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115976 No. 115976
Previous thread >>113136

Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the fourteenth installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Anything that has to do with Equestria Daily, the pre-reading process, fanfiction, alcohol, regrets, or Nicolas Cage. Keep questions on other subjects to a minimum.

I’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: Depends entirely on how many pre-readers have free time and how interesting the story looks. Could be an hour, could be a week.

Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
A: Yes. If you feel that we were incorrect in some assessment of your story or you wish to discuss possible revisions, feel free to bring it up in a reply email. Just try to be polite about it.
Oh, you can also send a reply to just say “Thank you.” We like that.

Q: My story was rejected despite the fact that my FimFiction/DeviantArt/Fanfiction.net audience loves it. What’s the deal with that?
A: Congratulations on having a story that’s well liked! However, Equestria Daily tends to have much higher quality standards than the sites mentioned above. Don’t be upset about being rejected; use it as an opportunity to make your story even better. We’ll be happy to look at it again once edits have been made.

Q: How does the Three Strike policy work?
A: Authors have three chances to submit their work before we stop adding it to the pre-reader queue. Every rejection counts as one “strike”. The idea is to have authors edit their work sufficiently -before- submitting it. We’re not editors, and there’s been a growing issue with authors thinking we are. Bear in mind that if a story is -really- close to being approved and is on its third strike, we’ll give it a bit of leeway. This policy is more to cover stories that haven’t had any significant changes made despite multiple submissions.

Q: Can I ask who my pre-reader was?
A: Yes, but they’re not obligated to tell you. Some of us prefer to remain anonymous.

Q: I was told to post my story on FimFiction. Why is that?
A: Generally when we recommend FimFiction it’s because we believe a story will do better there than it would on Equestria Daily. Don’t be offended. EqD and FimFiction just serve different purposes. And yes, you can submit different stories to us for review.

Q: Do you ban/blacklist authors?
A: No. However, in cases where authors have been particularly rude to us or the blogponies, we generally wait for some sort of apology before looking at their work again.

Q: Can I touch the beard?
A: We do not have the authority to handle beard-related matters. Please forward all beard inquiries to Twilight Snarkle.

Q: Nicolas Cage is awesome.
A: That isn't a question.

Queue Information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AtvMttKpjm7udHZfLTdTd0lDcFFQRmpDMDdhUlJUQlE&single=true&gid=18&output=html
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>> No. 115987
File 134490139273.jpg - (40.42KB , 336x419 , one of the ascended.jpg )
Hasbro executives have decided to have Nicolas Cage voice act every character for the next season of MLP.

Too much perfection for flawed human senses to handle or best decision in television history?
>> No. 115993
File 134490262076.jpg - (119.32KB , 1024x768 , nicholas_cage_15[1].jpg )
It's a trap, I say, a trap!
>> No. 115994
File 134490283564.jpg - (36.22KB , 400x343 , ____.jpg )
Heh, this could either be the greatest thing to happen, or the dawn of the end for us all.
>> No. 115997

Por que no los dos?
>> No. 115998
¿Por que no las dos?*

Para responder, por que no habria mas Nicolas Cage.
>> No. 116001
Me no comprendes.
>> No. 116026
File 134491294052.jpg - (30.14KB , 800x479 , Ahreed_it_s_REALLY_hard_to_choose_an_favorite_but_mine__917380506611c600b09e11ac6bf045b8.jpg )
Warum ist dieser "thread" auf Spanisch?
>> No. 116027
Ob du nichts zu sagen hast, bitte bleib ruhig.
>> No. 116028

Quindi, l'eta di lingue diverso in fic ha cominciato.

Sono bene con questo.

Anche, prepari per il dramma.
>> No. 116029
Oh, also, this.

As far as the queue information goes, is the "In Queue" count updated regularly? If so, how often?
>> No. 116032
File 134491750012.jpg - (44.81KB , 368x360 , berry-punch-etiquette_thumb.jpg )

Anyway, since alcohol is a viable topic: what are your favorite drinks, pre-readers?
>> No. 116039
Bellini. That's a great summer drink. I don't care if it's girly. Mix them all the time when visiting family.
>> No. 116041
Pretty much in real time as fics come through the inbox.
>> No. 116043
File 134492167205.jpg - (130.09KB , 710x600 , mlfw6122-185520_-_applejack_artist_applesarcum[1].jpg )
Kill one. Fuck one. Marry one.
Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie
>> No. 116046
Kill Pinkie Pie; she'll end up coming back for the sequel anyways. Fuck Rainbow Dash; I'm sure she'd be wild in bed. Marry Twilight Sparkle; do I even need to explain this one? That was way too easy.
>> No. 116049

Kill Rainbow Dash, fuck Twilight, marry Pinkie Pie.
>> No. 116051

I tend to drink rum and coke made from Sailor Jerry's or vodka and blackberry syrup when drinking alone and Patron when partying, but my favorite for any occasion is equal parts vodka, peppermint schnapps, and Creme de Menthe shaken with ice; it's a sippable (or chuggable without a chaser) minty wonderland that nonetheless is rather strong.
>> No. 116055

A grave situation in /fic/, everyone. I think we owe Nick a moment of silence and consideration. For that matter, if anyone knows a means of contacting him, some words of encouragement as well.
>> No. 116069
I'm very fond of a jack and coke (emphasis on the Jack), or just whiskey on the rocks.

I wish I had a way to contact him, but all I can do is wish for the best.
>> No. 116087
We can only hope he finds the strength to work it out. He will be greatly missed.
>> No. 116104
File 134494939789.jpg - (19.38KB , 511x528 , pinkamena squee.jpg )
Yeah, I got a question.
I've got this story, see, (but that much is obvious) and I wanted to submit it, but I ended up starting a second chapter for it, which, strangely enough, could be a story in it's own right; essentially the two chapters which are going to end up becoming three are like a pair of sentences, separated by a semicolon.

So uh, here's the question: Should I submit the first chapter as a story, and add the rest later, or should I wait to get the next part written, and tossed around the meat grinder known as this place, before submitting to EQD?
Yes, Ion, it's Showmare. I took your advice, and am currently writing the second part, about Trixie growing up, from Sarf's point of view.
>> No. 116139
File 134496806073.gif - (905.21KB , 184x104 , Ue4So.gif )
Most agreeable.
>> No. 116148
Either way will work, so long as we have enough to judge where the story's going and it meets length requirements.
>> No. 116171
File 134499188003.jpg - (45.82KB , 900x770 , 483354_341854245893052_128558525_n.jpg )
Why isn't the OP image Nicholas Cage? Did the Pre-Readers finally get tired of watching Con Air in the Seth's basement, where he locks all the pre-readers up to do his pre-reading biting?
>> No. 116172
File 134499241516.jpg - (31.12KB , 750x720 , 282885_334867919922593_403332453_n.jpg )
You sir, have the most bizzare and oblique gifs I have ever seen anywhere.
Okay, cool.

What's funny is: I looked at the plot lines for the three chapters, and each of them could be told individually without the other two, and the reader would not be confused by any details. Now that doesn't mean that all three contain all of the details, rather that you could read them in any order, and still enjoy them. Err, that is, as soon as I finish writing them.

That wasn't a question (obviously) I just found that interesting.

Probably, and I think you meant bidding*.
>> No. 116173
I'll be honest.

Smirnoff Ice: Green Apple Bite.

Marry Twilight. Fuck Dash. Kill Pinkie.

Sorry, Pinkie, but Dash's wonderbolt dreams take priority and Twilight is my waifu.
>> No. 116178

That's Nicholas Cage wearing that suit riding Twilight Sparkle. Isn't he a great actor?
>> No. 116181
File 134499854467.jpg - (43.36KB , 512x269 , bio31.jpg )
So many interesting drinks! That vodka/schnapps/CdM combo is particularly intriguing.

I'm still not a pre-reader, but since I asked I feel I should comment: the most recent drink I've had that was pretty good was 50% hard apple cider, 25% Southern Comfort, 16.25% vodka, and 8.75% applejack, on the rocks. Think next time I'll ditch the vodka in favor of more applejack.

You two and your evil Pinkie-killing ways.

Mah zebra.
>> No. 116185
File 134500116582.gif - (463.47KB , 400x312 , 9k59pi.gif )
Indeed. I rather pride myself on it. Let me one-up your choice of picture while I'm at it.

What's better? A mediocre and overdone idea written well (not great, just average), or an original and interesting premise with sub-par writing?
>> No. 116187

Fuck Pinkie. Marry Pinkie. Kill Pinkie.

In that order.
>> No. 116189
Are you a pre-reader now?

Also, wrong order dude.
>> No. 116190
File 134500236012.jpg - (27.62KB , 327x243 , brohoof_f786ea_3501588[1].jpg )
>Smirnoff Ice: Green Apple Bite.
>> No. 116192

No, I'm not. I just like chiming in when I think I'm going to be funny.

Also, order? There is no order. Only Discord.

I don't even know what I'm saying up there I'm completely aware of what I mean.
>> No. 116194
What is the most offbeat/off the wall story you've ever received to review, that the author was completely serious about (and wasn't just a troll submission)?
You don't need to name names...just wanna see what the oddest thing to be submitted is.
>> No. 116200
File 134500754011.jpg - (95.07KB , 600x775 , roflbot.jpg )
If we've submitted something, should we be receiving any kind of confirmation or updates pertaining to it's progress? Or should I just sit back, relax, and wait?
>> No. 116201

Sit back and wait. Otherwise, you might come across as pushy (the way I probably did when I first submitted a fic, totally ignorant of the fact that pre-reading usually took more than a day).
>> No. 116203
If it's gone on for a couple of weeks, you can poke us. But don't be like the ones that ask us after two days.
>> No. 116204

OT: Your PR number is the same as the atomic weight of copper... related to your actual pseudonym, maybe?
>> No. 116206

>> No. 116214
Exactly as advertised.
>> No. 116230
File 134502775043.png - (443.29KB , 1200x646 , 134491671201-wat.png )
Will any of the pre-readers be at Everfree Northwest? I want to know if I should have my chloroform hugs ready.

Pic unrelated; it's me stealing chibi-Twilight from madmax.
>> No. 116238

I'm definitely going to Everfree NW. I'll be the douchebag wearing sunglasses indoors anytime I'm near a window during the day.
>> No. 116303
>> No. 116307


Would you have to kill me if you told me?
>> No. 116313
I've been checking your queue information periodically. I realized that it's like a Hydra: you finish a story, and five more take its place.

Does being a PR feel like a preview of hell to you guys?
>> No. 116333
Oh, it's not so bad. You mostly pick stuff that looks like it could be interesting. It's an excuse to read and call it work.
>> No. 116355

Yeah, maybe for you. I'm the guy who picks up a lot of the stuff that nobody finds interesting and just sits in the queue for over a week. Sometimes it's not even bad, just too aggressively mediocre to post without having enough flaws to kick it back a few pages in.

Of the 72 fics sent back for revise and resubmit requests since the beginning of the month, 31 have been my rejections (though not always mine alone, in a couple of second opinion cases).

I kind of know how Sisyphus feels.
>> No. 116364
File 134509810834.gif - (424.18KB , 500x281 , tumblr_m84uh0F2Wa1rngk46o1_r3_500.gif )
One would think a requirement for posting would be an engaging synopsis. If your idea can't grab a Pre-Reader's fancy, then it's not going to get the drooling public's either. No point in posting the best story in the world if no one actually opens it after all, eh?
Just how much, if at all, does the synopsis factor into the allow/moon decision? I've seen some, to put it bluntly, lame ones on the site and let us not forget that lame horses tend to be put down.

In fact, one was posted just recently:
Spike's Story
Description: A visit from Twilight's parents prompts Spike to investigate his own origins.

I mean, honestly, does it get much more cut-and-dry then that? It's like the author suffered from a critical containment breach in the imaginodrive when he was making the pitch and settled for duct tape and spit to keep it from going critical.

Then, as the nail in the coffin, this is posted soon after:
Britannia & the Holy Hoof-Grenade
The title itself makes one think of Monty Python while the synopsis isn't as much a synopsis as it is a primer. Two paragraphs end in a rhetorical question (which the submitting guide on the site plainly states is a bad idea) and the other one goes off with a fizzle in the form of an ellipsis.

From one end of the spectrum to the other. Hold onto your knickers!

Meanwhile, Vimbert manages to make a nice, solid and enticing synopsis for his latest lesbian ship, served with a lovely side of mindfuck. It's not great, mind you, but it is definitively better than the median average.
>> No. 116368

I have actually mooned a fic just for errors in its synopsis.
>> No. 116369
Well, outright errors is one thing (and I have seen them in the story synopsis' on EqD before), but I'm talking more along the lines of style. It's in the author's best interest to make a meaty hook, after all.
>> No. 116370

We don't often judge the style of the hook, though less interesting synopses are more likely to get me as their prereader, and I'm less likely to approve fics than the vast majority of the other prereaders. Granted, that's not a very strong policing method.

That said, the synopsis is not as important on EqD as it would be on, say, FIMFiction. There's just less competition. (Which isn't to say it's unimportant, so don't put words in my mouth)
>> No. 116373
I'mma gonna feed you words 'till you explode all ova' tha' walls.
>> No. 116374

This is probably someone's fetish.
>> No. 116375
File 134510109735.jpg - (314.37KB , 944x2496 , spoiler.jpg )
Suggestive content warning
All of five seconds on google with "bonbon lyra fat". I believe this story was on EqD, back when Seth was still taking image-stories.
>> No. 116378
File 134510365525.jpg - (31.57KB , 500x500 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-pinkie-pie-has-the-swag.jpg )
The tale of Sisyphus was always one of my favorite Greek legends as a child, which probably says terrible things about me.

Remind me to thank you for your work and buy you a Cuba Libre if I find you and your douche-y sunglasses.
>> No. 116414
Thank you, I'll ask again here, as I hope it's less of a bother than a pestering Email. I've noticed that the "oldest in queue" date appears to be after the date I thought I submitted.

I could be wrong, but could you tell me if "Harmony Reborn" is somewhere in there before I attempt a resubmit? Thank you!
>> No. 116443
Your story was rejected for grammar errors on August 5th. When we attempted to contact you, the email address you provided came up invalid.
>> No. 116444
We should avoid using "..." in the narrative part of a story, better using them in dialogues, but what if the POV is first person? The character will talk about his feels, thoughts, and alike. This is more or less a "discussion", so can we use the "..." in the narrative part as well? (Without overusing it, of course)
>> No. 116446
Are you referring to the use of ellipses in general, or a single line of ellipses in place of dialogue?

If it's the former, there's nothing wrong with using ellipses in first-person narration.

If it's the latter, there are very few (read: no) cases where using "..." to denote silence is better than actually describing said silence.
>> No. 116449
When I'm apparently better than average for writing a synopsis, something has gone horribly wrong.

