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Welcome to the Palace of Translations. I live in a country whose entire population couldn’t even replace the citizens of New York City, yet I know of many from the fandom who lives in Denmark. And so I thought to myself that maybe someone needed their favourite fanfics translated. The reasons could be many. Are you feeling mortified about the Danish dub, yet still want family and/or friends introduced? Are you trying to learn the language? Or do you just generally want to read about ponies in Danish? Then look no further!

It’s very simple, just send me a link to your fic, and after a while (see more below) I’ll throw the translation up on google docs. If you so wish, I can also post it on deviantART, FIMFiction or Pony Fiction Archive. I am not shy and I can translate anything from slice of life to clop, but please... This is a pony board where even foals visit. If you want 18+ translated, send me a note on deviantART (more below.). I can of course also translate from Danish into English.

I will be editing someone else’s story, so I need to personally ask for consent to a) translate it and b) publish it. You will have to forgive me, but I will not accept “Oh, I already asked, no sweat, bra” or any derivatives.

There’s the normal way and the Max Power way, which is just like the normal mode except I’ll be translating EVERYTHING. (Rainbow Dash = Regnbue Spurt). Be forthcoming with other requests from the get-go.

I have not worked with this medium before, so the time it’ll take me will be hard to estimate, but anywhere from a few days to little under a month, depending on workload and length. Rule of thumb, be patient.

At this point, you’re probably full of misgivings and wondering how you can trust me. Let me put it simple. I’ve been doing this kind of thing for over ten years as a hobby, and if that’s not enough, check out my translation of the first chapter of Three Kingdoms (hasn’t been proofread yet, so may contain some errors. The numbers are annotations to be added later.) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-IbYC423wJDDQLtYjMewJHePvCoeDUuz_6MkXEoMijg/edit

I can be reached nya http://peacelovingmadman.deviantart.com/ and nya http://www.fimfiction.net/user/JC%20Borch
I do prefer deviantART, but FIMFiction is fine too. Contact me here for clop or anything else you feel cannot be expressed here. Especially profanity.

With all this said, I hope I have made no errors, either in my writing or in my sentiment, and that I haven't bored you to death. If you're still reading, be polite and be professional when posting.
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