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Well, I've been heavily contemplating making an author thread for a while now, and I figure I have enough fics to justify my own thread, if only to have a few posts before it descends into oblivion. I look forward to being a massive disappointment compared to other author threads here.

Why should you read my fics? Um, I guess my two EqD fics are sad in a more realistic and relateable way? And my most notable non-EqD FIM Fiction fic I've dubbed a "bleak fic." So, maybe that's enough to get you interested?

Anyway, here are my notable fics that I'm hoping are around above average quality.

One Simple Choice
When Rainbow Dash is offered a high ranking weather position in Cloudsdale, she must choose whether or not to continue down the path of becoming a Wonderbolt, an eventual possible outcome of accepting the job, or remain in Ponyville and risk letting her dreams slip away for good.


Currently a work in progress, and I intend for this to be a massive Rainbow Dash character study. Let's hope I can pull it off. I have a lot planned out for later, but any ideas are greatly appreciated.

The Pursuit of Happiness
No matter how strong the bonds of friendship may be, the unexpected events of life and the call of dreams can still pull friends apart. Only Twilight remains in Ponyville, and she wonders if she'll ever be able to be happy without her friends living in the same town.


You may be noticing a theme with these two fics, hehe.

Immortality doesn't just mean losing every pony close to you. It also means watching the world crumble to dust.


So there's my quality stuff. For other stuff of lesser quality that I am ashamed of, check out my FIM Fiction page:


So, enjoy, I guess?
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