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106665 No. 106665
Previous thread >>101097

Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the eleventh installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Disclaimer: Our knowledge of quantum physics is limited, so please try to keep questions on that subject to a minimum.

I’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: Depends entirely on how many pre-readers have free time and how interesting the story looks. Could be an hour, could be a week.

Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
A: Yes. If you feel that we were incorrect in some assessment of your story or you wish to discuss possible revisions, feel free to bring it up in a reply email. Just try to be polite about it.
Oh, you can also send a reply to just say “Thank you.” We like that.

Q: What’s the criteria for a 6-star story?
A: Average rating of 4.9+ after 50+ ratings. If your story is at this point, email Seth and he’ll add the 6-star tag.

Q: My story was rejected despite the fact that my FimFiction/DeviantArt/Fanfiction.net audience loves it. What’s the deal with that?
A: Congratulations on having a story that’s well liked! However, Equestria Daily tends to have much higher quality standards than the sites mentioned above. Don’t be upset about being rejected; use it as an opportunity to make your story even better. We’ll be happy to look at it again once edits have been made.

Q: How does the Three Strike policy work?
A: Authors have three chances to submit their work before we stop adding it to the pre-reader queue. Every rejection counts as one “strike”. The idea is to have authors edit their work sufficiently -before- submitting it. We’re not editors, and there’s been a growing issue with authors thinking we are. Bear in mind that if a story is -really- close to being approved and is on its third strike, we’ll give it a bit of leeway. This policy is more to cover stories that haven’t had any significant changes made despite multiple submissions.

Q: Can I ask who my pre-reader was?
A: Yes, but they’re not obligated to tell you. Some of us prefer to remain anonymous.

Q: I was told to post my story on FimFiction. Why is that?
A: Generally when we recommend FimFiction it’s because we believe a story will do better there than it would on Equestria Daily. Don’t be offended. EqD and FimFiction just serve different purposes. And yes, you can submit different stories to us for review.

Q: Do you ban/blacklist authors?
A: No. However, in cases where authors have been particularly rude to us or the blogponies, we generally wait for some sort of apology before looking at their work again.

Q: Can I touch the beard?
A: We do not have the authority to handle beard-related matters. Please forward all beard inquiries to Twilight Snarkle.

Q: Who is best pony?
A: Oprah.
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>> No. 106667
Oh hey I put the subject in the wrong box. Go me.
>> No. 106672
File 133964848451.jpg - (102.34KB , 800x695 , AllLunaslove.jpg )

Don't worry. I still love you.

Creds to the artist of best pony.
>> No. 106673
File 133964850209.png - (370.24KB , 844x792 , confuseddash3.png )
>> No. 106674
File 133964850997.jpg - (509.84KB , 907x611 , 35947 - applejack artist-riftryu rainbow_dash.jpg )
>> No. 106680
File 133964917404.jpg - (26.95KB , 311x311 , 0n8gFzIGG0qQg-qhXIaqUw2.jpg )
>> No. 106682
File 133964978872.jpg - (15.59KB , 210x212 , scootalooyoumustbenewhere.jpg )
Indeed, most of us do.
>> No. 106690
File 133965121694.gif - (29.96KB , 221x281 , ICY_HOT_BACK_PATCH_lg.gif )
dear prereader(s): what is your favorite kind of poop from a pony and why
>> No. 106695
File 133965171553.jpg - (59.46KB , 404x394 , 1328302129918.jpg )
>> No. 106696
So, We've gone from Nicholas Cage to Oprah. Fantastic

I demand this question be answered!
>> No. 106701

mine is the goopy kind they make when they share friendship. I like it because even though it gets everywhere and on everything, it is from a pony and therefore without flaw.
>> No. 106705

>see this post out of context
>terrible thoughts
>context ends up being just as terrible as my thoughts
>> No. 106706
File 133965346330.jpg - (333.35KB , 472x999 , spoiler.jpg )
They both have a common theme:
>> No. 106708
>> No. 106714
File 133965987831.gif - (1.74MB , 352x264 , 1694ac947f6a116e93fcbcf92e7480d1.gif )
I love you.
>> No. 106761
Do fics ever get picked up without submission to EqD?
>> No. 106762
What is that comic from...
>> No. 106763
What kinds of stories and styles do you prefer to see (personally)? Are there any that are your particular favorite(s)?
>> No. 106768
It hasn't happened yet, but it's not impossible. It's just that most popular fics that we'd want on the blog end up getting submitted to us anyway, so we've never had to contact an author directly.

I love comedy fics that manage to keep the tone of the show. Unfortunately it seems like everyone would rather write grimdark or generic HiE nowadays.
>> No. 106773
File 133970816399.gif - (682.64KB , 853x480 , foreverhug.gif )
I prefer longer adventure fics that either have a shipping, or an element of real, physical danger (but not grimdark or dark necessarily) to them. Maybe I'm shallow but that helps me build emotional connections with their situations in a way that I prefer, compared to purely episodic adventure stuff.

And Shipping I just really like in general.
>> No. 106794
When someone submits a long story. Do you prefer that they submit the entire work all at once? Or do you prefer if the author submits it in installments?
>> No. 106795
I love me, too.

Do you really want to know?
>> No. 106805
File 133972026506.jpg - (84.89KB , 1055x330 , Shutterfly[1].jpg )
>> No. 107001
So I recently submitted a story called "W.O.M.P." which was reviewed by pre-reader Seattle. This story makes repeated use of the onomatopoeia (holy crap, I spelled that right the first time) "FWOMP!"

Seattle told me that I should avoid using onomatopoeia except when totally necessary, but I actually had a reason for using them rather than narrating the sound effect. In essence, the nature of the story's plot makes the dialogue the focus rather than the narration. The use of sound effects over narration was to make this seem more like a TV show (or perhaps something along the lines of the "Portal" games).

Wow, that explanation turned out to be way longer than I intended. Well, long story short, here's my question: if I fixed all the other issues Seattle listed, but I wanted to leave the onomatopoeia in there for the sake of retaining the story's style, would that get me rejected a second time, or is it not that big of an issue?
>> No. 107005
File 133978647938.png - (72.94KB , 480x429 , mlfw632_130998747586.png )
Some asshole is using my moniker?! What the shit pre-readers? I demand a stop to this injustice immediately.

My personal outrage aside for the moment Josh, I'm sure that if you fixed up the actual errors, and made decent and rational argument for why the usage is so important to you and your story (which you just did) it's more than likely the douchebag guy will let it pass.
>> No. 107008

Wait... maybe it's the fact that my brain is running on "minimum" right now, but that wasn't actually you who reviewed my story? Or are you joking?
>> No. 107014
File 133978796641.png - (83.73KB , 387x466 , 131140349015.png )
> but that wasn't actually you who reviewed my story? Or are you joking?
Absolutely not.

>either way mate, I'm sure you're golden
>> No. 107021
Building upon this, if the first installment of a fic is approved, does the rest of the fic have a better chance of making it through the pre-reading process?

(I don't forsee a problem like this in my current project, but I figured I'd ask just in case)
>> No. 107024
File 133979017494.png - (182.08KB , 873x915 , Rainbow Derp.png )
Why many of you guys whine a lot about characters being OoC, when you even accept F/F shipfics... I mean... they'll never have the hots for each other. That's out of character as well. Isn't it?

Or why do F/F shipfics get approved then?
>> No. 107029
Additional chapters aren't pre-read.

I don't think you understand what Out of Character means.

If you define OOC as "This wouldn't happen on the show," then almost every fanfic would be defined as OOC.

Our definition is "In a given situation, would this character react in this way? If not, is there sufficient explanation to justify their reaction?" Depending on how the author presents the story, I don't think it's a huge stretch to assume that very close friends might be attracted to eachother somewhat. If Twilight finds herself becoming more attracted to Rarity, so she awkwardly beats around the issue and never actually does anything, I'd call that in character. On the other hand, if Twilight decides instead of pull off some death-defying stunt to prove her love, that would be OOC because the Twilight we know doesn't act like that.

On the subject of F/F shipping (since you mentioned that gender combination specifically, I'm assuming you have some issue with homosexuality): until the characters on the show outright say they are all heterosexual and have no attraction to eachother, we will not place any sort of ban on same-gender shipping because it is not inherently OOC.

You can define OOC however you want, but we're not going to change because of it.
>> No. 107034
File 133979549105.png - (53.37KB , 750x531 , numbers.png )




>Thanks for your support, and I hope you keep enjoying my work regardless of what the retards over there think it's 'good'. (like Twilight gets the featured box metashit).

>Nah, they don't deserve my attention. And no, not depressed or angered, just frustrated.

>But just to clear things, I'm not complaining because it got rejected.
>I'm complaning because of the stupid reasons of why they rejected it
>> No. 107044
My, someone is really stupid with their whining. They even got irony wrong.
But hey, we are all nice and congenial people here, not trying to ridicule anyone, right?
>> No. 107048

>They even got irony wrong.

>> No. 107051
Second link deleted? Oh you.

Make that two who don't know what irony is. One is a pre-reader, the other is an unknown but chances he is too but won't share his name. Let us take a look:

>Verbal irony:
>When a speaker says one thing but he means another.

1.)Deistar is reject for a F/F story.
2.)Bitches about it.
3.)Goes then to ask how F/F isn't OC (of should be excluded) because it wouldn't happen in the show.
5.) He said those things and meant something else.

>Dramatic Irony:
>When an event's importance is evident to the reader but not the characters.

Alternative provided by other link.
>Dramatic irony:
>1. irony that is inherent in speeches or a situation of a drama and is understood by the audience but not grasped by the characters in the play.

1.)Deistar is reject for a F/F story.
2.)Bitches about it.
3.)Goes then to ask how F/F isn't OC (of should be excluded) because it wouldn't happen in the show.
5.)Breaks the meta barrier and makes us part of a story, where we (or the anon?) knows the importance of the sequence of events and Deistar doesn't. Or we don't. Or the anon. The point is that someone knows, the other one doesn't and they apparently exist on another literary plane. Or something to that effect.

>Situational irony:
>When an event's expect result is instead reverse by the event itself.

1.)Deistar is reject for a F/F story.
2.)Bitches about it.
3.)Goes then to ask how F/F isn't OC (of should be excluded) because it wouldn't happen in the show.
5.) Ehmm. I don't even know. He got the answer he wanted. And the hate was to be expect from the pre-readers. Maybe he intended to be vindicated by clearly showing them the error of their ways, and shine the light for a brighter non F/F future, instead getting shot down and becoming a target of mockery?

>Inspiring irony
>When people who do irony wrong try to explain how they didn't.

Huh, would you look at that?

Deistar is a hypocrite, but you both are being petulant and wrong to boot.
>> No. 107052

And when the fuck did I submit a F/F shipfic?

Answer: never did, never will.
>> No. 107054
Thank you for the lesson. Irony (like literally) is one of those words that people always use incorrectly.

Though, I'm unclear as to where we are "hating" on Dei. He insulted us, asked a non-question because he was bitter, and received a non-insulting answer. I don't really see where the hate comes in.
>> No. 107055

I do admit I was frustrated the first time I submitted a fic. And yes, many people agree that your site sucks. (now I'm insulting)

However, that's not the reason why I asked the question.

As I said, I never submitted a F/F ship. And if I used the F/F ship as example, was because that's an impossible canon ship.

You guys need to calm down.
>> No. 107056
This person >>107051 is not a pre-reader.
>> No. 107057
I'm very calm, I assure you. I just don't appreciate it when people refer to legitimate criticism as "whining", as you did in your first post in this thread. I've already answered your original question about F/F shipping and why we do not define it as OOC.

If you have no further questions, I thank you for visiting the "Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything" thread. We hope to hear from you again soon.
>> No. 107058
>this thread
>this post
>> No. 107059
File 133980813888.jpg - (24.14KB , 682x400 , Nicolas_Cage_948284a.jpg )
By the power of Nic Cage, I hereby declare this drama... over!
>> No. 107060
File 133980823668.gif - (29.35KB , 256x192 , MilesEdgeworthBow.gif )

Thanks for your time and for your answer. I'm sorry you had to witness that. And I assure you I learned my "lesson"
Have a nice day.
>> No. 107062
question time

dear prereaders
If you have one fic and it was had gotten submitted without you thinking maybe it wasn't such a good fic but it hasd potential but then it turns out that the whole time the author was actually Hitler what would you do
>> No. 107063
I know. Ignoring some contrive argument, I can only presume they were going about you whinning about rejection while being reject, so I presume the easiest way was for same content. So, you, it's more evident the flaw?

No sweating from my part, I hate when people try to act passive-aggresive, it's a sign of a bloody idiot. I also hate people who insist on being wrong, and I really hate people who try to hide who they are to be assholes.

And to finish this, not refering to the post, just saying hating him is justified becsause, well, you can read.

Not yet, no. Maybe later, I might need to convince an editor first before I try posting stories. And even then I don't care much about EqD, I want this to not sound offensive but the whole things seems like an exercise in attention-horsing. Only thing that would make it worth it is the very few critical commenters, but even it just sounds too much like a popularity contest with a veneer of quality to my taste. Keep the good work though, just one guy and his opinion.

>> No. 107064
>Not a pre-reader.

They would make him a pre-reader to show the world how tolerant they are, because Hitler is clearly one of them. Then they would reject his story.
>> No. 107065
File 133981134984.png - (26.64KB , 664x375 , Ironic.png )


>They would make him a pre-reader to show the world how tolerant they are, because Hitler is clearly one of them.

Oh god, Hitler is making more Hitler pre-readers? Will his depravity never end? I'll have to talk to him at the next board meeting.
>> No. 107067
I thought a demonstration of good will was in order.

And does anyone have that picture of how conservatives think gays work? It applies, the method I mean.
>> No. 107068
File 133981222906.jpg - (45.35KB , 470x352 , drinks.jpg )

****, I missed the drama.

Oh, it's okay. You can all have something to drink and calm yourselves anyways.
>> No. 107069
>write story
>submit to EqD
>>I am currently unable to recommend your work for publication on Equestria Daily:
>>you can't put question marks in front of em-dashes because they can't be used for aposiopesis
>>you can't hyphenate adverbs and colour modifiers
>>you can't have a character think and speak in different sociolects

What do?
>> No. 107071

From the OP of this thread:
>Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
>A: Yes. If you feel that we were incorrect in some assessment of your story or you wish to discuss possible revisions, feel free to bring it up in a reply email. Just try to be polite about it.
>> No. 107074
Actually, after double checking my inbox, I see you've already responded. Someone will get around to looking at your story again (and writing a response to your response) within a few days.
>> No. 107075

>you can't put question marks in front of em-dashes because they can't be used for aposiopesis

An aposiopesis used with an em-dash in conjunction with other end punctuation is generally considered an archaic construction and rarely appears in published fiction. The reason for this is that em-dash is considered not only an indicator of an interruption, but also a substitute for an end punctuation. The reason some of us may consider this wrong is because there is a cardinal rule of having only one end punctuation per sentence, and since the em-dash is taking up that area, it is violating that rule.