I would say that both have their merits, but it's much easier to get an original idea up to par. We also get far less "ARGLEBLARGEIHATEYOUFOREVER" responses from saying "you have grammar errors here, here, and here" as opposed to "your story is overdone and boring because of X."
>> No. 116450
File 134515462275.jpg - (14.52KB , 300x243 , Best poni.jpg )
Billy Joel is truly the best poni.
>> No. 116451
The former. Thanks!
>> No. 116454
File 134515631293.png - (295.41KB , 500x335 , xIamk.png )
You only had one ellipsis, it wasn't at the end of the paragraph and its use made sense.

Makes sense. Objective vs. Subjective and all that jazz.

Colin Mochrie is best poni velociraptor.
>> No. 116463
Thank you very much for getting back so quick. I have one last request, could you please try re-sending that email to me?

If my given email is giving you an error [email protected] should work. Thank you again!
>> No. 116475
Has the policy regarding follow-up e-mails changed recently? I tried to ask my reader a few questions regarding my rejection and was told "Equestria Daily is not an editing service.", despite my e-mail being questions about content matter and style.

I can provide the correspondence, if need be.
>> No. 116482
The policy is the same as it's always been. You're free to send questions in follow-up emails, but the pre-readers are not obligated to answer them.

If I'm remembering correctly, the issue was not that you asked questions about your rejection, but that you asked questions that had very little to do with your rejection. We provided a list of issues that needed to be rectified, and you responded with eight separate questions which had very little to do with why your story was rejected. As mentioned in the response email, the pre-readers are not an editing/review service, and do not exist to provide feedback on every minute detail of a story; we just point out the problems.
>> No. 116486
My fic must be in a better shape than I thought it was, then, since almost all of my questions dealt with problem areas pointed out by previous reviewers (and I thought the pre-reader insinuated those areas were still bad as well, but I must have mis-read the response.)

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure my e-mail was read by its intended recipient, and there wasn't a miscommunication like last time. Thank you.
>> No. 116534
Do you guys have ever read stories, knowing they would probably never pass the 3 strikes rules, but their author put a lot of work/love/whatever in it? Do you feel somewhat sad for the author at the moment you have to refuse the story?

Also, do you really get whining/insults/etc. answers from time to time from authors who just got a rejection? Or is it rare?
>> No. 116537
File 134522856608.png - (1.24MB , 1280x709 , snowy_encounter_by_crappyunicorn-d40g8b4.png )
I need to understand one thing, could be so kind and tell me if it could work or not? I recently started thinking about doing a story that has for characters just animals from the everfree. Not Ocs, mind you, but a slice of life kind of story with animals, without even a hint of direct dialogue. Not just nat geo style though, with a hint of feelings, strictly animal-related. Now, I want to understand if it would be permarejected, regarding it too silly and unreadable. You'd take a chance in reading, for example, something that talked about the day of a manticore, a timber wolf or, heaven forbid, a parasprite (even thought that'd be a bitch to write)?
Did you ever read any kind of FiM fanfiction that could be related to this?
Pic somewhat related.
>> No. 116551
File 134523332564.jpg - (209.27KB , 780x1185 , 1266815098_jaeh_yoshi.jpg )
*Not a pre-reader, so I will answer this only on a story-related level*
The creatures of Equestria all show a high level of intelligence (for wildlife). The hydras, for example, laugh. Humour is a very high-level thinking process that is only shown with sentient creatures like humans, primates and dolphins. As such, you could certainly get away with basic "I am hungry"-like thoughts. It comes down to execution, really.
>> No. 116553
Yes, I've seen stories that would likely never get posted. Sometimes there's just so much work to be done, and sometimes when an author resubmits, it's clear that the improvement just isn't there. I try to do what I can to help, but that's not really our function.

We do get some... animated responses (heh) occasionally, varying from objections about specific suggestions we've made to being upset about a response in its entirety.

I have seen stories with a cast of animals like you describe. In most cases, they can talk in some way, but not always. As with nearly every concept, it's possible to make it work, depending on how well executed it is.
>> No. 116557
I got a conditional approval for a fic, pending fixes to my dialogue punctuation. I want to make sure I'm editing the real issue, so is there any way to ask the pre-reader what specific problem he was referring to?
>> No. 116564
Reply to the last email you received.
>> No. 116567
Ok thanks :)

Do you sometimes receive very long stories (over 50k words for the 1st chapter or alike), that make you "oh god I'll never read all that - but the author wrote this wall of text, I should read it anyway"? And then the story is the last to be claimed for pre-reviewing. Does it happen?
>> No. 116569
Yes, we get long works once in a while, and they can take a while to get claimed. We can usually tell within the first chapter or two whether it makes the grade. Then we can just scan the rest to make sure there aren't any unfortunate surprises.
>> No. 116637
Thank you!

In my story, a few chapters could deserve the "Sad" tag, but not the whole fanfiction. Should I put the tag anyway, or not?

What crossover(s) would you like to read? (Already asked a few threads back, but it may change)
Apparently, a lot of people love Alice in Wonderland. Actually, most of Disney, I guess.
>> No. 116644
File 134529361159.jpg - (86.71KB , 600x486 , AliceWonderland1.jpg )
I dunno. Kinda fond of Sonic... ;)

I'd love to see a good crossover between Pony and the Book of Mormon.

On a related note, the fact that you consider 'Alice in Wonderland' to be a Disney endeavour makes me a sad pony.
>> No. 116646
Lewis C. wrote the book, Disney did the 1st adaptation. Sorry. And thanks :)
>> No. 116649
Book of Mormon crossover? Wish granted.

>> No. 116650
I sent a new synopsis along with a story update, and no one changed anything. Should I just send another email to the submissions asking to have it changed again?
>> No. 116653
Yes. The submit box tends to miss things. Put "Story Update NEW SYNOPSIS" in the subject line (in caps), then put what you want them to change in bold/italics/underline in the email. Larger text if possible. They might get it.
>> No. 116662
It's somewhat up to you what tags to put on your story, but PR's can override that if we feel it's necessary. If you have a single sad scene in a 30-chapter epic, then, no, it doesn't need that tag. But if there's any extended sadness, whether or not it carries on through the whole story, it's a good idea to tag it just so readers know to expect it. In your case, "a few chapters" is probably enough to carry the tag, but if in doubt, mention it in the comments section when you submit, and your reviewer will advise.
>> No. 116664
Perfect, thank you very much!
>> No. 116675
Have you ever seen fanfictions where the author clearly thinks (read: writes it all the story long) that the main villain (Chrysalis, for example) would rule Equestria way better than Celestia?

I'm asking that because, well, my story explains why one of the main villains from the show really wants to rule Equestria (and to overthrow The Solar Empire Celestia, too), and they're not as bad as we usually think.

It won't be directly rejected because of this idea, will it?
>> No. 116677
It worries me that people think we would automatically reject something for having a unique concept.

No, it wouldn't be rejected for that.
>> No. 116678
There's gotta be several fics about Luna/Nightmare Moon being better than Celestia/Tyrantlestia on EqD and I know I've seen a few with Chrysalis being the misunderstood hero on FimFiction's featured bar a few times. Wasn't Tyrantlestia an auto-moon way back when that plot was in vogue?
>> No. 116712
There won't be any "Tyranlestia", don't worry about that. It won't be black and white And I'm not referring to the fanfiction Black & White, only fifty shades of grey - OH GOD, WHY a different view of what our world should be.
>> No. 116715
File 134536386551.jpg - (396.82KB , 1200x1800 , mS3sg.jpg )
>Fifty Shades of Grey
>> No. 116728
Dat pic.

If you could change anything you want on EQD, what would you do?
>> No. 116729
Remove votes on comments. Ban anyone who says "Nothing I'm reading" in story update posts.
>> No. 116740
File 134538167656.jpg - (22.93KB , 320x311 , Baron tea.jpg )
I dunno; I still think that the best part of the comments I've received is that the first one is someone telling me they won't read my story. Is cute, really, in an attention-horse kind of way.

Talking on such matters, the link to my story links to the index page. When I make updates, I will be updating said page, but what about the EqD page? Would it be acceptable to place an "Update: Chapter #" next to the link, or would it be better if there was links to each chapter as well as to the Table of Contents?

Also, have you ever had mayonnaise on your pizza?
>> No. 116745
I'd get rid of the Fo:E and TCB sidefic compilation posts.

Not sure. You'd have to ask Seth.

And mayonnaise on pizza sounds kinda gross.
>> No. 116747
Do you think votes on comments are useless or don't fit on EQD? Why, please?

Too many stories, eh? ^^
>> No. 116750
My problem is more the lack of quality control than the volume. I don't like how any author can get a free pass to have anything posted on EqD as long as they say they're riding on Kkat's coattails when they send it in.
>> No. 116753
Votes on comments encourage pandering to popular opinion and round-table discussion.
>> No. 116755
Yeah, I've been curious to know what the original intent of those "everyone welcome" compilation posts were. Surely there was some reason why the EqD staff decided to break their normal model with those.

But will removing comment votes really put a stop to that?
>> No. 116756
>Yeah, I've been curious to know what the original intent of those "everyone welcome" compilation posts were. Surely there was some reason why the EqD staff decided to break their normal model with those.
I think it's because that was the only way to read those fics back in the days before FIMFiction and the practice has just kinda remained.
>> No. 116757
Somebody said on EQD that Fallout: Equestria: Project Horizons is almost at 1M words; is that true? (If you know the answer... Since the chapters are on GoogleDocs and there aren't any number of words anywhere :/ )

I wonder if Seth will make a special post for the 1M mark...
>> No. 116765
File 134540236415.jpg - (63.27KB , 499x344 , otRoR.jpg )
I try.

>mayonnaise on your pizza

Too many stories being sent in to pre-read and have separate posts for, most likely. I'm just speculating from an outsider's perspective, though.

Do the Pre-Readers think stories get their fair share of attention on the site? With the "No-Fanfiction" mode and lack of dedicated posts when a story updates (barring it being finished), have stories on EqD been pushed to the wayside?
>> No. 116767
>Do the Pre-Readers think stories get their fair share of attention on the site? With the "No-Fanfiction" mode and lack of dedicated posts when a story updates (barring it being finished), have stories on EqD been pushed to the wayside?

I wouldn't say pushed to the wayside, but they aren't as popular now as they once were. I think this is partially due to the fact that way back in the day, there really wasn't any general ponyfic hosting site, so EqD half-filled that purpose. Now, with FimFic, people have a place to go to keep track of updating fics and find new ones. EqD's stance on fanfic now is less "keep track of all your favorite fics here" and more "hey, this is good, check it out and favorite on FimFic."
>> No. 116769
File 134540320930.png - (138.19KB , 900x706 , Detective Pinkie.png )
Just a question... what is a proper length of time to wait after submitting a story and not hearing back before sending an e-mail to make sure something didn't go wrong?

It's been just over a week, but I know that the queue can get pretty backed up right now between seasons. I want to make sure things went through OK, but I don't want to be annoying and pester them if this is normal. I only ask because the last time I submitted a fic for review, it took less than a day for them to get back to me.
>> No. 116771
The oldest story in our queue is almost two weeks old, so I'd say that if you don't hear back from us in two weeks, send and email.
>> No. 116772
File 134540390701.gif - (1.97MB , 362x295 , Smile Smile SMile.gif )

Alrighty, thanks!
>> No. 116775
File 134540845626.png - (1.77MB , 1439x1200 , 51145 - artist lifesequencebreak bedmane cute_overdose daaw morning_ponies pajamas twilight_spar.png )
>Now, with FimFic, people have a place to go to keep track of updating fics and find new ones. EqD's stance on fanfic now is less "keep track of all your favorite fics here" and more "hey, this is good, check it out and favorite on FimFic."
That does sorta make story updates feel a bit weird. I hadn't been paying attention, but it seems like 90%+ of story links are FimFic instead of GDocs. GDocs story updates at least had a purpose since the blogponies had to add another link onto your post. If "everypony" is linking to FimFic now though (and I'm strongly considering giving into peer pressure on that point) it makes the story update posts feel more like a grab for new readers than anything, since most readers will already be Faved on FimFic. Which yes, I was well aware that was part of their purpose, but it used to be part rather than the sole purpose. Dunno how to feel about that / the times, they are a-changin' / back in my day, blindbags cost a wooden nickel.
>> No. 116816
>back in my day, blindbags cost a wooden nickel.

I laughed heartly.
>> No. 116838
I submitted an email requesting to have my story's synopsis changed, and it was very clearly not a story update.


And yet there's my cover art on the header, and my story with a (update part 12!) on it, when that chapter doesn't even exist. (And the synopsis still hasn't changed.)

Since I doubt my emails are actually being read, can someone contact someone and fix this?
>> No. 116847
*has been resolved*
>> No. 116892
Before we get a bunch more of these types of messages, note that this topic falls within the purview of the blogponies. We barely have any more luck making these things happen than the average Joe does.
>> No. 116904
File 134551555766.jpg - (23.49KB , 480x360 , brohoof.jpg )

Um, I just wanted to say thanks to the pre-readers. Thank you for telling me I sucked. No, seriously. Everyone bitches and moans about EqD's standards, but when I look back at my first draft, I literally shudder. It was crap, plain and simple. If they had accepted a story of that caliber and I read it, I would seriously lose respect for the website.

But y'all told me flat out that I needed a lot of work, and made it a goal of mine. And now, I can see the improvement I've made. New chapters are coming more freely, and my editors no longer want to throttle me. You pushed me to be better, and now I am, at least I think so. I get compliments on my story, compliments that I wouldn't get if I had settled for mediocrity. EqD is a standard that must be met, and I am determined to live up to it.

So yeah. Thanks for crushing my soul. It made me better.
>> No. 116906
Posts like this warm my cold, dead heart.

You're very welcome, Jake. And thank you for thanking us. With all the complaining we hear every day, it's easy to forget that some people actually appreciate the job we do.
>> No. 116908
Just one question: you forgot to thank the people here, which where the ones you took your time to moan about your story, had to correct it multiple times while you stubbornly attached to things they told you didn't work, and then got all the efforts they put there wasted when you followed their advice anyway at the end by not writing the story you wanted to write because it was more important to get the story on EqD than to make what you had made more than three-fourth of the board work on actually good, on purpose?
>> No. 116910
That's the spirit!
>> No. 116912
So I'm working on submitting a fic to EQD.

First submission was rejected, not on the story itself but on some broader writing style issues. I went, tried to correct those, and then got separate copyeditors from ponychan and FimFict to review prior to submission. (Note that prior to this submission I had several readthroughs by friends, and one ponychan TG review, and a handful of fixes from readers)

Second submission was also rejected, the reviewed thankfully (and probably beyond the call of duty for a pre-reader as was noted) to id several specific formatting/punctuation problems. I took that to heart and rechecked those on my own, found several more that weren't in those seen, but also got one of my friends and one of the previous copyeditors to re-review (armed with the pre-reader comments) plus got a 3rd set of fresh eyes to review for the same issues as well - all pointing out things not caught before. I've set it aside for a week, went through again on the same problems, and am putting it down for another 24hr before re-re-reviewing and submitting.

