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Subject field: Adventures of Princess !!Celestia

Email: [email protected]

Tags: [Grimdark] [Comedy] [Shipping]


By: Twilight Sparkle

Synopsis: Princess !!Celestia and her faithful students find themselves trapped within a shipping arena hosted by the gladiatorial master of shipping, !!Luna. Can she and her students escape the awful arena, or will !!Luna finally exact her revenge with OC administrating alicorn babies?


This story was written by me during my fantastical adventures in Wonderland. I hope you will enjoy. It took me a lot of effort!

Links updated November 1st
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>> No. 124593
While I try, I just wanted to make sure two points which I don't think I made too clear come across:

1.) While recent speed of updates is great, being surprised /fic/ doesn't go to /meta/ anymore is like being surprised that your dog stop visiting you after you starved it and poked it with a stick every so often for the sheer tingle in the goolies. Even if you then bought it expensive food and made a nice house, he probably still thinks you are an asshole.

2.) I don't think Dolfeus is wrong in asking for syndication, but his expectations of it happening because it sounds like such an awesome idea are too farfetch without he actually trying to help the process along with more than "Are you done yet?"

3.) You can look at the thread and find his two posts, he actually did make a point about the necroing of threads.

I can see a couple of differences:

1.) Ponychan's thread is three times as big and contains more discussion in how it should be implemented. And a bunch of other crap relating to how Orange is slow as implementing stuff (and his retort that he isn't psychic).

2.) In the Ponychan thread there were two mods commenting and asking questions.

3.) Most of the discussion in the MLP side of things has nothing to do with syndication.


1.) Neither of those who actually have to deal with the spaghetti nightmare have commented about the implementation of syndication or even refer to it.

2.) The admins insists that each other is blocking progress.

I have no love for Orange, but you are coming as oddly demanding and not all that much helpful, and trying to make it sound like Orange is more to blame than any other person in this discussion. Sorry, but that won't really fly with me, because that's not what's going on. It's far less malicious and far more stupider than that.
>> No. 124598
File 135262151330.jpg - (48.03KB , 405x599 , Robert_Edward_Lee.jpg )
Why in the blue blazes is everyone talking about Thomas Jackson?
>> No. 124630
File 135270770214.jpg - (230.64KB , 900x1200 , almost_fully_awake_applejack_by_raikoh_illust-d5fyli2.jpg )
I am really, really not trying to be a stick-in-the-mud about the move. My request may also ring a bit hollow since I haven't actively reviewed in TTG for a while though I did spend about twelve hours today on private reviews, thanks kindly. But I humbly request that we leave TTG running on both chans until the PRs are more united in supporting MLPchan's /fic/, or until the two boards can be syndicated.

Yes yes, there's >>123725 as a few individuals are so quick to point out. There's also >>123673 (whose points were allegedly "dispelled" but he himself never conceded that) and >>124563 (posted after the discussion and move) and some other sources who prefer to remain unnamed (and if you wanna call BS on that, fine whatever). Point is, I do not see PR unity on endorsing MLPchan/fic/ at this moment in time. Possibly at some point. Possibly not before the current Training Grounds thread autosages.

Syndication is being discussed ad infinitum at >>/meta/131361

The Training Grounds is inherently a magnanimous endeavor. It connects writers is need with generous strangers willing to take the time to help them. EQD plays a role in this by serving as the primary advertiser. I certainly hadn't heard of this place before EQD mentioned it. Yes, I'm aware EQD isn't the sole means of finding TTG; this has been discussed in previous threads. It's certainly a large one, though.

TTG helps the community. EQD promoting TTG helps the community. If EQD (theoretically and perhaps hyperbolically) stops promoting TTG by virtue of not having a gateway to it on Ponychan, that hurts the community. It's fine if the entire /fic/ community wants to live on MLPchan; I just want a gateway here, for the sake of the writers that TTG is meant to help.
>> No. 124631
File 135270917309.gif - (1.00MB , 249x190 , ONysw.gif )
Even if the TG was, for some reason, entirely shuttered up here (and I'm not saying it is going to be or should), its MLPchan equivalent could always be linked to from the sticky for people that find their way here instead of the new place.

