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I'm looking for an editor for a story of mine that's under development. I'm looking for someone that has a discerning eye, can notice mistakes fairly well, and can provide ideal ways to improve the story. Do contact me on fimfiction.net should you want details on the story in question. Also, if I'm breaking any rules of the site or board, do inform me ASAP. I'm kind of new to Ponychan and I'm unsure of how things work here. Hoping someone will accept my offer.

~The Wayword Writer

P.S: Should you decide to accept and want details of the fiction, I must warn you. THE IDEA WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.
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>> No. 121432
File 134938118861.jpg - (574.39KB , 1181x886 , Reception-Bell1.jpg )
see the sticky...

It holds the info your looking for.

PROTIP: A good writer is an even better reader.
>> No. 121434
File 134938165019.gif - (479.12KB , 384x216 , 0IBxh.gif )


I can't find a warningbells.png or redflag.gif so have this instead.

(it's animated)
>> No. 121436

Thanks man. Also, does this place have any kind of Email notification system?
>> No. 121437

Heh. Okay, you got me.
>> No. 121438
File 134938234873.png - (89.90KB , 480x268 , 1297724076694.png )
>PROTIP: A good writer is an even better reader.
Hey, that's my line!


You can enable watched threads (found on the navbar at the top of your screen). Click the watch button on the OP of a thread to receive updates whenever a thread is replied to, bump or not. Read the site's FAQ for more info.
>> No. 121439

Thanks. Ironically enough, I found the response by turning the notifications on by sheer curiosity. Finally, is there a way of changing settings to where you can view posts from newest to oldest?
>> No. 121444
Dunno, maybe. Scanning through my Ponychan X add-on didn't reveal anything, though. Could always ask for that to be added on the Ponychan X /meta/ thread (by the way, if you have Firefox, Ponychan X is a definite download. Makes posting wayyyyy faster and easier).
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File 134943229951.jpg - (17.57KB , 1048x350 , samsung-logo1.jpg )
If you can't come up with good stuff yourself. You gotta steal it.
>> No. 121518
File 134945272693.jpg - (12.60KB , 180x177 , stevelaugh[1].jpg )
And then once you build an empire off stolen ideas, you have to sue everything under the sun that has stolen your idea of Rounded Corners™.
>> No. 121520
Hey Steve. Happy anniversary!

We wanted to buy you a gift, but we used Apple Maps.
>> No. 121571
> does this place have any kind of Email notification system?
> imageboard
That's like asking, "does this cheese grater have a remote control?"
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