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107767 No. 107767
#Author #Collection #Discussion #Shipping #Second Person
Welcome one and all to the nineteenth edition of one the longest running threads on /fic/! All are welcome!

The stories within are mostly romance stories written in the second-person perspective, with a couple stray third-person fics. The stories within range from sweet and fluffy to hot and heavy.

Story Rating System:
[Fluffy] - Nothing serious, mostly cute.
[Fuzzy] - A real d'aw scene for the heart.
[Snuggly] - Hugs, peck on the cheek, etc.
[Tender] - Kisses, lying down together.
[Romantic] - Kisses w/ tongue, massages.
[Cheeky] - Moaning, overly massaging wings, hooves, etc.
[Saucy] - Very, VERY suggestive.
[Whoa!] - This goes as far as describing actual sex and CANNOT BE POSTED ON PONYCHAN.
Please mark all fics containing content inappropriate for ponychan as such if you are going to advertise them in this thread. Thank you.

For additional information, there's "The Central Repository of Sensual Knowledge", which contains everything vital from the past threads, preserved for threads to come!


We have repeatedly had collections posted on EqD, and have had a massive number of views and downloads! The collections themselves are put together by Sandman and Eights, who can both be contacted via Fimfiction. Want to be added to the list of authors? Email Coffeebean or TheGentlemanCreeper through fimfiction's messaging system.

Fimfiction group:

Posters both new and old always welcome; so sit back, put some power ballads on, and enjoy!
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>> No. 107771
File 134007352620.png - (300.62KB , 900x899 , 133387215427.png )
Reposting my current work on "Room 213"

"Room 213"
Current rating: [Tender]

Part 1: 'Wake-Up Call'
Part 2: 'Thorn in My Side'
Part 3: 'Collections'

>> No. 107772
File 134007354838.jpg - (75.29KB , 500x500 , tumblr_m5sa02sUwq1rx8aufo1_500.jpg )
Hurry, new topic finally!

Sadly, I don't have anything new to post for people to get hyped up about. Well, I do have a fic in the works, but it's not what I would call a sensual fic, so it's not really fit for this topic.

It's not clopfic, either. Sorry to disappoint there.
>> No. 107775
Should be "Hurray" and "Not a clopfic." Whoopsies
>> No. 107986
>that feel when I haven't even thought about SFG for weeks... :(

I guess because school for me is over, I have nothing to use for escapism anymore..
>> No. 108085
Just thought I'd repost my latest fic.
>> No. 108112
File 134033270108.jpg - (86.45KB , 900x788 , 133993796024-1338708170311.jpg )
Reposting old fics sound fun. Lemme give it a try.

Here's Good Clean Fun once more, a fic starring school-colt you and Sweetie Belle taking a bath together. Rating is [Fuzzy], so no worries if you're squeamish about the whole "underaged romance" thing.


Warning: Fic and picture for this post may cause sudden development of diabetes. Consult your doctor to see if "Good Clean Fun" is right for you.
>> No. 110514
File 134181510260.png - (133.25KB , 812x659 , trCI.png )
My latest fic, Love-locked and Breathless, is now up!
If you enjoy Trixie, dangerous magic acts and cheeky Teen dialogue, this is the fic for you!
>> No. 110682
Hey, new guy here.
I'll just leave this here:
If anyone can tell me where to accurately put this, that would be nice.
>> No. 111230
There's always the obvious route, www.fimfiction.net

By the way, loving that Befriending Pinkamena fic. It's... original to say the least. Hope you continue it!
>> No. 112076
Finders Keepers has updated! It even got featured!
>> No. 112078
Finders Keepers has updated! It even got featured!
>> No. 112079
And uh... sorry about the double post.
>> No. 112359
File 134279455929.png - (28.42KB , 293x319 , b980be726641e1ce5cfa8dde32ee3bcf_500.png )
Just wanted to post that I've finally finished the alternative ending to my first story. I still can't believe how well received it's been because these ponies have definitely been through the ringer in this one.

So, If you like romance in the second pony perspective and do not have an aversion to a bit of sadness and heartbreak in a your fiction, take a look at it.


Be wary, since it's hosted on Fimfiction, the 502s might get you.

Also, pic is partially related, later on.

