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109878 No. 109878
Previous thread >>106665

Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the twelfth installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Disclaimer: Our knowledge of quantum physics is limited, so please try to keep questions on that subject to a minimum.

I’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: Depends entirely on how many pre-readers have free time and how interesting the story looks. Could be an hour, could be a week.

Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
A: Yes. If you feel that we were incorrect in some assessment of your story or you wish to discuss possible revisions, feel free to bring it up in a reply email. Just try to be polite about it.
Oh, you can also send a reply to just say “Thank you.” We like that.

Q: My story was rejected despite the fact that my FimFiction/DeviantArt/Fanfiction.net audience loves it. What’s the deal with that?
A: Congratulations on having a story that’s well liked! However, Equestria Daily tends to have much higher quality standards than the sites mentioned above. Don’t be upset about being rejected; use it as an opportunity to make your story even better. We’ll be happy to look at it again once edits have been made.

Q: How does the Three Strike policy work?
A: Authors have three chances to submit their work before we stop adding it to the pre-reader queue. Every rejection counts as one “strike”. The idea is to have authors edit their work sufficiently -before- submitting it. We’re not editors, and there’s been a growing issue with authors thinking we are. Bear in mind that if a story is -really- close to being approved and is on its third strike, we’ll give it a bit of leeway. This policy is more to cover stories that haven’t had any significant changes made despite multiple submissions.

Q: Can I ask who my pre-reader was?
A: Yes, but they’re not obligated to tell you. Some of us prefer to remain anonymous.

Q: I was told to post my story on FimFiction. Why is that?
A: Generally when we recommend FimFiction it’s because we believe a story will do better there than it would on Equestria Daily. Don’t be offended. EqD and FimFiction just serve different purposes. And yes, you can submit different stories to us for review.

Q: Do you ban/blacklist authors?
A: No. However, in cases where authors have been particularly rude to us or the blogponies, we generally wait for some sort of apology before looking at their work again.

Q: Can I touch the beard?
A: We do not have the authority to handle beard-related matters. Please forward all beard inquiries to Twilight Snarkle.

Q: Are rock puns awesome?
A: Yes. They're very gneiss.
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>> No. 109883
>Rock jokes

At least it's not Nicholas Cage
>> No. 109885
File 134154034203.jpg - (20.88KB , 300x300 , tumblr_lxg5auuYdW1r9jisso1_400.jpg )
>> No. 109886
File 134154048349.jpg - (58.39KB , 450x321 , nicolas-cage-20080905025038648-000.jpg )
>> No. 109888
We should have a Con Air movie night.
>> No. 109892
File 134154161591.jpg - (11.23KB , 290x174 , just nick cage.jpg )
I vote for a Wicker Man movie night instead.
>> No. 109899
File 134154386383.gif - (480.54KB , 250x190 , tumblr_m4jh0kZfbA1r2kw8v.gif )
>> No. 109904
File 134154463389.png - (77.82KB , 354x341 , EEEHHH.png )
You people
>> No. 109909
The first 3 chapters are completely new, and the rest just heavily modified. The beginning arc was severely reworked, but yes. It's the same story.
>> No. 109919
>Yes. They're very gneiss.

I've never heard anyone else make that joke ever. Are you telling me I've finally found another geology nerd?
>> No. 109920
File 134154759980.png - (25.34KB , 401x150 , Oh my fuck.png )

Also, wow. I got on the WTF Pony Fanfiction Tumblr... I'm not sure whether to laugh hysterically or perform seppuku.
>> No. 109921
File 134154784230.jpg - (8.39KB , 299x168 , idea.jpg )
Since you have a google docs queue, have you ever considered having the public view it. It seems like an easy way to stop the "Ur my Gawd. Why izn't mey ficutre en yet ragerblargh," questions
>> No. 109923
File 134154892666.jpg - (7.34KB , 248x200 , Don't mind me.jpg )

This would be nice. Especially when people who have regular contact with pre-readers.

I.E. Writer submits to queue. He waits a few days. He asks pre-reader. Pre-reader says, "oh, your fic has been claimed. Several days later, still nothing.

It'd be useful to see for ourselves.

And being who I am, I have to say this.

I still think you're a pretty cool guy hate you, Daff.
>> No. 109924

>I still think...

Would someone mind explaining where this started? * * * uses it all the time.
>> No. 109925
We began to use it once the place became a little too serious and decided to make it a bit more fun.
>> No. 109926
File 134154971372.png - (79.85KB , 300x169 , Just talking.png )

This again?

Anyways, I'll ask a question so I'm not entirely responsible for this derail.

How does claiming actually work? Is it like ttg where it's a general queue that everyone kinda picks and chooses from? Or do you occasionally shoot off specific stories to specific pre-readers? I.E. Would you shoot of a Rarity centered story directly to Vimbert? I hear he absolutely adores her. /sarcasm
>> No. 109929

This is unlikely to happen, as there are comments and reviewer names that are kept internal for tracking and privacy. Forking the spreadsheet and just omitting these details would be more trouble than it's worth.


No one assigns fics to others. All claims are voluntarily made by marking the status of a fic on the spreadsheet with our name and the timestamp. As far as I understand it, it works in much the same manner as the TG spreadsheet.
>> No. 109933
File 134155085366.gif - (78.16KB , 178x199 , Yay.gif )

Thanks for the prompt answer. It's nice to know there are other cool people I can rely on.

As always, I love hate you all.
>> No. 109942
File 134155448362.jpg - (8.18KB , 239x211 , fabulous.jpg )
I understand the need for anonymity among the prereaders I actually really don't since the internet basically allows you free anonymity with your identity but whatevs. You want that extra little bit of privacy, then it's not my place to argue. I accept your decision though I don't agree with it personally. Still it would be nice to have closure as a writer, especially when there are queue pile-ups. I, for example, am pissing my pants because I sent in a fic like 5 days ago and still haven't heard anything, It would just be nice to have that fimfiction "you're number 37 in the queue" or something similar without having to ask pre-readers and seem like an impatient douche.
>> No. 109945
They need that extra layer of anonymity because if every author knows their screenname, they're likely to get hunted down and hassled by certain individuals who don't enjoy rejection or civility.

Just be patient. At least you know your fic hasn't got lost between Seth and the PRs with this new system.
>> No. 109947
I debunk this by saying that none of the current public pre-readers do.

Not saying revealing their names would be a good or a bad thing, but this is just a fallacy.
>> No. 109955
Seattle's got a cute little lynch mob of anons trying to throw a shitfest over his most recent story being "subpar" or whatever bullshit; with prereaders being one of the most hated subgroups within this fandom, it shouldn't be a surprise that anonymity is useful.
>> No. 109956

I was attempting to be as civil as I could be while expressing whether the content was allowable on EqD. I meant no disrespect to Seattle or his writing abilities. If it was someone else, I would also ponder the same thing. However, you did say that it was better than most of the writing you receive, so I'll take your word for it.

I just wish you could be a little bit less confrontational about it. Can't we all just get along?
>> No. 109962
You presume too much of Seattle. His story has a small little Lynch Mob, as did many other stories posted in EqD which were found to be lower than the normal standard, making him be like every other writer in the fandom. Right now, the only real distinction is that we got someone saying it was accepted, which might have been related to his position as a pre-reader only in that his story probably got read faster because it isn't Shuggy Mc.Stookertier with his newest epic "The Farts of a Sun Long Past."

Right now, I don't see reports of hate mail, reports of anything more but badly written and worded replies about the geniuses the writers are (which the pre-readers have said publicly they laugh at people for, because, I mean, what is left to do?).

In fact, nothing other than a bunch on grumbling and hardly a good opinion about them, but nothing done against them. So, yeah, nothing bad ever comes from being public other than very unimportant grumbling.

PS: I will not comment about Seattle story, nope, that ship is not headed anywhere good.
>> No. 109974
File 134157871724.png - (57.14KB , 167x200 , Enjoyed.png )

I'll explain it to you. It's rather simple. I.... hate... everyone.

Whoa, whoa, whoa... the people who know who am are probably out saying, "No you don't. You treat people perfectly fine when actually talking to us."

They're right. You see, when I say everyone, I mean I hate everyone as a whole. However, on a level where I get to talk to people as person to person instead of person to representative of a whole, I think most of you are pretty cool.

What's under the strike through is probably what I really think of a person ranging from silly, seeing as I don't actually hold any love for Daffodil, to serious, because I really do think Daffodil is a pretty cool guy.

The other part? The part where I claim to hate people? Yeah, that's serious. That I'm addressing to their status as part of any given organization. In this case it's often the pre-readers.

It's a love hate relationship for me in regards to EqD. Part of me still enjoys going there for the art and maybe certain stories. The other half of me wants to burn it to the ground, stomp on it, and then rebuild it from the ashes.

> Would someone mind explaining where this started? * * * uses it all the time.
Two threads back if I remember correctly.
>> No. 109986
File 134159273280.png - (173.31KB , 640x360 , 130221631276.png )
Sir, your civility and rational concerns/opinions are greatly appreciated, and well-noted.

You, on the other hand... Mate, YOU presume far too much, of myself and others. In fact, you seem to have an issue with confusing your own assumptions with the facts of a matter or the perspectives of others. Further, and I have to be blunt here, your posts seem to lack basic coherency. Have you reread your posts? Because if they make sense to you, then pass over whatever you're smoking, because it must be some good shit. I honestly canna tell if you're trying to make any actual point or not, but the general tone is decidedly negative.

And you just seem to be attn horing, plain and simple. It's getting tedious.
>hurr I hate everyone ad infinitum
Why do you assume anyone actually gives a shit to the extent you feel you have to keep repeating yourself?
>> No. 109989
File 134159320120.jpg - (10.44KB , 199x200 , Go away.jpg )

This is not the Seattle_Lite I know. You're flat out fucking drunk. And if you aren't, you certainly aren't acting like yourself.

I antagonize the thread a bit because I know that while it may cause small derails, it also helps get this thread moving again when it's died.

You sir, should go to bed and sleep off the alcohol.

Why do you care that I repeatedly state my opinion? Does it affect you? On a very basic level. Most of my shenanigans have been targeted at Daffodil because I know that unlike you, he can take shit like this in stride and come out smiling.

I like to make it clear that any hate I've spewed was nothing more than a joke. If not, I'm deeply sorry. I used to think there was no one I hated... but you're making it real hard to not add any names to that list, Mr. Seattle.
>> No. 109991

You know, considering who it is hiding behind that mask, I feel a bit saddened. I'm sorry you feel that way, ***.
>> No. 109992

Enough. We've derailed another thread, and we'll infect all of Ponychan with this absurd debate if we don't stop now.

Seattle, I just need to ask: what is the matter with you? This isn't an issue of bluntness; you're being flat out rude to someone who's had no involvement in this discussion. Furthermore, you need to be a man and accept the criticism of the anons with dignity. I've had stories on the blog too, and they've received criticism just like yours. If you're satisfied with what you've created, and you've been approved by the pre-readers, their opinions shouldn't matter to you.

Staying classy is the easiest way to deal with this kind of situation.
>> No. 109994
File 134159467939.jpg - (7.34KB , 248x200 , Don't mind me.jpg )

Fair enough... I'll start the rerailing.

So, what if there's a story that the pre-readers really like, except for a few. Is there a way for a pre-reader to overrule the majority vote rule and get a fic struck down if they have enough reason?


Fine, I said my piece and that's that. I don't care if you now hate me with a passion, but I'm still going to apologize. Apology pizza? And seriously, go to bed or take a nap. You need it.
>> No. 109998
File 134159551974.gif - (264.79KB , 375x375 , internet-memes-embas-es-nick-cage.gif )
I vote that we rerail this thread back to where it should truly be...
>> No. 110001
File 134159600089.png - (257.64KB , 640x610 , 188905 - artist smittyG Daring_Do plushie rainbow_dash.png )
In any case, you're all right (ancillary comments below)-
>Is there a way for a pre-reader to overrule the majority vote rule and get a fic struck down if they have enough reason?
Only in the nigh-unheard-of situation where the outnumbered PR is correct on a solid rule of grammar. When it comes to anything less, consensus rules out, usually after long debate, in which opinion can be swayed.

I *am* exceedingly tired (12 hour shift), and that post did just flare up outta nowhere. I don't know how I lost my sense of humor like that. Genuinely sorry mate. Pizza an beer sounds great.

Umbra, you're crossing streams here (never cross the streams). The comments towards *** had nothing to do with the TTG discussion whatsoever.
This anon >>109962 brought the debate here, not me. My actual concerns aren't with criticism or the ability to take, but genuinely not understanding what the hay he's saying. If you can decipher his post, by all means.
>> No. 110002
Dear Pre-readers,

I write to you today to express my thanks for your iron-fisted rule of EqD. You see, I realised that I would much rather suffer as the subject of a scant few tyrants than endure the tyranny of the public. At least you, dearest pre-readers, are sane.

When the public decried you as the worst sort of tyrants, you tried to level with them in a display of trust. Given the madness of the mob, it is no surprise you were met with jeers and petty insults.

You then tried to give the public what they wanted, and played the part of the unapologetic despot, only to endure the slings and arrows of smug self-satisfaction on the part of the masses.

So I say, thank you, pre-readers. At least under your rule, I know where I stand and with whom. I can expect consistency in your tyranny, a certain understanding that I only have to meet your standards, and that will be enough.

The mob will never know what it wants, but it will always want it, nay, demand it.

Continue as you are, or as you see fit.

I am, Sirs and Madams, your most humble and obedient servant,
Very Bored

Humour, disregard.
>> No. 110003
File 134159642455.jpg - (11.51KB , 300x304 , pizza.jpg )

> Pizza an beer sounds great.
Sorry mate, no beer.
1. Can't/won't buy it.
2. Even if I could, I wouldn't give it out. While I do believe it's your right to choose to drink or not, no one will be drinking because of me.

As for that post? We all have our moments, good or bad. As long as we aren't dicks about it afterwards, it should all be good.

Okay, so follow-up question: Has anyone ever left because of a situation like that?

Oh, and help yourself.
>> No. 110006
As time goes on, the amount of fan content out there will increase exponentially. But at least comics and pictures are easier to consume. At this point, I'm seeing so much music and fics that unless you spend every waking moment trying to read everything, it seems like you'll miss a lot of them. It's the natural order of things.

However, with Sturgeon's law, if most of the fics are terrible, does that mean that it's not necessary to read every fic if they bring nothing new to the table or is it still okay to read something similar. If you look at a lot of writing, a lot of it also turns out to look kinda the same. Not sure if this is a stylistic writing issue or if that's the problem that invokes the law in the first place.

My question is: As time moves on and the amount of content continues to rise, will you still find yourself able to enjoy ponyfics or will everything eventually become so cliche and played out that it won't be?

Movies tend to have a cycle where they have a lot of remakes. The ideas are similar but the way it plays out, the journey, is still different enough to be enjoyed. But that's because it takes a lot to make a movie, or at least is less accessible than writing.

I'm sure that after seeing so many bad fics and having to reject most of it, that it gets considerably harder to enjoy something. But if the author is willing to improve, willing to take criticism, and does their best, isn't that all worth it?

Sure, right now they might not be great, but no one ever starts out great. Not that being good at writing MLP fanfiction means that much, but at least it's sorta like a niche, or maybe Big Fish in a Small Pond Syndrome. They can use their improvement in writing here to go into the real world and start writing professionally. Okay, it's not as perfect as real practice, but at least it gives them a start.

Have you ever asked yourselves why you even started pre-reading? Was it to help people? Was it to find a way to enjoy more ponyfics? Even though a lot of things might frustrate you from day to day, what are the good benefits? What makes you pause to say "I'm thankful for this." It's a tough job, especially since it's volunteer, but I hope that the rare occasions where you make an author happy or when someone thanks is enough to pull you through. Or if not, then I hope you at least believe that you are helping people. Even if they don't always show their appreciation.

It's rough at first getting rejected, but once you get over the initial bump, some writers will strive to improve. Sure, many give up, but is that not true of life? Anything worth getting is never easy. Therefore, should fiction work the same way? Not saying that getting on EqD is the be-all goal for writers, just that you've played a part towards writers improving. Since standards have been tightening up, writers must improve to keep up. Especially with the above point where there's way too much fanfiction to read and no sane person could ever keep up. Several people have tried, but eventually went insane or burnt out in the end.

So yea, we need the pre-readers to help stem the flow of fanfiction. The good writers will improve, the bad writers will leave, and the standards will rise as a whole. Since that's already been happening, it will continue to do so in the future. So after this post, I just wanted to thank the pre-readers and all of their hard work.

