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The dev team for a new humanized pony visual novel, Starswirl Academy, is looking for talented writers! It's sort of like a RPG, but more focused on art and storytelling. Each Mane Six character gets their own storyline, with branching and interweaving plots. They are currently looking for plot writers for both the Twilight and Rarity storylines.

If this sounds like a good opportunity and you would like to contribute to this in-development project, check it out here: http://www.zap-apple.com/p/starswirl-academy.html and make sure to reply and tell us if you have applied!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the project, I just think it looks like a good idea. We discussed this on IRC and decided that to help them out, we would start a thread telling ponies about it.
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>> No. 114204
I know the artist who is making the drawings. I commissioned him to do several cover arts for my stories before. I'd be more than willing to lend a hand.
>> No. 114267
File 134378870080.gif - (99.29KB , 200x200 , engineer_applejack___nope_pony_by_tomdantherock-d4lfp74.gif )
>The dev team for a new humanized pony visual novel, Starswirl Academy, is looking for talented writers!
>The dev team for a new humanized pony visual novel
>a new humanized pony visual novel
>new humanized pony
>> No. 114268
File 134378876812.png - (188.97KB , 774x1032 , lyra___scared_by_yanoda-d4xjux7.png )

What's wrong with humanized? A story is still a story.
>> No. 114269
Because at that point you can just write about winged humans and wizards. The only reason they would want to make it FiM-related is because all of the groundwork (and fanbase) is built in, meaning a minimum of effort is required to maximize return.
Also, I don't like humanized. Yes, I'm biased in that regard.
>> No. 114271
Perhaps individuals other than Raptor would be interested in this project if there were some sort of sample of the novel?
>> No. 114304
File 134381198440.jpg - (10.42KB , 180x180 , 130665534237.jpg )
A summary of the overplot, a statement of project objectives, some tasty meaty bone thrown to make it not seem like...

Well, a humanized visual novel. VNs have a bad rep for a reason you know.

Mostly because it's a hop, skip, and a jump away from dating sim.
>> No. 114310
File 134382044933.png - (238.02KB , 521x649 , Dr_whooves_backing_up_s01e12.png )
I would totally do this, but I'll admit that the humanized bit immediately turned me off.
>> No. 114315
As I understand it, dating sim is a sub genre of visual novel which uses statistics (attraction points, a personality meter) instead of a CYOA-style branching story more characteristic of visual / sound novels.

VNs have a bad rep because most people are lazy, close-minded, and above all loathe thinking for themselves.

I've actually heard people say they can't stand anime; they watched Transformers growing up like good American kids. Lots of people won't read grimdark, but they think Fallout Equestria is the best fic ever. And Americans won't play VNs - but we do love our Ace Attorney, don't we?
>> No. 114317
File 134383222015.png - (43.58KB , 249x315 , My bearded ponysona 2.png )
*beardshrug* I guess I'll apply just to see if they say yes.

Using a scene from Ponies of the Five Rings might not be the brightest idea, but it's not like I have another fic to get a fragment to them.

If I get selected (not likely), I'll keep you informed with how they're handling the stuff.
>> No. 114324
File 134383410042.png - (64.92KB , 320x240 , digital_love_story_lg.png )
Visual Novel nonbelievers, check out Digital: A Love Story (http://scoutshonour.com/digital/), don't take it personally babe, it ain't your story (http://scoutshonour.com/donttakeitpersonallybabeitjustaintyourstory/), and hell, why not Enemy of the Solid State (http://bentosmile.com/gameslist/enemy-of-the-solid-state/) as well. I was in the "eww, dating sims" camp before I played them, but the first two are pretty good stories and the third is rather funny at points.

On the subject of the project, why humanised? That's going to turn a lot of people off (myself included) and I can't imagine there's a good artistic reason for it. The whole point of ponies is ponies, and there's no reason ponies can't have adventures and do cool stuff. If there was, I don't think any of us would be here.

I'm thinking that if you want to write a story about humans, you should write a story about humans and if you want to write a story about ponies it should be about ponies. A story is a story, yes, but humanise your ponies and (in most cases) you'd be better off writing about your own original humans (you'd even be appealing to a wider audience, if you got your stuff out there). These kinds of tangentially-pony projects tend to come off as bandwagoning.

Nevertheless, good luck to the folks behind this project. Interactive narrative is a fascinating subject.
>> No. 114329
File 134384199011.png - (374.88KB , 900x788 , aj_by_derpiihooves-d504gu9.png )
It's humanized because there's already several Pony VNs being made. We love the characters, but wanted to make something that even non-fans could enjoy.
>> No. 128927
Why's this year-old thread resurrected?
>> No. 128928
Spambots: the #1 source of posts for /fic/.
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