Cheers mates, see you around,
[email protected]
>> No. 112435
That pony in your picture. Who is it?
>> No. 112442
That's Fleetfoot, the fastest Wonderbolt (according to the Wonderbolts Derby, at least). Most of the time she's given the first name 'Echo' due to a commonly accepted fan name from before she was cannon.
>> No. 112803
Just to let you all know, I've got a new Saucy Adventures One-shot on my fimfiction account


Starring you and Applejack, you accidentally save her life so she thanks you in a rather risqué fashion.

Rated Mature so be sure you know what your looking for
>> No. 112886
File 134309582326.png - (70.95KB , 871x917 , rainbow_dash_by_celebi_yoshi-d53y2a4.png )
Figure I might as well post this to give everyone something to yell (at me) about.


My (incomplete, as of now) attempt at an action-y, 2nd-Person, romance story involving everyone's favorite rainbow-maned mare. Complete with music in every chapter!

Go nuts.
>> No. 112895
I really like this story! Finally, a 2nd person Dash ship where she seems in character, the action is gripping, and it's NOT clop!
>> No. 112976
Hey, everybrony! Guess what? I'm not dead!

>looks at pic in OP. Sees Rarity.

...Well, kinda fitting, considering I just happened to have something involving said unicorn. TimeBomb0 and I managed to get our entries into the latest 'Sexty Minute Ponies' tumblr, and mine just happened to be (at least, in my opinion) SFG-worthy.

The prompt for the aforementioned tumblr on Sunday was as follows: The first morning of the honeymoon for Rarity and her special somepony.

Without further ado, I give you 'Honeysun', rating: [Tender]

>> No. 113007
Hey guys. Just wanted to let you all know I wrote a sequel to 7 Days in Heaven. You don't have to read 7 Days to enjoy it though.
>> No. 113009
Guess I should link it... sorry, don't post on boards often. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/40206/A-Little-Serendipity-
>> No. 113254

Oh lawd, I'm gonna read the fuck out of that tonight.
>> No. 113260
I did that earlier today, and it was great.

Timebomb also did a good one for that tumblr (that was a bit more risque, but not over the top.)

I'm currently reading through all of the others as well. It's really nice to see how many different ways a writer can go with a single idea as a starting point.

I also decided to take on today's prompt. It was a lot of fun to be under the knife like that, and I think that you other SFG authors should try it sometime, if you haven't already. I'll post it on FimFiction once the tumblr posts it.

[email protected]
>> No. 113324

It's a great writing exercise...

...Now, if only I can keep the creative gears working to do some more writing on my other fics... -_-;;
>> No. 113409

I know how you feel, there.

Anyways, yeah I did write something for that blog on their Rarity prompt. I won't post it here because it's a bit too descriptive for Ponychan standards, but I do feel that I did a good job with the time that I had. I'll be sure to give the next prompt a try (since I ended up not writing anything for the current one.) Nice to see other SFG writers throwing their hat into the ring on this, though.
>> No. 113481

You enjoy, Underdogg? I'm actually thinking of building up on that and making in full-on [Whoa!], but CWC (Clop With Content) and posting it on FIMfiction.


Nice entry on Wednesday's prompt, btw. I actually had quite a bit of difficulty on it, but I managed to get something posted. It's not one of my better works, admittedly, but that one, too, I'm thinking of working on.

I do agree with Agarwaen that it is a good writing exercise to take up. You don't necessarily have to post to the Tumblr (you could just write it for yourself), and I love it, simply because it promotes plausible writing (and having content with your clop, but that's another issue not necessarily for this thread). Three of us are (hopefully) going to be normal contributors to this tumblr (I know I'll at least give it a shot), and I hope to see more familiar names there as the prompts come and go.
>> No. 113501

Yes I did enjoy it! Anything with Ratity written by the same guy who did Truth or Dare is bound to be eye-poppingly good. Speaking of that fic, have you considered doing a sequel to truth or dare with you x twilight ? That would be pretty neato
>> No. 113561
>>113481 Thanks.
I was a bit lucky on that one. I didn't originally have the idea for that ending and I was pretty well out of time. I just had a few minutes left when I got an *channeling best Rarity voice* IDEEEAAA~~~~ I posted it on Fimfiction if anyone wants to look at it without having to sort through that tumblr (since most of that stuff is a bit more explicit than what I tend to do.)

I do plan on taking part ever other week or so, but most of my Sundays and Wednesdays are pretty busy.