Or, another argument could be made that since the question is incomplete by design, it should not have end punctuation that misleads it to seem complete.

Generally, you can just omit the question mark and it won't affect the manuscript at all. However, I doubt you'll be rejected solely on those grounds, so if you have a good reason for that punctuation style, we'll listen to it.

>at this point Cassius realizes Daff already answered this question

>you can't hyphenate adverbs and colour modifiers

Like, how?

>you can't have a character think and speak in different sociolects

Unless it's established the person is putting on an act and is obviously suffering from cognitive dissonance throughout the story, you'll be called out as having your characters being inconsistent.
>> No. 107102
Quick question:
My fanfic was recently conditionally accepted, but the introduction was labeled as "very purple and slow-paced."

...what does "very purple" mean, exactly?
>> No. 107112

>> No. 107165
If I've got a story on EQD, and it's also uploaded on FiMF, can I get the two linked? By which I mean, in addition to the GDoc links on EQD, there'd also be a link to the FiMF upload of the story. I feel like I've seen that in other stories (omitting the ones that just have a direct link to FiMF), but I'm not sure. Would I just need to include the extra link in a story update email?
>> No. 107198
Who or what the hay is LUS? Just curious.
>> No. 107202

Not a pre-reader, but this may be of assistance:
>> No. 107203

Sure, but be very specific with your wording with what you want done, otherwise your request will probably get glossed over.


Have a delicious copy-pasta:

Avoid Lavender Unicorn Syndrome. Lavender Unicorn Syndrome is what happens when, instead of using your characters name or a pronoun, you repeatedly use other descriptors for them. You only have to describe your characters once, and again if something about them changed. Just remember that “Lavender Unicorn Syndrome” affects hundred of ponies every year. Symptoms include cyan pegasi, white alicorns, and of course, lavender unicorns. But there is hope. Ask Nurse Redheart if new and improved PRONOUNS® are right for you. Side effects include better writing, love and adoration of fans, acceptance to EqD, glitter cannons, and dry mouth. PRONOUNS®. Because having a lavender unicorn is no way to go through life.
>> No. 107259
Okay, so here's a question I've been itching to ask for ages.

A long time ago, I submitted a fic to EqD that was initially titled "Paradise." It was later rechristened "Timeless" on account of there being a story called Paradise already on the blog. It has yet another new title now: "Amaranthine."

I noticed one of the new fic guidelines for EqD was a resounding "No 'brony in Equestria" stories. My story was sort of that, but it's quite a bit more complex. In all honesty, the fact that one of the characters was a brony was just going to be a sidebar for the true purpose of the plot.

The story was rejected because the pre-reader who reviewed it thought it was a self-insert, but it actually wasn't. I guess that's irrelevant to the actual question, though.

Geez, how do I always end up writing novels whenever I ask a question here? Anyway, my question is this: would EqD ever consider accepting this story as is? If I were to make the human character just a human as opposed to being a brony, would it still violate the rule? I'm asking because I really enjoyed writing this, but I'd rather not waste my time on it if only twenty or so people are going to see the updates.
>> No. 107270
The "No Brony in Equestria" thing is not a new rule. We've had that for months now. Seth just never added it to the submission guidelines until recently.

Your story was not rejected for being a self-insert. We have no rule against self-inserts.

As long as the human in question has no knowledge of My Little Pony, the story will not be in violation of the rule.
>> No. 107342
File 133994911298.gif - (423.50KB , 509x406 , Cheerilee Derp.gif )
So a quick question...

The first chapter of a fic that I had posted on EQD had the tags of [Normal-Slice of Life] and [Sad].

However, I think that with the second chapter, the tags have changed a bit...namely, that [Sad] I think would fit better as [Semi-Sad].

When I send in my update e-mail, how should I ask for my tags to be changed? Is it even possible to change a tag once it's been featured on EQD, especially changing it to something like [Semi-Sad] that isn't featured on the normal tag list?
>> No. 107343
I'm not sure. When you send the update to [email protected], ask them.
>> No. 107371
Here's a question that I must ask anonymously in case you guys get mad, though I hope you won't. I just need to know.

Why the heck are a good 11 or 12 of the EQD prereaders in the "I hate Equestria Daily" group on FimFiction? If you guys hate it, what possesses you to work for it?

This really bothers me because I will admit I ADORE Equestria Daily and everything it does and everyone who works there, including the prereaders.
>> No. 107372
File 133996081784.jpg - (18.31KB , 452x339 , 3327680+_13acb23c760a88a5fd38ae02ba10bdf9.jpg )
>> No. 107375
I'm not sure if you're kidding or not. Just in case you're serious:

They joined in order to comment on the group and (hopefully) make the members realize that we're not nazis that eat orphans. So far it hasn't been very successful.
>> No. 107377
Okay so just to be clear here:
You guys are only in there to try to stand up for your reputations from people who think you're unfair, and not actually because you dislike the system you're part of?
>> No. 107378
>> No. 107390
That a stupid thing to do. You are going into a group specifically made in order to hate you guys to tell them that they shouldn't hate you. I don't know with whom you normally interact, specially when you practically go make jest of the whole thing, but rather than helping people see they shouldn't hate you they probably are just seeing you as some sort of terrible cancer trying to push your weight around.

What you should do is try to get them to tell you why they hate the place, how would they fix it, and discuss that. This might not actually change EqD, but fuck is it better than to go into the place waving sarcasm like limp dicks because people will see you as rational rather than elitist dicks because you actually care to listen to them than go "nope, you are wrong, hope you can still suck our dicks. Also, here are my friends dicks too."
>> No. 107393
Your opinion has been noted.

Personally, I don't really think joining the group was a good idea. I figure if they hate us for stupid reasons, nothing we can say will change that. Some other pre-readers thought differently. That's their choice. It's not like this was an organized effort on the part of Equestria Daily to bomb their group or something. A few pre-readers on their personal FimFic accounts decided to do this.
>> No. 107395
File 133996305169.png - (69.68KB , 729x520 , Prereader Hatered Revolution.png )
If they're butthurt enough to join a "I hate prereaders" group, chances are, they aren't rational enough to effect change that would go beyond "my fic got accepted, I'm good."

Ergo, the only thing is to go into the group and make sure some of the more outrageous claims get debunked.
>> No. 107396
File 133996319908.jpg - (49.52KB , 743x597 , 133642537735.jpg )
Well, if they do the former, it'll take a lot of effort to only have a chance at appeasing a bunch of whiney douchenozzles. If they do the latter, there's the chance of a free bj.

I dunno 'bout you, but...
>> No. 107412
Heh... tell me more about myself. Never mind the fact that your combative tone, combined with your rampant ignorance, answers the question of "why it's difficult to be amicable with the Prereader haters." I love to hear the sound of your rustled jimmies, especially because it sounds like an amusing worldview of myself.
>> No. 107414
>not a PR caveat
It's the pre-readers' job to reject stories, not to find good ones. That's one of the fundamental things that many people don't understand. >imho

If PR's were searching for stories, then contacting authors to see if they were interested in EqD featuring their work, then they would be looking for good stories, but their role is to reject the vast majority of stories. Simply from a numbers perspective, that has to be their job, because otherwise a feature on EqD would mean less than it does now.
>> No. 107424
>Post got deleted. Well, shucks.

Ignorance of what? You? The pre-readers? A good read? Cause I would love to know.

That sounded combative? Y'need tougher skin, son, you can't go try to act tough if you can't take a few shots from the back. If you can't talk to a person who talks like you, guess where the other stand?

As for jimmies, don't see anyone deleting your comments elsewhere, so I'm pretty sure whose jimmies were rustled.

All this doesn't stop the whole stunt from being the most stupid thing you guys could have tried.

I'm going to be completely frank here: I have no bloody clue who you are, I haven't seen your name anywhere important, and I don't see you saying much of interest which isn't just an echo of the pre-readers. Mind that, cause I'm taking whatever you say with a grain of salt. Or two. Maybe a tequila shot. Everyone up for tequila?

You see EqD? That place where stories get posted? Those stories ain't there because they got there by flying through flak and surviving a barrage, they are selected as the best of the best, which is why good, old, boring repeats aren't posted there. Whole point sethisto gave them a robe and a wizard hat was so they choose the stories to post for him, not because he thought it would be fun to have people be rejected. Rejection happens as an after-effect from the choosing. If they aren't choosing stories, why in the devils name we have pre-readers for?
>> No. 107428

>>107414 is correct. Our job is to reject stories. That's why Seth added pre-readers in the first place. He was getting too many fics to post, so he hired some people to reject the ones that weren't that good. Over time those standards rose from "Is this written in english?" to "Is this one of the best fics this fandom has produced?"

And thank you for mentioning that the stunt was stupid. I didn't quite catch it the first two times. It seems you're fishing for an argument, and I must regretfully inform you that you're not going to find it here. Thank you, and have a nice day.
>> No. 107437
>I have no bloody clue who you are, I have no bloody clue who you are, I haven't seen your name anywhere important, and I don't see you saying much of interest which isn't just an echo of the pre-readers.
What does that have to do with anything? You're posting anonymously; I'm not. I just happen to be someone with an opinion, and I feel like sharing it. Just because I'm not a big name anywhere you think I shouldn't say anything? I won't tread on any more toes here and just refer you to Daff's response. >>107428
>> No. 107438
>I don't see your posts being deleted
Because I usually refrain from personal attacks, all things considered.

But no, I didn't report your post to the mods. Your self-righteous butthurt was too entertaining to be offensive.

As for "ignorance," I'd start with pretty much the entire situation, especially when you try to convince us that there's something to be gained by pandering to the demands of people who act like you.
>> No. 107444
Not what Sethisto said when he got the first thirteen, but sure son, no fight is fine.
>> No. 107472

This post is why I come to this thread: to see posters freak out about something that there's no sense freaking out about.

Broseph, the ponies at EqD are performing a public service, not trying to build up dreams and then destroy them. I've talked (albeit briefly) with a couple of pre-readers, and their job sounds like hell. They volunteer to read hundreds of sup-par stories per month so EqD readers can get the best of the best. Absolutely, it's in their job description to reject stories. It's just like the thousands of students who apply to universities like Princeton and Harvard every year: lots of stories need to be rejected. Otherwise, it's not exclusive, and the readers aren't getting the best experience possible. As for that whole "stories aren't going through a barrage" bit... have you ever submitted to EqD? Stories absolutely survive a barrage.

I'm with Nick and Daffodil on this one; you do have a combative tone. These people are offering their time free of charge to do something good in the community, so I highly suggest you change your attitude.
>> No. 107495
This, bro.

Look, I may take slight issue with the way some PRs deliver their reviews, but I applaud them for what they do. If your, or my, story ain't good enough, I don't want it on EqD.
>> No. 107499
File 133998320748.jpg - (62.25KB , 485x384 , alg_actor_nicholas-cage.jpg )
>> No. 107538
File 133998791293.png - (66.93KB , 325x408 , Thumb up.png )

We got yo' back, bro.
>> No. 107634
Yesterday my fic has reached the requirements to get the 6 star tag: Seth emailed me that everything was fine with it and that he'd "bump it in the next wave".
Now, I really don't want to look like "that guy" and all, but I checked the story updates and there's nothing about it; the story itself is still 5 star rated and in the archive it still says the same.
How much does someone have to wait for a tag update and is it mentioned somewhere? Thanks in advance, I don't want to bother Seth with this since he's so full of other more important mail.
>> No. 107645
The promotion to six star won't make a fic update unless you ALSO send in new content. I figure by "next wave" he means the next time he adds star tags to stories. If it hasn't happened after a few days, email him.
>> No. 107699
Ok, I don't post often and you would probably not recognize my name, but I still hope this post will have more weight if I write it anonymously so it can't be ascribed to sycophancy or other flavours of ass-licking:

Daff, I really, really, really appreciate the time and energy you're sinking into the PR work you're doing here. You're terrific. Please don't change.
>> No. 107702
File 134005914994.png - (89.09KB , 379x360 , 130258001088.png )
>other flavours of ass-licking
>> No. 107704
Anonymous praise is sadly always ass-licking.

That said, what's the difference between praise and ass-licking?
>> No. 107706
File 134006156477.gif - (365.59KB , 125x125 , 1297149439437.gif )
Awwwww <3 Thank you.
>> No. 107728
File 134006451255.gif - (2.08MB , 500x281 , 171455 - animated A_Canterlot_Wedding celestia go_on rape_face twilight_sparkle.gif )
>> No. 107808

The difference is I have high standards with regard to who I praise.
>> No. 107822
So... pretty much the same thing?

>> No. 108059
>> No. 108065
File 134030816806.png - (50.69KB , 200x200 , Cyclops Pony.png )
ITT: a bucket of what

Dear pre-readers: why do so many people take ponies so deadly seriously?
>> No. 108083
File 134032113836.png - (384.91KB , 900x900 , you_think_this_is_a_game__by_speccysy-d4sg6sp[1].png )
Because it is serious business.
>> No. 108092
Not serious
Very serious
>> No. 108098
File 134032501740.png - (16.23KB , 150x138 , mlfw1828-GTFO_Celestia.png )
>not serious
>> No. 108106
I personally blame whoever went around trying to make people increase their writing skills, set standards, made writing good actually be a goal people felt like having, and just made people start thinking critically about their work.

Ponies are only as serious as your ability to think of a pony called White Squirt.
>> No. 108216
How would you like your paragraphs? Empty lines - yes or no? With or without indents?
>> No. 108218
Alright, this one goes out to all the pre-readers.

What is one of the best ways a writer has shown their thanks and appreciation for what you do?
Or has anyone even given thanks? If not, I'll unceremoniously thank you. Thank you
>> No. 108238
File 134046365370.jpg - (17.39KB , 257x268 , happywithahoofdash.jpg )
Either indents, blank lines, or both, are all good. I prefer just indents, but I believe I'm in the minority.

