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Any good fics based on episodes like Return Of Harmony or Mare In The Moon and others?

Also any fanfics where Twilight acts like a badass biatch? or Rainbow Dash like a cute prankster?
Same for a NightmareMoon with good characterization or Luna like a laidback playful rebel?
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1) Read sticky
2) Find Request and Suggestion General http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/88527.html
3) ???
4) Profit!
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This looks like a request for recommendations for stories. This inquiry would belong in the 'Recommendations Thread', which you can find a link to in the stick. Please ask that there and delete this thread, as it would be useless at that point.

Edit: Somehow my computer herped and it didn't post for like... 10 minutes, and then there was already a post. I'll just sage my post instead.
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I've never found any god-to-honest, original quality Alternate Universe series of fiction based on this show.
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