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File 134697579488.jpg - (21.70KB , 403x421 , Poet Pony.jpg )
118705 No. 118705
#Discussion #Normal #Random #Comedy #Poetry
Only post haiku
Related to ponies here
All are welcome to!
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>> No. 118709
Welcome to the board
You should have read the sticky;
Learn how to tag threads
>> No. 118710
File 134697635188.jpg - (260.69KB , 1379x1600 , 187093 - artist the-oddcouple Avatar_the_Last_Airbender ponified toph.jpg )
For those who don't know what a haiku is:

>five seven than five
>syllables mark a haiku
>remarkable oaf
>> No. 118711
蚤虱 / 馬の尿する / 枕もと
>> No. 118714
Haikus are kinda dumb
They don't always make good sense
>> No. 118718
File 134697810902.png - (330.57KB , 960x786 , 70's pinkamena.png )
What you've got right there
Has an extra syllable
that's not a haiku
>> No. 118719
Little Willie walking home from school
Spotted a dollar behind a mule
Stooped over, quiet as a mouse
Funeral tomorrow at Willie's house.

Yeah, I'm not too good at the whole "Haiku" thing.
>> No. 118726
>Only post haiku
>Related to ponies here

>> No. 118728
Though Ion can't count
We can still have plenty fun
Like in Party of One
>> No. 118731
Little Willie with his bright red sash
Fell into the fire and was burnt to ash
Now even though the room grows chilly
We haven't the heart to poke poor Willie
>> No. 118734
So I've been thinking,
There aren't much Seapony fics.
What gives you slackers?
>> No. 118739
File 134698911974.jpg - (8.72KB , 180x276 , sketchy_patchy.jpg )
I laughed, I admit
Now I have seven more spaces
Eh, uh... Patchouli
>> No. 118743
File 134699174050.jpg - (41.64KB , 850x311 , Touhorse 8.jpg )
Oh silly Casca,
You failed to mention ponies.
Here, have Touhorse 8.
>> No. 118744
Interesting thread.
Reminds me of another.
Friend AJ recalls.

(Augh, that was terrible. I'll do better later, when I've been awake more than an hour.)
>> No. 118745
Little Willie, never quite bright
Found a stick of dynamite
Curiosity never pays
It rained Willie seven days
>> No. 118748
I open the doc:
Alicorn self-insert.
...God dammit, author.
>> No. 118749
File 134699456968.png - (1.10MB , 563x1313 , pcb_ponies.png )
I see Touhorse and
raise you one PCB pic
Megami river

cookie if someone gets the reference
>> No. 118750

And then I find out
That I can't count syllables.
...God dammit, myself.
>> No. 118757
File 134700552663.png - (229.06KB , 700x700 , applebloom__the_snake_eater__by_boomape-d3alnip.png )
Bloom is no blank flank:
A cutie mark for sneaking
is invisible...
>> No. 118758
File 134700674717.jpg - (816.09KB , 1833x1619 , 133925181636.jpg )
"Ready?" Pinkie asks.
"Be gentle," says Rarity.
(Nope, just a massage.)
>> No. 118759
File 134700784077.jpg - (121.74KB , 307x400 , normal_fluttershy_japanese.jpg )
As birds sing above
She preens each butter-pale wing,
One with all nature.

(Pic not really related.)
>> No. 118824
File 134708295795.png - (0.98MB , 1280x1200 , gensoquestria.png )
Though not as epic,
Here's more ponified Touhou.
Suika is cool.
>> No. 118962
Lyra and Bonbon
Sitting in an apple tree
Legitimate het!
>> No. 118967
Feeling bored, so...
Plus this fandom needs more poetry anyway

Fluttershy, kindness
Animates the world. Teach me
To love as you do.

Rarity, giving
Generously, living in
Joyful detachment.

Honest Applejack,
Truth, humility coupled
Like paired turtledoves.

Loyal Rainbow Dash,
Heart beating red as lifeblood,
Blazing fire spirit!

Pinkie Pie, laughter
Nurtures and heals the wounded.
Practice medicine.

