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105538 No. 105538
#Author #Normal #Sci-fi

I bet none of you guys even remember who I am. ;_;

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>> No. 105540
File 133893399662.png - (104.27KB , 724x792 )
Okay so.

This was reported for having "improper tags", but unfortunately I really don't have the time to figure out by myself which tags are necessary.

Can somebody (like the person who reported it, maybe) help me out on this? I'll be happy to fix the tags, but I simply don't know what to fix.
>> No. 105541
File 133893573161.png - (38.65KB , 344x517 , 132993589287.png )
Read the sticky.

#Author, #Collection: A collection of works to be discussed, either by a single or multiple authors, respectively.
#Discussion: A thread whose purpose is to discuss particular topic. Note: This tag coupled with #Author or #Single Fic is superfluous.
>> No. 105543
It's tagged author because I'd like for there to be discussion of my work and previous work. Or, to be more specific, to see if anyone remembers any of my works.
>> No. 105545
File 133893710368.jpg - (7.63KB , 202x250 , 25667809453.jpg )
A mod asking for help? Well this is new, but I ain't nopony to turn down a request for help, even from a mod. especially from a mod.

... Uh, I see nothing wrong with the tags, other than what Roger pulled from the sticky. Adding #author with #discussion is kinda redundant around here.
>> No. 105546
File 133893796766.png - (118.66KB , 250x554 , bloom87236453254.png )
Thems the rules, sasquatch. I calls 'em as I sees 'em. If I was in charge I'd be breakin' yer neck for that hideous thread pic.
>> No. 105547
File 133893821337.png - (420.22KB , 720x720 )
Thanks for the help. I've decided to remove the #Discussion tag and leave in the #Author tag in compliance with this post from the OP: >>105543

Like I said, the report was a little unclear and that's why I asked for help. In between the miniature /show/ raid, I just didn't have the time to do my own research.
>> No. 105548
>reporting anon
As Roger already answered, I felt the #Discussion tag was superfluous. In addition, the OP implies that the link goes to a story whose genre tags are Normal and Sci-Fi. Would it not make more sense to use the "#Single Fic" tag?

If you want discussion of your work, perhaps you should link to a repository of it. Doing so would make such discussion possible. For now, all we could discuss is if we remember you; I don't. Or the short piece to which you have linked to. Seeing as you provide next to nothing enticing me (or others) to click said link: no synopsis, no open discussion of your story--it's hard for any of us to be interested in opening discourse on the subject.

A well-made OP would go a long way towards remedying this, but generally speaking /fic/ isn't the best place to share your work with the public.
>> No. 105549
I do remember you. You posted that story of the main six going back to the past to meet their ancestors thanks to a spell. It was kind of neat, but then I stopped reading when it stopped updating. Wow... I need to go read it again now.
>> No. 105550
From just the OP, one would say the #Single Fic tag would be more appropriate. But the OP wants the thread to be about him and his previous works as well. I'll leave the tags as is. Thanks for replying.

Okay, now I'm really outta this thread.
>> No. 105553
Well, he has been away for a long time, /fic/ has turned better and more efficient and all that talk, so maybe try to be nicer about it?

I personally don't remember much because it was such a long time since I read the thing, but it wasn't all that bad, it was the first time travelling story I can recall and it did some neat things. I can't remember which right now, so I am trying to find the story again so I can reread it.

Also, what is that which you posted?
>> No. 105557
I think the real question is: Why aren't there rules against that pic in the op?

Damn animu junkies.
>> No. 105558
File 133893946864.jpg - (32.42KB , 640x480 , wakarimasenlol.jpg )
Sorry, I wrote all this stuff: http://www.equestriadaily.com/search/label/Author%3A%20Nukeiffum

Yaay some people remember me! And the thing I posted is the next chapter to that fic. Yep. I'm wanting to get back into writing it again, but I'm still trying to work up the motivation.

pic related.
>> No. 105559
Oh... shiny. Now I have to read the whole thing again thought...

Can you go and post it in Fimfiction? It would make it more public and it will make it easier to download. I suggest posting a chapter a week or so, that way people don't feel daunted by the thing.

And post the other short stories, I love the oldies.

This is a test of something:



>> No. 105560
File 133894015097.png - (429.23KB , 900x650 , animu_high_school_pony_girls_by_shutterflye-d3hweh4.png )
Sugoi desu ne?
>> No. 105562
I'm too busy to figure out FiMFiction so it wouldn't go up anytime soon, sorry. ;_;
>> No. 105565
Ahh, you finally got around to writing again, did you?
Yeah, you should really do what >>105548 says. The only reason this thread hasn't been locked is because !!Applejack doesn't know how the system works. If Pinkie had responded, this thing would be locked or even deleted by now.
>> No. 105573
yeah !!PinkiePie is definitely the most active mod for this board, although I've seen !!Fluttershy quite frequently too.
>> No. 105575
File 133894805530.jpg - (578.42KB , 1958x2917 , WWoio.jpg )
Well, if you know !!Pinkie works around here, then shouldn't you know how to make a thread?
>> No. 105576
File 133894833096.png - (164.91KB , 500x600 )
Can we cut the off-topic chatter about myself and my colleague?

I'll edit the OP's EqDaily link into his post in a moment.
>> No. 105578
File 133894872970.jpg - (7.40KB , 196x257 , 2465798978365423.jpg )
Okie dokie lokie. Couldn't resist
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