Hmmm... I cannot think of many good ways writers have in the past, except for sending us nice thank-you messages when we pass their story. Those are always nice. And you are welcome sir.
>> No. 108242
File 134046601977.png - (71.65KB , 550x400 , TwilightSmash.png )

Whut. Is this true? I know that some people don't indent just for personal style of formatting, but don't they, like, teach you in school to indent? It's just become natural to me. I assumed it would for many others as well.
>> No. 108246
My English teachers always taught me to leave a line (or vertical space via paragraph settings) and not to indent. Vertical space vs indentation vs both together can be argued endlessly, so it's best to just go with what you like best. The important thing is really just that you separate your paragraphs.

unidented block format 4eva
>> No. 108269
From what I know, most of my confederates don't like indents, preferring space instead.

I prefer indentation myself, but it's such a bitch to try to make it work in FiMFic (since their GDocs importer has never, ever worked correctly for me) that I've since switched.
>> No. 108274

You know there's a button that quick-indents the entire work in the FIMFiction processor?

If I get something with block formatting, I tell them space out and indent.

If I get something with no spaces with indents, I'll tell them to space it out.

If I get something with spaces with no indents, I won't say anything.
>> No. 108276
Well I'll be. I never noticed that button before, since I never use it for actual word processing purposes.
>> No. 108281
>> No. 108289
Modern novels just tend to have indents, as blank lines leave a lot of space. On the net though, the words-per-page on, say, gdocs, is a bit higher, so using blank lines is fine.

It isn't exactly soemthing you argue... unless something has changed since I was in HS (2009).
>> No. 108349
so how about them star rating disabled?
Shouldn't they disable star tags already then? I'm just saying that there is more than one fic that was going to get 6 stars there and then when this happened got stuck with a five, that is kind of the average nowadays.
>> No. 108357
The star ratings have been useless for a good few months now. It's far better if people make up their own minds / express themselves in comments instead.
>> No. 108358
This is an issue for the blogponies. We have no control over star ratings/tags. All we can do is make suggestions.
>> No. 108363
>Looks at comments. Looks at shitfests over highly commented on stories which are no good.

I must say that it's terrible. Believe me, I'm more than happy the douches can't starbomb stories now, but the comments aren't really showing a good quality--comments correlation. They didn't really do it before either. In way, you are on your own trying to figure out if a story is a waste of time or not. Still better than before though.
>> No. 108374
I wanted to change the links on my fic from google docs to my newly made page on fimfiction. Do I have to send the request to the fanfic box or the submision box? thanks in advance.
>> No. 108379
Make it the submission box. We do not have the power to edit blog posts on EqD.
>> No. 108494
File 134064835372.png - (57.14KB , 167x200 , Enjoyed.png )
How are you guys?
>> No. 108495
Holy crap, you're not dead! :P
>> No. 108498
File 134064967413.jpg - (9.36KB , 300x164 , lies.jpg )

Whoever has been saying I'm dead is lying!

And I still haven't had my question answered: How are you guys?
>> No. 108612
File 134072230623.gif - (143.17KB , 300x312 , 18969__safe_rainbow-dash_animated_nothing-productive_all-day.gif )
>> No. 108621
File 134073139736.jpg - (10.34KB , 247x200 , Soon.jpg )

Productivity later, right?
>> No. 108622

This should answer that question. Keep on rocking.
>> No. 108623
File 134073285707.png - (83.26KB , 150x200 , My eyes!.png )

You pre-readers are freaks awesome.

Still love you all and enjoy all the chances I get to socialize with any given pre-reader.
>> No. 108670
Okay, so one of the elements of a story I'm writing involves using the date of death on a character's gravestone. In order for the element to work, I need to give a month, day and year. Is there any widely accepted date and time for Equestria?
>> No. 108672
A lot of people like to use a system based on the year of Luna's banishment/return, but whatever works for you is fine. So long as it's not established in canon, we don't really care about minor things like that.
>> No. 108675
File 134075772207.jpg - (15.33KB , 320x240 , _4ry.jpg )
There isn't any widely accepted calendar. Most people just make up whatever for their story.

For the sake of sanity, I'd say go with the Gregorian calendar.

However, I do think their weeks appear to only have 6 days in them. I recall the calendar in Lesson Zero only having 6 columns on it.
>> No. 108676
Our weeks are defined by the cycles of the moon. Seeing how their week is defined by the whims of a horse, I don't think they have something too standard.
>> No. 108680
File 134076058700.png - (352.31KB , 865x475 , calender.png )

In Sisterhooves Special, Rarity freaks out that her parents will be gone for a week. Seven days.
>Rarity: So, now, when you say 'a week'... is that, um, seven whole days?
>Rarity's mother: And six nights, I know! Such a short time to spend with your little sis.
>> No. 108730
File 134082951631.jpg - (6.86KB , 299x168 , Angry Twilight.jpg )
It's a love hate relationship between you guys and everyone, correct?
>> No. 108732
Mostly hate. Just different degrees of hate.
>> No. 108733
File 134083038010.png - (174.99KB , 900x904 , Angry Twilight.png )

I wouldn't mind some of that hate... and I asked to share the load... BUT YOU ASSHOLES guys threw it in my face.

Maybe next time.
>> No. 108735
File 134083196856.png - (209.45KB , 741x467 , Pyro.png )
No, it's just hate for you, Daffodil, everyone else is loved.

Joking aside, this is just from a curious stand point than anything. TF2 crossovers, how many do you see pop up in your email? With Meet the Pyro being released today, I can imagine you'll be a lot of Pyro fics coming in; I don't doubt it one bit, especially since the video has gotten over 80k likes within its first few hours and is rising significantly. This doesn't even take into account the amount of views it has, since Youtube sticks at 302 for a day or so.
>> No. 108736
File 134083224579.jpg - (11.02KB , 230x200 , A Gun.jpg )

No, no. I hate them all. I hate everyone except a select few.

By hate, I mean tolerate on the most basic level unless otherwise proven that they are actually likable.
>> No. 108739
I haven't peeked at the fic box today, but I don't think I've ever seen a TF2 crossover come our way since I joined up.
>> No. 108740
We had a bunch waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the beginning, and then they kind of stopped.

Well, we love you! <3
>> No. 108742
File 134083343984.gif - (1.20MB , 645x600 , Flutter Dance.gif )
That's crazy, considering we get one featured on FimFiction at least once in a 2 month period. But yeah, expect to see 'Pyro visits Equestria' and 'Pyro is Pinkie Pie' fics spamming up the box.

On the TF2 forums the only thing that's being more discussed than Meet The Pyro is Bronies thinking the Unicorn in it is a reference. Ironically the only ones bringing up the 'reference' are the ones who are against bronies. 'THERE'S A UNICORN IN THIS VIDEO? BBRRROOONNIIIEESS!!!!' But yeah, I'd be prepared for that influx. Better start brushing up on your TF2 universe knowledge.
>> No. 108743
File 134083351221.png - (102.83KB , 389x700 , DiscordMaid.png )

Can't love what you don't know.

I'm just an anon who traverses these waters looking for stupidity and minor stuff to have fun with.
>> No. 108744
File 134083379569.jpg - (183.97KB , 800x815 , 23472 - braeburn gay shipping Soarin'.jpg )
How backed up is the queue at the moment and/or how long should submissions expect to wait?
>> No. 108745
Yeah, I saw the comments on the Meet The Pyro video. Funny how maybe a handful of bronies said something about the unicorn, and all the rest are "GODDAMN PONYFUCKERS RUINING MY HATGAME"

True, but you haven't given me any reason to dislike you.
>> No. 108746
A long-ass time. We have ~35 fics in the pre-reader queue, and we're not even done sorting through the ones that came in yesterday.
>> No. 108747
File 134083396545.jpg - (72.09KB , 500x678 , Make a problem.jpg )

I have no reason to try and make you dislike me... I guess.

But I still have you all.
>> No. 108748
File 134083408513.gif - (765.17KB , 645x600 , Party Hard.gif )
The video is pretty bad with this, but look at just one of the many threads in this sausage fest: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2771317

Anyways, onto another matter.

I'm going write a fic that somehow incorporates The Pyro, Timmy Turner, Finn and Jake and the Mane 6 together, AND YOU WILL PUT IT ON THE SITE.

This is not a question. It is a demand. And I will see it followed. Or mark my words I will have the Almighty Spaghetti Master of Ultron 9 feast upon your livers!
>> No. 108749
If you can english gud, I'll be looking forward to it.
>> No. 108750
I've gotten two stories rejected so far, so apparently I can't engwush good. I haven't even checked EqD in a month and a half. Besides, that fic would probably be star bombed. 'YOU CAN'T PUT PYRO AND TIMMY TURNER TOGGEETTHHAARRR UURHGHGHGH'
>> No. 108751
Good thing Seth got rid of the star ratings, then.
>> No. 108752
File 134083668984.jpg - (3.44KB , 125x125 , DDDDAAAAWWWWW.jpg )
Oh, well, like I said, I haven't been on EqD in a long while.
>> No. 108753
File 134084226380.png - (286.32KB , 420x420 , Doit.png )
Nothing is happening on this thread.

I like you, you're a pretty cool guy hate you Daff. Make something happen.
>> No. 108755
What's EqD's status on the pre-reader count? Are you looking for more?
>> No. 108757
Does the queue happen to be especially long, now?
>> No. 108759

Name thief, name thief! Fire him!
>> No. 108762
How many fics do you reject for every one that you accept?

Just curious.
>> No. 108768
File 134084985906.gif - (336.67KB , 320x180 , 60372 - Molestia animated celestia door horn horn_boner hornkey hot_damn work_it_baby.gif )
>pic related. It's something happening.

A little under 30 at last count. We're fine at the moment, but feel free to send an application to [email protected]

Since December 2011, we've rejected 1439 stories, and accepted 362. So, about 4 rejections for every 1 acceptance.
>> No. 108769
File 134085025433.png - (120.47KB , 450x336 , 179619 - bambi celestia headcanon meta mlp-headcanons.png )
Huh, and I thought it'd be like a 8:1 ratio.
>> No. 108770
There are around 40 stories in our queue at the moment. On top of that, all four of the pre-readers that man the fanfic box are going to be busy this weekend (Bronycon or otherwise), so don't expect much in the way of a response until Monday.
>> No. 108771
File 134085106644.gif - (296.16KB , 800x800 , Celcute.gif )

Luna is still best pony. But that was pretty funny.
>> No. 108772
File 134085122162.jpg - (238.94KB , 1600x900 , gantz_rainbow_dash_by_johnjoseco-d411e0s.jpg )
I'm sure some of them have a kill ratio closer to 15-1 *cough*

Ficbox busy over the weekend.
>wait till monday.
Oh. My. God.
>> No. 108789
File 134086076845.png - (131.11KB , 684x610 , mlfw5475-1338077865777[1].png )
Don't worry, Seattle. I mean, you're still going to be helping out with the queue this weekend, since you aren't busy, right?
>> No. 108840
File 134093406702.jpg - (45.35KB , 470x352 , drinks.jpg )
I think this is the slowest I've ever seen this thread.

Here, have a drink while you wait for things to pick back up. Except for you, Daff... you don't get a drink from this stash.

If you ask nicely, I have some chocolate milk just for you in the fridge.
>> No. 108841
File 134093527682.png - (11.71KB , 219x196 , ;L.png )
Strawberry milk is where it's at, man.
>> No. 108844
Did someone order a shitstorm?

Shitstorm incoming:

Why is it that all the pre-reader are basically a small group of friends which then decides who is the next one? Don't say that doesn't happen, you just have to look at the last couple of them and you know that this is just a massive group of friends just giving each other more authority than others.

Also, you guys suck.

>Waits for shitstorm.
>> No. 108847
File 134093651494.jpg - (6.78KB , 200x160 , 200px-Professor_Putricide.jpg )

The fuck, mate? I ordered no such thing. I offered them drinks because I love them.

I laced all the drinks with Iocane powder, except for the chocolate milk. I like Daff...
>> No. 108849
It's okay, I think Daff worked up an immunity to Iocane powder after all this time taking the front lines of this thread.
>> No. 108851
File 134093691955.gif - (49.90KB , 300x168 , Isyourbrainworking.gif )

> except for the chocolate milk. I like Daff...

I'm gonna bonk you on the head cause you don't read they spoiler text. Also, I'm gonna bonk Daff on the head if he tries to steal anything other than the chocolate milk and for not reading the spoiler text.
>> No. 108853
File 134093701301.jpg - (8.44KB , 320x240 , _4ey.jpg )
I bet you like strawberry milk.
>> No. 108854
What, do you expect us to all hate each other?
>> No. 108855

He strikes me as a connoisseur of uncommon and unheard of tastes. Perhaps Papaya.
>> No. 108856
Allow me to clarify how the selection process for new pre-readers works:

-People send in applications
-We check their credentials to see if they're capable of doing the job
-We check to see if they're known for being a total douchebag in public.
-If they seem like they can do the job and aren't horrible, they become a pre-reader.

We take people that our qualified. It just so happens that a lot of qualified individuals happen to know eachother. I can't speak for my fellow pre-readers, but I didn't know any of our new additions before they were added. I just looked at their reviews/fics and determined if they were capable of doing what we do.

I'm sorry if that's not the answer you wanted to hear. If it makes you feel better, I can pretend we're all just a bunch of jerky jerks that only allow our jerky jerk friends to hang out in our super secret club of fun and fluids.

Strawberry milk is gross.
>> No. 108857
File 134093756864.jpg - (9.55KB , 575x471 , furseiseki chocolate_milk spilled_milk twilight_sparkle.jpg )
Well, this place only gets active with shitstorms. So yeah.

Picture related.

Would make working fun though.

>I had to look up Papaya.
>I have to get out more...
>> No. 108858
File 134093793936.png - (77.62KB , 570x1060 , PP.png )

I see what you say about me... hehehehe... HAHAHAHAHA!

No, I don't have a crush on you. But you are one of the more fun pre-reader to be around. You actually do things.
>> No. 108860
File 134093807489.jpg - (35.09KB , 528x480 , snapshot20110410005236.jpg )
>> No. 108861
File 134093812472.png - (86.71KB , 745x1053 , ACassiuspony.png )
>> No. 108862
File 134093827558.gif - (65.86KB , 260x199 , Shenanigans.gif )

Good question. I could tell you, but there's a point to being anon. Also, I wouldn't put it past you to already know who I am and keep up the Shenanigans for shits and giggles.
>> No. 108863
File 134093851474.png - (129.30KB , 500x500 , 163394%20-%20010%20pro_edit%20twilight_sparkle[1].png )
>Implying that being able to work together isn't crucial for a group to be productive.
>Implying that real-world businesses don't also use factors like "networking" or "fit".
>Implying this will cause a shitstorm.
>> No. 108867
File 134093899174.jpg - (101.75KB , 750x750 , stickinthemud_luna.jpg )
>>108857 Aha! Thou hast amused us with thy "shit-storm"! 'Tis our first! Be they all this droll?
>> No. 108870
File 134094215910.png - (134.34KB , 900x842 , pinkie_pie__s_puppy_face_vector_by_kyute_kitsune-d4q4nnj.png )
If it bothers you that much, I'll leave you alone. Excuse me while I go away forever now.

