NMM's/luna's banishment.
>> No. 102217

Good question. Really depends on whether she was watching Equestria develop the whole time and that's why she spoke differently from Luna. You can interpret it however you want as long as it makes sense and is consistent.

Still, I've never seen a flashback that wasn't more or less unnecessary.
>> No. 102223

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. :) I've worked it in now, and will come back to it tomorrow, but, though it's not 100% necessary in my story, it adds to the emotion and darkness, plus it gives a little more insight into what Celestia's going through, as it doesn't solely revolve around Luna's banishment.
>> No. 102232
File 133689276789.jpg - (10.57KB , 266x200 , witide.jpg )
Stepping away from a fic's actual content, are there any constantly appearing tropes in story synopses that drive you absolutely CRAZY?

I know one that gets my biscuits each time: It was normal event X until character Y discovers a plot that could destroy Equestria!!!1!one!
>> No. 102294

Snyopses that start out "Hi. My name is.... and I'm jst and oridnary.... except that I'm a...."
>> No. 102303
-"...that threatens to change Equestria forever!"
-The phrase "Mane 6"
-Recapping things that we already know ("Fluttershy is a shy pegasus...")
>> No. 102313
Now you guys are running the fic side of EQD, is the story length rule still in place?
>> No. 102314

>> No. 102315
All of the rules are still in place.

Though, it seems no one actually reads the submission guidelines anyway.
>> No. 102321
You guys should have short bans to discourage people that just spit their fic onto your laps. No/Crappy synopsis? Story is put in stasis for a few days. Story got rejected? A week-long cooldown before you can submit again. It would encourage the writer to make sure to do it right the second time, as well as give them the time to fix the problem.
>> No. 102324
If the author wants to waste strikes, that's his business.
>> No. 102327
Hi mr.prereader, I think sturm means with all stories.
>> No. 102328


If the author actually gives a shit about their work, we won't need to force them to spend enough time editing. If they feel like resubmitting ten minutes after being rejected, that's their problem. The review will likely be short, so it's not like our time is going to be wasted.
>> No. 102330
As a not-a-pre-reader, I have strong opinions on synopses. See >>70737

To the pre-readers: for resubmissions, do we use the form or continue the email thread? If we want to talk to/argue with/ thank our pre-reader, how should we do that?

For the moment, I'll give my thanks here, to prereader E. I think that's Ebon Mane? Either way, my thanks for your feedback.
>> No. 102332

I have a question. If I have one chapter that's 3000 words, and the second is 1500-2000 or so, how bad does that hurt my chance? I know the minimum is 3000 for chapters, so if submitting a chaptered story, and one is 3000+ and the other is below 2500 (say, 1500ish wrods?) how bad does that harm chances? I'm working on expanding ot hopefully at least 2500, but I don't know if I can get it that high. >.<
>> No. 102334
The word count won't hurt your chances at all. I just hope you edit your stories a bit more than your posts.
>> No. 102336
You can fill out the form or reply to the email. If you're going to respond to your pre-reader, just reply to the review email.

It won't hurt your chances at all. The wordcount minimum is for the entire submission, not the individual chapters.
>> No. 102340
>>102334 Ouch. But yes, I do. Trust me. xD

>>102336 Okay. So I can't submit one 1500 word chapter, but I can submit 2? That's what you're saying, correct?
>> No. 102342
>> No. 102344
Ah well, just thought I'd toss the idea out there.
>> No. 102367

Yes, I'm Prereader E.
>> No. 102389
File 133695757959.gif - (763.48KB , 640x540 , 131983900781-RainbowDash_DNW.gif )
Just submitted my story for Round Two.

Commencing the several days of nail biting!
>> No. 102395
File 133696019780.png - (183.04KB , 463x463 , 131467939060.png )
>> No. 102398
File 133696199288.jpg - (17.08KB , 230x218 , 230px-Speed_Racer_promotional_image[1].jpg )
Reader X, at last we meet!
>> No. 102418
File 133697591843.png - (271.28KB , 499x477 , mlfw3931-1332635898281.png )
So uh, what if I sent a story with 4 words describing it instead of the 5 words?

Also, you guys should add the slice of life tag in the tags checkbox, you know, because it's one of the most popular genres.
>> No. 102419
Eh. It's better than using 20 words in the 5 words box, which is what some people do.

And we can't just add a new tag. I'd have to talk to Seth about it, since he's the one that makes the actual story posts.
>> No. 102427
File 133698246745.jpg - (48.08KB , 501x525 , 110319-awesome.jpg )
Not a question, just placing this image here because it's well deserved.
>> No. 102434
If this hasn't been looked at already (or if it has, take this as an "and also"), then what you're being asked to do is to bring life to the world you want to create. This means you need to describe your characters, how they feel, how they act. You need to tell show us enough of your world to take our imaginations there.

What you have is a bare bones description of "X happened, Y happened, character A went here, character B went there". If you're not prepared to bring your world to life, I can guarantee nobody else will.
>> No. 102435
No. "Slice of life" is "normal".
>> No. 102436
Yes, BUT... if I find a zerg rush of six 500-word chapters, I will personally find a way to slap you across the internet. You have been warned.
>> No. 102437
I just use my powers for evil, bypassing all the pre-readers and posting everything. moohoohaahaa!

...actually no, I agonize over even my 'normal' fics. If I want to put it on EqD, I pay attention to the audience. If I cannot write the fic I want to write and have it on EqD, then I forget about EqD and just write what I want. Seeing as the readership generally wants canon characters, I think more than twice about my stuff that features OC's.

> TFW my favourite/best work (judging by reads on fimfic) is almost entirely OC's, yet the EqD portion of the comments is something like 0.5%

Point in case, that feel is approximately "damn the torpedos, full steam ahead" on the sequel. I'm a pre-reader and a blog pony, and I'm telling you not to make yourself feel that you need EqD to validate you or your writing.
>> No. 102452
>I'm telling you not to make yourself feel that you need EqD to validate you or your writing.

This. EqD won't make your fic good or bad. Only you can do that. EqD gives certain types of fics a lot more eyes, but not everything good is up on EqD and not everything up on EqD is good. One Romance Reports has more literary value than all the My Little Dashies in the world, and if I'd written two fics, one comparable to each of those, then I'd rather have one person read the former than all the world read the latter.
>> No. 102497
File 133703534031.png - (395.64KB , 1280x721 , poker face.png )
>spends months fixing fanfic
>endless trips to editors
>slaves over small details for hours
>submits fic with spelling error in the synopsis

So, how about them Astros?!
>> No. 102508
I know! And really, it's not like the plotbunnies that gnaw at your spine in the dark of the night care one reverse flying fig whether they're appropriate for EqD. They're just plotbunnies, grazing at your thoughts, demanding to be written down, letting out metaphorical carrot-scented farts at inappropriate moments until you give in.

This being said, I wonder if you're familiar with the Oulipo? Basically, the Oulipo was a bunch of crazy dudes inflicting no less crazy constraints on their writing, just to see what kind of literature would emerge. Notoriously, some wrote novels without using the letter 'e', or as one single gigantic palindrome.

Well, I find there's something of an Oulipian pleasure in tackling a plotbunny that would fit in EqD like a gay rooster in an Amish henhouse, and trying to wring the best damn tale out of it. (Which doesn't mean I'll call myself any good at it, mind you; really, that's not for me to say.) You really have to outdo yourself on the execution, like you guys did in the examples you kindly linked me. It's not so much for the validation as for the challenge, if you will; a response of "This isn't right for EqD but we do like it" would be almost as good as being accepted.

Gawd, I'm rambling. Shouldn't post this late, I barely even remember what I intended to say in the first place.
>> No. 102536
True story, bro. Professional writers, even amateur professionals, write for the sake of writing. They enjoy it, so they don't care if two or two million people read it.

However, not everyone here is a professional writer, or even an amateur writer. Part of the reason most people write is they have a story they want to tell. A story they want to tell to other people. They want others to read it. Now, in this awesomely epic fandom of ours, there are about three or four places to post stories to, places purely for pony fiction. The most popular place by far is FIMFiction.net. However, have you been there recently? I can't even find a way to see how many stories there are over there. Plus, as I've said many times before, that place has almost no standards. Once, the featured box at the top had a clopfic staring Scootaloo. Not exactly discerning people over there. Besides that, even an amazing fic could get buried there and never seen. The only way to pretty much guarantee that someone will read your story is if it's posted to EqD.

I'll admit, I write because I enjoy it. But I also write because I think people will enjoy my story, and I love to make people happy. Feel free to wonder how I feel that way and still volunteered to be a Drill Sergeant, where it's basically my job to make life miserable for sixty Privates. Plus, I think everyone here can admit there's a certain level of ego involved in writing. If there wasn't, you'd never publish it anywhere.

So what's the point to all of this? Being posted to EqD guarantees an audience, and earns you a small level of respect you probably wouldn't get from being featured right next to pedophilia clopfics on FIMFiction.
>> No. 102577

Please read the section on "Suffering" in this link:

You will not necessarily be helping yourself by showing the 'emotion and darkness'. In the economics of tragedy, what's scarce is gold and what's common is dross; a single well placed line can evoke more feeling in the reader than a whole chapter of lament. If Celestia's pain will be important throughout your work, don't frontload it; the audience has a limited number of fucks to give, and you don't want them to give all their fucks at the very beginning. How characters talk about a traumatic event can give the reader an impression of the depth of the characters' pain without straining the reader's ability to empathize.

Subtlety! Always remember that subtlety is necessary in any emotional work. I've seen too many fics with bawling princesses, bored readers, and an author that doesn't understand why nobody can connect with their characters emotionally. You've been warned; take heed, or you'll end up in the land of narm.
>> No. 102579
I had my story rejected by a pre-reader called Portmanteauster, but I don't see him or her listed on EqD's staff page. Is there a way to get in touch just to say "Thank you and I will take your suggestions"?
>> No. 102580

Usually, you can just reply to the email you get (Whether for rejection or acceptance) with a message to the prereaders or your prereader specifically; the intermediary will pass it on. That said, they don't always get read.
>> No. 102581
Oh, you know what? Silly Gmail with its threading of e-mails put the "This is an automated message. Do not respond" that goes with the submission receipt so that it looked like it applied to the response. I can reply to the fanfic address. I have derped.
>> No. 102595

Something in that triggered an avalanche in my brain parts, yo.


tl;dr: If you write just because you have a story to tell, then you're doing it wrong.
>> No. 102606
I had no idea how much I needed to read all that until I read it. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

And thank you also for the mental image of a drill instructor with a deep sensitive understanding of the human nature and a liking for ponies. It feels me with glee and little sparkly rainbows. :)
>> No. 102607
Also I can't spell, apparently. God I need sleep.
>> No. 102608
Wow. Deep post is deep, yo.

Still, I'm not quite sure if you're agreeing with me or not. I write because it's fun (once I get past the horrible self-criticism) and because I think others will enjoy reading it. I know I'm not going to write the next "Still Life With Crows", which you need to read if you haven't. My story is just supposed to be a fun little thriller. Like most fan fiction, it's not going to reinvent the wheel, just be a fun way to pass time. I write for myself, and hope others will enjoy it.

That being said, I do do everything in my power to make it enjoyable. I often think to myself, "How can I get inside the readers mind?" I try to do everything in my power to make sure they can't stop reading.
>> No. 102618
1) My fic (obviously the greatest literary work to adorn the world as far as the writer is concerned) which will be multipart, but it's currently just shy over 2500 words. If I submit it, is it rejected immediately or given a chance to prove itself in the first few paragraphs before deciding again?

2) Does it matter if my fic is in Google Docs or FimFiction? (I have a feeling those on Google Docs may be preferred subconsciously)

I guess I know the answer to 1 already but I have a feeling it depends on the prereader - or is it just based on the number on the form?
>> No. 102621
Let's see if I can manage to avoid derping the response. My browser hasn't liked Ponychan lately, for some reason.

1. It'll be rejected outright. If that's just the first chapter, we prefer having a couple chapters to gauge the direction of your story anyway.

2. It doesn't matter in general, though personally, I prefer FiMFiction. It lets me just do a site-specific bookmark and do an easy favorite if I think a story has potential.
>> No. 102622
Do both, as long as you don't mind re-formatting it for FimFiction. Gdocs makes editing a breeze, lets you enable comments so that your readers can point out your flubs, and has an infinetely superior export system (last I used it, FimFiction only lets you download stories in plan .txt format), not to mention the myriad of additional tweaks and functions it supports. FimFiction, on the other hand, lets you showcase it on two sites, provides viewtracking, and is convienent for your fans to follow since they can get Email updates.
>> No. 102634
From 2.1 of http://goo.gl/qDYzi
>The typical writer will want their work on both GOOGLE DOCS for feedback (See 2.2) and FIMFICTION.NET for publishing (See 2.3.1). What most writers seem to do is write their work on G OOGLE DOCS, then use FIMFICTION’s importer, praying that it does the job. This is terribly naive. GOOGLE DOCS has far more typesetting features than FIMFICTION does, so the conversion from GOOGLE DOCS to FIMFICTION will not be exact; some things will be missing. (Even if the importer were infallible—which it isn’t—this would still be true.) A conversion from FIMFICTION to GOOGLE DOCS, however, is incredibly reliable. All you need to do is copy and paste the rendered work from FIMFICTION into GOOGLE DOCS. The solution is obvious: Mark-up your work so that it works for FIMFICTION.
tl;dr: Fimfiction → Google Docs works flawlessly.
>> No. 102656

I didn't know whether or not I was agreeing with you when I wrote it, since I wasn't sure of your precise meaning. Still, it was worth getting it out there and it made a nice blog post, whether or not you particularly needed to hear it.
>> No. 102683
Are standards (consciously?) higher for the first or second round of a story submission, (potentially?) as a "well, the author still has strikes, let's see if he can do better if we make him revise"?
>> No. 102685
No. If the story only has minor issues, we won't even add a strike. A strike is only added when the story requires a significant amount of revision.
>> No. 102702

I definitely have higher standards on the first round of a story submission. If I know the author can do better, and I have suggestions for how they can do so, then I will send it back, no matter how good I thought it was, on that first submission. The stories I loved most (Shipping and Handling, Dusk and Dawn, The Games We Play, White Box), I sent back at least once; if I accept something on the first submission, it usually means that I don't think very highly of the writer. I don't think other prereaders necessarily have the same approach, though.
>> No. 102706
How many creepypasta-like stories do you receive, and how do you usually receive them? This is, of course, assuming that they do not contain any rule-violating content such as gore.
>> No. 102707
As much as I'd love to read one, I don't think I've ever seen an actual creepypasta-like ponyfic.
>> No. 102783
I was discussing LUS with someone that hadn't heard the term before, and I came up with what seemed to me to be a good test of what is and isn't LUS.

