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102154 No. 102154
Greetings all. I'm coming by to drop off a tool that hopefully you will be able to use.


Using it is straightforward. Copy the story text into the box and it will give you some statistics, check for a few common problems, and give wordcounts. If it flags any common problems, there are links to explanations given with each line.

This is an attempt to automate feedback for stories. It won't replace the feedback of a full-fledged review, but hopefully will help writers get an initial run of feedback on their stories, help them learn to spot and avoid common mistakes and reduce the work involved for reviewers.

The program isn't perfect. If your story comes out clean of errors, this doesn't mean that it is entirely free of any errors. Similarly, it won't flag every error. But it should get a large number of the most commonly occurring ones.

Right now, it checks capitalisation at the beginning of sentences, checks for rarely capitalised words, and checks dialogue punctuation.

If you have suggestions for how I can improve the program, eg features to implement, how the interface can be improved, bugs you encounter, etc, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you would prefer to communicate your suggestions by email, you can use either the email in my trip or the dedicated email address for the project reviewsuggestions at gmail.

I'll continue developing the program and if I make significant changes, I'll try to keep the thread updated. Feel free to ask questions and I'll do my best to come by and answer them.

Thanks and enjoy.
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>> No. 102157
File 133686037559.png - (552.84KB , 1000x720 )
Your link should actually be working now. First time working with HTML, so if there are any issues, just report it again.
>> No. 102158
Looks good. Thanks for the help
>> No. 102188
Thanks so much for the feedback. If you feel comfortable with posting the examples here, I would appreciate having them. You can also email them if you would prefer that. The dictionaries that dialogue attribution uses are still very much a work in progress so that is one possibility. Also, another thing of note, it doesn't handle present tense yet It's in progress though, so if your fic is present tense, that could be another source of the error.

I admit, my typical writing style is very dry and longwinded, so any advice about how to fix the explanations would be greatly appreciated. I tried to keep the style impersonal, but appears that I did far too much of that.

As for the stats, beyond the self-explanatory ones, I really don't have any idea what a good target value is. Those are mostly there for the entertainment of the author who submits the story for review and as a relic from when I used them to try to figure out what those useful values are.

As for the other features you suggested, without getting into technical details, LUS may be doable, but would be tricky. I'll look into it. The common word detector would be very difficult to the point where I actually have no idea how I would implement it. I will keep the suggestion in mind, but I don't expect to be able to do it anytime soon.

Thanks again for the suggestions
>> No. 102197
Hmm, I like it. Pointed out a few things I missed.

One thing I would recommend. It tells you how many times you used passive voice. It'd be nice if it told you where they were exactly.
>> No. 102281
Update: Present tense is active. It also flags if the author switches between them, although it only checks dialogue words not all verbs.

Not sure where the anon's posts went, but they were useful feedback to have. I didn't have a chance to go through all of them before they disappeared, but a lot of the problems were just dictionary errors that were useful for me to know so I could fix them. If you're still out there, thanks for the feedback anon and I'd be interested to hear your other opinions.

Thanks. I'm glad you found it useful.
The main reason I don't include a list of passive voice locations is that any one of them isn't necessarily wrong and it is more that using a lot of them would detract from your writing. Related to this, if you are running a relatively well proofread long fic (>20k words), then listing all of the passive voice occurrences would likely drown out the actual errors.
If you are worried about passive voice for your fic, I would recommend just making sure you know what it is and then reading through to see if it pops up particularly often. However, if you or anyone else feels that listing suspected passive voice occurrences would be useful, then I could create a side tool that would list what it found, but I wouldn't want to make it a default mode.
>> No. 103151
I'm not sure if you are still interested in this, but the app now has the passive voice tool. The direct link is:
or you can get there using the toolbar fairly easily.
As always, any suggestions, comments, criticisms, etc are greatly appreciated.

As for an update on scheduling, I can probably do some work on this in the next couple days, but then I won't be able to do anything on this until after the 25th. So if I don't respond to something you post for a while, that is why.

As for the direction of this project, unless there are requests that are relatively simple to implement, I'll probably start working on more experimental stuff with trying to get the program to interpret the story as a whole rather than just patterns within text. I'm expecting this to take a lot of tinkering to get right, so I'll probably just leave that part as an aside to the typical review.
Anyway, I hope you all find this useful and enjoy.
>> No. 103156
This mega cool, Twilight would be proud.
Let's hope it doesn't become sentient.
>> No. 103227
Thanks! The project is still in its infancy, so I'm hoping this is just the tip of the iceberg, but I'm glad you like what I have so far.

