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File 130560732680.png - (397.17KB , 2000x1206 , 13469 - parody peanuts Trixie twilight_sparkle.png )
11864 No. 11864
Hey guys, just another recent convert to the pony hivemind. The characters are just too likeable, and thusly, fic ideas spring up in my mind all the time. Confound these ponies, you know the drill.

And so, I bring you the first chapter of a fic that just popped in my head, so your guess is as good as mine as to where it's headed.

Title: The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle
Description: Twilight Sparkle receives a legal summons, and involves the Great and Powerful Trixie! What in Equestria did she do now?

Rated T so far, because Pinkie knows how to party a bit too well.

Constructive critiques and comments are more than welcome :D
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>> No. 20270
File 130769712786.jpg - (46.25KB , 640x360 , 130393342642.jpg )
This is fun to read! Can't wait to see how Twilight and Trixie react to their day together.

Also, dang these ponies can drink! :O
>> No. 20345
If I was smiling any wider, I'd need more face.
>> No. 20969
File 130785031698.jpg - (43.36KB , 486x486 , 1299963111434.jpg )
Pinkie Pie has taught them well!

Oh-ho, I remember you from the chat >:D
(Still have to use that line somewhere!)
>> No. 21368
File 130799424213.jpg - (296.42KB , 900x600 , b07fa0928ed3ac4b33f1e7d38cf35718.jpg )
Back to your regularly scheduled Twixing!
Chapter 11 - Because ponytrains.

>> No. 21419
File 130800522507.png - (56.13KB , 409x334 , 130755649569.png )

I accidentally missed Chapter 10, having forgot to watch this, but read it and chapter 11 now and all I can say is... *points to picture* Moar! Your very good at getting people, or maybe just me, wanting to strangle you to get you to work on the next chapters faster! I mean really, the ending in Chapter 11 makes me so damn curious, I can't wait!
>> No. 21867
I just wanted to drop a line in and tell you your story is PERFECT! I adore every line of this narrative. Thank you for writing this.
>> No. 21876
Oh, GraveKeeper. I didn't know you visited Ponychan! It's Scribe you see.

Anywho, I'm only here to offer my support on this amazing peice of work you have made. I am not one for OC's in the slightest (Even backround ponies) But your ability to mold and conform them to the situation and story is simply amazing. Really drawn in. You have my commendments.

Keep up the amazing work!
>> No. 21897
Holy crap, i found this story on an excel googledocs thingy! I didn't realize it had a thread!
>> No. 21922
File 130811678287.png - (284.33KB , 600x506 , reported.png )
So i'm new to the whole chan thing (just learned how to do spoiler text last night). How do i report? xD do i just say "reported"? do i leave a post somewhere? Might as well learn, right?

Anyway, this is the third thread i've been watching which has had this post pop up. Imma thinkin spammmmmm
>> No. 22025
You know those checkbox thingys next to the post? Click it then scroll all the way down to the bottom-right of the page and click Report
>> No. 22043
File 130814831953.jpg - (250.92KB , 1500x1162 , Kanye-West-Taylor-Swift-At-MTV-VMA-Awards2.jpg )
Now, imma let'cha finish Butterscotch, but Gravekeeper has one of the best shipping fics of all time!
Of all time!
You get the official Ion-Sturm seal of non-mediocrity, one of the highest awards one can recieve from me, and you did it with a shipping fic.
Don't you ever stop writing,
Ion-Sturm out.
>> No. 22208
File 130818479706.gif - (868.30KB , 200x133 , 130023025864.gif )
But... But if you strangle me, I won't be able to write!

And I thank you for reading it! :D

I'm glad the OCs have gone over well- I wasn't actually planning on featuring them so prominently, but confound these ponies for writing themselves!

This thread was actually the *first* place I posted the fic on! Though it usually gets lost pretty quickly into the deeper pages, the few bronies who had consistently commented on this thread emboldened me to see if I could reach a bigger audience through EqD and FF.net- so you can blame the continued writing of this fic squarely on Synchronis, MintyRest and Jirodyne.