>(whose points were allegedly "dispelled" but he himself never conceded that)
I proved conclusively that FimFiction's mature content is both more readily available and easier to access than MLPchan's. His lack of a reply on the matter can only lead me to believe that he has conceded the point.

If I could be frank for a moment, I, personally, view EqD's relationship with the TG as being almost parasitic. Not only does the pre-reader team shunt off rejects to the thread, but EqD itself has absorbed many of the reviewers from it into the pre-reader collective. While a few of the visitors may stay and help review, many take their corrections and pack their bags without a second thought, sometimes without so much as a thank-you-very-much.

Obviously, EqD can't help much with the latter, but the former is within their domain. I think it would be an excellent opportunity to improve and expand upon /fic/ and EqD's mutually beneficial relationship if EqD advertised that the TG team would appreciate more reviewers. Those who don't meet the requirements set forth by the pre-readers to join the group could still contribute to the fandom and sharpen their teeth in the TG as they help other writers, with the carrot of improving enough to join the pre-readers hanging in front of them. EqD may advertise for the TG and /fic/ in general, but advertisements are only beneficial if they attract the sort of folks that can aid in the development and expansion of your project, after all.
>> No. 124633
>His lack of a reply on the matter can only lead me to believe that he has conceded the point.
Perhaps. I suppose I shouldn't put words in his mouth either. At bare minimum, it's Cassius's word vs. Daffodil's. Where once there was unity, now there isn't.

>the pre-reader team shunt off rejects to the thread
It's not the prereaders' job to edit, nor should it be. I don't begrudge the stove maintenance man for not cooking me lunch. He may be perfectly capable of making me a sandwich, but his work is needed elsewhere. My understanding, for the past few recent weeks, is that TTG queue has been treading water much better than EQD's submit queue, FWIW.

>EqD itself has absorbed many of the reviewers from it into the pre-reader collective
That sounds like issues with individuals, which you have repeatedly requested we avoid during the move discussion.

>many take their corrections and pack their bags without a second thought
Has nothing to do with EQD.

>if EqD advertised that the TG team would appreciate more reviewers.
That seems only fair to me, considering the help we give them.

>advertisements are only beneficial if they attract the sort of folks that can aid in the development and expansion of your project
I agree that a steady stream of reviewers is needed to keep the system intact, but I also restress that the system exists to benefit writers, not reviewers.
>> No. 124635
I'm not really sure why their endorsement is needed. It would be pretty irresponsible for pre-readers to continue to redirect people here if there was no one left. They should be sending people where authors will get the best help, wherever that happens to be.
>> No. 124645
And we already said we'd do that.
>> No. 124647
File 135274851521.gif - (1.73MB , 418x399 , 229.gif )
Your statement in the move thread made it sound as if pre-readers sending people to the TG was on a personal basis. I assumed it implied that some pre-readers did so while others did not.

>That sounds like issues with individuals, which you have repeatedly requested we avoid during the move discussion.
It's a separate point that is not related (at least, directly) with the move discussion. It's purely between EqD and the reviewer base; which board/site/alternate dimension the reviewers operate from has no impact on this (unless the pre-readers adopt a stance of bias against people from one or the other for whatever reason, but I find that unlikely).

>Has nothing to do with EQD.
As I noted myself,
>Obviously, EqD can't help much with the latter
My point was that EqD could assist in reducing those numbers via directed marketing, or at least improve the ratio of those who stay to review versus those that leave after being reviewed.

>I agree that a steady stream of reviewers is needed to keep the system intact, but I also restress that the system exists to benefit writers, not reviewers.
Of course, but if the reviewers are swamped with one-and-dones and no one stays behind, they'll burn out and work will begin to pile up. The writers will receive better and faster assistance if we have more reviewers, so it's in everyone's best interests if the reviewers are enabled to grow and expand.
>> No. 124648
Apparently you missed Cass' announcement on our behalf stating that we'd see if mlpchan could offer the same amount of help to writers.
>> No. 124649
I saw that. His made it sound like directing people was a collective decision, while yours was on a personal basis, which is why I was confused by it.
>> No. 124664
I was led to believe otherwise from >>124563. But if the PRs will follow TTG, that's a huge load off my mind.
>> No. 124673
We'll follow it if we see that substantive advice and help is being given.
>> No. 124675
Hi, what does that mean? It's the very same people doing the same thing, so what are you going to see? Or did the move damaged the community?
>> No. 124680
File 135282102837.jpg - (82.18KB , 800x742 , how-do-I.jpg )
For the time being it appears to be maintained in both places. Hence, there's no reason to advocate one board over another in regard to The 'Grounds. Couldn't hurt to let people know both places are available though.