If you know someone's name but you refer to them by something other than their name in the following:
>"Hey, ____!"
Does it sound rude? If so, and the reader knows the character's name, it's LUS.

>Rarity asks, "Purple unicorn, could you pass me the salt, please?"
>Soarin salutes. "I'll get right on it, Captain."
>Gilda sneers and says, "Okay, pegaus, if that's how you want it."
>Twilight replies, "Yes, Mayor, we can do that."

(Note that in Gilda's case, that was probably meant to be rude.)

If the reader doesn't know the name of the character, then there's some wiggle room. But if it definitely sounds rude, it's LUS.

You can also try substituting human skin color, race, and gender terms and see how it sounds. Hopefully, in most cases, you will cringe as much as the reviewers... :)

Just my thoughts. They are unlikely to hold water.
Please discuss. (...but, you don't have to if you don't want to. <-FluttershyVoice )
>> No. 102785
The only problem I can see is that there's nothing wrong with referring to "The lavender unicorn" every now and again. The problem only arises when every mention of a character in the narration is [adjective] [noun].
>> No. 102786

>The only problem I can see is that there's nothing wrong with referring to "The lavender unicorn" every now and again.

Have you ever read any work of fiction where a central or side character has been referred to as "the white guy" "the black guy" or even "the guy" outside of dialogue or a chatty/informal narrator perspective where such a colloquial is in-line with the structure? This sort of identification should be reserved to peripheral characters and people the main character doesn't initially know. Saying there's nothing wrong with it is committing yourself to amateur hour in fiction. Growing acceptance of this trend by reviewers (particularly in EZN's guide, which I love to death) has been beginning to gnaw at me, so I apologize if I'm coming across as rude.

>> No. 102788
Then I suppose I will amend my statement:

If you refer to a character as "the lavender unicorn" every now and again, some readers will not have a problem with it. Others will not even notice. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to find a better way to refer to your characters.
>> No. 102789
File 133720867509.jpg - (16.52KB , 300x284 , richard%20nixon%20dog%20checkers.jpg )
I know it isn't my place to intrude, but when was the last time someone was polite on the Internet?

I personally hate the whole "[adjective] [noun]" construction. I understand people use it to avoid the incessant repeating of a pony's name, but frankly, I think repeating somepony's name is okay. For example, Joseph Heller, author of Catch-22 (which, in my opinion, is one of the best books ever), always refers to his characters by name or uses a pronoun. If this type of writing is good enough for a professionally-published author, it should be good enough for people posting on FIMFiction.

Which reminds me: nothing is wrong with using pronouns!
>> No. 102813
The epithet (that's what this technique is called) should harmonize with the image being created. LUS bothers me when it shows up in the middle of a non-visual image. If your story is, at the moment, about the two ponies interacting, then role epithets are probably better.

>"Well, darling, tell me what you think," said Rarity and took a sip of tea. Her cup hung in midair.
> The schoolcolt looked down at the table. "I don't know anything about fashion. That's why I'm interviewing you, after all."
> Rarity laughed. "And that's why I'm asking. Only the tiniest fraction of the ponies who see my designs have the slightest clue what they're looking at. It's a fact of life in this line of creative work, and one I've made my peace with. An uninformed opinion is the purest."

New authors are usually a little too shy with character names, in my opinion.

I like this guide.
>> No. 102902
File 133728647795.jpg - (161.21KB , 500x737 , ZZ02DAEE36.jpg )
I saw this and thought of you guys, pre-readers.
>> No. 102905
File 133728823742.jpg - (99.92KB , 610x811 , NicCageCard.jpg )
>> No. 102934
Before the new submission form came into use, I sent in a fic that was rejected for being "good, but done before." I haven't personally seen many fics on EqD specifically like it, but it shares themes, at least. Is that too much?

I can link it to you, if you'd like.

My question is, should I resubmit it and ask the prereaders to look at it again, or should I let sleeping dogs lie? And if I do resubmit it, should I do it through email or the newer submission form?
>> No. 102937
Do you accept scripts? I had heard you did not. I also know that FiMFiction.net and Fanfiction.net do not accept anything in the vein of scripts or screenplays or plays.
>> No. 102970
Feel free to send it in again, but don't be surprised if you get the same result. Use the new form.

To the best of my knowledge, we do not take scripts.
>> No. 102971
Vinyl Scratch Tapes?
>> No. 102976
*one quick search of EqD later*
Whelp, guess I'm wrong. I'd never heard of that fic before.

Still, I believe it's the same as HiE stories, in that we look at scripts a bit more critically than most submissions.
>> No. 102977

That's fine. I'll be sure to put my best effort into it, then. I figured as much, I didn't see anything in your submission policy against it, but I also know a lot of people are wary of scripts. Thanks for the responses!
>> No. 102979
Hey. I submitted a story, Sparkle No More, three days ago and haven't yet received a response I was wondering if it was because I had requested a certain prereader (Grump)? Has he/she been busy lately or something?

I submitted two chapters at once, with the link to the second in both the "additional comments" and the first chapter itself, and just want to make sure that was clear as well.

Anyway, I'm just looking for a follow up, not complaining or trying to rush.
>> No. 102982
File 133731788574.png - (74.98KB , 177x220 , GENTLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png )
Grump is aware of your request, and it looks like he intends to get to it soon.
>> No. 102990
>>102982 Okay. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks for checking. Much appreciated. :)
>> No. 103014
Three questions, and they're all completely unrelated to each other.

1. Following on the heels of a recent fic shitstorm on EqD, what is your opinion on metafics?

2. Do you think writers have a habit of taking themselves too seriously?

3. How do you all stay so damn handsome? The world must know.
>> No. 103024
File 133735015383.jpg - (25.02KB , 240x300 , NPH.jpg )
1. I love metafics, but I feel they're difficult to do well.

2. Yes. Very much yes. This is fanfiction, for Celestia's sake; we should all strive to improve ourselves, but some folks act like it's the end of the world when we don't approve their story or no one pays attention to them. Keep everything in perspective, I say.

3. Spending some time drooling over the greatest actor alive each morning. Picture related.
>> No. 103043
>Following on the heels of a recent fic shitstorm on EqD

>> No. 103047
Think he's talking about this ;-)

>> No. 103048
EqD readers confirmed for being unable to take a joke.
>> No. 103050

Oh god, not this shit again.
>> No. 103062
Just a quick question here; I've been chatting with a friend who's recently made it onto EqD. Though he says he only got the confirmation email, saying that his fic was in the process.
Seeing as, for art and music, sometimes rejection responses aren't sent, I can't help but wonder if that's been applied to fanfiction now due to the recent influx of stories or not. Or is it just a fluke?

Also, on a totally unrelated tangent here, Rarity is best pony.
>> No. 103067
If a story is accepted, we will tell the author that it is in the To-Be-Posted queue.
If a story is rejected, the author will always receive a response. Seth used to not send responses, but he's not handling the emails anymore.
>> No. 103069
So will the author sometimes not receive a response if his or her story is accepted?
>> No. 103070
Wait, I just reread that. I'm sorry, I'm tired.
So then what happened with my friend here was just an accident?
>> No. 103076
>> No. 103077
Uh. Totally missed that. Not sure what the dealio is; a queer story, for sure, but well written, and it absolutely passes the Vonnegut test. Ah well, sorry for the line noise, peeps.
>> No. 103078
File 133737948953.jpg - (117.86KB , 425x319 , nicholas-cage_0.jpg )
I think you messed up, Vim. That's not a picture of Nic Cage.
>> No. 103079
File 133738031199.jpg - (303.26KB , 1024x680 , 4c7[1].jpg )
>Implying either of those homely men can hold a candle to Ridiculously Photogenic Guy
>> No. 103083
>poor devils, this is the sexiest man ever
>please, contain your orgasms
>> No. 103102
Cassius confirmed for the Element of Dammit, You Guys...
>> No. 103106
Confirmed? I thought that he was that element since he came here...
>> No. 103122
I'm posting this as Annon to mitigate the accusations of butthurt.

Okay, a few weeks back my story was rejected. Cool. It had flaws, and thanks for pointing them out. However, when I read the list of critiques, something troubled me. I noticed that a lot of the errors you pointed out to me occur with frightening frequency in stories I see posted on EqD. Lavender Unicorn Syndrome, passive voice, tense confusion, unclear pronouns, telling too much. Hell, even basic grammar mistakes like punctuation in dialogue and capitalization derps abound in many EqD approved fics. These are not just in the old stories from when it was Seth by himself taking fic submissions, but stories from the past few months, even weeks. This leaves me with a very important question.

How good does a story need to be for you to overlook it's flaws?
>> No. 103123
File 133740107787.gif - (495.97KB , 500x294 , tumblr_m487bqq0mc1r2wos3.gif )
As the count of accepted stories increases, the patience for small errors decreases. Over time, the quality of accepted pieces has slowly increased. That's really the answer, in a nut shell.
Oh, and while Cupcakes is on the blog, that doesn't mean we have to accept anything like it ever again.
>> No. 103127
I imagine it also heavily depends on which pre-reader you get. Some of them have been grandfathered in from EqD's less-stringent days.
>Looks at the people that posted the trifecta of over-hyped and under-whelming stories
>> No. 103129
File 133740143277.gif - (263.77KB , 200x200 , solo.gif )
To sum-up, "We've upped our standards, now up yours." =)
>> No. 103130
File 133740168732.png - (93.64KB , 269x269 , 132649075355.png )
This quote. I shall remember and cherish it always.
>> No. 103131
How does "it's a crapshoot, hope he has lower standards" sum up to that?
>> No. 103136
File 133740237039.jpg - (50.23KB , 823x1131 , snarkle_derelle.jpg )
Another quote for you.
"Opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one, and most of 'em stink."
We're working on a more cohesive, universal approach with cross referencing. Of course, we're also trying to keep the queue moving. So, it's a tradeoff.
>> No. 103137
Another quote:

>> No. 103138
OP here, and yeah, that hardly seems fair. Remember, you are the go-to for any and all things pony. Can't you make like a "second opinion" process or something?

Again, I get it's your site, and the standards are what you set. But if I write a shipfic (which I did) and the pre-reader who gets it doesn't like shipfics, or doesn't like that particular ship, then how do we know it was rejected based on merit and not personal bias? Or what if a semi-decent grimdark fic goes to the guy or gal who loves grimdark, how do we know that it got accepted because of the hard work the author put in? Like I said before, whether you like it or not, EqD is the premier pony site on the net.

Also, if I may, the air of malevolence you're putting out isn't very becoming. PLEASE nopony derail this into a "Pre-readers are assholes" flame war. That debate has been settled. They aren't.

Also, I just typed "nopony" with out even meaning to. Confound these ponies...
>> No. 103140
File 133740268269.jpg - (14.21KB , 371x450 , twain3.jpg )
"You can assure my Virginia friends that I will make an exhaustive investigation of this report that I have been lost at sea. If there is any foundation for the report, I will at once apprise the anxious public. I sincerely hope that there is no foundation for the report, and I also hope that judgment will be suspended until I ascertain the true state of affairs."
>> No. 103141
Nothing "goes" to anyone. We pick what we want to review. That way, no one is forced to review anything they'd be biased against.
>> No. 103142
File 133740300422.jpg - (20.98KB , 320x192 , snarkle_blind_bag_small.jpg )

As I stated in 103136:
"We're working on a more cohesive, universal approach with cross referencing. Of course, we're also trying to keep the queue moving. So, it's a tradeoff."

Also, we don't require a pre-reader to read a story he doesn't like. If grimdark's not your thing, you're free to go read shipping, and vice versa. So, don't think you'll have the deck stacked against you like that. Of course, I hate all stories, most of all my own, so I don't review anything. Ever.
>> No. 103143
Oh, okay then. That makes sense. And it DOES seem to be the most fair system you can have. Sorry for the minor case of butthurt. Again, you guys and gals do great work. :)

So, to sum up, I'm just a crappy writer?