In other words, I've tried to deal with the ID'd issues from the pre-reader to the best I can. The feedback from the pre-reviewer suggests this is the type of story that they want on EQD, and as it is also posted at FIMFict I've got nothing but positive feedback on this. (Though I'm well aware that EQD cares not what is rated on FIMFict).

I really want to make sure the third submission is not going to fail and while I've feel I've taken all the steps necessary to assure it, I'm still concerned that it might be rejected. Is there other steps that I could take?

...or, as sort of an alternate question, once a story is assigned a reviewer, does that same reviewer handle each submission and thus would understand the steps being done to correct between each submission?
>> No. 116914
As an outsider, I suggest asking here for a reviewer know for being the best at what they do.

Pascoite has got another gig going on right now that keeps him from reviewing as fast as before, but you waited the long you can wait the short and ask him to check it out for you.

Another option is to pray to some sun goddess and get Cassius to help you.

Or, if you can get his attention and can wait the legendary waiting times, ask the Samurai to lend you his eyes, I am sure if you stay long enough you will hear why its worth the wait.
>> No. 116923
You can always get more reviews, but at some point, you have to bite the bullet and try. No reviewer will ever say it's perfect.

The same PR may or may not pick up your story again, but you can make that a request in your submission comments.
>> No. 116925
File 134552472452.gif - (217.07KB , 378x400 , mlfw6119-46022__safe_lyra_artist-applebeans_gif_animation.gif )
didn't mention is if your story is on the cusp of being allowed, you can get extra tries (while I am not a Pre-Reader, they have stated as much several times in here and on their FAQ to the process, I believe). Think fouls in baseball; the first two fouls count as a strike, but any on the third strike won't result in the batter being struck out.

> if you can get his attention and can wait the legendary waiting times, ask the Samurai to lend you his eyes
I don't believe he has a huge wait list right now, actually. A review from him shouldn't take too long.
>> No. 116940
File 134553154338.jpg - (8.44KB , 320x240 , _4ey.jpg )
People that are pleased with a service don't normally talk too much about it.

See: The General Discussion board of any video game forum ever. There would be something wrong if it wasn't filled with complaints.

That said, I appreciate the effort of reviewers more. Hehehehe.
>> No. 116952
Question: Are you allowed to take away a tag because if you had it in there would be major spoilers in your story? I'm writing a fic right now and basically one of the big ending reveals is that Twilight Sparkle died in the trip to the Everfree Forest in the second episode, which lead to an alternate universe. I really don't want to spoilt that plot point, so if I do submit it will it be OK for me to not put that tag in?
>> No. 116953
There... is a tag for that?
>> No. 116954
The Alternate Universe tag
>> No. 116959
we'll always be in the background. relax and rememebr why you're doing this.
>> No. 116963
It's still a bit exasperating seeing the same guy go basically, "Hey reviewers, thank you for your time, but here is the list of the ten or so other people I'm asking for reviews now so can you hurry it? Oh, and the stuff that was pointed out before? Naw, you are just not seeing my vision. Except the pre-readers. Those guys know what is what. So I changed it. Because they told me to."

It's this sort of thing which makes me just want to say "fuck it" because our efforts are basically coupled with the pre-readers, and then we don't even get mentioned, and then when we do ask why don't we get mentioned we get told we are just whiny people instead of actually having a legitimate point (that the people we help are, for the most part, a bunch of ingrate assholes who then go praising the pre-readers, and only the pre-readers, for "helping them be better writers.")

Also, I came here with promises of bitches. Best I have seen up to now is a guy who looks just like Beyonce. But damn, she looks just fine...
>> No. 116964
> reveals is that Twilight Sparkle died in the trip to the Everfree Forest in the second episode, which lead to an alternate universe.

Damn guy, you could have used the spoiler tags here, like that.
>> No. 116966
I still haven't learnt how to use them. I really need to.
>> No. 116973
Remember, we're still helping them get better at writing. Without us, their stories would have been rejected even before getting mooned. Thin about that. Think about the fact that we are helping these guys keep writing, because the pre-readers just mooned, marsed or (this is a rare opportunity) accepted the fic you've reviewed.
Besides, you can just stop reviewing if you don't feel loved enough. This is a choice, you're not forced to do this by anyone.
Besides I do have to say that I haven't really fully pre-read jake's story since there were 2 other people that were doing it too at the time. That and the fact that it was my first review... but I digress. Keep your chin up and work. You're not doing this for them only, but to become a better reviewer yourself.

deleted two times because I keep derping my comments.
>> No. 116975
Oh no, no, no! I do NOT in any way downplay the hard work done on behalf of my silly little story from my editors. Golden Vision, Guesswork, muttations, Casca, Nick Knack, Umbra, LunarShadow, Professor Hugbox, Minjask, Khaikisponies, Minty, Nietzsche, Figments, I_Post_Ponies, soundslikeponies, and the one or two I sadly can't recall(which happens when half the damn board helps!) This fine individuals helped me more than I can ever profess, and I have thanked them all. If I didn't, let me do it here: to all you who suffered through my horrible first few drafts, thank you from the bottom of my little brony heart!

The above post was just thanking the EqD peoples for giving me that initial shove, and the subsequent pimp-smacks the few times I thought I was "good enough for government work."
>> No. 116976
Also, as an aside, while it's true that I DID cut the HiE angle of the story, I didn't do it JUST because the EqD peoples said I should. That was a part of it, I ain't gonna lie. But when they said that and I reflected on it, I realized they were right; it DID make the story better.

And the tale of Albert Pomeroy and Detective Robert Barlow is not dead, just shelved. I'm reworking the idea, and have it planned for a sequel to my current story once it's finished.
>> No. 116981
You forgot me.
Dangerous person to forget, me.

I was telling you the HiE angle didn't really work before it was cool.
>Hipster glasses
>> No. 116983
I guess that Surprise, Posey, etc., aren't considered OC characters?
>> No. 116984
Those would be expys, I believe. I'm not sure what Pre-Readers classify them as, though.
>> No. 116986
>Without us, their stories would have been rejected even before getting mooned. Thin about that. Think about the fact that we are helping these guys keep writing, because the pre-readers just mooned, marsed or (this is a rare opportunity) accepted the fic you've reviewed.
Every fic I have given my approval after a review of it has made it onto EqD. This is not rare. I have given multiple reviews that placed stories back in the author's court without the added encouragement that they should submit after the problems are fixed, but every single one I have said was ready was indeed accepted upon submission. (Except for one that was only conditionally accepted because I missed a capitalization rule for some reason. That got in after that was fixed.)
>> No. 116987
Don't hurt me...

And thank you, Mr. Ion, for all the help and ball-crushing advice. :P
>> No. 116992
I never encountered any balls.
>> No. 116995
File 134559150239.gif - (384.77KB , 186x234 , wqtc3.gif )
I recall one story which disagrees. A lot. In fact, you could say you were hip deep into them. Or the inverse, can't recall.

>pic not necessarily related, unless you use your imagination. So it isn't my fault. You naughty person.
>> No. 117001
>> No. 117002
File 134559461773.jpg - (45.82KB , 900x770 , 134499188003.jpg )
>> No. 117007
File 134559810971.gif - (1.00MB , 267x206 , 1301035214087.gif )
I thought it was a daughter... and you were the mother.

>pic related

Also, pic kind of related to this question: do any of you get any real hate mail? Not bitching about not being accepted, honest to god hate mail.
>> No. 117024
I have a question for Daffodil.

According to some people who visited Everfree Northwest, Hawkysu is a very sexy individual. How do you about this new contender entering the arena to become the sexiest pre-reader at any given con, a position you have held with pride ever since Bronycon? Do you think you're up to the challenge?
>> No. 117058
He can be the sexiest pre-reader when he pries the title from my cold, dead, incredibly attractive hands.

>> No. 117064
There's a short window of opportunity when Daffodil comes out of the shower and his hands are wet, prune-y and not at all attractive.
>> No. 117092
File 134565427037.jpg - (6.23KB , 197x200 , thisissewious.jpg )
You're thinking of Burst, Snarkle, and Sparky.

As for hate mail, yes. Of course, I've gotten hate mail since I held reviews here, so it's not so surprising. The level of anger and rage in the stuff pre-readers get is a tier above what I've seen from pchan, though.
>> No. 117099
File 134565829372.png - (421.46KB , 680x542 , 40e.png )
You're obviously not doing it right. I had a cabal of people that hated me, and one of them was even named Cabal!

Strange thing is, I remember Burst's name easily enough, but not the one that totally isn't my son.

Hey, Pre-Readers, what's the best piece of hate mail you've gotten? Anything deviously derogatory and delicately designed with derisive decorum or is all just "OMG U DUN NO MAI GENEUS"?
>Pic is the Pre-Readers when they read hate mail
>> No. 117108

Usually the hate mail isn't as good as the enraged blog posts.

This is a comment that a fan of a writer we rejected posted on an enraged blog post:

Boiling anger rushes up
Like water flowing from the rims of a cup
This message makes my emotions rise
While fire and brimstone rain from the sky
To call you such untrue names
Are they so wrapped up in their mighty fame
That they would treat you so unfair
While we can do nothing but glare
Well I'll say this, for its all I can do
You are amazing, and that is true.
>> No. 117111
Can you say which story it was for?
>> No. 117113

> No results found for site:fimfiction.net "Like water flowing from the rims of a cup".

Looks like the blog post has been since nuked.
>> No. 117118
You sure that was a FiMFiction blog?
>> No. 117121

It was for The True Psychopath


It was indeed nuked. This poem was immortalized in an email thread, though.


It was a fimfiction blog.
>> No. 117127
Any PRs coming out to Equestria LA?
>> No. 117180
The ones where they tell us we 'just don't understand' what they're trying to do are always fun to read.
>> No. 117185
It's rare, but that can be a legitimate argument. I once had a story reviewed where the reviewer clearly missed parts of the exposition and commented on things that never appeared in the story once, seemingly drawing plot points from thin air.
>> No. 117186

There have been things I legitimately didn't understand about the author's intent or points of the plot. Generally, that's because the author didn't show them particularly well. Having a good idea does not help an author that cannot express that idea in a way that the audience can pick up on.
>> No. 117202
Of course. Just saying that one has to be open to the possibility that they suffered a brain fart during an important scene, though. I know it's happened to me during my reviews.

Has there ever been a story you reviewed one night, rejected, then woke up the following morning thinking that it deserved to be posted?
>> No. 117203
Or vice-versa.
>> No. 117204
Or any other similar event, such as regretting taking up Pinkie Pie's offer on "special sugar".
>> No. 117218
Do any of you pre-read drunk?
>inb4 no one does it sober.
When pre-reading drunk, do you purposefully pick stories you think will be bad in order to fully appreciate the level of quality you get to bask in?
>> No. 117290
We have a drinking game, actually.
>> No. 117295
>Has there ever been a story you reviewed one night, rejected, then woke up the following morning thinking that it deserved to be posted?
No, but there have been stories that I thought were good before I went to bed, and then realized should not be posted after all in the morning.
>When pre-reading drunk, do you purposefully pick stories you think will be bad in order to fully appreciate the level of quality you get to bask in?
The only time I've mixed booze and pre-reading is when the fic had already turned out to be god-awful, and I wished to dull the pain.
>> No. 117318
Not much of a drinker. I've been buzzed, but never drunk.
>> No. 117319
Oooh, please do tell!
>> No. 117320
I hope this link works:

>> No. 117321

>Drink if there's a passive aggressive author's note in the email

I've probably killed a few PRs via alcohol poisoning, then.
>> No. 117328
I'll have to find my Pony Drinking Songs and repost them here later.
>> No. 117330
I second that, passive aggressive is my second favorite kind of aggressive. It's right next to aggressive aggressive.
>> No. 117388
As if we don't deliberately write horrible, awful abortions and taunt fellow pre-readers with them...
>> No. 117389
And yet they keep posting your stuff.
Awww snap.
>> No. 117393
File 134592342226.jpg - (43.45KB , 637x500 , 81824__UNOPT__safe_oc_artist-carnifex_boop_satin_goo-pony.jpg )
And why they don't post yours.


>pic related.
>> No. 117397
All three stories I've published were accepted without rejection under my writing name (which is a public secret for people that are attentive enough. A little searching on the front page here and some legwork will reveal my other identity). I removed one of them from EqD because I didn't feel like it met my own standards, though.
>> No. 117404
>-Drink for every tag beyond the second.
Is a story with more than 2 tags considered not well balanced? oO

>-Drink the first time you encounter each of the following: (...) any kind of alternate universe.
Alternate universe (crossovers) stories are poorly perceived in general, or did I misunderstand that sentence?

Do you like stories where ponies get superpowers?

For example, CRISIS: Equestria.
>> No. 117409

>Alternate universe (crossovers)

Those are two completely different things. Night's Favored Child is an AU but not a crossover. Fallout: Equestria is a crossover but not necessarily an AU; everything that happened in the show still happened in that universe.
>> No. 117412
>Is a story with more than 2 tags considered not well balanced?
Yes. The tags are meant to signify the main ideas of a story. For example, a story can have sad elements, but if the entire purpose of the story is not to be sad, you wouldn't tag it [Sad]. So, you can understand why we're a bit wary of stories tagged [Sad] [Dark] [Comedy].

>Alternate universe (crossovers) stories are poorly perceived in general, or did I misunderstand that sentence?
Not so much that they're poorly perceived, but they come up very often.

>Do you like stories where ponies get superpowers?
If you could explain what makes these powers super in a universe where magic exists, sure.
>> No. 117415
I've never read Night's Favored Child.

Sorry, but I still am not sure that I can differentiate between these "tags". Crossover is a story where everything in the show happened, and AU is where the MLP universe from the show doesn't exists, every character (Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, etc.) has a different personal story, etc. Am I right?

Why do I even bother, it's always the "Crossover" tag on EQD anyway

Ok, thanks!

>Do you like stories where ponies get superpowers?
>If you could explain what makes these powers super in a universe where magic exists, sure.
Well, I think that a story where AJ wins a wizards competition would be kinda strange, eh? Not everypony can use magic, only unicorns and alicorns.

>Not so much that they're poorly perceived, but they come up very often.
Talking about it, what are the most common tags you see on the submissions box? (Except crossovers, since you just said it)

What is your estimation (%) of submissions accepted without any rejections at all? I guess something <5%.
>> No. 117417
>Well, I think that a story where AJ wins a wizards competition would be kinda strange, eh? Not everypony can use magic, only unicorns and alicorns.
Eh. I suppose. But then she wouldn't be particularly "super". She'd be an earth pony that could do the same stuff as a unicorn. My definition of a super power is something that nopony else can do, which is kind of hard to make work when Cutie Marks exist.

>Talking about it, what are the most common tags you see on the submissions box? (Except crossovers, since you just said it)
Depends on the time of year. Shipping is big December through February. Grimdark is big in October.

>What is your estimation (%) of submissions accepted without any rejections at all? I guess something <5%.
I'm going to take a random guess at seven percent.
>> No. 117418

>I've never read Night's Favored Child.