Of course, they're not the only ones that help people improve, but that's beside the point. I'd thank the reviewers, encouraging friends, proofreaders, and editors too, but this is the pre-reader thread. Plus I want to at least semi-rerail the discussion. Time passes by fast enough as it is. In time, everything will go on as normal, despite who leaves and who stays. At the end of the day, as long as you do your best to help writers, isn't that all that matters?
>> No. 110008
Dissection time:

>You presume too much of Seattle.
He is saying Nick is assuming you matter too much or that your position as a pre-reader is something people actually care about. I think. Or he is saying he knows you better than Nick. I am going with the first one because it makes more sense in context.

> His story has a small little Lynch Mob, as did many other stories posted in EqD which were found to be lower than the normal standard, making him be like every other writer in the fandom.
People are disliking your story because it is not really something attention worthy, which happens every time something with big problems ends up in EqD while similar stories get rejected without any real pattern to it. This happens to everyone and has nothing to do with you being a pre-reader.

>Right now, the only real distinction is that we got someone saying it was accepted, which might have been related to his position as a pre-reader only in that his story probably got read faster because it isn't Shuggy Mc.Stookertier with his newest epic "The Farts of a Sun Long Past."
The only reason there is a shitstorm here is because some guy thought it would be a good idea to say that it was accepted way before most other stories, probably because you are a pre-reader and your stories get read first because they are probably better. That is really the only distiction.

>Right now, I don't see reports of hate mail, reports of anything more but badly written and worded replies about the geniuses the writers are (which the pre-readers have said publicly they laugh at people for, because, I mean, what is left to do?).
Apparently, both of the previous points were a counter to the idea that being a public pre-reader actually does anything: you do not receive hate mail other than the author's responses which you laugh at when you receive them. Apparently he think this a good thing, because they should get laughed at.

>In fact, nothing other than a bunch on grumbling and hardly a good opinion about them, but nothing done against them.
A repetition of the last point.

>So, yeah, nothing bad ever comes from being public other than very unimportant grumbling.
Conclusion: being public has no real negative part in any way. The example Nick provided is moot and his argument is bad.

>PS: I will not comment about Seattle story, nope, that ship is not headed anywhere good.
He will not comment if the story is actually good or not.

There you go. That was easier than it was made to sound like. Just to point out, I am just paraphrasing and the person who brought the discussion here was Nick. Personal opinion of the story and the reaction? It needs work even if its a slice of life thing, but I can hardly see a reason to reject it seeing the other stories accepted recently. It would seem, rather, that people are expecting pre-readers to be superwriters rather than, well, people. When in doubt, people, just read their stories and you will be able to see how you can't hold them to such harsh standards for doing a job no one could rationally want. Good luck with the story, hopefully it will be well receive rather than having dozens of comments repeating the debate from before.

- -_-_-_-_-
>> No. 110014
>As time goes on, the amount of fan content out there will increase exponentially.
Actually, over time, the amount of G4 MLP Fan Content will approach zero. The fandom'll have to die down eventually after the show is cancelled. Part of me wants to stay in it on a cursory level, just out of, in ten years, the irony of having a fandom of >50 people and I hate the other 49, but I know exactly when and where I'm leaving this fandom.

>As time moves on and the amount of content continues to rise, will you still find yourself able to enjoy ponyfics or will everything eventually become so cliche and played out that it won't be?
I've enjoyed—that is, when I closed the document, I felt a sense of fulfillment—less than five stories I've read since January. Granted, that's mixed between reviewing and prereading, but I'd say I've read well over a hundred fics (between TTG and two review threads this year alone, I'm probably close to sixty or seventy reviews, plus whatever I managed to preread). Combined with intra-community bullshit and Season 2 sucking, there are many days I question the merit of my efforts (that is, why I continue).

>Conclusion: being public has no real negative part in any way.
Except how butthurt rejected authors will spam your email and find other ways to harrass you because their story about an OC falling in love with the main six got rejected for thirty spelling errors, which obviously means the prereader is wrong. Point is, people get worked up over stupid things, myself included, and that seems to multiply tenfold on the Internet. Then, remember that the Internet can be a scary place, what with the amount of shut-ins with zero social tact and the lack of recourse for actions taken online.
>The example Nick provided is moot and his argument is bad.
The example was not moot, because it pointed out an example of negative feedback against prereaders. No one would've given two shits if Seattle wasn't a prereader, or at the very least, they wouldn't have attacked him in a personal level.
>> No. 110017
As much as I am certain people appreciate your efforts, I am just going to kindly remind that is not my opinion, I'm just paraphrasing because apparently it was difficult for people to understand that anon's points, which you already answered to, to which I think the same anon retorted that pre-readers normally say they don't get personal emails, spam, or anything of the sort. In other words, you are claiming that it does occur, he claims that it doesn't, and the public pre-readers for the most part don't seem to be affected or public about their email spam of hate and vitriol. Point is, you are wasting your time with people who do not even wear names and we all know all anons should be taken at an arm's length.

As for the second one, I am very new to this place but /fic/'s derision of "bad" stories making it to EqD is quite widely known and it seems, to me, a bit disingenuous to insist it is his position of a pre-reader that makes the story receive calls it is weak. As far as I have heard, /fic/ lives of telling authors that made it into EqD that they suck, some quite flowery while doing so; I don't know why it suddenly doing so for Seattle must be because he is a pre-reader rather than the story being weaker than it could be.

And now I'm getting embroiled in something I have little more than amusement for. Apologies.
- -_-_-_-_-
>> No. 110018

Regarding the guestion of foreign authors (from the previous thread).

I'm Finnish and have a 6-star fic, Postal Blues and Grey Feathers, on EQD. I think I woke up the entire apartment building when I saw it had the 6-star tag on it (This was at 5:30 in the morning, I think).

I learned English from watching too much Cartoon Network as a kid.
>> No. 110026
Cartoon Network was the best. It really was.

And as I said, too, we have a few people who aren't native English speakers on the blog who do fine.

Just don't, like, be bad at writing, man.
>> No. 110028
On an un-shitstorm related note, I didn't get a reply if I could have a strike removed. I revised the story for 3 months before resubmitting the second time, so I'm a bit nervous read that as "scared as fuck" about being on my third strike.
>> No. 110032
From what you've told me, I wouldn't remove the strike. But then again, I wasn't the one that read your story. The pre-reader might see that you've put sufficient effort into changing things and forego the last strike.

However, if you're scared that we might reject it, why are you submitting it? The only reason you'd be scared is if you know there are problems with it. Wait until it's flawless to you, then send it in.
>> No. 110034
of the pre-readers who went to BronyCon, who is the most attractive? can we see some pictures?
>> No. 110035
Since this topic came back up, I'll add in that Mrakoplaz, who wrote the 6-star "Our First Steps" is like... Hungarian, I think. He uses Eastern European quote marks anyway.
>> No. 110039
Ok, thank you guys ;)

About my writing skills in English, currently I plan to use more "simple" turns of phrase than the ones I can read in 6-stars stories on EQD, because they are a source of problems for me (more grammatical errors may occur). I hope it won't affect the quality of the story. At least, my fanfiction won't contain a lot of errors ^^

I think my English level is "correct" for my age (I'm 20), but trying to write as well as a native English speaker is "too much", in my opinion.

A silly question: where do you see the current rating of a story? I'm not talking about the labels 1/2/3/4/5/6-stars, but the average rating which comes from the votes of the readers. For example, if your fanfiction has an average 4.9/5 stars (or more) after 50+ votes, you can send a mail to Sethisto to get the 6-stars label (if I read correctly). But where can you see it?

Also, where can you vote? oO I must be blind...
>> No. 110041
The star ratings were removed recently.
>> No. 110042

Awesome, good to know there are other foreign writers that got there too! Also, 6 star foreign derpy ? I have to read that.

my good friend, the star ratings have been cancelled. The reasons are explained in the previous thread, but the tl:dr version is that they were easily exploited.

I still don't know if it's possible to get a 6 star tag these days because of this but I know they're working on it.
>> No. 110043
or anyway ANY kind of star tag. does that mean that there will be a ton of star needed stories for the months to come?
>> No. 110046
Dunno. Seth said he's working on it. Hasn't told us any more than that.
>> No. 110050
(And the other guys)

I understand better, now. Thanks.

So, we're now waiting for the new system, and until it appears, all the new stories will have the "Star-Needed" label.

I wonder how Sethisto will find a better way of voting, since readers' votes seemed to be the best solution to judge the quality of a story...

Pre-readers' votes? Only the first chapter(s) would be evaluated :/ And, as far as I can see, they don't have the time to read each update.
>> No. 110052
The comments are actually the best way to judge the quality of a story. Or, y'know, just reading it for yourself. I trust that the average reader can determine whether or not they like a story based on the description and a few paragraphs. You're not losing much time.

I really don't think any other rating system is necessary. If an author is desperate for upvotes, they can put their story on FimFic and watch them roll in.
>> No. 110053
Well, you may be right. Thanks ;)
>> No. 110055
some might even say that daily renounced to its star ratings before they started to be as useless as fimfiction's.
>> No. 110057
Okay, I know it isn't y'alls jobs to give detailed reviews to every author who submits. That would take way too much time. But have you ever considered leaving comments? Especially if it's submitted in GDocs. Again, nothing major, but if you notice a big problem passage, you could point it out for the author.

I ask because my rejection letter a few months ago just said, "Look for these issues." Well, if I knew where they were and what the problem was, I wouldn't have made them! But if you just point out one instance of an issue, then we know. I just think that, which might take like five minutes, could probably help a lot of authors.
>> No. 110058


People not leaving comments open.

People bitching over them reading the beginning, stopping, then continuing (despite the fact that isn't a bad thing, but I seem people elsewhere get angry if you didn't read their 30k story about them having a night out with all the characters of Bleach, testing your suspension of disbelief, and the spine of the character).

People protesting that some pre-reader do it and others don't and therefore it doesn't count.

And quite a couple other stuff which might be a problem.
>> No. 110068
You can reply asking for examples. I just did two days ago on my submission, because my response said that I needed to "avoid 'he did this, she did this, and then this happened'" writing. I got a response with two examples from my fic where those problems occurred.

They do let you ask for clarification.
>> No. 110072
Has anyone actually written a Nicholas Cage fanfic yet?

(I totally think there should be a HoRI for the pre-readers)
>> No. 110076
*Looks at hard drive*
*Laughs maniacally*
>> No. 110080

Not sure which part he's laughing at, but I'll assume it's the part that one cannot see.
>> No. 110081
There are four possible things I could be laughing about that post. I'm laughing at all four of them.
>> No. 110095
File 134165637443.png - (86.90KB , 500x667 , tumblr_m3xomx14cQ1r7w0t2o1_500.png )
Well, it's been like two months since they proposed the Nicholas Cage idea. Surely someone has at least tried to write such a fic, right?

HoRI is still a part of /fic/ history. We must never forget the lessons we have learned.
>> No. 110104
File 134166185856.jpg - (320.35KB , 995x1013 , 39170 - applejack artist-jberg18 board curtains dog door earth_pony far_side hammer hat nail par.jpg )
>spoiler text

>> No. 110109
File 134167113377.png - (57.89KB , 822x699 , f076d122f119219e71459634daad4474.png )
Hey, look what I just found.

The links still work, too. I know what I'll be reading today.
>> No. 110111
welp. time to start drinkin' early today.
>> No. 110113
That's about the only response.
>> No. 110114
Nothing dies off in the internet. NOTHING.

Oh, come on, you enjoyed it as much as everyone else. Except maybe Kim.
>> No. 110116
File 134167667065.jpg - (14.42KB , 247x200 , Yesyou.jpg )

A novel idea when TotallyNotVimbert wrote it, but seriously. Respect the man a bit and let the fucking story at least fade into history. No need to bring it back.

No! Bad pony! Just have a slice of pizza!

Picture semi-related to Seattle.
>> No. 110117
"The multitude is wiser and more constant than a prince." - Niccolo Machiavelli, The Discourses, Chapter 58.
>> No. 110119

Have a link to the latest version of the story in pastebin:
>> No. 110120
File 134167716987.jpg - (19.94KB , 400x348 , 1338580787.jpg )
Using the power of Googlefu, I found an interesting tidbit from a long time ago.


We must educate ourselves, for if we do not, history will repeat itself.
>> No. 110189
Hey, so I just re-submitted a story that I was editing for a while. When I was initial rejected, my pre-reader recommended (but did not say it was required) that I get a Ponychan review. Well, on account of I have other requests active and my story had already gotten two Ponychan edits prior to my submission, I totally spaced on getting a new review.

Since my pre-reader didn't make a review a requirement, am I going to get auto-rejected, or does it matter so long as the errors were corrected?
>> No. 110197
What do you mean with this?
>> No. 110202
File 134170843873.png - (167.15KB , 846x945 , 95098 - costume cute Lyra reindeer.png )

I... I actually have no idea.
>> No. 110205

Alert: we are becoming 4chan.
>> No. 110210
Not really. No one has been called a fag in days.
>> No. 110215
All pre-readers and reviewers are fags.

Can I wat?
>> No. 110217
If they didn't require a link to a review, you'll be fine.
>> No. 110241
File 134172182794.jpg - (12.17KB , 330x282 , inigo-montoya.jpg )

You keep using that name. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Hint: Be familiar with censorship.

And I still want this question to be answered. Unless it was answered. Then I apologize and will go sit in the corner of shame.
>> No. 110243
Left? No. Gone on hiatus while they cooled off for a bit? Yeah.
>> No. 110247
File 134172321046.jpg - (59.06KB , 894x894 , Iluna.jpg )

Thanks for the prompt answer. Still like hate you all.

I'd be the guy in support who would stab you in the back... twice. And then I'd take you to the hospital and pay the bill.

Okay, I lied about paying the bill.
>> No. 110289
File 134175599446.png - (57.14KB , 167x200 , Enjoyed.png )
I'm going to turn the tables, if I may.

You invest so much time in Q&A and this thread so that us as the reader can understand you better. But what if you asked us questions? Perhaps a combo of the two would help put pre-readers and readers see eye to eye quicker.

So, are you up to it? Would it help? Do you have any questions that perhaps we could answer?

And please don't give me the "I'm a reader too, I understand you guys just fine" bullshit. Yes, you're a reader, but you have that little extra rank that I would honestly say changes some things for you in that regard.
>> No. 110296
But the line between reader, reviewer, and pre-reader is paper thin as far as opinions go. If there were to be any questions to be asked by the prereaders, it'd probably be most constructive if they were directed at the average writer than the average reader.
>> No. 110298
File 134175799186.png - (98.64KB , 320x320 , Sip.png )

Then... do so.

Well, pre-readers?
>> No. 110307
Alright, here's a question for any writer that's submitted to EqD recently:

Is there anything on the submission form/automated response email that could be made clearer? Were any parts confusing?

Semi-related: At any point, did you get the sense that you couldn't respond to us?
>> No. 110312
File 134176531251.jpg - (42.71KB , 745x697 , 1.jpg )
May I interject that, despite /fic/ debatable importance amongst the fandom due to its paradoxical willingness but ever diminutive size, perhaps asking these sort of questions might be useful in EqD, or perhaps in a forum specifically done for this purpose where one could be anonymous?

The regulars opinions are most likely already known to you, the lurkers aren't that great in number, and the discussion should involve far more people than just the ones here.
>> No. 110315
Well, we can't ask on EqD because Seth would rather not make a whole post for a few dumb questions. This is really the only place I have to ask. It can't hurt, can it? I mean, it's not like we're making any sweeping changes to the submission system based on what's said here. I just want to know if anything is confusing to people that aren't pre-readers.

If the regulars' opinions were known to me, I wouldn't be asking. Relax, anon.
>> No. 110322
File 134176738429.png - (271.29KB , 1800x2880 , dash_is_not_amused_by_wildtiel-d54pyi4.png )
The place for the synopsis should probably be called as such in the submission form. Aside from that little complaint on wording, it runs well.
>> No. 110329
So you prefer the wording to say Synopsis than Description?

/me takes note

Thanks sir.
>> No. 110330
File 134177092910.gif - (495.97KB , 500x294 , read_a_book.gif )
Accomplished simply enough. Done. Anything else, folks?
>> No. 110358
File 134178071730.jpg - (66.95KB , 512x384 , _2p.jpg )
Earlier it was asked if the spreadsheet could be made public so that people could see if their story is present in the queue. The answer was obvious: No, there's too much confidential information in that spreadsheet.

However, it's not necessary to publish an entire spreadsheet. If you use the "Publish to the web..." option under File, you can choose to publish only certain sheets. You could make a special sheet that contains only information the public need to see (it could just be one column that has all the stories in the queue, for example) and publish only that.

For proof of concept, here's a spreadsheet of mine published with a single column isolated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AnDeokHj1HDFdGNtYmpqXzBkTGVhSWw5cVBtY2o3OXc (The actual sheet is https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnDeokHj1HDFdGNtYmpqXzBkTGVhSWw5cVBtY2o3OXc – As you can see, it's private, but the published data remains public.) I've tried all sorts of GET parameters and API requests with the key, and any that try to access the unpublished data either return errors or redirects.

