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File 134412007661.png - (2.32MB , 1333x1600 , 110793+-+artist+ponykillerx+being_awesome+rainbow_dash.png )
114762 No. 114762
Hello again Everypony!

Ever mused on how much Power Celestia really possess? How about Luna? Or what about Twilight?

Well, here’s an opportunity for you to try and astound us all with the feats one or more of these ponies can conjure.

This is the first of what I intend to keep as monthly writing contests. I previously held a larger contest with a theme of Romance, but these will be a bit smaller in scope, and as such the requirements will be a bit easier. The prizes may vary from month to month, but below you’ll find it all in detail.

The goal of the contest:
1: Write a story focused on Power. It can be any genre you want, but one or more character must show their very best.
2: The story has to focus on Celestia, Luna or any of the Mane 6 doing something spectacular.
3: The story should be approximately 5,000 words in length.
4: The story must follow the general guidelines on fanfiction that can get posted to EQD.

Do you feel like this could be the place for you to start your Epic 100.000+ words novel, but you don't think it would be possible for you to finish it during the contest? Well, I understand your concern, but go ahead! Unfinished stories can enter into the contest, but you will only receive the full prize when the story is finished. You'll still receive half of it as the contest ends.

The prizes!

1st prize:
To use however you want. Want it transferred to you through Paypal? That's fine. Want to order a bunch of swag at We Love Fine? That's good too! The cash is yours to command.

2nd prize:
Choice of two Steam games. List of available games posted separately when the contest nears completion. (See FAQ for more info.)

3rd prize:
Choice of one Steam game. List of available games posted separately when the contest nears completion. (See FAQ for more info.)

Submitting your story:
You can submit your story in a multitude of ways.
1: E-mail a link of your story to [email protected] . (Best option)
2: PM Zanzibar on Fimfiction. ( http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Zanzibar )
3: Put a link in a comment in response to this thread.

I will be keeping track of the venues where the contest is advertised, but your best bet is to send a brief E-mail or PM with the story, to guarantee that I see it.

The final day to submit your story is the 30th of August.

That's all of it! Good luck everypony, and may the best author win.


Q: What characters can I used
A: You MUST use either Celestia, Luna or one of the Mane 6. I would consider any of the Mane 6, aside from Twilight, as “Hard Mode”, since it’s considerably harder to show an impressive feat using them.

Q: What, exactly, do you mean by “Power”?
A: Good question! One definition of Power is “great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force.” It’s somewhat accurate here.
Certainly, Celestia, Luna and Twilight can all show amazingly powerful magic, and it can make for a fantastic read. With Fluttershy, however, a show of power would be more along the line of her showing her control over nature. Be creative with it, impress me as the reader. Show the power of Magic, or Harmony.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum word counts allowed?
A: The minimum word count is 4,500 words. There is no maximum word count.

Q: I don't live in the US, can I still win?
A: Yes, you can! All prizes can be shipped worldwide.

Q: Can I submit a comedy story for the contest?
A: Yes, you can. You can make it any genre, as long as one of the above specified characters manage something truly impressive.

Q: But who's going to be judging the stories?
A: Good question! This time there’s only a single judge, namely me! The one and only Zanzibar. I might add more judges as the contest progresses, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Q: How should I submit my story?
A: To reiterate: That can be done in multiple ways.
1: E-mail a link of your story to [email protected] . (Best option)
2: PM Zanzibar on Fimfiction. ( http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Zanzibar )
3: Put a link in a comment in response to this thread.

Q: Can the story I published one week ago enter?
A: No, sorry. Only stories published After the 3rd of August are eligible to win.

Q: Do I have to keep my story secret?
A: Nope! Show it to the world. I encourage posting it to Fimfiction, EQD, etc.

Q: What’s up with the second and third prize?
A: Well! It just so happens that I have a collection of Steam games just laying around. In fact, I have about 25 different games in my inventory that’s just waiting to find new owners. Still, if neither of these games are of interest to the winners, the second place winner can instead choose a game up to $10 and third place up to $5 to receive instead.
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>> No. 114795
Can the Elements of Harmony combine their "Power" to do a Voltron?
>> No. 114895
May actually try this.
>> No. 114897
The prompt didn't strike me at first, but it turns out I've got quite a few ideas that fit, so I might give this a shot. Maybe.
>> No. 114898

Sounds difficult.
>> No. 114916
That was... fast, considering the close of the last one.
Another "Zanzibarian" (what I'm dubbing this, the last one, and any future you put together) contest, eh?
Challenge considered.
>> No. 114968
I think the term you're looking for is Zanzibarbarian!