>> No. 108872
File 134094356959.jpg - (49.30KB , 800x450 , TOP SCORE.jpg )
You probably get this a lot, but in your arbitrarily biased opinions, what's the most unappreciated fic you know of?
>> No. 108874
A story I've forgotten the name of that has never been published to Equestria Daily or FiMFic fits the bill... I believe it was called "Just Human," "Simply Human," or something like that. It was one of the few HiE stories I've ever enjoyed, because it dealt with the culture shock realistically, had a believable human character, and dealt with some hard-hitting psychological issues. However, I haven't heard from the author in months, and I have lost the link to its lonely Google Document.

Alternatively, have a great OC-focused fic that we featured on EqD to a collective "meh" from the readership; it handles characterization superbly, manages to have a protagonist you can love and hate in equal measures, and generally does everything right as far as fanfiction goes. And (for being posted on EqD) no one gave a shit about it.

>> No. 108877
Well, a kind person contacted me with links for Just Human in short order. It's a long read, and by no means perfect, but I admired its scope and ambition and wished the author would continue writing. If he's out there, I hope he's doing well.

Chapter 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1etb299hk5oF1qKjAD23bklMU8gX4e91nQZka-F8WTjo/edit
2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EF3YohssIThKothRmS5-29Clw-aYRbe_0nAZZdSFPzQ/edit
3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o9wgNRlr8sNJSh8yZP518-yJHHcILGeeMTxDxnEsKwQ/edit
>> No. 108879
File 134094606098.png - (196.50KB , 900x900 , mlfw5424-mlfw4796-1335816425456.png )
Saturday at 5pm, at the prereader panel, can we all submit hard-copies of our fics to you?
>> No. 108881
>Strawberry milk is gross
Thems fightin' words

I heard they'll only accept My Little Dashie spin-offs
>> No. 108887
File 134096088602.jpg - (166.75KB , 1366x1256 , 6qQtG[1].jpg )
Ooh! I have a question!

Do I have to post a question along with my picture of nicholas cage cats, or can I just post nicholas cage cats by themselves?
>> No. 108888
File 134096323338.png - (348.10KB , 682x646 , tumblr_m04zgpL7aq1qaxzado1_1280.png )
Who is best cat?
>> No. 108891
File 134097423499.jpg - (6.86KB , 299x168 , Angry Twilight.jpg )

Dear impostor. If you were truly me, you would have realized one thing. I never, ever apologize like that. I'll say sorry if the situation warrants it, otherwise, I let things go. And this was not a situation in which I would have found the need to apologize.

Shame on you for a poor impersonation of me!
>> No. 108892
File 134097661108.png - (219.70KB , 900x774 , 133826470134.png )

Am I but a vague representation of another aspect of thine own folly that wishes to get out via means of introspection? Or am I but a thinly veiled construction created by one that knows not what he wants? Regardless of what one thinks, know that we appreciate the Pre-readers and all that they do, even if taken to the stalkerish level. After all, we're not hacking off limbs. (Yet)

Daffodil has nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.

*hides behind couch*
>> No. 108893
Ehmmm... how do you even impersonate someone who is anonymous?
>> No. 108894
File 134097722158.jpg - (12.20KB , 200x200 , wtfman.jpg )

Shoo! Be gone. I have no doppelgangers.
>> No. 108896
Dopplegangers? Not at all. Part of you. It's different.
>> No. 108897
File 134097863906.jpg - (252.80KB , 900x900 , 56341 - My_Tears_Are_Crying crying fluttershy rain sad will_cure_diabetes_and_various_heart_prob.jpg )
If that's how you feel...
>> No. 108898
File 134097907200.gif - (145.00KB , 300x168 , Fingers.gif )

ENOUGH! DISPERSE! *** is mine and mine alone! The only reason I don't use a tripcode to protect this name is because I don't believe anons have that right.

I never thought I'd see the day where I'd have to defend my name.
>> No. 108901
File 134097943652.png - (523.69KB , 900x675 , __join_the_herd___poster_by_aleximusprime-d4hvtz7.png )
Now now, no need to get all meany-pants and stuff. I'm sure we can all just get along and live in peace and harmony. So let's stop this derail and just ask this simple questions to the pre-readers.

Do you still like what you do? After all, if one does not have enjoyment from a hobby anymore, then why continue doing it? But if you do like what you do, then all is well, right? :D
>> No. 108902
File 134098003722.png - (157.11KB , 501x377 , JUSG9.png )
*Protect the lack of name.

Actually, I wonder this too. Does the constant reminding that the stuff you read isn't all that good make it less enjoyable to read stories in general.
>> No. 108903
File 134098006997.png - (319.87KB , 750x363 , Hate.png )

Goooooo away! You're stealing my identity and I don't like it! YOU'RE GOING TO RUIN *** ANON! There's not room enough for both of us under this mask!

Also, you do make a point. So, I shall ask a question to the pre-readers.

Umm... I don't have one cause I already know all the workings of you guys.
>> No. 108904
File 134098053692.png - (106.23KB , 423x414 , Luna Monocle.png )
Why are you only telling me to go away? You make it sound like I'm the only one doing this. Seems like that other fellow has taken a shine to you as well, dear boy.
>> No. 108905
File 134098060028.jpg - (7.60KB , 320x240 , _2rt.jpg )
Do you guys have phones? What's your numba? Can I get your numba?
>> No. 108906
File 134098082605.jpg - (10.44KB , 199x200 , Go away.jpg )

Because he posted while I was drafting up my response to you. But he can go fuck off too. It's my name and I dislike it being stolen!


Go away Roger.

And anyone else who is trying to use *** as their name can also go away.

>> No. 108907
File 134098083131.jpg - (64.04KB , 512x384 , ZZZ.jpg )
Oh, Bloom, dear, what in Alfea is that? You really need to upgrade your tech. You know those connections don't work between dimensions, right?
>> No. 108908
File 134098124935.gif - (490.21KB , 500x337 , 133143790827.gif )
Just to recap:

>Do you still like what you do? After all, if one does not have enjoyment from a hobby anymore, then why continue doing it? But if you do like what you do, then all is well, right? :D

>Does the constant reminding that the stuff you read isn't all that good make it less enjoyable to read stories in general.

>And anyone else who is trying to use *** as their name can also go away.

>Do you guys have phones? What's your numba? Can I get your numba?

Think that's about it.
>> No. 108909
File 134098132589.gif - (90.70KB , 556x405 , crying_luna_by_keanno-d49w9cq.gif )
Geez you're a meanie aren't you?

Well at least this thread is finally seeing some action as opposed to being dead for the past week or two.
>> No. 108910
File 134098144830.gif - (474.38KB , 450x313 , spoiler.gif )
Did you lose a live? Have this:
>pic related.

This one is for the pre-readers.
>> No. 108911
File 134098181835.gif - (78.16KB , 178x199 , Yay.gif )

Yes, I hate everyone except Daff. I thought I made that clear.

Picture unrelated.
>> No. 108914

>Do you like what you do?
Yes. Words make me really happy, and pre-reading has taught me a lot about how (not) to write.

>Less enjoyable to read in general.
I rarely read fanfics for pleasure. When I do, I just need to turn off that reviewer part of my brain and just enjoy.

Hey. I just met you, and this is crazy... so here's my number, so call me maybe:
>> No. 108916
File 134098818615.jpg - (41.74KB , 680x609 , ComeAtMeBro.jpg )
This has probably been asked 8999 times, but it's not like you people are doing anything important anyways

When you first reject an author, how often do they actually come back with a revised version? Do most of the authors just throw their hands up and give up?

I know I have, but not because I was frustrated at EqD and that writing wasn't fun unless I got published, but because I realized that I should just chalk it up as a learning experience.
>> No. 108917
I'd say about 65% never come back. Which is unfortunate. A lot of them have potential.
>> No. 108920
Yeah, that's sad. People don't take criticism too well, or they just get lazy. My story is almost ready for resubmit, sans human. Think I'm on to something...
>> No. 108921

Personally, I've done that. I've had stories that I'll write, submit, be rejected, and move on. It results in a barrage of different stories from me, and sometimes I wonder what the pre-readers say when they see this.

But rest assured, I don't just let the story die in obscurity. I let it rest a bit and write said new story in hopes that when I come back with a fresh mind, I'll be ready to fix rejected stories.
>> No. 108922
That number is strikingly high.
>> No. 108946
File 134100920124.png - (809.55KB , 863x674 , tumblr_m3bunx8kNM1rq84v4o1_1280.png )
I still want an answer.
>> No. 108960
File 134101979248.gif - (270.00KB , 300x160 , FireAllGuns.gif )
I'mmmmmm back and ready to kill all those people impersonating me.

But since I don't just want to be a derail, here's a question:

How many of you are off at bronycon?
>> No. 108964
Nine. We were going to take a picture, but Cereal got all shy.
>> No. 108967

Cereal! I am disappoint.

Well, take a picture without the poor fool, then!
>> No. 108968
Who is going?
*prepares stalker kit
>> No. 108970
Me, Alexstrasza, Nines Tempest, Siraj, Brony Cray, Argembarger, Cereal, Seth, and Calpain. PK isn't here yet, but he's on his way.
>> No. 108973
If anyone sees a particular person in a Starswirl the Bearded costume, that has clearly been paid WAY too much attention... bombard him with tomatoes. I will love you forever.
>> No. 108974
File 134102330969.jpg - (9.85KB , 205x200 , Yay.jpg )

I wish you a fun bronycon.

As a gift from me (THE REAL ***) to you, I'll let you be until you get back.

I still think you're a pretty cool guy hate you.

As of right now, anyone posting as *** is an impostor and should be treated as such.
>> No. 108975
>> No. 108990
I've just gotten a pre-reader's report and I'm thinking over the ways I can tweak the story. Some of the problems are easy fixes and some of them are things that I can see just weren't working. However, some of the corrections are incorrect. I teach composition and I am absolutely positive that my mechanics are correct, especially on commas, semi-colons, and colons. I could "fix" the mistakes, but it would bother me, and I don't want to reply back with "you're wrong about this," because it's impolite and I don't want to make anyone annoyed. Nevertheless, having come down on my students' comma splices like the wrath of God, I am positive that there are none. What do I do about this, other than shrugging and deciding not to try re-submitting?
>> No. 108991
They are more than willing to listen to people respond to their correction if they are done politely and matter-of-factly.

Just make sure to be able to show how said corrections are incorrect with more than just your word. It actually happens every so often that they make a mistake, they are after all reading mountains of dreg and their thank you is being called assholes. A bit of kindness and a bit of sense will get their good side in no time.
>> No. 108995
Pretty much what this guy >>108991 said. We're not perfect by any means, so just type up a little reply and send it to the fanfic email.
>> No. 109025
Thank you! I definitely do not want to come off as a flankhole, or as someone who does not listen to suggestions. I checked some style books, so I know it isn't just me being defensive. I'm still going to pick at the more substantive feedback and may ask for some concrit, too, later on. Thanks for your answer.
>> No. 109029
Is there any attempt to standardize what is and is not considered a "properly edited story" on EqD amongst all the pre-readers?

I ask because I have one story on EqD already, which made it up despite minor grammatical and style mistakes throughout. However, I just recently submitted a second story, and it was rejected based on those same minor grammatical and style mistakes.

While I understand that each pre-reader has their own set of pet-peeves or views on how a story should be presented, and I am sympathetic to the fact that the pre-readers are volunteers doing this for free because they want to, it is very frustrating to be approved one day and rejected on another. Some days EqD seems incredibly strict; other days, Past Sins makes it up.

(don't get me wrong, I like Past Sins, but well edited it ain't)
>> No. 109031
File 134107200463.jpg - (47.35KB , 441x700 , 133793094959.jpg )
Not a pre-reader, but I believe that the quality standards for fics go up over time as more people post fics. Think of it kind of like supply and demand. The more people want, the more the prices go up, or in this case quality.

I believe Past Sins was accepted at an earlier time when those restrictions weren't as strenuous. (I read Past Sins when the author had been fixing things up, however)

I think another factor is that some pre-readers are better with grammar than others, and from what I've seen, some pre-readers won't bring up grammar at all if you have just been in a high school English class.

Your best bet is just to get it as perfect as you possibly can, despite the fact that of course it won't be perfect. You'll have a better chance than the next guy who didn't edit as thoroughly.
>> No. 109035
Without knowing the specific error of that anon, the last story - saw in EqD has seven errors just in the first page. Basic ones too, like comma positions, dialogues and the sort. Call them stylistic choices if you want, but Past Sins is just the most visible example to a very true phenomena: the same basic errors which will get through one story will kill another, and there is little you can do but hope you get the less picky/less-knowledgeable or don't the more attentive/more descerning one (and pray you don't get the I-don't-give-a-fuck-today-I-will-reject-your-story-cause-I-am-superjerk-real-face-of-the-prereaders one which people keep telling me exists but I can't seem to find).

This dislocation on things which are cut and dry is bad because you don't really know what to expect and its a bit unfair to the stories which are treated more harshly simply because they were unlucky.
>> No. 109036
Well, like I said, I'm sympathetic to the fact that there are multiple pre-readers each with their own set of standards. However, that turns submitting a story to EqD into less of a vetting process, and more of a crapshoot.

Will I get Cool McGee who lets anything that doesn't make him want to tear his eyes out pass? Or will I get Il Duce Stricttorro, who majored in English and won't let anything but the best pass?

It's frustrating, and actually a little demoralizing to know, since the standards literally change from day to day, hour to hour, and moment to moment. For all I know I'm good enough for more than half of the pre-readers. Or maybe I'm good enough for only one. Who knows? Not me.
>> No. 109037
File 134107325925.jpg - (44.81KB , 500x375 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-applejack-shares-our-pain.jpg )
Except you have to remember: Pre-readers aren't all one pre-reading machine. You may just get unlucky and get someone who is more strict on something you lack the skills on. It may not seem fair, but there's not much you can do about that. I believe Past Sins got on for more than just the story. If I remember correctly there was a popularity thing, like how Cupcakes go posted despite it being a pure piece of crap. It's hard to keep all stories passing through the same trials. The fact of the matter is like Vimbert said: Pre-readers aren't perfect. They have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to reviewing literature. Human error is inevitable.
>> No. 109039
Which returns us to: it is a demoralizing, random crapshoot, not a vetting process. It's unfair, which is bad, but it's also not making any attempt to *be* fair, which is worse.