Maintaining it in two places is mainly a difficulty for the maintainers, who must keep up with threads in both places. But I'm working on a solution on mlpchan.
>> No. 124687
File 135286162019.jpg - (158.26KB , 1000x1000 , discord smashing.jpg )
Look to the East, at what's been done
Which leaves my mind aghast
A group once united, now divided
These events cannot be turned back

Let one walk left, another right
And let the distance e'er increase
'Til each huddles for warmth in their corners apart
And regrets and memories never cease
>> No. 124688
File 135286232100.png - (263.32KB , 778x332 , FormulaForLove.png )

It's funny because the people who were in favor of the move still check in once in a while.
>> No. 124689
File 135286212105.png - (263.32KB , 778x332 , FormulaForLove.png )

It's funny because the people who were in favor of the move still check in once in a while.

Also, Condescending Anon #281, you left your car parked in the hallway. I'm sure the janitors will have fun disassembling it. The parts'll make some nice quick cash.
>> No. 124690
I'm pretty sure that's demetrius, if my visits to the annal of fics and his constant use of Discord pics are anything to go by. I don't think it matters anymore because that message probably means that he won't be coming back. So long, and thanks for all the fish.
>> No. 124693
File 135287131507.png - (130.58KB , 400x484 , RageCord.png )
> I'm pretty sure that's demetrius, if my visits to the annal of fics and his constant use of Discord pics are anything to go by.
A few anon posts here and there with Discord pics, and all of a sudden everyone thinks it's me when an anon posts with a Discord pic.

No, >>124687 wasn't me. I don't want to have to beg a mod to vouch for that.* I don't care much for board politics, true. But I still do care about reviewing and saving people's effort through organization of reviewing and whatnot. I'll still be around, but more on MLPChan than here; if I review anything, it will be there, and if I write any code or doc tools for imageboards, it will be for that place.

* (I haven't refreshed my PPPoE session in well over a month, and thus have had the same IP address for all of my recent posts. On rare occasion I'll post from my phone over a wireless data network, in which case it's extremely difficult to include an image).
>> No. 126130
Hello there, and sorry for the incoming wall of text.

I've been writing a fic for several months (I've got the idea in June, I've started to write it in September). Right now, my most recent version of the story is about... 2 pages long. And I spend about 5 minutes per sentence, that is to say, about 3 hours per page, which is awfully long.

It's partially due to the fact that I'm not an English native speaker (speaking of which, you may notice a few errors here and there, in this post). But I've tried to write it in my mother tongue, and it's not better.

Let's face it: the true problem isn't the language, I'm simply bad at writing. Seriously, who would spend 6 hours to write 2 pages (which are probably going to be modified dozens of times in the future, anyway)?

It's probably my fault. I should be more patient. I should also write a lot of short stories and get them reviewed on the TG. But, sadly, I'm not that patient. It'd probably take me one year or two to get enough English knowledge, and I already have been thinking about the story since June. I'd become mad if I had to wait such a long time.

On the other hand hoof, I don't want to just abandon my fic(s) and do something else. As I've already said, I've exploited the idea for several months, it would be too bad.

The Story Ideas thread doesn't attract me either, since I see it like that: take my idea, you just have to write it and get all the credits while I'll get nothing more than, in the best-case scenario, a mere "Thanks to that guy on /fic/ for the idea" in the end of the description of the story. I'm probably wrong, but I just don't want to do it with my idea that I've developed for months, it'd be a huge wall of text on the thread, nobody would even read it.

So, I'm looking for a guy who would be crazy patient enough to write for me the fic. Of course, the guy should be at ease with the English language, it goes without saying. He and me would be co-authors.

I've very little hope that I'll find somebody here who would accept that, but one never knows. If someone is interested in it, or wants to "review" my 2 pathetics pages/learn more about my story idea, please write here an email address to which I'd send more details.