Hell, I could've told ya that!
>> No. 103145
File 133740350079.png - (100.09KB , 247x260 , rdyay.png )
> le image
Who made that? Please tell me so I can send him/her an Internet hug.
>> No. 103146
File 133740372634.png - (761.79KB , 974x632 , 130734455245.png )
TiredFoal. =) You can't see the other side, but he carries a flamethrower.
>> No. 103153
I have a question regarding the new submission system, if that's all right. I think I submitted my fic in the new submission form, but I never got a confirmation email or anything. Is there anything I can check to make sure my submission actually went through?
>> No. 103171
Not a PR, but your simplest solution would just be to re-submit using the form again.

On a separate note, a little over a week ago, I sent an email to [email protected] with an application to join the PR team/see if you needed some more at the time. (I remember something about a queue of 50+ from some post in this thread.) I got a reply saying they'd check, but nothing since. As far as I can tell now though, you don't need more at the moment, so you can just add my name to the list of possible people to call on if you guys start looking for more any time soon.
>> No. 103173
I think whatever bot they're using for that (unless they send the confirmation emails manually, god forbid) is down. I sent in an update this morning and didn't get a confirmation, but it got posted anyway.
>> No. 103181
I'm here to bug you guys again. I saw that ^

Just wondering if things are going slow for a reason (or anything of the sort)? Not that I mean to rush the process of course. I'm a bit paranoid, that's all.
I've had my fic in the process for about 5 days. Not long, I know, but it's longer than what I've had before.
(God forbid you've all bought Diablo...)
>> No. 103182
So the guidelines on the submission page are that there shouldn't be any "Brony in Equestria" stories. What I'm asking is that does this mean that any story where a human ends up in Equestria will be rejected? My reasons for this is because I'm thinking about writing a story where basically. A random person gets somehow teleported into Equestria, he's not a brony and MLP doesn't even exist in his world. During the process who becomes blind, so he can't see what world he's been put in. He slowly becomes crazy because of this, until finally he's able to get back to Earth. I reckon this is quite an original idea, so I don't see why it should be rejected just because it's a HiE fic.
>> No. 103184
It's in our system; I'm not sure why the bot didn't send an email.

We are in deliberations. We want to make very sure we're letting in good pre-readers, so it's not unusual for us to take some time on applications.

A fair number of us have bought Diablo. You're in the "to be reviewed" queue, but you seem to have chosen a story that sounds like most of us wouldn't really enjoy it (for whatever reason most say that ship is overdone... I'm just not much of a non-Twilestia shipper), so it's taking a while for someone to claim it. Still, if it lingers for much longer, I may have to have a swing at it myself.

That isn't a "Brony in Equestria" story. It's just a human in Equestria story. It would not be autorejected for that reason.
>> No. 103187
>>103184 Ahhh OK, thanks for giving more light on that. I thought by "brony" you meant just any old human.
>> No. 103189
Ah. Well thank you for that information, and thanks in advance for having a look at it (supposing you're the one to do it, that is) Well actually, thanks to anyone who does.

I suppose that's fair; opinion is opinion. And I actually agree that the ship has been overdone, though in my opinion, in the mundane way, which is actually why I wrote the fic.

Once again, thanks for this.
>> No. 103190
If you've got a new spin on it, I may just have to give it a look later today, then.
>> No. 103191
Sounds good; thanks for the quick response.
>> No. 103192
That's great, thank you.
I just didn't buy the 'opposites attract' cliche. As far as I'm concerned, opposites repel.
Granted, the story did become something more than that as time progressed.

Anyway, aside from my tangent there, thank you again.
>> No. 103215
What are your qualifications, if I can ask?
>> No. 103243
1) Could I submit a complete story, but request that you post chapters at regular intervals? (two days per chapter or something like that?)

2) Could I submit a story, but request that you don't put it up (assuming it passes) until I say you can?
>> No. 103245
Supposedly, you can, but be prepared for the blogponies to mishandle it (speaking from experience here).
I'm not sure if that'll be different due to the pre-reader's new system, mind you.
>> No. 103257
1) Yes. Just submit the chapters separately when you want them to be posted.
2) No. If a story isn't ready to be posted, don't submit it.
>> No. 103297

Uh, pre-reader here. I'm definitely an asshole. Fuck your assumptions, buddy.
>> No. 103303
File 133750768699.jpg - (5.69KB , 200x112 , 6bb.jpg )
In the 'one-shot' catergory, am I correct in saying that the entire story should be in one document?
If so, does this mean that I can't have a separate section (on fimfic so chapter) for an epilogue?
>> No. 103304
To me, a one-shot just means "it's not a serial fic," or maybe "not epic length." You can have several chapters in it, but generally speaking, don't make it TOO long. One chapter plus an epilogue would be fine.
>> No. 103307
File 133752043839.gif - (245.13KB , 113x100 , mlfw1488[1].gif )
First, another question instead of a derail: With the new submission system do you prefer to pre-read sequels or should they be sent in as story update emails to [email protected]? If the latter, would it be acceptable for authors to send sequels that could be considered standalone stories as well via the submission form?

I won't list them out as it's pretty much a derail and I have no idea the motive behind the question. It matters because I'm paranoid. It could be an effort by some nefarious party to dismiss my numerous accomplishments, or it could be some effort to determine if others meet some level of qualifications similar to mine. Suffice it to say that I feel qualified to do the job and capable of doing so with high quality results. However, by no means does that mean I am correct in thinking my qualifications are what the PRs are looking for in another candidate at this time. Feel free to shoot me an email and ask privately if you want. Because then I have the freedom to deny anything yo say should you attempt to use a response email against me.
>> No. 103312
Send updates to the [email protected] email.

If the standalone story is a sequel, this is totally acceptable; I just did this recently for my story Playing Hard to Get. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/03/story-distorted-perspective.html
>> No. 103404
What are the guidelines for what counts as OOC
>> No. 103409
Would the character's personality from the show lead them to be able to act that way naturally? Has there been sufficient change done to the character within the work to warrant acting a way they wouldn't act in the show?

If the answer to both of those questions is "no," it's Out of Character.
>> No. 103520
Has the average wait time for a response increased due to the start of summer?
>> No. 103524
Yes and no.
If a story is going to be auto-rejected for whatever reason, I try to give them a response within two days.
As far as pre-reading goes, it still depends on how interesting the story is. I've seen stories reviewed a few hours after they've come in, and I've seen others wait for more than four days. There's no real 'standard" wait time. The volume of fics has increased, so it will probably take us longer to get to those less interesting ones.
>> No. 103550
File 133769874616.png - (195.44KB , 2089x1951 , 51b[1].png )
Has anyone compiled a list of preferred word ponifications, from the basic "everypony" to translated body parts?

Myself, I'm stuck on "elbow" as in "he nudged her with his elbow playfully" wink, wink, knowhatImean.
>> No. 103554

Elbow is legit. So is arm.

You're better off avoiding the more technical pony terms anyway. The vast majority of your readers are humans, and most of them probably don't know what half the pony parts are called anyway.
>> No. 103608
I'm currently writing a story that will contain a decent (or in this case indecent) amount of swearing and sexual references. There will be no actual violence or sex.

I want to put a warning on it saying that this is obviously not a story for kids and pre-adolescents, but I'm not sure if the [Grimdark] tag is suitable. Does this story deserve a [Grimdark] tag or should it contain a different tag or no tag at all?
>> No. 103610
Unless the story in general has a tone of hopelessness/some synonym for hopelessness, it's not Grimdark.
>> No. 103624
What are the pre-reader's views on capitalization for shouting? Use sparingly, personal choice, just don't, or something else?
>> No. 103635
Because, I mean, italics or underline can't really encompass

>> No. 103654

I'll frown on it, but I'll allow one or two instances per... 70k words or so. I will bap a submitter on the nose for using underlines, or for using all caps in more than the most extreme cases, however. Standard font and italics are pretty much it for me.
>> No. 103656
How do you all feel about serial commas?
>> No. 103658

I use them religiously, and it pains me when the authors I review for don't.

I won't ding a submission based on that, however.
>> No. 103669
What about style reasons? For example, Death in the Ringworld series speaks exclusively in caps.
>> No. 103673

Mm. Iffy with fanfiction. That gets into the more nebulous consideration of "How good is this fic, how good is this author, and do I think they know exactly what they're doing by breaking this rule?"

I have faith in Pratchett's writing. The stuff that arrives in our inbox? Not so much. Exceptions can be made, but the story had better be rock solid otherwise.
>> No. 103687
Death speaks in Small Caps, actually. Different than regular 'ol capslock, in that it doesn't look like the author is yelling at you.

>> No. 103689
File 133780581799.gif - (1.75MB , 320x180 , 7T9fg.gif )
Huh, interesting.
I'll have to examine the possibilities of that...
>> No. 103690
File 133780618788.png - (70.93KB , 467x539 , 130060382841-spike.png )

I'm very sorry if this has been asked already, but my eyes are killing me from editing my Fic and I'm struggling tor read through all the answers.

My question(s);

- Is there any sort of word-count limit for submissions? Mine is preeetty long (currently around 32,000 words) and I don't want waste anypony's time (including my own) by submitting it if it's far too long.

- Is it okay to submit without any arts? Do you guys select stuff that might match? Should I wait and get something suitable to submit along the fic?

- What format is the preferred? I'll be posting it to DeviantArt/FiMFiction but can submit word docs, pdfs, etc.

Thanks and again, sorry if these have been answered but I didn't spot them in the FAQ. :)
>> No. 103691

-We have a minimum, but no maximum. We won't read the entire submission anyway. Generally only the first few chapters get looked at.

-If you submit without cover art, Seth will just pick something for you. Generally it's an image of one of the main characters, or something with a similar tone.

-FimFic and Gdocs are generally the easiest for us to work with.
>> No. 103693

Thank you kindly! :)

Much appreciated! :D
>> No. 103707
File 133782183847.png - (149.44KB , 717x403 , FillyFluttershySad.png )
>calling Discworld Ringworld
>> No. 103710

You can thank me later.
>> No. 103712
Herpderp, my bad.
>> No. 103984
To the pre-reader who wrote that lengthy, in-character reply to my submission:

That was very entertaining, and you have my sincerest thanks. Have also my sincerest apology, because the edits that I made for the latest submission are the last writing I will do for this fandom. Nothing to it, just some real life stuff.

Cheers to you all.
>> No. 103985
File 133799741471.gif - (365.59KB , 125x125 , 1297149439437.gif )
Aw. :/ Well, if you do ever come back, we'll be looking forward to seeing more from you.
>> No. 104009
OK, something a little more interesting...

We did a community fanfic (round-robin style) over on another board. Six authors, (4 of which have written 5- or 6-star fics already), 20K words total, "Normal" story otherwise.

(I'm a little hesitant to include a link because right now it's a Google doc set to anyone-can-edit so that the authors can do their tweaks, and I keep thinking someone's going to see it and replace everything with ASCII penii or something. I did run it by Applejinx's review thread, her response was basically "Are you NUTS? We can't check 6 fics at once!")

We're currently debating exactly how to present it... either under a pseudonym like any other story, make it into some kind of guess-which-author's-which game, or just submit it as a community fanfic.

Anyway, given that, if we want to submit it, what should we do? (Besides adjust our meds?)
>> No. 104016
Either way should be fine. The only thing it might do is give a blogpony a headache for author tags, but crediting everyone wouldn't be any trouble.
>> No. 104159
Quick question:
How many stories do you get with pinkie being a multiversal traveler? And the main character?

How many stories are crossovers, daily?

And how lazy would you call most fanfic writers?
>> No. 104162
1) I feel like I've seen that idea somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it. The idea of Pinkie being aware of other universes isn't exactly new.

2) 40%, or more on a bad day. I'm so sick of Dr. Whooves stories.

3) Incredibly. Though, the few that aren't lazy really are a pleasure to work with.
>> No. 104184
Alright, one more question:
How many stories use the Google Doc formatting well?
>> No. 104186
I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Most of the stories that come in are formatted just fine. The ones with terrible formatting generally come from Fanfiction.net or DeviantArt.
>> No. 104192
I mean, stories that use the formatting tools in google docs to use. Like having a black background and white text, or colored text. How many of those do you get?
>> No. 104195
Not many. When stories do come in with weird formatting, we'll generally turn them down and tell the author to standardize* it. Very few stories have ever passed using colored text/backgrounds.

*White background, black text, size 12-14 font, Times New Roman or something similar (please don't use Comic Sans).
>> No. 104197
How would a story with color text for each characters point of view be revived, and such points become plot points? Like a battle of the mind being nothing but a wall of colored text in italics?
>> No. 104198
We'd tell you to find a better way to show which character is speaking.
>> No. 104211
'sup PRs.

I know I asked this way back when, but yeah, some time had passed.

What crossovers would like to see? Preferably that hasn't already been done
>> No. 104212
Still waiting for a good Fairly OddParents crossover. Powerpuff Girls or Fosters Home would also be awesome.

Though, at this point I'd be happy to see anything that isn't Dr. Who.
>> No. 104228
>Fosters Home would also be awesome
One day, I'll get around to writing that fic about >>66380. One day.
>> No. 104233
How frequently is it that you guys receive fics with terrible grammar? Just unforgivingly bad.
>> No. 104235
Too often.
>> No. 104237
File 133818007146.png - (97.35KB , 285x309 , 132848013746.png )
>> No. 104240
I'm sorta curious...have there ever been any fics that have been fiercely debated between Pre-Readers as to whether or not it deserves to be on EQD?