There's also many more complex solutions like extracting JSON data from the sheets that you could use, though they require more technical know-how.

Using such features might be a good idea to give submitters peace of mind without having to nag you lot about the queue's status every week. My 2c.
>> No. 110359
Hm. Not a bad idea. We'll discuss it.
>> No. 110361
File 134178098909.jpg - (61.65KB , 994x682 , 7.jpg )
Raising a point of inquiry which will receive the attention of a infinitesimally small percentage of people by asking it here rather than in a far more public place is silly. Any solution or opinion derived from here will not actually serve the people the question, theoretically, is suppose to serve.

In other words, asking here makes the answers be flawed from the beginning not only because it is going to be a small group of people who are mostly in accord with each other, it's a small group which is for the most part well outside both your target audience and habitual submitters.

You received one answer from a single person who for personal reasons believes Description should be called Synopsis. This answer will affect the current inflow of 12 stories per day. or more, and cause confusion amongst them for reasons they will not know of, or improve comprehension. That is the issue, a single response is hardly a good way to make such changes, that is why doing it here is less than ideal and why I suggest posting or modifying a post in EqD (perhaps even use the podcasts which you already know what I believe should be done with) to put these questions out. This will actually make it be effective and actually improve things, and chose the best path.

As for being calm, what do you mean?
>> No. 110365
I mean you're attempting to make a non-issue into an issue for no real reason.

Your opinion on the matter has been noted. We'll keep that in mind. Thank you for using the "Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread", and have a nice day.
>> No. 110370
File 134178269522.jpg - (78.75KB , 600x600 , Lunacurious.jpg )

Right, he only received one response because by the time he replied to my post, I had already left for work. We only got one question because we started small. That's the point. If we start small, prove to EqD that there are questions they can come up with to ask us, prove that we're willing to give serious, well thought out answers, then maybe... just maybe Seth would allow a Q&A like the one I started onto EqD. Make sense?

As for your question, Daff: I like the current system. However, I feel that there is a certain lack of human to human interaction. It was nice to be able to submit something, get word from Seth, and then respond with anything ranging from a question to a simple thanks. It would be nice if there were a question slot on the submission form. Or at least an easier way to reach you guys. The [email protected] feels like it's dying off. I liked using it.
>> No. 110371
Submit isn't dying, it's just being used for different things. All fic stuff goes through [email protected] now.

The reason I wouldn't want to add a "Questions" section to the submission form is because we already have a place for people to ask questions -- here. If there was a questions box, every submission would come with a "So when is it gonna be posted?" which is always awkward to answer.
>> No. 110372
File 134178339818.jpg - (9.14KB , 300x188 , Cookie.jpg )

I see where you're coming from. From the northwest specifically.

And no wonder I wasn't getting a very quick response to my questions via e-mail. I was using the [email protected] email. That brings up an issue. You don't have the right e-mail under the fanfiction tab of submit. It tells us to send anything besides fanfiction to [email protected], but nothing more.

Okay, I lied. It has an ambiguous link. It would be more useful to have the actual e-mail rather than a link.

Have a poisoned perfectly fine cookie with Luna!
>> No. 110373
File 134178359941.jpg - (75.60KB , 640x960 , Oh_You.jpg )
Actually, it is an issue. You can't take one reply and assume it applies to everyone. The number of responders here are far too small to create a realistic expectation of what the population at large thinks, nor will it produce a deep enough pool of suggestions and/or ideas to draw from.

I also see that you appear to have ignored his suggestion to use the Pre-Reader podcast, which renders your "Can't post it on EqD" argument completely null and void, which is really the only reason for you not to pose those questions. And let's not forget he could easily squeeze it into a Nightly Round-Up.

You're being awfully dismissive of a problem, although that may simply be because you're ignorant of how a polling and census system works.

>The reason I wouldn't want to add a "Questions" section to the submission form is because we already have a place for people to ask questions -- here.
And how many people know of this thread? It is not linked to in the submission form or the submission rules page as far as I can tell. A resource is no good to anyone if it is hidden in a seedy alley behind the local brothel. That argument also holds no water unless the public at large is aware, or can become aware easily, of this thread.
>> No. 110374

Your opinion on the matter has been noted. We'll keep that in mind. Thank you for using the "Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread", and have a nice day.
>> No. 110376
File 134178426722.gif - (499.95KB , 500x250 , 526.gif )
It's like leaving a message on some touch-tone phone system: It's pre-recorded, answers nothing, and leaves all those involved with a distinct feeling of being ignored and their their time has been wasted. Ironic, considering how my suggestion is on the topic of you looking for suggestions.
If this is how you run the system, then it is not a system that should be running.
>> No. 110378
I'd just rather not deal with overly negative people who make issues out of nothing. Feel free to join the "I Hate EqD" group on FimFic and complain your heart out to people who care.

I asked a question. A very simple question. I never said we're going to change the entire EqD submission system based on what is said here. I simply wanted to know what the people who come to this thread think of the submission form and email. That's it.

No, we can't put it in a roundup, because getting Seth to actually post something like that is impossible. As far as putting it on a podcast goes, we don't know when the next podcast is going to be.

As previously mentioned, your opinion has been noted. If you don't have any further questions, I'd appreciate it if you took any off-topic discussion to a different thread. I'm sure you wouldn't want to derail this thread, Sturm. That'd be against the rules.
>> No. 110380
File 134178501742.png - (696.51KB , 900x660 , NightRun.png )

It's because you're asking him a question with little value.

> you appear to have ignored his suggestion to use the Pre-Reader podcast
One, this wasn't a question. It was an opinion. Two, if it blew up into a thread like this, there simply wouldn't be time. Pre-readers have lives too. So, why are you pushing it so hard? I answered the "question" in 30 seconds and I'm not a pre-reader.

> That argument also holds no water unless the public at large is aware, or can become aware easily, of this thread.
But the answer isn't a "question box on the submission form." I would rather think a link on the submit page would do just fine.

> It's pre-recorded, answers nothing, and leaves all those involved with a distinct feeling of being ignored...
It would help if you asked something, you tart. I'm just saying, he told you, "Hey, I saw your response, and I'm taking note of it."

Lemme ask you this. Do you feel miffed when you reach voice mail? No, you leave your message and trust that eventually, the other person will deal with you.
>> No. 110381
File 134178617315.jpg - (37.66KB , 640x480 , ahitch289k2[1].jpg )
I haven't submitted a new fic recently, so I'm not sure what the current state of the copypasta header is. But when I submitted several months ago, it wasn't really clear to me that I could reply and ask questions. Pretty sure I did anyway, but I was under the assumption that I was being an obnoxious twat about it. And we still see periodic "am I allowed to ask questions about the prereader's comments" questions here. So if it's not in the copypasta yet, that might be a good one to add.
>> No. 110383
File 134178765789.jpg - (21.36KB , 500x442 , tumblr_lcp1ckeSsG1qegb3no1_500.jpg )
>Overly negative
>Big deal out of nothing
If I was negative, I would ask why it mattered anyways because "The pre-readers are worthless"/"EqD is made of egostatiscial people with superiority complexes"/"My suggestion will be ignored" (although you're trying your best to prove that last point).
I believe I succinctly pointed out why it was, indeed, a problem.
Here's a fun one from World War I: The Canadian army issued tin helmets about a year in yet found that injuries, for some reason, had skyrocketed since their introduction. It took a few months of puzzling over why there were more injuries until someone said, "Well, what about the death rate?" It turned out those injuries were the result of the soilders not dying upon being brained by a bullet, which is a rather important distinction to make. Such is the power of a poorly-conceived census system, which is what you have. It is easily fixed, of course, by simply asking the right question from a large enough pool of users.

What is the point of a question when there is no one to answer it? You got one person, one, and that was most likely borne of luck, not design.
>I never said we're going to change the entire EqD submission system based on what is said here.
And I never implied that was the case, merely said that if it was, then you had to cast your net out a bit more.

>No, we can't put it in a roundup, because getting Seth to actually post something like that is impossible
And pray tell, why not? The latest Round-Up featured a call for animators to work on a story animation. You're asking for Seth to post one, maybe two sentences and a link. I do not think that even approaches "improbable", never mind "impossible". I've seen some pretty vacuous stuff on the Round-Up and if that can squeeze in there, then I imagine something that can actually contribute to the fandom should have no problem. I'm sure he'll be able to find room between the bacon ponies and whatever new one-week guild in some MMO is
>As far as putting it on a podcast goes, we don't know when the next podcast is going to be.
Well then, why didn't you say that, instead of blithly brushing us off? If you'd actually been up-front about it we wouldn't have gotten into this mess, now would we? Besides, that still doesn't answer the question of whether or not you can do it, only delays it. Stop avoiding it, please and thank you.

>I'm sure you wouldn't want to derail this thread
I'm asking about the system, and I'm asking you about it. It concerns the Pre-Readers, the Pre-Reader's system, and is being answered by the Pre-Readers (although it's singular, in this case). As far as I can see, not only am I not derailing this, I'm so spot-on that I've driven one arrow into the centre of the target then sent another one down the first's shaft.

>You: One, this wasn't a question. It was an opinion.
>Him: perhaps even use the podcasts
>Me: ignored his suggestion
>More Me: suggestion
I never said it was a question. Please read my replies more carefully.

>But the answer isn't a "question box on the submission form."
I never said it was. Please stop trying to assume things. In fact,
You: I would rather think a link on the submit page would do just fine.
>Me: It is not linked to in the submission form or the submission rules page as far as I can tell.
I inferred that a link was the obvious solution from the get-go. Where you are drawing these conclusions from, I do not know.

>It would help if you asked something, you tart
I posed problems with the obvious intent of having him explain the reasons why they were there. A question does not always need an accompanying punctuation mark.
But since you're so intent on them:
>And how many people know of this thread?
There, a question in my reply that he did not answer, thereby rendering your absolute worthless.

>"Hey, I saw your response, and I'm taking note of it."
Which is the polite way of saying "Your suggestion, questions and concerns have been sent to the incinerator for immediate disposal" in my personal experiences.

>Do you feel miffed when you reach voice mail?
Yes I do, actually, to the point of where I often do not leave messages on machines.
>No, you leave your message and trust that eventually, the other person will deal with you.
You assume too much, and so far it has not served you well.
>> No. 110384
>You got one person, one, and that was most likely borne of luck, not design.
I amend this point. You have two now.
>> No. 110386
Thank you for the replies, Sturm. Have a nice day.
>> No. 110388
File 134178835458.gif - (494.94KB , 500x193 , tumblr_lya0e4qVGm1r0vpxio2_500.gif )
And I rest my case.
It is much easier to see where the dissidents draw their ire from, following this discourse. All I ask for is answers, which you are unwilling or unable to provide. But that is your perogative, so I shall leave you be. Alienating your customers is not my problem, after all. I only hope the rest of the serving staff does not share your apparent disdain for criticism in regards to your own work, something which your very job is centered around practicing.
>> No. 110389

I dun gone fucked up. I swear I had read it correctly.

Proceed with roasting people. Also, this appears to be the "lone vigilante" Ion-sturm who's appeared. Weren't you trying to shake that personality? Why the sudden return?

Lastly, not that you care or anything, I do believe that what Daff is saying is his nice way of saying, "This is just devolving into a shitstorm. Now kindly go fuck off before it escalates." But don't quote me on that, he just may not be interested in answering things right now, but wants to ensure that people know he's seen their questions/opinions.

Either that or Daff doesn't like you.
>> No. 110398
Coming from a guy who returned hiding himself with *** makes the whole point moot.

As for Ion, shut up. See those guys above? They will either listen the first time or not listen at all, get a bunch of angry dudes and change it back, find out they solved something which wasn't a problem at all, help dozen of people who suddenly understand with the new change because the jump between description and synopsis was too big, or many other possibilities. The original anon made a good point about something which might or might not be a problem for them (apparently it isn't, they are just making conversation), but continue discussing something they clearly don't want to talk about seems kind of pointless.

Also, I'm sure the pre-readers dislike you. So let us let the thread get back to *** doing his love/<redacted> routine, the same question from the OP, and the periodic shitstorm which entertaining.
>> No. 110399
File 134178966619.jpg - (69.41KB , 500x695 , tumblr_lywkan0oH71r3jxnzo1_500.jpg )
I had a long reply typed out, but decided it wasn't worth the risk of giving Daffodil a chance to report me for being off-topic. Needless to say, I disagree wholeheartedly on every one of your points (barring the last one, which is pointless speculation that has no purpose in being here other than to serve as a final bullet point to your half-hearted attempt at being passive-aggressive).
Now, would you please follow the example Daff and myself have set and leave well enough alone?
>> No. 110401
File 134178969432.png - (507.48KB , 945x945 , 1298191361994.png )
I'm just not interested in having a discussion about something totally unrelated to this thread. Currently, there are two acceptable things to post here:

-Questions for the pre-readers.
-Answers to my question of "Is anything confusing on the submission form?"

Sturm seems to be more interested in starting an argument about how, when, and where I asked that question (or something similar.) I'd rather not partake in an argument over something so petty, so the issue was dropped. If he is upset over this, I apologize. It has nothing to do with not being able to take criticism, and everything to do with how that criticism is presented.

Now, ponies.
>> No. 110405

Aaaannnnd triple teamed. Anyways, I chose to become *** because I tired of having a name. Nothing more, nothing less.

> follow the example Daff and myself have set and leave well enough alone?
Wow, what a bang-up job you did there. If I were to follow your example, I would get my jibes in and then tell everyone to shut up and rerail the thread. And I'm certainly not going to follow Daff's example of trying to find a nice way of saying "I really don't want to talk about this anymore, go away or bring something constructive to the table."

> Needless to say, I disagree wholeheartedly on every one of your points (barring the last one, which is pointless speculation that has no purpose in being here other than to serve as a final bullet point to your half-hearted attempt at being passive-aggressive).
Right, I never asked you to agree to anything. I pretty much apologized for misreading your post and you attack me for it.

> If he is upset over this, I apologize
Don't apologize. Why would you? "Hey, I'm sorry I was trying to do my job and you were offended. I'm sorry you couldn't pick up on my hint. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I see no reason to. When you do something seriously wrong, than maybe you should apologize. But that's just me. Roast me if you want. I still hate you all and I'm to the point where no matter how much you roast me, it's not gonna change in any way.

And you are right. The time for a shitstorm has passed. So, I'll do my part in trying to rerail this thread and ask a question. How do the other pre-readers feel about this thread?
>> No. 110407

>How do the other pre-readers feel about this thread?

Glazed looks and the pity of watching someone untangle a fifty foot extension wire that has been hopeless tied into an innumerable amount of knots.
>> No. 110414

Right, so I could guess that Daff gets a lot flake for it since he's the only pre-reader that actually fully immerses himself in a Q&A thread like this? I get the impression that the rest of you only really come here when something big goes on or post once or twice on your monthly visit to pchan to see if you've been mentioned anywhere.
>> No. 110417
The rest are just busy doing productive things like pre-reading or writing. I just forward emails, so I have much more time to sit here and answer questions.

Though, maybe I should try writing more.
>> No. 110419

> Though, maybe I should try writing more.
That'd be neat. It'd be interesting to see you write. If you ever do and need a reviewer, you have at least one person you could go to to get a review. I'd gladly look over your story.

Not that I like you or anything. *cough* I just want a reason to beat up on a pre-reader's story, I swear. *cough*

I'm sure we could work something out to reveal who I am to you so that you can get in touch if you so desire.

Right, now for the question: Have most pre-readers actually given up writing? Or are they just authors who don't write as often as they might once have?
>> No. 110422
The majority still write, just at a much slower rate.
>> No. 110424
As far as I can see, the ones that used to be /fic/ regulars see this as a sort of backwater place which holds those who couldn't make it and its not worth their time for the most part. The others simply never cared much for the place other than fixing up their stories (if they even used it for that).

I mean, this place is lower in the totem pole, it barely gets mention other than sending people here, and I'm sure the place isn't interesting enough for them anyway. Why would they give a damn?

So I doubt he gets any flak at all, which is a good thing considering he gets enough here.

Also, sage is your friend.
Also, just wanted a name change? That's a good one.
>> No. 110426
File 134179663640.jpg - (396.64KB , 880x884 , applejack_and_big_mac_vs_the_cretan_bull_final_by_bakuel-d4gsovv.jpg )
If this has already been answered, just point me to the appropriate reply, but my question is this: Since the star system is gone, what is going to take its place, if anything?
>> No. 110427
No idea. Seth says he's working on it, hasn't told us any more than that.
>> No. 110428

Sage is pointless when the thread is on first page anyways. Plus, this is being bumped left and right. One sage is gonna do squat.