Can I create a new thread for this, or should I rather look for a pre-existent one (if so, which one)?

Thanks in advance.
>> No. 126131
File 135829672429.png - (163.79KB , 484x345 , 194268__UNOPT__safe_lyra_fanfic.png )
See, unless you commission* something, no one is going to write a story for you. If you can type out a "wall of text" as you say, then you can probably write a story. If you think that your plot is bad then write an outline first. I've found that outlining helps that words to come out much faster. Though I'd suggest getting someone to look at your outlines first before you start.

*Edit: As in pay us. You know, with money.

Last edited at Tue, Jan 15th, 2013 17:38

>> No. 126134
In the Story Ideas thread, there is no question about commissions. Here, it's basically the same thing, the only difference is that the idea is more precise than the majority of posts I see on this thread. (Which is a good thing, isn't it? The writer knows better what to write, doesn't he?)

But if I don't see anybody interested by my idea, I might end with commissionning somebody for that. The problems are: price? It´s the 1st time I ever see someone (and it´s me) paying somebody else to write his idea, so I'm not really sure about how much would ask a "good" writer. Any estimations?
Second problem: who? Will I be authorized to create a thread to seek authors?

About the "wall of text", a post on a thread is way shorter to do (and easier) than a passage from a story, I hope that you are aware of that difference.

I don't think that my plot is bad (like if I was going to say the contrary), but thank you, it certainly needs some help. I'll do it soon.
>> No. 126139
File 135830762290.jpg - (25.18KB , 400x343 , 132013506086.jpg )
Things I need to know:
What is your idea?
How long of a story is it you're imagining?
Your Social Insurance Number, credit card number, personal details and everything else I would need to steal your identity
Do you want something that gets the job done, or something that is great?
Cash, credit, first borne, check, or soul?
Are you prepared to be waiting a long time/forever (note that I won't ask for anything up front)?
>> No. 126146
If you weren't joking, then I need first to know what you've already written, please. Otherwise, I'll not even know how "good" you are at writing. If you're not good enough, it's useless to send you all the info.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 16th, 2013 05:01

>> No. 126167
File 135842024392.jpg - (23.53KB , 400x266 , 132203681843.jpg )
You make it sound as if sending the info is some herculean task. Even if you must prepare it for me and I do not meet your needs, it is not as if your time would have been wasted. After all, you would have your information in order for the next writer.

Do note that "Ion-Sturm" isn't my regular writing name. I tend to use "Lightsideluc" for tagging my work.

The following four stories are all the entries I've ever made for /fic/'s regular write-offs.

Darkness, took first: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/fic/10-Darkness
A Deal to Last a Lifetime, placed third: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/fic/66-A-Deal-to-Last-a-Lifetime
Spikes and Stones, tied for third: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/fic/259-Spikes-and-Stones
Playing Along, first in user voting, second in judging: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/fic/226-Playing-Along

Do note that those stories haven't been completely swept for errors, since they were written under a time limit.

Gossip Guards, one of the winning entries for Pony in a Box Productions' script contest, a group that does radio plays: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ewb54MbR1slzkUk4JjcK9BLSCDzLrurLCNpEPbqHz3c/edit

Onyx Origins and the Orb of Omnipotence, a Choose Your Own Adventure-style story, written with humour in mind: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11_D4Q8Gv8CuvMklxue4jeqLr0gK4DqoJk4N8D8LRImw/edit?hl=en_US#

More is available upon request.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 17th, 2013 04:00

>> No. 126181
File 135846803890.jpg - (6.94KB , 201x251 , 13.jpg )

Admittedly, I'm curious of what your story is about. What's the premise? Or, if telling that would bare the whole kit and caboodle (that is, spoil it and reveal all the important details you've been working on), you could just say what the synopsis is?

Oh, and someone who writes other people's stories for money is called a ghostwriter. It's a legitimate profession.

I'm not entirely sure that you should have to pay someone to have your story told, though. I'm not a capable author enough myself to do it, and even if I was I seem to be more and more strapped for time as of late. But I don't doubt that there is someone out there with the skill necessary for your project who would help you out for free.

Research stories on FiMFic which did well in your genre. Check to see if the author is still active (logged in within the last few weeks), and send him or her a PM. If you're persistent enough, someone might actually accept. (Make sure you're "requesting" it in that case, not "commissioning" it.)