Like, a few Pre-Readers take a look at it, and some think it's ready, while some think it's not? If there has been a situation like that (or if not, if a situation like that would come up), how would it be decided/handled?
>> No. 104241
Derpy's Diary.

Sethisto makes the call.
>> No. 104243
Twilight Sparkle Earns the Feature Box. We had a bunch look at it, the majority wanted it to be posted, so we did. In hindsight, that was a very poor decision. Now we know.

Not exactly. The vast majority of pre-readers did not want Derpy's Diary posted without edits. However, Seth caved to pressure from the readership who kept emailing him about posting it. This was also a poor decision.

On the bright side, Seth is no longer handling the fanfic emails, so the chances of this happening again are slim to none.
>> No. 104245
I am trying very hard to see how our answers differ.... Also, inb4 discussion about the terrible pre-readering decisions!!!

Althought, it's quite late and I think the place has slowly culled those people, so...
>> No. 104246
The decision to not post Derpy' Diary was unanimous. Seth overrode that decision to make the people happy.

>>104240 was asking about times when the pre-readers disagreed on whether or not something should be posted. Also, I felt the need to clarify that Seth no longer intervenes in the pre-reading process, so your answer was incorrect.
>> No. 104252
I remember offering to write you a Fairly Odd Parents fic a thread or so back. I never did get around to finishing it. It was so easy to justify the crossover too. Jimmy Timmy Power Hour made it quite simple to justify interuniversal travel
>> No. 104300
Out of curiosity, what kinds of things will cause you guys to reject a story outside of specifically breaking the guidelines (word count, clop, gore, humans, etc.) and poor grammar/editing?
>> No. 104303
If an author says "Yeah, this is really bad, but I want to see what you guys think anyway."
>> No. 104307
And if it's just plain boring too, right? You could have the most polished story in the world, but if nothing happens, then what's the point?
>> No. 104308
Yes. Anything that would not appeal to the general EqD readership will cause a story to be rejected.

Most authors don't understand that we can reject any story at any time for any reason. The rules on the submission page are not the only things that will cause us to turn a story down.
>> No. 104315
May I also submit -
"This is chapter one of an epic, sprawling adventure story! I dunno how many chapters it'll be, what's going to happen, or if I'll even continue it. It really depends on how much attention it gets!"

Yeah, that's endearing.
>> No. 104320
You are a pre-reader too? Damn...
>> No. 104325
File 133824308133.jpg - (454.49KB , 3200x3187 , 59885.jpg )
Never said that.

Just sayin', that'd be a pretty obvious case, wouldn't it?
>> No. 104327
Sure it would. And that was a fast selection too.
>> No. 104348
Well, I haven't asked a question in a while.

I currently have a fic pending review by NickNack in his thread. Assuming the story is of good quality (which may be a huge assumption), would it be okay to link to the review with my submission? I'm afraid linking to a review by another PR would be like saying "Hey, another PR liked this, so you should approve it." This would not be my intention, I would only want to show that I had received a review and put effort into the fic before submitting.

Like I said, I haven't gotten the review yet, so who knows how much work the story needs.

>> No. 104349
You can link it. We probably won't read it, but you can link it.
>> No. 104354
there has been much to read, so my apologies if i missed anything, but why exactly dont you guys want any human in equestria fics? at least, thats what i gathers from the new submission guidelines.
>> No. 104356
Nowhere in the submission guidelines does it say that we don't want Human in Equestria fics. What we don't want are:

-Stories about bronies in Equestria, because the majority of them are self-insert wish-fulfillment garbage.
-Stories about the characters from MLP:FiM as humans, because they're not humans, they're ponies. If there's an actual reason for them to be humans, we may give it a pass, but we won't accept "It's the Mane 6 as humans going to High School."

>> No. 104398
File 133830483778.png - (122.85KB , 391x364 , KKKKKK.png )

So, it's okay if I'm writing a story about a futuristic Earth where Bronies have taken over the world and have started creating pony robots of the Mane 6, something goes wrong with one of them and a Twilight Sparkle unit is more like the show one than any of the other models due to a mishap, is able to learn infinitly and wants to shut down pony production with her human master who treats her more like a friend than a slave pony unlike everyone else is just use ponies for whatever they please and are like toys to them?


Because I'm totally not writing that... Or anything. >Pic
>Didn't totally just write a run-on sentence
>> No. 104409
I'm... not sure that's a run-on.
>> No. 104412
File 133831281466.png - (102.71KB , 800x800 , 130176702256.png )
If I parsed that correctly, that sounds like it would be very interesting as fandom commentary (and FiMFic would probably eat it up), but I'm not sure if something like that would pass. It'd all be in the execution, although I'm certainly intrigued by the concept.
>> No. 104414
File 133831346167.png - (11.40KB , 100x100 , cd3b7cfe4d-avatar.png )
Execution is always the hard part. But I think I'll have it in a way that people won't starbomb it on EqD (Implying I'll actually get on) The hard part is designing how the robot ponies will act compared to the more show-like Twilight. Also by being able to map out how the future would have come to where the way it would have been.

But that's why I have things like story bibles and illustrations to help me visualize. Maybe I'm going too far into this...
>> No. 104530
Ignore the starbombers. Star ratings for fics on EqD haven't meant a damn thing in months.
>> No. 104533
How would one go about resubmitting it after making changes? Do you use the form, or do you simply reply to the email?

>> No. 104534
You could do either, but if you use the form, mention that it's a resubmission in the additional comments.
>> No. 104535
Ah, excellent. Thank you, Daffodil, I now at least know I wasn't an idiot with how I replied about my revisions.

>> No. 104679
so what if the so called 'brony in equestria' wasnt a wish fulfillment type story? more of an adventure, mystery, thought provoking piece? (i mean, as long as the piece was up to par on the writing side, obviously.)
>> No. 104681
In cases where a BiE story is particularly good, we may make an exception. However, that doesn't change the rule: we will automatically reject Brony in Equestria fics if they are submitted to us. If a story is good enough for an exception to be made, we'll find it on our own and contact the author. Please don't submit them.
>> No. 104699
Just out of interest, what's the turnaround time looking like right now?

also, what's your accept/reject rate? Did the strike rule help at all?
>> No. 104704
Turnaround time depends entirely on how interesting the fics look. Might be an hour, might be a week.

We accept about 10% of the stories that come in. Very few stories have actually been affected by the three-strike rule.
>> No. 104760
File 133850091981.png - (216.74KB , 1000x1000 , Moonrock.png )
Right, so here's a sticky situation.

I'm considering making a story for that contest thread that was just posted. However, one of the stipulations is that it has to be posted onto EqD, which could be a problem for me since I'm delving into some greay area headcanon stuff. In it (and I believe I posted a barebones version of this idea in the last thread, so please excuse the deja vu), Celestia and Luna are lovers, not sisters (the reasons for which are elaborated in the overview I'm about to post). While I'm taking great care to establish that they aren't related to each other in any way, I'm worried that it could be rejected simply by accosciation to "Princest" stories (also, I should mention that I'm not planing to take things beyond affectionate kissing).

You can find the overview here: http://pastebin.com/gr1MCHic

Can this squeeze by the censors, or should I appeal to the highest court (Seth) to get a final say in the matter?
>> No. 104767
That's a really tough call. I brought it up in IRC, and we couldn't come to a decision. I'd email Seth and see what he thinks.
>> No. 104787
Okay. Thanks anyways. I'll bring it to Seth and get his views on this.
>> No. 104808
File 133852269180.jpg - (369.65KB , 2481x1558 , e5CZm.jpg )
>Q: Who is best actor?
A: Nic Cage
Best actor?
Try all of the actors.
>> No. 104817
File 133852742868.png - (247.92KB , 597x451 , Draconequuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.png )
If you look carefully, you can see his smile on the masks of the storm troopers and the bridge of the star destroyer
>> No. 104825
god damn it, not you too
>> No. 104833
Okay, so sometimes stories come in that are not good or are good but could be a lot better, and it’s not because they have errors in grammar or spelling or formatting. It’s because they don’t do dialog well, or they don’t know how to characterize, or they don’t know how to emphasize without making a mess of their flow, or they simply have never heard of immersion and certainly can’t pull it off. When that happens, I try to make suggestions in my rejections, and usually I’m not talking out of my ass, but I always feel like I’m this guy:
Do the rest of y’all feel like that?
I don’t think I’ve heard any overt complaints directed to me about my suggestions, but still. Sometimes I think most authors give what I say in rejections a quick skim and a hearty ‘what the fuck?’ and move on. Then again, there is the occasional one that seems to like what I say and uses it, so that’s good
>> No. 104857
File 133854671199.png - (161.86KB , 500x387 , 130275617879.png )
Firstly, that vid was hilarious, thanks for that.

So yeah no. I really don't feel that's the case, though your concern speaks highly of you, and in fact stands to testament that you're doing everything you can to avoid doing what your fear.
I've read a lot of PR responses, and when they move away from the solid ground of grammar error, tense abortions, and plot holes, I am still largely left with the impression that most have been around long enough to actually internalize a broadly accurate yet fluid interpretation of characterization against a variety of contexts. To the point that what would be a wholly subjective issue to a novice is a well-grounded concern from a PR.
That's my insomnia-driven two-cents.

No, you're not talking out of your ass.
>> No. 104883
From the Submit page:
"Seth: sethisto (at) gmail.com (Send any personal issues/complaints/press inquiries here-note: Keep fanfiction inquiries in the Fanfiction [fanfiction (at) equestriadaily.com] email."

The page later goes on to say that new fics should use the submission form, and story updates should use the general submit (at) equestriadaily.com email. So, aside from Nic Cage pics, what should be sent to fanfiction (at) equestriadaily.com?
>> No. 104886
New stories should go to the fanfic email. Updates to existing stories should go to the submit email, as they don't have to pass pre-reading.
>> No. 104887
New fics use the form. Questions about submissions and any other inquiry that has to do with fanfiction goes to [email protected]
>> No. 104967
File 133860007072.png - (20.53KB , 666x309 , Sethity.png )
>> No. 104969
File 133860033521.jpg - (119.23KB , 1000x1000 , 1298612253298.jpg )
Fillies and gentlcolts, we have liftoff.

>Sethisto [email protected]

>6:21 PM (0 minutes ago)

>to me
>I don't mind it tbh! Sounds kinda cool!

Operation "Ship Celestia and Luna" is a go.
>> No. 104970
File 133860045504.png - (407.89KB , 1000x1000 , Derpy & Pacce.png )
And then I got ninja'd. Thanks anyways, Cassius.
>> No. 105245
File 133876378117.jpg - (18.56KB , 500x333 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-not-so-different-after-all.jpg )
Quick question, something not worthy of an email to Seth (as far as I know)

How do story ratings work, and how does a story advance in the ratings? Is it automatic? Is there a guide or chart that somehow got lost in the sea of posts on EqD?
>> No. 105246
A few hours (or days) after a fanfic post goes up, Seth will check the star ratings, round it to the nearest star, and apply a tag. The tags rarely (if ever) change.

However, since it seems like every fanfic is being bombed with 1-star votes nowadays, he tends to bump up the ratings a bit to even things out.
>> No. 105539
Hi! I recently sent in a fic for submission, and I got two questions that came to my mind:
a) About the five words part: If it is a crossover from a story with more than five words in its title, will this still be considered one word or several?

b) About the incomplete (chapter one out of X) and incomplete (more than one chapter out of X): If I submited the story when it only had one chapter, but then I realized that around the time it reaches the prereaders (IF it reaches the prereaders) I will probably have added some more chapters. Will this be a problem, since it will contradict with what I marked in when I submited it?

TY for your time :3
>> No. 105571
A) It would count as more than one word, but I wouldnt worry about it. There's nothing wrong with going a little over five.

B) It's not an issue. We probably wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't said anything.
>> No. 105715
I've been trying to get on to EQD for about a week now. I should clarify that. I've not attempted to get my stories posted to the site, but just tried to connect to the EQD website, with zero success. Has it been down for maintenance lately or are there bugs in the system? Has my web browser been deemed unfit for viewing the EQD? (I use Firefox)

Or perhaps you switched server hardware lately, and the new one can't handle the traffic? Are there certain times of day that the site goes down for some reason? Any help here would be appreciated.
>> No. 105716
This is more a question for Seth, but no one else that I know of has been having issues connecting to EqD. It may be a problem on your end.
>> No. 106025
When story updates are submitted, are they posted in the next available "story updates" section, is it there a queue for those as well?
>> No. 106026
Good Lord, I apologize for the atrocious grammar of my previous post. What I meant to ask was "are story updates placed in the next available 'story updates' post, or is there a queue for those as well?"
>> No. 106027
No idea. Seth handles the update posts. We just send the fics to him.
>> No. 106029
>Not a prereader
FWIW, mine have always made the next update. Whether that next update will be in 15 hours or 15 minutes just depends on my timing in submitting.
>> No. 106051
Take heed of the responses author! Don't get used to a pattern on this.
I had gotten used to waiting a good three of four days between updated emails and the actual posting, so I sent in an update while still working with one of my editors, figuring I'd have a day or so at least to finish. Fucking thing went up two hours later.
My horror could not be told.

>I was an idiot, don't be me.
>> No. 106184
I'm having a bit of a conundrum. I'm at a point in my fic where a character is having a very long stretch of dialogue, uninterrupted.