> Also, just wanted a name change? That's a good one.
Oh good, someone was paying attention to my previous posts. But I seriously did get sick of posting as [Name redacted].

Good to hear.
>> No. 110439
File 134179813142.jpg - (179.66KB , 750x1000 , when_i_was_just_a_filly____by_kp_shadowsquirrel-d54wys5.jpg )
Look at this baby picture of me and let your anger fade away. C'mon guys and girls, relax a bit. You're all taking this way too seriously. How about this, I want all of you (Daffodil, Ion, ***, anon) to go write 1000 words, at least. Maybe that'll calm things down.
>> No. 110444
Too productive. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 2 instead.
>> No. 110448
File 134179907463.jpg - (10.31KB , 215x200 , Forgiveme.jpg )

Right, cause that's gonna happen. I feel like shit at the moment. Anything I write is going to reflect that.
>> No. 110451
File 134179967003.jpg - (15.49KB , 320x240 , _4ikr.jpg )
Now's the perfect time to write about the cult of Gushnor, then.
>> No. 110452
That cult is full of shit.
>> No. 110453
What? No, seriously, what?
>> No. 110465
File 134180209256.jpg - (81.97KB , 563x395 , pinkie morning coffee hattonslayden.jpg )
I have no idea what's going on as it's far too late, but just want to pop in and ask: How is everything going, and are there any questions I can help resolve?
Leave a message at the beep, and I'll answer what I can after I'm done being comatose. TTFN.
>> No. 110494
File 134180826677.gif - (43B , 1x1 , qm[1].gif )
Gushnor is the god of sewage systems or something. The details escape me. I mostly just think of "The Great Mighty Poo" of Conker fame and substitute that in for it.
>> No. 110499
Here's a visual.

>> No. 110508
File 134181108957.png - (202.01KB , 640x348 , 132996786543.png )
What am I supposed to do if someone is trying to submit my story to EqD even though I don't want them to? I've got an overenthusiastic fan who wants to submit it to EqD even though I'm not ready to submit it myself yet. I've told them I'll do it myself whenever I feel the story is up to snuff but I have a feeling they might go for it anyway. I don't want to waste a possible strike on my fic just because someone else submitted it without my permission.
>> No. 110528
If you're sincerely concerned about it, you could email the fanfiction address and give us your fic's name along with your worries. We'll keep an eye out.
>> No. 110549
that was certainly...something.
>> No. 110561
File 134186065261.jpg - (23.77KB , 472x375 , birdcage.jpg )
Look at all these jimmies on the floor!

You also forgot we can post Nic Cage.
>> No. 110564
File 134186294222.jpg - (105.87KB , 500x625 , zho5d.jpg )
>> No. 110569
Hey guys, quick question, why did this story get its own post: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/36070/King-of-Diamonds

If it is a continuation of another story? Could I ask to get its own post if I update a secondary story of my own?
>> No. 110578
That story shouldn't have had its own post. Word of Seth says that sequels/continuations/side stories get added to the original post. I'll talk to Midnight about that one.
>> No. 110581
File 134186997211.gif - (470.94KB , 300x169 , 131276665970.gif )
Well, if the story could strictly stand on its own, then why couldn't/can't it get a post of its own?
For example, I was thinking of a series of folklore one-shots, as told by the main six (and friends). As long as they fulfill the one-shot wordcount requirements and do not require the reader to read previous entries, then they should technically recieve their own posts. The only common element would be the folklore angle, after all.
>> No. 110582
That's different. You're referring to multiple separate stories in the same genre. That's fine.

What was posted is a sequel to an existing story that is already on Equestria Daily. Sequels get treated as updates and added to the original post, which is then bumped.
>> No. 110583
That was more or less what I was thinking. I can understand about keeping space and all, but are the stories of a same universe all contained within a single post (making them canon post, which is more awesome than story post if you ask me) or can you have stories that happen within a similar universe and time-line, but still get their own post?

In that case thought it calls itself directly book 2 of the story, so I'm not sure how much of that argument you can make, but still, it got my hopes up.
>> No. 110610
File 134187680453.gif - (149.48KB , 272x272 , pixel_luna_anim_1_by_allicornuk-d3j0r4u.gif )
Well, it wouldn't be a problem, except those "Story 2" posts don't get re-bumped and the announcement is instead tucked away into the mess that is Story Update posts, thereby killing any and all chances (or at least the vast majority) of it finding new readers.

Skimming through it, I haven't seen anything that would require me to read the first part. Unless someone points out a situation that obviously requires me to read the original, I'd say it stands as its own work. Sorta like how The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are set in the same mythos, but LotR does not require you to have read The Hobbit beforehand.
>> No. 110614
>Well, it wouldn't be a problem, except those "Story 2" posts don't get re-bumped and the announcement is instead tucked away into the mess that is Story Update posts, thereby killing any and all chances (or at least the vast majority) of it finding new readers.
Yeah, and? The readers of the original fics find them, and that's all that matters. EqD doesn't exist so authors can pimp out their work to new readers. That's just a side effect.

>Skimming through it, I haven't seen anything that would require me to read the first part.
Good thing I recently learned that the opinion of one person should not be taken as an indicator of how the majority feel.

The story is a sequel and should be treated like every other sequel is treated. Whether or not you like that method or think it fits with this case is irrelevant. Midnight likely got a bit trigger-happy and gave his own fic its own post without thinking. This shouldn't be taken as an indicator of how sequels will be posted from now on.
>> No. 110615
File 134187916444.png - (714.90KB , 1600x900 , Spike_Where\'s_Rainbowdash.png )
>The readers of the original fics find them, and that's all that matters.
Why should new work be shunted out of the way? You keep using absolutes, and they keep being wrong.

>Good thing I recently learned that the opinion of one person should not be taken as an indicator of how the majority feel.
>Unless someone points out a situation that obviously requires me to read the original
>I'd say
I never said it was the general populace's opinion, nor was it stated in such a way that suggested that my opinion was set in stone, as I left a very clear and obvious way for you to show me that it is not, in fact, its own work.
Please stop trying to take my statements out of context for your own ends.

If he dumped the references to his last story it could have easily been seperate without you ever knowing, assuming you've never read the original. I highly doubt any of his fans would have sold him out, after all. He could have easily bypassed the system but instead played it straight.

>This shouldn't be taken as an indicator of how sequels will be posted from now on.
Actually, I've talked to Seth about this and it could very well be, come Fall when the Summer rush ends.
Just an FYI.
>> No. 110618
Thanks for your input.

I can't really think of a nicer way to say this, so I'll just say it:
If you don't have any questions for the pre-readers, Sturm, please stop posting in this thread. Your off-topic and inflammatory comments were initially entertaining, but they're starting to get on my nerves. I really don't want to start a fight or have to report you. If you feel that some aspect of the pre-reader system/EqD is not functioning as it should, I'd love to hear about it, so long as you can keep it mature and leave the sarcasm somewhere else. If you can't, find something else to do with your free time. Okay? Good.
>> No. 110621
File 134188080853.png - (644.31KB , 900x636 , 4004154238-1_jpg.png )
All I'm asking for is an answer. I cannot control you evading or ignoring it and me having to restate it more bluntly. You are a Pre-Reader, you are answering the questions I'm addressing to you. If you do not want to or cannot answer them, please direct another Pre-Reader here who can and will. Frankly, the lack of their presence in this thread, considering your team numbers in the tens, is rather worriesome. I, personally, would love to see some more voices in here. Cassius is the only other Pre-Reader who's posted in here recently from what I can see, and that was to make a quip.

This is "Ask the Pre-Readers Anything" thread. Please answer "anything" or change the name to reflect your actual focus, since it's rather misleading otherwise. My inquiries are related to the submission system, and now the posting system, both of which the Pre-Readers, if not directly involved in, are at least inextricably tied to. If you can direct me to a more suitable forum to discuss this, then please, by all means do so (barring Sethisto himself, since I would rather not bother him with this until I've had a chance to discuss it with the Pre-Readers). My Email is no secret, after all.

Please, show me where I've used sarcasm in our latest discourse. I am not the one saying "Thanks for your input" and then dismissing you out of hand. Being forward and pointed is not the same as being "immature and sarcastic". I want you to prove me wrong, because then that will mean we're getting somewhere.
>> No. 110627
In your two most recent posts, you haven't asked a single question.

You asked a question here:
Which was answered here:

That's it. You've made a few of vaguely-insulting statements:
>Just an FYI.
>You keep using absolutes, and they keep being wrong.
>tucked away into the mess that is Story Update posts, thereby killing any and all chances (or at least the vast majority) of it finding new readers.

But you haven't actually asked any more questions. So, if you actually have something to ask, please be succinct about it. If not, I think this conversation is over.
>> No. 110630
File 134188212572.jpg - (3.44KB , 125x125 , DDDDAAAAWWWWW.jpg )
For the sake of breaking the tension, I'll move us onto something else and ask a question, I suppose.

How likely are pre-readers to accept something based on just 'liking' it? For example, if a pre-reader isn't necessarily fond of TwiDash and will be more harsh on that fic than say one that has RariDash because they like that kind of thing? I guess I'm curious about the biased choosing upon content than storytelling. Not trying to accuse the pre-readers of being biased, but it's just a natural human thing to be less harsh on things you actually like. For pre-readers really strive to put their likes aside or is it a kind of thing that is just overlooked?
>> No. 110632
Most of the pre-readers are aware of their biases and will avoid stories they'd be biased towards/against. It's also become a common practice to get a second (or third) opinion on a story if the first pre-reader feels they are being unfairly harsh or not picking up on things due to some sort of bias.

Things do slip through the cracks, but we try very hard to make sure those instances are rare.
>> No. 110633
File 134188233110.gif - (488.67KB , 800x450 , you_no_longer_like_my_parties_anymore__by_fantasyblade-d4x5unf.gif )
How is FYI an insulting statement? I am informing you of what could be an important change. The fact that may have not been aware of it shows a disconnect between the Blog Ponies and the Pre-Readers.

Why are you taking my opinion on the Story Update to be insulting? You cannot control that. It is still a statement of fact that the Story Update posts are far from ideal and greatly hinder long stories from finding the audience they deserve. Calling it a "mess" is hardly the epitome of social impasse, after all. If anything, it is a reserved comment on its state.

As I said earlier, a question does not need to have a question mark to make it as such. I asked if you had a better place to talk about this, but you did not answer it. I asked why new work that had a thread between it and an older piece be removed from the public eye, and you did not answer it. I asked you to send someone more willing to talk if you did not feel up to it, and you did not answer it. My point of there being few Pre-Readers in here was obviously an invitation for you to elaborate on why you're the only person facing down my bull in your china shop. I also asked where I had been "immature and sarcastic", which you also did not answer, but instead shifted into a tangent of me being "insulting", which is another example of you trying to dodge me.

Again, my Email is always open if you'd prefer to continue this there.
>> No. 110635
> I asked if you had a better place to talk about this.
I do, but I have very little interest in talking to you more than is absolute necessary. I'm only answering these in the hopes that you will leave this thread afterwards, though I know that won't happen. Next question.

> I asked why new work that had a thread between it and an older piece be removed from the public eye.
It's not removed from the public eye, they're just combined into update posts. If every fic update got their own post on EqD, nothing would stay on the front page for long, so stories wouldn't get their time in the spotlight. They're put in update posts because, at the moment, that's how Seth wants it to be. Next question.

>I asked you to send someone more willing to talk if you did not feel up to it.
No one is willing to talk to you. Next question.

>I also asked where I had been "immature and sarcastic"
"Just an FYI" is a very sarcastic statement. I know how you meant it, and I know you're going to play stupid about it.

Now please leave my thread. Thank you.
>> No. 110636
File 134188340331.jpg - (42.66KB , 718x543 , Fit In.jpg )
A quick recap of this current thread, for those watching at home:

>>110307: PR Daffodil asks a sigle question to this thread as a small sampling.

>>110312: Random anon asks why not ask on Equestria Daily

>>110315: PR Daffodil responds to random anon saying it's not that pressing of a matter to require posting on Equestria Daily

>>110358: People actually answer PR Daffodil's question

>>110359: PR Daffodil acknowledges legitimate responses

>>110361: Random anon presses for PR Daffodil to ask the question on Equestria Daily

>>110365: PR Daffodil points out that it's a non-issue that was asked for curiosity, not for wide, sweeping changes, and is therefore unsuited for taking up space on Equestria Daily.

>>110373: Ion Storm presses PR Daffodil to ask the question on Equestria Daily

>>110374: PR Daffodil points out that it's a non-issue that was asked for curiosity, not for wide, sweeping changes, and is therefore unsuited for taking up space on Equestria Daily.

>>110376: Ion Storm takes offense at PR Daffodil not wanting to make a big deal out of a question originally asked out of curiosity, not for wide, sweeping changes

>>110378: PR Daffodil points out that it's a non-issue that was asked for curiosity, not for wide, sweeping changes, and is therefore unsuited for taking up space on Equestria Daily.

>>110383: Ion Storm complains about the matter in which PR Daffodil asked the original question and points out how PR Daffodil should have acted differently if his intentions were different than they originally were.

>>110386: PR Daffodil points out that it's a non-issue that was asked for curiosity, not for wide, sweeping changes, and is therefore unsuited for taking up space on Equestria Daily.

>>110388: Ion Storm insults the prereading staff in general because PR Daffodil won't rise to off-topic baiting of "Why don't you ask your small curiosity of a question on a huge blog that has better things to do with its time?"

>>110401: PR Daffodil attempts to end off-topic discussion and reiterates his original curiosity question that is intended as a gauge, not a forum to enact wide, sweeping changes.

>>110581: Ion Storm asks a legitimate question about the workings of EQD.

>>110582: PR Daffodil gives an answer to Ion's legitimate question.

>>110610: Ion Storm begins questioning the workings of EQD themselves.

>>110614: PR Daffodil explains the workings of EQD, and how they work well enough for their intentions.

>>110615: Ion Storm continues to question the workings of EQD, convinced that they should change to accommodate a minority.

>>110618: PR Daffodil asks Ion Storm to stop wasting everyone's time with the incessant, redundant questions.

>>110621: Ion Storm takes offense to being asked to stop wasting everyone's time with incessant, redundant questions that have already been answered, and accuses PR Daffodil of "dodging" questions, even though PR Daffodil has been both timely and thorough in answering Ion Storm's questions.
>> No. 110637
File 134188401197.jpg - (280.35KB , 1000x1243 , Nicolas-Cage-12.jpg )
Congratulations, you get a Nic Cage.
>> No. 110638
File 134188443563.png - (254.91KB , 680x658 , a71.png )
>my thread
Well, that answers a lot.
Very well. Good night.
>> No. 110640
I just wanted to know if now sequels got their own post...

So what happens to Midnight's post now?
>> No. 110641
I don't know. Seth will probably just let it be since it's already posted. I plan on talking to Midnight the next time he's online.
>> No. 110642
File 134188617514.jpg - (22.55KB , 140x219 , Mickey.jpg )
Seems like a bit of a biased recap in my opinion. I think the points that Ion brought up and the push for the continuation of the conversation weren't anything wrong or arbitrary. The problem being is that personal scores seem to be pressing themselves into the conversation. The actual content of the discussion doesn't seem to be what's paid attention to, it's what Daffodil is 'unwillingness to discuss' and Ion's 'bartering of unnecessary discussion' that's the problem, yet it's just plaid through the topic.

It's a kind of thing where both parties are in the wrong for getting so provoked about it.
>> No. 110645
File 134188731673.jpg - (154.66KB , 368x480 , passport_shot 3.jpg )
For what it's worth, I'm a pre-reader, and I did expressly ask if anyone had additional questions. Anyone? Anyone?
Also, it's over 100 deg here today. Heat index in the one-teens. I'm seriously tempted to cut the beard. And the hair, for that matter.
>> No. 110646
I will agree with this. The original anon made a good point about how this place would give little response, which it did (or didn't... my english is no good) as you can see when his responses were basically hours apart and there was only two responses to the question (one which was actually an old answer to an old question, but still counts I guess). Then again, Daffodil did say he didn't care for the answer, so that wasn't really a problem.

Then Ion-sturm came up to continue said points, then got it tangle with a bunch of stuff about the army, until they both stopped talking because Daffodil thought there were more important stuff than asking people what they thought in a place where more people could answer (like the anon said) while Ion thought it was dumb they didn't do it because it didn't cost them any real time to add it to the podcast or to the post. Or something like that.

Now he came back to discuss about sequels getting their own posts, despite being told immediately how it worked. I'm not sure what he was arguing though, something about sequels being their own stories, even thought they were the same story? I can't tell.