Also, thanks to whichever mod fixed the link.
>> No. 105947
File 133922295575.gif - (258.45KB , 300x166 , Never like us.gif )
Bumped for usefulness.

Seriously, every writer should take the thirty seconds to use this. It'll catch a shitload of small things and make it easier on all of us as reviewers. Otherwise, this poor post will relate to the .gif.
>> No. 105951
Decided to test a story in the system. A couple of questions:
How many words in the average sentence can there be before the system flags it for being too long (and, therefore, "purply")?
Same as the above, but in regards to the adverb vs. normal word ratio.
Also, the system doesn't store reviewed work, does it? I would be embarrassed if my ugly first draft was being read by judging eyes...
>> No. 105952
Oh, some additonal notes:

Should I be keeping an eye on the "Be ratio" listing?

When the system marks an error, is it possible for there to be an "expand" option, as in, it would pull the surrounding sentence(s), rather than just two or three words? It can be difficult to locate a mistake or see if it's simply a purposeful quirk of your writing style without switching back-and-forth between the reviewer and your document while playing with Ctrl-F.

The unique-word counter can be difficult to read, since the capitalized words number is very close to the total count. Perhaps seperate them with an em-dash? Also, it's a very long list. Could the words be seperated into columns instead, to reduce the amount of scrolling needed?

I think that's it for now. If I come up with anything else, I'll leave a comment in this thread. If you haven't replied to it in a few days, I'll assume you haven't seen them and Email these suggestions instead, as per your instructions on the app.
>> No. 105953
Thanks for the bump and I'm glad you find the project useful. I've noticed it gets way more use when this thread is on the front page.

The purple flag just comes from a combination of adverbs and sentence size. This is a pretty arbitrary combination right now, as I haven't gotten a chance to look at this aspect with a significant sample size. If you want the specific formula, I can tell you, but it is, at best, a rough estimate at this point.

>storing stories
The system does not store stories. It stores the basic statistics in a tuple, but nothing that could identify the story. I may add some functionality that would store a story as data, but I would make it clear that this is the case before submitting.
>> No. 105955
Damn, ninjaed
>Be ratio
Again, similarly to the purple prose thing, this is a rather arbitrary statistic at this stage. I think it would only become a worry if you are below 2.5, but again, very rough estimate.

>emdash between capitalised count
Can do this pretty easily. Look for this in a few hours.

>columns for wordcount
I can probably do this by then as well, although it may be trickier

>expand option
This is a little more difficult to do. It would be easy to have an option to give the longer section instead of the shorter section, but an individual expand button may take a bit of development. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for the suggestions. If you have anything else, feel free to post in the thread or use email.
>> No. 105964
There is now a hyphen separating total and capitalised count It's a hyphen instead of an emdash because python is picky about strings Also, the wordcount now comes with columns.

I disabled the tense switching flag because that mostly missed anyway. Expect it back when if I can teach it to interpret what it's reading.

I haven't had much of a chance to look into the expand option, but I'll do my best to figure that out
>> No. 105969
File 133923780770.jpg - (53.09KB , 520x550 , facehoof.jpg )
Forgot to push last time. Anyway, the previously mentioned changes are now live
Also, you can mouseover the link to expand the text to the relevant paragraph.
[liarjack]It renders quote marks strangely though[/liarjack]It's a workaround. I'll try to figure out a better way to handle it later
Anyway, off to sleep before I break something
>> No. 105985
Much better. Thank you.
Perhaps it's too many sentences. It seems to be pulling the entire paragraph. I was thinking it would be one sentence on each side (so a maximum of three sentences). Better than before, of course.
>> No. 106180
File 133937779781.png - (734.12KB , 1047x2073 , the_future_is_awesome_by_veggie55-d4sjazj.png )
Finally had an excuse to use this, and lemme say, this is very awesome! Insta-bookmark. Bumping for visibility, and I'll throw in some limited feedback from a first usage.

I'd personally find it helpful to flag all instances of adverbs (possibly also "to be" sentences). It'd probably make sense to have it as a separate sub-tool, like the passive voice finder. I've been trying to work on cutting down on superfluous adverbs, so finding a big list of them that I can use for evaluate each of them would be quite nice.

For most of those ratios (ratio of "to be" sentences, ratio of adverbs, words per sentence, etc) it would be useful to have some type of "bucket" label on those (high, medium, low). It's fine if they're complete ass-pulls for now; they can always be adjusted later. It just helps to contextualize those numbers.