Then why are you doing anything else with your time? Go read it now.

>Talking about it, what are the most common tags you see on the submissions box?

Why are you still reading? I told you to go read Night's Favored Child.

Done? Okay, to answer your question: Adventure, dark, sad. The ficbox status page actually shows the tags of the things in the queue now.

>What is your estimation (%) of submissions accepted without any rejections at all? I guess something <5%.

2.1505% of submissions result in an acceptance without strikes. It would be more difficult to count the proportion of unique submissions that do so. Over 85% of the fics we post are rejected at least once prior to posting.
>> No. 117419
>Well, I think that a story where AJ wins a wizards competition would be kinda strange, eh? Not everypony can use magic, only unicorns and alicorns.
Magic can be easily made to work in different ways. My headcanon has any race, pony or not, being capable of making magical arrays, the main difference being that unicorns can power them with their horns while pegasi and earth ponies have to use reagents like charged gems or somesuch. With that, you could create an earth pony alchemist, for example.

A "super" version of a character would be where they have abilities far beyond the norm. An earth pony that could stomp the ground and make an earthquake, or a pegasus that could pull a superman and go faster than the speed of light would be possible "super" ponies.
>> No. 117422
File 134593626480.png - (254.36KB , 1280x720 , ca.png )
Thank again.

>My definition of a super power is something that nopony else can do, which is kind of hard to make work when Cutie Marks exist.
Come again? I don't see the relation between CMs and super powers. CMs define a special talent, not a super power.

(Unless you wanted to write "magic" instead of "Cutie Marks"?)

Here's a super power, once again from CRISIS: Equestria: Grayscale Force can manipulate gravity at will. Red Velvet controls blood, etc.

I didn't read the story yet, so I don't know where these powers come from, but maybe you do consider that as a super power?
>> No. 117423
Thank you both! :)

About Night's Favored Child, screw you guys, I've 130+ fanfictions to read. >.>

So, for example, a pony manipulating space and time, or controlling life and death (godlike powers), it's a super power?
>> No. 117429
If taken to the logical extreme, yes. Be careful though; unless you put some serious checks on them (only when the planets align and they've made a perfect grilled cheese sandwich can they create a brain tumour that will kill the desired victim after twenty years of it being benign) you run the risk of having a Mary Sue (or Marty Stu).
>> No. 117440
File 134594336448.jpg - (14.76KB , 320x240 , _1ark.jpg )
>min-maxing to create "balanced" characters

Please don't do this, anyone.

If you want to make a character who, after retrieving Excalibur and slaying the entire Galactic Empire with his bare hooves, harnesses the power of Odin to shag Celestia to have her bear the true god of thunder, then please, go ahead. The important thing is that you make a story out of it.

Let's take a simple example: Hercules. He's a God. That's raising some Sue flags right there. Son of Zeus? Geez, talk about wish fulfilment...

But like the good Hades says, “Every hero has a weakness.” You don't need to take away from the character's defining traits to make him a well-rounded character. What you have to do is find (find not necessarily create) that character's weakness, then have the story challenge that weakness.

Then you get conflict, and that's what makes a story.
>> No. 117452
Finger-wagging Bloom is best Bloom.
>> No. 117454

This is a great post.

What was Hercules' weakness? Actually, I have no idea, because in actual greek mythology he's an ultimate-sue, with Goku-like invincibility and Wolverine-like popularity.

In the Disney movie, however, there's the whole story about him being emo about "going the distance" and his relationship with Meg and plenty of other things that make him an interesting character.

Making your hero not so invincible after all (i.e. giving them a Kryptonite) does not make them less of a Mary Sue. The reason superpowered characters tend to be Mary Sues is because their powers are annoying to the reader in some way, not because their power level is too great. In fact, giving a character a Kryptonite (example: Kryptonite) usually makes matters worse.

The way to fix a Mary Sue is not "well, I'll tone down his power level." We don't give a shit about how powerful he is. We care that the way you introduce and subsequently use his power level is bad.
>> No. 117458
I sent a story to EqD recently and I was told that it wasn't sent to the pre-readers because it failed to pass the initial grammar screening.

Now I've been over this work many times and I've had several other authors proof read it prior to my submission. There weren't any major spelling errors (other than made up pony words and proper nouns) and the sentences made sense and were well structured.

Obviously it wasn't perfect. I have since fixed several minor issues since the submission. I was wondering if the problems were mostly due to the formatting of the piece. For example, internal dialogue I express with italics instead of quotation marks. Also, I am sometimes uncertain if I should end a quotation with a comma or a period. I also have dialogue quotations within paragraphs instead of staring a new paragraph for each line of dialogue.

Would these or other formatting issues be the major reason I was denied access to the pre-readers?

Aslo the fic was called, "Hearths Warming Equestria."

(Equestria is a made up word as shows up as a spelling error on ALL document readers)
>> No. 117459

Another reason to proofread your work
>> No. 117460
You should link it if you wan the Pre-Readers to be able to properly look at it. Sure, they could track it down in their inbox (assuming it's still there), but you should be making it as easy as possible for them.
>> No. 117461

Let me know if that link works.

I didn't think anyone would actually go back and look at the piece. I assumed I would only get answers to the specific questions I asked and then I would have to resubmit it in hopes that the changes I made would get it past the grammar screening.

But if someone is willing to look at the piece here, I would be most appreciative. I linked the first chapter of the four chapters I submitted.
>> No. 117480
Okie dokie lokie :)

I didn't understand your message, except that sentence:
>The way to fix a Mary Sue is not "well, I'll tone down his power level."

>We care that the way you introduce and subsequently use his power level is bad.
May you explain that again, please? We should explain well how they got these powers, and why they do use them?
>> No. 117485
I remember a fic of snails able to slow time(Snail's journey or something... I remember there was trixie involved). Would that make him a superhero? It's snails after all.
>> No. 117487
Well, I would like to know who was the one who accepted a comedy fic I wrote (never finished, shame on me) in October last year (or maybe it was september?). It was called 'Friendship is Surreal' (name was suggested to me on an IRC). This would serve little purpose, but I would like to thank the person that had my very first fanfic featured on the fandom's front page.
I'd expect rules are a lot stricter nowdays, and do you think that, if it were sent today, would it still be accepted to EqD?
>> No. 117489
Basically, no matter how powerful your superhero is, they can't use their power to solve the primary conflict of your story.

That is to say, you should construct the primary conflict in such a way that it makes your hero's power all but useless -- or, even better, a subtle hindrance.

See Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for an excellent example. His power is evil science, and the conflict initially appears to be his struggle to use his power to enter the Evil League of Evil. But that's a red herring. The real primary conflict is his struggle to get close to Penny.

You want to do something like that. Even if your hero employs their power throughout an overarching hero-themed storyline, you need to build it on top of an inner conflict that ultimately matters more.

And even Superman can't fight Evil Dude and attend his best friend's wedding at the same time. So if you're writing about Superman, you sure as hell want to make attending that wedding very, very important to him.

The Sue-ness of a superpower depends mainly on whether the superpower will ease the hero's progression through the real main conflict. You don't want that. It should be uphill each step.
>> No. 117492
Ok, it's clear now, thanks!
>> No. 117493

Your writing is extremely boring. Dull. Flat. All your sentences are structured exactly the same way: simple, short, choppy, and usually starting with 'she'.

I couldn't read far enough to find many grammar errors.

I don't know which prereader autorejected your work, but it saved you from a strike. There's no way this would get even close to passing in its current form.
>> No. 117513
>Your writing is extremely boring. Dull. Flat.
Huh, I told him almost the exact same thing in my opening comments on his Gdoc chat, down to the three different synonyms.
>> No. 117526
Do you get really often OC alicorns, who also are Mary Sue?
>> No. 117528
Not particularly often, but it does happen.
>> No. 117534
>OC alicorns, who also are Mary Sue
There are other kinds?
>> No. 117547
Well, what do you think?
>> No. 117560

Sure, some are Gary Stus.

But I'll be honest, my longest fic (Merely a Mare) has an OC alicorn. Your mileage may vary on whether or not he's a villain Sue (He totally is).
>> No. 117562
File 134602293024.jpg - (42.07KB , 520x363 , 1290667200861.jpg )
>after retrieving Excalibur and slaying the entire Galactic Empire with his bare hooves, harnesses the power of Odin to shag Celestia to have her bear the true god of thunder

Pic related.
>> No. 117568
I was advised once (and I tend to agree) that villains are mostly exempt from Mary Sue status. Unless it just gets ridiculous, it makes them more effective villains.
>> No. 117570
Do we as a fandom have a general sort of accepted case of what it is okay for ponies to use their hooves for? Or do we just sorta make stuff up and accept it as long as the story is consistent or comedic about it?
>> No. 117576

I was wondering that myself (>>117229). So far there seems to be no consensus, but I'm curious about the various pre-reader's thoughts.
>> No. 117583
Canon shows them using cups, silverware, books... Basically, I think you can gloss over using them for anything that hands can do without requiring individual fingers, and even then, you might be okay. I don't get hung up on it.
>> No. 117585

Make a fist.

Done? Good. Now anything you can do with your arms, ponies can do with their legs. And nothing more.

I give a little bit of wiggle room on this, especially in comedy fics, but overall, they're hooves.
>> No. 117587
That's a weird position to hold when the show constantly goes against it.

Consistency is more important than anything. Most readers won't care. What I submitted to the last write-off had a pony literally doing card shuffling, tricks, sleight-of-hand, etc, and I don't recall anybody having issue with it.

I guess it depends on the reader. In that case, as an author, go with what you think is right. Just make sure you're consistent.
>> No. 117598

That whole fic was an assault on my suspension of disbelief.
>> No. 117611
File 134605524338.jpg - (37.53KB , 386x338 , 5443401889_43a95b66e0.jpg )
Mah zebra.
>> No. 117628

...so, apparently, it really just depends upon the individual reader and consistency...hm...

Thank you both for your time.
>> No. 117630
From the PR's quote for the story Chrysalis Adopts A Cat!:

>The Pre-reader responsible for this story being approved early apologizes, has been beaten three-quarters of the way to death, and is being made to re-read Grimdark and sad fics as punishment and promises to try and not do it again.

>to re-read Grimdark and sad fics

Most hated tags among PRs?

Or the majority of fics with these tags are just bad?
>> No. 117631
The latter. Too many novice authors try to go for the gut-punch or dark gravitas because they feel it's the most powerful way to deliver their message, without stopping to think about WHY it's the most powerful way.
>> No. 117641
Ok thanks!
>> No. 117649

What I've been told (and observed) is that, back in Season 1 when Lauren Faust was more involved with the show, she really didn't want ponies using hooves as hands unless the scene was impossible otherwise. They would use their teeth (or magic, for unicorns) most of the time. Faust wanted them to be more like ponies, and that restriction does force you to get a little creative.

In Season 2 they've been a little more lenient. Lots of ponies are using hoof-hands and sometimes doing Lyra-style sitting. Also, earth ponies have developed prehensile tails and pegasi have what I refer to as "wingers" (check out Putting Your Hoof Down when Fluttershy opens her saddlebag with her wing).

In my writing, I typically try to keep them pony-like, as it was in Season 1. Part of that was because I was writing a Lyra story and ponies not having hands was a major plot point. I do think it generally makes more sense if ponies aren't doing anything that requires too much dexterity.
>> No. 117664
I've always enjoyed the first season's little quirks more. It felt like they were using tricky subversions to make things work (like the pony-pulled train in Over a Barrel) instead of taking the most obvious route. Stuff like the arcade cabinets in Hearts and Hooves Day just didn't sit well with how I'd envisioned the technological state of Equestria.

Any Pre-Readers notice this shift, too?
>> No. 117669

The thing that really bothers me about that arcade cabinet is that it had no reason it needed to be there. It wasn't even mentioned in the lyrics of the song, let alone factor into the plot...

I think this kind of stuff bothers fic writers more than anyone else, though.
>> No. 117671

I blame it on the animation direction being looser under the new foreman and the animators trying to fill the space gaps with something they think is innocuous.
>> No. 117750
What is the most original story you've ever read?

(Not the most random one, eh, but the one who made you think "Well, that's a great new idea, very interesting")
>> No. 117753

White Box. And not because of the white on black text; I read it before that was added.
>> No. 117757
The Last Tears in Tartarus, by shortskirtsandexplosions. I can't link it here due to Ponychan's rules (it's a tad on the gory side... find it on FiMFic), but never before have I seen a story with a premise this dark filled with so much hope. It's one of the stories I dearly wish we could post on Equestria Daily, because it deserves more views than it currently has.
>> No. 117776
Hey I revised the story that I linked a few days ago and I think the changes make it a lot better.

>> No. 117777
>> No. 117804
Hey, I didn't get the auto-confirmation email, so I just wanted to make sure my fic "Fine Tuning" got into the queue.

Also, in case the fic gets approved, can I change my 5 word description to "Cello tuning is serious business"? What I had before certainly isn't attention grabbing.

>> No. 117805
Yes, you're in the queue. As to description, that's up to the PR's that staff the inbox. They're the ones who send that stuff off to the blogponies. They can make the change for you, as long as they notice it.
>> No. 117812

Check your spam box. If you didn't get the auto-confirmation email, we might not have the right email for you. People have fat fingered their emails before and not gotten responses.
>> No. 117820

Ah, there's the confirmation email. I'll keep that in mind for next time.
>> No. 117821
File 134624307068.jpg - (9.90KB , 163x240 , The Baron.jpg )
Hm. What would be best way for Seth-contact? I mean, I am not well-versed in this whole "contact important people" thingamabobber...

Yes, mayo on pizza. I am currently in Japan, and apparently they do it a lot over here. I mean, lots. Corn and mayonnaise pizza, anyone?
>> No. 117826
If you need to contact Seth about official EqD-related business, send an email to [email protected]
>> No. 117895
About Past Sins, FoE, and other very famous stories on EQD, do you guys think these stories actually deserve their famousness? I mean, beyond their length, quality, originality, your own tastes, etc., don't you think it's kinda unfair for other stories (the ones which are really good as well), who don't get as much % of people on it? I know, we can't change it anyway (unless Seth picks up the best stories of the moment every month and makes a single post for each update of these stories (Hey, why not? Your thoughts?)).

Also, iirc the star-rating system got removed because of the easiness to star-bomb stories, which leads to a bad rating for a good story, and vice versa. But, honestly, I don't find any 5 or 6 stars stories on EQD that actually are bad (beyond personal tastes); I think the regular votes are way much numerous than the "fake" ones, which make the star-bombing useless in the end.

Or, could you please give me examples of stories where the rating doesn't fit at all the actual quality of the story?
>> No. 117927
It's more that good stories were given bad ratings, particularly [Shipping] and [Grimdark].

That was partially fixed by automatically giving a Star-5 tag to anything that had obviously been bombed, and since the actual ratings don't show up anymore, you can't tell which ones those were.
>> No. 117957
The problem with the star system and voters is that people didn't even seem to acknowledge that there were options below four stars, and of that many probably only ever hit the five. Five stars would imply near-perfection--six even more so--and, let's face it, one could count the number of stories on EqD that would truly be deserving of that on one of their hands.

