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#Discussion #Scenes #Quotes
Ever been stuck on one scene that just refuses to be written? Perhaps what is supposed to be an epic and climactic finish to an action story comes out as dull and long-winded, or maybe your attempt at tugging the reader's heartstrings only leaves them with tears of boredom.

Sometimes, the best way to figure out how to do it is to look at how it's done by the greats. The point of this thread is simple; find a scene that really knocks your socks off, then post it here! Through this we can build a collection of templates for how to set your scene.

The rules are simple:
Post a scene from a story that you thought was particularly exemplary. While this is open to to any form of literature, do keep in mind that copy/pasting a passage from My Little Dashie with flavour text along the lines of "Made me cry buckets" is grounds for immediate emasculation, since it's obvious you're not using your pair anyways.

Having trouble with a scene of your own? Post a request! All it takes is "I need to build some suspense in my horror story" and someone will most likely drop a chunk of Stephan King's work into your proverbial lap. While it's technically not necessary, consider yourself obligated by the pay-it-forward effect to offer a scene to the next person that bumbles into here looking for help.

Also, to keep things rolling along, consider this the reboot of the Quotable Quotes thread. If there's a sizzling one-liner or particularly moving quote that you think people should see, feel free to post it here. But please, keep the Mr. Freeze ice-based puns to a minimum.
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That's more of a Story Forge Question. I can't think of too many scenes from famous novels that were written with "Friend invites other friend to play at their house to do stuff" as the centre basis.
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“The George George Stark George Starked over the Starky Stark.”
― Stephen King, The Dark Half

Everyone who has ever written under a pen name should read this book.
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