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No. 118132
Dear Ponychan:
I've heard very nice things about you, and I humbly come here asking you a question.
You see, I LOVE fics, and I've been in FIM fiction for quite a time.
But I just see 1 problem. They are written in English.
Don't get me wrong, I love the British language, but I think non-speakers would like to read fics as well.
I am Spanish, and I am translating 2 fics to my mother language.
I have them submitted in FIMfiction, but I don't think they will let me post them.
So here is my question:
Where can I post my translated fics?
Should I keep translating?
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>> No. 118140
Suggestion? Make a sort of series, make a bunch of google docs of it, and then tell people at the end to spread the link.

Or do it yourself. Point being, sure, people would enjoy it, just make sure the translations are actually good, and not:

The blue girl./ La azul ñina.
>> No. 118146
Well, I am quite proud of my translations, but never thought of spreading the link.
I have already a chapter of a fic called "The forever burning embers of love" of Ps3luver, in google docs.
I'll leave the link here, just in case you want to check out my tranlsation skills.
>> No. 118171
I quite like what you're doing. I'm trying to learn Spanish right now, and the more I read the better it'll get.

Please, keep going.

Oh, and you seem to have a pretty good handle on English as is, but if you want any help, feel free to email me. I'm always up for linguistic challenges.
>> No. 118189
Thanks for your support. I currently have another chapter already translated, and I will put the link here and also in the earlier chapter.
And the tough of someone trying to learn spanish fills me with pride, I know it's a hard language, but keep working, you will get the hang of it!
>> No. 118236
Hard? Are you kidding me? It's easier than German. I barely know any, and I can already understand quite a bit.

Written, anyways. Understanding it when spoken is a bit harder.
>> No. 118276

Well, I'm a native Spanish speaker, but I don't like fics in Spanish.

You could try posting them on fanfiction.net.
>> No. 118280
I'm italian, but the thought of reading a fanfic translated makes my blood boil. Keep your fanfics in the show's language of origin.
>> No. 118282
>looks at this video:
>Keeps laughing.
>Laughs some more.
>> No. 118284
The intro is good, the dub is godawful.

And don't let me start about the italian fanbase.
>> No. 118285
That's why I am laughing. Especially the comments on that video.
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