You simply can't trust the public to make informed, critical decisions, especially with the "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" thought pattern that infects our culture.
>> No. 117974

>You simply can't trust the public to make informed, critical decisions, especially with the "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" thought pattern that infects our culture.

I agree with this so much. I can't even express it.
>> No. 118035
Yes, you're right. Thank for answering!

(What about my idea of making a single post for each update of the best story of the month, or something like that?)
>> No. 118048


Who decides?
>> No. 118058
That is for you to decide.

(Kudos if you find the reference)

A poll on EQD, or for PRs only, ... There are many ways to find out the best story of the month/week.
>> No. 118102
To be frank, considering some of the PRs are those that allowed sub-par stories to be posted, it might be prudent to be more selective than "all of them".
>> No. 118104
Sorry, I didn't understand what "sub-par" stands for?
>> No. 118106
Below average, mediocre, uninspired.
"Par" means to meet expectations and "Sub" means to be below.
>> No. 118107

We'll be sure to contact you when we need someone to organize a list of us based on competency.
>> No. 118111
I'm too lazy to do that. I assumed you could fight it out between yourselves. Readerdome: Two Pre-Readers enter, one Pre-Reader leaves. The loser spends eternity locked up in there reading self-insert OC alicorn fics.
>> No. 118112

Bonus points if it's a Mary Sue.
>> No. 118113
I assumed that was a given.
>> No. 118145

Seriously, what about a poll for PRs only, they must choose the story (which started in the current month) they liked the most, and then the most rated one(s) is sent to Seth, who'll make the "1 update = 1 whole article on EQD" thing?
>> No. 118177
We'd take a lot of flak for that. We're already blasted over our "favoritism" in approving fanfics anyway.

Still, if you want this idea, talk to Seth; I think we've suggested this before and the answer from the blogponies was something like "it might be more trouble than it's worth!"
>> No. 118187
About being "blasted" because of some approved fanfics, it's inevitable, there are a lot of PRs, therefore a lot of different personal tastes as well. Most of shipping and grimdark stories are downvoted because they're not popular, for example. The guys who downvoted the story, most of time, didn't read the whole story (from the beginning to the end), or didn't even started to.

May I ask you what is the "blogponies" you're reffering to?
>> No. 118188
>May I ask you what is the "blogponies" you're reffering to?
The blogponies are Sethisto, Cereal Velocity, Phoe, PK, Calpain, and I think Midnight Shadow and Xyro.
>> No. 118191
File 134640308728.jpg - (39.15KB , 500x284 , tumblr_ly29he6WQi1rnb010o1_500.jpg )
[Re-reads list of viable question topics.]

So what's the deal with airline food Nicolas Cage?

I mean, sure he was the best Batman ever in Kick-Ass and hilarious in The Wicker Man, but surely he's not infallable, right?

>> No. 118194
Thank. I'll try anyway.
>> No. 118196
He's fallible in everything, which is why he's so entertaining to watch.

Dunno. Ask them: I've learned to not pay attention to the sexual tastes of anyone in this fandom.
>> No. 118205
Not sure if this is Pchan-approved...
>> No. 118212
Yeah, I don't think that's really what this is supposed to be about.
>> No. 118242
File 134647271614.jpg - (88.10KB , 700x522 , aROrH.jpg )
How about a blast from the past?
>> No. 118250
>> No. 118268
Hm, it took me a while, but I've finally realized that the person riding the pony in the OP picture is a Quarian.
>> No. 118271
I am getting major nostalgia. ;_; I called mids "butter booze", what in the actual fuck.

Also I said this:
>In the immortal words of Martin Luther King, Jr., as he and Abraham Lincoln battled against the evil Cybershakespeare, Master of Time: "Nothing is original, especially on the internet."

I love me sometimes.
>> No. 118272
because you're so perfect? Dohoho.
>> No. 118288

All the PRs are perfect. Didn't you know?
>> No. 118289
They are the pony version of Oprah, what did you expect?
>> No. 118379
File 134656948540.png - (200.28KB , 450x288 , oprah.png )
>> No. 118381
As with everything in life, it comes back to Nick Cage.
>> No. 118385
File 134657876670.jpg - (16.83KB , 492x444 , nicolas-cage-stoic-crazy.jpg )
>> No. 118392
File 134658436209.gif - (2.92MB , 400x225 , gy3Cdnpm6EGw1hhCNp2VWQ2.gif )
I actually had a picture of that. Not sure where it went...
>> No. 118395
I was trying to find it too, but google isn't helping.
>> No. 118434
For hipsters: what is/are the story/stories which is/are famous but you don't like at all? And vice versa, a/several story/stories you love but who is/are not popular at all.
>> No. 118439
So, I guess my Fine Tuning story got approved (heard it on the IRC) but I didn't get a confirmation email? Any idea why not? It's not in the junk email, either.

>> No. 118442
Most of them.

I don't see that a notification was sent from the inbox sentries, and there's no official decision shown in the spreadsheet. You could, y'know, be patient.
>> No. 118471
Was there ever a pre-reader that the rest never got along with or just didn't belong?
>> No. 118472
We're all misfits. That's exactly why we belong.

Seriously, though, I'm not aware of anyone who doesn't get along with anyone else. It takes a variety of types to cover different preferences. If we were all the same, who would read all the HiE fics?
>> No. 118474
>If we were all the same, who would read all the HiE fics?
The buttmonkey and the new guy, I'd imagine.
>> No. 118476

That's making me think twice about wanting to build my way up to becoming a pre-reader, lol.
>> No. 118479
>The buttmonkey and the new guy
These are invariably the same thing.

Wait, I'm the new guy...

Still ain't readin' HiE. Unless it's a pity read for an item that's been in the queue for a month...
>> No. 118480
Yeah, I have a question.

If one was to burn through his three strikes, and still fail to meet EQD's standards, would it be possible to come back maybe a few months (or any other arbitrary amount of time) later - with significant improvements to one's story - and try again. Or, it it three strikes and that's it, you're done?

What I'm asking is how strict the three strike policy is?
>> No. 118482
File 134666939585.jpg - (107.76KB , 502x800 , 181.jpg )
Crossovers: inherently evil or just often poorly executed?
>> No. 118485

You're done. The three strikes rule is there for a reason. Start working on your next fic, if you find yourself in that situation.
>> No. 118486
Well, to be fair, cases of people getting one of the strikes removed, for whatever reasons, aren't rare (rare is such a relative term, but Jersey shore).

And I'm not saying not having a strike counted, I'm talking about outright removals.

So... it's a bit more complicated than that.

But yeah, start working on your next story.
>> No. 118491
Most often just trying too hard.
>your own pic related. clever girl.jpg

> getting one of the strikes removed, for whatever reasons, aren't rare
Well sure, if your definition of rare doesn't play within one out of several hundred. Mine does. So yeah, I'd say it's rare.
Within the context of the question though, Ebon's got it—game over.
>> No. 118499
>For hipsters: what is/are the story/stories which is/are famous but you don't like at all? And vice versa, a/several story/stories you love but who is/are not popular at all.
>> No. 118526
Just a quick question-if I submitted a story over a week ago and haven't heard anything. Should I nudge or wait? I heard from someone that I was supposed to get a "its been passed on to the pre-readers/it's been rejected due to it sucking" type email relatively soon after my submission, but I have received nothing except the auto-response email.
>> No. 118527
If you got the automated email and haven't received a rejection, it's in the pre-readers' queue.
>> No. 118528

Okay, thanks!
>> No. 118530

Stuff I don't like that most people do: A lot of things. Mostly the usual tripe that everyone knows is crap but somehow manages to be popular by appealing to the common denominator through vague semi-competence and a concept that appeals to the most pathetic urges of the average brony.

Stuff that isn't as famous as it has every right to be:

Starlight Over Detrot
Starlight Over Detrot
Starlight Over Detrot

Seriously, go read Starlight Over Detrot

>> No. 118535
I couldn't stand my little dashie. I thought it was too self indulgent.
>> No. 118538
Thank for your answer. Sorry, can't read this fanfiction, it contains too many words I don't understand, it's kinda annoying to have to look for the definition of each one ten times per line :/ I'll do it later maybe.

I guess you wanted to answer my question, not the one you quoted?

(Me too, I didn't appreciate MLD as much as other people did)
>> No. 118578
File 134681968297.png - (388.97KB , 1280x541 , tumblr_m0lpyyl7rQ1r3tlt0.png )
Sorry for being so late
>> No. 118580
>I thought it was too self indulgent.
>too self indulgent.
>self indulgent
>Implying it was anything but

You are a gentleman and a scholar.
>> No. 118645
What is the best cover image(s) you've ever seen for a story on EQD (or FimFic)?

Same for the story description, which one(s) made you "OMG I have to read this, this should be amazing/Wow, that's an interesting idea/Well, that's well written!"?

Do you really hate when a pony has a human name? Pinkie's second name is Diane, which is a human name... It's as easy as pie. Or is it okay if we rarely use them?

What are the most common errors that authors do when inserting OCs in their stories? Lack of description, crazy colors/name, Mary Sue/Gary Stu, Alicorn, not enough personal history, ...?

Are there some very recurrent words or expressions that make you gnash your teeth every single time you see them? For example, "the lavender unicorn", "the cyan pegasus" (although she's more turquoise-blue than cyan or teal), "It was a beautiful day in Ponyville", etc.

Do you have a "to read" list that always expands beyond your real possibilities? I've over 150 stories to read...

Ever got a "troll" submission? I mean, a submitted fic that the author rightfully knows it would never get on EQD.
>> No. 118657
In order:

I don't really pay attention to the cover art on submissions, so I'm not sure.

Naked Singularity aroused my attention like none other. (At least, that's the first one that comes to mind.)

When it's an OC, yes. Very much yes.

Often it's quite a few things, but I would say the most prevalent thing is assuming we'll care about their OC the way we care about canon characters. Heck, even for background ponies, there are reasons to like them, but for some pony no one's ever heard of, an author has to work to gain reader lurv.

"Celestia's sun," "Luna's moon," any instances of LUS, and anything ever that has to do with the term "flank."

Yeah. I don't have a whole lot of time to read fanfic for pleasure, so mine's kind of short, but I've had at least 20 stories that I've been meaning to read for some time, but I just haven't gotten to them.

Yes. Very much yes. More than once, an unapologetic clopfic that would make editors weep appears in the fanfic email. I like it when those submissions are hosted on FiMFic, so I can see the "click to see Mature" button (since I don't read clop or gorefics) and autoreject the story without so much as having to read the first word. It saves time.
>> No. 118664
Thank you for answering all of my questions :) (If other people want to answer as well, don't hesitate please)

What does LUS stand for, please?

Also, about the names, what if the names are rarely used by humans? (Like an old name forgotten since ages, that you wouldn't even expect to actually be a human name)
>> No. 118665
>What does LUS stand for, please?
Avoid Lavender Unicorn Syndrome. Lavender Unicorn Syndrome is what happens when, instead of using your characters name or a pronoun, you repeatedly use other descriptors for them. You only have to describe your characters once, and again if something about them changed. Just remember that “Lavender Unicorn Syndrome” affects hundred of ponies every year. Symptoms include cyan pegasi, white alicorns, and of course, lavender unicorns. But there is hope. Ask Nurse Redheart if new and improved PRONOUNS® are right for you. Side effects include better writing, love and adoration of fans, acceptance to EqD, glitter cannons, and dry mouth. PRONOUNS®. Because having a lavender unicorn is no way to go through life.
(Source and origin: >>80961)
>> No. 118672
I'd be willing to bet that the use of such a name would sound a little too pretentious. It's all in the execution, but I'd lean towards "that's a terrible idea."
>> No. 118676

Ok, I guess I can ask in a review thread if the names I've chosen are correct then?
>> No. 118708
There's a very easy way to determine if a name is pony enough:

Is it a noun, or a combination of an adjective and a noun? If not, it's probably not a very good pony name. There are admittedly exceptions to this rule (Scootaloo, Fluttershy) but it's a good guide to follow when naming OCs.
>> No. 118717
You just have to throw a pony pun in with them.
For example, Percivel becomes Prancivel. Don Quixote could be Don Kickote. So on and so forth.

This is also solid advice.

There's a name thread floating around somewhere, actually. Use the search function and see if you can't give it a bump.
>> No. 118723
>Don Kickote


Donkey Hotay.
>> No. 118724
File 134697921787.jpg - (21.91KB , 288x288 , tumblr_lltzgnHi5F1qzib3wo1_400[1].jpg )
>> No. 118752
Thank you both!

(Seriously, I find it kinda annoying to always see this sort of name: "Shadow Walker", or "Red Eye", or "Yellow Berry", it's kinda... unoriginal, and the author's imagination is resctricted. FoE's names (Calamity, ...) are good, for example. But if you're sure, I'll change the names =( )

"Fluttershy" is combination of "flutter" (to flutter) and "shy". I've no idea for Scootaloo.

In the information box (when we submit a story), it's advised to give our personal idea of how long the complete story should be, iirc. Also, a longer synopsis if the short one isn't very self-explanatory. Anything else which could be interesting for you?
>> No. 118760
>(Seriously, I find it kinda annoying to always see this sort of name: "Shadow Walker", or "Red Eye", or "Yellow Berry", it's kinda... unoriginal, and the author's imagination is resctricted. FoE's names (Calamity, ...) are good, for example. But if you're sure, I'll change the names =( )

Calamity is a noun, so it still falls under the "noun or adjective + noun" rule. If you're worried about creativity, just don't pick simple words like colors or anything involving shadows, darkness, death, destruction, or pain. The English language has a lot of nouns. Use that to your advantage.
>> No. 118761
File 134702147985.png - (135.54KB , 1377x1423 , 131878559497.png )
>don't pick simple words like colors
>> No. 118762

How many PRs are there on EQD?
>> No. 118774
File 134704420150.png - (43.58KB , 249x315 , My bearded ponysona 2.png )
I actually am quite curious about this for the following:

I submitted one of my works, "Stallion Comics: Spike and the Power of Awesome Manliness", and finally got a reply. However, I usually prefer replying to the pre-reader, but being an automated message, it's far from possible.

I know that you aren't forced to give names and all, but I was wondering about a change to discuss some of the points he mentioned.

Anyway, "Stallion Comics" ended up becoming a multichapter story with a full-fledged story combined with the crazy that the story has shown so far.

One more thing that I'd like to ask concerning this little thing: if I work with the fic (fixing the issues mentioned and all) and I send it to you in gdocs version, I'll leave the FiMFiction version untouched. However, once the fic is post ready, is there a way to say "Hold on, let me edit the FiMFic version, then put the FiMFic link on the post"?
>> No. 118775
>However, I usually prefer replying to the pre-reader, but being an automated message, it's far from possible.
There was no automated message. I sent the pre-reader's response to you myself, actually. You can just reply to the most recent email received from [email protected], and that message will be forwarded to your pre-reader.

