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In some episodes of the series, ponies can really only grip things with their mouths. Magic too, in the case of unicorns. Hooves and wings are only about as dexterous as a clenched fist in these episodes.

Other episodes have "feather fingers" and "hoof hands" that seem to adhere as-needed to various objects.

So my question is this: how dexterous are hooves and wings in your fics? Are they basically functional-yet-digitless hands as in The Powerpuff Girls, or are they blunt limbs? Also, why do you have hem the way you do?

I prefer my ponies non-dexterous. Partly this is because it keeps unicorns more distinct than they are otherwise, and partly because it helps keep the feel of "world of sentient ponies" rather than "world of humans who happen to look like ponies".
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File 134579555099.png - (402.70KB , 1600x1600 , applejack1nohat.png )
I keep dexterity as the situation warrants. I've seen ponies grasp mugs, and such, but also use their mouths for things like Twilight is doing in your pic. Curiously enough, their houses have doors with doorknobs, and presumably only unicorns would be able to use doorknobs or door handles. (Pretty sure Twilight's front door has a handle, though I could be wrong.)

I've never used wing-hands unless it's for pulling a pony close for comfort or other shippy or friendshippy aspects of a fic. I would think the actual animators of the show would probably lean towards a PPG like effect where things that need to be lifted or held are held without explanation. Either that, or have them use tape, which I would personally find quite funny.
>> No. 117245
I try to abide by this:

>>How the... HELL do you crack your hooves? You don't even have... like... finger joints to crack. Unless you're cracking your uh... wrist-equivalent. Wouldn't that really hurt?

>Actually, equines have toes.. the hoof is merely a protective covering which forms around them. Although solid, the hoof is still a bit flexible and can bend, so, yes, we can do that. In the human reality, which I assume you’re from, the toes fused together, which aids our equine cousins in running, but hinders their ability to do anything else with them. That didn’t occur in Equestria, for a multitude of reasons I’m sure a scientist could give a better answer for.

>Don’t get me wrong, it’s rather clumsy; grabbing something without telekinesis would be like you holding a pen in an oven mitt, but it’s possible. The horses in your world don’t have quite that degree of freedom with their hooves, but they also didn’t become the dominant species and civilization on their planet, either.

>I’ve seen some other explanations for how ponies and zebras can hold things without fingers, including magic “magnet hands” and other silliness, but nope. They’re just hooves that are evolved in a different direction beyond the kind you’re familiar with, that’s all. It’s also why we don’t wear horseshoes on our forelegs unless it’s for something special; it hinders the ability to actually DO anything with them besides walking or attacking, especially for earth ponies..

>Again, I have to point out that this doesn’t mean we can pick up anything with our hooves, or even use most things that a griffon or dragon could with their claws. Some fictional shows in your world propose other examples.. those are some damn freaky mutant ponies to be able to grab a glass like that! How?!"

Feather-hands terrify me.
>> No. 117578
I figured that consistency was more important than anything else.

Can someone please comment on this?

My fanfiction won't be the best, but I'll be damned if I get lazy.
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File 134605420337.jpg - (177.25KB , 800x800 , 68778_-_artist_aoshistark_derpy_hooves_pet_science.jpg )
That'd be my gut reaction. While I prefer my ponies non-dexterous, I'd rather read a fic with consistent "feather fingers" than one where the dexterity level jumped around.

Or did you mean consistent across the fandom? 'Cause I don't see that happening.
>> No. 117629

Well, it's less of 'consistent' and more of 'what's the popular opinion that I get the most THIS IS HOW IT IS'.

Now that I know consistency is the most important, I know I'll just be consistent.
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