Out of curiosity, what's used to determine the list of "uncommon" words? Some of my results (somepony, broadsword) make plenty of sense as "uncommon", but others (we're, actually) surprised me.

I didn't see it mentioned, but it would probably make sense to make a blacklist for the capitalization warning. Most of my warnings were for the Mane 6's names. My only warning that wasn't a proper noun was for "Oh". Dammit, Fluttershy... At least "Um" wasn't on the list too. Then again, that's presuming this tool is FIM-specific, which it doesn't otherwise appear to be, so maybe not.

Also out of curiosity, does this currently handle any checks for unneeded commas? Stuff like:
>He walked up the steps, and out the door.
Probably requires some more advanced sentence parsing, but it would be handy.
>> No. 106218
Yeah, the full paragraph was the simplest to implement. Is the full paragraph problematic? I could probably add formatting like underline or bold to highlight the error fairly easily, but finding the adjacent sentences might take a bit of work.
Thanks for all the feedback though.

Thanks. I'm glad you found it useful.

>adverb/to be tool
I'll try to implement this over the next couple days. I may just add it on as an option and make the passive tool a more general alternative feedback tool.

I'll try to run some data collection and get decent baselines. If it's not at least a little bit backed up by observation, even rough estimates wouldn't be useful.

>uncommon words
These are the words that occurred most often in the 250 most common words from a sample of publicly available EQD fics.

>capitalisation blacklist
If you're talking about the uncommonly capitalised word is capitalised flag, there should already be a character blacklist in place. If you are talking about the list of most capitalised words, that is mostly supposed to be a character/proper noun list. If you don't mind posting or sending me an example of the errors, I could do my best to explain where they are coming from and if there is a bug, hopefully fix it.

>unnecessary commas
Yeah, getting these would require more advanced sentence parsing. I do have a few ideas as for possibilities of how to handle this, but those would take a bit of development and a lot of testing and tuning
>> No. 106285
>If you are talking about the list of most capitalised words, that is mostly supposed to be a character/proper noun list.
Ahh, gotcha. Sounds like this is working as intended then.
>> No. 106503
File 133957691629.jpg - (202.42KB , 760x596 , Blood.jpg )
I noticed that the capitalized words section, the one that begins: "These words are primarily capitalised." also tracks words that begin a sentence. It makes sense for such instances to be tracked for the complete wordlist section, but would it be possible to run an exclusion for words that immediately follow the proper punctuation marks? i. e. ? . ! ... etc. Would such a change really be useful, or do you think including sentence starters in the capitalized count is better? Would it be possible to split the count into two columns, one for sentence starting instances of capitalization of the word and one for other instances?

Also, it may only be the difference between American and British English, but capitalization uses a "z" instead of an "s" according to my mind and spell checker.
>> No. 106595
Thanks for the suggestions.

So my rationale for the list of capitalised words is to give an idea of relative character importance by how often the names are used and to give an idea of whether there is something unusual about the writer's style. Tracking the style involves including words that are at the beginning of the sentence, since if the writer uses a non-character word almost exclusively to start sentences (which would be nearly the only reason why it would be in the list), it may indicate that they have repetitive sentence structure.

I could probably separate sentence starters from non-sentence starters, but I'm not sure what this additional information would target, so I wouldn't know how to present it. If you could let me know your thought processes, that would help me figure out how it should be included in the output, as well as if there's anything else that should be listed with it.

Capitalisation is standard spelling for me, so I think that is just a difference from US spellings.

If you have any other suggestions or want to discuss/brainstorm about the sentence starter suggestion, feel free to post here or use email.

Unfortunately, I don't have that much time over the next couple days, so I can't respond to suggestions with "Thanks for the suggestion. I added it." as I have been for a lot of these posts. So, here's a queue of what I plan on working on right now (in approximate order of priority). If your suggestion isn't on the list, and I haven't addressed it, let me know.

>Adverb/to be tool
>Setting up infrastructure for developing more advanced analysis (includes dictionaries for spellcheck and LUS checker)
>Setting up data analysis for more advanced analysis and getting estimates for rough numbers.
>Overhauling descriptions
>Reducing mouseover text and handling sentence start statistics (pending feedback)
>> No. 107959
Bump for usefulness.
>> No. 108026

It goes beyond that. As it stands, this device captures a good deal of the lower layers of errors directly without the need to hunt them down. Despite wide-ranging false positives, for the most part this acquires the errors with quite impressive effectiveness an efficiency. Determining which are false positive or not is as easy as checking the list, as is considering which words might be flagged for unappropriated content and many other diverse things.