I'm a bit worried that it will look too glaring to an average reader. Should I break the dialogue up into separate paragraphs?
>> No. 106191
(Not a pre-reader and just giving my opinion)
I think that even if every character is listening to your speaker there are still physical happenings you could describe. The world doesn't all just stop for one pony speaking, after all! Use descriptors of the scene to give a breather in between the long stretch of dialogue and to exemplify the importance of the dialogue or the mood of the scene
>> No. 106198

Kinda off topic (there's a general questions thread; this isn't really specific to EqD)

Short answer: Yes, but be sure that a character soliloquizing is good for your story and is not boring.

Are they talking to another character? Then make them interact: ask questions, argue, act, or something.

Are they talking to themselves? Be sure that extended talking to self is in character - is the character crazy? - and also not boring to the reader.

Are they talking just to give the reader information? Don't. If you must give the reader information
- do it through the narrator
- only when the reader has reason to care about the information.

Remember that some sense of "what's going on?" can be a resource for building and sustaining tension. Do make character motivations clear, but you can leave the setting hazy to some extent - especially things like physics, history, and (please) philosophy.

If you split dialog into paragraphs, use a quotation mark at the beginning of each paragraph.

An apparition of a dagger appeared before Macbeth, and like a madman he began talking to it.

"Is this a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee. I have thee not, and yet I see thee still. Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible to feeling as to sight? Or art thou but a dagger of the mind, a false creation, proceeding from the heat-oppressèd brain?

"I see thee yet, in form as palpable as this which now I draw." He unsheathed his dagger, its true steel glinting in the darkness as he trod the corridor. "Thou marshall’st me the way that I was going, and such an instrument I was to use. Mine eyes are made the fools o' th' other senses, or else worth all the rest. I see thee still, and on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood, which was not so before." He paused and shook his head. "There’s no such thing. It is the bloody business which informs thus to mine eyes.

"Now o'er the one half-world nature seems dead, and wicked dreams abuse the curtained sleep. Witchcraft celebrates pale Hecate’s offerings, and withered murder, alarumed by his sentinel, the wolf, whose howl’s his watch, thus with his stealthy pace, with Tarquin’s ravishing strides, towards his design moves like a ghost.

"Thou sure and firm-set earth, hear not my steps, which way they walk, for fear thy very stones prate of my whereabout, and take the present horror from the time, which now suits with it...."

Macbeth rambled on thusly for quite some time.
>> No. 106263
I just did a story that will likely be part of a series, although it stands reasonably well on its own. I would like to submit it to EQD but it is 2650 words long. Should I wait until (if) I do a chapter 2, or submit it anyway?
>> No. 106264
Wait for chapter 2.
>> No. 106373
So I have a fanfiction dealing with background ponies (taviscratch) that kind of goes against the established fanon characterizations. I was expecting more of a negative response, instead I mostly got good responses eventually edited it up and sent it in to EQD.

The first prereader sent it back without a strike citing some grammar issues to look into. He further said some encouraging things about the writing and how he liked the plot.

I felt pretty good about this then went through took quite a while to make sure i squashed all the grammar issues. Now I'm really confused though as I got a response back that is pretty much the exact opposite of the first response.

He cited that his "problems with it lay in a conceptual level" that he couldn't wrap his head around the setup which is fine enough. What's really giving me problems is that he went on to further criticize my characterizations of Octavia and Vinyl in a way that leave me lost for anything to do about it.

"Moving on, I'm not entirely convinced that your tone fits a "sophisticated" Octavia. There's a lot of swearing and, generally, she feels uncouth. I'm not sure if this it intentional, but it's definitely at odds with the picture that you're trying to paint of her being a "fallen celebrity.""

I honestly don't even know how to respond to this. I tried responding to the EQD email asking questions about what can I do about the inconsistencies and got what appeared to be a form letter in response from EQD and not either of the prereaders in question. I did my best to try and write in a reasonable tone to convey that I wanted to actually discuss it and was told.

"The pre-reader is insisting that your story can not be posted without making the changes they recommended. Your options are as follows:

-Make the changes and resubmit, taking the risk of another strike.
-Don't make the changes and resubmit, almost guaranteeing another strike.
-Don't resubmit.

It's your call. I understand not wanting to make sweeping changes to your story, but different pre-readers notice different things. Some focus mainly on grammar, some on plot. I'd take the criticism you've received and try to make your story better.

All the best,
The EqD Team"

What exactly do I do to try and communicate with someone over this? Everything he cites that bothers him about Octavia is actually intended in the characterization as I find from personal experience that on air personalities/musicians/stage performers tend to be rather uncouth and foulmouthed in private. I even made an effort to tone it down with her to make her more likeable. Add on top of this that she's the fallen celebrity as he describes, and he's surprised she acts like that? I am honestly dumbfounded by this response and so far my attempts to communicate with someone over it have fallen flat.

What do?
>> No. 106411
/Not PR. Very much not PR. Currently in process of pissing off PRs with this message.

4) Leave it on FiMFiction and write a new story.

I imagine I'm going to take some flak for this, but here's some cold hard reality.

Equestria Daily has a very unusual habit of issuing R/Rs ("revise and resubmit" notes) almost* exclusively instead of rejections. In the real world, an R/R is a very good sign. It means an agent think's you're very likely publishable, but wants to see how well you work with editorial criticism.

A publisher might use an R/R for the same reason, but they can also give you a no-advance offer to do pretty much the same thing.

(*except for third strikes, prohibited content (gore, etc.), and blacklisted concepts)

If R/Rs were rare from EqD (5-10 per day), you'd could take them as a positive sign, much like in the real world.


But since they send R/Rs at three times that rate or so, it's more rational to see them as a polite rejection.


Now before I really kick over the hornet's nest, I need to say that the fandom is now too crowded to give authors the fame they deserve. You can only be good enough to earn a chance at winning a number-one spot. Even if your story is excellent, you're more likely than not to be misunderstood and shot down for half-baked reasons.

This is because quality is a slippery thing. EqD has to politely reject over two dozen stories a day and very many of those will be in the gray area were there are (from an unbiased viewpoint) neither good reasons for nor against a story.

Before anyone asks: no. Solar Flare cannot correct this issue. It is fundamental to the nature of quality and having a limited number of places for "the best."


*cocks leg*

Go ahead and look up "The Mill" on FiMFiction and pay attention to the polite but pointed disagreement that arose between NinesTempest and Applejinx.

(Neither of whom will be happy at me for calling them out on this.) Nines is a PR. Applejinx is not. What follows is my opinion:
- Nines is more productive than I am, but about as as good as I am before revision, reaching too quickly for narration over description and not particularly vibrant at that.

- Applejinx is wildly productive, writing a six-thousand-or-so-word-chapter every week of some of the fandom's best prose. The fact that it's (frequently) quite kinky clop cheats his skill out of the recognition it so justly deserves.
- However, AJx's reviews - while extremely insightful - are not a good way to measure your skill. The only other good reviewer who is better at positive spin is Samurai.
- He's also way too humble and will hate me for drawing everyone's attention to this.


As the R/R link above mentions, one reason for an R/R is to see how willing an author is to accept changes. However:

> 3) Do not make any changes you do not fully understand.
> 4) Do not make any changes you do not agree with.

This is because you the author are the world's authority on your story. You will quite likely in this fandom be working with authors who are better than you in general, but not you in the context of the one story you're looking at.

That means, of course, that you the author might be the limiting factor in that story's success. But that was always true, wasn't it? I can guarantee that you will not write a good story (maybe a successful one, not a good one) by submitting to someone else's vision.

And if that's the case (an R/R from EqD doesn't indicate otherwise), you're best off cutting your losses, taking lessons learned, and trying again with a new idea.
>> No. 106413
I'm not a pre-reader, either, but if everything he cites was intended, then I'd just re-submit and include the last paragraph of your post in the email; it's a decent argument.

The first pre-reader didn't give you a strike, so your story was sent into orbit, not space; it was considered acceptable as it was[i], [i]with the grammatical issues. If it was postable at that point in time, then wouldn't the story have been able to be posted without having to be re-submitted and risking the strike that it did receive?

(I'd also put it on FiMFiction, even if it makes it to EqD.)

>he uses "lay" instead of "lie"
Yeah, ignore everything that pre-reader said.

>I'd take the criticism you've received and try to make your story better.
>personal "I"
>All the best,
>The EqD Team
>collective "Team"
Ew ew ew ew
>> No. 106414
This, pretty much this. Also, when did Applejinx become humble?

I seem to notice people don't quite realize all the time when they do receive a strike, either because it is not said, or because pre-readers are a bit loose on their application.
>> No. 106415
You sent a response and you received an answer. You did not send us any sort of reasoning or justification or anything that would change the pre-reader's mind. You simply asked "Is it that important?" and we said yes. If you wish to debate our criticism of your story, you're free to send that. We won't fault you for it.

I think the bigger problem you're having, though, is that the first pre-reader didn't notice things which the second pre-reader did. That's just how the system works. I'm sorry if we got your hopes up.

My jimmies remain firmly unrustled.
>> No. 106417
While I understand what you're saying the first PR quite literally said he was tempted to flag my story as ready for queue even with some rather problematic grammar issues. Instead he stated that in the end they were too much for him to overcome but the story was interesting to him and that he was further interested to see where it progressed from there. Then proceeded to bounce it without a strike.

Comparing this to other similar R/R requests I've seen from other author friends it was quite positive and the PR showed actual interest in the story etc. In the usual style it was recommended that I reply to the email thread instead of submitting to the box again. The problem is I took too long to edit and they had made the switch to the submissions form. By that time when I tried to reply to the email I got yet another form letter telling me to send the fiction to the submissions form.

Now this is where things get confusing/frustrating. I had seen reference in this thread to replying to the threaded email or if you are asked to the use the form again to refer to it being a resubmission. I did this when I sent it to the form, yet the email response appears to not have really noticed that it was a resubmission at all.

The PR makes reference to how I should make changes get help then submit for a SECOND time. Now if he was paying attention to the initial submission details I made it extremely clear this was a resubmission after being bounced without a strike. Made it clear that this was on the old email, and even gave the date on which this all occured. Perhaps I should have dropped the entire response I got previously into the comments box but silly me I believed the form when it told me to keep it brief.

I'm still not going to get too far into specifics here because I'm trying to remain civil, but saying I disagree with the PR's opinions is an understatement. He makes it 100% clear that he made the decision solely on a plot basis yet it seems as if he didn't bother to even read more than 2 chapters or so before doing so. I have a hard time wrapping my head around judging something solely on the plot of the first two chapters. Again the first PR very clearly read all the chapters that I had submitted at the time as he made references to them all in the revision notes.

Everything this PR cites as problematic has a specific and clear purpose behind it and a reason/purpose in the storyline. He even takes issue with me portraying the Canterlot high society as "rather harsh" which was one of the points of the story to begin with. Every question he has about my story was answered clearly in the few chapters I submitted without even having to read between the lines.

He complains that Vinyl "seems flat" when the entire first part of the story is very clearly biased by the fact that you only see it from Octavia's perspective. Given that and the fact that Octavia kind of hates her guts I left her character seeming flat to portray the fact that Octavia isn't interested in learning more about her etc.

Basically I'm trying to say the more time I have spent looking at the PR response the more problems I've found with it. I guess my question is at this point how exactly do I bring this up? I already waited 3 days only to get a very generic unhelpful answer by replying to the email. If the answer really is just give up then I will, I am not going to compromise the story by making the half-assed changes that this PR is suggesting. I do hope that there is some way for me to actually contact someone and work this out though so that is why I posted here.
>> No. 106418
I'll do that then thanks.
>> No. 106419
I am unsure what is supposed to upset me in that post, because I don't see much there that's upsetting, other than you somehow know what my writing looks like before I submit it.

As for the rest of the comment, I'm unclear as to the issue.
>> No. 106420
Ok, here is the deal.

See the little title, about EqD? That's just a place where a couple of stories get posted by a group of people who like them, mostly made up of people who wrote one good story they were known for, if they even did that, and then they were considered to have a better opinion to what is good or what is bad.

Think less great literary critiques and great connoisseurs of literary, and more like the Oprah book club, with maybe some tinges of The View added for good spice. Your story being EqD is only saying that your grammar wasn't shitty and that some guy thought it would be nice to add, nothing to do with quality or impact on the reader. Will you find some good stuff in the Oprah book club? Sure, and a good deal of people will eat them up, but most of those books will never be remembered in a year or two anyway, because they aren't aiming for good, they are aiming for them to not be outright terrible.

So, if you think the suggestions are bad, don't do them, let the book club carry on, and they are happy, you are happy, and the rest is happy. If the story is any good, people will read it, just ask them to spread the word.
>> No. 106421
File 133954940396.png - (49.73KB , 512x512 , snarkle_9000_transparent.png )
>But since they send R/Rs at three times that rate or so, it's more rational to see them as a polite rejection.

This is absolutely correct. Most stories are salvagable, and we have instituted the three-strike rule to prevent constant cyclical edits as well as prevent us from saying, repeatedly, 'Aaaaalllmost there'.

>Now before I really kick over the hornet's nest, I need to say that the fandom is now too crowded to give authors the fame they deserve.

If an author is out for fame, they might be better served going elsewhere and drumming up a following. Honestly, we're not here to lift writers to new heights. We're here to showcase good fic.

>Even if your story is excellent, you're more likely than not to be misunderstood and shot down for half-baked reasons.

I find this insulting, but I imagine that's why you typed it. We consult with each other regularly when we have concern or confusion over a tale, or feel that we cannot accurately assess the quality of the work without our personal opinions getting in the way.