Still need to make time to read the other Prompt 5 entries, as well.
>> No. 113814
File 134354193897.png - (300.62KB , 900x899 , good_morning_octavia_by_johnjoseco-d49qmxf.png )
"Room 213"
Current rating: [Tender]

Part 1: 'Wake-Up Call'
Part 2: 'Thorn in My Side'
Part 3: 'Collections'
*NEW* Part 4: 'To Tataurus With Them'


Warning: this is my first quintuple digit word count chapter. That's right. It's more than 10,000 words long.

And being able to say I wrote it makes me feel pretty good.
>> No. 113817
I have been informed of my spelling mistake regarding "Tartarus" and have corrected it in all editions of the chapter.
>> No. 113819
10k words. In one chapter. What in Celestia's name possessed you to not break that up into smaller pieces? I've been really looking forward to an update ever since I started this, so that's why I'm complaining. :)
>> No. 113821
Honestly, it was because I wrote myself into a corner. I'm going to use spoilers in case anyone hasn't read it yet, but I'm talking about just the pattern of events that occur in chapters with only minor hints to anything new from the current chapter.

It was supposed to be two, but the event I set up to happen right after the last chapter was originally the trigger for the second flashback. So I had to combine the flashbacks if I wanted to do them in chronological order.
>> No. 113873

Well, I currently am writing an AU sequel to 'Truth or Dare', and I'm considering writing a full-on clop chapter when I hit one point. Hit up my FIMfiction profile for it.


Oh, man! Prompt #6 was just PERFECT for me! Had that done in, like, no time flat!
>> No. 113971

I had two separate stories I could have written for Prompt #6. One of them would have required a bit too much writing to cram into a 60-minute flashfic to be any good, so I went with a much more straightforward story.

In any case, it's definitely not gonna get posted here.
>> No. 114057

Prompt #6? Yeah, if any one of us wrote a fic for that one, it's DEFINITELY not going on here.

Suffice to say, anyone feel like reading a [Whoa!]-rated fic involving our favorite farm-mare, and too impatient to wait for the Tumblr to post it? Send me a message on FIMfiction. I'll give you the GDocs link there.
>> No. 114103

Looks like they don't have to wait anymore. Your story, mine, and Whirring Gear's are all on the blog now.

I have a feeling this blog may be an unexpected boon for the SFG.
>> No. 114126
File 134370364287.gif - (484.77KB , 500x211 , tumblr_m4wlv541p11qew6tn.gif )
Gears did a SFW story when the prompt was pretty much, "Rut me."

The gif expresses my feelings perfectly.
>> No. 114146
File 134372363545.png - (100.59KB , 500x500 , 134068570480.png )
Don't know what to tell you. I like doing things differently.
>> No. 114165

Surprised me, too, but pleasantly, mind.


Good show, mate! It's not everyday you can make a downright naughty prompt SFW.


Agreed, now that four of us (hopefully) are on the boat.
>> No. 114229
Just want to make sure my gif wasn't misunderstood because I can't really tell one way or another by the response. Thor says 'I like it, I'll have another!' before the cup smash.

[email protected]
>> No. 114266
Yeah, without the words, I thought it was an angry gif. Glad you liked it, though!
>> No. 114292
File 134379925494.jpg - (25.05KB , 400x300 , Ed_Edd_Eddy68.jpg )

I don't know why I write this sort of thing. And I know, it's terrible, you don't need to tell me.

Pic is mfw I wrote this.
>> No. 114426

>You x the cat which I can never spell right

Add this to the group my good chum!
>> No. 115362
ITT Coffee is getting pissed off with deleting so many third-person clopfics from the second person fimfiction group.

Why isn't anyone else filtering it?
>> No. 115398
This is slashe. I haven't had time to do it as i have been working long hours. My hours have been cut recently so i can do it more efficiently
>> No. 115438
File 134450331000.jpg - (82.97KB , 763x484 , Banner sketch.jpg )
Hey, among other things, we're getting an idea about an official SFG banner. We've tossed around some ideas, if we're going to do it ourselves or commission someone else, and other details.

If you have any thoughts, concerns, or suggestions, we're open to all of them.
>> No. 115955
File 134488635604.png - (239.94KB , 1000x999 , vinyl_scratch_by_vanillecream-d59g1lh.png )
Newest story is out!


Rated [Saucy], containing heated makeouts, rave parties, and some sick bass playing.

>> No. 117296

The good news is, I've got some down time coming up. Some new content from me is very possible within the next month or two. I just wanted to let you all know before I just drop a fic in without any warning beforehand. If any of you remember me, that is.