At least if I'm going to quote the Muppets. But yes, I didn't see any reason to delay the start of a new one. It's a bit more limited in scope though, I'm trying different approaches, simply to see what's most appreciated.

Do a Voltron? Wait, did I accidentally post this on a Transformers chan board? My apologies! :P
>> No. 115063
Fans of both sides would lynch you for that.
>> No. 115065
Your lil wayne is showing severely.

Joke clarification: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kta9If-sP4s
>> No. 115082
Given that I grew up loving both--though I've kind of drifted away--this springs to mind:

Two-Face: Half of me wants to strangle you...

Ivy: And what does the other half want?

Two-Face: To hit you with a truck!
>> No. 115084
No one ever gives Transformers enough credit for combining technologies. :(
>> No. 115094
File 134427340820.jpg - (184.75KB , 1920x1080 , 1338170523235.jpg )
obligatory MBDTF

I have an idea that could fit this prompt. Maybe I'll use this contest as a sort of catalyst. I was originally thinking of using an OC as the protag though.
>> No. 115115
Hah! I know nothing about transformers. Voltron just sounds like a transformers like name to me xD.
>> No. 115192
File 134432592851.png - (135.77KB , 945x945 , 132656983600.png )
Because Transformers was never as specific about combining as Voltron.

Transformers had the gimmick of Robots that turn into other things. Cars, planes, munky, plants, that sort of thing.
Gobots too, but they sucked at it.

Voltron was all about bringing them together.

Magical Girls get transformation sequences. Power Rangers get weapon stacking. Transformers get that wakka-wakka transformy sound.
Voltron gets transformy.

>No one ever gives Transformers enough credit for combining technologies.
While we're on the subject, how about the fact that Megazords have been combining for years, and yet no one even thinks of them. The 10 or so combining transformers have almost nothing on even the name of the Omega Megazord.

*sigh* I miss Lightspeed Rescue.
>> No. 115200
But Power Rangers was duuuumb. :V

Transformers had way more than 10 combiners, even in G1. They continue to make gestalts, too, though sadly not in the same numbers anymore (most recently the kind-of-stupid Powercore Combiners, and the completely-goddamn-amazing SDCC exclusive Bruticus).

We should just all write stories about ponies combining to form bigger ponies now.
>> No. 115209
> But Power Rangers was duuuumb. :V
I'd argue with you, but with SPD and RPM pretty much removed from collective consciousness, and with Samurai being a giant pile of fecal matter, it's all up hill.
And as it's still currently running, it's *is* dumb.

That said, Transformers has made a name for itself in that they transform.
Voltron earned the title of being about combining fair and square. Voltron, and any version of it, be it the lions, or the twenty vehicles, or the three centurians, or a crappy remake, is going to have more joining into a giant robot than Transformers.
>> No. 115236
Can it be mental power?
>> No. 115287
Question, since I'm not sure whether this fits into the "genre" category: are crossovers allowed?
>> No. 115324
Yes it can be.

Yupp. No rule against it.
>> No. 115370

This fits a hilarious idea I had about a week ago. Can I write on starring *two* m6s?
>> No. 115374
I have... I have at least THREE things I want to write for this.

argh dammit and I know I won't be able to write them all but this is such a fun ideeeeea
>> No. 115433
Yes, sure.
>> No. 115459
Going to try and work on this. Got a good idea...
>> No. 116072
Around two weeks left of the contest now. Think you can write 5000 words in two weeks? Then it's not too late to participate! :)
>> No. 116078
File 134493195657.png - (714.90KB , 1600x900 , Spike_Where's_Rainbowdash.png )
What about Spike? Why doesn't he get any love for this?
>> No. 116079
Well, I suppose that if you can manage to evoke a sense of Power through him, I'd accept it. Mind you, future Spike that's all grown up would be cheating :P.
>> No. 116141
Well, he's wouldn't be at full power then. That implies he's at a point above and beyond his normal status. Ergo, if it was adult Spike, he'd effectively become a dragon stand-in for Galacticus or something.
>> No. 116224
Galactiwhat? :)
Anyway, I can't say that this contest is meant to show Equestria in the far future, so I say that adult Spike is out.
>> No. 116252
File 134504347283.jpg - (71.91KB , 406x338 , 406px-Pete--Galactus_low_angle[1].jpg )
Misspelled the name.
You know, Devourer of Worlds, Veritable God, Proud Supporter of the Purple Dye Market?
Well, I'm not using adult Spike, so there's that little problem removed from the equation.
>> No. 116392
Nope, still no idea what you mean xD.
>> No. 116397
>> No. 116420
T-the emoticons! They hurt!
>> No. 116431
So, some form of huge bad guy from the Marvel comic sedries then? That's pink? xD
>> No. 117089
With just nine days left, we're nearing the end of this contest as well. If you haven't started your story, but want to enter into the contest, you're now cutting it close! :)
>> No. 117581
File 134603466648.jpg - (109.62KB , 795x1006 , the_great_and_powerful_trixie_poster_by_red4028-d57v6o2.jpg )
Welp, finally entered my first fanfic contest. Hopefully I don't do too poorly.
>> No. 117765
Glad to have you here for it!