In short, this program can serve as the front-line filter of just about any system, with the program showing if the number of errors exceeds a certain number, but most importantly, if the errors are rare enough to warrant a closer look by more humans elements.

In short, the usage of this has many applications in quite many niches, it's just a matter of developing it further to eliminate false positives, increase the error catching rate, and better organize the information. With those three fronts accomplished, this little tool could make everyone's life easier, from pre-readers who don't have to trawl seas of garble, to proof-readers/reviewers/etc. who can ask people to fix the mistakes found by this first, making their job easier, to the normal writer, who will have a tool to both link him to the relevant rules and point out the most egregious mistakes in an easy to parse manner.
>> No. 109021
File 134106699676.png - (383.32KB , 864x864 , Threatning.png )

How many people actually use this? I've been using it on a regular basis as of late.
>> No. 109024
File 134106935121.jpg - (13.28KB , 253x199 , 134075496395.jpg )
I've been using the heck out of this thing. It really helps. though i don't know if this has been covered, but dose it show you where your punctuation errors are? My mind tends to auto-correct as I'm reading though my stuff so being able to see where a supposed error is would help.
>> No. 109171
I've used it for a new story I typed up today. It picked out one error in all. Still a really useful tool though. The ability to see my use of the "to be" verb was nice, and the capitalization thing was cool.
>> No. 109404
I need to bookmark this thread and app, since it's actually damn useful.

One little feature request, though: would it be possible to have a verb tense "detector"? Perhaps list locations where there could be tense issues, like switching between past and present? I've noticed that verb tenses have become an issue for me, and having something to point them out automatically would be wonderful.
>> No. 110672

I'd like to see this, too.
>> No. 110673
File 134190275104.png - (14.47KB , 100x100 , aj21.png )
This is a really neat little tool, though it has a bit of trouble identifying dialogue attribution inside two bits of dialogue, i.e.

>"That," he said, "is entirely out of the question."
>> No. 110690
I'd also like to see it detect missing commas for direct addresses. And really, any other comma errors. Fuck do I hate commas.
>> No. 111615
Just posting to let everyone know that development on this isn't dead, just progressing slowly. I realised that a lot of what I want to do involves using much more processing power and larger datastructures, so I'm rewriting much of it to make it more efficient and re-entrant I don't think this is entirely the right word, but the idea is similar. That will likely take a while, to say nothing about adding the additional features. In all honesty, this won't take all that long once I make myself get to it. I've just been very lazy about working on this.

As a feature update:
To be, adverb tool: I will probably just add this to the current app at some point. This shouldn't take long.

Tense changing: This should be fairly easy to implement once everything is in place with the new implementation.

Midsentence dialogue attributions: So if the attribution is short enough, it should handle this already. For longer ones, that will be much trickier and would require higher level sentence parsing.

Unnecessary commas/vocative commas: These are much trickier and I'm not sure if there is a way to handle them unless I can get sentence parsing working extremely well.

saged because I haven't actually updated anything yet
>> No. 114901
File 134417678183.png - (1.23MB , 1306x735 , Brave.png )
Bump for usefulness
>> No. 118498
Bump for business
>> No. 124518
Bump for use
>> No. 125169

Is anyone going to move this along with the rest of fic?
>> No. 125170
This is CartoonGeld's thing. Only he should move it.
>> No. 125171
File 135446295290.png - (118.10KB , 475x753 , ndpuop.png )
I don't think reposting it on MLPchan would be "moving" it, since it's hosted off-site.
>> No. 125172
I would leave it to the actual maker to decide what he wants to do with his thing. Think of it like those guys who repost your stories without your permission.
>> No. 125174
File 135446456186.png - (0.97MB , 1280x878 , crystal_tower_by_tetrapony-d5ks6ij.png )
As long as said person is re-posting the link to my story, not nabbing it and hosting it on their own thing, I'm cool with it. Just means more people are going to feed the viewcounter, eh? Same here applies, methinks. There's no reason not to link a valuable and useful resource like this on MLPchan, as long as due diligence is made in stating where it originally came from, who made it ect. ect. Also, could try emailing him, just in case.
>> No. 125175
Personal preference doesn't remove traditional obligations. If it's not yours, wait for the actual owner/creator to decide. That's all there is to it. It would be like you taking all the review threads and moving them. Then, add a link back to ponychan, because that makes it awwwright.