Twilight Sparkle, I
Cannot speak of your essence,
Ineffable magic.
>> No. 118982
File 134724539848.png - (257.12KB , 1861x3026 , heartpony Bleeding Rain.png )
small purple dragon
swiming in the spring of youth
solemly flies home
>> No. 118983
File 134724546728.png - (40.67KB , 231x229 , SagebrushAvatar.png )

Skrillex drop the bass
Chris Brown Minaj Vinyl Scratch
Britney Spears YOLO
>> No. 118985
singing sweet sorrows
silver strings sound solemn songs
symphonies surround
>> No. 118987
fluttering with grace
petals fall around the tree
sakura's beauty
>> No. 118991
File 134724688493.jpg - (24.64KB , 480x360 , 9.jpg )
Today is Cirno day
Artistic license
>> No. 118994
File 134724706564.png - (330.57KB , 960x786 , 70's pinkamena.png )
If my eyes don't lie
you're missing a syllable
you should work on that
>> No. 119057
File 134732813470.png - (115.53KB , 900x843 , the_great_and_powerful_trixie_by_mcawesomebrony-d495o53.png )
I dislike haikus
I'll write one anyways
Trixie is the best

(not sure what the proper plural from of haiku is; haikus seems weird.)
>> No. 119073
File 134733218842.png - (73.83KB , 945x945 , shrugpony Bleeding Rain.png )
Haiku works for both
plural and singular forms
of the word haiku
>> No. 119075
File 134733337812.jpg - (26.23KB , 640x360 , mlfw254_facehoof.jpg )
Then my first was wrong
There were only four, not five
I will try again
>> No. 119076
File 134733346393.jpg - (79.13KB , 1000x562 , 654894896.jpg )
Upon recounting
I was wrong a second time
... Artistic license
>> No. 119082
File 134733564008.jpg - (65.08KB , 625x468 , 369yvg.jpg )
Luna raised the moon
Celestia raised the sun
Gushnor rules below
>> No. 119083
File 134733599675.jpg - (51.84KB , 692x500 , 85616__UNOPT__safe_oc_human_artist-carnifex_hands_hand_boop_goo-pony_helium.jpg )
The reason for this
and all the words Japanese
is lack of plurals

Pink cherry blossoms
dancing across the bluest skies
memento mori

Cruel blood red moon night
light of twisted history
taunt her, break her heart

Flow, Earth softly chants
flow, for your laughter gives life
flow, Chaos will come back

Beats of wings shattered
feathers which will never fly
beat, hope is lost, beat

Fragments of a mare
mind long gone and torn to shreds
howling, breathing, trapped

Butterflies flutter
kindness which is just a lie
scheme, plan, I will watch

The dance of the knife
with so much joy cuts and cleaves
pieces for all, eat

This is my last one
this is the final grand game
a gneiss butte awaits.

*Fixing some stuff

Flush, rise, shine and blight
names of gods which all provide
Moon and Sun, Sewage and crap
>> No. 119127

Rainbow Dash dashes
Fluttershy flutters away
Applejack jacks -shot-
>> No. 119185
File 134740682543.jpg - (5.31KB , 158x152 , 1292405789858.jpg )
>> No. 119188
File 134740870287.jpg - (21.87KB , 638x230 , 3IdBj[1].jpg )
>> No. 119190

I was going to be writing a bunch more haiku's with that theme, but I have to go eat. Maybe later.
>> No. 119203
My new fanfic will
have three sections, with chapters:
five, seven, and five
>> No. 119225
I want to link you guys to a large collection of absolutely wonderful haikus, but I would get in trouble.

They're called "pony clop haikus" if you can't search it up just poke through fimchan.
>> No. 119232
File 134744757274.png - (223.83KB , 793x446 , 793px-RarityAwkwardSmileS2E9.png )
Whatever are you speaking of, darling? There's no need to mention such vulgarity when there are so many lovely haiku right here!

I've got a good thing going here, Tactical; you spoil that for me and I'm'a cut you!
>> No. 119239
File 134746417091.jpg - (1.28MB , 1920x1080 , appletank_m1a1_by_dori_to-d5c5vhm.jpg )
Drivin' my sweet tank
Fucking Javelin douche bag
Please fix this shit, Dice
>> No. 119243
File 134747213921.jpg - (8.18KB , 239x211 , fabulous.jpg )

A battlefielder
perhaps we are similar
But I play crap box

>> No. 119246
File 134747535644.jpg - (837.51KB , 1280x1024 , 1328842611_littlenapoleon_boomberg-poster-smaller.jpg )
I, too, play crap box
Not that I mind since I rock
My score is awesome