About three days left to submit, don't miss the deadline :).
>> No. 117825
Can I edit or revise my entry up until the end of the 30th (since, of course, I had a brillliant idea right after I sent it in), or is it hands off until after the judging because it's already entered? It's a Gdoc, so the link wouldn't change.
>> No. 117845
You can edit it. Might want to highlight the changes though. I've already begun reading the entries and I might not see the change otherwise.
>> No. 117903
Will do. Thanks!
>> No. 118218

There's now just about 24 hours left on the contest. I'll make a post an hour before I officially end it, to give any latecomers a final warning.
>> No. 118317
And thus there's but an hour left. Final chance for those that haven't sent their story :).
>> No. 118408
The contest ended a while ago now, so here's a status update.

I'm currently taking the time to read the submissions, I hope to be done by Wednesday at latest. Probably earlier, but I've got some distractions that take precedence to reading.

Now for the good news.

Everyone's a winner!

The slightly more unfortunate news?

The reason everyone's a winner, is because there was only three entries in the contest!

Now, because of this, I'll give all you contenders a choice:

Would you like me to rank your stories and give prizes according to the original plan, or would you like to share all prizes between the three of you?

This means that each of you would receive $25 do do with as you wish. Either as choice of game/games or money on Paypal.

The one loosing out on this would be the first place winner, but second and third place would both get boosted, and since you don't know what placement you'll get, this is your turn to take a real gamble :).

I'll only go with this option if all three of you agree on it though.

So that's my brief status update, I hope you had fun writing your stories!
>> No. 118410
Wow, so few entries? Gee, I might have entered if I knew you were so short on participation. I just figured it'd be rude of me enter immediately after winning the last contest.
>> No. 118412
Well, shame you didn't then :).

I'll admit, with the low turnout on this contest, I'll probably lay low for a couple of months. "Build funds" as it were. Might get more interest when the prizes are higher. (Man, I wish I was Really wealthy. It'd have been fun holding a truly Epic contest.)
>> No. 118426
As one of the three entrants I can say that I'm willing to gamble. I didn't really enter for the money anyways. Can't speak for the other two though.
>> No. 118450
As a different contestant, I sort of (potentially masochistically) want to see where I'm ranked, and for various reasons I'd like to go with the original format. If the other two writers want to gamble, on the other hand, I'm perfectly fine with it, so it's up to the third person.
>> No. 118454
/me wonders if the third contestant was PresentPerfect, cause that dude seems like he's in every single contest. <3
>> No. 118455
No, actually. I had to skip out on this one because I was going out of my mind with the contests. @[email protected]

I look forward to the next one Zanzibar does, though. I told ya to wait a little while, dude. ;P
>> No. 118504
File 134669323014.png - (580.53KB , 1024x723 , Princess Cadance.png )
Me getting the final vote? I'm liking this.

I'm going to go with the gamble on this one. i don't have enough faith in me, and I get to be nice towards everyone.

I'm going to miss your contests, don't wait too long until the next one.
>> No. 118506
File 134669434792.png - (317.43KB , 1920x1440 , mlfw5609_huge.png )
Maybe I misunderstood. I assumed that by gambling we were going to go with what was originally planned. Because we would be giving up the guaranteed 25 bucks and gambling, hoping that we would win the 50.

However, I'm perfectly fine with everyone winning 25. But, I still kinda want to know what the places would've been, just to satiate my curiosity.
>> No. 118507
File 134669513677.jpg - (299.41KB , 574x850 , Sad Cadance.jpg )
No, you're correct. Thanks for pointing it out. I messed up in my head, I blame the sun for it. My mistake there heavily. I meant the non gamble part, where everyone gets to share the prize.

now I'm going to go force myself to learn how to read.
>> No. 118508
Alright, so this is a clarification:

Gamble = Original plan

Everyone Wins = 25$ each

I can still rank you three if you want, either in private or in public. I'm perfectly fine with doing that no matter how you prefer arranging the prizes.