First one he was kind of right, second one he was just being stupid.
>> No. 110647

How come we never talk anymore?
>> No. 110648
Locked while mods look at this thread.
>> No. 110649
File 134188900039.jpg - (10.45KB , 345x348 )
Unlocked, carry on, Remember your apples.
>> No. 110650

This guy is offering to answer question. Ask them.
>> No. 110651
I haven't been to this place in a while. Almost twenty-one months since the premiere... we're getting old, aren't we?

Well, anyway, I have a question. How many languages do the pre-readers know? I'm fluent in English (durr), know enough Spanish to get around, and I intend to be conversational in Japanese by next summer. Screw Kanji, by the way.
>> No. 110656
File 134189048565.png - (957.72KB , 1024x682 , tumblr_lzvinjwURH1qaxzado1_1280.png )
I remember this same topic came up in one of these threads before. The answer was that you can submit the sequel to go through the prereaders and if it passes it gets its own post, or you can just do it as an update and only get the update post.

Alright, here's something I've been wondering. One way to become a prereader (as stated in the past) is to have two five star stories on Equestria Daily. However, with star ratings going away, this will be impossible to accomplish. So, are you going to come up with a new criteria for recruiting authors who don't edit/review, or are you going to stick to reviewers and known editors?
>> No. 110657
That criteria disappeared ages ago. Right now it mostly just competence and sociability. In other words, show that you aren't an illiterate idiot and the pre-readers will select you to join them if they think you will work well with them.

Case point? Most of the pre-readers don't even have more than one story, much less one with five-stars, but you can be sure they know what they are doing.
>> No. 110660

There's got to be something more.
>> No. 110663
Well, some else come and confirm, but there is no secret handshake, no cabal meeting, no secret plan to steal the heart of the fandom, no special group of super-friends which hide away in skype and plan which of their friends should be the next pre-reader, no assigning new pre-readers from people you know because they are the ones you know. Nothing.

You send and application, they see that you don't write like most of the people who come to this board for help, you aren't an asshole with everyone for no reason, you show willingness to actually do it, you are better than most of the other applicants, and you are in. That's it. Nothing special. Except for most people not being able to to do it because they are ignorant fucks, but that's not the point.
>> No. 110679
I really can't answer the language question. I know we have folks from all over, but fluency has (in my memory) not been discussed. I speak English and Blasphemy, m'sef.
>> No. 110681
File 134195022313.jpg - (85.50KB , 700x390 , niccageaseveryone.jpg )
Things may have gotten a bit heated up recently, so here's a pic to help cheer everyone up.
>> No. 110694
>> No. 110697
That very first frame.

I completely lost my shit.
>> No. 110709
On the topic of story updates for sequels, side stories, and standalone stories set in a contiguous universe, and a couple other questions I randomly came up with:

How do pre-readers (not just Daff, but him too) feel about a change in the system as follows: When a sequel, or side story is first published/released, if the PR's deem it a standalone piece, the original story's post get "bumped" (idk if that would even work on blogger/Intensedebate) while updates beyond the new story are treated as they are now.

How many new pre-readers have you added since the start of the year?

Hersheys or Cadbury?

Was The Sorcerer's Apprentice made a better movie or worse movie with the casting of Nicholas Cage?

Star Wars or Star Trek? (Books, not the movies/TV series)
>> No. 110715

Right, I see where I'm probably lacking.

Either that, or enough pre-readers dislike me to keep me from EqD pre-readership. Buuuuut I won't find that answer here.

I bid you all a fair night.
>> No. 110736

>Either that, or enough pre-readers dislike me to keep me from EqD pre-readership.


ALERT: DELUSION DETECTED. Firing the Orbital Ego-Puncturing Cannon.
>> No. 110738
Pretty much.

I'll straight up say that a majority of us didn't know who you were at all when we got an application.
>> No. 110739

Are you referring to me, or Lunar?
>> No. 110743
>> No. 110744
File 134199174952.png - (60.34KB , 474x640 , Fluttermbarrassed.png )

In that case, here is my recently updated list of things I am:

1) Embarrassed
>> No. 110746
I do hope you know I'm not 9Nine9 thought.
>> No. 110747
File 134199199138.png - (137.04KB , 894x894 , mlp___riddle_of_the_dash_by_omgklint-d531zyj.png )

I thought we talked about that
>> No. 110748
I meant Lunar.
>> No. 110749


(I'm kidding; don't answer that. Also, for the love of God, please don't every tell anyone I actually made that joke)


This anon is doing some rustling of the jimmy variety, then.
>> No. 110750
>Don't every

Wow... go me. You win this round, late night board-posting.
>> No. 110751
Ok, this is killing me, what joke was that?!
>> No. 110752

Which one? There were several.
>> No. 110762
File 134201134683.jpg - (8.74KB , 286x176 , Save the story.jpg )

Ego deflated.


Really? I feel that recently, you've seen my name in the submission box rather frequently. Heh, guess I get stuck with the same magnificent bastard of a pre-reader.
>> No. 110764
Uhm, no?

Can you accept that things aren't about your, you know, reputation?

And believe me, we're busy enough that I won't notice one author appearing more than once in a month.
>> No. 110768
File 134201675256.jpg - (8.63KB , 230x200 , Alrighty Then.jpg )

AAA!!! I wasn't implying some sort of reputation! No, I don't think that at all... I was referring to the fact that in the past month or so I've submitted 3 or 4 stories.

I'm sorry if anyone thought I was trying to boast that I had some sort of reputation.
>> No. 110776

There are authors that submit even more often than that, and they aren't pre-readers either. Quality over quantity, my friend. It's got nothing to do with how many you submit, and everything to do with whether you're going to work well with the rest of the PRs. That's determined by things from your writing style to your overall attitude toward other authors, and everything in between. At least that's my understanding.
>> No. 110778
File 134202678840.png - (40.89KB , 168x200 , Wot.png )

I guess. I would never claim to be the most frequent submitter to EqD, but I don't know... 3 or 4 within a several period week seems like a lot. (I was clearing out my old stories that had been neglected for long enough.)
>> No. 110779

>How do pre-readers (not just Daff, but him too) feel about a change in the system as follows: When a sequel, or side story is first published/released, if the PR's deem it a standalone piece, the original story's post get "bumped" (idk if that would even work on blogger/Intensedebate) while updates beyond the new story are treated as they are now.
The pre-readers aren't even involved in sequel updates. Those go straight to [email protected], which is how Sethisto wants it. If he changes his mind, we'll debate best methods of display. This idea has its merits but it's really a non-issue at the moment.

>How many new pre-readers have you added since the start of the year?
Less than a half-dozen. Don't have access to expand on that here at the office.

> Hersheys or Cadbury?
Cadbury Dairy Milk, please, but otherwise I'm buying the 80% dark chocolate bars by various manufacturers.

> Was The Sorcerer's Apprentice made a better movie or worse movie with the casting of Nicholas Cage?
Nicholas Cage is the cinematic equivalent of bacon. He improves everything. Yes. Everything.

>Star Wars or Star Trek? (Books, not the movies/TV series)
SW. Admiral Thrawn miniseries, plzthx.
>> No. 110802
Well I'm a bad guage as I've been busy with TWO summer classes... both six weeks long, so fairly packed.
>> No. 110803

That is the half-dozen you talk about? I could have sworn there were two more, but my memory is a crapshoot these days.
>> No. 110807
Unless memory fails me, that's the complete list, yes.
>> No. 110810
Somewhere, Filler and Cassius are crying in a corner.
>> No. 110811
Cassius cry? That can happen!?
>> No. 110812
Filler a pre-reader? That's a new one.
>> No. 110815
File 134205221965.jpg - (25.64KB , 200x200 , General.jpg )

Get on the wire. Spread the word to every member around the board. Let 'em know how to bring this guy down.
>> No. 110816
Based on comments from previous threads, the number is actually closer to ten new pre-readers, and that is only amongst the public ones.
>> No. 110817
I'm pretty sure he didnt' want people to know.
>> No. 110819
File 134205403363.png - (447.10KB , 958x880 , unhappydash2.png )
Him being Filler
>> No. 110820
File 134205706587.png - (152.23KB , 500x662 , Dash x Applejack.png )
Well, fuck me, then.
>> No. 110823

So if Seattle is Rainbow Dash, are you Applejack in that picture?
>> No. 110824

It was Dash that got drugged, right? I think I'm reading the picture right...
>> No. 110825
File 134205937420.png - (139.50KB , 480x268 , This is what Rock 'n Roll Looks Like.png )
Clearly, I'm Gilda and am busy on the lower half of this scene.
>> No. 110826
File 134206032911.gif - (407.72KB , 415x186 , mindblownp1.gif )
We just need a clopfic now... wait... damn it Nick, why you make me remember about that?
>> No. 110827
No idea, nor why that's a bad thing.
>> No. 110838
I'm about to submit my story. I have four chapters done of what will end up being around 15. How much do you like to be done before submission? I figured that four chapters is enough to show I have a good grasp on writing and grammar.
>> No. 110844
Well, we have word requirements, but four chapters if just fine if it's plenty of words.
>> No. 110845
File 134206850434.jpg - (7.38KB , 204x246 , twilighthappy.jpg )
Posting this in here since Nick and Seattle's thread got saged and I don't know if he's still checking it.

Sorry about the late response, I don't like responding to feedback until I've made changes based on what's been said, or at least given some serious, logical thought so I can avoid the hoof in the mouth.

Thanks for the review, I'm glad you could get into it this time. You didn't point out any spelling, grammar, or amateur writing mistakes, so I'll assume that either there aren't any or you didn't see them. Good thing there, as that's what I've been focusing on as of late.

In regards to your order of the scenes and pacing. Yes, the story is slow. Painfully slow. Glacier slow. I blame it on my inexperience as a writer, and it's something I need to work on. It has gotten especially bad in the last two Chapters I've written, and I'm going to take this next one to focus on getting things moving at a better pace.

In regards to Chapter 1 and what you said about cutting out information that isn't relevant to the plot. You have a point that the scenes don't flow. So, I took a look at the scenes, and I've tried this: Instead of starting the story at the lunch scene, I've rewritten the Celestia and Luna's scene so that it has relevance and introduces the reader to the overall plot. It gave me a chance to fill a few holes that I noticed were starting to form, and it further solidifies events that occur later on in the story.

All in all, glad you liked it, I'll keep going with it, and hopefully EqD will approve it soon. By the way, is a week and a half a common for wait time? I got a confirmation email that it was received when I sent it on July 1st, but I haven't heard anything since.

Thanks again.
>> No. 110853
File 134207934727.png - (94.79KB , 775x651 , implications_dash_by_the7dragonsofreggae-d56f1fk.png )
>pic related bitches

No worries CS, glad I was able to be helpful.
>is a week and a half a common for wait time?
No. The fucking levy broke because Snarkle forgot to pay off the engineering corps with virgins and cocaine. Again. No worries though, we nearly got it shored up. Be with ya shortly.
>> No. 110854
File 134208187453.jpg - (11.63KB , 259x250 , Dr__Rockso.jpg )
I think I know y'alls engineer...
>> No. 110857
File 134209206499.png - (381.23KB , 526x619 , aj19.png )
Have the prereaders ever been pleasantly surprised by a fic that at first glance appeared cliche and boring, but turned out to be good? And if so, what fic?
>> No. 110859


I thought it was going to be another "LOL LYRA LIKES HOOMANS" fic, but it turned out to be pretty funny.
>> No. 110860
Remind me to never read the EqD comment section again.
>> No. 110877
Are you planning to open another review thread, or are you done for the nonce?
>> No. 110902
I learned that lesson months ago. Hell, I don't even visit EqD much at all anymore.
>> No. 110924
File 134214114779.jpg - (7.34KB , 248x200 , Don't mind me.jpg )

Consider opening a new thread! You've reviewed one of my stories, and I'm not telling you which. But needless to say, I was impressed and I do like your reviewing style. You don't hold an author's hands to the point that you're dragging them through the writing. But you don't just let the author wallow in vague comments either.


I still go because the art is nice. Have as many sources as possible and you're bound to get quality of any material. You just have to be patient and wait.

As always, I still think you're a pretty cool guy.
>> No. 110930
>statements not redacted
What is the board coming to when someone's personal quirks aren't observed religiously! Something is terribly wrong here, it must be an impostor!
>> No. 110934
File 134214318898.jpg - (10.31KB , 215x200 , Forgiveme.jpg )

Look, I had someone jump on my ass about redacted statements. They ended up presenting a circle argument and it could have gone on for hours if I hadn't finally had the smarts to just leave. It caused enough trouble as is.

So for now, I'm gonna let it slide to avoid further drama until I can be sure said person isn't going to jump on me again.

I don't care what he says, though. My attitude towards society at large is rather bleak. And calling me a cowered, telling me it's irrational, telling me it's anger at myself channeled through hate of society isn't going to change that.
>> No. 110938
I recently got first strike on a story submission, and one of the issues brought up by my pre-reader was that my story had 'spacing errors', and appeared to be 'center justified' rather than 'left justified'. For clarification, that was all part of the same thought, not two separate complaints.

My issue is, I submitted my story from FiMfiction, where the only options are left alignment and center alignment, and the only center aligned items I had in the length of the fic were the title and the section breaks (- - -, in my case).

So, I guess my question is this: am I missing something about the layout of the site, is 'left alignment' different than 'left justification', or is there something else I'm missing? For reference, here's the FiMfiction link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/36254/Where-Loyalties-Lie

Thanks a ton for any clarification you can offer on this topic.

-Loyal Liar
>> No. 110939
That looks fine to me. You can send a response email to ask for clarification on that point.
>> No. 110940
File 134214630836.png - (2.64MB , 1500x1200 , 188552+-+Alicorn+artist+ric-m+luna+portrait+princess.png )
Hi there! I had a story rejected the other day for the first time, and I was not told why, except that my story was "unexceptional." This is very vague, and I would love an opportunity to improve the story if only I knew why it was rejected.

I would reply directly to the email except that, like an idiot, I deleted it.

The pen-name is Guesswork, and the story is called The Canterlot Embassy.


>> No. 110941
File 134214706608.png - (79.85KB , 300x169 , Just talking.png )

It means that you need serious edits. They're numerous enough that I can't recommend posting. It's suggested that you find a nice review thread and submit... AFTER reading the rules of the thread of course.

They'll help you sort this out.

Either that, or they think your story is so cliche and has nothing to really set it apart.

And looking at it, it's human. Those are hard to get onto EqD.

Yeah, it's probably a combo of all three. You're best bet is to get three or four reviews and pray for the best.
>> No. 110945
File 134214849496.png - (83.26KB , 150x200 , My eyes!.png )

> . They're numerous enough that I can't recommend posting

And proving that I'm only human. I take no credit for any pre-reading done here. I'm not a pre-reader.

I should be s/he.
They're refer's to the number of errors.

Sorry if this caused confusion.
>> No. 111029
File 134223187166.jpg - (221.85KB , 1280x800 , Steam Pic.jpg )
This thread... it died. Lemme go hop on my pally and cast a quick resurrection spell.
>> No. 111038
Ask and ye shall receive:


Pre-reader queue information. Updates every five minutes.

Thanks to Roger for the idea and Ebon Mane for making it function properly. Now maybe people will stop asking how busy we are.
>> No. 111040
File 134223620470.gif - (456.63KB , 300x169 , Doubled.gif )

Nice stats. Give Roger and Ebon Mane my thanks. And nice to see that this thread isn't totally dead. I was getting worried. This is probably my favorite thread out of all the ones I may or may not visit.
>> No. 111042
File 134223678955.png - (144.17KB , 945x945 , mlfw3286-1330721824244[1].png )
>382 fics posted
>120 fics permanently rejected
>1362 fics that got dinged, and the author didn't try again
>Prereaders are fascists who keep amazing fics off EQD, when they deserve to be posted there
>> No. 111047
We're such horrible monsters, I know.
>> No. 111051



No. No way. It's fucking impossible. That can't be true.
>> No. 111053

Why not both?
>> No. 111056
You know, I am actually curious as to why that occurs.

Most of the pre-readers here mention how they send their rejections for stories which could have made it if they improve a tiny bit with as much positive light to that fact as possible, yet most do not return.

It would perhaps be of interest to know why. Maybe someone can run a poll and ask them?
>> No. 111057
These posts need to be framed in gold and hung in public for all to see.
>> No. 111058
File 134224171323.gif - (470.95KB , 500x355 , tumblr_lykg96WUxo1r2m3evo1_500.gif )
Are you saying I CAN'T live off of tears?

*single tear*

No I don't have a MFW for that, someone gimme one.

Image unrelated.
>> No. 111059
File 134224171481.png - (174.94KB , 596x394 , Impossibru.png )
>> No. 111061
Updated counts document to include the number of rejections due to 3 strikes rule.
>> No. 111069
File 134224309062.gif - (1.94MB , 421x237 , 6LtjO.gif )
I will be the first one to say:

Those fics rejected by three strikes? They were not simply one moon for "show vs tell" or one moon for "editing" from finishing. They were truly flawed and the author rushed fast edits on almost all of them, attempting to fix only what we mentioned, instead of really working on their fic with editors or spending real time on them.

