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#Discussion #Normal #Sad #Shipping #Teen Pregnancy
This story takes place several years after the current time in the show, when Spike and Apple Bloom are teenagers. The story follows their relationship, but things take a serious turn when Apple Bloom becomes pregnant with Spike's child.


It's a very well-written fic. Obviously since this deals with teen pregnancy the tone is pretty heavy, but the author does a good job presenting conflicts.

There are some parts I'm unsure of, such as Rarity's rather bigoted viewpoint on Spike and Bloom's inter-species relationship, although I'll have to concede that it probably IS in-character of her to feel that way.

For the record, the story is pretty tame in spite of the subject matter.
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>> No. 106261
In a similar vein, I recommend Birthright, which is a short story about Rarity seeing the doctor after she becomes pregnant with Spike's child.

To understand the whole story, you'll want to read his other fic, Tales, which is also an excellent read. However, it's not necessary to understanding Birthright; it only sheds some light on Spike's current standing.

Nice to see a half-decent story discussion thread. I might just give it a read just because you actually put some effort into it.
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I actually rather enjoyed it.
>> No. 106276
One thing I find interesting about this fic is that pregnancy ISN'T presented as all sunshine and flowers. It actually dwells into negative consequences teen pregnancy holds, especially in Apple Bloom's nature (since it's a pony/dragon hybrid).

I'm impressed that the author even brought up abortion as an option.

In short, this is a pretty emotional story.
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