821 Score per minute, 2.4 Win/Loss Ratio, 2.61 Kill/Death Ratio, and 21.3% accuracy rating. I'm in the top 10% for the game ^_^

Also, shitty quality, but this was the only video I could find for a certain haiku-related bit in Avatar.
>> No. 119247
File 134747878355.jpg - (5.73KB , 256x144 , ohhh Applejack.jpg )
May not be as good
But my stat sheet is still fine
Terrible teammates

Seriously the people I play with can't get 1000 points by the end of a match sorta snipers.
>> No. 119249
Your score is not bad
Mayhaps we would be good team
Add for great justice

Yeah, 90% of snipers are terribad.
>> No. 119250
File 134748071708.jpg - (92.32KB , 700x700 , 56030 - The_Great_And_Powerful_Trixie Trixie artist john_joseco boxing humanized twilight_sparkl.jpg )
Forget Battlefield
Persona 4 Arena
Is what cool kids play

Too bad no one plays...
>> No. 119251
File 134748081678.jpg - (60.68KB , 670x448 , 5KMZt.jpg )
I think your first line is six syllables, unless I'm screwing it up again.
>> No. 119253
File 134748275122.jpg - (101.35KB , 744x965 , akihiko_p4a-807.jpg )
I counted again. Unless the "duh" sound at the end of Battlefield counts as another syllable, which I don't think it does, it's only five. Then again, I could be wrong as well. To make up for it, here's another haiku.

Akihiko, yeah!
No one can stop his fists
Kill rush can't be beat
>> No. 119254
File 134748281089.jpg - (126.67KB , 1114x1080 , General Teddie.jpg )
I do play it, dude.
But now I am playing a game
Called Asura's Wrath.
>> No. 119256
File 134748365928.jpg - (87.68KB , 900x506 , come_at_me_bro__by_snowyluxray-d4rhm1t.jpg )
I played the demo
Giant sword stabbing through Earth
Coolest game ever

If you're on PSN then add me: gadgetfinger (I play BB as well)
>> No. 119257
Haiku of ponies
That's what you should've written
So now, bananas.
>> No. 119259
File 134748970964.png - (492.22KB , 1280x720 , S2E07_Rainbow_Dash_flying_3.png )
Rainbow Dash flying
The wind tosses her mane about
There, are you happy?
>> No. 119261
No, it is too late,
Bananas, do you like them?
I know the right place.
>> No. 119262
File 134749218734.jpg - (15.62KB , 434x294 , mlfw3928-13327903939109.jpg )
Oh well, that is fine
I hear that the moon is nice
This time of the year

On a different note,
Scootaloo is the greatest,
Of the CMC...
>> No. 119265
File 134749510833.png - (1.09MB , 1000x1200 , Pony's Creed.png )
Well, have to agree,
Scootaloo is pretty boss.
(Still a cripple, though)
>> No. 119274
White coat purple hair
Sweetie best of CMC
Scootachicken nope
>> No. 119401
File 134768109494.png - (58.62KB , 801x998 , spoiler.png )
Zen pony musings...
Exquisite! This fandom shows
Boundless potential

How can I fit in
With bland vocabulary
And no sense of flow?

Of course! It's obvious.
I must listen to my heart:
Shoo-be-doo, bitches!
>> No. 119454
File 134775184010.jpg - (41.31KB , 807x723 , 647968469418.jpg )
>Of course! It's obvious.
I hate to rain on
Your parade, but that is six,
Not five, syllables

Weak haiku is weak
I guess I don't have it
By it I mean skill

But, will I ever?
Confucius say, "Stop writing,
Your haiku are ****"

>> No. 122068
File 135006818661.jpg - (14.08KB , 480x360 , b56a18e0eacdf51aa2a5306b0f533204_120.jpg )
Oh to Flutter by
like the leaves in the autumn
drifting on the wind
>> No. 122073
File 135007199090.gif - (497.08KB , 500x212 , tumblr_lo6gbhSJM51qb7328o1_500.gif )
Bleeding bumped a haiku thread
Which was worse than stale bread
So Ion-Sturm did yell
"Dude, what the hay?"
And so Bleeding lost all of his cred.
>> No. 122074
Filter completely borked it.
>> No. 122075
File 135007228657.gif - (95.06KB , 340x340 , 134550378964.gif )
Silly Ion Sturm
That's not a haiku, you see.
My cred is okay
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