>One more thing that I'd like to ask concerning this little thing: if I work with the fic (fixing the issues mentioned and all) and I send it to you in gdocs version, I'll leave the FiMFiction version untouched. However, once the fic is post ready, is there a way to say "Hold on, let me edit the FiMFic version, then put the FiMFic link on the post"?
Yes. Just mention that in the "additional comments" section of your submission. Or just send it in with the Gdocs version, and if it's accepted, mention that you want a different link before the post goes up.
>> No. 118776
File 134704613620.png - (43.58KB , 249x315 , My bearded ponysona 2.png )

Hmm that's funny, gmail told me that it was an automated message... Oh, wait, NOW I see what the problem was. I feel really stupid now.

Okay, thanks for the help with this doubt. I'll send the reply as planned. ^^
>> No. 118780
I think there are around 30 of us, but some of us are more active than others; in example, when I get rolling, I can reject respectfully review eleven or more stories in a day, but more often, I only knock out two or three a few days a week.
>> No. 118788

Sometime far in the future when I'm ready to resubmit a rejected work, should I reply to the rejection email and get it sent back to the same prereader, or should I fill out a completely new submission?

Also, my piece was an incomplete multi-parter. Would it be frowned upon if it happened to acquire several new chapters by the time I resubmit it?
>> No. 118792
ometime far in the future when I'm ready to resubmit a rejected work, should I reply to the rejection email and get it sent back to the same prereader, or should I fill out a completely new submission?
Use the form again. Either way, there's no guarantee that you'll get the same pre-reader, and the form is kind of necessary for us to keep things organized.

>Also, my piece was an incomplete multi-parter. Would it be frowned upon if it happened to acquire several new chapters by the time I resubmit it?
Nope. Add as many chapters as you'd like.
>> No. 118797
Cool, thanks.
>> No. 118853
Is it only me or does this page become unreachable from time to time?
>> No. 118868
Ponychan has occasional trouble, but it shouldn't be limited to this thread.
>> No. 118951
Did you ever read a story (not necessarily a submission, but also any story you've ever read on EQD or FimFic) which made you think: "How could you screw up such a nice idea?!"? A story where the plot is awesome but the writing horrible?

And vice versa, a nice writing but a bad plot?

Ever got a submission which was more or less clearly a sort of copy of an existing fanfiction? (Same major ideas/plot, ...) If yes, did you get any email/whatever complaining about this?
>> No. 118954
>Inb4 Past Sins
>> No. 118961
>> No. 118969
This too. It kinda falls into both categories, actually, since the plot went to hell with the city arc.
>> No. 118973
Spot on. I still like to goad PK about it every so often, heh.
>> No. 118974
Heh, I've needled him a few times myself, back when I was still reading it. Gave up on the story when they reached a castle or something, don't quite remember.
>> No. 119099


So, the plot of Past Sins is considered cliché, but the "good writing" compensates the "bad idea"?
>> No. 119101

May someone explain me what are the minimal requirements about the length of submissions for fanfictions? It changes if it's the first chapter, each update, ...
>> No. 119102
The concept and writing of Past Sins are fairly meh, but the omg adowable OC seems to be more important than either.

When you send in a fanfic for the first time, the entire submission has to meet the minimum length requirement (2500 words for a oneshot, 3000 for a multi-part.) The individual chapters of a multi-part don't need to meet the minimum; we only care about the overall wordcount at submission time.
>> No. 119104
Thank you very much.

Also, English is not my mother tongue, may someone tell me please if the name "Scootaloo" comes from an English noun? (For example, "Fluttershy" is combination of "Flutter" (to flutter) and "shy") If yes, which noun, please?

(I guess it's "Scooter"?)

What tenses do you prefer in stories? When it's well done, of course. First view, second, omniscient, ... ? Also, past or present ?
>> No. 119107
I think
I think
>> No. 119116
Better complain about Ponychan's lack of Edit function.

>> No. 119117
File 134737302110.jpg - (14.24KB , 500x375 , spoiler.jpg )
Tired of being criticized for needless double posting?


DELETE is a handy-dandy function that can scrub away your less-than-perfect posts!

DELETE will remove any post you want so long as you can prove that it's yours.

Simply input a password at the base of your post when you make it, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being able to DELETE!

Now available in "Post" and "File Only" flavors!
>> No. 119121
>What tenses do you prefer in stories? When it's well done, of course. First view, second, omniscient, ... ? Also, past or present ?
>> No. 119122
I just tried the Delete function. Ponychan tolds me the password is incorrect. IT IS CORRECT DAMN YOU.

I have to write a password right below the message (under the "Choose a file" button"), then I send the message, then I go on the page, click on the checkbox on the left of the message, write the password I wrote 10 seconds ago and click on the Delete button.


I'm doomed then.
>> No. 119124
Just report it, that will solve it.
>> No. 119129
In order of acceptability, from highest to lowest:

Third Person Omniscient, Past Tense
Third Person Limited, Past Tense
First Person, Past Tense
First Person, Present Tense
Third Person Limited/Omniscient, Present Tense
Any viewpoint, Future Tense
Not writing a story at all and just rolling your face on the keyboard.
Second person, any tense
>> No. 119133
Did you ever got a story where the tense was "future"? Seriously?
>> No. 119136
File 134738569056.jpg - (138.52KB , 1280x761 , 134715262087.jpg )
Actually, it was the plot that made it interesting for me at first. The writing isn't god-awful, per se, but it's mind-meltingly boring, at least to someone that enjoys some flair and creative word play. The plot fell apart, too, though, when the cutesy-wutesy OC went full retard.

It's one of the names that doesn't really follow the naming convention in the series and is a holdover from the last version of the show (ugh, 3.5).

Or, try the new and refreshing taste of MLPchan, where /fic/ has exclusive rights to the edit function!

>Not writing a story at all and just rolling your face on the keyboard.
>Second person, any tense
Purloined Pony and its six stars would like to have a word with you.

Are there any well-known stories written in the future tense? I can't even think of how you would write it; my head hurts before anything legible comes out.
>> No. 119138
>Purloined Pony and its six stars would like to have a word with you.

Oh, that list was just my personal preference when it comes to tense/perspective. There are many, many popular second person stories out there. I just can't stand them.

No serious submissions, unfortunately. I feel like we've had one or two where the author was clearly joking.

I hope that someone uses this as an opportunity to write a second person future tense fic.
>> No. 119139
I read a paper once about the usage of the future tense in fiction and why it was so difficult to use (if I remember correctly, the summary was that people were stupid). There isn't a single famous story I know in future tense, but chances are someone did it at some point.

Scootaloo actually is named like that because it prevents people from trying to translate the names into other stuff (oh, Japanese translators, never change) which normally turn out hilariously wrong, so the odd, untranslatable name just keep being used like is, making them easier to sell. Plus, Firefly is harder to trademark than Scootaloo, because, come on.
>> No. 119141
Is there any particular reason why you can't stand them?

I knew I was forgetting something else about her name.
>> No. 119142
>Is there any particular reason why you can't stand them?

Half of the reason is because the majority of second person fics are wish-fulfillment garbage. "You" are the protagonist so "you" get to fuck/marry/kill/play connect four with a cartoon horse. I rank stories like that somewhere between Fifty Shades of Grey and the heating instructions on a can of soup.

The other half (which is partially related to the first) is because I feel that inserting the reader into the story as a character is a cheap way to make them feel connected to the action. It takes a lot of skill as an author to make your reader care about your characters and their ordeals. Using second person narration to make that easier is like saying "okay, before this scene, here's a link to a song I want you to listen to" -- it achieves the intended purpose (making the reader care about the action and setting the tone, respectively) but does so in a very amateurish and (oftentimes) ineffective way.

Also, this is more of a nitpick than anything, but if an author is telling "me" that I'm doing something that I wouldn't normally do (or wouldn't do in that situation) I'll call OOC on myself and my suspension of disbelief is gone.
>> No. 119151
File 134738912330.jpg - (20.90KB , 400x400 , 79248_-_challenge_accepted_luna_meme.jpg )
>I hope that someone uses this as an opportunity to write a second person future tense fic.
>> No. 119152
That night you will sleep, and a magical portal will open to equestria. There, you will jump of joy, then get eaten by a Chimera. The end.
>> No. 119154
File 134739133880.jpg - (12.86KB , 480x360 , w.jpg )
>pic related
>> No. 119156
I would like to hear some thoughts on prologues.

I'm currently writing a fic that would be tagged as dark/adventure. Originally I wrote only the prologue as a way to gauge reader interest in what the story was ultimately going to be. Interest was there, so I have been continuing.

The problem I'm having is that the prologue decribes a scene that will happen around chapter 15 and is quite jarring the way it just throws the reader into one of the darkest parts of the story when there is going to be a 12 chapter build up to get back to that particular level of insanity.

So, is this type of prologue frowned upon? Regardless of the answer, I'm seriously considering cutting it once I get a few more chapters for this story under my belt. The story is in its infancy; at the moment I'm writing chapter 2.

Here's a link to it, if anyone's interested:
>> No. 119160
Hello there,

I'm writing a crossover fanfiction, should I precise in the synopsis (the one the readers will read, not the one for the PRs) what it crosses with? Or simply saying it in the "five words" is enough?
>> No. 119162
I don't see any issue with starting the story at a later scene and then jumping back, so long as the time difference is made clear to the reader.

The synopsis that you fill out on the form is the same description that goes up on the story's post, should it be accepted. And to answer your question, try not to mention it there; just mention the name of the crossed-over universe in the five words box.
>> No. 119163
>so long as the time difference is made clear to the reader

That's always the trick, isn't it?

Thanks a bunch to you and your fellow pre-readers for hosting this thread, by the way. It's very informative.
>> No. 119164
You're very welcome. Come on back if you have any other questions. Tell your friends!
>> No. 119166
Actually, I meant "the box containing eventual additional info for the PR", not "the synospis for the PR", sorry.

Thank you very much!

>What Characters are Featured in Your Story? *
Only name the characters who actually exist in the show, not the OC ones? Should we mention "OC ponies"?

Is there a sort of limit (tacitly fixed by the PRs) of how many characters should be put down there? 5? 10? I'm asking that because my story is kinda long (150k+ words, hell yeah), and contains about 14 main characters (not counting the OCs ones).

Also, yeah, this thread is very interesting. I plan to read back all the previous versions, it may be great.
>> No. 119169
>Only name the characters who actually exist in the show, not the OC ones? Should we mention "OC ponies"?
If any OCs are major characters, just list "OC" or "OC Ponies". We don't need to know all of their names.

>Is there a sort of limit (tacitly fixed by the PRs) of how many characters should be put down there? 5? 10? I'm asking that because my story is kinda long (150k+ words, hell yeah), and contains about 14 main characters (not counting the OCs ones).
Use your judgement. If there really are 14 main characters, list 14 characters. The biggest problems are when people list each OC as a separate character, and when people list characters that show up once as major characters.
>> No. 119195

Third person limited past tense or first person present tense are my favorites.

I can't stand third person omniscient. It's almost as bad as second person anything, which should be punishable by death.


Why ask about a fic that you know EqD won't accept in the prereader thread?


Put down all major canon characters and mention 'OC ponies' but don't give a list of the names of your OCs. The Blogponies are not going to tag the story with the names of your OCs.
>> No. 119196
>Why ask about a fic that you know EqD won't accept in the prereader thread?

Maybe I'm slipping, but I didn't notice anything particularly bad about the story he linked. Unless it goes all Cupcakes at the end of the second chapter, since I didn't read that far.
>> No. 119211
Eh, needs some pretty serious editing, but I didn't see anything content-wise that would disqualify on a quick skim.
>> No. 119214

Well, characterization issues with Twilight imprisoning and drugging Fluttershy aside, have you guys seen the blog it's based on? Ask Researcher Twilight?
>> No. 119221

>> No. 119228
File 134744509678.jpg - (336.60KB , 1600x900 , 96405_-_applejack_artist_moderatelydeviant_battle_Discord_fluttershy_mane_six_pinkie_pie_rainbow.jpg )
I'm about 500 words into this thing so far. It's been seriously bizarre to write and very refreshing; I can almost feel the block on my main fic melting. Or is that my brain?

I'm totally going to request your attention when I submit it, Daffodil, because I'm a horrible pony that way.

Anyway, just wanted to warn inform you that this was a real thing coming down the pipes. I'll leave y'all to your legitimate thread now.
>> No. 119235
> the blog it's based on

"based on" is the key here. This story is NOT AskResearcherTwilight. I've thought long and hard about a work around for the gore issue. I've got that end covered.


God, I hate Cupcakes. And anything like it, for that matter. Stories that are gorey just for the sake of being gorey don't interest me in the least. I think the "shock value" of such stories is completely lost with how ridiculously over the top they are.
>> No. 119236
That post was me. Sorry, forgot my name for a moment.
>> No. 119237
Thank you both!

Do you sometimes get stories where the tense changes very often? How does it affect the whole story? "Omg the author must be trolling/never went to school"? "Is he writing a Doctor Whoof fanfic or what?"
>> No. 119238
I don't think I've ever seen a fanfic where tense changes were used to further some sort of stylistic goal. Most of the time it's really just a fuck up on the author's part.
>> No. 119242
Thank you.

Do you know a good story written in present tense, first person view?

It's because I write a fanfic, and there is a lot of action in it. I think the present tense is the best to describe action, it's more intense imho. What do you think?
>> No. 119258
As someone who indulges himself in first person writing far too much, I'm pretty sure I've pre-read one that was decent, but its name escapes me.
>> No. 119263
Do you guys mind linking stuff here? Because I remembered something in an old thread where someone explained how to use the present tense.
>> No. 119272
False alarm, can't find Vanner's post with it. Say hi to him though, he was very helpful when he was still here.
>> No. 119275
>I am not a PR.

Aquaman52's Harmony www.fimfiction.net/story/18342/Harmony . I think that's the only first-person present-tense story I've seen in the fandom, and it is good.

Samurai had an interesting piece on present tense in his thread >>30348 (just Ctrl+F "present tense"). I think the gist of it was that present tense conveys a sense of immediateness and kinda gives you the idea that anything could happen. But read the whole thing.
>> No. 119278

Most of Seattle's 'Moving On' is told in first person, present tense. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/36902/Moving-On

I wrote a fic in first person present tense, but it doesn't have much action: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/36960/Tired

I'm not sure whether I'm offended that Vimbert doesn't remember prereading Tired.
>> No. 119281
I've tried writing several stories in present-tense, although I can never keep it consistent and find myself constantly flipping back to past. Eventually I give up on it and start re-editing to make it all past-tense.

Are there any stories that switch into present-tense for specific scenes or characters?
>> No. 119283
The Descendant's Tangled Up in Blues does that, but it doesn't really work.

>The tense changes were deliberate, an attempt by myself to allow Blues to try to draw the reader back into the actual moment that was being described rather than simply seem to stand there and be "telling" the reader what transpired by "showing" them. I can only admit that the attempt failed, as this has been the single most criticized aspect of the work.