The other good news is, I get to read all of the great content from you guys that I've missed. Maybe I'll drop in some reviews too.

Before I release anything though, are we still doing the Google Docs method of this stuff? Or have we moved on? I'm a bit out of the loop admittedly since I'm not here as much as I'd like to be...
>> No. 117303

Hey, welcome back!

I think the majority of us have moved on to FiMFiction.net for posting stories. It's much easier to get our stories out there that way. Link is here:

>> No. 117481
File 134597784726.png - (44.60KB , 800x600 , ppCI.png )
May as well post my latest fic here for the sake of old times.

>> No. 117887
File 134627659827.png - (154.70KB , 900x812 , GUYS_.png )
Oh. My. God.

We're on 19?


Well, just finished Trixies of the Trade. [Snuggly]



Gonna start on my Octavia fic. Cheers.
>> No. 119934
File 134809249073.jpg - (26.87KB , 500x369 , SweetLittleLovelyTitleImage.jpg )
Hey, everyone. How are you? Good, I hope.

Anyway, I've got something new for you. It's a little different from the usual fare, and you can find it on my FimFiction user page -
Note that it contains gore material.

(Yes, gore material)
But, you know, I still think you'll like it; it's not your average gore fic, after all.

Title - Sweet Little Lovely : A Gothic Romance
SFG Content Rating - Tender
Synopsis -
Everyone in their sleepy little town knows that Marvelous, the clockmaker, has eyes for only one mare - the beautiful Little Lovely.
But he soon comes to realize that her true beauty is on the inside.
A romantic tale written in the tradition of nineteenth century horror.


Alright, cool.
Hope you like it.
I know I do.
>> No. 119946
File 134809797761.jpg - (39.65KB , 446x476 , 133927860214.jpg )
I'm deeply considering it
>> No. 119963
File 134810622241.jpg - (156.04KB , 2048x1536 , Red Thrush Private School.jpg )
Hey, what's up everypony? Just thought I'd send a fic your way! It's called 'Red Thrush Private School,' it's a 2nd Person Romance with the humanized main six, but Rainbow Dash is the mane focus of the story.

Rating: Tender/Romantic, but might boost up.

Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/40321/Red-Thrush-Private-School

>> No. 119987
File 134811878744.jpg - (26.64KB , 570x271 , dark-knight-rises-bane-deta-570x271.jpg )
I am intrigued and wish to know more.
>> No. 120357
File 134842083341.png - (122.92KB , 900x900 , Ahem.png )

Well, I'll try and address for you, the main concern I had when Mr. V was presenting the fic to pre-readers.

As a rule, I avoid [Gore] tags due to unfortunate stories like Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory. Why would I want to read stories where characters who I've grown emotionally attached to are killed and tortured for some horrible reason?

Well that's the problem with [Gore] tags, they're not all that informative. With authors revealing as little as possible in their summary (in order to hide the amazing twists and reveals of their story) a [Gore] tag could be anything.
It could be anywhere between a fight scene where the Big Bad is thrown against a wall having his head cracked open, to the graphic description of a torture scene, complete with hacked off body parts.

Sweet Little Lovely is neither of these, it is a Romantic story where the theme and moral that love transcends the limitations presented in the story are upheld in the fines of form, given the circumstances.
I wish I did not have to be so secretive in explaining why I can't telly you why it's not so bad, but I know Mr. V and Mr. V likes to keep his story secret.

The most I can tell you is that the gore isn't all that bad and it's not in the slightest bit cruel.

>> No. 120642

I second what Armada said. At first, I was turned off in the same way that he was. Then, I read said Armada post and decided to give it a whirl.

I was very pleased that I did. The romance was romantic, there were scary situations without being needlessly so, and there were some explicit descriptions of gore. It feels like an old classic that I'd never read.

I don't know what to say, other than that I recommend this story very highly.
>> No. 122329
HOORAH! for i have made my glorious return! good to see this thread continues to live! it has been far too long
>> No. 123195
File 135122390008.png - (464.86KB , 1453x3187 , octavia__s_cello_by_cptofthefriendship-d4mad7a.png )
(You work in a small music shop in Manehattan when one day a curious black-maned gray mare walks in with a problem, you quickly fix it, but end up with plans by the end of the night. Is that even possible? no way life can be that good...)