>[a paragraph about nines and applejinx]

I... honestly do not know why you brought this up at all. It neither helps nor expands on your point. Moving on.

>As the R/R link above mentions, one reason for an R/R is to see how willing an author is to accept changes.

Perhaps in the publishing realm, but we mention changes when we thing they detract from the story, or lead the story into a grey area. We don't enjoy creating hoops for ourselves or our authors.

> 3) Do not make any changes you do not fully understand.
> 4) Do not make any changes you do not agree with.

I agree with these two points, with the caveat 'but be willing to ask so that you -do- understand'.

>This is because you the author are the world's authority on your story. You will quite likely in this fandom be working with authors who are better than you in general, but not you in the context of the one story you're looking at.

True so far.

>That means, of course, that you the author might be the limiting factor in that story's success.

Also true.

>I can guarantee that you will not write a good story (maybe a successful one, not a good one) by submitting to someone else's vision.

I'm not so sure about the guarantee, but that's irrelevant. It is, however, more difficult to write a story fitting someone else's ideas than yours.

>You're best off cutting your losses, taking lessons learned, and trying again with a new idea.

In this instance, I'm not sure I agree. If you're willing to open communication with the pre-reader in question, you may find a common ground.

(I will admit that I am completely ignorant of the proceedings here, as I've been on hiatus from the queue.)

If not, well, then it's up to you to decide how to proceed from here.
>> No. 106422
I actually laughed.
>> No. 106423
You forget the part where a few thousand people agree with our assessments of what is good and what is bad, but other than that, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. EqD isn't the only place to find good fanfics, it's just a convenience for people that don't want to slog through FimFic.

I've seen plenty of fics rejected from EqD that went on to be successful on FimFic, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'll be the first to admit that EqD isn't for everyone. If any author is unhappy with the suggestions we make or the standards we have, they're absolutely free to post their story elsewhere. I wish them nothing but success.
>> No. 106424
I actually had another comparison, but that one was the one which sounded the funniest. Whole point is to not take this whole think seriously. My comparison still stands thought.

So does the Oprah book club agree with the Oprah book club, numbering a couple hundred thousand.

My point is simple, someone needs to stop this EqD fetishism, and the easiest way is for people to see what EqD really is rather than what they think it is. I mean, until I am not finding stupid errors in just about every story I read, I am still going to think daffodil is a black lady who makes a show (sorry daffodil, but someone had to be Oprah).

Recognizing that is probably for the best, as it makes people stop trying to fit their stories into a mold, which, sorry guys, sucks.
>> No. 106426
Well, there is a reason people "fetishize" EqD. Authors know that it's a place to get your work shown to a large audience, and readers know that the work they find there will be of a higher minimum quality than FimFic or DA or what have you. It's not like one day everyone decided "I only want to be on EqD for absolutely no reason." I do think, though, that people need to stop thinking of us as the -only- fanfic site, because we're not.

And while we're on the subject, I figured I'd bring this up. To my experience, there are three types of authors that submit work to EqD:

-Those that desire fame. These are the ones that write generic shipfics and stories about foals being adorable. They will do anything we suggest in order to get their fic on EqD because all that matters to them is views/favorites. I do not like working with these authors.

-Those that are in it for the joy of writing. These authors will submit their work, receive criticism, then never submit again. So long as they're polite about it, I have no problems with these authors, but I wish they would be more like the third group.

-The authors who are somewhere inbetween. These are the authors that submit their work, receive criticism, and then actually talk with us about improving their work instead of blindly following everything we say. Nine times out of ten, these are the best stories posted on EqD.

If most authors were in that third group, I would be a much happier person.
>> No. 106427
File 133955135178.jpg - (182.45KB , 507x280 , 180493 - animated ax_brütaløø derpy_hooves rainbow_dash scootaloo.jpg )
Eustatian, I’m having difficulty wrapping my head around you thinking that R/R notifications are a negative. I get the differences you’re noting, but saying that it’s a negative thing for EQD to be doing befuddles me. It allows three chances for an author to get their work up to par, as opposed to (without said policy) flat-out rejections. EQD’s R/R notifications also serve the same purpose of seeing how the writer deals with editorial criticism, as you note.
>it's more rational to see them as a polite rejection.
This is flat out wrong, if you mean it in terms of ‘get rejected once, game over’.
As Snarkle said,
>(the three strike rule) prevent(s) constant cyclical edits as well as prevent(s) us from saying, repeatedly, 'Aaaaalllmost there'.
That’s my opinion, an I want to make that very, very clear.

>This is because quality is a slippery thing. EqD has to politely reject over two dozen stories a day and very many of those will be in the gray area were there are (from an unbiased viewpoint) neither good reasons for nor against a story.
You’re kind of arguing from a limited perspective imo, but yes, I’m sure there is an absurdly vast influx of fiction, and thus some genres are so overly done that if a story of that type falls in the “gray area” of saturation, it won’t make it. Such a story needs to truly excel to pass.

>Even if your story is excellent, you're more likely than not to be misunderstood and shot down for half-baked reasons
I’m sorry, I can’t be certain if your referring to the PR’s or the fandom at large. If the former, highly unlikely. If the latter, then… well, yeah, probably. But attempting to spotlight your good work from the ocean of the mundane is kind of the point of EQD, innit? Thus why people try to get published there.

>I seem to notice people don't quite realize all the time when they do receive a strike, either because it is not said, or because pre-readers are a bit loose on their application.
That’s a new one.

Anon, you DO realize that if they rejected a work on EVERY. single. flaw, there would be almost nothing posted, as nearly every fic would reach 3 strikes before the writer achieved that level.
Also, you’re being pretty disparaging mate.

In the end of all of this, the bottom line comes down to what Daff already said-
>the first pre-reader didn't notice things which the second pre-reader did. That's just how the system works. I'm sorry if we got your hopes up.

>Also, I got ninja’d in this thread a thousand times. Fuck.
>> No. 106430
.... oooookay, somehow my post correcting my links was deleted.

Anyhow (again), my first link in the above post

was directed at
>> No. 106431
File 133955298077.png - (46.84KB , 169x178 , OPRAHTIMEGUYS.png )

It's official. Next version of this thread we discard the disguise we've been wearing all these years.
>> No. 106436
File 133955491742.jpg - (31.83KB , 249x498 , 1337917587215.jpg )
>pic related for everyone, because it is always relevant.

Actually, it went more like "hey guys, I want to be like Pacce, because EqD apparently has better standards than fanfiction.net or my friends in the forum", but yeah, I get what you are saying.

As for that... the system doesn't really encourage it. Case point, have you read Slywit's note on Paradise?

Hi there seattle, how is your story going? Haven't seen much about it since, well, forever, so I kind of lost interest. Anything to entice people back? Anyway.

-I think the point Eustatian is making is that, because it apparently isn't very clear, those are effectively rejection and they will be treated as such. There is the slight thing that EqD doesn't work anything like a publishing house, and if were a publishing house it would ahve gone out of business, so that makes the direct comparison a bit weird to me. Still, the whole idea that you shouldn't change your stuff because some guy is telling you to do it is true regardless, which is what I got from it at least.

-Not really a new one considering people periodically come to these threads to ask how many strikes they have, people apparently get strikes removed at the whim of pre-readers (not saying it is a bad thing, just pointing it out), and in general people just don't have a clue, and the responses don't say them outright at times (I can't say most of the times because, well, I don't check every single one).

-I actually have seen quite my share of half-baked reasons, with the guys mostly just saying "what's the point? They are asking me to gut my story" and move on to greener pastures. And half-baked they are, ranging from "that's not the right characterization" for completely background characters, to "I don't like you setting". Most of the time they seem to have a good idea why though, but half-baked ones go out just about every day. Don't think you guys are immune to it, after all:
>the first pre-reader didn't notice things which the second pre-reader did. That's just how the system works. I'm sorry if we got your hopes up.

-Not really, because they are easily fixed things. Dialogue errors? Really? I mean, odd punctuations and all that jazz, some subtle plot hole, some OOC moments which are noticeable but bearable I guess, but dialogue errors? And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I remember there used to say the best of the best was posted in EqD. After going and finding all those tiny things, I kinda mellowed out and decided that it wasn't really worth getting my hopes up.

-Also, if pre-readers aren't cutting it (Big characterization issues went completely unnoticed? Bloody fuck happen?), why do you keep them? Tradition? Not wanting to hurt people's feelings?

I know you are a quick worker, but damn. Also, I would love if you guys used that picture in the next one.
>> No. 106438
>Also, if pre-readers aren't cutting it (Big characterization issues went completely unnoticed? Bloody fuck happen?), why do you keep them? Tradition? Not wanting to hurt people's feelings?

I'm... sorry, I don't quite understand. Are you asking why we keep prereaders?
>> No. 106439
I have no idea why we keep a few of the pre-readers around; I would fire a few of us with a smile on my face had I the power.
>> No. 106440
Oh, what Vimbert said. I've been exceptionally slow today.

We've recently been trimming some prereaders off the list who don't review after a certain amount of time (they can opt on again though). Though, all of us have made a few mistakes, and none of us do it very consistently. So we have no reason to out right "fire" people.
>> No. 106441
File 133955597268.jpg - (53.56KB , 294x301 , fired.jpg )
The ones that are doing a bad job at it. This is not a separate instance of people suddenly finding some throbbing mistake on the text. I know you say that it's because they fixed other mistakes, but considering how a lot of times it's a big plot thing and only some grammar corrections, I am bound to wonder what's the matter with that.

Not quite what I was looking for, but ok.
>> No. 106442
Ah, your good nature is kinder than my ability to be mean in my writing.

I mean I look at your finished work on FiMFiction and see a big problem that I struggle with myself.

In particular, your description is flat because you don't relate things to characters I care about as a reader. This is something I revise for myself.

Now before I jump into this, I need to make clear my point:

I'm not saying I can write this story better than Nines. The author is authority and I'm certainly not even reading the whole story to get into the appropriate style and such.

I am saying that Nines is in the same league as I am in terms of prose skill.
I am saying that in this respect I think I can offer an option for improvement.
I am saying that you have to meet stories on their own terms as a reader, not yours as a writer, because we're all good at different things.
And I'm only picking on Nines because available target - "The Mill" incident - not anything personal.

Once they had finished, Twilight looked between her two friends and Aile, her expression one of deep thought. A few minutes into an awkward silence, she broke it by saying, “Trixie is just being Trixie. I believe that the problem is Aile.”

The unicorn looked down at Twilight with a curious expression, who was still floating several feet above the ground. Applejack looked up at her, and instead of a resentful expression, she only appeared to be mildly annoyed, frowning with discomfort from being unable to move her limbs of her own accord. Applejack sneered at her, and Aile responded by quickly averting her gaze.

Twilight flicked her head, and with a flash of magic, released Aile from her aerial prison, the dark unicorn landing in a heap on the floor. “Ack, you could have g-given me some w-warning,” Aile said, somewhat angry. “I could have landed on my bad leg!”

The student ignored her. “You came to the library this morning and said you were in the wrong, but you lied about what you had really done. I think that’s almost unforgiveable. What you attempted on Fluttershy,” she motioned to the now-alert pegasus with a hoof, “I think, is unforgiveable. You could have waited for something to happen... especially with this scrying ability of yours. But...”

Where's the emotion? Twilight's reaction? (She is stupid-OOC.) Why so much verbal fluff?

I can't tell what the narrative perspective is supposed to be, so I'm guessing one of the following is better.

Cinematic narration
Once they had finished, Twilight took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She left Aile immobile and suspended in her magic for several heavy seconds before giving her opinion. "Trixie is just being Trixie. I believe that the problem is Aile."

The floating unicorn surveyed the disheveled room with calm annoyance. Applejack glared at her and she dropped her gaze. Twilight pressed her lips tight together and released her magic.

Aile fell to a heap on the floor. She sat herself up and rubbed one forehoof with the other. "Ow. You could have given me some warning, you know. I could have fallen on my bad leg."

Twilight was on her in an instant, standing over her and pointing a hoof at her face. "Your bad leg? Really, or is that a lie too? I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt and you're not making it easy. Unless and until somepony stabs you, you can just shut up about a little bump."

Subjective - Applejack

Once they had finished, Twilight took a moment to think things over. She closed her eyes as Aile hung in midair. Finally she said, "Trixie is just being Trixie. I believe the problem is Aile."

Applejack looked up and met the brigand's smug gaze with an ill-tempered glare. She looked away and Twilight dropped her to the ground.

Aile sat up, nursing one of her forelegs, and whined, "Ow. You could have given me some warning, you know. I could have fallen on my bad leg."

Twilight flew at her, pointing a forehoof at her face. "Your bad leg? Really, or is that a lie too? I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt and you're not making it easy. Unless and until somepony stabs you, you can just shut up about a little bump."


I'd write the whole darn scene differently, avoiding the chapter break and tell-o-scope right in the middle of the scene. Twilight would be crazy-Twilight as seen in "Lesson Zero" - restraining everypony and insisting on making them all friends come hell or high water. Basically if I wrote that scene, I'd mark it for a 'punch and patch' revision - delete and try again.

Now, here's the problem with critiquing quality. Quality in the sense of making the reader read is an additive, not subtractive, standard. This story does not have characterization or description going for it. But some kinds of stories (some kind of riddle/mystery or allegory come to mind - even comedy, but I don't think this is a comedy) don't need those elements. The worst thing I can say about this scene is that it spends words to little effect, but I'd have to evaluate the story from the beginning to decide if it's a fatal flaw. (I certainly wouldn't start here and want to find out how the story started, but that's not really fair to the story, is it?)