Yes, Ion, I might be ruining your chance at a buck or two, but—.

If you're too lazy, Anonymous, to do the work, I guess you can always just accept Ion's offer. (Or even find another person entirely. There are plenty to choose from here. Some are extremely capable writers who wouldn't snub their noses at an extra dollar.) Unfortunately, I'm not proficient in the going rates for ghostwriters these days, and fan-fic is a beast all its own...

Though, if you do choose the easy path, don't come back crying because Ion (or whoever you happen to hire) does something stupid or unprofessional. /fic/ is not a business, however much I'd like it to be.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 17th, 2013 17:18

>> No. 126196
Hehehe... Well, Ion, you can blame dolfeus for this. Thanks to him (or "because of him", in your case), I'll be looking for a "ghostwriter" on fimfiction.net. Unless nobrony talented enough there does accept to write it for free, and if I don't find anybrony better than you for this commission, I will put aside your "candidature". Sorry. (I assume you were applying for the "commission" part, not the "request" one.)

Still, thank you for linking to your works. They do seem great! It's always much better than my work, anyway...

And you forgot to tell me what price you would have wanted. Now it's a bit useless, but it may be useful if I "choose" you in the end.

@dolfeus: Please, give me an email address to which I'll send the synopsis. I'm really sorry, but I hate publicly showing my unfinished "works".

>Though, if you do choose the easy path, don't come back crying because Ion (or whoever you happen to hire) does something stupid or unprofessional. /fic/ is not a business, however much I'd like it to be.
Of course, I won't complain if I do that and the result doesn't meet my expectations. As you said, we're on a board, I don't plan to sign a contract ;)

>(Or even find another person entirely. There are plenty to choose from here. Some are extremely capable writers who wouldn't snub their noses at an extra dollar.)
Unless everyone on fimfiction.net will be laughing at me, I don't plan to ask somebrony here (since there are more PRs and beginning authors here than talented writers, imHo).

One last thing: have you ever heard of ghostwriters for fanfictions? HA?

Last edited at Fri, Jan 18th, 2013 12:09

>> No. 126197
File 135853553457.jpg - (7.63KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
>All that underlining

As I have never charged for my writing before, I would not know where to begin, which is why it would depend on the level of quality you required and the length of the story.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Unless your idea (which you have yet to even provide) is simply so amazing that people can't help but write it, chances are you won't find a (good) author. I've had people beg me to write some of the ideas I've pitched, but none have offered to write it themselves. Closest I've gotten to that is Onyx Origins being the inspiration for another writer's CYOA.

From now on, your name is Bidoofus.
>> No. 126199
Removed the underlining.
>> No. 126206
File 135854116268.png - (40.12KB , 200x176 , Bidoof.png )
>From now on, your name is Bidoofus.

I am strangely okay with this.


[email protected]

Last edited at Fri, Jan 18th, 2013 13:35

>> No. 126207
File 135854168079.jpg - (10.28KB , 352x252 , 132135411142.jpg )
So, Bidoofus, is his idea any good? Feel free to PM me in the IRC. I'd at least like to know what it is he is/was planning after this little sideshow.
>> No. 126232
Email sent.

I highly doubt he'll be able to tell you if it's a good idea or not.
>> No. 126262
Anyone know what happened to MLPchan?
>> No. 126267
DDOS. It's back up now.
>> No. 126969
Title: The Gray Area.
Author: Annakavanna
Email: [email protected]
Tags: [Dark][Adventure][Human]
Synopsis: Krysta, a human girl, is taken body and soul into the cosmos. So wronged has this girl been, that surely only the deep slumber of death itself could pacify the reach of despair within her.
Ever mysterious, the universe deposits young Krysta into a world without sin. However, one question remains. How can a sinner exist in such a world as this?
Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/46879/the-gray-area

The pre-reader of Equestria Daily said this:
Thank you for your submission. However, due to issues with tense consistency, its/it's confusion, and comma use, it cannot be forwarded to the pre-readers.

That was all they said, so I would like to think that is all that is wrong with it. However, what I would like to think isn't the same as what probably is. So! If someone would do me the great service of reviewing my story I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.
>> No. 126973
File 136283696334.jpg - (42.91KB , 480x480 , Clippy.jpg )
Hey, mate. Welcome to /fic/.

