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I won't bother explaining much about my fic; precious few of you guys and gals will have read it but sufficed to say it's Luna-centric, and an Adventure story.

Anyhoo, it was started way back in Summer of 2011, way before Luna Eclipsed ever aired. I added a second chapter in December 2011 but it's been on hiatus since then, mostly whilst I wrestle with what to do canon-wise.

Ultimately, I figured myself a way to assimilate the story into canon (which pleased me) but I have a question to throw out there.

Does knowing a story you're reading takes place inside of an MLP Season and, thus, even if it's got twists and turns cannot obviously end in doom, ruin the overall excitement for you?

Since this story isn't a tragedy or a dark fic, it's reasonable most readers will deduce it has a reasonably happy ending. Will it prove to be anti-climactic if that story is placed such that it is obvious it runs prior to "Luna Eclipsed"?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey, I'd love to see a long forgotten story get an update. I say, go for it. In the back of the reader's mind, there's always the possibility that you might get crazy and go off in a different direction than canon did.
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Did you read the Lord of The Rings?

Did you then enjoyed the Hobbit?

The trip is the thing we are interested in, make the trip and I'm sure most won't mind the destination.
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Thanks for the input.


Thanks for the reminder; you're absolutely right. I enjoyed The Hobbit almost as much as LOTR. An excellent viewpoint - well met.
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It's not even that the reader has to believe that you might still veer off. Suspension of disbelief also extends to willfully suppressing that voice in the back of your head that says "it's okay, there's a happy ending."

Take for example ANY time there is EVER a child in a horror movie. That child is invincible and everyone who's ever watched a horror movie knows it. Doesn't stop directors from doing it, either because of the one fool in the audience who doesn't know that, or because you'll still get the same reaction from seeing that child in danger even if savvy audience members know that it's going to be okay.

Especially because you say that this isn't a dark or tragic story, to me this would greatly improve the story because you've gone from something fun about Luna to something fun about Luna that supposedly ties into the show.
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