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104168 No. 104168
Yo /fic/.

Can you fart some imagination ?

Here's some ideas:
Give them the sixth sense to every one of them. (Pinkie/Spider-man)
Give them signature flowers or plants that they grow by blowing on the soil / or by magic hooves.
Give them a second form: a ghost or an animal.
Make them control animals.(Fluttershy)
Make them able to use the enviroment for magic, such as fog, clouds, moon, fire, etc.
Make them psychics.
Make their hair magical, and shine in the night when they want to.
Make them change their aspect at night / or together with the season/environment.
Make them more inclined to getting a second cutie mark.
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>> No. 104172
>Beyond Her Tomb

My headcanon is that all earth ponies are like this. A pegasus can grow basil; an earth pony can start a basil plantation.

I don't want earth ponies to have an obviously magical power. The whole idea of them is that they're, pun completely intended, down-to-earth. Besides, if Friendship is Magic then all ponies have some kind of latent magic going on.
>> No. 104173
File 133814668413.jpg - (4.23KB , 187x169 , 1332242871009.jpg )

Or just make them quirky and memorable characters, with more depth andcharisma to them, than "overpowered" pegasi and unicorns?
>> No. 104175
Word of Faust is that they have a special connection with the Earth and are good at growing plants and stuff. They're also arguably physically stronger.

Dangerous Business had that Stand Firm thing.
>> No. 104176
File 133814806598.png - (119.16KB , 489x388 , Twilight Fart.png )
>Can you fart some imagination?

Erm....that's one way of putting it, I guess. Pic related? Why do I even have that pic saved?

Well, to be honest, there's only one thing I can think of...I think that Earth Ponies are, overall, stronger than Unicorns and Pegasuseseseseseseses. Applejack won every strength contest in the Iron Pony competition, Big Mac pulled a freaking house, etc etc. They just naturally have a stronger muscular structure since Pegasii can fly everywhere and Unicorns use magic.


Honestly, this is the best way to go. If you're looking for a way to make an earth pony character more interesting, you don't need to give them physical attributes...you can make them interesting in a variety of other ways. They don't need to be psychic, or have animal control, or have magic hair, etc etc.
>> No. 104178
File 133814901279.jpg - (48.41KB , 500x500 , 1296107502380.jpg )
Brian confirmed for having fart/bad smells fetish.

To put it into D'n'D terms, if pegasi get the most racial abilities, and unicorns the most skills, earth ponies have the most points to spend on attributes. I've also always enjoyed the idea of unicorns being the smarterest (hurr hurr), but earth ponies having the ability to cook up the wild contraptions in the first place (and, in the case of Pinkie, build them, too).
>> No. 104180
File 133814950021.png - (206.90KB , 506x468 , WHY.png )

Ew no thank you.

I would actually think that Earth Ponies are best at putting things together almost out of necessity. Unicorns can use magic to do whatever and Pegasuseseseses can fly, and it seems like most of the stuff they do just relates directly to flying.

Because they don't have either wings or horns, Earth Ponies have always been forced to be more resourceful, which has evolved over time to just being better at designing/creating things. That could sort of be their big hallmark, actually.
>> No. 104181
Where is that copy-pasta of the correct way to pluralize pegasus?
>> No. 104182
File 133814964748.png - (268.62KB , 900x1295 , vote_fluttershy_by_equestria_election-d33t6k1.png )
> Give them the sixth sense to every one of them.
You mean:
Pinkie (empathy), Granny Smith (zap apples), Applejack (apple cultivation), Big Mac (labor organization), Apple Bloom (technology), and Cheerilee (education)?

So almost every Earth Pony who's appeared? Potentially Carrot (baking) and Cup Cake (management) as well?

So, not that much imagination actually.
And yes, most instances of Pinkie Sense are her picking up on events that are about to happen in relation to people.
>> No. 104189
File 133815189814.jpg - (112.82KB , 1000x1000 , 1297924392555.jpg )
Or, if you really want to get technical, pterippi (I believe it can be used for both singular and plural). Pegasus is the name of a pterippi, but was so widely used that it mutated into the actual species name. This is why Microsoft Word tells you to capitalize it, since it's technically a proper noun.
>> No. 104207
Here's my Earth Pony fanon regarding their magic.

Earth Pony Magic - Effects living organic matter. Increase or retard cell growth. Patients under an Earth Pony doctor heal faster. Athletically: greater physical strength and endurance. Earth ponies have substantially longer lives than the other subspecies.
>> No. 104209
Words are defined by usage.

Everyone pluralises to pegasi because in Sonic Rainboom that's what Rainbow Dash used. Notwithstanding that Greek nouns ending in -us typically pluralise to -i.

On topic: I've always said that earth ponies are like humans in Dungeons & Dragons. That is to say, there's nothing special about them. But by not being bound to their speciality, they are able to specialise in anything. Their strength comes from their ambition and will rather than anything that tangibly empowers them.
>> No. 104231
Besides Dangerous Business I really like the takes in:

"The Glass Blower" by Cold in Gardez - seriously, read it. The story is of a craftspony who loses his magic. Earth / unicorn magic is a major plot point.

The Old Castle by Applejinx - I'm not entirely sure that Twilight gets her answers about what makes earth ponies special, but it is a celebration of the amazing things AJ is capable of.

"Watching Paint Dry" by myself - A celebration of earth-pony magic and wealth, in which Apple Bloom is confident in her ability to pick up a house. Sweetie's the math and philosophy pony, and Scootaloo is the group's conscience, but I never doubted for a moment that AB should come across as at least equally competent and the group's leader.


You don't have to make earth ponies better. They're already awesome in their special talents and not really anything special outside of them. Like every other pony.

Earth pony magic is the magic of ordinary things, traditions, hard work, and common sense. Giving them gee-whiz powers kinda spoils that in my opinion. You have to be careful even with Pinkie.

Basically, every single one of the ideas in the OP is heading towards Sueville. That doesn't mean they have to go there, but if an author is actively trying to rid characters of their limitations, that is not a good sign.

Or you could just pull a Fallout: Equestria and quietly ignore non-special-snowflake earth ponies.
>> No. 126186
Just say Pegasi.
>> No. 126189
File 135848095158.jpg - (29.32KB , 300x428 , threadnecro[1].jpg )
Dude, what the crap. This thread is nearly a year old.
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