If I'm critiquing as an editor, I need a global view of how the story works to really work on one scene. Also, I need to believe in the story, force myself to read it and like it.

I think it leads to poor editing and poor fic selection to try to do both at once, which brings me back to the beginning.



From Scratch:
I find the way you introduce Octy's financial problem to be exceedingly boring and if I were screening, I'd hit "next fic" a few hundred words in. So much telling. Skipping ahead past the hr and reading another thousand shows a promising story taking shape, but I'm just going fast so nothing in depth there.

"A Perfect Moment":
Now this is much closer to a story. I'd complain about the lack of characters, but that's the point, isn't it? Decent description. I love the twist ending. EqD will never take this because a) second person and b) 2100 words and it's not amazing enough to get them to break their rules. The big shortcoming is that it's a little slow to hook the reader. Conflict core: Characterization - minor resolution (protagonist wants something and doesn't get it)

Stories like this are an inspiration to me, by the way, both as a writer and a critic. I advise dropping From Scratch and brainstorming up a new story, preferably a short. Pay attention to what worked: description, simple conflict - but don't fear trying something different.
>> No. 106443
File 133955653513.jpg - (28.46KB , 358x358 , 189004%20-%20meme%20oh_boy_here_we_go%20reaction_image%20vinyl_scratch[1].jpg )
Is this another one of those "the prereaders suck, and I could totally do a better job, but I have more important things to do" threads?
>> No. 106444
...Though I suggest holding off making a new one for a bit.
>> No. 106445
I'll make a new one once this is off the front page.
>> No. 106446
Don't forget the part where all the critiques offered basically amount to "suck less, guys," and offering next to no solid suggestions for improvement.
>> No. 106447
So... the monthly drama. Anyone want some kettle corn? Any takers? No? Fine, more for me.

On second thought. I'll leave the kettle corn here for anyone who wants it and just go back to my corner and write my stories and be happy with my work.

It's a false world I've created, you see. I pretend my work is actually worth a damn. It makes me feel good. Better yet, keep a single project to yourself. That way, when you get rejected from EqD or by readers, you can turn to that project and say, "I'm just going to write. Write that one thing that I can view however I want."

Anyways, take care all. Keep calm and canter on.

I had a picture, but pchan won't let me attach it. Ah well. > I had fun once. It was awful.
>> No. 106449
While I am glad to receive such a frank opinion, I don't think either change address the issues very well, and this is mostly due to a lack of context: Twilight isn't in her OCD mode because this isn't sudden at all and it isn't about failing the princess or Equestria (trust me, I drafted this scene a lot and it was dreadful, taking me all of several months just to work past this). PoV has always been AJ and it never changed. Your re-working with AJ's perspective reduced her facial reactions with Aile by half and didn't add much else.

That said... why are you reviewing four random paragraphs of my story? I don't think reader ability vs reviewer ability in a single individual ever came up as an issue.
>> No. 106450
So you never stop being a pre-reader? Sorry, but that sounds terrible. If I stopped running for a month I wouldn't get to be part of the track team again until I showed, again, that I can run in the track team.

>You stopped using them, so I might ask well.

Actually, no. That just happens naturally here. Hell, if they want me, just redirect submissions to [email protected] , I'll happy read away. I read quite fast too.

Are you being facetious? I think you are, I think you are. But honestly, considering the size, that's more or less what they are. Except for the rare long ones. Those normally have the guy moaned how horrible they were for writing all that. It makes you wonder what the hay people think critiques are...
>> No. 106455
It isn't like we have a review quota or something. I'm failing to see what's upsetting about this. If people have proven what it takes to be a pre-reader once, why would not reviewing (but still seeing emails and communicating with us) somehow decide that they aren't fit for the "job?"

The people we took off the list hadn't done a single review in three months (and they all still talk in our IRC). So as I said, I am failing to see the issue.
>> No. 106458
File 133955980376.png - (414.54KB , 975x975 , 130253357058.png )
Hey anon.
Oh, it's plugging away. I can hardly fault you for losing interest, it's been a while since I got chapter 9 up.

>three strikes thing
> the responses don't say them outright at times (I can't say most of the times because, well, I don't check every single one).
Orrrrr maybe the authors just omit them (and maybe a lot of other comments) when they post in review threads. Just sayin', it could happen, and I'm pretty sure the PR's include the strike count.
> half-baked ones (strike responses) go out just about every day.
What? Are you a PR? Or just look through the review threads for "I got rejected from EQD here's what they said" posts. Again, you may wish to consider the above point.

> Dialogue errors? Really?
I too have raged over this in the past. So much.

>indulges in generous offer of delicious kettle corn

> So as I said, I am failing to see the issue.
Seems like a pretty non-issue to me.
>> No. 106461
File 133956005611.png - (413.50KB , 900x900 , 123282 - artist SpeccySY Fluffershy fluffy fluttershy.png )
If I'm not mistaken, the anon you quoted was referring to the PRs receiving unhelpful critiques of "suck less, guys". Not delivering them.
>reading comprehension
>"I read quite fast too."
>year of the pegasus
>> No. 106463
Samefag here, and that's exactly what I meant.
>> No. 106467
Not quite.

I don't think anyone can do EqD's job (appeasing the masses) better than EqD without being EqD.

But I do believe there is a future EqD that can be a better EqD by doing things differently than the current EqD, and while I don't have all the answers, I'd like to be a helpful thorn in the side.

R/R's are helpful to the extent they help the writer make one crucial decision:

Do I revise or do I spin a new story?

I can't tell a polite rejection from a real "we enjoyed this and want to work with you" without trying to read tea leaves like "strange complaints about BGCs = fic boring and needs to be taken behind the shed" or "extensive criticism of minor issues = try again."


Because it's late and I'm currently mentally lacking. Most of the time this nice little thing called social inhibition gets in the way which is why I let myself get frustrated and blow up periodically. Take my ramblings as you will.

Yes it's largely a process of taking away, and facial expressions are a bad way to characterize emotion for a number of reasons that I can't get into because late (it's the same as why a character can't have physical sex appeal in prose in the same way he or she can in image). Your prose is really pillowy, saying the same thing, repeating things, wasting motion. And Twilight just found out that somepony wanted to kill one of her best friends. Wouldn't she be at least a little out of sorts?

Ah logic? and connection to the topic? tricky

My point is your ability to judge stories is (like that of everyone who doesn't specifically practice for it) limited by your own tastes and skill - and I don't think you're an outlier their either. Your comments on "The Mill" were particularly... close-minded in that way - and I feel representative of the close-mindedness of readers (PR and otherwise) in general.

I don't think you're capable of appreciating subtle points of execution that you're bad at. It's certainly my error to attempt to "school you" at something I'm bad at myself. (And while I fixed that horribly bad "who," I introduced an ambiguous "she" in one of mine. I hope you see it, I really do.)

Telling and appreciating stories is like playing and appreciating music. There are skills to both and separate skills for creation and appreciation of both, too. I believe a system that not only judges stories from one persons perspective only but then proceeds to dictate corrections from that position of power is horribly broken. IIt gives bad advice, something I've known for months - you don't have to spend long in TTG to see. It very well might halt your development as a reader as well.

In fact, I recommend dropping by TTG. Take some time and really think about your colleagues' R/R notes - not just a once-over like you might do now but head over to TTG and try to fix broken stories. My personal favorite quoted historical facts about the Wright brothers as a reason to reject a story about magical ponies.

Really. Worst note ever. It should have been honest and said the story was boring and likely impossible to fix.

Or to turn Anon's point around, I really do think "suck less, guys" would make better rejection notes because they demand the author do the research to figure out what went wrong. At the very least they won't be misleading.
>> No. 106468
Yes, because giving rejections without reasons is really going to help soothe the anger of all those people who accuse us of being arbitrary.
>> No. 106469
Ach, I misread it.

My advice to PRs:

Embrace the fact that you can't be both gatekeepers and editors at the same time. An editor must see all the flaws and believe in the possibility of perfection.

A gatekeeper must accept that real storycraft (opposed to ideal) is tradeoffs and imperfection (like wine and romantic partners to paraphrase Samurai), that there will always be an element of arbitrariness* in decisions (which can be reduced only at the cost of more eyeballs per submission), and that the next story on the queue is on average better than a bad story in front of you.

*the word "objective" makes me scream

Or simply, suck less.
>> No. 106473
I'm not entirely sure what you mean. We're not editors. We don't try to be editors. The only reason stories get anything more than a "Yes" or "No" answer is because authors will complain if we turn them down without a reason. Some pre-readers do this in a sentence, some do it in 1000 words. But our purpose is not to help author's improve their work, which I believe is the definition of editing.

We accept that there is imperfection in all stories, but that doesn't mean we don't want the ones that come our way to be as good as they can possibly be.
>> No. 106480
File 133956240547.jpg - (61.24KB , 800x505 , 6e78e78ca12fff2ca4cd6bceef71f240[1].jpg )
>I don't think anyone can do EqD's job (appeasing the masses) better than EqD without being EqD.
>But I do believe there is a future EqD that can be a better EqD by doing things differently than the current EqD, and while I don't have all the answers, I'd like to be a helpful thorn in the side.
I don't necessarily follow all of the arguments being made here, but this sentiment? I can respect the shit outta this.

>Or to turn Anon's point around, I really do think "suck less, guys" would make better rejection notes because they demand the author do the research to figure out what went wrong. At the very least they won't be misleading.
I mean, according to this thread and TTG, PRs do occasionally send these, right? "This has a ton of grammatical errors and needs a lot of fixing up. Take it to the TTG before resubmitting." And then from there, /fic/ reviewers give the author a better sense of whether the fic can be salvaged, or if it should just be chalked up as a learning experience. Along your point of PRs serving as gatekeepers, I suspect that keeping the R/R more to the form of "you have overarching issues of A, B, and C", and letting /fic/ do the nitty-gritty, is probably in everyone's best interest. By keeping the R/R broad—as long as the PRs are willing to defend/discuss it, which they always seem to be, at least on here—it's easier to defend the rejection, especially when someone on TTG can find 20 instances of A, B, and C at a cursory glance.


Semi-related question for PRs: I get the sense that if a fic comes back for multiple strikes, standard practice is that it just bounces around to whichever PR is free atm. For the sake of consistency (i.e. >>106373), what are your thoughts on having the PR who gets the first revision "owning" that fic through each of its subsequent revisions? That PR could still consult with other PRs to get extra opinions, but in the end, the PR who "owns" the fic would get the final judgment. It would lead to less second-opinion surprises like >>106373. Would a change like this totally fubar the queue times?
>> No. 106481

Glad you enjoyed the kettle corn.

As a note to you all:
I personally think that there is a system. The system works and the majority of people are happy with it. However, like all things in life, there are people who aren't happy with it.

Then, we have the few people, and I'm sure it's not hard to guess who I'm referring to, who are trying to make a system that makes everyone happy. The problem is, this aforementioned person is doing so without realizing that it is impossible to make a system everyone will like. At some point, you have to stop trying and say, "I'm just wasting my time right now. The majority of the people like this system and the ones who don't are free to try and find one to their liking."

That's it folks. Take my opinion as you will.

Also adding to the inventory: Skittles, chocolate milk. Help yourself.
>> No. 106482
I think part of the problem with some "sub-par" pre-readers is that they were grandfathered in from the time that Seth needed just about anyone to simply read whatever got submitted. I for one would welcome a pre-reader purge and re-instatement of the competent ones.
>> No. 106485
It's not an official policy, but generally the first pre-reader that reviews a story sticks with it throughout the rest of the submissions. We don't make it a set rule, though, because frankly there's no way to enforce it. Also, it would certainly be hell on the turnaround time for resubmitted fics.

Thank you, sir. Chocolate milk sounds awesome right about now.
>> No. 106491
>PR messages with suggestions
>PRs do occasionally send these
As far as I've seen, almost all do.

>what are your thoughts on having the PR who gets the first revision "owning" that fic through each of its subsequent revisions?
I'm personally behind that. Aside from explicit requests for second opinions, which I imagine isn't all that rare.

>from there, /fic/ reviewers give the author a better sense of whether the fic can be salvaged, or if it should just be chalked up as a learning experience. Along your point of PRs serving as gatekeepers, I suspect that keeping the R/R more to the form of "you have overarching issues of A, B, and C", and letting /fic/ do the nitty-gritty, is probably in everyone's best interest.
>> No. 106496
File 133956947906.jpg - (119.15KB , 774x600 , rainbowdash.jpg )
You know, I read through this entire thing, and I thought I'd be mad about something. Eustatian practically telling the prereaders what to do. Some of the prereaders being incompetent and bad at their job. Some authors wanting to reform the system because it doesn't fit their vision. But you know what? I'm not mad. I don't think I can be mad any more, not here. I can certainly be mad when ponies are jerks to the prereaders for no reason. I can be mad when a good story is poorly executed simply because the author lacks the will.

However, all I feel right now is disappointment. The system works well enough. It can be optimized, yes, but I also see the diligent ponies working as prereaders trying to do that as best they can. So can we, and I mean everyone here anons, prereaders, and Eustatian alike, please stop squabbling over petty, insignificant details and try working together please? Working as friends is always more effective than antagonizing the ponies you want to help.
>> No. 106497
You're still off in looking at my characterization. Twilight freaked the fuck out at the end of chapter seven. You mentioned not having exposition at the start so I figured you had read from there but you haven't. She freaks right the fuck out.