This is what the three strikes rule has achieved:

The total of fics that we have rejected via moon (resubmit and revision), automoon (filtered by the fanfic box address), and sun (permanently for any reason) is 2161 as of this post.

13 of those were for three strikes. This accounts for about .006% of fanfics that aren't all even permanently banned.

Of permanently banned, just about 10%.

Please go.

(image unrelated again)
>> No. 111078
About how long should an author wait before checking to see if a submission was somehow lost or delayed?
>> No. 111079
Reposting cause reasons.
You know, I am actually curious as to why that occurs.

Most of the pre-readers here mention how they send their rejections for stories which could have made it if they improve a tiny bit with as much positive light to that fact as possible, yet most do not return.

It would perhaps be of interest to know why. Maybe someone can run a poll and ask them?
>> No. 111087
I doubt most of them would want to answer a poll like that. It might seem like patronizing to them.
>> No. 111091
Can't hurt to try. Worse case scenario you get no responses and nothing happens, or you get responses and they are mostly guys raging about how wrong you are, or you get proper reasons that might lead to improvement to that.

I mean, as much as I think it is funny you try to sound like assholes, reaching out like that might make those stories you wanted to see in EqD but couldn't because the person disappeared for reasons unknown have a better chance.
>> No. 111149
We're a little backed up at the moment. Any more than 8-10 days, and bugging the fanfic email would be a good idea.
>> No. 111157
What are the chances of being rejected out of hand if I try to submit a HiE (not BiE)?
>> No. 111182

No sweat. Thanks a lot!
>> No. 111209
depends on the quality of the fics. I know that Stories that have great character development/long and not half assed tend to be posted if they're worthy. That only if we're talking about HiE and not BiE, as far as I knwo those are rejected immediately.
>> No. 111210
Question: what font fo you prefer reading/ you regard as the best to be read? I always use Garamond (13), I fell in love with that little bastard.
>> No. 111213
Well that definitely is good news. I was afraid it would be rejected immediately because of the somewhat controversial genre.
>> No. 111233
Check out Arddun LLeuad if you want a god tier example of how a human in equestria fic should be made.
>> No. 111235
File 134227385879.jpg - (17.07KB , 500x382 , 26847985-1c50-4672-82a2-e0691ed22da7.jpg )
Comic Sans

I really don't give a damn
>> No. 111237
Times New Roman, Size 12.
>> No. 111238
File 134227569890.png - (83.26KB , 150x200 , My eyes!.png )

What... have you done?! Vimbert the Mad, I say!


I personally use Arial 11 and there haven't been any issues with pre-readers yet. Aren't the two pretty much the same?
>> No. 111240
So long as the story is readable, we won't mention the font or font size. Times New Roman is just the font I prefer to read.
>> No. 111245
File 134227727719.png - (9.45KB , 404x408 , 131958485364.png )
Haha, good joke, guys. Very funny.

Arial is the worst.
>> No. 111248
File 134227790696.jpg - (52.27KB , 633x672 , saddash.jpg )
I like sylfaen or constantia. But I'm also rather hipster about fonts. NOTHING HAS SYLFAEN
>> No. 111253
How many( if any) female pre-readers exist?
>> No. 111263
Hi folks.

I'm gonna try to be positive and constructive today instead of cynical. It probably won't work out, but here goes anyway.


Thank you. This is very good stuff and gets all of my yes, appreciation and respect.

>Why do mooned fics rarely return?

Well, I can only speak for mine, but here goes.

The two fics I have submitted I submitted as finished, meaning I had already made the creative decisions I was going to make and was not the right mindset to accept criticism.

I guess that's true in general. If authors aren't interested in feedback from PR's they won't resubmit. There are many possible reasons for that:

- They might not take criticism at all.
- They might already have and be happy enough with a readership through some other medium that they don't want to change.
- They might only take criticism from people they have a relationship with and respect.
- They might have already accepted input from a group of people they're happy with and not be ready to welcome another cook in the kitchen.

I think my own cases are a combination of those factors. Like, if I had submitted to TTG and Dem or Cassius complained about my mechanics, I'm all ears, but when PR Grump did so on "Watching Paint Dry," my gut reaction was "who is this asshole?"

There's also a pair of cognitive biases that people like things more when:
- They have invested their own effort or choice in them.
- Their ability to choose is taken away.
Like all cognitive biases, this happens without people being consciously aware of them.

PRs, especially on the first round, are in the double situation of having no investment and having the option of sending a submission back for improvement.

Authors are emotionally invested and decide they're "finished" or "ready for submission" when they can't see how to improve a story any more. They're doubly biased towards their stories, compared to PRs.

So I think the large moon-and-abandon rate comes from a fundamental collision of human nature. PRs think that mooning a story will make it better - not entirely rationally; there's a good chance that mooning will kill it. Authors think that a first-time rejection is an assessment of their stories' quality - when it's also a reflection of PR hope that it can be even better.

Just my 2 cents though.
>> No. 111264
If Shit-prereaders say if any guide, they are all beautiful fillies.
>> No. 111266
So... make the pre-readers seem more human and they will come?
>> No. 111273
File 134228549864.gif - (309.49KB , 500x339 , so much studying.gif )
I know there's at least one or two...

That makes a great deal of sense. I've been in that position before as an author, and my thoughts ran along a similar tack.

As something of a view horse, I revised anyway, but I can understand why that would dissuade some people.
>> No. 111287
File 134228889071.jpg - (69.44KB , 716x864 , Story_update_post.jpg )
I've kept quiet about this for too long. The collected story update posts are hindering the popularity of ongoing fics. With the system we have now, we will never have another story as popular as Past Sins or Fallout: Equestria.

We need to find a way to fix this.
>> No. 111289
Short of making a whole new website solely dedicated to rating fanfiction with something similar to the pre-readers, this won't happen.

Right now there are about ten stories submitted per day to the pre-readers, more coming into FiMfiction, which is roughly a novel length for the pre-readers and about a Lord of the Rings Book for FiMfiction.

If they were to make them individual, EqD would become fanfiction only as other things are kept under single posts (pictures, music, events, etc.).

So... help make a new website which rates fanfics like EqD and has a shiny archive and you might be unto something.
>> No. 111290
The fact that we'll never have another story as popular as Past Sins or Fo:E has nothing to do with how EqD handles story updates. I'm not sure where you got the idea, but I'd like to hear the logic behind it.

If you're not happy with the way we handle updates, feel free to submit your work elsewhere. Individual updates will not get their own story posts due to the sheer volume of fics/updates submitted. Maybe after the summer when things slow down that will change.
>> No. 111292
File 134228940147.png - (119.77KB , 960x960 , shrug 44475 - i_dunno_lol medley shrug_pony.png )
I agree if having the posts as a list is how story updates will be handled from now on. But if you refer to having every update as its own post, then fanfics would be 60% of EqD's posts.

I believe he means that it's harder for fics to get attention this way.
>> No. 111293
I'm not saying make them individual.

A while back I emailed EqD, asking them to put the names of stories in the update posts, similar to how music posts work. Seth replied saying that he would; but it hasn't happened.
>> No. 111295
I think you're misunderstanding the purpose of EqD. When a story is accepted, it gets a story post. From there, any readers that are interested are free to go track/favorite it on FimFic and get their updates that way. The Update posts are a remnant of a time when FimFic wasn't nearly as big as it is now and there was no easy way to get story updates.

We give the stories their fifteen minutes of fame with the initial story post. The update posts are just icing on the cake. If readers are too lazy to click past the break and scroll through or track the story on FimFic, that's their fault, not ours.
>> No. 111296
Have you seen some of these fic titles? With the amount of story updates, the title would be a paragraph long.
>> No. 111297
The logic behind that is simple: a single large post means that stories are for the most part left to divide the attention of the reader and the discussion that follow the story than entices some most of them is simply not there.

Granted, a good synopsis is still more or less a requirement, but when face with too many choices the effort of sort through said choices, most people simply filter the other choices and choose what they always choose (case point: people ordering from a menu in a restaurant will for the most part always choose the first meal they had there) rather than trying new things.

Having separate posts really mitigates this, as there is only one thing to have attention for and one decision to make rather than several.

And thus why EqD's arrangement makes the possibility of longs fcs be so much smaller nowadays.

I am wondering what does that mean. Stories get their names on them, in all updates (except for the last one which has a reason for that), what are you going on about.
>> No. 111300
I meant in the title, so it would show up on the RSS.
>> No. 111301
The reason we'll likely never have another Fo:E or Past Sins is because of the amount of stuff out there that is, as you said, dividing the attention of potential readers. I don't think it matters how we arrange the stuff. It's still there, and that's what matters.

The reason Fo:E became a thing is because when it first started, the brony fandom was much smaller, and most of the fanfics were crap. Everyone had heard of it or read it, so it became a bit of a phenomenon. Nowadays, with a much larger fandom producing many more (and better) works regularly, the chances of something striking a chord with that many people is slim.

tl;dr - We can't have another Fo:E because the fandom has grown out of that stage. At least, in my opinion.
>> No. 111303
Errr... the only ones to suffer in this situation are the writers, which are the ones that provide content for your website.

The fact that EqD is the sole place where you can get a pre-filtered list (because people are lazy and actually don't like having too many choices in the real world rather than their theoretical mindworld) means your argument of "don't post here" to have little reality to it.

Plus, FiMfiction is a self-fueling thing which hogs the feature bar in ways we all know suck, so saying get your good stories there is not quite a good idea (I say this because it has actually become rare for the feature in EqD story to get in that bar).

While I agree that the fandom has grown, that doesn't limit the possibility that a story can come and make a bit hit as long as it gets enough attention and publicity as to the fact that it is good.

I also wonder how true that comments holds, because the current pointing towards shorter works across the fandom began with the clumping of all stories rather than the inverse (the clumping resulted out of many smaller stories). In a way, the arrangement of EqD is causing what you are mentioning, but undoubtedly there are far more factors in line (FiMfiction rather terrible algorithm comes to mind).

I just want to point out I'm not blaming anyone and I think it would be madness to stop making the compilation posts, but recognizing what causes what is always a good idea in case someone wants to do something about it.
>> No. 111304
>Errr... the only ones to suffer in this situation are the writers, which are the ones that provide content for your website.
And we have no intention of changing that. Our obligation is to the readers, not the writers. If we do help out a writer, it is an unintentional side-effect of providing good content to our readers. We currently have no shortage of authors submitting to Equestria Daily, so it's really not the end of the world if a handful decide to stop submitting.

We're not here to make you famous; we're here to entertain the people that visit the site.
>> No. 111305
I'm pretty sure there are no female prereaders currently. We used to have some though.
>> No. 111307
Which is why my second sentence exist: there are no alternatives. Which in turns means that most have to post on EqD or be ignored in short order (and even then). This leads to there being a multitude of stories having the updates made there. Which leads to being no space to host them all in a website not dedicated to it. Which leads to stories having less attention because of the way it is organized. Which leads to the current trends in fiction and the knell of the long stories as major attention getters for the fandom (because they aren't trying to be supported for attention).

Uninvisioned consequences and all that.

And all of this makes sense and is completely understandable because of what EqD is.

So, people who want something better for the writers and readers, I suggest you make your own website, and maybe even leave EqD to the wayside when it does happen.
>> No. 111309
If someone makes a website solely dedicated to good fanfiction, I'd support it in a heartbeat. A bit of competition never hurt anyone, right?
>> No. 111310
TL;DR: No, AzuNyan, not happening unless you make your own website.
>> No. 111311
I agree with that, but my whole point is actually just telling AzuNyan it is a bit of a long shot and just not realistic with the current arrangement.
>> No. 111312
File 134229228250.png - (424.63KB , 1280x720 , CAPITALISM.png )
I hate to "this," but... this. EqD is by no means perfect for fanfiction, but it's the best we've got in my estimation. I lack the time, the know-how, and the drive to make something better, but by god if someone tries to make something else I'd be all for it.
>> No. 111321
File 134229411143.png - (57.14KB , 167x200 , Enjoyed.png )

The big sites, Fimfiction and EqD. That's gonna be tough competition. The question is how you'd kickstart a project like that.

Oh, and have my opinion:

We have two major sites that have at least a portion of them dedicated to fanfiction. Fimfiction is dedicated solely to fanfiction. In fact, the majority of fics submitted there are going to get on barring they don't break the rules. Then, we have EqD of which fanfiction is only a small part of the whole. Only what the pre-readers deem acceptable. Not going to get into the pre-readers are crap/god argument here, I'm just pointing out that they do have pre-readers and they're doing their job. Thus, we have a site with a site with an insane amount of fanfiction and a site with significantly less. Both serve their purpose and that's that.

Now, the question for Azu or anyone interested in making a new site:

What are you going to do? Obviously you don't want a fimfiction knock off... or you're going to end up with a near exact copy. You probably don't want to do what EqD does exactly or you're going to have a small site indeed regards to fanfiction. So, where does the balance lay? Are you going to be like Fimfiction, dedicated only to fics, but with pre-readers to ensure that there's some quality in what passes through your site? I personally would support such a site, but before I can, obviously drafts would need to be drawn up and presented.

PS: Don't answer that question here. It's just meant to get people thinking.

PSS: I don't have anything against EqD, but I do think that the fandom could benefit from a EqD/Fimfiction combo site.
>> No. 111322
File 134229423237.png - (83.26KB , 150x200 , My eyes!.png )

> Only what the pre-readers deem acceptable
Derp. I forgot to finish this in my haste to post. Forgive me.

Only what the pre-readers deem acceptable makes it onto Equestria Daily.
>> No. 111350
you know there's the pony fiction vault, right?
And one man pony ramblings?
>> No. 111366
I thought both of those got their stories from EqD last time I checked. I mean, pony ramblings is all about EqD (six stars in EqD and how much they shine/suck is pretty much all the content), and the other includes stories which pre-readers always say they enjoyed but can't post due to content. Wouldn't that just make them an extension of EqD?
>> No. 111384
And how often does vault update?...

As of right now, it's a spotlight site. EqD is just a hosting site with standards. I think what people are looking for is a hosting site with standards (so not FF.net or FiMFic).
>> No. 111436
There is an inclusion of a new story in a more or less stable rate of one per week, with very little deviation from selectees from EqD.

As it stand, the vast majority is from EqD, with five stories (maybe less?) which aren't from EqD in a list of close to fifty stories. The ones that aren't from EqD are either FiMfiction famous, or the author has written for EqD.

What I'm saying is that Pony Fanfiction Vault reflects off EqD pretty well and has pretty much the same content but in much slower outputs. The more you know and all that.
>> No. 111461
Depends on how you see it. The vault updates stuff that usually doens't get much recognition in EqD itself(arddun lleuad. Yes I'm going to keep it going forever, that fic deserves all the attention it hasn't been given) or even explicit stories (there's only romance reports now, but I hope they put in Regrowth from ragingsemi.). The most imporant thig is the sapce they give the writer though, in my opinion. They give a full interview about the person and the fic in general, its creation and such, even the origin of the author's name.
I'd say that The vault is one of the most equal
and author friendly sites around, thought it only posts works that are known to be good and not everything, like fimfiction(no offence, but there's a lot of crap in that site but hey it's equality, everyone has his or her chance.) second only to first gen EQD.
>> No. 111462
and that post was a sintattical horror.
>> No. 111523
I've never heard of regrowth, it is on clopssort?

My favorite RS is probably Our Last Goodbye... only looking at his NSFW that is. I miss his SFW...
>> No. 111535
Regrowth was the first in his anonXhumanized!mane character series, starring Applejack. He's also done Pinkie Pie (Bittersweet) and Twilight (can't remember the title).
>> No. 111538
Not denying it, just saying that it is for all purposes EqD with a lower turnout rate. As for the interviews... I am not quite certain they matter all that much if I'm honest. I, for one, read a couple and didn't get much out of them. I mean, it's nice to hear all about Filler's life, or how Sleeplessbrony came up with his name, or how the author doesn't have a favorite author for the fifth or sixth time. It does seem like it would be nice to bring more attention to better stories, but it ultimately fail because Sessalisk could be a mountain troll living with his dwarf mother and I would still read his stories because they might or might not be good. The interview only becomes interesting once you actually know the author, I say.

Still, I loved how they brought light back to Arddun Lleuad, too.


Yep, another clop, part of a series of humanized main six stories. Not bad at all. As for his SFW stuff... I can't remember the last one.
>> No. 111540
Hey, just curious, how loaded down are you guys lately?
>> No. 111542

Hey, you, look at that:

Share it with everyone. Your friends. Your enemies. Your Mother. Everyone.
>> No. 111547
Huh. Thanks.
>> No. 111630

I asked a question in another thread, but I think that one may fit well, so here's a copy/paste.