Yes, yes you did xP.
But I'm trying different approaches to see what's popular! I'll probably not start a new contest until October based on this, with twice the prizes. I'll find a nice balance eventually.

Of course, I could wait until December and have Quadruple the prizes. But that might be a bit of a long wait! (And I'd probably not enjoy having a ton of entries about Hearts Warming Eve xD.)
>> No. 118511
File 134669768641.jpg - (24.62KB , 640x640 , 65468416.jpg )
Okay, now that we've clarified, I still say that I'm willing to gamble. Though I'm also willing to choose the "everyone wins" option. Guess we'll see what everyone says now that it's been clarified.
>> No. 118513
Oh. I mixed it up too. Oops.

Still, I do want to go with the original plan, for my part.
>> No. 118515
File 134670233345.png - (237.29KB , 900x900 , Sad Cadance Vector.png )
Well, I messed up badly here. Though, I still want to go with the everyone wins option.
>> No. 118529
File 134676492123.gif - (196.03KB , 160x160 , swagna.gif )
Okay, since I was being indecisive we've been left at an impasse. So, to resolve this, I choose to go with the original plan. I dunno why, I guess it's just more exciting this way. Sorry, Cadance.
>> No. 118653
So! Time to announce some winners. I know I am a day late, and I do apologize for that. Got a bit busier than I anticipated.

Since you're interested in seeing how you're ranked, I'll also provide some motivation for the rankings.

First place goes to: Fallowsthorn
Story: The Candle
Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HKS1GRusYoooRAwAV-I9VUsxlCDeJljIRIWA_evk3h4/edit

Out of the three submissions, Fallowsthorn presented us with the best show of Power through his storytelling and adherence to the characters in it. It's not a perfect story, and it lacks the frame of reference needed to truly make the reader appreciate the powers that Luna and Celestia keep at their disposal, but it's a worth winner.

Second place goes to: Invisible Cadance
Story: Water’s Life
Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LLJ7nJYnQbLjm0N_S0vvn9GWQvSZUFmj9AmX0ePQkfU/edit

Second prize goes to Invisible Cadance here. It was a hard to choose between this and the last story. I gave Cadance the spot because he's on character and the story is believable. It doesn't manage to awe me, but he choose to portray Applejack, and making a show of Power with her is a challenge for sure. With training, and a good proof reader, I'm sure that Cadance will be able to improve on his writing as well.

Third place: Alexmagnet
Story: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Hooves
Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/45422/Lock%2C-Stock%2C-and-Two-Smoking-Hooves

Rounding up with the third place is Alexmagnet. Structurally I have no problem with this story. It reads well, but ultimately doesn't succeed with the purpose of the contest. While Twilight performs plenty of magical feats in the story, it's all hampered by having no frame of reference. While I cut it a lot of slack for the random/parody style framework, I also had to take off points for the completely off kilter characterization of the Mane 6 and Spike, but it might just not be my kind of comedy.(Even if I do tend to enjoy shadenfreude)

With that said, thank you all for your contributions!

It's an honour that you've taken the time to participate, and you're all well deserving of your prizes.

For second and third place winners, E-mail me for a list of available games to choose from, or just E-mail me with what Steam or Gog.com game/s you'd like.

First place winner: Send me your Paypal E-mail and I'll send you the bits as soon as possible :).
>> No. 118658
File 134695666674.png - (115.53KB , 900x843 , the_great_and_powerful_trixie_by_mcawesomebrony-d495o53.png )
> ultimately doesn't succeed with the purpose of the contest
Haha, yeahhhh. I expected as much. My story deviated heavily from the original prompt and went in a totally different direction. I'll pass on the prize though. I don't have Steam I know right? and I don't want to download it just to get a couple of games. I really appreciate you doing this contest though Zanzibar. I entered for fun and I had fun writing, winning a prize wasn't even a tertiary concern. Thanks though and congratulations to Fallowsthorn and Invisible Cadance, you guys deserve it.
>> No. 118799
File 134706406819.jpg - (10.97KB , 240x210 , omgomgomgomg.jpg )
Allow me to send my dorky grin through the internet.

Thank you so much, both for the contest and the critique. (I may rewrite some parts of this; it depends on how happy I am with it the next time I have enough free time to look. Or something.)

Paypal email is in the name thing. Box. Whatever. You know what I mean.

Again, thank you, and I'll definitely keep an eye out for anything else you do; this was a lot of fun!

I totally didn't think I get first place, but I'm not gonna look a gift pony in the mouth here. ;D
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