Harmony's introduction is written in third-person past tense while the rest is first-person present.

Leaving ponyfic for a moment, creepypasta author Josef K's East has the most natural tense shifting I've seen -- the narrator spends about half of a present tense story explaining how he came to a certain point in past tense.
>> No. 119284
File 134752656075.jpg - (112.79KB , 600x800 , do_the_fever.jpg )
Vladimir Nabokov also switches over to present tense from time to time in Nabokov's Dozen, though that's because most of the stories are a re-telling of (fictional, but written as if they were actual) events, as told by a first-person "I" character, who is assumed to be present and continues to be so: "My best find, however, in looking through the old files..."
>> No. 119289
That's how tense changes are supposed to work, after all. Like shifting from past to past perfect and back.

I've never gotten the issues people have with first-person and/or present tense. Present feels far more natural to me when writing in first-person, like past for third person limited. I don't think I have any examples, but there you go.
>> No. 119290
>Present feels far more natural to me when writing in first-person, like past for third person limited. I don't think I have any examples, but there you go.

Nickname is Present

I see what you did there.
>> No. 119310
"Everything works if it's done well." -- Peter S. Beagle

One of my favorite pieces of (non-pony) fanfic, ever, is THE SHOCKER: LEGIT by Max Landis, and it's written in first person, present tense.


The immediacy of tone he achieves here works very well with the intended voice of the protagonist. Landis makes a very effective and economic use of language, too; worth studying, I feel.
>> No. 119312
File 134756738828.jpg - (19.10KB , 300x263 , 84054 - Ditzy_Doo artist%3Aa8702131 derpy_hooves derpy_hooves_approves.jpg )
I am quite enjoying this story. Thank you for linking it.
>> No. 119314
Here's one: I know that sequels are submitted like updates, but what about side stories?

My muse is being a fickle beeyotch who doesn't like bananas. I'm stuck on my main fic, but I have a great idea for a side story, it's connected to the main story, but not directly related. It would only be a chapter or two. Would I need to submit like a new story, or just throw it like an update?

Also, would it get it's own post, like a main page bump on my story's entry, or just get rolled up with the updates?
>> No. 119315
Sidefics get treated as updates/sequels, so it would be added to the original story's post.
>> No. 119316

Cool story, bro. Thanks!
>> No. 119324
Present Perfect though.

Don't write a story in me. D:
>> No. 119327
She had seem him walk all the way to the bar. It had taken all her might just to sleep. Fire had been burning inside from then on and the lack of time had made her edgy and angry. Why she had lost the ability to remember the times that had passed needled her like nothing before. She had seen him, and that had been enough to drive her to madness.

I'm too lazy to check if all that was in present perfect, or if anything at all was in present perfect actually, but damn does it feel weird and hard.
>> No. 119329
File 134758765421.jpg - (135.61KB , 800x600 , TimeSplitters%20Future%20Perfect-4[1].jpg )
Future Perfect is better.
>> No. 119331
That's past perfect.
>> No. 119337

>but damn does it feel weird and hard.

That's what she said.
>> No. 119345
Past perfect is easy: just write in past and put 'had' in front of every verb.

Here's a sample of writing in present perfect:

I've been seeing a lot of her lately: those blue eyes, that pink mane. She's been spending time with that white unicorn, taking biweekly trips to the spa. I've been wondering what they do there, but it's likely I'll never know.

Argh, I can't go on. Assuming I got that right, that's also entirely in the present perfect continuous. The actions began in the past and are ongoing in the present time frame.
>> No. 119346
It's a compromise between past and present, then?
>> No. 119361
That was present tense?

Huh. I'd already forgotten. :S
>> No. 119363

>Moving On


>> No. 119367
Quick question, what do you prefer between :

"It isn't true"


"It's not true"


Did you ever get stories where the author overrepresented some of the character traits? For example, making Twilight Sparkle talking with very rare words and explaining quantum mechanics everyday? (When the story isn't "Comedy" nor "Random", of course)

Or Pinkie Pie making jokes at every time she says a mere thing, or Applejack only eating apple-based courses, ...

If yes, how do you react when reading it? When it's overdone, do you tell him "Okay man, it's great to make them do what they generally do, but doing it every single time you talk about them is too much"?
>> No. 119380
Hey, I hate to bother with things like these, because I know there's always people that have been waiting longer than me, but I've been in the queque for about 10 days; I'd like to know if my fic is still there.
>> No. 119381
>Quick question, what do you prefer between :

>"It isn't true"


>"It's not true"

Either works. I think "it's not true" sounds a bit better.

>Did you ever get stories where the author overrepresented some of the character traits?
Happens all the time. Mainly with Pinkie, actually. Many authors will write her in such a way that she's never serious and always saying random things regardless of how serious the situation at hand may be. We'll generally tell them to watch a few episodes and pay more attention to the character's actions beyond the obvious.

Considering you haven't given me any information on your story, that'd be kind of hard to check.
>> No. 119407
Thank you!
>> No. 119443
I'll pitch in my two cents (European).

There's a slight difference in the tone of the phrase.

A character being accused of something might say "It's not true."

A character merely stating a fact might use "It isn't true" instead.

It's subtle and varies depending on the context, but that's the beauty of language I guess.
>> No. 119445
Thank you as well! :)

Writing in past tense is way better than in present... You can write almost everything in past tense, and when it's present, you've to use almost never used tenses. It's damn hard, and even harder for non English native speakers (which I form part).
>> No. 119459
File 134775344307.jpg - (38.45KB , 500x263 , HZhX9[1].jpg )
Needs moar Nick Cage.

Pre-Readers, have you read a story that was competently written, but for some reason made you just want to fall asleep?
For me, it's Pen Stroke fics. I don't think I've read one where I didn't feel like sleeping at some point or another during the proceedings.
>> No. 119502
Ever got stories where the main characters are male, there is very few (or not at all) female characters in it?
>> No. 119504
In the submission form, what's the difference between 'Incomplete (One of X Chapters)' and 'Incomplete (More than One of X Chapters)?'

Also, when you ask for an author's name, I assume you refer to the pen name and not the actual name of the author.

I've also seen some author's use tags not available in the submission form. What's up with that?
>> No. 119505
File 134780105738.png - (66.58KB , 320x383 , 132016121853.png )
>In the submission form, what's the difference between 'Incomplete (One of X Chapters)' and 'Incomplete (More than One of X Chapters)?'
You can submit chapter one of your magnum opus, or chapters 1-3 of the same story. That's the difference.

>Also, when you ask for an author's name, I assume you refer to the pen name and not the actual name of the author.
You assume correctly.

>I've also seen some author's use tags not available in the submission form. What's up with that?
>> No. 119507

Thanks, I think I get it then.
>> No. 119508
Tags beyond the norm can be requested in the #10 slot on the form. If the author makes a good case, we'll usually consider it, and the blogponies are pretty easygoing about custom tags.

Too many to list.

>> No. 119509

Often? A few links? Please.
>> No. 119522
Not very often, but they do happen. One story in recent memory that was submitted was a story called The Elements of Bravery or somesuch that didn't have many female characters. I think.

And of course, there are always my beloved M/M shipping fanfics.
>> No. 119528
Thank you.

M/M? One "M" stands for Macintosh, I guess, the other one for... ?
>> No. 119529
M/M = Male/Male
>> No. 119534
Oh ok thanks.

Do you guys avoid reading stories wrote in a particular tense you know you don't like? For example, a PR sees a story wrote in present tense, he doesn't like this tense in fanfictions, will he still pre-read this story or not?
>> No. 119551
We're free to avoid any queue item because we don't like its tags, characters, narration style, etc., and leave it for someone who does. Everything gets a fair shot.
>> No. 119777
Do stories where some sort of dirty material is mentioned, and is the main point of most of the jokes/plot count as against the rules? Like, if there really isn't any descriptions of the book or it's contents, it just shows the reactions to the book and implies some dirty stuff.
>> No. 119781

Go read Naked Singularity to see the absolute upper bound of acceptability for that.
>> No. 119783
I'll go check it out. Thanks for the reply.
>> No. 119903
What do you think about stories where some technological stuff appears (but it doesn't on the show), for example a TV set, or something like that? (I'm talking about stories that don't cross over another universe or something like that)
>> No. 119907
They had an arcade in Hearts and Hooves Day. Stuff like that generally needs a screen to work. Not only that, but they were out in the open with no visible power source. For all we know they could be technologically superior to us (which is part of the reason why I made up my Celestia-controls-the-advancement-of-technology headcanon). They also show what appears to be a hydro-electric dam in The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well. Whether it generates electricity or a form of magical power is up to you.

But then again, I tend to just ignore all of that for the sake of a less-convoluted plot and simply pretend technology on that level doesn't exist. Steam-powered era is a good way to go, since they have trains.
>> No. 119915
Quick question: If a line of dialogue ends in an ellipsis, should there be a period before the closing quotation mark. As in: "Words words words...." (or possibly a question mark to denote a question, "words...?").

Some places I've checked say that an ellipsis cannot be the ending punctuation for dialogue, while others say that there can be no punctuation following an ellipsis. Now I have teh confus.

But what would the pre-readers prefer?
>> No. 119917
We tend to prefer the three-period ellipses, although the four will work as well. Just make sure you're consistent in how you apply it and we should be okay.

If you are consistent and you get a note about it, link them to this post and tell them to bite me.
>> No. 119918
File 134808617450.png - (133.90KB , 945x945 , Pinkie Pipe.png )



Now, does anyone really think that the technology of the world of Dominic Deegan is so advanced as to be able to create sugar substitutes like saccharine?

Generally speaking, I prefer to avoid calling anying canon that exists as more of a one-off joke or some such. In spite of the kind of technology that arcade games require being pretty much everywhere before arcade games were actually made, we just haven't seen that stuff in the show.

Furthermore, there are arcade-type games (joysticks and everything) that are entirely mechanical (non-electronic). There are those tilt-mazes, as an example, and electronics really aren't required for pinball machines. And I'm not exactly an expert on wholly mechanical games.

The point is: That scene wasn't necessarily showing ponies as that technologically advanced. We've seen other one-off jokes and whatnot (not just jokes, so I shouldn't specify that, but I don't really know a better way to put it) that don't make much sense in the world that we're presented.
>> No. 119919
Alright. Thank you.
>> No. 119920
File 134808676848.jpg - (72.66KB , 365x356 , 1344835094297.jpg )
Dear god, I'm glad you've asked this question, as it is one of my personal rage-peeves.

Bear in mind that this is, of course, not a RULE; as you've noted, there are many conflicting recommendations on the matter. HOWEVER--
Additional punctuation should never follow an ellipses
Why? Three reasons for you listed in descending primacy:
1: It is a [i]crutch[i/], and a rusty one at that. It is up to us, as writers seeking to better our craft, to weave the inflection and inference into the dialogue and narration. If we're worth our salt, we should not need a mark to indicate if our character is trailing off in a question or exclamation.

2: The usage of a comma or period after an ellipses serves in academic, legal, or journalistic styles to indicate omission of quoted material. This is only applicable to fiction in the case of, say, Twilight reading a document Celestia penned, where-in she has omitted a given passage.

3: It flies against the standing rule that with punctuation, the stronger mark overrules... with the exception of ?! of course, but that's because it infers a unique meaning.

...Does this make sense?
>> No. 119921
File 134808770841.png - (137.04KB , 894x894 , mlp___riddle_of_the_dash_by_omgklint-d531zyj.png )
>> No. 119922
File 134808865489.jpg - (68.02KB , 750x600 , tequila.jpg )
And yet another Ask a pre reader thread autosages (pic related)
>> No. 119924
Hi! I'm wondering, do you have any tips in how to inject scenery description without it being shoehorned? I've been told that sometimes my story feels like, "Floating heads in a white space." My current chapter is very dialogue heavy, but I spent a paragraph or two at the beginning describing the setting. Any ideas how to show them in the setting without doing something like "The grass tickled Twilight's hooves?" that just seems too random to me.

>> No. 119929
Have the characters interact with the scenery in a meaningful way. Determine why your characters are where they are, then figure out what an individual would do when put in that same situation. People don't just stand in rooms and talk at eachother. They touch things, look around, examine their surroundings.
>> No. 119932
File 134809246442.jpg - (26.61KB , 388x351 , I have a problem with this.jpg )

There is no four period ellipsis. There never was, never will be, and any attempt at doing so only makes me cringe.

In fact, while not wanting to go into lengthy explanations as to why, the only punctuation which ever ends a sentence has, and remains, being the period. The exclusion of it has nothing to do with so call "strength" and all to do with both laziness and printing/typewriting practices which understood that .? and the sort simply were silly things to do, and under no circumstances where they ever truly needed to happen because capitalization, spacing, and an understanding that there was indeed a pause there provided the necessary period stop there rather than the punctuation itself (similarly, the ellipsis didn't exist as a written punctuation for more than 300 years since its inception, simply because everyone understood that it was present there even if not printed due to conventions and practical concerns, but that's a whole different story). If you need anything to guide you to this fact, look up the rules of capitalizations in regards to question marks and how placing them within a sentence without capitalizing the words works: because it is assumed that the sentence is a single one with only changes in intonation thanks to it, and this was common practice all throughout 1800s~1900s, and some style books and publishes still very much don't see what the fuss is about. The question mark and the punctuation are, then, special marks which have serve, and remain serving, the single purpose of the intonation of words and/or complete sentences rather than marking their ending in some clever way (which, without going to lengths, is why this ...? and —? are valid as long as they follow the specific rules of those two punctuation marks).

Which then brings us back to this:
.... ... ..., ...! ...?

The first one is the miscalled four period ellipsis and I want you, from now on, to never call it that again. That covered, here is the reason why: that is a period and an ellipsis which has lost the traditional spaces which it had in both sides (just as the em dash lost its own spaces to the churning of time, the error within printing, and the revolution that variations in sizes of punctuation, brought by the computer, which made the hyphen and the rest to have non-standard em sizes depending on the typeface). This distinction is the most important in ever determining if you need it, because, as I said before, the period is the only punctuation that ends a sentence, but by the same token, it must end the sentence.

Practically, this means you must only add the period to your dialogues when there is a complete statement enclose within your quotation marks:

He mumbled, "I saw hell in his eyes...."

And you must exclude them when it is but a fragment:

He mumbled, "I saw..."

Why? Because the second one there is no section to end. There is a reason why sentence fragments are disliked grammatically, and that is because the period is not really doing its job, which is to close sentences out and make sure each of the grammatical most basic units (the sentence, as you can have a perfectly written words in, but still say nonsense). Without it, the languages stutters and quickly loses meaning, so whatever you do try to keep those fragment in line. In turn, it allows you to exclude the period from the affair and enjoy having simply a single punctuation mark in your dialogue.

And before I leave, on more thing to be spoken of, as the logic of the other should follow from what was previously said: there will be a situation where you will wonder if this is correct:

"I fear you didn't understand when I said tricking was a bad..." he said slowly, looking at the flame within his hands.

