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#Discussion #Normal #Sad #Gender Identity
Okay, I messed up the first post. Here's my repost of this fic with the correct tags.

I didn't write this fic, but I felt I had to share it.

The story is that Spike, after the Great Dragon Migration, questions his gender identity and concludes that he's not a boy.

So yeah, contains discussions about being transsexual, gender-queer, and "filly-fooler". Still a well-written fic.

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It was decent. Well-written, a few typos, and Spike seemed a little too wordy for his age. That could possibly be written off due to him living in a library with a book-obssesed unicorn, though. I think I'm just not empathetic enough to really connect with the story, although I'm happy to say that it didn't try to beat the sads into me like so many other emotionally-pandering stories.

On the topic of your thread, don't state it's a retry; mistakes make you look weak and unsure of yourself. I don't know if you care enough to redo it a second time, but keep that in mind if you drop something off here again in the future. Also, keep in mind that you should read the sticky (if you haven't already) sicne we do have a general for story recommendations already made, and it tends to get more traffic than stand-alone threads.
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Strangely, this was already in my queue of 'Things that I will read once I get free time'.
Already watching uberPhoenix because of World Without Rainbows which I'm still behind on and... *sigh*

But yes, Spike's much wordier then I would give credit for his age. Plus misleading tags because it's not really sad.
It would be more heart warming if the story did something, but it's Slice of Life, so that's to be expected. Overall I think the idea is good, the execution is okay, but I'd really want to see where the idea could be taken. It doesn't really do much beyond the coming out phases.

So I don't feel like I wasted my time reading it, but it's not really on recommended list.
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