Otherwise, I would've thought, "Oh wow, no response, guess I should just fade quietly into the night." because technically, this is my first real fic o.o

With so many cool bronies reading the story? No way am I gonna stop now :D
>> No. 22378
Really? man, this is a great fanfic! Up until i found this thread, i've been refreshing the googledocs every day or so to see if it's been updated xD (thanks for linking them, btw, it's made things convenient)
>> No. 22536
File 130824331727.png - (320.04KB , 1006x671 , 25006 - crying sad The_Great_And_Powerful_Trixie T.png )
*just drops this here*
>> No. 22556
File 130824744628.jpg - (136.58KB , 894x894 , 130699760188.jpg )
>> No. 23162
File 130841318241.png - (173.87KB , 900x885 , The powerful and great derpy.png )
Oh wow, I've been reading this on Fanfiction.net, and was about to PM the author to post it here and on EqD, when it's been here for longer than I've been reading it! I've been loving every second of it.

If you are going to ask about my reactions to things, go read the FF.Net reviews by Bluemew22. http://www.fanfiction.net/r/7032498/
>> No. 23163
File 130841338930.png - (154.37KB , 451x451 , trixie.png )
whos in the picture? her mom? twilight? i dun get it
>> No. 23224
>> No. 23305
still makes no sense without a background story
>> No. 23473
File 130847370942.png - (235.80KB , 640x360 , 130678840491.png )

I think he means writing in general. Still praise from Ion-Sturm is like... I have no scale of comparison actually. It's just an impossible state of being.

Once you finish this story off, please be kind and start another one, if you wouldn't mind. And again and again, if you have the time.
>> No. 23607
I see my reputation has extended beyond Jack anon's and Midnight's thread.
If I were asked what I thought of this story (and even if I wasn't 'cause that's just how I roll) I'd call this the Pony equivalent of (the original) The Hangover. It's not quite as funny but it makes up for that in spades with an original plot and, as much as I hate to say it, HNNGGG factor. Fluttershy's peeping tom "yay" was absolutely priceless.
>> No. 24198
Is grave alive? D:
>> No. 24266
File 130869391190.jpg - (137.78KB , 1226x1274 , dash_podium awesome.jpg )
This is probably the most entertaining thing i have read in a very, very long time. I can't wait for more.
>> No. 24274
File 130869486763.png - (203.42KB , 820x738 , Trix x Trixpix sketch by Gravekeeper.png )
Why yes, yes I am! Sorry for the week-long delay- I've been trying to take it a bit easier cause I had run myself ragged updating this story every 2-3 days. I work during the day, so I only had time to write late at night, and I would stay up waaay too late and then get to work the next morning feeling 20% closer to death, so I decided I really needed some rest.

Don't worry though, I didn't stop writing; in fact, chapter 12 has been *mostly* complete since last week. I do believe I should have it done by tonight, unless I fall asleep.

Awww... Trixie need not be sad, I'm sure we'll see a happy ending on this thread :D

Also, thanks for following along! And don't worry, not that many bronies knew about this thread.

Don't tell anyone, but I actually have so much back story on what happened during Trixie's disappearance, how Missy got involved in the making of the movie, and a lil' something involving Rainbow Dash, that I've been planning to write do a little prequel series as well. Mum's the word, no one must know. *shifty eyes*

This is actually not the first time I've seen comparisons drawn to The Hangover-- the only thing we need is for Twi to wake up with a chipped horn, married to Derpy.
>> No. 24455
File 130877264099.jpg - (298.01KB , 855x550 , jelly_sparkle_by_don_komandorr-d3itaf3.jpg )
Yay! Chapter 12 is up, again, sorry for the little vacation I took :D


>> No. 24470
This is great xD I love the double rainbow thingy, btw
>> No. 24479
File 130878066069.png - (530.91KB , 1050x1350 , tsundere-(n1308193280059).png )
Another wonderful Chapter. Looking forward for more!
>> No. 26215
don't die D:
>> No. 26229
Gravekeeper, wanted to let you know this is one of my favorite fics. When a new chapter pops up, everything I may (or rather, should) be doing goes out the window. Keep up the great work!
>> No. 26294
File 130944552972.png - (147.43KB , 231x335 , shoot.png )
Don't worry guys, I've been real busy with a bunch of stuff, and I admit that Robin Walker may have taken away some of my free time since last week, but I hope to have the next chapter up no later than Friday night :D
>> No. 26659
technically have 54 minutes left
>> No. 27046
>>Should be up on friday
>>Is now sunday

Why Grave, why are you holding out on us? ;^;
>> No. 27307
File 130981870292.png - (872.33KB , 1045x1080 , Trixie-Gala 2.png )
So yeah, obviously the universe knows when exactly when to intervene so I can't sit down and finish writing...