And if you need a comma there. The comma located within dialogues is more of a conventions tool which attempt to ensure signal there is a direct link between what is being said (and what is omitted) with the words that describe it. In a way, one could try to argue that the dialogue becomes the dependent component of the whole sentence and makes sure that a reader can easily know when speech stops, when it begins, and when does it end. Historically, people have been all over in this regard and there is no logical argument in favor of keeping the comma if the connection is easily discernible (recall the case of the period and the question mark). In other words, either one is valid as far as normal constructions are concerned because the ellipsis links two parts (because there was an omission on the middle), but adding the comma has gotten less acceptance as time goes by for no other reason than that people can.

And I return back to my silent watch and wait.

Good day.

Two more thing, before I forget:

1.) In case you come to debate after consulting with him, I can't say I will be able to respond.

2.) There is this situation:

He mumbled, "I saw hell...."

He mumbled, "I saw hell...."

Where the bold parts are the ellipsis (technically suspension points, but that is also another vein of explanation I do not feel capable of summarizing within my limited time).

As it might be easy to know, there are not the same sentences and they serve completely different intents (not that anyone would notice thank to the elimination of the spacing around them, but I digress) but the one that ends with a period is in the same situation of the comma, were that period is only there as a convention for the dialogue, which needs something to imply its ending. Like the question mark and the exclamation mark, the period is implied and can be excluded in the second one, but just remember it can confuse intent and meaning excluding these things for space. Put into other words, it's your choice, but keep consistent.
>> No. 119936
File 134809365006.png - (112.55KB , 292x322 , 133474211762.png )

>this means you must only add the period to your dialogues when there is a complete statement enclose within your quotation marks:
I think not.

>If you use the ellipsis merely to indicate a voice or thought trailing off, you would not use the period with it

In fiction writing, we have no other application for ellipsis in dialogue but for hesitation and trailing off.
The above quote is straight from the CMS FAQ:
http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/CMS_FAQ/Punctuation/Punctuation04.html — This WAS the link for that quote, but their QnA updates dynamically, so you'll just have to trust that I'm not flat-out lying with this quote.

Summarily, no. An ellipses does not end with a period in modern fiction writing regardless of the sentence being complete or incomplete. You may of course argue other style guides, but I will hold with the Chicago Manual of Style.

In regards to the comma, you're absolutely right; it's an archaic usage that has no modern relevance given the attributed narration is structured via capitalization and speaking verbs to indicate the dependence and link.
>> No. 119937
File 134809518630.png - (196.48KB , 720x720 )
Ion, we've received several complaints about this. Stop answering questions in this thread as if you're a pre-reader.
This is the "Ask a pre-reader" thread, not the "Ask the community" thread.
If you feel you must answer questions like that, try making your own thread about it and crowd-source opinions.
>> No. 119938
File 134809670576.jpg - (7.63KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
Have I broken any site rules?
Is my answering a question derailing the thread's purpose, which is to answer questions?
Have I not made sure to state that I am not, in fact, a pre-reader if a question requires actual insider-knowledge about the pre-reader system (to which I haven't answered for some time now in recognition of their superiority in this regard)?

Oh, don't answer those, !!Shining. You're not allowed to, apparently.

Perhaps, if the pre-reader in question spent more time answering the queries instead of reporting my posts, I would not be finding the opportunity to do so myself.
>> No. 119941
File 134809721113.jpg - (34.15KB , 614x350 , anton.jpg )
As an addendum, if they wish to actually request my departure themselves, as opposed through a proxy, upon proving my unequivocal inferiority to their answering ability, then I shall be more than willing to bow out gracefully.
>> No. 119950
Well, I didn't report you, but since you asked:

Ion, could you please leave this thread? I know it's been a while since the last time I asked you to leave this thread, and you may have forgotten. No worries. I'll be waiting on the "Ion Sturm Answers Your Queries About Everything" thread.
>> No. 119951
File 134810066368.gif - (248.97KB , 500x350 , smdh.gif )

Saw this post, never bothered with this thread, so I'll just slip right in like a sneaky nigga and say it:

I kindly request you get the fuck out, please.

Anyway, enough of that shit, I got a question now that I'm somehow in here: In regards to the a certain type of fic by EqD, how exactly do EoE/PoE come off as?
>> No. 119954
Not sure what EoE means, but PoE is one of those things that is rarely done right so we're a bit more critical than usual when they come in. Granted, most of the PoE submissions we receive are My Little Dashie spinoffs, so anything that takes the concept and does something different with it would be much appreciated.
>> No. 119956
File 134810197829.jpg - (20.35KB , 274x315 , HowCouldYouDoSomethingLikeThat.jpg )

EoE is Equestrians on Earth, just prefer calling them what they nationality they are over pony.

Don't exactly know what a "My Little Dashie" is, but I was planning on a fic involving Equestria invading a Earth they thought was devoid of sentient life, that is, until they get to Miami and realize their most hated enemy occupy the planet, though in very small numbers compared to what they once were. Not sure how original the idea of having one of the few outcrops of humanity battling for its survival against a much larger force is, but I hope it's good enough that the fic bakes well, like a swell souffle.
>> No. 119975
Hi! Wanted to ask about the status of "The Ancient Heart's First Beating." I submitted it quite a long time ago. Along with making sure it's properly queued, I also want to know if it's being evaluated right this minute so that I can hold back on edits.
>> No. 119977
It is currently in our queue and has been claimed.
>> No. 119980

Very well. I won't edit anything until it's handed back to me or queued.

I do however want to send in a change to the synopsis. Is that okay?
>> No. 119993
File 134812018152.jpg - (31.72KB , 527x296 , GohanAndKrillinScaredOfGinyu.jpg )
Whoa... I'm getting that feel you get when you thought you were pretty good at something--grammar, in my case--and realize just how outclassed you are.
>> No. 120006
My Little Dashie is one of the most famous fanfictions in this fandom. In my opinion, it's quite overrated, I don't feel that much sadness at its end, but I'm quite the minority here.

Anyone else agrees with me? Just to know if I'm a heartless monster or just a guy who didn't manage to identify himself as the narrator, and therefore didn't feel really sad at the end.
>> No. 120007

Although this is a response to your specific comment, I am actually far more interested in this, and will thank you if you also tell others the same thing, particular message which I'm certain you were aware: There is no four period ellipsis. Do not try to say there is one, and learn what it actually is. And do not try to convince style guides and grammar books there is one, it just adds unnecessary complexity to a relatively simple system.

Now then:

I refer you to section 13.49 (or whichever section says Faltering or Interrupted Speech) to see that the CMoS still uses a commas, and that their specific guidelines in that regard is that you should not end a sentence with the period and ellipsis combination. Everything else is more or less the same to my statements, which I personally find confusing in regards to archaic or not usage and practices, but I can't speak for the CMoS.

That said, I do not put too much weight into the logic behind some of the CMoS suggestions, simply because they are part of the group of guides which, for some unknown reason, persists in their believe that this is "correct." Typographical, rather than grammatical or logical, justifications abound (I'm certain you will have heard why the USA puts the periods and commas within quotations marks, even when it makes no sense to do so), which makes it less than ideal once one reaches a certain point in understanding mechanics and history of the English grammar.

For the most part, the CMoS is not a grammar (which covers punctuation) book, but rather a style book, and it shows with the relative large number of arbitrary, and sometimes outright perplexing, guidelines they provide. Is it a good thing if you are told to use it? Certainly, consistency across books is something to be sought and the guide is one of the more complete ones in existence. Following it without questioning its reasoning from time to time? I would strongly suggest against it and frankly would say a good exercise is to do exactly that: sit down and ask yourself why something is being done in the CMoS; and if you can't find a good reason, go look for it by reading other guides, grammar books, and English language history books and the rest; and if you still can't find it, you might have encountered something arbitrary.

So, in that regard, you are correct: should you want to follow the CMoS, they do say not to add the period. How much weight you want to give them in the logic and grammar, on the other hand, is an open question.

Good day, good sir.
>> No. 120013
>Good day, good sir.
And to you as well, old friend.

I'll be happy to oblige, and reaffirm for all readers that is, without equivocation, no such thing as a four period ellipses.
>> No. 120020
File 134815177638.png - (334.46KB , 798x797 , 1347895545244.png )
Ok, so given some of the recent posts in this thread, I have to ask: What's the general pre-reader preference when it comes to style? Unspaced em dashes or spaced en dashes (or going completely all out and using them as outlined here: http://www.writersblock.ca/tips/monthtip/tipjun96.htm)? Wall of text with indents or line breaks? "" vs '' for dialogue? To Oxford comma or not?

I'm not talking about this in a 'getting onto the blog' type way, but more in a 'which one is more pleasant to read' type way. I know that consistency's the main priority, but are there any choices which make you want to gauge your eyes out?

Oh, and would a story get rejected if it was submitted using logical punctuation instead of traditional?

And with that said, good day and keep up the fine pre-reading work.
>> No. 120035
File 134815781709.jpg - (55.51KB , 500x498 , HP3II.jpg )
The Samurai is having connection problems with Ponychan. As such, he requested I post these in his stead:

1.) Let Huh? know that, despite appearances, there is nothing too impressive of what I did in that post, merely pedantries by a different name. If he would like to discuss them, I'm free, but fretting over them is, personally, bad policy.

2.) Apparently my last connection used was recognized as a proxy and is now being rejected by the server at Ponychan, making it difficult for I to respond to Seattle and thank him for his consideration, and that I'm hoping he continues with his entertaining stories.
>> No. 120046
File 134816656957.jpg - (35.60KB , 320x409 , goku_10.jpg )
>1.) Let Huh? know that, despite appearances, there is nothing too impressive of what I did in that post, merely pedantries by a different name. If he would like to discuss them, I'm free, but fretting over them is, personally, bad policy.
Translated into DBZ:

Goku: "Don't worry, Krillin! I know you feel left behind on the power curve--you little noseless thing, you--but if you just keep training, you too can become a Kung-Fu demigod! C'mon, let's spar!" Plane-shifts into Dimension of Awesome Kicks.

Krillin: "Wha... bwuh..."

(Vegeta has no speaking lines in this scene, but is played by Seattle.)

Yeeeaaaaaah... I'm not even sure how to contact him (he's having a hard time with Ponychan and my phone hates GDocs and IRC), but the invitation was a Kind and Generous gesture, even if I'm weirdly intimidated.
>> No. 120049
Seattle is the pre-reader, how is The Samurai Goku?
>> No. 120054
File 134817084122.png - (669.46KB , 650x841 , so_you_want_to_be_a_mary_sue_by_engrishman-d5empof.png )
Hang on, let me swap out my Pony hat for my dusty old Otaku hat.


Okay! So y'see Vegeta has a big ol' snarky streak and a heart of gold (like Seattle) and at one time held a position of authority (Prince of all Saiyans [yes, I'm going with the Americanized terms]). As EQD has not been blown up by Freiza (played by... um... Richard Nixon I guess), Seattle still has that legit air.

The Samurai is to me what Goku is to most folks in DBZ (not the viewer's perspective): a generally-friendly dude with obscene power who drops in out of nowhere and tries to make things better.

The two fight to near-death (read: exchange a couple of cordial posts) but respect each other in the end, and folks like lil ol' noseless me are left to gawp.

Or I'm making it all up as I go along. I've been sleep-deprived for about two weeks now, so it's unclear.

[Equip>Armor>Head>Pony Hat. Confirm? Y.]

I try to combat my innate narcissism by showing humilty when I know I'm outclassed--say, by these two. The fact that it reminded me of DBZ this time was just icing.

Pic unrelated.
>> No. 120068
File 134818157999.png - (81.74KB , 701x722 , ACassiuspony.png )

>Unspaced em dashes or spaced en dashes (or going completely all out and using them as outlined here

Non-spaced em dashes are my preference, and what CMoS recommends. As we use CMoS for our formatting baseline, it would preferable to use un-spaced em dashes. Personally, I find the em-dash more aesthetically pleasing than the en-dash. Probably because it's standard in America.

>Wall of text with indents or line breaks?

Definitely line-breaks for any work published on the internet. If you look at almost any major news site, you will see that they paragraph with line breaks, and I assume this is primarily because it is a whole lot easier to read a paragraphs when there's a blank line between them.

>"" vs '' for dialogue?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you're asking about single quotations vs. double quotations. As I am an American, I am used to seeing double quotations for dialogue, and I also believe (out of a excess of jingoistic pride, no doubt) that our system is superior to those nasally Brits that format their stories with single quotes for dialogue. I consider the double quotations more practical because of their ability to provide easily distinguishable "quotes within quotes."

>Oh, and would a story get rejected if it was submitted using logical punctuation instead of traditional?

A "logical" system without qualification of what exactly it entails is essentially a subjective guideline that I cannot give any sort of evaluation to in absence of an actual set of changes you want to make to the "traditional" system (another term I'm not certain what rules the system in question possesses). Give a list of specific changes you would like to make, and I will be able to tell you whether it can use that punctuation method.


I think you might want to lower your medications and/or drug intake.
>> No. 120073
File 134818255834.jpg - (19.89KB , 256x256 , 26189_256.jpg )
>I think you might want to lower your medications and/or drug intake.
Heh. No meds, no drugs. I rarely even drink.

It's just (almost) no sleep. And Cherry Pep--

Wait! That's it! The Cherry Pepsi! It's all so clear to me now!
>> No. 120074
I'm going to agree with him that you might need to stop the medication, mostly because anyone that acts like Goku has to act like a massive idiotic cock and I don't think anyone deserves that.
>> No. 120078
File 134818525395.jpg - (261.46KB , 1000x1000 , pinkie_and_goku__08312b85031bfeb473f1223dea053800.jpg )
Aw! Idiotic... yeah, sometimes--and that part certainly doesn't jive with the Samurai--but a cock? I always saw him as a loveable goofball. Like Pinkie, but less intelligent.

If I had me some meds I'd offer them to you; that much anger can't be good for your circulatory system.
>> No. 120082
That's actually redundant: an idiot is a cock and a cock is an idiot. Cocks normally are also prideful and show-off, and tend to act before thinking like the big cocks they are. Point is that I'm actually laughing, because what I loved of Goku is how he keeps ignoring all the stupid things he does and still manages to be the nice guy.
>> No. 120136
>My Little Dashie is one of the most famous fanfictions in this fandom. In my opinion, it's quite overrated, I don't feel that much sadness at its end, but I'm quite the minority here.

>Anyone else agrees with me? Just to know if I'm a heartless monster or just a guy who didn't manage to identify himself as the narrator, and therefore didn't feel really sad at the end.
>> No. 120139
Most of /fic/ certainly agrees with you, but I am not certain about the prereaders (of which I am not one). I honestly thought that the ending was supposed to happy when I read it. Kinda got thrown by all the "I cried X buckets of tears"s I saw after that.

Although I tout my en dashes, logical punctuation around quotation mark placement (except in direct speech) and Commonwealth spellings with great pride, I still agree that single quotes are pretty stupid.
>> No. 120219
Since it seems like the main people forgot,
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