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i am writing a short fic about twilight sparkle crashing in a desert and having to survive a long trek back to civilization. I used the name from a fallout equestria spin off: Las Pegasus as the name of the city she is travelling for. but i need a pun name for the desert surrounding it. Ideally it would be a play on the Saharan desert but any desert name would work.
so if you guys could help me out of this jam i would appreciate it greatly.

also pic is slightly related as i may or may not include sandworms
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>> No. 114541
Zebrahara is one I've seen in a couple of stories. Of course if it's not going to be the home of Zebras that won't work so well.
>> No. 114543
I use "Samareah Desert" personally.
>> No. 114547
I believe there's a country in israel called Samaria,
I would go for the Mojave, rather than the Sahara, because it's much closer to Las Vegas. Fun fact: Sahara is the African word for desert, so we're actually calling it the Desert desert.
You could try Marejave. Forced as it is, everypony will know what you're talking about.
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File 134402834731.jpg - (8.00KB , 234x215 , images.jpg )
you know that is inspiration gold right there, there might be zebras in the story now.
i thought that a play on mare would be a good way to do it and samarean definitely has a nice ring to it. i'll just have to decide on how to spell it
hmm marejave does come out a little forced doesn't it. for some reason i always thought the Sahara surrounded Las Vegas, strange.
>> No. 114558
File 134402853648.jpg - (24.20KB , 600x338 , mlfw720_131041356466.jpg )
oh god what did i just say. of course the sahara doesnt surround las vegas it is in africa
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