Sorry for the (comparatively) long wait!
Have some introspective Chapter 13!
>> No. 27329
File 130982721711.png - (125.46KB , 278x345 , rarity_happy.png )
>> No. 27332
Must... not... squeal... in delight,

Oh hell.

>> No. 27502
File 130988087061.jpg - (24.99KB , 324x299 , 130941038368.jpg )
Sir or madam, I d'awww harder at every chapter you complete. This, compounded with the fact that you've actually got all kinds of writing talent, has made this series into my favorite fan-fiction of all time.
You should seriously consider writing some kind of short story, I bet you could get published.
>> No. 27837
File 130992611654.png - (57.71KB , 252x263 , 22637 - crossover parody pinkie_pie portal.png )

>“It can't possibly be that hard to learn if the pink earth pony can do it.”

It... It explains so much! o.o
>> No. 37255
File 131258747476.png - (130.31KB , 636x473 , business.png )
>> No. 44742
File 131476567585.png - (216.93KB , 950x1129 , TBoTS - Miss Spelling.png )
I'm really sorry for the wait--real life got in the way during the summer.

Bear with me just a little longer and I'll un-hiatus the fic in a few days :D
>> No. 44745
Good. I was worried I'd have to take a star off my rating since it wasn't finished.
>> No. 53417
Why does this keep getting bumped without a post? Is someone making one to bump it and then deleting it?
>> No. 53418
Yeah, I saw the post for a minute. I got excited too :( I really wanted another chapter of The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle.
>> No. 53422
A spambot keeps posting on this thread, it gets deleted, repeat.
>> No. 58762
File 131882326813.png - (858.56KB , 1280x714 , 72fc1fabcd4174f5d80d1bbba155f7bd.png )
Geez, those "few days" turned into a long wait, super sorry about that. Here, the new chapter is a bit longer than usual this time around, hope you guys enjoy!

>> No. 58766
My body is ready!

Seriously though. Yay! I'm a massive Twixie fan and I have been waiting for this for months. I am going to go read this... after this one review. It can't take too long right?
>> No. 58772
Chapter 14!? *attacks*
>> No. 58791
File 131882970671.jpg - (47.73KB , 500x491 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-embrace-it-it-is-our-lifes-duty.jpg )
be easily derailed... That is -> be easily derailed... that is

-You say Trixie gave an honest response, but never show it. *harps on the show don't tell mentality*

>that, I just...”
You ended a sentence with an ellipses. No-no.

being proven wrong.” she added -> being proven wrong," she added

“No, what I...” a flustered -> “No, what I," a flustered

Nothing much... Just that I love it when you talk dirty -> Nothing much... just that I love it when you talk dirty

simple mistake.” she explained -> simple mistake," she explained

the library...” she commented -> the library," she commented

library.” she cautioned -> library," she cautioned

>present? “...Loooong -> present? "... Loooong
>...Or perhaps you -> ... Or perhaps you
>'...What just happened...?'
Missing space after the ellipses.

>seriously researched teleportation...'
>Trixie the spell...'
Ellipsis becomes a period.

I can.” replied the pegasus -> I can," replied the pegasus

Could Trixie be... A scholar -> Could Trixie be... a scholar

for instruction... And to think -> for instruction... and to think

And her toned, curvaceous “OK THEN!” Twilight Sparkle -> And her toned, curvaceous -- “OK THEN!” Twilight Sparkle [it needs something to show a break]

magical math... Nowadays, -> magical math... nowadays,

you like that other girl?” -> you like that other mare?”
>> No. 82421
File 132863177930.jpg - (124.34KB , 900x823 , 0612f9f9a07a7b8b10df1d2a2985815a.jpg )
Bam! Chapter 15!

Bet you thought you'd never see my ugly mug 'round here, huh? And yeah, I kinda haven't had much time to pony. In fact, I'm actually typing this from work! I haven't even gotten around to checking Anon 5's corrections!

Anyways, Enjoy!
>> No. 82425
I laughed, I cried, I sought medical attention for a bruised eye socket.
>> No. 82430
File 132863705370.jpg - (23.49KB , 500x341 , bison2.jpg )
Oh Goddesses, yes! Another stunning chapter.
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