I'm writing a fanfiction about MLP and I would like to get a few comments about a part of my story.

(I don't put it in the review threads, because I didn't start to write, it's only about the idea. Please tell me if I should put it elsewhere)

It's about the mane 6 getting the ability to control the elements (fire, water, and so on), it's a bit "The Last Airbender-like".

I'm asking you if it wouldn't annoy you to read a story with such a "cliché", a fanfiction crossover MLP-TLA already exists, etc.

I can rearrange the story without this idea, I just want to know your personal opinion about that, please :)

Only 4 of the mane 6 would get these "bending powers" (since there are only 4 "elements").

There is no need at all to control magic nor being a unicorn to use the "bending power".

The setting/conflict are -almost- completely unrelated to the "bending powers", I don't see the point in explaining the story then. ;)
>> No. 111631
Dude. write for yourself, not for the public.HAHAHHAAH. Oh god I suck at this.
I haven't seen any crossovers with TLA but the premise doesn't seem that interesting, probably because I stopped watching that years ago.
>> No. 111636
Actually, I've never watched TLA. And if I submit my story to EQD, it's better if the (pre-)readers enjoy it too, isn't it?
>> No. 111639
No, really, write for yourself. Don't cater to us.

That said, I don't know any TLA fanfiction crossovers with MLP so I guess, to me, it isn't a cliche.
>> No. 111648
File 134245738567.gif - (78.16KB , 178x199 , Yay.gif )

If you wrote a TLA crossover, I would read the hell out of it. Especially if it were good.

TLA is my favorite series of all times, followed by LoK.

*cough* Anyways, enough of that.

Have there ever been stories so dark that you've challenged your sanity of letting it onto EqD? And I mean beside the well known ones like "Cupcakes".
>> No. 111649
By "cliché", I meant something which isn't "new" at all, here it's the ability to control elements, which is already exploited in TLA. MLP-TLA crossovers already exist or not, it doesn't matter.

About the crossover, please do write something like "my little pony the last Airbender crossover" on Google, you'll have a few results. Too long to copy/paste the direct links on my mobile phone, sorry.

Also, yeah sure I write a bit for myself, but since I want my story to be read by other people than me, I should adapt a bit the story for them. It won't prevent me from having fun while writing ;)

Thank you for giving your opinion.
>> No. 111651
Actually, my story won't be a TLA-MLP crossover, sorry. I quoted TLA because it contains "bending powers", an idea that I want to use in my fanfiction.

OT, afaik the only gore-as-hell story on EQD is Cupcakes. Some Grimdark stories are quite gore, though.
>> No. 111683
You're gravely mis-informed. have you read Fallout Equestria?

There's also others that were posted early in the fandom, but I'm far too lazy to check which they are.

Re bending powers: Just write it and if it's good, we'll post it. We have a light restriction on certain cliches, but that isn't a big one.
>> No. 111688
File 134247721835.jpg - (270.68KB , 1920x1080 , 150146 - Alicorn artist-raikoh14 celestia glowing_mane luna neon princess wallpaper.jpg )
Hi there EQD, I just wanted to ask someone to clarify the policy on stories that are posting their last update, i.e. "Update Complete." In the past it's been your policy to give Update Completes their own post instead of putting them in with the normal updates. Is this still how it works? My story is coming to close after 8 months and 15 chapters, and I wanted to make sure I knew what to expect. =) Have a great day!
>> No. 111705
I have no idea. Seth handles story updates. Email [email protected] and ask them.
>> No. 111713
Okay, I submitted my story a few days ago, "Under A Luminous Sky." Before I did, I had put it in Umbra's review thread, and he's about to start looking at it. I have full confidence in my story, but I'm always seeking to improve.

Is that some kind of EqD no-no? Is the pre-reader going to flip if he sees some reviewer comments in the story? If you'd like, I can ask Umbra to wait until you get back to me with a yea or nay. Like I said, even if you accept it, I want my story to be the best it can.

Thanks for what y'all do!
>> No. 111716
If the pre-reader that reviews your story sees comments still in the doc, they'll probably just reject it and tell you to resubmit once it's ready. It won't count as a strike, though.
>> No. 111720
Well, in that case, I'll just let Umbra do his thing, and I'll resubmit if it's rejected. Can never be too good, right? :P
>> No. 111732
Actually, that's kind of a douche move to keep it there knowing it'll be rejected. Could you just go ahead and pull my story from the queue? I don't want to risk wasting a pre-reader's time. Once Umbra does his thing, I resubmit. It should only be a few days. Thanks!
>> No. 111736
Consider it removed.
>> No. 111738
Rock on, thanks, Battle. It'll be back in a few. I'm too damn stupid determined to back away at this point.
>> No. 111802
I will read F:E, ok there will be a war, etc, but I don't really think it is as gore/shocking as Cupcakes, SAM or Cheerilee's Garden, is it?

Ok, I'll write my story with these "bending powers" then, thank you :)
>> No. 111812

Sweetie pie, my story's been in work for a year and something and I didn't bitch around when they put my last chapter with the others. Just thank your God or whoever that the story updates haven't been changed to a single clusterfuck wihtout images like they did a week ago or something. If people like your story they'll read it, no matter if it's in a shiny golden frame or it's squeezed with 14 other fics.
>> No. 111814
I uhm... had a bad day. sorry for that.
>> No. 111898
Hi there, prereaders. Hope you're doing alright and all that stuff.

See, I'm very pleased with the new submission form used to submit fanfiction. However, I'd like to hear your thoughts about one particular rule... oh right, I kinda spoiled it in the subject field of this post. Teehee.

The thing is, could you be more specific about "foalshipping beyond a schoolyard crush"? I'm not quite sure about what kind of ships involving young beings of the series (Spike, CMC, Thunderlane and so) are still safe.

Would you still admit shipfics about two kids falling in love with each other, but like two kids would? Hilarious, innocent and sweet moments due to their youth involved, I mostly mean.
>> No. 111902
File 134255931959.jpg - (9.48KB , 254x200 , ThisDispleasesLuna.jpg )

I would think the pre-readers would be extra hard on it. One slip and you'll blow yourself to kingdom come with a pseudoship fic.

Otherwise, as long as it isn't "serious" romance, I don't see why not.

However, don't quote me on that. I just feel like feeling helpful for once instead of being a spiteful named anon.

Personally, I would be very wary of it because I don't know the author and different authors have different views on what's "too far". But by all means, give it a shot if you think it's worth it.

Also, see "The Sweetest Gem". At least, I think that's what it is. I think it has a theme very close to what you're suggesting. Don't know if it's on EqD, though.
>> No. 111908
*cough*Tho Thuper*cough*
>> No. 111914
Trollfics are bad examples.

That said, school yard crushes are okay. Even innocent kisses. But beyond that I'm pretty sure it's a no-no.
>> No. 111938
What is the general stance on present tense fics? I know some of the pre-readers have a personal like for Romance Reports fic that must not be named, but what is the overall stance on present tense? Is it judged more harshly?
>> No. 111943

I don't judge it more harshly. As long as the tense is consistent, it's fine. In fact, I know a prereader wrote a present tense fic that got posted a couple of weeks ago and the fic I'm working on right now is in present tense.
>> No. 111961
File 134257752396.jpg - (7.34KB , 248x200 , Don't mind me.jpg )
Here's a question for you guys:

Do you guys have any authors you'll pick up quicker than others, even though they may not be the best of authors and tend to produce work short of EqD? Not because you know the author or anything, but because while the material usually isn't up to snuff, you do sincerely enjoy reading their work?
>> No. 111964
The more I know an author, the less likely I am to read their stuff.

Still, good-reputationed authors tend to get pre-read faster, as it's less of a risk to read what is probably good.
>> No. 112045

The definition of being up to snuff is an enjoyable read. If I rejected things I really enjoyed reading and accepted things I didn't really enjoy reading, I'd have to take a good, hard look at my priorities.
>> No. 112048
File 134262321920.png - (79.85KB , 300x169 , Just talking.png )

That's subject to debate. you may not enjoy reading it, but others might. The point is, just because the pre-reader doesn't enjoy it doesn't mean it isn't EqD worthy. That's why you have the "request a second pre-read" option, right?

I bring this up because I'd be willing to bet there are stories on EqD that you have no love for, yet there they are.

Unless I'm completely missing something, I think we might be on separate pages. I meant enjoying it as a reader rather than a pre-reader. Though, keeping your duties as a pre-reader in mind.
>> No. 112049
Prereaders are selected on the standard that, somehow, it's been proven to the other prereaders that they know how to read a story. Therefore, if they don't enjoy it, there's one of two options: it was poorly written (95% of the time) or they can tell that it's the sort of thing that some people might enjoy, the writing's okay, but they're not sure. That minute fraction of the time is when a "second opinion" comes into play.

Conversely, if a prereader enjoys a story, they probably did something right: story idea, writing, tone... those stories have an easier time getting on the blog, in general, because someone weeding out bad stories likes it. That's not to say that all stories that prereaders like get posted the first round, either, but it certainly makes it sadder to reject them.
>> No. 112050
File 134262934035.png - (781.58KB , 1600x1100 , TheNightLake.png )

>Therefore, if they don't enjoy it, there's one of two options: it was poorly written (95% of the time) or they can tell that it's the sort of thing that some people might enjoy, the writing's okay, but they're not sure.
Right... generally, that is the case. But I can say that I've reviewed plenty of stories that I didn't particularly enjoy. However, I would look at those stories and say, "Once they've edited this story, it'd do well on EqD in my opinion."

The point is that while the story might not be EqD ready for various reasons, but the base concept of the story is a good/fun one. If I take the time to be less critical of other's writing, I find that I can enjoy a poorly executed story if the concept is particularly good.

That's what I was asking. Do you guys pick authors even though they might be generally poor in executing the plotline of a story, but they have good/interesting concepts?
>> No. 112055

>The point is that while the story might not be EqD ready for various reasons, but the base concept of the story is a good/fun one.

I generally send authors like that a lot of very rant-like feedback. I know my rejection of White Box was over 1k words.

In any case, if a concept doesn't look like something I could potentially enjoy, I don't pick it out of the queue.

>If I take the time to be less critical of other's writing,

I do the exact opposite of this. I find things to dislike about nearly every fic. Does that mean I'll necessarily reject every fic? Certainly not, but I need to see any possible flaws.

Fics I enjoy when pre-reading are rare gems. Fics I enjoy enough to want to pass them are rarer still.
>> No. 112056
how dare you? a mac? HOW can you!
>> No. 112060
>If I take the time to be less critical of other's writing,
Then you probably aren't pre-reading.
>> No. 112064
The thing is, this rule is quite vague. Things like "no porn, no gore, no bronies" are perfectly clear. However, "no serious foalshipping" seems confusing to me.

First, "foal" is a term referred to baby ponies, like Cupa and Punpkin cake. Young ones like CMC and such are referred as colts or fillies, being stallions and mares the adult ones. In this case, writting a shipfic with babies is sick and ridiculous. You have the first problem here: a bad usage of the term "foal".

And "nothing beyond a schoolyard crush" can be understood in too many ways, always subjective. A thing that seems innocent to someone can be taken as silly or even offensive matter by other people. For better or worse. This being a rule recently approved, I think it should be clarified in order to avoid any kind of problem, since I said earlier that the other rules are crystal clear. For example: "How to woo your lady in nine easy steps" is a great story featured on EqD. A Sparity one, with the baby dragon Spike from the series, no an older evrsion of himself. It's a funny, touching and innocent read, and yet, it could be technically labeled as taboo.

Besides, I think that treating young shippage as a taboo is ridiculous. We're talking about first love, a thing that has existed since always. If you leave OOC mannerisms and porn aside, a sweet, awkward and innocent blossoming relationship between two kids can be funny and beautiful. In fact, I consider this kind of love as the purest of all, since no greedy or dirty thoughts about relationships had touch young minds yet and no experience on this kind of thing is involved. The first love, always a great experience...

Yes, I read TSG. A bit rushed and maybe a liiiitle OOC, but I consider it a great story. Looks like it was automooned due to the age of the characters. I don't undertand it, I can totally see this story as an episode (without a bit of drama, it is) and seemed quite funny and innocent to me.

That being said, while I appreciate your opinion, I'd like to hear a response from a prereader as well, since I want to say more things after that. One more thing, though: what do you call "serious love"?
>> No. 112065
I am new to this place, but this rule has existed for months.
>> No. 112067
File 134264301188.png - (726.45KB , 1024x1119 , nihgtmaremoon_by_zaiyaki-d56fstl.png )

> Then you probably aren't pre-reading.
I wasn't referring to pre-reading by that point. I was referring to myself, who is not a pre-reader. I'm just saying that there are stories out there great in concept, but poor in execution and if one were to enjoy it, it'd be because they weren't looking at it with a critical eye.
>> No. 112070
Yes, but you said it in the context of pre-reading specifically for fics that the pre-reader may enjoy but that have too many errors to be posted. Certainly there are stories that, while noticeably riddled with errors, can be enjoyable, but those stories should not be getting past pre-readers who may "find the story enjoyable" anyway. That seems to be one of the main points of having a certain standard.

The statement you made is fine on its own, (I agree wholeheartedly) but could easily misinterpreted (as it would appear I did) as meaning you would consider it as a prescriptive statement on how pre-readers could view their job.
>> No. 112074
File 134264955896.png - (598.77KB , 1000x1000 , Noir.png )
Basically, we don't want stories about 8-year-olds fucking. "Schoolyard crush" means, basically, if they're that age, nothing past how kids your parents would've handled a schoolyard crush, 20-30 years ago.

Your question of "if the concept is good enough, can that overcome bad writing" was answered in
>they probably did something right: story idea, writing, tone... That's not to say that all stories that prereaders like get posted the first round

Or, to simplify, "No." There's a bare minimum amount of writing quality that's required for stories. Perfect example, there's a story about Lyra going to work at a sperm bank in Ponyville in the queue right now that some prereaders think is an amusing concept, but if it crosses the line content-wise or is written at a third-grade level, it's not going to get posted unless ironically, like Spiderses.
>> No. 112080
Which was an inside joke to begin with.
>> No. 112082
"Being a spider is better than being dead."
>> No. 112090
>> 112082
Man, you wrote it wrong:

"Been a spiders is best then bing ded."

It does make me wonder what exactly would a trollfic have to do to be posted and not have been written by a pre-reader.
>> No. 112092
We've had many stories that we absolutely adored the concepts of, and had to moon them because they were absolutely RIDDLED with issues. I won't name anything, but I know at least two or three pre-readers have had one fic like that for them, and one of them was only a month or two ago.

Infact, I'd honestly say we get just as many interesting ideas as we get cliche ideas; but the execution is almost never up to par, which is the problem.
>> No. 112093

Argembarger wasn't a prereader when Spiderses was written.
>> No. 112097
If I may interrupt... how exactly can you guys tell him to make it worse in the chat as said previously on the thread(s) if he was not a pre-reader?
>> No. 112098
I don't remember the exact circumstances, but either:
A) A pre-reader was talking to Arg in a different IRC.
B) Arg spent some time in our IRC before becoming a pre-reader. It happens sometimes.

Either way, Spiderses was posted well before Arg was as pre-reader.
>> No. 112099
>spend time in the pre-readers IRC.
I... see. That explains it I suppose.
>> No. 112101

Actually, at the time one of the pre-readers was a Writers' Training Grounds admin and hug out with Arg and I (among other people) in an IRC chat dedicated to the Artists' and Writers' TG. It was a bit after that that a couple of the WTG admins (and Arg) were recruited to be prereaders.
>> No. 112116
Is there something strange about having an IRC to talk to people in?
>> No. 112118
>> 112116
If I had to guess, it probably would be the (wrong) idea that a non-prereader was in an IRC server whose members are kept secret.
>> No. 112122
File 134266605740.gif - (1.50MB , 640x360 , Ooo.gif )
Stalker anon, you paranoid.
>> No. 112140
Background ponies can't be OoC, right?
Of course, talking without going to the ridiculous like making Lyra a mass murderer.

But in a normal-ish fic, background ponies such as Lyra, Bon Bon, Vinyl, etc, can't be OoC, correct? I can make Vinyl and Octavia sisters, for example.
>> No. 112165

I would personally rate you higher for rustling peoples' jimmies by having alternate character interpretations of the background ponies. Seeing the same Vinyl Scratch/Octavia shipping fic written fifty different ways gets old after awhile and I have no inherent respect for fanon.
>> No. 112168
>> No. 112199
Not really a question for you, but I'm not sure where else to put this. Plus, you are all experienced writers, some of you anyway, and you may know what to say.

So, a few editors have read my story and the overall response is positive, they like it. A few days ago, I it another person to look at it, and they suggested an almost complete rewrite.

