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Here's a new section on FIMfiction for people who create and share My Little Pony audiobooks. I think this is a very small part of our community that needs to be more pronounced. The more support behind this, the better :)



My personal work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elP5Dy-xBak
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>> No. 113828
Ehmm... first, have you contacted other people doing audiobooks? Because that sounds like the first step for thsi sorts of things.

Second, are you asking permission to do these audiobooks? That's also kind of important, because I would seriously have a problem with someone just making an audiobook of my story and not letting me know.

Third, are you seeking people to give you stories here? New people to make the with? A bit more detail wouldn't kill you.
>> No. 113847
Let's see:

1) I actually haven't thought about directly contacting established audiobook readers about this. Thanks for the suggestion.

2) There is a part in the group's description that states that our audiobooks must be made with written consent of the original author.

3) This thread is mostly to get the word out about this group. The members typically don't write the stories that they're vocalizing. I'm trying to make it a community where people can share their stuff, improve their skills, and the option of doing collaborations is always there.

Hope I cleared up some confusion there :)
>> No. 113890
File 134359231871.png - (60.34KB , 202x215 , scootaloo thoughtful.png )
Sounds interesting. I was always the favorite to read aloud in High school English class, (though I can't imagine why, all I did was read) I might just try this out.
>> No. 113905

Go for it :) I never really gave it a serious try until now. It's pretty fun once you start getting into it,
>> No. 114166
File 134374276069.jpg - (537.59KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_m6n5rclXGK1rxvqdmo1_1280.jpg )
UPDATE: Moved to PonySquare. Feel free to join the FIMfiction group, but most of our new stuff will be posted on PonySquare.

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