Till CartoonGeld says otherwise, it's only respectful not to be posting it about.
>> No. 125178
File 135447061629.gif - (468.85KB , 500x281 , b48.gif )
I meant making a thread on MLPchan that would be, in essence, "Here's a cool program, check it out. [link]"
Honestly, you're getting rather ornery about this. Linking to resources is something /fic/ and just about every other website in the history of the internet has done. Are you going to tell other reviewers to stop linking to Ezn's Writing Guide next? Should I not post .gifs I find? That's what you're saying, in essence.
>> No. 125179
Not at all, those two have been openly given permission for posting left and right by those who created them. You haven't gotten it for this one. You, out all people, should understand that simple concept. Cop-in rather than cop-out, remember?
>> No. 125180
Are you serious? You don't need someone's permission to link to their website. That's ridiculous. The whole freaking Internet works by being just a huge collection of links. Do you think Google asks for permission to index websites and link to them with their search engine?

Your analogy in >>125172 would be apt if someone were to take the source code and rehost it somewhere else. Linking to it would be the same as me posting a link to someone's fic in >>121064, which I'm pretty sure no sane person has a problem with.
>> No. 125182
I'm going to think you know nothing about robots.txt, which is impossible but your game, and it still doesn't remove the fact this thread is used for development of everyone who uses it. Unless you link it there and tell people to comment here, you are essentially cutting that part out.

And you are assuming he evens wants it post over there.

Again, ask CartoonGeld and then go to town. It's not like I'm asking you to remake your whole damn thing, I'm just saying a little respect to the fact you didn't make this goes a long way.
>> No. 125184
robots.txt is an opt-out system, not an opt-in. Again, not an apt analogy.
>> No. 125186
File 135448157314.gif - (418.51KB , 500x281 , 580.gif )
You're just making yourself look like a tool. People make threads for stories they didn't write all the time (Ugh, MLD and Past Sins) and I don't see you getting all white-knighty about that. The exact same situation applies here.
>> No. 125189
Enough, geez. It's an open tool hosted on the internet. Usually people LIKE that their creations wish to be used by others. If CG wished it otherwise he'd have put a password or something on it. No harm in linking, long as you pay due respects to the creator.
>> No. 125971

I either missed it or you guys have done nothing about it.

This should be posted on the new home of /fic/ on mlpchan.
>> No. 125972
I don't get you faggots. Who the hell are you waiting on to kneel and suck to just do shit (group organizing is great, but damn it guys)? Samurai? Snarkle? Squeak? It's a link, I'm sure you can handle posting bucky boy.

Or maybe you are just a guy who isn't a /fic/ regular who is waiting for them to do it so it looks all internal, but that sounds like a load, doesn't it?

Whatever the case, bite bullet and stop acting so gay, will ya?
>> No. 125977
File 135767878126.png - (163.79KB , 484x345 , 194268__UNOPT__safe_lyra_fanfic.png )
Gimme a minute, I'll do it.

Edit: Done! http://mlpchan.net/fic/res/3253.html

Last edited at Tue, Jan 8th, 2013 14:12

>> No. 125984
File 135768894732.jpg - (14.78KB , 317x400 , 12148526_gal.jpg )
I'm really not getting a good first impression of you here.

There's no reason for me to believe you actually care what I think, but how others view you will limit your future opportunities. Just a thought.

Or I could just be over-reacting.

Eh, it's your reputation.
>> No. 126072
File 135803747152.jpg - (337.96KB , 1200x675 , zombiepony.jpg )
Bump for—
Wait, I'm not some anon.
And I can't start some argument about making a thread on mlpchan. Thanks for doing that btw, Azusa.And thanks, Seattle, for resolving that earlier thing.
So, my normal strategy of parroting whatever happens above me won't work.
Ok, so I haven't done this in a while. How hard can it be? Here goes...


Eh, close enough.

Anyway, enough of me making fun of myself for taking so long to do this. I'm sure you all can and want to do it just fine without my help.

As you may have noticed, the application has been updated. Per my discussion with Samurai Anon thanks for your input and suggestions, btw, the background is now something approximating parchment. The review itself is now formatted differently, with each type of error spread out. Hopefully, this helps with the readability he mentioned could use improvement. The explanation section has been revamped, so it is no longer written in my best approximation of Legalese. The review output is customisable with respect to what choices you want to use.

I left the old options accessible, but that will disappear unless someone has a compelling reason for the old things to stick around.

Any suggestions regarding the new update would be greatly appreciated. I freely admit that I have absolutely no idea about graphic design, and so I'm probably committing some egregious error with my visual output and any suggestions on how to fix it would be very helpful. Also, I didn't see any when I tested it a couple times, but if anyone is getting errors, let me know and I'll try to fix it as quickly as possible.