You seem to be trying to get your story reviewed. /fic/'s a great place for that! ...But this thread isn't. You've got to post your work in a review thread for the system to work.

You should check out >>126497 and its linked documents so that you can get your work reviewed as soon as possible.
>> No. 127463
File 136730498116.png - (311.51KB , 800x750 , Cheerilee isn't sure.png )
The majority of my time on Ponychan has been spent over on /chat/, and I only recently started writing fanfics, so I'm not really sure I grok the etiquette over here. I've got a story online and I'm not necessarily looking for reviews, I'm just hoping to grab a few readers. Is it even acceptable to self-promote like that? If so, what's the accepted method of doing so?
>> No. 127464
From what I understand, the rules were aimed to:

1.) Stop everyone from making a thread asking for help.

2.) Stop people from making seven billion threads discussing the same story.

So, if you want to promote your story here, just add a link, a description, and you are golden.
>> No. 127472
File 136738255526.png - (402.14KB , 3029x2541 , Cheerilee thinking.png )
Here in this thread? Or would a new thread be OK?
>> No. 127474
File 136741854222.gif - (82.10KB , 681x493 , Uh huh.gif )
If you're asking for a review it's best to ask in the Training Grounds thread.

Self Promotion: Make a thread and put all your work in it. Include a synopsis and links for each. Title it as an author thread.

Be warned, you're exposing your story to people who will criticize it into the ground if its full of mistakes.
>> No. 127656
So... I've had a story idea bouncing around in my head crying "Write me! Write me!". I really want to write it, but I want to have a co-writer too, since I have trouble coming up with ideas and development for stories on my own.

Should I post the idea in Storyforge and ask for a co-writer, or do something/go somewhere else?
>> No. 127673
File 136998798693.jpg - (184.01KB , 500x373 , anton_critic.jpg )
Good on you for not making a thread to ask the question,

Write it out in the Story Forge, and do it well; a good first impression is of the utmost importance if you want to attract someone for a semi-reliable position of help. We here in /fic/ have a high set of standards and, simply put, there are a lot more stories than there are reviewers, so if you want yours to get consistent help you have to prove you're a capable enough writer to deserve it. That said, even if you don't coerce someone to hop on board as your pre-reader, you may still request reviews in one of the many threads dotting the board's landscape. You'll just have to wait in line, is all.

I'd suggest posting on MLPchan's /fic/ as well; it's more active. Follow this link to find your way to the appropriate thread: The Writer's Cafe[/url]
>> No. 127674
File 136998811660.jpg - (316.35KB , 1295x575 , Ego-anton-ego-14471062-1295-575.jpg )
Piss and blood, I screwed up the URL tag and the system isn't letting me edit the post.
There, that'll have to do for now.
>> No. 128265
File 137823722493.png - (447.90KB , 830x650 , ponyWithBackground.png )
I have a lot of reading experience and I want to try my very best to help some writers. I have given feedback for some pretty good writers, who had apreciated it.
>> No. 128281
so would you mind takeing a gander at my WIP?
>> No. 128285
File 137835202284.png - (811.76KB , 1082x1200 , 241848__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_crystal-pony_50ddda71a4c72daf940000d3_png.png )
The Sticky probably isn't the best place to talk about this.
>> No. 128313
>I'd suggest posting on MLPchan's /fic/ as well; it's more active.
Not if you don't count the posts where people say they're leaving and the threads complaining about a lack of traffic.
>> No. 128393
File 137905286630.gif - (1.49MB , 421x350 , 207.gif )
Timestamps: do you read them?
>> No. 128533
File 138000376175.png - (53.49KB , 650x588 , 136666296555.png )
I see the Sensual Fiction group is still a thing.

I'd get in trouble for saying my actual thoughts, so instead I'll be passive-aggressive and just imply them.
>> No. 128554
>>107767 Sensual Fiction General
>>128414 Ask an Equestria Daily Pre-reader Anything
>>121064 Recommandations/Requests General
>>119870 Story Forge/Ideas General

Review threads:
>>129053 The Training Grounds/Open Reviewing
>>128162 Nicknack
>>128349 PinkieAnon

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