Getting onto EqD shouldn't be a matter of luck, it should be a matter of skill, or at the very least there should be blatantly clear standards rather than "if you get CoolMcGee, you're set, if you get Il Duce Stricttorro, then I hope your last name is Tolkien."
>> No. 109040
I'm not debating what is fair. If they could make something that was purely fair they would have, but you just can't. With the amount of fics going through you have to have multiple pre-readers. All of them are skilled, but again: They can't catch everything. They try their best, but sometimes it IS about luck combined with skill. It's that way with a lot of things that deal with getting yourself out to the public. There's no way to get around human error.
>> No. 109041
There's a number of ways to get around human error, actually; America went through an entire Cold War to discover all sorts of methods to deal with human error.

The most obvious solution is, unfortunately, the least practical, but also the most fair and, in Real Life, the method that's actually used for any kind of submission system: Multiple pre-readers independently read the same story and it getting up is the result of a majority rules sytem.

Probably the most sensible thing to do is to have two pre-readers read every story, and if they disagree bring in a third.

I understand that this isn't practical because there aren't enough pre-readers, but if EqD wants to maintain any kind of standard for what they let through, then the least an aspiring author can expect is to have a fair chance, which they do not have right now.
>> No. 109043
File 134107459082.gif - (765.17KB , 645x600 , Party Hard.gif )
>the least practical
You hit the nail on the head. Remember this: Every pre-reader is a volunteer. Yes, they want (Or I assume, anyhow) That they want every author to shine, but it's not like pre-reading is their job. There's just not enough time with all of the fics coming in. The system isn't perfect, but if they did it the way you are suggesting it could take five times as long to get a fic on the site, and who knows, maybe something in canon ruins something in the story by then. Also, what if an author waits a long time just to get rejected? There would be even more angry authors.

>which they do not have right now.
I think you're underestimating their system. It's not perfect, and there's human error, but every fic (As long as it's not a majority rule by the readers, like Cupcakes) that appears on the site will be a quality fic. I personally find a lot of fics there still lacking, but this is because I read a LOT of professional fiction. To another reader they may seem godly. They uphold a base standard of fic quality.
>> No. 109045
Here I will disagree with you: You do have a fair chance, but the whole idea of EqD is (or at least was) that only the best of the best gets in, which means no dumb punctuation schawlops, or characterizations zubblungles, in any amount; if you have them, you shouldn't be on EqD. That means that if Il Duce Stricttorro, which going to be my official writing name when I eventually decide to write for the fandom, is actually doing the right thing. He should be your standard. He is the fair one. CoolMcGee? He is the problem.
>> No. 109046
Except Cool McGee is a pre-reader for a reason. He has the skills to at the very least to let stories through that at least reach the standard. He may be at the bottom and sitting on the bar of this standard, but again, he's going to pass things that are at or above the standard.
>> No. 109047
I just waited a week in order to get rejected. I'm not mad, however, at the rejection in and of itself. I'm mad at the fact that the same issues that weren't a problem 4 months ago, are now a problem today, due to nothing more nor less than the arbitrary nature of the submission system.

> All volunteer, human error, etc.
This is an inherently flawed argument; them being an all-volunteer force doesn't mean that there's an excuse for the arbitrary nature of the current system, not the wildly varying standards between pre-readers.

If having a less arbitrary system means that I have to wait longer just to get rejected, I'm fine with that, because at least it means that I was rejected after having had a fair chance. On the other hand, if I make it, then I'm that much more awesome for being on EqD because I didn't just meet the minimum requirements of one random schmuck, but two or three.

If EqD generally has a high standard, imagine how much better that standard would be if every fic had to make its way past 2-3 pre-readers.

The slowdown is acceptable if the trade-off is an actual vetting process rather than a crapshoot.
>> No. 109048
I just have to say I disagree with you: the stories are simply not bad. I don't think they truly sit down to compare pony fics to Chaucer, so as long as your story isn't terrible, there is a good chance it will pass. Quality? I rather just call it "attention-worthy and postable under the guidelines."
>> No. 109049
Which actually makes Il Duce Stricttorro the problem, since despite the stories reaching the minimum requirements, he's not passing them.
>> No. 109050
File 134107560469.png - (565.18KB , 900x643 , fall_of_equestria_by_maplesunrise-d4ut5zw.png )
>This is an inherently flawed argument; them being an all-volunteer force doesn't mean that there's an excuse for the arbitrary nature of the current system

I'm going to stop you right there, because my argument is going to be the same no matter how many times you restate this argument. It's just impractical. You also need to take into account that most of the fics written aren't professional fiction quality. If you have multiple people pre-reading a story, I actually think you'll have LESS of a chance getting in. They're all spending their time to read your one fic, it better be god damn amazing.

There's so many fics coming in that eventually the queue would just be backed up if this new system were put into place.

>Quality? I rather just call it "attention-worthy and postable under the guidelines."
They're quality to an extent, meaning they're the best of the best in the fandom. EqD isn't like a showcase though, it's pretty much Oprah's book club. If you're confident in your work getting through and you've done everything necessary to make you better than the next guy, hen you'll have a better chance getting in regardless of the pre-reader. Sure, you may get that English major who rejects you for a missing comma, but it's just luck.
>> No. 109051

Look, when I got rejected, I was told why. I had some common grammatical errors, and "show, don't Tell" issues. Now granted, if Prereader X wasn't as up on grammar as he was, I may have gotten in. But then where would I be? Sitting at the bottom of the standard. As I tell my privates often, if you strive for the bare minimum, you've failed before you even started. I want to be the best that I can, so I WANT the pre-readers to tell me if I do something wrong. Now, the argument COULD be made that some are more asshole-ish than others, but like Hugbox said, they were chosen as pre-readers for a reason.

On that, I have a cool little idea. Maybe the pre-readers could list their qualifications? Just to shut people up. If you have a degree in English, where did you get it? If you've written a fic, that's even better. Show it to us. Another thing I tell my privates, I am the minimum standard. If I'm performing at a certain level, that is the lowest standard you can meet.
>> No. 109052
Actually: most pre-readers are only slightly better than most others in matters of grammar and storymaking than other non-prereaders. I mean, most don't have the neccesary stories, have lackluster stories (if any) to their name, and they are mostly just normal guys. This is not a bad thing: not everyone has sat down with the dictionary and a grammar book and made sweet mindlove to them, and saying if a story is good or bad isn't rocket science (most rules and errors can be checked by typing them on google by the way).

The pre-readers only real special feature is that they want to do this, they want to read how many variations of rarity having sex with sweetie belle people can come up with before they realize EqD doesn't post porn, they want to hear people scream at them for being horrible people, they want to be decried by authors for, well, being human. All else is mystique BS, and its better if we start realizing that: there isn't a single professional writer in the fandom in a non-technical way, so go hug the pre-readers because they are stuck in the same hole as you but try to make sure they are at least informed before burping their answers.

Which, in turns, means a good deal of them are simply woefully unequipped at times, and thus they are below the curve. This idea you can have a standard while the same mistakes are ignored some times but aren't others is also is a bit odd. Just wanted to mention that.
And there is also how the selection process worked before, and probably still works some times, were quite literary common Schmoes get selected because they are willing and little else. Not their fault if they don't know, I know for a fact all pre-readers try to make sure they get their stuff right but you can't know everything.
>> No. 109053
I agree that most fics aren't professional in quality. Cool McGee might pass them anyway because looking at them isn't melting his eyes, and that's good enough for him.

While meanwhile Il Duce Stricttorro, who has a major in English and was best friends with Tolkien, will only let professional-quality work through.

It doesn't even matter that the system is impractical. It isn't arbitrary, and it's more fair to the writers of the stories who aren't trying to get profession-grade stories written for friggin' ponies. The slowdown is worth the trade-off of an actual vetting system.

And if standards become stricter because of it, well, that's cool, too, because now there's an actual process rather than random chance

Like I said, for all I know, right now, what I wrote would pass 90% of the pre-readers, and I was just unlucky enough to get one of the 10% that wouldn't pass it. Or, perhaps everything I wrote wouldn't pass by anyone but Cool McGee, and I lucked out last time and got Cool McGee.

But that still means it's an entire system based on luck, not standards. This isn't Vegas, you know, or at least, it shouldn't be if we're going to have a tribe of people going around proclaiming themselves to be (or having been appointed as ) judges.
>> No. 109054
File 134107610058.jpg - (111.44KB , 400x400 , 21150044.jpg )
Except they're all going to have different things, and inevitably some will be better than others. Then people will be like 'OH THES GUY AINT GOT ENGWUSH DEGEE LIK THES GUY DUS, HE NO GOOD PRE-ROODER 4 EqD' Besides, they DO have a page where all of the pre-readers (Or most of them? I think) talk a bit about themselves.
>> No. 109056
You know, you mentioned privates and so I assume you're in the army or some such, but I'm sorry: if you strive for the bare minimum, and then reach that bare minimum...then you pass. You haven't failed at anything.

It's like that old riddle/snarky comment: what do you call someone who graduates last in his class at medical school?

You call them "Doctor." Because they *still graduated*.
>> No. 109057
Ah, okay.

Also, PLEASE stop bringing up Past Sins. Not because it wasn't flawed, it was. Remember, there used to be only likw 2 pre-readers and Seth, so of course they didn't have time to assault every story. Now that there are more, and onces who know what they're doing better than Seth and Co.(no disrespect, Seth!) naturally the standards will be higher.

Again, WHY would you want to settle for the minimum? The reason I have made getting published on EqD a personal goal is because I'm a psychologically damaged loser who needs approval if I make it there, that means that I've accomplished something. I've written a quality story.
>> No. 109058
>As I tell my privates often, if you strive for the bare minimum, you've failed before you even started.
>> No. 109059
>because now there's an actual process rather than random chance
>Implying that the entire process is chance
There's luck, but every pre-reader isn't going to be like 'well, herp derp today I'm just not feelin' it DENIED'. If your fic has quality, then you have nothing to worry about. If it doesn't you may have something to worry about. Besides, if you get English Major Pants, then when you actually DO get our story on EqD it'll be pretty damn great.

>Which, in turns, means a good deal of them are simply woefully unequipped at times
This implies that the standard isn't set by the pre-readers, which it is that combined with the 'supply and demand' factor I brought up earlier.
>> No. 109060
File 134107643051.png - (41.18KB , 642x816 , Cassiusweirddoll.png )
>jesus christ all these anons
>so many posts
>can't keep up
>trying anyways
>run stop.exe
>operation failed.

Goddammit, I'm trying anyways. Try not to sharpshoot me too much guys, kind of in a rush to correct all the misconceptions here.


The latest story posted was on FIMfiction and doesn't contain pages. That being said and presupposing you tell the truth, stories don't have to be grammatically perfect to enter Equestria Daily; there is a margin of error which is subjectively determined within the overall objective consensus of how correct a story must be to past inspection. (e.g. dialogue punctuation must be correct, commas used properly, etc).

On the other hand, there's a couple PRs who pass things like: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/12/story-higher-flier-or-my-little.html

Which is an ungodly abomination of basic errors (and it still earned a five star, how 'bout that shit?).

Unfortunately, that item isn't in our spreadsheet, so I can't chew whoever said it was good to post out. It's hard to weed these people out, so send any complaints about stories currently being posted here so I can do the aforementioned chewing out.

>It's frustrating, and actually a little demoralizing to know, since the standards literally change from day to day, hour to hour, and moment to moment.

Not really. Around five pre-readers do the bulk work of rejection with a couple others standing coming in occasionally to do some work about.


>Real life

Two pre-readers already look at almost every story. A team of pre-readers manages the "slush pile" if we are going to use the publishing term, to determine who gets autorejected, and everyone else acts as acquisition editors.


>I just waited a week in order to get rejected. I'm not mad, however, at the rejection in and of itself. I'm mad at the fact that the same issues that weren't a problem 4 months ago, are now a problem today, due to nothing more nor less than the arbitrary nature of the submission system.

We do not have an obligation to provide you a full list of problems, just the factors that contributed to your rejection.


>Which actually makes Il Duce Stricttorro the problem, since despite the stories reaching the minimum requirements, he's not passing them.

>implying there are minimum requirements

I'll say again that the error margin that breaks reader immersion is dependent on the opinion of the pre-reader; how many commas can be missed before it gets rejected, how many punctuation errors can be made, how many botched phrases can it include, are all up to that particular pre-reader.


>Actually: most pre-readers are only slightly better than most others in matters of grammar and storymaking than other non-prereaders

I'm going to redact this and say: most pre-readers are only slightly better than most people who know fiction grammar decently. "Most others" is a bit of an understatement when considering how universally horrible people are at it.
>> No. 109061
File 134107661712.jpg - (19.37KB , 334x302 , Morpheus2.jpg )
What if I told you that there is no minimum requirement. Rather, there is a pre-reader with lower standards than the rest and that's the one they tell us about?

That way, there is a standard for people so they aren't bitching about there not being one, but it leaves room for the harder pre-readers to reject the fics they don't see fit for the site.

Just some food for thought.
>> No. 109062
Yes, I'm a Drill Sergeant. And you're right. At Drill Sergeant school, they said the same thing. Even if you're last across the stage, they'll still call you "Drill Sergeant." But while yes, you passed, if all you care about in life is scraping by, what's the point? I'm an E-6/Staff Sergeant. That is the lowest rank at which I can retire from the military. Now, if I wanted, I could coast through the next 11 years, hit my twenty, and GTFO. But I can't do that. Me, personally, I want to be the best that I can. My goal is E-8, and that ain't easy. But I want to be a First Sergeant, so dammit, I'm gonna do all I can to make it there. That includes asking people who know better than me how I'm doing, and what I need to do to get better. I would HATE it if the Army started promoting people "just because." It still happens, and it kills me. Every time I see an E-7 or higher who doesn't know what the hay he's doing, the first thing I ask is, "Who the hell promoted THIS guy?!" Same thing if I read a substandard story on EqD, or one with massive grammar issues. "Who the hell passed THIS?!"
>> No. 109064
Who said anything about *settling* for the minimum? The problem is that the minimum varies from pre-reader to pre-reader, and the fix I want implemented would actually *raise* the minimum.

>We do not have an obligation to provide you a full list of problems, just the factors that contributed to your rejection.

Again, I don't care that I got rejected in and of itself. What I care about is that I've been on EqD before, my writing has not improved (but nor has it declined) since then, but I got rejected this time around, despite having previously met the minimum requirement.

>I'll say again that the error margin that breaks reader immersion is dependent on the opinion of the pre-reader; how many commas can be missed before it gets rejected, how many punctuation errors can be made, how many botched phrases can it include, are all up to that particular pre-reader.

