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So I gotta be honest, I'm not sure if any of these review threads are good for scripts.

Call me lazy or me have bad grammer, but I'm just more comfortable with scripts and wondering what the best avenue to take when trying to get notes and reviews.

Pic unrelated, it's Tolstoy.
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Short of any reviewer coming in here and volunteering their services, your best bet is to float this in TTG with a big "this is a script" disclaimer.

Is it a true script, with stage directions and actions and such? Or just a chatlog with only the dialogue? Most readers won't like the latter; you're leaving too much to the imagination, and it just feels like everything is happening in a vacuum.

More importantly though, I don't believe EQD accepts script format, and FimFiction's FAQ states that they don't accept scripts. So publishing will be an issue.
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Equestria Daily takes scripts if they're well done. FiMFiction auto-rejects them. OP didn't say anything about Equestria Daily, though.
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It's a legit scripts, stage directions, formatted for dialogue, the works.

I'm less interested in EqD then I am with it being good for possible production a later time and space.
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Good luck finding the four-legged people to perform it.
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Boom, just hire them.
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