I've been around the WTG back when it was doing prompts weekly and look at reviews often (lots of prereaders give them and I'm friends with people like Snarkle already), but I don't aim to review. I don't give the 1k long reviews, I give a list of issues that is halting a fic from passing. While I'm sure my prose could be improved, the very same could be said for any piece of literature that's been finished.

I do wish we would stop talking about my fic now since it has absolutely nothing to do with this topic, as I don't give reviews.
>> No. 106506
File 133958527115.png - (28.85KB , 500x517 , Purple_Pussy_Make_Everyone_Die.png )
What the hay you two are talking about? Nines, your writing sucks; Eustatian you aren't actually talking about anything relevant? Does that sum it up?

Consider the following:
>pic related
That's what happens when you take all this too seriously. Also, working with the pre-readers would mean they would become pre-readers or something? I mean, /fic/ is the closes thing I can think of working with the pre-readers and I recall them saying they couldn't even officially link them in EqD. Or talk about them. Or help them at all. Point is, how would working together even look like? What would the goal be?

Don't take things too seriously, don't take EqD too seriously, and all will be good.

I was asking a question, I don't want no sudden upheaval for no reason. Plus, what standard would you use for that anyway? The public pre-readers for the most part don't actually fulfill the requirements for being pre-readers, but a good deal of them know what they are doing for the most part. How would you deal with them?

That's a terrible way to look at things. That's basically asking everyone to stop trying to improve things, which is just as stupid as it could possibly get. People were quite happy with the horse, then a better alternative came along and replaced it. Same with everything. Now, if they can actually make it better is not really my point, because I don't really have a way of improving it short of doing something I don't want them to do. I just felt like pointing out how stupid your comment was.

At this point I have no idea what are you going on about. Keep in mind I'm on your side.

The nature of the job means you kind of are. I mean, pre-reader roulette thing above(below?)?

But we were talking about their critiques, in normal English you have to establish when a new thing is spoken about rather than just throwing it out there and hoping people catch your meaning. That means that is terrible English.

Nice. I guess I can give it a try if it comes out some time soon, otherwise I think I will just not care. Sorry, it is a good story and all, but I frankly don't feel like re-reading it to get back to understand the thing.

I see the emails themselves, you can actually go and ask people in FiMfiction and they will show them to you without much issue.

Do you know the statement "use it or lose it?" I don't care what it is, if you don't actually do something for a long period of time in one way or another, you will lose ability with it. Reading and grammar rules are no different. I still hang out with my chess buddies, but I certainly can't play at the same level that I used to. I don't see how that is so illogical when a person hasn't done a single one in months. I was joking about the book club thing, but yeah...
>> No. 106514
Clearly the solution is an EqD pre-reader rejection review thread, where fic reviewers can review and if necessary reject the rejections of fics reviewed for EqD by the pre-readers to determine which reviews come from pre-readers that the other pre-readers should reject because their reviews were rejected in the rejection review thread.
>> No. 106516

Okay, okay. Hold the phone.

Why do you keep bringing my story up?! I see nothing close-minded in Nines comments on it. Blunt, honest criticism? Sure, but not "closed-mindedness."

Continue your feud if you must, but please refrain from bringing "The Mill" up. I'd prefer to not have a fucking target painted on my back over your drama.
>> No. 106517
This would interesting to watch. I have no idea who would do it, but it would be interesting to watch.

>I'd prefer to not have a fucking target painted on my back over your drama.
What does this even mean? Who will have a target now? Why would you have a target? A target for whom? I think you are making pre-readers sound a bit too petty.
>> No. 106520
File 133960220447.png - (36.52KB , 263x200 , Stopit.png )
Dammit... little late to the party.

But for future shitstorms, remember this picture.
>> No. 106521
File 133960287217.gif - (475.13KB , 500x273 , catch 22.gif )

This is actually more appropriate.
>> No. 106523
File 133960337912.gif - (1.07MB , 302x201 , CoolStory.gif )

Love you, Anon.

But seriously, it's that type of attitude that gets people blacklisted. Or beat up. Or just generally hated.
>> No. 106524
File 133960366140.jpg - (18.30KB , 299x225 , 1322149814316.jpg )
Would this be more appropriate?
>> No. 106525
File 133960388643.png - (52.31KB , 300x153 , Goingon.png )

Hehe... change 'nerd' to 'internet' and it would be perfect along with an offer to serve everyone some ice cream or something.

This picture would be even more appropriate.
>> No. 106527
File 133960478873.gif - (477.74KB , 499x371 , internetfight.gif )
>this is now appropriate discussion image thread?
>> No. 106528
File 133960491683.gif - (966.78KB , 300x168 , AbandonThreadHolmes.gif )

Only because it's on sage and the storm has passed.
>> No. 106529
File 133960493110.gif - (0.97MB , 250x271 , 1321541949391.gif )
>Theoretically, there is still discussion going on, here is the last relevant post.

>> No. 106531
File 133960511908.gif - (849.82KB , 509x344 , 1337900379468.gif )
Honour and curiosity demands it: size of your reaction folders?

>> No. 106532

92 give or take about a dozen that I couldn't use without giving myself up or aren't really reactions so much as content.

That's not including my pony reaction folder of 104.

And then I have reaction images floating around in various files. So... give or take 210ish in all?

Anyways, I'm off to take a nap. Be back in 2 hours.
>> No. 106542
File 133961383249.jpg - (53.49KB , 741x487 , user29636_pic24344_1324550692.jpg )
>Wasn't sure if I should use xzibit reaction image or "that is my fetish" reaction image. Eventually decided on former.
>> No. 106543
File 133961397640.jpg - (23.06KB , 499x307 , PonyXzibit.jpg )

Take this and go with... well... go with something
>> No. 106548
Exactly. And if we stopped doing what we do in favor of just saying "No" when we reject something, we'd look even more arbitrary.
>> No. 106550
File 133961597232.gif - (384.77KB , 186x234 , wqtc3.gif )
>still the last actual point... I think.


Not saying that you won't, just pointing out that it's a losing battle cause of the way the thing works out.
>> No. 106555
Jesus fuck what happened to this thread I closed it when it was suggested I make more direct disagreements with the PR. That didn't go well but anyways.

Thanks for the critique but I'm going to keep writing From Scratch because I want to. It's a project I took up as it was something I wanted to write. I mostly got harassed into submitting it to EQD in the first place. I'm not too fussed with the fact that it got rejected just more of the way in which it was rejected.

I'm tempted to weigh in on this PR but I'll pass.
>> No. 106560
File 133962073860.jpg - (19.78KB , 217x208 , 131388417785.jpg )
This book apparently got opened.
>> No. 106585
Last night was a performance of "Opinion Unexpected." I played the villain of the piece: the holder of the unexpected opinion.

I don't actually have a problem with Nines, I don't actually think he can't write, I mean, gosh, I only skimmed a couple thousand words before shooting my mouth off. That was the part: I wasn't allowed to fold no matter how bad the opinion.

As an actor, I thank him for playing the hero beyond my expectations, especially without seeing the script or rehearsing the part at all. +9000 respect.

As the title suggests, this play begins with an unexpected opinion. Like many improvs, the ending is open.

I'd like to share my interpretation:

There are two kinds of opinion: (in my opinion)
- Opinion of quality: is this good?
- Opinion for improvement: how can this be better?

and to illustrate the difference here's a little metaphor:

It's the highschool dance and there's this one girl whose cute and funny and a real pleasure to be around. All the guys want to dance a song with her and you know what, she loves to dance, too. Only problem is this shindig is a total sausagefest and she's gonna have to disappoint a lot of guys.

OoQ: She only dances with the well dressed guys.
OfQ: She insists on fidgeting with every lapel in the room.

Arbitrary and mysterious are attractive. Justifying Opinion of Quality weakens it. Or in short:

Vimbert, I'd rather have you as my mother than my girlfriend.


Short note:

Note that where things really blew up was when I started critiquing for improvement. This is not an accident. Confrontational or high-stakes interactions are a poor place for CfI - it simply becomes too polluted with the dynamics of the situation or relationship.

You might reasonably say that PR opinion isn't unsolicited. That's half right. Anyone who submits to EqD should reasonably expect Opinion of Quality. But the presence of the other kind of opinion is the opening line of this nasty little improv play and it happens again and again every day.


And where do I stand, myself not the villain of the story?

First, I want people to understand the issue, the complex mechanism of how EqD hurts feelings. Author's pride is quite complex.

Second, by making this confrontational, I've lost my standing to make real Criticism for Improvement.
But then again, I don't ever really have that power until I am specifically asked for it.

Third, I think Razed's comment is the saddest in the thread and begs for resolution.

Fourth, yes, I understand that I've pretty much burnt my chances of ever having something approved under this name. I certainly hope I've opened minds.
>> No. 106586
File 133962804823.gif - (491.07KB , 200x200 , eric_wareheim mind explosion animated.gif )
>> No. 106593
So you were trying to manipulate people? I know of a single psychopath in /fic/, I'm pretty sure it is not you.

If you weren't, that's a shitty way to make a point.
>> No. 106596
File 133963528274.png - (112.24KB , 500x393 , triptych.png )
>Fourth, yes, I understand that I've pretty much burnt my chances of ever having something approved under this name. I certainly hope I've opened minds.

No. No, you haven't, because at large, the pre-readers judge the STORY, and not the AUTHOR, and I, for one, would appreciate the constant insinuations otherwise cease.
>> No. 106605
File 133963657187.jpg - (39.68KB , 704x528 , 1338249888392.jpg )

>Q: Do you ban/blacklist authors?
>A: No. However, in cases where authors have been particularly rude to us or the blogponies, we generally wait for some sort of apology before looking at their work again.
>> No. 106606
File 133963707258.png - (210.64KB , 616x1024 , Lol_I_Troll_U.png )
>> No. 106610
'at large', and 'particularly rude'. Trust me, he has nothing to worry about as far as the 'particularly rude' bit goes. He, at least, has neither threatened us nor made outright claims of mental, moral, or sexual deviancy in public about us.
>> No. 106611
File 133963757559.jpg - (19.14KB , 300x393 , 133883183126.jpg )
Suddendly, everyone is anon. What gives?

>Was anon before it was cool.
>Actually, was anon before everyone pussied out, but that's just, like, my opinion man.
>> No. 106614
File 133963836817.jpg - (8.05KB , 354x354 , 1337192855930.jpg )

You rejectd my story cause the plot was bad? You don't knw who yu are messing with, so do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut unless you want to die. Next time you think about saying something like that to me I want you to remember one thing. I know the guy that created google maps and I can locate you in the time it took me to type this.Don't want anymore problems....didn't think so faggots. You have any idea what gorilla warfare is? I do, I was in the US Marine Core and I perfected it. I'm fully capable of using it on you motherfuckers. Do you know the dander you're in if I find you? I am 100$ serious. Bunch of god damn faggot stuffy librarians here and I will not have it. At least I've had healthy relationships, not being a scat bitch, and gotten a pulbitzer, and pubish unlike you fucked up pieces of unliterate SHIT!

>Trying too hard?

In all seriousness, this whole thing is retarded. Unless you have a better system than EqD, shut your trap and take it like the good bended-over stump you are compared to pre-readers, who might be as shitty as you but they matter, you don't.
>> No. 106621

You're right. I shouldn't have made implications. I believe if I manage to earn a blacklisting, I'll hear about it.

But on the other hand, I don't like to trust anyone's subconscious, not even my own. Can I share a story there?

I recently bought a Nook and I load it from FiMFiction. As it happens, the default interface doesn't show the author's name from epub files.

I also happen to be biased against a handful of authors for almost-completely petty reasons - and I won't name names because they don't deserve the infamy. Consciously and rationally, and I don't want to hold anything against those authors (well, except for one). But at the same time I know that I evaluate by gut.

Well anyway, I was impressed by a story. So impressed that I asked "who wrote this; it sounds like X..." I opened the properties page. "Oh, it is X, but I didn't think X could write like that..." Could I be that open-minded knowing the author's identity?

I honestly don't know. I hope so, but I can't think of a way to test. In the end, I'm more comfortable author-blind.

(Brief insinuation) I'll take a guess at why EqD asks for pen names and e-mails: You need to contact and occasionally even credit people. Evil!

So, I'll continue to to write under this name. I like being a cantankerous loose cannon, and I'll trust all you guys to continue to shoot down my stories on their own demerits (loose canon?) and not my cantankerousness*. I don't like how clumsy I am with people's feelings and I apologize for that.

(*next plot bunny is really cool and I can hardly wait to write it)
>> No. 106652
>> No. 106662
What's going on in this thread now that it warrants so many post-autosage posts?...
>> No. 106671
New thread is up

>> No. 106679
File 133964888412.png - (37.74KB , 480x403 , mlfw2506-fluttershylookofdisappr[1].png )
Shitty, yet oddly poignant. I think.

Ah well, new thread. Goodnight, sweet prince.
>> No. 107153
Seriously, best thread ending evah. +1, would watch again.
>> No. 128106
Thanks for promoting Owens' 2012 Administrative Professional Day, Rhonda. I can't wait to help acendiue members rekindle their ability to and provide inspiration for achieving their dreams. It's going to be a fun day, and I'm dreaming that we'll have a packed house.
>> No. 129076
This <a href="http://njmrto.com">ineudorcts</a> a pleasingly rational point of view.
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