And that particular pre-reader might (and, in my personal experience, does) have difference standards from another one.

You yourself posted a story that, presumably, you would not have passed, but someone else did. So because the author of this story was lucky enough to get someone else, and not you, he's on EqD.

You don't see the blindingly obvious neon-tinted problem with this?
>> No. 109065

>You don't see the blindingly obvious neon-tinted problem with this?

What do you want me to do about it?
>> No. 109067
More fics started coming around and our standards improved. It's unfortunate that your writing skills didn't improve at the same time, but that is a failure with you rather than a system that had to adapt to the fact that this fandom has grown tenfold in the past year.
>> No. 109068
File 134107721267.png - (40.89KB , 168x200 , Wot.png )

> What if I told you that there is no minimum requirement.
What if I told you that there is no minimum requirement?*

> Rather, there is a pre-reader with lower standards than the rest and that's the one they tell us about?
Rather, what if there is a pre-reader...*

Maybe if I learn to grammar properly...

Anyways, still food for thought.
>> No. 109069
File 134107725641.png - (77.82KB , 354x341 , EEEHHH.png )
This is like the 9/11 of EqD fic discussions.

probably not
>> No. 109070
File 134107757444.png - (141.11KB , 406x540 , troll_luna.png )
Oh! Art thou engaging in some rib-tickling? Hehe.



Give-give us a moment...

>> No. 109071
What is the point? I'd say that is up to the particular drill sergeant.

Returning to the original topic, what is the point of meeting only the minimum requirement on EqD? Because if all you do is meet the minimum requirement, you are, at the end of the day, still on EqD, and being exposed to several orders of magnitude more bronies than any given fic on FimFiction (which has to work to stand out and usually ends up trying to get on EqD anyway), which is getting you more readers and responders and *followers*, which means that anything you write in the future will, likewise, recieve more readers and responders. Plus there's the warm and fuzzy feeling in your chest.

Speaking from personal experience, in just a few days of being on EqD my story nearly doubled its number of favorites and responders that it had taken weeks to acquire on FimFiction.

No one ever said anything about striving to *just* meet the minimum requirement. The point is that the minimum requirement for one pre-reader is different from the minimum requirement of another.

To keep the army metaphor going, it's like if each individual state got to decide the requirements of who got into the army, with Massachusetts only letting in the best of the best, Texas having even higher standards, while Idaho will let just about anyone who applies join, and Arizona deciding that you don't even need to be a US citizen.
>> No. 109072
That was what I meant and stupidly didn't write it. Thank you for realizing it however.

Also, I said the last time I saw, I've been busy with a newcomer to our house to actually be checking EqD.

Short of making everyone who makes it into EqD a pre-reader, what do you suggest? The issue is there, everyone knows this but can't come up with a good solution that doesn't quickly turn ridicolous, even less fair, or just stops working all together.

Magic. Hugs. And friendship. At least that is what I'm thinking he wants.

This is a contributing factor, but the fact is the problem exists.

This the first slightly reasonable discussion in ages.
>> No. 109073
File 134107781737.jpg - (22.99KB , 345x425 , tumblr_m5a9syMVkv1rp4u5po1_400.jpg )
>Arizona deciding that you don't even need to be a US citizen.
Half of the people in my town are illegal Mexicans anyways. You're probably right about that.
>> No. 109074
Well, I'm not particularly smart, and I made one suggestion already (multiple pre-readers on each story, and *letting the author know each of them*). Like I said, a slowdown in the process is acceptable if we get an actual *process* and not just a crapshoot out of it, and if it raises the standards higher, well, at least those standards can be expected to be more universal.

Ah, but were not talking about the past year, we're talking about the past four months, tops. I only got intersted in MLP in January and only started writing fiction in Febuary, and I got onto EqD in March.

Surely the fandom has not grown so much since then.
>> No. 109075
File 134107805507.jpg - (83.18KB , 625x506 , 312482cd_runaway_train_derailed_thread_soul_asylum.jpg )
Damn this thread is so derailed.
>> No. 109076

Hehe, you remind me of Nicholas Taylor for some reason.
>> No. 109077
File 134107809869.jpg - (6.03KB , 244x155 , images.jpg )
>This the first slightly reasonable discussion in ages.

Oh dat slaps me on da knee
>> No. 109078
I have no idea who that is.
>> No. 109079

Not sure if this is a good thing or not...
>> No. 109080

Swing and a miss. I tried.
>> No. 109081
Oh, you are.


...who are you?
>> No. 109082
File 134107836940.png - (297.60KB , 542x573 , dafuq.png )

Ooo... targeting a pre-reader directly.

I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that you have no desire to get on EqD otherwise you wouldn't be working so hard to get on the blacklist.
>> No. 109083

>Well, I'm not particularly smart, and I made one suggestion already (multiple pre-readers on each story, and *letting the author know each of them*). Like I said, a slowdown in the process is acceptable if we get an actual *process* and not just a crapshoot out of it, and if it raises the standards higher, well, at least those standards can be expected to be more universal.

As of recently, can you demonstrate how standards have been crapshoot?

We don't have enough people to do more than the current screening (two people), and we're already pretty far behind in our current backlog, so that's not really an option we can take at this point.
>> No. 109084
The FAQ says there is no blacklist...
>> No. 109086

There is no blacklist.
>> No. 109087
File 134107855795.png - (152.30KB , 510x314 , Marriageisbeautiful.png )
I don't, but I was only joking anyhow. I find that getting onto EqD is just an ego stroker, but I have no problem helping writers improve their skills, hence why I'm here.

Besides, I go under a different name for writing submissions (When I used to submit, anyhow)
>> No. 109088
*waves hands in a circular motion*

The blacklist does not exist.
>> No. 109089
"Recently" being defined as what?
>> No. 109091

>"Recently" being defined as what?

Let's go with since I became a pre-reader: March 30th.
>> No. 109092
Your opinions have been noted. Thank you for the suggestions.
>> No. 109093

>Your opinions have been noted. Thank you for the suggestions

daff plz no enjoy bronycon
>> No. 109094

Right, there's not an official one. But I hear things. I hear rumors that there's an unofficial one. I.E. An author gets a bit jerkish about rejection and such, he or she can be denied the right to submit until they calm down and act reasonable again.

At least, that's what I hear.
>> No. 109095
>hence why I'm here
Bolted from his own review thread.
Derailing current thread.

Yes, you've been a big help.
>> No. 109096
I've heard that too. But it probably isn't that much of an issue. Sure, you'll be an author every once in a while being a jerk, but it's not something actually make a 'blacklist' for.
>> No. 109097
...you sure you don't want it to be March 8th? March 8th was a good day:

On EqD. And I *still* find errors in it despite the author continuously correcting them *since* getting on EqD, nevermind before, where I have it on good authority that it got onto EqD on its first try.


Same author, same writing style, actually has fewer errors over all, rejected.


Although, hey, this is a good time for another question: do pre-readers read story updates? Chapters, sequels, etc.?
>> No. 109098
File 134107918292.jpg - (9.38KB , 200x298 , 133980323332s.jpg )
>Hey, let's take personal jabs at someone, despite the fact that they have explained their issues to people in their own thread and that they're trying, but still trying to be an active part of the community and offering answers and discussion points for people.

>> No. 109099

> do pre-readers read story updates? Chapters, sequels, etc.?

This was addressed before:

Last time I checked, no, they don't unless the author asks them to.

But don't take my word for it. I'm not a pre-reader.
>> No. 109101
No. That's not a blacklist. That's called not wasting your time on a guy who will just tell you how your mother appreciates his nightly escapades and how you enjoy the company of irregular indviduals. Otherwise known as common sense.
>> No. 109102
Well...to be fair, it's technically both:

"A blacklist (or black list) is a list or register of entities who, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition."

The precise reason doesn't matter, though I guess it only qualifies if there's an actual, physical (or electronic, I guess) list.
>> No. 109103

>sees story

>writes down pre-reader's name in his docket.

Thank you very much.

>Same author, same writing style, actually has fewer errors over all, rejected.

I can confirm it'd be rejected today. The improper use of a semicolon in the first sentence is pretty much a death sentence. Having blatant errors in the first sentence is never a good sign.

>Although, hey, this is a good time for another question: do pre-readers read story updates? Chapters, sequels, etc.?

>> No. 109105
It's really more of the "and" that's out of place, isn't it? Either/or, really, there's nothing wrong with beginning a sentence (and theefore a bit after a semicolon) with "then," especially in a casual narrative trying to caputre the basic feel of a filly's mindset rather than the dry narration of pure third-person, which just isn't...well, fun...to write in, nor read.

Anyway, that wasn't actually in me rejection e-mail, but thanks for pointing it out.

Anon, I know you think you're helping, but you're probably not.
>> No. 109107
File 134108131012.png - (112.24KB , 500x393 , triptych.png )
*laughs* So glad it wasn't me...
>> No. 109111
We do not read story updates.
>> No. 109112

Yes, the "and" is a problem. "And" is a coordinating conjunction and cannot be used with a semicolon whereas if you left the "then" without the "and" you'd have conjunctive adverb, which can be used with a semicolon. But even if you did that, both of those clauses need to be independent, and since there is no main verb in the sentence—"telling"is a participle— it makes it dependent.

>really, there's nothing wrong with beginning a sentence (and theefore a bit after a semicolon) with "then," especially in a casual narrative trying to caputre the basic feel of a filly's mindset rather than the dry narration of pure third-person, which just isn't...well, fun...to write in, nor read.

There's nothing inherently wrong with starting a sentence with any adverb. It's just a matter of whether or not it is a fragment. You can't connect dependent clauses with a semicolon.

You'd actually be better off without the semicolon. You also don't need the commas around "five minutes later" but maybe that's stylistic pause.

I apologize for calling the spotlight on you.


They shall be dealt with, quickly and efficiently.
>> No. 109114
You didn't; >>109097 did. And now he seems to have buggered off. Typical. I do know who he is and I'll ask him to stop rabble-rousing.

Anyway, I do have my story posted on the Training Grounds for review. Technically, it turns out, I probably could have skipped the whole thing by jut submitting it as a prequel to "Boast Busted," as it is, but the tone, subject, and main characters are completely different (it simply happens to be set in the same alternate universe), so I thought I'd try and get it posted as its own distinct story on Equestria Daily, since distinct stories get more responces and acknowledgements than story updates.

But, at least I know that if worst comes to worst and I get three strikes, I might be able to sneak it in as a prequel. Mwuahahahahahahaha!

(No, I won't do that).
>> No. 109117
File 134108310188.jpg - (14.76KB , 320x240 , _1ark.jpg )
>not everyone has sat down with the dictionary and a grammar book and made sweet mindlove to them
Don't knock it till you try it.

>"And" is a coordinating conjunction and cannot be used with a semicolon whereas if you left the "then" without the "and" you'd have conjunctive adverb, which can be used with a semicolon.
You can use and at the start of a sentence; and you can use and after a semicolon. (There are even some style guides that recommend it in certain situations, such as when the first clause has one or more commas in it.)

That said, the quote in question is indeed improper use.
>> No. 109122

>You can use and at the start of a sentence; and you can use and after a semicolon. (There are even some style guides that recommend it in certain situations, such as when the first clause has one or more commas in it.)

Yeah, if it's a list, which this clearly is not.
>> No. 109125
File 134108526674.jpg - (8.44KB , 320x240 , _4ey.jpg )
If you can start sentences with a coordinating conjunction, you can follow a semicolon with one. The structure is grammatically identical. The only difference is how it looks and flows.

Looky here. This one even says there are time when you should do so: http://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/semicolons.asp (Rule 5).
>> No. 109126
If a fic gets failed for length (from before the submission form went up, if that matters) and is rewritten to come up to spec, can it be resubmitted, or is it "sunned"?
>> No. 109129

>links to a book written by a life-coach as a source on grammatical information

>rule 4 in the colons section

>source perhaps dubious

>does not recommend optimum use for punctuation

>perpetuates multiple inaccuracies

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this isn't a very good source on grammar. At least GrammarGirl backs her citations with Chicago.


It can be resubmitted.
>> No. 109130
>> No. 109132
File 134108677270.jpg - (34.21KB , 399x290 , _1xz.jpg )
Except nobody has pointed to the article in Chicago that says, "No coordinating conjunctions after semicolons between two independent clauses." I wonder why?

Oh right. Because it doesn't exist. Namedropping Chicago is meaningless unless you make citations to the proper article.
>> No. 109133

Yes to which?
>> No. 109135

And then Chicago vindicated neither of us.

>Normally, an independent clause introduced by a conjunction is preceded by a comma (see 6.28). In formal prose, a semicolon may be used instead--either to effect a stronger, more dramatic separation between clauses or when the second independent clause has internal punctuation.
>> No. 109140
Just wanted to remind you, you brought up Chicago as thought it matter while Rodgers pointed out it didn't, and then you agreed.

There is nothing Rodger needs to vindicate.

Also, why not take this to the thread Rodger specifically made for this, but people don't use for some reason other than bicker in their threads and then leave the matter unresolved.

It would seem like we have reached a particular impasse regarding language and it would seem prudent to consult a better authority before this become a gigantic "yeah-hu, naa-uh" quabble; and don't forget, these sort of things change from time and they are mostly done for style and effect rather than something you can call standard.
>> No. 109141

>Just wanted to remind you, you brought up Chicago as thought it matter while Rodgers pointed out it didn't, and then you agreed.

>[16:57:35] <RogerDodger> What's up with by spelling my name wrong.

This never happened. You either don't understand the conflict or just ignored it. If you want a recap:

>Roger uses dubious source
>I say off-hand comment about something he dismissed earlier in the IRC
>Roger challenges me to look at Chicago to prove either of us correct
>Neither of us are technically right

>There is nothing Rodger needs to vindicate.

Except his claim that I gave incorrect advice, which was what the entire debate was about, in and out of the IRC. Read the thread, man.

>Also, why not take this to the thread Rodger specifically made for this, but people don't use for some reason other than bicker in their threads and then leave the matter unresolved.

If you think this is bickering, then you are sorely mistaken. Roger sharpshooting me is his idea of a joke and an excuse to finger wag.

I tried to use the IRC, but Roger loves his Winx posts. Especially the bloom fingerwag.
>> No. 109144
File 134109244131.jpg - (2.05KB , 102x119 , 133662293151s.jpg )
Nicholas Cage riding a Flaming Celestia into battle, huh?

Challenge Accepted
>> No. 109145
What made my head explode is that I have a Ph.D in English and I teach English, and I still got spiked on my comma usage.