>> No. 123196
File 135122430762.png - (452.90KB , 1000x720 , Rarity_opening_theme.png )
Crap, the rating for that story is [Tender]
(The story is revolved around you (the reader) and Rarity, who (you think) you fall in love with the day before Hearts and Hooves day, You have a potential to date, but as another Stallion much more handsome and rich than you (and more popular) comes into the scene, he steals away Rarity, however it seems she does not truly love him (you hope). it's now up to you to devise a way to win back Rarity's heart, or perhaps win it over at all.)

>> No. 125567
File 135554307928.png - (509.37KB , 900x900 , idhitit.png )
Sooo, after a long while i finally have a SFG fic. It was supposed to be longer but i lost the will to finish it, so i wrapped it up quickly.

Introducing "The Darker Side of the Night"
Rating: Cheeky

You and Nightmare Moon share a tantalizing moment together in bed.

A Massage - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/63945/1/the-darker-side-of-the-night/a-massage

A mighty massive thank you to Mr V, Eights, Slashe, Shiny Glory, Whirring Gears and any of the others that i might of forgotten that has helped me along.

Image source: http://d16megatron.deviantart.com/?rnrd=20751#/d52xzhw
>> No. 125621
File 135587100924.png - (341.97KB , 1280x1013 , 181961__UNOPT__safe_fluttershy_vector_blushing_cute_fat_obese_belly_buttershy_daaaaaaaaaaaw_hnnn.png )
Hey, there, everyone,
I've got a new little fic here for you.

Title: Buttershy Kisses
Rating: Snuggly
Synopsis: A short and sugary piece in which you spend a quiet winter day with Fluttershy --
who just happens to be adorably fat


I may add more chapters as I think of them.

But for now, it's just a little gooey Christmas candy, full of snuggles and attempted cuteness.
>> No. 125735
File 135658264513.png - (300.62KB , 900x899 , 133387215427.png )
"Room 213"
Current rating: [Tender]

Part 1: 'Wake-Up Call'
Part 2: 'Thorn in My Side'
Part 3: 'Collections'
Part 4: 'To Tataurus With Them'
*NEW* Part 5: 'Escape'


Man, it's been a while. Merry Christmas (one day late)!
>> No. 125960
File 135762099562.jpg - (69.93KB , 737x960 , 548078_445235918862772_737178940_n.jpg )
It warms my heart to see that sensual writing is still here. Where is my Mogu? The old days. Lol, we were the pioneers of sensual pony fics. I like short sensual stories. Whos got anything for me to read? No novels, just short, bite sized, well written sensual stories. Let me have it guys.
>> No. 125961
File 135762145120.png - (2.13MB , 1600x1000 , 35090 - Artist Moe filly pinkamina_diane_pie pinkie_pie sonic_rainboom.png )
I just DL'd the old collection. Ah the memories! I wrote some of those stories almost 3 years ago. But someone butchered the formatting and grammar on my "A Bad Nights Sleep" Story. Periods been removed, letters added where they dont make sense, and complete words are either misspelled or missing completely. Oh well. The memories almost bring a tear to me. It reminds me of when the fanbase started. Those virgin days of when the word "Brony" was still new.

I need a story guys. Inspire me to write.
>> No. 126808
File 136168550080.png - (612.01KB , 900x750 , pon-bowl (1).png )
A collaboration between me and Kody910!

"Step Up, Don't Suck"

Bowling may not be your strong suit, but the Ponyville Bowling League is a chance to hang out with friends every Saturday. Especially Allie Way, who is right at home among the pins and bowling balls.

However, when things are said between all the noise of competition, blow hards, and rising tensions, what will this mean for you and your teammates?

Current Rating: [Fluffy]


Chapter One:
>> No. 127061
File 136372405837.png - (0.96MB , 934x937 , Thunderlane.png )
I'm BACK baby!

And now we're going back to my Octavia.


Because while I was out not terrible fics, I was out drawing terrible drawings!
>> No. 127236
Last of the Zap-Apple Cider
[Cheeky] for kissing, hot breath in ear, neck nipping, playful smack, and suggestive language/implied stuff.

