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106597 No. 106597
#Discussion #Research
So, I have been working on my Mane 6. Specifically, I am trying to get their dialogue to sound natural. The key, I think, is to have a handle on their idioms. I started with Applejack, as she is the most distinct of the Mane 6.

Then I thought you all might like to see the entire list of canonical idioms for Applejack from the first two seasons. I will post what I derived from the MLP Wiki transcripts, broken down into a few simple categories.
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>> No. 106598
File 133963609217.jpg - (30.41KB , 500x416 , clever_smile.jpg )
little whippersnapper
silly lil' filly
>> No. 106599
File 133963616765.png - (402.90KB , 666x720 , impatient_apple.png )
Aw shucks
Boy howdy
Darn tootin'
Good gravy
Great galloping galoshes
Heavens to Betsy
Hey y'all
Hoho there
how in thunderation
Land sakes
Nuts n' shrews
Oh pony feathers
Oh, hayseed!
Spittin' snakes
Well wallop my withers
Well, looky there
Well, uh... I'll be
What in Equestria
What in tarnation
What in the hay
Why, shoot
You betcha
>> No. 106601
File 133963626354.png - (654.08KB , 1920x1080 , long_stare.png )
a few apples short of a bushel
All hat and no cattle
apples aren't gonna shake themselves outta the trees
color me pleased as punch
couldn't hit a barn door with that
get your mane in a tangle
gettin' all worked up over nothin'
Hold on just one pony pickin' minute
in the name of all things cinnamon swirled
in the name of all things oats 'n apples
just spoutin' a lot of hooey
Kick 'em up, kick 'em out. Buck 'em up, buck 'em down.
like caramel on a candy apple
showin' it off like a school filly with fancy new ribbons
spit yer bit or somethin'
sweatier than a pig wrangler on a summer's day
take this bull by the horns
till the cows come home
tootin' her own horn louder then the brass section of a marching band
Trussed up like a turkey
Y'all wouldn't know if it came up and bit'cha
>> No. 106602
File 133963639013.png - (312.67KB , 529x636 , something_afoot.png )
a bang-up tale
a doozy of a downpour
a heap good more
a hill of beans
a hog-sized surprise
a hoof-wrassle
a hoot
a little somethin'
a mite stubborn
a pain in the patootie
a storm's a-brewin' here
all saddle sore about
all the ruckus
all the time in the world
all worked up
be there lickety-split
being orchard folk and all
bona fide
Bucky McGillicuddy and Kicks McGee
chowin' our tasty vittles
creepy mumbo-jumbo
doing A-okay
Enough of this gab
ever laid eyes on
fair and square
fancy-schmancy vittles
feudin' and fightin'
Folk say
Get along, little doggie
gilding the lily
hit the hay
hoof-lickin' good
how you do it down here on the farm
Hunker down
I reckon
I'd give my left hind leg
I'm a-comin'
just ain't natural
just dandy
mighty big of you
Mighty respectable
my durned eyes are gonna pop right out of my head
no big whoop
peachy all the same
powerful late
round up our critters
rustle 'em up
Simmer down, Sally
skidaddle on home
so gun-ho
speakin' in fancy
stinkin' thinkin'
stop sweatin' the small stuff
sure as sugar
take a bite out of this job
Thank ya kindly
That's good eatin'
up for it and all
wait just a goll-darn minute
wear my old work duds
we're plum grateful
what can I do you for
Whoa there, Nelly
Winona, put 'em up
>> No. 106604
File 133963647157.png - (252.96KB , 750x750 , learned_nothing_cheers.png )
If somepony finds this useful, I will continue through the rest of the Mane 6. If not, then let the thread sage and I will get the hint.
>> No. 106609
File 133963740228.png - (23.95KB , 211x211 , OHUFluttershy.png )
I actually quite like this.
>> No. 106612
I definitely agree that you should continue with this. This could be a very useful tool for adding a little authenticity to character dialogue.

I recommend putting all these together on Google Doc for easier reference, too.
>> No. 106613
File 133963804672.png - (181.94KB , 376x739 , 133956258842.png )
I find this very useful. I've often had difficulty writing applejack's lines, because coming up with one of her silly sayings on the spot is kinda hard. This should be linked on the sticky.
>> No. 106615
File 133963858215.png - (180.00KB , 413x514 , scootaloo hmm.png )
You could pull out some of these and place them under the category of descriptors. Such as:
Doozy of a downpour
hill of beans
hog sized surprise

Some others could be placed under a secondary category, (name tbd)
a mite stubborn
all saddle sore
all worked up
bona fide

And others as well. I'm not so good with the naming, but I can see several categories you could separate this into.
>> No. 106616
File 133963860425.gif - (495.34KB , 283x119 , e72p9.gif )
This. Columns for maximum ease of reading, please.
Was about to ask if you could make them alphabetized, then I realized you had already done just that. I tip my hat to you, for you are a gentleman and a scholar.
>> No. 106643
It's kinda funny how the character that uses some of the most stereotypical idioms is the hardest to write.

Useful list. Just hope writers don't see it and start abusing these things in their stories.
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