When you get right down to it, though, anybody can make mistakes. The letters after your name and how many you have are just waving your horsey bits around. When I went back and looked at my story submission, I thought "hmmm. Well, that can be changed. It doesn't really matter" or "this is debatable, but it still can be changed," and sometimes even "son of a bitch. He's right." I know when I'm on the wrong side of the red pen.

I'm still hoping my story gets accepted eventually, though.
>> No. 109146

I was going to end mine with, "Not the Changelings!"
>> No. 109147
File 134109602461.png - (204.40KB , 2179x1960 , H8reJ.png )
> "And" is a coordinating conjunction and cannot be used with a semicolon
Just want to clarify this. While you can start an independent clause with a conjunction, this is different. because you are linking two independent clauses with a semi-colon. If you have the conjunction at the start of the second one, it makes no sense because in that case the semi-colon could just as easily be a comma, and the same effect would be achieved. In essense, it is wrong because you have to view them as units in this situation. the ", [conjuction]" construction has the same purpose as the ";" construction (speaking only of connecting two independent clauses, I know they both have other uses). Using both together, or trying to, is repetitive. Also, it makes it look like you're using a semi-colon just to use a semi-colon.

Disclaimer: I haven't read the sentence, nor do I plan to.

Also, watching the livestream (I was told to by one of the participants) I noticed one thing: it was either Daffodil, or Cray, I couldn't decide, who was the most attractive one there. But regardless, you were all brilliant and hit the points right on the head. Hell, I even paid attention all the way through and learned something in there.
>> No. 109152
File 134109896632.jpg - (7.87KB , 320x240 , _9bv.jpg )
Yes, you can get the same or similar meaning with other structures. No, it is not incorrect to use a semicolon before a coordinating conjunction. There is not a single source anywhere that says this other than theoatmeal (a cartoonist).

When the two clauses in question are quite complex (e.g., have many commas), using a semicolon between the two can be useful to make it easier to read. Denying that structure's validity is just silly, especially when there's no basis for such a claim.

>the ", [conjuction]" construction has the same purpose as the ";" construction
This is the same argument people use against starting sentences with coordinating conjunctions, and it is, unsurprisingly, just as wrong. A semicolon is a larger pause than a comma, so no, they are not identical structures.

Notwithstanding that it applies to and. Every other coordinating conjunction has meaning beyond simply "joins stuff".
>> No. 109154
Question, since we are talking about semicolons. The following passage:

The most striking thing about him, however, were his eyes. One was a dull grey, but the other was a bright yellow and slitted vertically like a reptile’s.

Now, I was thinking about using a semicolon between "yellow" and "slitted."

One was a dull gray, but the other was bright yellow; the pupil was slitted vertically, like a cat.

Would that make sense, or should I just make it its own sentence? Or, keep it like this, but lose the "was?" DINFOS always taught us to beware the dreaded "To Be" verbs anyway.

Sorry if this is a derail. This should probably go in TTG, but I figured since we're talking about it, I might as well ask the people who will be evaluating my story, you know?
>> No. 109155
File 134110045527.gif - (40.78KB , 548x400 , derpy2.gif )
And yes, I know it should read "WAS his eyes." Derp.
>> No. 109157
>One was a dull gray, but the other was bright yellow; the pupil was slitted vertically, like a cat.
One was a dull gray, the other a bright yellow, slitted vertically like a cat's.
>> No. 109158
Roger, Roger!

Now I just need to find someone named Victor and ask him for his vector...
>> No. 109159
File 134110166988.jpg - (1.54MB , 1920x1080 , 35605 - 1920x1080 colors dash rainbow rainbow_dash wallpaper.jpg )
Okay guys, I'm thinking the continuation of this discussion of specifics would be best held in Rodger's Grammar General. I love that thread, and it needs more play anyway.

Let's keep things PR-specific ITT as much as possible.
>> No. 109163
File 134110319615.gif - (86.63KB , 360x360 , 131767766930.gif )
On that note, I swear I've heard this answered a million times before, but I can't recall the answer.

If your fic gets accepted, do you get a confirmation email?
>> No. 109167
Barring a few times where we forget, yes.
>> No. 109186
So, Equestria Daily doesn't accept incest shipping. But what constitutes incest? Like, if I were to write a story where... say Celestia and Luna were never sisters, but lovers. Would that be incest because the perception (in world) is that they are sisters?
>> No. 109216
File 134112847789.png - (90.44KB , 499x491 , PC argument.png )
>Decide to see what's going on at Ponychan

>Swing over to the pre-reader board to check out the scene

>> No. 109218
I've already got that aspect nailed down :)
Writing it down, though, that's more difficult.
>> No. 109219
Okay, um... I feel like I may get laughed out of the internet for asking this, since I'm not quite sure of my reputation on this board...

But are you guys looking for more pre-readers by chance? I would heavily consider taking an opening if one was available. I've discovered from hanging out on the IRC that I do enjoy looking at other people's works, and I want to do that more. Then again, I know PRs deal with fics a lot worse than ponychan stuff, but I still think it would be fun.

*Braces self for a lecture on how miserable the job may or may not actually be.* I hope I'm not being completely naive by asking this.
>> No. 109220

The job is miserable; I'm not even a pre-reader, and even I can see that.

BUT! It's cool, you see? At least in my view, and it's not because you become famous, or get to be in an "in-crowd." Here's why: in my mind, this fandom is about one thing, and that thing is community. Sure, the show is amazing. Our fan fiction can be amazing, and so can our music. But at the most basic level, the people we interact with are what matter.

I view the idea of being a pre-reader as another way of being another way to do something good in the community.

So, from a non-pre-reader, don't ask for the job expecting that it's the best thing ever, because it's not. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it if there's a deeper reason you're looking for the job.
>> No. 109290
File 134117908425.jpg - (88.24KB , 800x533 , sue-sylvester-jane-lynch-nell-episodio-bad-reputation-di-glee-162851.jpg )
Khakispony and I have been arguing about the most common ship. I say it's Twidash and he says it's Vinylia (I've heard OctaviaScratch before too.) Which one do you guys see more often?
>> No. 109296
File 134118346543.png - (15.02KB , 511x310 , Mare do well.png )

>Realize I'm habitually posting in a thread I'm not technically a part of


This handy little chart pulled straight from EqD shows AppleDash and RainbowPie are the most common, though FlutterDash is not too far behind those two.

>> No. 109297
File 134118370441.png - (565.18KB , 900x643 , fall_of_equestria_by_maplesunrise-d4ut5zw.png )
How long ago was this chart, though? I saw one maybe a few weeks ago posted on EqD that looked like Twidash was most common. I can't find the chart now though.
>> No. 109298

This is the most recent one I found. It looks like I was created mid-November last year. I'm not sure of any more recent ones, but I might have totally missed the one to which you're referring.
>> No. 109307

End of argument hopefully.
>> No. 109313
File 134119350280.png - (230.27KB , 480x360 , 132557820766.png )
There it is! That's the one I am looking for.

Showed it to Khakis. I am now infinite win.
>> No. 109317
File 134119454104.png - (54.48KB , 389x419 , Mare do well.png )

Whoops, guess I dropped the ball on that one. Thanks, Raz.
>> No. 109320

>AppleDash is still largest on list.
>> No. 109323
TwiDash is still larger than Vinylia. Good enough for me.
>> No. 109327
File 134119793062.png - (452.23KB , 944x718 , +_0c306bc95dd300a22e03f672b68feb9e.png )
Um... excuse me. I'm just a lost changling stuck in the shape of this mare, I hope that doesn't make you bias against me, but I have a question.

Can anyone be too persistent? Meaning, they just don't give up even though it's clear that they're doing more harm to their own ability to write. If so, do pre-readers eventually deal with the writer, tell them to give it a rest, that they won't accept fics from the author until a suitable break has been taken?

Not that pre-readers could force anyone to stop writing or anything, just do what they can to alleviate stress on the author.
>> No. 109329

Would a pre-reader mind telling me if my behavior (i.e., posting on behalf of you guys) is inappropriate? I don't want to do anything uncouth.

There's of course the three strike system, so each individual story can't be submitted an infinite number of times. I've also never heard of an author being blacklisted on account of having too many different stories rejected. I would think that as long as the author is doing their best (not writing millions of trollfics, for instance) and improving with each rejection, they'll continue to look at the author's work.
>> No. 109335
I'm not sure what the queue is like what with bronycon and all, but I submitted Flying High, Falling Hard 3 days ago and, other than the automated confirmation, haven't heard anything yet. Did it get through? Or is queue just really that long right now?
>> No. 109336

>Carrying on as a hijacker

In my experience, it's depends on a huge number of factors. Since pre-readers choose their stories rather than having them assigned, it can take either a short or long period of time, depending on how interesting your story looks, etc. (it also said that in the OP).

The longest I ever had to wait was about a week, I think.
>> No. 109340
It got through. The queue is massive. Patience please
>> No. 109345
How many do speak of? And more importantly, what is the effective word count?
>> No. 109346
42 stories. I have no idea what the combined wordcount is.
>> No. 109349
I was at the Bronycon fanfic panel on Saturday, and it was great to attach some faces to names! Anyway, during the panel, someone (fourth from the left? I think? I'm sorry!) talked about the biggest premise cliches in pony fics, like Rainbow Dash losing her wings and Twilight messing up a spell. I have a follow-up question: what do you think about pointing out in a fic that you're specifically not doing it? Something like:

Other character: "Twilight, it worked! We made it!"

Twilight: "Of course it worked. I carefully research all of my spells before using them. Do you think I would just mess up a spell? I like to think I'm smarter than that."

Is that clever, or is it just as bad as the cliche itself?
>> No. 109350
At this point that's as much a cliche as shipping Dash with the most ridiculous thing you can think of. Also, there's entire fics dedicated to mocking the cliches such as "Twilight Casts a Spell and Everything Goes Perfectly Fine"
>> No. 109351

Yeah, that's what I was worried about. It's just that I, and apparently lots of others, figure that the way to get around a cliche is to do the opposite.

So, does anyone know what the next cliche is going to be so I can do it while it's still fresh? ^_^
>> No. 109354
File 134123464983.png - (53.87KB , 209x200 , +_ade932134b63eff2da816b7a46b3630c.png )
Oh... thank you Joshua for answering my question. I just wanted to know because sometimes I feel like I write a bit too much.

Can I ask another question?

Umm... about how many fics to you guys go through a day?
>> No. 109360
File 134124586822.jpg - (48.00KB , 614x958 , S54Bv.jpg )
As a rule: if lots of other people do it, or if it's the first thing that pops into your head, it's probably not a very clever joke. That one's helped me immensely in writing.
>> No. 109372
File 134125727732.png - (127.85KB , 400x533 , Mare do well.png )


Yay, Daff is back!
>> No. 109378

Thought I should clarify: I'm not a pre-reader, but I'm a stalker I hang out on this thread a lot and I've seen how the pre-readers operate. I also just love Ponychan; ergo, here I am.

Again, there's no set number of how many they can go through a day. Since the word count of submitted stories can be anywhere from the low thousands to the high tens of thousands, it depends on a lot of factors.

There might be a way to figure out the daily average, though. Keep in mind that the following is just guesswork, but it's worth a shot. Since Daff said the queue is 42 long at the mo', and the average wait time for a response is one week, it would probably follow logically that they get through six stories a day. But since the size of the queue will probably fluctuate week by week, it's probably between four and six. (again, guesswork, so don't quote me on that)
>> No. 109380
I've been wondering which one of you runs the shitprereaderssay blog. Just curious. Is it even just one?
>> No. 109384
A few of us contribute, but Nines does most of the work. I think.
>> No. 109386
If you send an email asking about a pre-reading position, will they respond with a yes/no, or will they only respond if they decide to take you?
>> No. 109389
I (think) we give a yes/no, but sometimes it takes a few days for a decision to be made.
>> No. 109390
I can say that I never actually got a yes/no, just that a decision would be made, then I heard nothing. I took it as a no. :S
>> No. 109392

My confidence about sending in an application - deflated. Ah, well.
>> No. 109394
I didn't ask very hard. Don't let my ambiguous fate dissuade you from pursuing your dreams! Embellish your qualifications, flaunt your abilities, suck up to the boss, and you're sure to get included. (You can also just ignore everything I say, and it's probably better for you in the long run if you do.)
>> No. 109395
Please keep us informed about the situation with the queue.
>> No. 109397
There's a lot of stories in it.
>> No. 109398
And the number is increasing at a steady rate. Me and Alex are sorting through them now.
>> No. 109402
File 134127382573.png - (187.61KB , 600x564 , FICS.png )
It hurts us.
>> No. 109403
File 134127454929.png - (101.22KB , 475x355 , What.png )

>Alex complains about the continuous fics

>Alex continues pre-reading
>> No. 109405
File 134127459738.png - (113.66KB , 640x640 , mlfw269_medium[1].png )
I failed to deliver once.
I shall not fail twice.
>> No. 109406
I was supposed to do that, then Daff pitched the idea to a thousand people. What a douche.

It's fine, though. Ponies and Cage will still be incredible.
>> No. 109407
>> No. 109409
File 134127862616.jpg - (69.04KB , 1000x637 , ghost_rider27.jpg )
It's too late.


>> No. 109454

Starlight Over Detrot!
>> No. 109455

That's me, prereader E. I rejected White Box and I'll reject you too.
>> No. 109459
So... we get to call you I-don't-give-a-fuck-today-I-will-reject-your-story-cause-I-am-superjerk-real-face-of-the-prereaders, or just IDGAFTIWRYSCIASRFP for short?
>> No. 109460

Sure, sounds like a plan. Bonus points if you try to say IDGAFTIWRYSCIASRFP out loud.
>> No. 109468
How much of a story do y'all like to have before submitting? Currently, I have a prologue and two chapters, with chapter three about to go to my editors. I'm guessing at about ten more chapters, depending on how ballsy I'm feeling. Do you have a preference, or what?
>> No. 109473

I've a few questions about fanfictions, could you answer them, please? :)

1) Are images in stories allowed? I mean, if I include in the story (not in the fanart section, which is below the links to the chapters, but in the story itself) an image (not a link) drawn by an artist (from DeviantArt or else, with his permission and credits of course) in, let's say, every chapter or two, isn't it "too much"? Will the fanfiction be refused for that? Or could it work?

I'm asking this because I've never read a story with that "structure".

These images I'm talking about aren't fanart, I've just found them on DeviantArt or other websites and asked their authors if I could use them. ;)

2) Would you please tell me what are the most recurring/annoying clichés you see in the fanfictions on EQD? For example, Rainbow Dash's wings are broken, Twilight Sparkle fails to use a powerful spell that throws everypony in another universe, ...