A one-shot about reminiscence on the good ol' days and octogenarian love. This isn't a trollfic, but it is a rather...contrarian shipping, shall I say? Feel free to pound the backspace button in horror or follow where morbid fascination leads you: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/20256/1/last-of-the-zapapple-cider/complete-story-oneshot
>> No. 127269
File 136547910810.png - (300.62KB , 900x899 , 133387215427.png )
"Room 213"
Current rating: [Tender]

Part 1: 'Wake-Up Call'
Part 2: 'Thorn in My Side'
Part 3: 'Collections'
Part 4: 'To Tataurus With Them'
Part 5: 'Escape'
*NEW* Part 6: 'Music'


Promised a deadline for tonight and I made it! I'm feelin' goooood.
>> No. 127483
File 136762646656.png - (402.52KB , 778x778 , Sweetie-Older.png )
I've been doing some writing to clear my mind and try to buoy my enthusiasm. Somehow, I managed to make a story out of it!

A story about one, Sweetie Belle, after she's older and more famous. A story about breakfast pizza and weird delivery ponies. A story with good old-fashioned, non-sexual sensuality.

SFG Rating: [Cheeky]

Introducing, Sweet and Elite [www.fimfiction.net]
>> No. 127744
File 137063198390.png - (154.62KB , 1001x750 , abCI.png )
Man, I still remember my tripcode. I think.

Anyways, in order to bring this place back to life, on Whirring Gears' behalf, I'm gonna post To Be Young And Stupid here. Might as well.


Rating: Snuggly, Safe for Work.
>> No. 127799
Wow, this is still going...

I miss you guys.
>> No. 127828
Coffee, I don't know if you'll see this or not, but I sincerely miss you and the rest of the IRC.

Hope everything's been good and you're still bossin' it up.

*Sappy closing note*
>> No. 127829
Speaking of missing people...

Damn, it's been a while, SFG. #Equestria's still limping about back on Caffie, if any of you guys are still here to notice. We need to start the place back up again, so drop on in if you get the chance, and hopefully we can get the ball rolling again.
>> No. 127869
File 137219061019.png - (129.69KB , 900x744 , 1357186941753.png )
Gentlemen, I'm searching for an old fic. One of the first sensual fic's I ever read. The title is resonance. It's a second person(you) x lyra fic. Don't remember who it was by but if anybody could deliver, it would be very much appreciated :D
>> No. 127885
Check the collections: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/68/sensual-fiction-sfg/thread/9620/collections
Volume 2 seems to have a story called Resonance (and another LyraXYou story). Don't know if it's what you're looking for, but that's what you get for asking someone else to do your dirty work.
>> No. 127897
File 137251004455.png - (595.78KB , 5000x5000 , 1357186473539.png )
Thank you very much sir
>> No. 128238
"Room 213"
Current rating: [Tender]

Part 1: 'Wake-Up Call'
Part 2: 'Thorn in My Side'
Part 3: 'Collections'
Part 4: 'To Tataurus With Them'
Part 5: 'Escape'
Part 6: 'Music'
*NEW* Part 7: 'Night'


Another post for the old thread. Been another while, I see.
>> No. 128528
File 137999515422.jpg - (207.61KB , 1600x900 , image.jpg )
These kinds of stories are really delightful. Thanks to you authors who spin us lovely, romantic yarns like these. Almost every time I come to Ponychan, I check this thread to see it's come to life again. Oh, the old days!

I hope people are still writing these. It's a real craft, and I'm terribly envious of the people who can do it.
>> No. 128540
File 138006421492.png - (49.83KB , 102x292 , substandard.png )

Every time I come to Ponychan, I see this thread, and the level of detail in the sexiness scale, and it just annoys the crap out of me. It's a form of denial, a desire to see yourself as "better than" the saucier ratings because you're stuck with values of sex being dirty and/or forbidden.

There are only two true distinctions for sex's role: Romance either is or isn't driven primarily by sexual tension, and the story either does or doesn't contain mature elements. Not only that, but I would argue that it's denial (or childish naivite) to create a relationship titled "love" that doesn't have an angle of sexual tension.

That's ASIDE from the fact that I once challenged people to show me fics from here that didn't ride on the appeal of feel-good romantic schlock--or at least that succeeded in high drama and meaningful depth while also hooking readers that way--and they failed.

And the fact that come on what's up with having "a community for" or being "a fan of" the same subject matter over and over and over

And the fact that I actually find a majority of this thread to be low quality, but that's not a legitimate complaint, good on those people for writing. Even if I wish more of them would work on broadening; growing; improving.