How do you guys handle dissenting opinions like that? Especially since I could see where she was coming from, and she had some valid complaints. But I like my story the way it is, and so have a lot of people. What would you do?
>> No. 112201
Well, I already knew that. It's even included in the "no porn" rule. What I mean is, things like blushing, not knowing what to do, a silly date planned with help, a kiss on the cheek and whatsoever would be right?
>> No. 112202
File 134271084119.jpg - (19.41KB , 480x360 , actually.jpg )
Not a pre-reader, but I think the mantra goes like this: write the story you want to write. If you think that a certain change will bring improvement, and you wish to improve it, then act on it; if you're happy with what it is at its current level, then leave it be.

Of course, this doesn't consider whether your goal of writing is for the sake of writing or just to entertain readers. Both are perfectly fine, except that it's probably harder to be happy with the latter as you can't please everyone.
>> No. 112206
You know, I'm quite used to seeing sub-par after sub-par story appear in the Fimfiction feature box, but I was greatly disheartened today to learn that a few authors that I respect in this fandom actually find Fluffershy funny. I mean, apart from one scene that made me smile, the rest of it seems like the same sort of unoriginal, uninspired crackfic dribble that every fandom ends up producing at some point.

Then I learned that it was featured on EqD back in the Dark Ages. Please tell me this was prior to the pre-reader system, or if it wasn't, that (assuming any of you were around then) you had a fantastically good reason for allowing it through.

I dunno, maybe I have a whack sense of humor or am missing something here...
>> No. 112212
It was prior to the original thirteen. A full month actually.
>> No. 112214
Do not despair, my friend. those were truly dark times.
>> No. 112240
File 134272750227.png - (57.14KB , 167x200 , Enjoyed.png )

Dark is good. It leads the way for innovation and invention as people strive for the light.
>> No. 112241
>> No. 112346
OK I really have to ask, I'm working on a story that uses Shining Armor in a major role not related to the upcoming crystal ponies and I have to ask, will that be allowed on ED or does all canon have to be taken into account once I know about it with the exception of AU stories.

Please, I'm tearing myself up about this, I've been working on this story for a year and after the season 2 finale I loved Shining Armor and thought he'd be great for this story since it involves a military conflict, but now with the revelation int he toy that he and Candance are more-or-less the rulers of an empire apart from Equestria, *cries* I put so much work into this and now I feel it's all going to be worthless because I couldn't get the story out soon enough.

sorry but please, I need to knwo if I should jsut give up, compeltely re-work the story so it can use an "AU" tag even though it isn't one, or cut out Shining Armor's role completely and spare the inevitable shitstorm that will be dumped on me.
>> No. 112351

Spoiler alert, dude!

I don't pay attention to spoilers or toys. I don't think too many people care about toys. As far as canon goes, you can just throw an AU tag on and I doubt anyone will particularly care.
>> No. 112375
So my Flying High, Falling Hard rewrite failed to pass fimfiction moderation. But my rewrite passed EqD pre-reading!

Knighty and Poultron specifically came to talk to me about the rewrite, and decided to pull it (it got posted, then taken down, then posted again). I replied to the acceptance letter asking to have my story put on hold in the queue.

"I'll try, but I can't make any guarantees. Don't send things in if they're not ready to be posted."
It's not like I planned this.

Since all I got was a "I'll try", I figured I would ask here if there's anything the PR's could do.
>> No. 112380
File 134280615587.jpg - (17.23KB , 201x216 , what.jpg )
>story accepted by EqD
>EqD has very high standards
>story rejected by FIMFiction
>FIMFiction has no standards

>pic related
>> No. 112381
A few of us are FiMFic mods (those crazy people... I think trying to do that would kill me), so I'll try to pass the word along.
>> No. 112382
While amusing, I don't think the rejection reason is for content but rather the story being reposted (which is against their rules).

I'm fairly sure slp has done more than enough work on his rewrite to justify a repost, though.
>> No. 112383
I know. I keed, I keed, FIMFiction! I've found some very good stories there.

Hey, there's a good one. I know one or two of you have said you no longer read fan fiction for pleasure. To those that do, have you ever read a story on FIMFiction or wherever, and found it so good you wrote to the author recommending them to submit to EqD? The story "Don't Go Outside" comes to mind, as well as Loyal2Luna's Doctor Whooves stories.
>> No. 112384
To clarify, I wasn't asking the PR's to bug knighty about having my fic accepted. I was asking them if they could do anything to make sure my fic was frozen in queue, and not posted.
>> No. 112390
Yeah, that's already been done. It's delayed until next week at present. Just keep bugging us about it if that needs to change.
>> No. 112404
Question: what, if any, is the difference between exposition and telling?
>> No. 112405
It's not an AU story though, I can't jsut use AU as a shield against future changes. An AU story is a story that either inviolves a world vastly different from the show in it's very core (and mine isn't when it comes to the history of the characters or their personalities) and if I add that tag people will either expect a vastly different Equestria or a story taht involves multiple alternate realities, which mine doesn't either.
>> No. 112418
Twilight rushed out of her room, nearly knocking Spike down in her haste.
"What's going on, Twi?" Spike asked.
"Can't talk now! A book is missing!"
With that, she flew out the door into the streets of Ponyville.

Twilight rushed out of her room. A book was missing and she was very worried about it. She ran so fast out of her room that she almost knocked Spike over.
"What's going on, Twi?" Spike asked, not knowing what Twilight was doing.
"Can't talk now! A book is missing!" Twilight responded as an answer to Spike's question.
With that, she flew out the door into the streets of Ponyville, beginning her search for the missing book.
>> No. 112431
Ah-ha. Gotcha.
>> No. 112432

You might not be able to answer this question, but it doesn't matter, it's a silly one.

Do you guys know "records" in MLP fanfiction? For example, I think the most famous stories are Cupcakes, My Little Dashie, Past Sins and Fo:E.

The longest one is Fo:E (600k+ words), afaik. (And it has the most comments, too). Iirc, the longest fanfiction in the world, Trials by Tenderness, is about 2.5 million words (about 10,000 pages).
It also has the most (? See the Conversion Bureau) side stories (250+ iirc).

The best rated on fimfiction.net is Sunny Skies All Day Long.

>> No. 112434
Boy, you need to see this:

And then you need to know there is a fanfic with over 5 million words. Or was, before the geocity purge. I can't remember the name and I lost it, but never doubt the ability of some people to spur on.
>> No. 112453
Okay: I have a question. It doesn't really have anything to do with writing, so I'm really sorry if it's off topic, but this is kind of serious for me, and you're the only ones I can think of to ask.

What kind of a community does EqD have?

I keep seeing people talk about ways to bring EqD and Ponychan together, like a collaborative project between /fic/'s writers and EqD's writers. Except that EqD has never really struck me as a "community."

Here on ponychan, visitors interact with other visitors. ponychan itself simply provides the means for visitors to interact. EqD, if I understand it correctly, accepts submissions from contributors, and delivers it to a readership. The visitors don't interact with other visitors, they submit or receive content directly to or from from EqD. it's not a community, it's a publisher.

Do I have the right impression here, or Is there some aspect to EqD "culture" that I'm missing?
>> No. 112459
The pre-readers are a community. And the hugging posters in the story posts. Apart from that, no idea.
>> No. 112476
The "EqD community" is comprised of the people who comment on the blog posts. That tends to include pre-readers, blog ponies, random bronies, and people who use EqD as their main/sole source of pony info.
>> No. 112502
Thank you.
>> No. 112579
Thank you. That about clears up what I was wondering, particularly about the commentators.
>> No. 112591
You guys like Q&A's?

How about a Q&Neigh.

>> No. 112661
Heyo! Was going through the editor's Omnibus for the umpteenth time. Very handy, wonderful thing to have.

Anyhow! Under the attribution of Dialogue, I'd personally find it incredibly useful to see how things work, reversing the order of the dialogue/non-dialogue text.
>> No. 112671
"Hey," guy said.
Guy 2 looked back. "What's up?"
"I was wondering if you knew what we were doing here," guy responded.
Guy 2 walked over to the window and poured himself a glass of water. Outside, the sun was blaring down on the caked earth of the desert. With a shake of his head, he admitted, "No... no, I do not."
>> No. 112681
File 134299593378.gif - (763.48KB , 640x540 , 131983900781-RainbowDash_DNW.gif )
Okay, so just resubmitted my resubmission. Yo dawg, I heard you like submissions Also, pic related...

As I did so I checked the current queue. Sixty fics in queue?! Damn, how do y'all find the time? I don't know what y'all do for a living, but my job barely let's me read one fic per WEEK, let alone review multiple stories.

Especially since you have said that most authors either don't listen or argue, the question must be asked again, why put yourselves through that?
>> No. 112683
I've just been listening to Q&Neigh #3, and heard a comment about warfics in relation to "...are there certain types of fics you don't post"...

Are you saying that they're not accepted, because I don't see them in the list on the Guidelines page?

[I'm pretty screwed if the answer is "They're not accepted"...]
>> No. 112704
Due to the sheer amount of warfics submitted, we hold them to a higher standard than stories of other genres. It's not listed on the submission guidelines, but falls under the "Other reasons for rejection" section. Essentially, we're not going to post any 3/5 warfics. For us to consider them, they have to be something truly special.
>> No. 112725
I'm starting a long-term project (with a word count in the mid 100,000s). I know you guys like it when we give an indication as to where the story is going in that kind of situation, but I'd like to know how much information you want.

Do you guys need a short explanation of the overall plot (maybe 400 or 500 characters), or do you need an extended explanation of each chapter?
>> No. 112734
Is something wrong with the submission form, or is it just me?
>> No. 112735
I believe it's a Google server problem.
>> No. 112749
This is related to "Can I ask who my pre-reader was?"

If the pre-reader response voluntarily included the name of the pre-reader who rejected my story (not their real name or anything), is this a good sign that my story wasn't completely hopeless? If so, are there any other subtle but encouraging signs that really awful fics never get?

Honestly, though... if the average EQD submitter knew who I was after I rejected them, I don't know how well I would sleep at night.
>> No. 112781

Aaaaand it's back. I was going to be so pissed...
>> No. 112782

I don't generally hide the fact that I'm prereader E, but the only time I recall using my actual fandom name in a rejection letter, it was not a good thing. I have given my actual contact details in subsequent communication with authors, though.

When a fic is really terrible and I don't think the author will ever have the skill to fix it, I often omit "We look forward to your resubmission" from my rejection letters.
>> No. 112799
File 134306268478.png - (538.31KB , 742x705 , manly cadence.png )
I can't speak for the others, but my job is managerial/desk work stuff where 90% of the time I'm just making sure the building doesn't catch on fire. On an average work shift, I'll pre-read at least 7 stories if I don't have some writing of my own I'm doing.

Scribe, if you're referring to what I think you're referring to, I will personally see to it that it isn't auto-rejected. I won't be your pre-reader due to issues of bias (since I edited it), of course, but I'll lend you a hand there.

The more information the better, I would say.

Generally, I'd say it is. I usually don't mention my name unless I want to give myself some additional ammo for credibility; in example, when an author submitted a work closely related to something Pen Stroke wrote, I mentioned who I was in his/her rejection, since I've edited for Pen Stroke and thus wouldn't be biased too badly.
>> No. 112815

Got it, and I'm working hard to make sure it does come out as something special.


Yes, I was referring to what you thought I was referring to. It should be ready for first submission in a couple of weeks [I know I've said that before, but I mean it this time]. Cheers Vim.
>> No. 112820
File 134306865838.png - (57.14KB , 167x200 , Enjoyed.png )

I never tell people who I am in reality when I send out rejection letters.

Might have something to do with the fact that I'm not a pre-reader... but if I were...

Anyways! Question time for the pre-readers!

What encouraged you to become a pre-reader?
>> No. 112821

I decided there was not enough suffering in my life.
>> No. 112850
I was new to the fandom and in total awe at the sheer amount of awesome stuff people were capable of producing. I wanted to help out in any way I could, but couldn't art or music. So I found out about /fic/, did a couple of reviews here, then applied to be a pre-reader when I heard there were spots open. The rest is a downward spiral of alcohol and regret.
>> No. 112878
I delight in the misery of others.

On a serious note, however, I saw some stories that I thought were fantastic get rejected, while terrible ones went up. Since I was a pretty well-known reviewer in /fic/, I figured I had a decent chance of getting into the pre-reading staff and trying to get standards a little more normalized. I was also having not enough time to give full reviews any more, but I still wanted to contribute to the ponyfic community beyond vomiting up a Twilestia/coltcuddling story every few months.
>> No. 112880
File 134309428401.png - (135.16KB , 322x337 , Neat.png )
Oh Vimbert, ponies can't vomit.
>> No. 112881
Yeah, I always found your stories a little bit...
*puts on sunglasses*
... Unimpre—
*Slaps self in face*

Um, sorry.
>> No. 112910

I enjoy hearing myself talk and crushing the dreams of unskilled people who refuse to learn.
>> No. 112917
File 134310365013.jpg - (7.34KB , 248x200 , Don\'t mind me.jpg )

I want to be a pre-reader because I grow tired of reviewing... I feel that too many people come here, whether they say it or not, expecting us to wade neck deep in mud through their fic and clean it up for an EqD submission. Either that or they ask us to review four 6k chapters, which is a long time for a single review for an unknown author. Inb4 Vimbert scoffs and calls me a wussie. I've got longer projects I'm reviewing... don't you worry.

However, there are good fics that pass through and I do enjoy reading what others put effort into. Pre-reading would be perfect. I don't have to bury myself alive, but I still get to take pleasure in reading. Inb4 pre-reading isn't a pleasure job and people telling me to not forget about the shitty fics.

Okay... next question:

Any pre-readers going to Canterlot Gardens? I want to take them out shake their hands.

I have a feeling that people other than the ones who already know who I am are starting to get suspicions. Well... spit it out! If you think you know who I am, guess. I'll still deny it. Inb4 someone who knew prior to this thread just blurts out my name. Please don't, you'll ruin the fun.
>> No. 112919

Nicholas Cage?
>> No. 112950
File 134311579376.jpg - (70.93KB , 720x960 , transformercage.jpg )
>> No. 112957
Considering that LUS is actually promoted in the editor's omnibus, do you guys reject fics based on too much LUS?

It's always bugged me that the omnibus promotes LUS.
>> No. 112974
We have a section that warns against LUS in the Omnibus, and previous sections that used LUS in passing have been edited. If you see something to the contrary, please point it out, as my eyeballs are bleeding.
>> No. 112980
File 134314066693.jpg - (9.48KB , 254x200 , ThisDispleasesLuna.jpg )
Silly ponies are silly.

LuS bugs me because it's adding unnecessary words to a story that isn't particularly long in the first place. They're just filler words for an author frustrated with length and using s/he or the names of a pony so often.

Plus, if it's used excessively, you lose focus on who you're talking about. Twilight becomes the Lavender Unicorn and Rainbow Dash becomes the Rainbow Maned Mare. Eventually, I just don't associate the two. They become separate ponies.
>> No. 112996
What's the usual time delay between being accepted and the story being posted? I'm scrambling to find someone to make a cover.
>> No. 112998
File 134315652171.jpg - (6.86KB , 166x200 , Hey.jpg )

24 hours give or take a few.

You got your HiE on EqD?
>> No. 113001
No. I did a major rewrite on it. The Sans human version will be posted.

Though the HiE plot may appear in the sequel...
>> No. 113021
A few days. It'll be up by Friday at the very latest.

Jake managed to do something incredible. Something totally original. A PiE story. Yes, you rarely see them nowadays, but if his story is any indication, Pony in Equestria is alive and kicking.
>> No. 113023
Oh wow. Hit the bump limit already.

I'll make a new thread when this falls off the front page.
>> No. 113028
File 134317157616.png - (79.85KB , 300x169 , Just talking.png )

Huh, guess I misspoke. I was going off my experience with being posted on EqD Which was accepted, added to queue 24 hours later, posted 24 hours after that iirc.

Huh, that adds up to 48 hours. I am not a clever pony. My bad.

> A PiE story. Yes, you rarely see them nowadays, but if his story is any indication, Pony in Equestria is alive and kicking.
I guess heavy sarcasm is better than be ignored. It was so heavy that I made pizza dough with that sarcasm.

I said HiE because last I knew, he was working on a story where first chapter was human, chapter two was pony, third chapter was going to try and merge them.
>> No. 113032
>Starts writing and actual pony in Equestria story...

Any preference? Shetland?
>> No. 113094

Yea, he rewrote that story from the ground up into a completely pony one. :D
>> No. 113137
New thread's up:

>> No. 115833
Does a screenplay count as a fanfic when submitting to Equestria Daily? I've looked a bit on the blog, and there doesn't seem to be a precedent for it.
>> No. 129028
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