I wouldn't want write a story with clichés, you understand me ;)

Keep up the good work!
>> No. 109476
Well, sorry for the double post. I'm not used with the ponychan way of posting threads :/
>> No. 109497
File 134134321906.png - (212.28KB , 558x305 , pyro.png )

>those smileys.

>> No. 109498
What about a serious answer? :/
>> No. 109502
>Not a PR
The cliches question is asked far too often. The best way to avoid them? Don't even ask. If you still want an answer, it should only take a few minutes of looking through this thread to find it.

As for the images, if they serve a clear purpose that could not be accomplished via the prose then I see no immediate problem with them. Something like chapter covers (I find) can be quite nice. But don't use the pictures as a crutch so you can reference them through the story. As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. Don't try to avoid those thousand words by slipping images into your work.
>> No. 109503
I'm more interested in why people need to ask the question at all. I've been told more times than I can remember that to be a good writer you must be a better reader, which means you need to read as much as you can, specially what you want to write.

One would think you would know the cliches from that.
>> No. 109504
"The cliches question is asked far too often. The best way to avoid them? Don't even ask. If you still want an answer, it should only take a few minutes of looking through this thread to find it."

Actually, I've found very few clichés here. (Ctrl+F "cliche") I hoped some guys here would tell me a bit more about that :/

And about the images, they would simply "complete" the chapter, give an image for the scene...Same as the cover image for a fanfiction. But here, it's for each chapter or two. Any words will be "skipped" for an image. Any.

For example, if in a chapter, I describe that scene: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ROHpXFOnBMY/T5BLSStfr7I/AAAAAAAAmfs/fOx_IeWYNVY/s1600/169179+-+artist+jaz+Octavia.png and then, add the image, is that okay for you?
>> No. 109508
Yeah, but... You see, there are thousands of stories about MLP, and I've only read a few dozens of them... I plan to read about 100 other fanfictions, but it'll need years.

That's why I'm asking if you, who may have read a lot of stories, could enlighten me about that. I'd love not to have to ask you guys for that, but I can't wait months/years before starting my story. :/
>> No. 109513
This is an old list. Not mine either. Enjoy

Overused Tropes:
●Twilight messes up a spell.
●Applejack needs money.
●Rainbow Dash breaks her wings.
●Fluttershy uses the Stare.
●Rarity refuses to get dirty / do physical labor.
●Weak and generally helpless Luna / mentally retarded Luna.
●Pinkie Pie is an axe-murderer or otherwise mentally unhinged.
●Twilight is immortal.
●Scootaloo is an orphan / disabled (why she can’t fly)
●Fluttershy has anger issues / is abusive.
●Derpy is a single mother.
○Derpy is Carrot Top’s roomie
●Dinky is her child, unknown father, smarter than her mom.
●Sweetie Belle is a moron. She steals stuff from Rarity.
●Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara are generic bullies
●Apple Bloom & Spike have a thang going on.
●Miss Mayor is a sexfiend / cougar.
●DJ PON3 is albino.
●Lyra x BonBon, duuuuh. ;)
●Pony A loves Pony B, but finds themselves unable to admit it until a moment of tragedy. / February Fic.
●Tyranlestia / Trollestia / Molestia: Pick One, or do all at once if possible.
●Fluttershy is a tree.
●Spike as a creepy stalker.
●Blueblood as a secret agent.
●Pinkie Pie grabs objects from out of nowhere and breaks the 4th wall at every opportunity.
●Gilda thinks the main character is cool and respects them instantly.
●Trixie is depressed, penniless, and homeless after being forced out of Ponyville.
●Alternatively, Trixie is bipolar/tsundere, and only wants to make friends.
●Everyone is completely insane. No exceptions.

Again, old list, not mine, etc., etc., etc.
>> No. 109527

I've seen images like that in books (between chapters, such as maps or scene illustrations), but rarely in digital fanfiction. If the images weren't obtrusive, I wouldn't reject it outright, but the story had better be worth the style break. An excellent example of this done correctly is: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/775/1/Ditzy-Doo-and-the-Blustery-Day/Chapter-One, though of course, those images were created with a very specifically for the story. Including random images throughout your text might be too jarring if you're just doing as you say.

As far as cliches go, while we might roll our eyes if we get one that's been overdone, it's all in the execution. One of my favorite stories to follow has Scootaloo as an orphan. Rather than this detail driving the narrative, however, it serves only as an element to help flesh out the core story.

Write well, and much can be forgiven.
>> No. 109530
File 134134869761.png - (133.45KB , 674x658 , WowWtf.png )
>●Fluttershy is a tree.
I have yet to see a story where Fluttershy is literally a tree.
>> No. 109531
File 134134944396.png - (34.98KB , 500x500 , spoiler.png )
You're welcome. May not be safe for sanity.
>> No. 109535
File 134135005322.jpg - (6.53KB , 255x197 , 23472502.jpg )
Wait really? I thought there was a flood of them on Fimfiction after Over a Barrel, and especially after the Fluttertree in Hurricane Fluttershy. Hmm... nah, too much on my plate already, I'd never have the time.
>> No. 109544
It happened in a chapter of Past Sins, much to... well everyone but Batty and Pen Stroke's chagrin.
>> No. 109546
I've written worse
I remember that scene. It was very, very short though, and a lot of other stuff was happening so the point was very moot.
>> No. 109549
Thank you so much!!

Currently, I plan to use only 1 image for each chapter, and it'll be at the very end. It shouldn't be too "intrusive" ;)
>> No. 109592
File 134137215528.png - (57.14KB , 167x200 , Enjoyed.png )
I'mmmmmm bacccccckkkkk. As promised, I left you alone for the duration of bronycon and an additional two days.

So, pre-readers who went to bronycon, how was it? I mean, beyond you being there as pre-readers. How was it as just bronies let loose for once to wreck havoc on some poor convention center?
>> No. 109593
File 134137254939.png - (253.22KB , 499x667 , 132547407841.png )
Bronycon: I'll get dat building a fire

Buildings like fire.
>> No. 109594
File 134137282924.gif - (227.35KB , 195x200 , Allmywhy.gif )

You are neither pre, nor reader status. Please don't trawl my questions from under the pre-readers. 'taint fair!

Now, pre-readers, back to you!
>> No. 109598
Surprisingly, there was less spaghetti than I anticipated. Most of the people I met were really nice and not at all creepy. Our panel went well, got some good questions, and think/hope we helped some people improve their writing. And someone asked for my autograph which made me feel really important.

Getting to hang out with other pre-readers/EqD people/artists/etc was really cool. Cereal, Pixelkitties and Fetchbeer in particular are super awesome and I wish I could have hung out with them more.

Disappointed that I didn't get to meet Tara Strong or get her to sign my copy of Lollipop Chainsaw, but there's always next con.

Overall: 8/10
>> No. 109601

Good, good... everything went to plan.

I'm glad you all had fun.

As much as I'd like to hug hate on you all, I'm gonna turn in early. Until we meet again.

But seriously, you're all cool people. Don't tell Daff I said so, cause he thinks I hate him. I will find you and hide under your bed if you tell him.
>> No. 109602
File 134137345471.png - (172.58KB , 640x360 , OhYeah.png )
>really nice and not at all creepy.

Wait, Bronies in real life aren't creepy?

But that's why I felt so at home here.
>> No. 109603
File 134137415928.gif - (655.49KB , 1000x671 , mlfw1523_Rainbow_Dash_and_Fluttershy_1[1].gif )
Everything's relative. I'm fairly insulted by the insinuation that I'm not creepy.
>> No. 109620
File 134138229990.png - (388.05KB , 429x438 , Yay.png )

I'm not cr--

>> No. 109623
File 134138294912.jpg - (57.79KB , 288x287 , lil miss rarity.jpg )
It means so much to hear you say such kind words Hugbox. And here I thought I was crazy.
>> No. 109646
You're not creepy. You just have an awesome moustache.
>> No. 109650
File 134141744590.jpg - (4.50KB , 125x115 , Mustacheyou.jpg )
We need more mustaches in this world
>> No. 109655
Hello, may someone tel me why these stories:




have a different comments system?
>> No. 109656
>> No. 109657
File 134142068813.png - (535.06KB , 900x600 , Luna4th.png )

Is it an 80's porno stache? That would be amazing.

Also, happy 4th of July all you US people and anyone else who celebrates it! Go eat a brat!
>> No. 109659
EqD upgraded to the IntenseDebate comment system sometime in late 2011/early 2012. All stories before that day retained the original blogger comments, while everything going forward uses the shiny new system.
>> No. 109664
File 134142407498.jpg - (72.43KB , 960x720 , 429147_369537393078309_276669245698458_1230606_1413195907_n.jpg )
I'm dressing up as a British soldier today from the Revolutionary War and walk around the mall.

I hope people will be like 'Boo'
>> No. 109665
Ok thanks! I really don't like that system, and we cannot see anymore the admin's messages in red :/
>> No. 109675
File 134143057287.jpg - (71.20KB , 580x736 , 1326157221[1].jpg )
Let's just say that I had a fabulous time at BronyCon.

>> No. 109724
Quick question.

After learning a TON about novel planning and construction, I've discovered I have to rewrite a big chunk of chapter one to set up what I have planned later. Now, the first chapter is already up on EqD. When I get done with the rewrite (and it's a pretty huge rewrite), would I be able to get an update on EqD? Or would I have to wait until I write chapter two?
>> No. 109727
You might as well do both, with an update. I can't know what's changing, but I'm sure some of it will be things readers have seen already. There isn't any reason to not do chapter 1 rewrite and 2 post in the same update.

I mean, I also tend to only post things on EqD when I have the first two chapters done, even if they are over the required amount of words by a lot. It's just cleaner that way to me.
>> No. 109729
Fallout Equestria and Conversion Bureau side stories don't go through the pre-readers. Does this mean sex/gore can get through? Has any gotten through in the past?
>> No. 109730
Chapter updates don't go through us either. Ever seen 20.5 of FoE?

Yes, we are aware of it, and no, we don't like it much. We may try and revamp those systems soon, but nothing is official.
>> No. 109734
"In chapter one, the Cutie Mark Crusaders hear about a missing library book. They decide to help Twilight track down the book, and earn their cutie marks in Detective-ing! In chapter two, Celestia hosts a frenzied orgy."
>> No. 109737
Don't forget about Hitlerjack.
>> No. 109745
>frenzied orgy
That the CMC burst into searching for the missing book.
>> No. 109761
Hey! Do you guys know people who aren't native English speakers, but who have written a 5 (or 6) stars story en EQD? Just to know if these guys do exist :p Because it's really goddamn LONG and HARD to translate into English a story of several hundreds of pages...
>> No. 109763
It usually helps if you don't have to translate. I wrote mine in English right away and through some dumb luck it actually got a 5-star tag.
>> No. 109771
Cloudy Skies speaks English as a second language.

And yeah, translating is a bad idea. You should start in English.
>> No. 109773
I don't know Cloudy Skies :/

Ok, thank you guys for the advice!
>> No. 109789
I think I'm the only foreign writer with a six star story, but I don't really know.
>> No. 109802
What is your mother tongue, please? :)

And your fanfiction is...?
>> No. 109808
Italian, and my fanfic is Derpy's Bebop.
>> No. 109818
How does the exemption of the three strike rule work? Once you have 3 strikes does it just keep going? Or are you not supposed to receive a strike if you show noticeable improvement inbetween submissions?
>> No. 109819
Ok thanks!
>> No. 109821
On top of that, does asking for a different set of eyes on a story count as a strike? I've gotten the same pre-reader twice, and both replies were ambiguously worded and seemed to hold an inherent dislike for my style (a dislike for its simplicity, mostly).

I'm not saying the style in my story is stellar, but another fic I wrote with worse style was accepted and did quite well, so it leaves me wondering.
>> No. 109831
>How does the exemption of the three strike rule work?
If you're on your last strike, but the story only has a few minor fixes required, we'll give you an extra chance.

>Or are you not supposed to receive a strike if you show noticeable improvement inbetween submissions?
We'll only clear the strikes if the story has changed enough that it can be called a different story. Rewriting one chapter and editing the rest is not sufficient, for example.

That depends entirely on what the second set of eyes finds. We'd only consider redacting a strike if the second pre-reader (and possibly a third) says that the first was totally wrong. Don't expect that to happen, so assume that asking for a different pre-reader counts as a submission/strike.
>> No. 109837
Is completely rewriting the first 11 chapters inbetween two submissions enough?
>> No. 109839
Is it the same story?
>> No. 109849
I have been working on getting my fic up on eqd for awhile now. I have frequently heard from pre-prereader and prereader alike that I have made grammatical mistakes. In some cases these are true, but in other they aren't actually grammatical rules. I have always looked up cases such as this to be sure, however whenever I've pointed this out, I am immediately told I'm wrong and am treated rather rudely. I am always polite with such matters, and I was wondering what your thoughts on it was.
>> No. 109851
File 134153004238.jpg - (769.72KB , 800x585 , 56875 - artist-bux big_macintosh sweet_apple_acres_png.jpg )
So, on a scale of 1-10, how backed up is the submitted fics queue? I know a lot of the pre-readers went to BronyCon, and I actually just received a reply for a fic I submitted a week ago, if I remember right.
>> No. 109860
You actually didn't cite any reason why your side was correct (it was incorrect, btw). "Thats the way they do it in books!" is not a valid reason to have big block paragraphs in your story.

Can you please provide an example of a time we've been rude to you? Because I'm reading through all the emails that have been sent to you, and I don't see anything rude. Unless you're just upset that we criticized your story and explained ways to improve it, in which case, I don't think writing is the hobby for you.
>> No. 109861
Our current queue is like, a 7 out of 10. I've seen worse, but Bronycon certainly backed things up.
>> No. 109879
New thread's up:

>> No. 110019

Alright, so I'll be doing this review chapter by chapter on account of the ridiculously high word count. I think this will help highlight the specific issues in each chapter as well.

If this question hasn't already been answered: no, pre-readers do not read story updates.
>> No. 110423
The main fic I am working on and thinking about submitting to EQD depicts Celestia in the aftermath of Luna's rebellion. It is not alternate universe since I've twisted the canon only a bit to suit the story. I know I have to make sure Celestia is portrayed correctly, but I want to expand Celestia's personality after that time. Would making Celestia less motherly, more authoritative, frustrated (well she did just lose Luna), and less willing to take a back seat be making Celestia OOC or would that just be fanfiction liberty given this aspect of Celestia's personality at this particular time in Equestria's history has not been touched upon?
>> No. 110531
Please see >>109879 for a link to the new thread. This thread is on autosage and thus is likely to not get any more replies.
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