Last edited at Tue, Sep 24th, 2013 16:16

>> No. 128542
File 138006813430.jpg - (196.76KB , 945x945 , image.jpg )
I agree that many of them are based on the same idea, are poorly written, and that it can get repetitive. I think that some of my favorite stories in the SFG are the very novel ones by TheGentlemanCreeper, especially "Swing" and "Freudian Slip." I'm not sure if you have read those, or if you'd rather not read them, but they're extremely well developed, satisfying, and I think they are closer to your ideals for a good story.

In any case, a lot of these stories aren't for everybody, and the rating system does seem a little vague and needless to some. I think it works well enough for categorizing the stories on FIMFiction even though the ratings are divided oddly. I wouldn't outright say the rating system encourages elitism in the writers who stay close to [Fluffy], although it might.

For many of the writers in the archives, these threads might have been great practice for fiction writing in general.
>> No. 128548
Does it bother you that people value sex more than you? That they see it as something more meaningful than you will ever have or be able to do with it? Because, unless you have some sort of issue of that kind, your little affliction seems nothing more than a kid looking at his actions, comparing to better others, and filling guilty.

Oh, and you challenge people to demonstrate to you something you had predispose them to fail based upon your own admitted prior biased? And they didn't somehow destroy those assertions? My, I'm certainly the innate concern you have didn't have anything to do with it.

But hey, between world creation physiological fluff and bad attempts at emotional fluff, I'm sure you can find the fluff here and notice your opinion is just as sickening as your attitude, and worse yet, you are doing nothing but making yourself a nuisance.

Good day, S.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 25th, 2013 03:03

>> No. 128552

I find that a solid majority of fics in here are samey schlock, which is an opinion I'm allowed to have, and the discussion was perfectly civil before you showed up.

My first statement was much more significant, and you seem to have misread it very badly.

Because I was accusing the bizzarely detailed "rating scale" of being based on something like the prudish values that you're incoherently ascribing to my dislike for this thread. It implies that you want to put warning labels on things like how intense the kissing gets.

Sorry for that disgusting couple of sentences. I'll clarify if I gotta.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 25th, 2013 10:02

>> No. 128558
File 138015497773.jpg - (100.13KB , 655x640 , image.jpg )

It's okay that TacticalRainboom doesn't like the rating scale. I think it's very useful for some people, and I rather like it, too. I had hardly read any wholly second person stories before I saw one of TimeBomb0's tales, and to me, it's a very innovative style. A lot of the plots are hackneyed, but the different spins on them can be fun and cozy. Many of them are truly great.

I'm afraid that my posting here in the first place might have been bad idea. I didn't mean to start a fight, I just wanted to praise some very fine authors. It's awesome that we don't have to agree completely about this group and that we all have different tastes. I probably should've taken my praise straight to the group on FIMFiction, too. Sorry if I have stepped on anyone's toes.
>> No. 128559

Don't post shit like that for pointless apologies, now I'm torn between wanting to tell you you're overreacting, and wanting to give Applejack a hug.
>> No. 128560
I also absentmindedly skipped the sticky thread on this board, and so I didn't read that we should "sage" posts unless we have a story or a review to give. My first post was really a trifle, and I'm not sure if it was proper to bump the thread with it.

I think this is the last time I'll post, Tactical. Thanks for the interesting talk.
>> No. 128561
File 138016257052.gif - (861.60KB , 640x360 , Wet.gif )
The... no-saging rule is stupid, so there's no harm in bumping this thread. Plus, you were "giving a review" by the barest sense anyway, on top of asking people who (might) check this board if they were still writing, thus expressing interest, and all in all doing nothing wrong.

I don't know why you were attacked for expressing your opinion (actually, I do, but I probably won't be able to explain it without being more confrontational than this post will be, anyway), but I am sorry that happened to you.

If you have anything else you want to post or comment on in this thread, please do. I'm sure that, if the authors of these stories are still watching, they appreciate your feedback. And if not, maybe you'll invite someone else to have a positive conversation with.

On that note...

Stop. Shitting. On the Sensual Fic General thread.

Just... stop.

See the link in the OP that says "Hide"? Click that. Seriously. Don't even reply to this post. Just click and leave.

Every post of yours in this thread is like watching someone dig themselves deeper into a hole of faux pases, so you need to make like a cliché and quit while you're ahead.
>> No. 129222
File 138567209314.jpg - (8.16KB , 267x227 , reading02.jpg )
I love these stories. Thanks for writing, guys! My favorites are Swing, Freudian Slip, and Friendly Games.
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