As for what most of you don't see, here's what's going on with the code:
The main engine for the code has been completely rewritten, this time with actual documentation, so hopefully this version is readable. The link for the code is the same as the old one, https://github.com/reviewsuggestions/autoreview Thanks to Roger for posting the link in the other threadalthough I apologise to anyone who tried to look at the old thing. It's hideous!

I've also been working on getting functions and classes defined for sentence processing, which should allow the program to recognise a lot more things: short term, LUS, verb tense and agreement; later (possibly) missing/unnecessary commas. The classes are in dictclasses.py.

As a final aside that may be universally relevant, I put a module that allows the program to be used offline.
For those of you using UNIX, you put the text you want to use in a plaintext file in the same directory as the code. Then navigate to the appropriate location in terminal. For a default review, run the program with the name of your text file as an argument: ie if your text is named
you would type in your terminal
python offlineautoreview.py story.txt
and the review will end up in review.html in the same directory. To change options, you put -a after the name of your story file and follow the prompts, so you would type
python offlineautoreview.py story.txt -a
in terminal. The review will end up in the same place.

I have a hackneyed method that works for windows if you don't have python installed and in the names file, but someone else can probably give a more elegant method.
Anyway, for windows, get a version of python 2.x and put all the files in the same directory as your python files, and then using command line, navigate to that directory. Then type the same thing as above, ie
python offlineautoreview.py story.txt
if your story is named "story.txt" for a default review, and
python offlineautoreview.py story.txt -a
for an advanced review.

Finally, actually following the advice of Samurai, I'd like to recruit those interested in helping. For one, I have decided weaknesses in both technical and non-technical aspects necessary for continued development, so getting others on board would help mitigate those weaknesses. Also, I'm not a programmer and while I do want to see this project grow a lot more, it is ranked behind "research" in my free time activities. if research sounds vague and expansive to you, then you are right. As a result, my development progress is very slow and often stops for long periods of time. Having others on board would both keep me accountable to keep working and allow progress even when I decide to stop working on the project for a while.

Anyone is welcome to assist, and considering that I took something like seven months just to update this, I'm not going to be a dick about any sort of deadlines. Basically, as long as you don't actively sabotage the project, you're fine.

If you want to help:

For those with programming abilities/experience:
Obviously, people interested in doing some of the coding would be very helpful. Both working on my ideas and people expanding the code base with ideas of their own. Also, even though there was a rewrite, any suggestions on how the current implementation can be improved or rewritten would be very useful.

Also, even if you don't want to write code for the project, input on how I can better collaborate would be greatly appreciated. I haven't worked a group coding project, so I'm sure I'm quite lacking in several areas. I tried to document the code well, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was some obvious thing that I forgot or didn't think to include in my documentation, so comments and criticism about how to make documentation clearer would be very helpful. Also, it probably rather obvious, but I have no idea what I'm doing with github beyond putting the code up there, so if anyone has suggestions for how I can make the stuff that is up there more accessible or better organised or improve the repository in any way, that would be very helpful.

Finally, I'm relying on security by obscurity to protect against attacks right now. For obvious reasons, I can't discuss details of this here in the open, but if you would like to try to address this, any assistance would be appreciated.

For those without or not wanting to use programming abilities/experience:
As I mentioned above, I have absolutely no ability as a graphic designer, so any advice on how the site/reviews/explanations should look would be excellent. Also, suggestions on functionality or changes in wording, etc would be very helpful as well.

The next part of the project involves creating a dictionary to allow the program to recognise part of speech, conjugations, and other aspects of each word. In order to do this, I'll need to create a dictionary, which in order to be very useful, will have to be fairly large. Writing all of this, even with some automated shortcuts, would be a very long process for one person and it is also inevitable that I would make mistakes. If people would be willing to write some of the entries and/or check the entries for errors I would create a form/template that would make it simple that would speed up development and undoubtedly, keep me interested in the project a lot longer.

If you want to contact me about helping, the project, or for any other reason, you can use either the email in my trip or the one from the app (reviewsuggestions(at)gmail). They both go to the same place, so it doesn't matter which.

Thanks for reading and apologies to anyone who has been waiting for an update on this thing.

tl;dr: App updated. Opinions?
Want to help? Let me know.

On a completely unrelated note, it was surprisingly difficult to find a light-hearted, not-gory zombie pony image. I did my best.

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