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Does anyone here watch community?I am working on some plot and characterization outlines for a big crossover fic for national novel writing month, And need to know what a pony version of Abed would be like I'm having a really hard time with the name especially. the basic plot is all fictional universes have a Abed and every Abed has a dreamatorium, they all sort of serve to keep the struggle between good and evil balanced across the multi-verse In a sort of cold war way i.e there is an infinite number of good and evil Abeds doing an infinite number of good and evil things evil universes tend to have good Abeds good universes tend to have evil Abeds neutral universes have neutral Abeds I am acting under the Assumptions that the Moral alignment of the universe is determined by the strength of the forces of those alignments in that universe rather than the effectiveness of them therefore equestria would be a evil universe despite the overwhelming success of good for example The princesses were helpless against discord and queen chrysalis so equestria would be evil.
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Welcome to /fic/! Have you read the sticky >>112263? You really should, for it is your friend and guide to navigating this place.

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Well hon, if I were you-


I'd follow Casca's advice here.

I'll delete this thread for you once you're over in the Story Forge thread, okay?
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did that thanks for your moderation with your moderation, if you will excuse the wordplay. the rules are pretty much a block of text for me sorry didn't read them bette.r
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